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This documentary really had me in tears. What a phenomenal man. God bless the woman that took him in.
Xafid Omar
“You are still my brother” that phrase has frozen me for sure😭 good luck to you the ‘Real’ Mo.
Poonam Shah
The hardest battles are often given to the strongest soldiers. ❤
I cried when I watched this documentary!! Ohhh gosh so painful to go through this kind of journey. I am so proud for Sir MO for the years achievemnts in Athletics!!
Mudash Mudash
The poem his mom recited for him touched my heart ❤
TrustGod surelyNoStress
It doesn’t matter what name you carried or carry, surely name doesn’t matter, you can call yourself anything but as long as you got your Family and visited them matters more than the dark past. I hope the country you carried it’s flag high will forgive you for what wasn’t your doing. I feel you my friend M.farah
william graves
I want to convey to you, Sir Mo, my admiration for your courage, and really to say how much Allah has blessed you. To have overcome as you have- all I can say is that you have now truly achieved and how you have persevered over adversity- I have no words except be well and be happy. You certainly deserve it.
waris roobo
The part Mo was chatting with His Mom it touches me hearts and tears in my eyes
Haniya Ali
It is really so emotional to witness how good hearts are. My hats are off to mo farah the real and the most well known athlete of the century hussein abdi kahin the real mo
Nasser M. Nasser
I Salute you Sir Mo Farah!!! A man whose father’s life was unjustly taken away as a kid. Some people took him away from his beloved mother Aisha and he was sent into slavery in the UK as a kid. They also took his identity away. After all these years of physical and mental pains, he became one of the most successful athlete the world has ever seen. And he didn’t have hatred towards those who induced suffering on him but simply wanted to meet each one. The best part was reuniting with his mother after over two decades. Amazing human being, sir Mo Farah
Jakee Hennessy
Loved this. Somalian culture is fascinating. Lying is a sin, he is a legend for revealing this.
Amina Mohamed
You are a legend and always will be, I hope you find peace and this heavyweight is finally lifted. I know the pain will never go away but at least you are in a better position now.
Pauline Moriarty
His mum is one amazing woman, she never gave up hope, because in her soul she new. Happiness to you all. Be grateful for everyday
star one12
A story that shocked many, but made everyone happy. Finally, we knew the truth about the hero Mo Farah or Hussien Abdi kahin.
Joel Saniko Moonga
This life is so mysterious! God always works it out for us at his own pace. You are Sir Mo whatever the circumstances brother!
Md Hayir Mohamud
It is really emotional. Save to Husien, his family, real Mo, Kinsi and the lady ho brought to Uk (besides the negative side she really made him to come to Ul and achieve what he achieved)
Mohammed Abdirrahman Rubble Ishak
Great documentary and one we all somalis resonate with. My only criticism for Sir Mo Farah is that he’s a habit of leaving behind those who cared for him; his mum lives in what looks like a dire and abject poverty, and Kinsi, the auntie who saved him, he hasn’t seen her over 20 years? Perhaps that’s what’s called moving on!
I have multiple stories about cases like this or closely similar and it breaks my heart every time I think about it. The most heartbreaking one is one of the kids got killed (mistaken identity) before he reunite with his real parents.
chockry Mohamed
there are millions of hidden stories out there. I am glad you are finally reuniting with your family and trying to live the reality.
Marie B
Certainly in tears, Life is a journey, at least got a good one to tell at the end. meeting your family. 😢
Sana Ahmad
I cant imagine what he went through. He was so helpless!! with no parents and no support. the school report part is so saddening 😢 😢
Cadehey Baari
Very emotional what a little boy went through This is common in Somalis when parents give away to have a better future for the kids but it does more harm then good emotionally but am glad mo s story has a good ending
Omar Abdi
There is a story behind every refugee’s life and this is no different. Enduring to be known by and be called every day by a fake name over 20 years is hard to go through. Not as humble as he looks.
Hinda Yousuf
It’s really heart touching story ,I couldn’t hold my tears 😢
Mohammed Abdullahi
don’t worry bro Mo we really proud of you this story will end and you will be who you are don’t stress your self with nothing true is clear what has gone is gone
Jenjen 100000
He must feel so much relief telling his story and he can sleep at night without the fear of being kicked out of the… UK.
You don’t understand the story of someone until you wents through the same when i saw the grave of his father i can’t hold my tears anymore may the tears you drop because of me dad become a river in jannah for you 💔
Mr watkinson!!!!! This man is a legend
Tehirah Bwalatum
God’s ways are mysterious…Its full of twists and long roads to navigate! Its hard to comprehend how life would have been if he stayed in Somalia . This man’s life is a blessing to his mother and his twin brother. We should call him Hussain and not Mo Farah. I hope the real person who trafficked him to the UK will be revealed. Hussain, thank you for sharing with the UK citizens and the world about your family life background. You’re incredibly generous and brave…. Child poverty and trafficking is abborant….and people who trafficked him should be brought to account etc..
couldn’t hold my tears 😭 “Your still My Brother ” it’s very touching story My prayer are with you to heal over this 🙏🙏🙏
Nour Mahamoud
It’s an emotional story,i can’t let back my tears live long to ur family…..
No doubt a very moving and indeed heroic story on the face of it. But even Sir Mo himself must understand that the story inevitably raises even more questions than it answers. Given what is virtually an industry of families in the Horn of Africa buying false papers to send their children to countries abroad, the question lingers whether this is really a narrative of trafficking and unknowing victimhood even if Mo may have ended up in conditions of effective domestic servitude. Watching the documentary, it was difficult to imagine that his family would not have known of, and probably even been part of ,his being brought to the UK under a false identity. Nor that his family would not have known the family that brought him to the UK, of which so remarkably little is said in the film. I am also intrigued that a person being only the mother of his friend would have taken him into her home and family and raised him for 7 years just like that. And that, later, this is the same woman who would have crucial connections with his story, notably knowing and being in contact with the very person whose identity Mo bears! The narrative of the documentary is that Mo had no contact with his mother or other family members until bumping into a lady in a Somali community restaurant who knew his mother. Mmmmhhhh 🙄. But most of all, it remains unclear what the objective of finally coming into the open really is. Could it be that someone else, may be a network, was on the verge of outing the story and thus catch Mo out? Does Mo have any view about the fact that, in the end, the fact of having been brought to the UK opened up for him pathways to a life of achievements, status, wealth and splendour that he could never have otherwise imagined? What is the real explanation for the fact that all this time he not only did not come out publicly with the truth, but also himself continued to fortify the false identity? Is it really that he did not have any other choice? Does he have any regrets?
Kevin Grant
Oh my God this story has made me so sad I feel so emotional I could cry. You are 100% British Mo you are my sporting hero Because I have seen what you went through ❤❤✊✊🇬🇧🇬🇧
Reminds me of a Somali guy I went high school with in NZ. Was an outstanding long distance runner!
michelle sweeney
He is a BEAUTIFUL soul, horriblei to see what some people will do to children, may he be an example to all for his tenacity.
J Gorgor
Respect for his teacher ☀
Farhan Farah
❤ Heart” very touching story” 😔 Emotions
Elmia Muminah
Watching this 3 in the morning and can’t stop crying am sorry you had to go through all that and am proud it didn’t define you ♥♥♥♥
Galow Gobiye
Besides the emotional side of his journey, I have a big for all of what’s going on beyond him. He’s neck is either in an everlasting enslavement-notch or he has to resist to the blood smugglers to take himself away bravely! Does anyone see that aspect or gotta my point too🫠? Resume back of how many famous individuals including M. Jackson have ended up with🫠🫠🫠. Same scenario👌
Kalid Mohamed
Sir Hussein Dear its pleasure for somalilanders that you bring the reality outside, what a brave we have. Why I’m crying? This documentary makes me speechless. Can’t wait the the second documentary.
Fardowsa Ismail
Very touching story and very brave to share it with the World I can relate In so many ways
Esprit Arkitekt エスプリアーキテクト
that was an emotional story….but still so many unanswered questions, the whole why was he brought to the UK & the people involved “not knowing anything”, along with nobody mentioning what he revealed to his P.E teacher in his british citizenship application seems too suspicious. one of those people knows something but isn’t admitting it
Cubeyd Macalin Fardax🇸🇴
The Real Mo Farah is humble he said “You are still my brother”. Wow.
Thanks to those teachers ❤
Fazul Hooyo
This Alan guy is absolutely amazing .how he kept all this secret on this rotten century
Roboka Roboka
Praise Allah and Say ten times Alhamdulilah. U might had a rough start yet again God has placed lot of great folks in your journey. Your wife Tanya and beautiful kids, Edo Kinzi and her family, Althetics Teacher, just to name a few. Enjoy Allah blessings brother and says Alhamdulilah every day. Thank you Allah
I was so emotional 🥹 I stopped few times because I don’t want crying as grown up man. Wish you the best Moh Farah (Hussein Abdi Kahin) aunt Kinsi the Mohamed Farah his Teacher his wife his mom and twin brother and all he opened our eyes again he is a role model for Somali children and all the children of the world
Christian Bruno
thank you for sharing this. thnk you to him for his wilingness to share this for his honesty and bravey. this will change many lives inshallah
We love you Queen Hodan Abdirahman
His other edo kinsi Farah is so sweet Masha alah she helped him to achieve his goals and being super supportive.
Dunia Ina mambo
Self actualized 🙏❤️ i hope we can all confront who we’ve been and who we’ve become. Its a tough journey that many choose due to fear, not to acknowledge. You got the name of the beloved prophet. Allah haku soo hanuuniyo walal. All is well. Reminded me of Forest Gump…” I just Ran” well im still running lol.
That’s sad story but you overcome up with that we are very proud of you brother its such an amazing and wonderful live story being a successful person it doesn’t related to have family in your shoulders but it need’s to struggle and fight for keep it up don’t listen the losers you will noyloose anything that’s the reality and who you are.
maaya volges
We so proud of you Hussein to share your real story with Us 🥺❤️🫶🏽
jabir saif
Imagine the ones who weren’t as talented as mo
Thanks for sharing with us this is documentary of the year 🙏👍
Dizzy Spunky
Must be hard to keep a secret for so long and knowing that inside is eating away at him but glad he has come forward to help him self fair play
Sabad Yasin
OMG this made me cry, it’s very emotional 😭
kai burke
Respect to Mo farah
Very brave a beautiful soul.xx
Sacdiyo Simsn
Hussein Abdi Kahin Ur still our hero. Indeed Mohamed Farah is also my hero from today henceforth. Try your level best to make his wishes successful. Waiting your first meeting with Mohamed Farah. Hussein your the hero and u will remain to be a hero. It’s a very painful story but it ends in relief 🥺 Respect to that teacher 👨‍🏫 and Ma’am kisse they save you life. Your name can be changed but your personality can’t be changed. Solute to everyone who help you to be you are whom you’re today.
This happened to many Somali young children since 1988 until 1994 because lot of people who went UK and North America before civil war looked some children to get welfare and told the biological parents to get more benefits to support their kids some the helped the parents and children but some of them used the children as slaves like mo Farah.
Julie Taylor
He shud b proud hes speaking out . well done very powerful inspirational man
I need a part 2 of this
mohamed adow
When MO Farah spoke to the real Mohamed Farah that was kind of catharsis ND liberation . I cried watching this documentary God knows what he is doing. when it seems like things are falling apart,they are actually falling together . Looking forward to read Mo Farah biography.
Mustafa Maxamed
Legend always Legend Amazing documentary 👏 Sir mo you’re somali so you won’t be an Iron man
Lesley Renouf
my kids went to Feltham School at the same time ,never knew a thing ,but always remember Mo with hair and a blg smile and a “cousin” at the same school He was meant to come to UK.
Bella Abdalla
Keeping this secret all time was the hardest to do someone
There’s a lot more to come from this story, so many questions
Mo has become a millionaire…. There is absolutely no reason that his mum n family live in abject poverty. I’m sad about that 😢
Abdullahi Hassan
You were to bring the real MO Farah to UK, before you take your twin to UK. Anyway, I couldn’t stop tearing once the real MO said he was interesting in UK.
Family Aden
Subhannallah this was very difficult to watch and to know this sort of things happens to Hussein AKA Mo Farah I am truly sorry for you went though and still going through May Allah make it easier for you. I could stop the tears while watching this story. I never knew this type of people even existed in our own community but you know what Allah was watching and still watching she will eventually pay for what she did. I would love to know what Mohamed the real Mohamed will say about why he was left behind and he was replaced with you (Hussein). You know every time I saw picture of you or video it wasn’t hard to see through your eyes that deep down you seemed sad. Subhannallah.
Hoor u lain
Mashaallah Mo Farah mom is so beautiful and he looks more like his mother and his twin especially on there dental formula.Edo Kinsi is the real Hero here.and the original Mohamed is a darling.inshaallah may Allah make it easy for everyone.
star one12
It can be a great movie for our great Hero Hussien.
ibrahim ali
I wish u all the best brother
Flávio Velame
That was very nice. Waiting for Part 2 when Mo Farah may give some comments about Alberto Salazar and the Oregon Project.
Queen siman
It’s so emotional
Nimo Hussein
It’s sad story n we r happy 4him to tell his story to the world buh he told us that his father was died during civil war n still his grave is there 😳how come everything were destroyed at that time I just got confused Bt he really looks like this family
Shakur Haji
Imagine thousand of children like him now evn cldnt many orphans and both parents died and their sad story cld be listen or evn itz behind closed doors..😭😭..indeed itz bad
Axmed Abdi
What a great brother and the greatest of what HE does infact he is one of the survivers of the holocoust of somaliland specially isaaq tribe which mo belongs and being genocided by evil somali dictator in somalia on the 1980s
You’re so strong may Allah help you Ameen
Leprechaun ☘️
How does a teacher not put the fact there was another mo farah the year before and finds out Mo ain’t Mo 🤷🏼 Not jumping on the teacher because he done so much so it seems just something doesn’t add up to me…..
It happens in Nigerian culture too. People/ Children brought to the UK to be a househelp. This isn’t Africa, giving a child whos from a poor home a roof over their head and opportunity to study isn’t good enough to enslave them
his twin brother name is hassan ofc he was gonna be called hussein. we should have noticed earlier 😂😂
almas ❣👠
I watch second time stil I cry 😭😭
basra basher
That lady had no kindnesses She had no heart or love in her
dabacsar iskadeh
But why am i cryin because my blood is somali🇸🇴
Cabdiqani Gaafuun
Alhamdullilah to know who was the real man belongs this name also Mama Kinsi she is a bravery woman Alhamdullilah together again your family specially your mom and your twin the only thing waiting you is to win and you’re Hussein Abdi Kahin not Mo.Farah
Liande Reuling
Thank you for sharing.
Why wasn’t the woman arrested for child slave trafficking, if they were able to approach her, as it stated at the end.
Jane Brown
And people reckon slavery is extinct! Back when slavery was a thing tribes sold other tribes/prisoners to the slavers. People need to remember this! And its still going on!!
Fartun Jama
Omg this made me cry wlhi hooyo😭😭
mwalimu abdisalam.
Great moh farah.still calling you moh. I think the path you have take not bad whatever UK government will suggest doesn’t matter.You done wonderful to Great Britain. It is good to be relieved
Hamdi Omar
How about the people who bought his book? Will they get refund
hassan Shire
It’s painful really
This name is a gift from Allah 😂🤣😂
Jas Hope
This boy (the real Mo farah) is a lot younger than hussein,this can’t be true , something is missing ,the lady I think is lying to him ,but anyways I’m happy he met his real family ,the rest Allah will deal with ,he was watching him go through a lot and karma will get devil people
I wonder if someone was blackmailing him so he decided to come forward.
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Somalian Never Lie
if you are not the real mo farah where is the boy he has that name did he dea or where is he
Hassan Qassim
I think it was civil war in somalia The family who gave him an opportunities and brought in UK
Deqa Deqa
Most of children lived like slave and some of them sexually abused sad stories
Asha Abdi
why i’m crying 😭😭😭
Edna Idris
Somalia perpetrated a genocide on the Isaaq tribe. That is the root cause of this tragedy
Bon Fire
Wife said he was born in mugdisho and he says that he was born in somaliland how is it possible?
Jonny Watts
What do you think of those claiming he’s a fraudster? That he’s just covering his ass or something.
Victor Conte was honest
Don’t want to be an idiot but i know i still will be.. first thoughts that run to my mind is that his family sold him. But then again if that another Mohammed stayed behind, who would buy a servant and change one to someones child. Maybe instead of selling him his uncle bought his ticket to UK and the real Mohammed had to stay behind. This clip is obviously what Hussein now wants us to know. But in it came also clear that his servitude claim was protecting his citizenship status. Maybe it never happened. Or maybe that women was treating him awfully because she was forced to leave her child. Someone needs to hear her. And there is just more questions in my head after this film than before watching it. Maybe there have been several Mohammed Farahs going in and out of UK for decades.. Idk but i need to know more! Also don’t want anything bad to anyone but when something feels unbelievable then it might be, maybe?
Platinum Jnr
mo could have just kept quit
Abdifatah Abdulqadir
Alot of his story doesn’t make any sense to me ! First of all when Somali government collapse and civil war started in Somali people suffered great poverty shortage..unemployment.. so and so those days many children lost their parents either they were killed or died There was alot of opportunity for somalian citizens to get resettlement from European canada and usa sometimes when a particular family granted resettlement and they know there is a child lost his parent and no one to look after him they will add the list of their children to say he is my child they do that ….in the name of humanity not Russian style Those days Only those with a good heart and great humanity will take a child in order for him to get a good future since this child has no one to look after him And there is no administration in the region It’s very common among in Somalian those days because nowadays its impossible there is alot of process such as DNA so on All in all I am 100% sure that lady brought mo Farah to get better life and protection ? Is not why would she Sacrificed to bring mo farah all the way from Somalia to uk we can all agree having a child isn’t an easy task many of us struggling to feed our children ! All in all mo Farah and his parents knew everything but today when mo farah become famous he knows one of this days his secret will come out so he has to put the plame on that lady.. That is most likely
Daniel Folha (AstroDanPT)
What about the other Mohamed Farah mentioned by the PE teacher? (starts at 21:57)
Dragon Of The West
These are descendants of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, the Eritreans,Somalians, Ethiopians and Sudanese
maxmuud abdirahmn
Humble great man Hussein abdikahin
5year somali kids know their parents and mo tellin us he was 9 year old didn’t know he only need to promote where he come he saying somaliland north somalia mo you can dream bro there is no somaliland
I have the same problem but I am not in mo farah position
Chin up Hussein, may Allah grant you peace now that you spoken up, but again UK somehow was a blessing to you. Imgn if he didn’t have such talent, what about those that were smuggled no talent, where are they?
Haweyo Rashid
To give you an opportunity that is why you came here which you have now be grateful and let Allah deal with those who wrong you all Somali people have been brought to many different names to many different countries This documentary is useless time’ wasting and ordinary
Gargar Mohamed
Adigoon cidna wax u dhibeyene in Aad taariiqdaada ka sheekeyso Inta Aad nooshahay xaq,ayad.u leedahay waliba caruur nimadaadii caruurtu ma iloowdo waxii Soo marey hadey.ka run,sheegaan geelu laba jir Soo wada mar libaax nin ganey na og nin galadeyna og Alaha kula jiro.aamin🤲ala idinkiis.
Farooshkah Stallbaum
At the grave site.. was that his dads bones
hadha alrajul yastahiqu kula shay’ jayid
habibo ibrahim
He is sir mo Hussein now name
Lil Fridz
Is it me or he look like 2pac
Miki Miki
Whay I’m crying
Cabdi Sheekh Idiris
Waa laga noolyahay wax lasoo marayba agoon lasilciyay
Maxaa laysla indho tiraya somali baden oo sii khaldan iyo magacyo khaldan ku jooga Europe baa jira laakin isaga magacisa u saa,ciday in u xaqiiqada sheego
Maryam Ali
Mohamed farah stated that Kinsi took care of him 7 years and he never spoke with her when he got fame and fortune. His family in somaliland still live below the poverty line and his mother walked 22 hours to the city to find a tv so she can watch her son run. He also claimed he was treated a slave. Unfortunately all his neighbours in Hounslow have different story to tell for eg he was always playing football, going out with his friends and was in a school. Asking him to do the chores is not slavery and he should be grateful for the woman who got him here. His mother and him also claimed in Islam it is sin to lie. That is correct but in Islam also you have to forgive and move on. He went out of his way to destroy the lives of the woman who got him here by making false allegations!! He was never trafficked and he knows it and he was never treated a slave.
Daisy bee
His mum gave him away so he could have a british passport. It happens all the time. They wanted to give him a better life. He should know better than to feel like a victim. His life has changed for the best possible way and his faith should carry him better. The lady was right when she said, they’d take you away and you’d never see your family. A lot of these types of children get adopted and lose contact with their culture and religion. The women should have feared Allah and treated him better.
Hong Kong
Send him back. Rules are rules. No exceptions.
Maryam Ali
What about his real age? If everything is fake so is his age. I bet he is 50 years old.