The secret lives of Ghislaine Maxwell and billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein – BBC News – Blog

Coco 🦋
We want the names of her connections. If we can’t protect our children, who are we as a human race?
James Lacey
When the FBI raided his Island, it was said that every room had cameras and they took all the harddrives from there ……why aren’t they used in evidence or did they disappear too.
Fit Finlay
Lots of celebrities used their “services” and they must be brought to justice .
If this trial doesn’t serve up justice, I would hope we take a stand and protest. Our system is beyond broken and it makes me sick to my stomach to see people like Gislaine protected by our government… The FBI is criminally responsible for keeping the initial proof of his lifestyle quiet…
Graeme Rodger
weird how this isn’t really getting the volume of coverage it should.
Winter Biker
Frightening that people like this exist in our current world.
She deserves everything that is coming to her. All we need now is Randy Andy to be brought to justice too. Love from the UK.
I think the weirdest part of this is WHO Took all these photos? Specifically the private plane and the two relaxing together privately
This looks more like a fluff piece than a documentary or genuine reporting.
Fit Finlay
Plenty of celebrity’s also used these “services” and must be brought to trial .
Big Bulk
Just the fact that her family is standing steadfast behind her shows it is their family business. Ghislain is not alone.
User Name
Not exactly a well kept secret. Plenty knew what they were doing and took no action.
roof pizza
From the lifestyle of a billionaire to jail, when is too much enough for these people?
Interestingly as you go back in time, Ms. Maxwell looks younger and younger while Mr. Epstein always looks like a 60 year old.
Lord Hanma
We need to stop fighting amongst ourselves so we can get rid of this filth
Wrzzelwraherisstosze Wraherisstosze
Rarely mentioned: Ghislaine’s global-media-magnate father (British of Czech Jewish descent) with unusually good access to well-placed (and some dangerous) people worldwide, was a transactional-sociopath double-asset/agent spying secretly for Israel (publicly unknown before his death) all the while he was supposed to be a British intelligence agent/asset and likely playing both sides (and others), and he apparently did some serious but as yet unpublicized espionage damage to British/US interests, then he mysteriously “fell off his yacht and drowned” (i.e. in calm if not still waters, and the yacht’s deck was completely surrounded by metal guard railings, forensics determined NO known medical reason why he would fall off a huge yacht and drown, but 2 of the 3 forensic determiners speculated he must have had some medical ‘event’ even though there was no conclusive evidence whatsoever, the 3rd forensic determiner (who was out-voted) however said he found no evidence of a medical event and did not rule out foul-play or suicide, which, considering the massive fraud he perpetuated on the public, spy-agencies, and companies, foul-play or suicide are distinctly logical).
Iver Mektin
She was a moderator of the world news section of Reddit and was known to also attend events with all major Big Tech corporations senior leadership would attend. Every social media and traditional media site is potentially compromised by their blackmail network.
El Burrito
This just goes to show you what people with money and power can do also the amount of people that have been to his island is insane I don’t trust nobody anymore this whole world is corrupted
WOW, an actual msm semi-covered this. I’m shook 😱
Give her a job at the bbc. She’s got all the qualifications
Deborah Ross
May truth prevail whatever the outcome.
Is this the first BBC piece on this subject that’s been broadcast? I saw one from ITV yesterday – the first from them, too. Cracking stuff, Auntie! You didn’t even mention that, at the time of posting, the jury had retired to deliberate!
Jessica Zane
Now talk about the Hollywood and Politician’s connections.
Karol Zach
What a great tribute BBC 👍
silver fox
I’m really getting tired of seeing these two faces, sick of the whole sordid mess. Sadly this drama is played out millions of times across the planet, but because these people are the “elite” we have to be subjected to the horror they created, ad nauseum.
This was the best use of a 3:51 min video ever! Good job!!
Why aren’t media following and reporting on the court case? If it was anybody else, there would be continual reports, guests invited on to give professional opinions etc. yet, NOTHING.
Nothing will come of it. Too much money is involved around her.
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I’d like to know why the trial isn’t being televised.
kill watchers
Time for movement and for protests! We need to change the law because these criminals have money it doesnt mean they can escape the judgement! #jailforlifeforghislainemaxwell
The Trail needs to focus on who were the clients and where are the victims today.
Pat Warburtonr
For all who are losing hope remember that Jesus is there for you. Do not give up. He will never give up on you. He loves you 🙏
With those kind of very high profile friends, you know he didn’t die from suicide. 🙄
Patrick Sargent
Steve please look into the software used for the American Elections get a proper Forensic Audit done and I believe you will be very surprised at what is found. Keep up the Good Fight. May God Protect You.
They’ve been covering this story for months and the trial in detail almost daily right up to the final deliberation, as has all major uk news outlets, yet every other comment is asking why this is the first mainstream new story they’ve ever seen? SMH.
Finz 97
“When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she shall not go out as the male slaves do. If she does not please her master, who has designated her for himself, then he shall let her be redeemed. He shall have no right to sell her to a foreign people, since he has broken faith with her.” (Exodus 21:7-8)
Its logical and nessicary that critical race theory be instituted as part of the curriculum in all schools, k-12.
Why make a video that reveals absolutely nothing? A waste of everyone’s time. So annoying and telling,
As a teenager in the 70’ s we were all very aware of the consequences of going back stage at concerts or accepting a drink or a date with someone who was either wealthy or powerful. I don’t condone what happened but I do think that most of the young women involved knew what they were getting into. Why keep going back for more? They went back for the money and the lifestyle and now see an opportunity to gain monetary reward for this. I would have more sympathy if they just wanted to see someone punished but it’s mostly about the money. I believe it is alleged that the young woman who is suing prince Andrew has already had a monetary settlement from someone else.
Israeldiegorivera Genius2 The real Genius
We have a moral duty not to comply. No to discriminatory vaccine passports and mandates, it is an utter disgrace. This must not happen England. Will never vote Labour or Tory again. Disgrace.
TM OLeary
Prince Andrew “denies” the allegations. Consistently is redundant.
lily boone
Her dad probably groomed her to be submissive to older men, maybe she pushed him over the deck and with the guilt she just decided she was a bad girl and never bothered trying to be decent again… just a guess, no proof or even evidence, just a theory
Patrick Joseph
I love Jeff and his countless contributions
Glen Dyble
She will walk from this, a lot of money and powerful people are involved
EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup
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Urban Dwellers
Interesting how she knew just where to go and whom to meet in America.
Jonathan Simmonds
I feel very sorry for the woman, being tried in a puritanical paranoid country she couldn’t ever hope for a fair trial.
Michael Stevens
People being photographed together what more prove do you need this is pathetic.
Peter Todorov
Leave the poor lady alone for goodness sake. I doubt if anyone knew what he was actually doing, they would have supported it
Airgun Ballistics
We want the client list dam it!
Jim Court
No Virginia Giuffre at the trial …. Nuff said
There are lot of weird stuff and hobbies happening behind the doors of the rich and famous . This is just the tip of the iceberg
Krazy Kat
They’re protecting these sick people who sell and abuse human as trade. Makes me sick
I’m really being pushed in the opinion this woman has been made a scapegoat of !!
leon hue
A teen child flies to an exotic island to have fun times with guys and the parents Don t even know about her movements. How does a child get through the boarding gate with zero documentation from parents allowing the child to leave the country ?
Simon Edgbaston
❄ One rule for the rich & famous another for the rest of us ❄
Marcin M.
The way it’s reported is very biased
John Carlin
Can’t wait until she starts sticking all the big names in if she gets found guilty.
James Bogle
Right. Now she’s been convicted by a jury you can call her all the names you wish…
Real Face
Telling a story without telling a story. BBC at it’s best.😉
Everyone pays off the price of they they do soon or later, life never let you get away, Just wanted to let bad guys know :)) you know what I mean!!!! because they think it is good to do ALLLLLLL, because in power or wealth … Don’t underestimate life !!! it gets you at the end BIG TIME…
Tom Oliver
Half the BBCs employee list would have been involved with him or are into the same stuff remember Jimmy Saville, the hampstead cover up, all defended by the BBC.
Dan Ayall
Everyone on that flight log should be going down… bill gates many times.
Big Chris
Another distraction from the truth
turd furguson
And not one of her clients were arrested that’s weird
Learn Muay Chaiya - Kru Nathan
Did the BBC ever do a docu like this on themselves enabling Saville? GBC?
Jigsey's Workshop
I’ve a feeling she will walk free
J Nüsslein
Poverty restricted my imagination
Thomas Barnaby
Why isn’t there any mention of Prince Andrew 🤔
And the Royal family, and members of government, and most of Hollywood..
2:16 that’s definitely not Bill Clinton :’)
Fray Perez
This goes to tell everyone shadow governments are real … and the law is for the poor ‼
Guy Williams
Her worked for HER, not the other way around!!!
I say she played her part but what about the parents of those young females. No ones seems to talk about them. Did the parents play a part of human trafficking.
And the queen’s son saw this pair as best mates
Dawg Home
“Allegations she denies”! No s#17!!!
Tell us something we don’t already know!
Birdie Berger
created scapegoats for the very powerful.
John C
Nothing will come of her case just an unfortunate spot for her
ryan richards
Why didn’t the parents protect their children from these monsters? Because they were monsters too.
Muta Wadada
Hi There
Same company as those in the BBC.
Mateo Leoz
The women knew what they were doing
Stacey Lanter
literally nothing here is new news. The public demand a LIST of names of all involved.
Err, what about the rich and powerful involved? We’re you paid to show this instead?!
michael b.
Verdict in guilty on five of six sex traffickers charges unless you can give up names to reduce her sentence she’ll spend the rest of her life in jail take care of God bless
Uzumaki Ziz
Rich people these days 🤦🏽‍♂
people need to be careful on both sides wealthy people using young poor attractive people and young poor attractive people making use of the rich it goes both ways
Maxwell fluff piece. Next thing these guys will be telling you how wrong she has been treated in prison.
martin cymru
celebrities are being protected
I thought he was a millionaire
My Two Cents
Not that it really matters.but the family’s last name is really Hoch not Maxwell
Dave Bayliss
Virginia Roberts is no victim and should be in jail
spuit poesje
These pictures of them together have a sinister feeling to them. They laugh but it doesnt look warm and cosy at all.
Margaret Kirkland
Found?was Robert Maxwell remain ever found.
Shaun Luther
This video is so useless. It doesn’t reveal anything
James Allaire
She attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding for which she would have had to pass a background check. Why doesn’t the press ever cover this?!
Reverend Jim Spanner
No pictures of proof. All hearsay by a bunch of gold diggers. He had cameras set up in the bedrooms, so where is the evidence of this “abuse”? 🤔
Ask the hard questions, FFS!
thought you were going to actually report on it …turns out you ignored all the important parts never mind eh its not like you have an important job to do or anything. oh wait you do !
Lea Smith
At least two girls were on every outing and trip. They took pictures.
Andrew Morris
His money came from blackmail.
Lets be having Prince Andrew exposed!
Will always Telehandler
She seemed besotted with him,, Naughty is in her DNA
fab lan
Photos of property Not photos of the massive party they used to have with all these famous people All the other people who were at those parties will get away with it
Challenge yourself Let’s try DIY
Intertwined with elites and British royalty
Higher Purpose
Cut it out. We all know hundreds of people are involved in this. Hurry up and start naming names. Two people can barely work together to screw in a lightbulb and you want me to believe two people sourced minors for the upper echelon’s of society for decades alone? Nah…
Billy Goat
They’re not secret though. Spill the tea Gislane. She’s small fry compared to some of the nonses they associated with.
Be Kind ❤️
How many children been kidnapped and killed. How many blood been sacrficed of those inoccent children
Emile Henry
The BBC exposing nonces? Bit pot kettle. 🤷🏼‍♂
Zak W
There was no information in this. Terrible journalism its just a cop out so they don’t have to ruin their own reputation.
I don’t see anything that would suggest anyone people being hold against their will
BBC, who would have thought it?
Jorge Gomez
It was not speculation, dear BBC. Are facts. She was not the victim.
top banana
The way she is portrayed lol doing a foot massage/ Suggestive lol
bob tudbury
dear media, do a proper job, like dando , do a proper job . stop giving us this garbage
Found guilty asks can she do her time in England,Andrew mum gives him the keys to the Tower,hey gotta laugh she would feel quite at home with those Beefeaters.
Michael D
Whos here after that weirdo woman got the jail hammer?
Taking photos are now bad?
Nice cover story. Epstien island was a blackmail operation for high level officials. You dont become a senior politician unless you took a ride on the lolita express. How do you control the world? Epstien Island is how 😉
Ruple Thaker
Who is the guy at 1:32 on the right?
What do the BBC and Jeffery Epstein have in common
Lightweight report
Scissoroar Scissoroar
I know the captain of the lady ghislaine.. interesting things
Not a public trial . Why ?
Altt-Check 1-2
Prince Andrew come out come out where ever you are …….
Who was interviewed last night before the journalist Sam Lister. No caption was put up. i think the name read out was Tara Palmer from somewhere in the caribbean?
Turn Me On Deadman
Who is the angel on the thumbnail ?
Solo Season
So what your telling me is you know nothing about her ….
kylie dors
Did the maxwells have a vendetta against thr windsors?
Andre A
What about the guilt of her accusers. They were quite happy at the time to place themselves in those situations, quite happy to seek fame, attention and mixing in the celeb world. They were wannabes who, when it didn’t happen for them, decided to jump on the “I’ve been abused” bandwagon. Disgusting.
Holmes shaking in her boots
Bbc are up to the same antics bunch off wrong uns
Persian Chris
When you said suicide.. That’s when I knew this was bs
John Murphy
What about his other partners Andy and the rest ……
I like porridge too but only when I feel like havingf it.
Florence Mann
I do read yes some girls here are badly treated but they go to the police why not the girls who are in court now speak up th
whether he committed suicide or someone killed him in jail, it makes him look guilty. and by de facto, Ghislaine.
Nairda 48
She guilty as everyone else. Definitely she not mother Theresa
Sir LeRoyale
So their all tryn to protect her
She has been bribing buying her way through her entire life but she can’t do that this time
If the msm put as much effort into this as they did blm i would feel a lot safer
how in the world could she allow him to abuse children.she is sad.
Geran B.
They did nothing wrong. #FREETHEM
Shit Gamer
Lord Mandlesons good friends…
zero point enemy
And their mates like Peter Mandelson, Prince Andrew, Andrew Neil, Elon Musk, Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey…
Cejay Deo
Have they got her little black book?
Tim Holder
FFS it’s pronounced Jeezlayne with a sort of G sound stretched into the J. Lot of French names and words are pronounced similarly. Gillaine (sic.) is just an affectation. Lots of people are a bit pompous like that.
Haven’t watched yet, did the mention the Mossad? lol BBC
Monika T
They both down now royal one paid out for his freedom which should not be allowed.. Question is who should be next
De-fund the something something I forgot !
Orit 1
They both weird never married,no children…
David Naylor
Lol the crazies are strong in this comment section. 😅
Omarr Phillips
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No Name
Who was on the island you propagandist are you covering for them
Winston Smith
A.D kept his pants on I tell ya.
I want to see what his teeth look like
What’s the point
Al De Niro
Bill Gates the vaccine maestro was besties with Jeffrey. How much money did Bill give the BBC again?
jake robbo
And don’t forget the royals, top government officials and all the celebrities oh and the Pope !!!
Sandra Smith
👁👁️Establishment 😎
Michael O Neill
Boris to bring in new rules 28th december….I WILL NOT COMPLY !
Leave her alone, she hasn’t done anything wrong !!!!!
Vera Correia
Now this is what should be news 24/7! Are you gonna do it BBC? didn’t think so 🤮🤮🤮
Rodney Howard
Ghislanes new moniker should be “jizzstain”
You Tube
Put it on 6pm BBC News.
Weinstein, Epstein, who will be the next Stein?
Softball news concerning a story they’d prefer never broke in the first place.
To Be Honest
Where’s Andrew hiding?
Lawrence Anthony
OK cool, now where is prince andrew these days?
Rev. M
She better get convicted she has ruined so many womens lifes. No remorse for her. Trump and clinton too.
Rockee Rockey
You showed Trump’s pic, but only mentioned former President Bill Clinton without the pic! Very telling about the producers of the BBC
Brain Wilson
The Austrian painter was right about these people.
Aurobindo Ghosh
when bbc got share of the billions who cared who ghislaine maxwell was
Jack Taylor
Can you get Andrew now, I hate that he’s still classed as royalty. Makes me sick
John Doyle
These two give Jews a bad name.
Will there be a movie telling us the real truth that happend, you can get mark wahlberg to play Epstein, he has been a few true life movies
bbc at its best sad sad sad
coma cuma
Aahhh ,no one waants to heasr BBC secrets
J/ Banks
🌬F😡H 😌nly 3 mins & 51 sec🙄nds.
coma cuma
Foodways Distribution
Comments deletions is in full swing, lol
This is islamophobia!! -BBC
Irritating backgound music. Unwatchable, Bye
The secret life of Prince Andrew……………
David Moran
Chris and echo Clark with
Elchango Memazcas
Are you serious ? , Hiring teen girls to give massage and then going to jail ? Just for receiving a massage ?
Jr Walker
Is that those Michael Jackson people
it's just me
Please don’t delete my comment…this is the 6th one
Annabelle Jimenez
OK that’s hearsay that’s hearsay where is the evidence
YT keeps deleting my posts on this topic. 🤔
Dazza dizzy
Bill Gates , Prince Andrew , the Clintons they all get a free pass do they?
Solal Late
These people should get maximum punishment. If you believe in God
know that Jesus Christ died for sinners including you, on the cross with his own blood for your personal sins, repent and get saved or perish with the lost wicked world. God’s word is coming to pass, it will only go downhill.
Annabelle Jimenez
There nothing showing. Them doing anything
F Saleeh
Why bbc did not say that her dad was buried in Israel
Yan Putrisuryo
The backsound music is horrible.
Annabelle Jimenez
So what so what why are these people like making these people look horrible where is the evidence of these children where is these evidence of the children at their houses where is the evidence it’s all hearsay it’s all bullshit
Annabelle Jimenez
If this dude was a bad dude they set him up and her