The Central Park Five: a timeline – Blog

Shame on Donald Trump Shame on the detectives Shame on the jury Shame on the judge I’ve never cried this much in a long time.
Rashan Reeves
Korey was a true friend and I’m kinda upset that Yusef’s mom acted like she didn’t even care about him. He wasn’t even involved, just wanted to go to the station in support of his friend. All of their story’s were horrible, but Korey got it the worst. Heartbreaking.
Renai' Gayle
Man when i tell you i cried like a baby smh
June Bugg
Korey ….I almost cried man not even ready to lie
Haters Have Opinion
Donald Trump says “Bring the death penalty ” on honest black & latino kids but if they were WHITE Trump would put the cops to do further investigation smh
Cheb Sino
Korey Wise.. i feel so sorry for him😭💔
Raffa Rajasa
Yooo Netflix’s attention to detail with the Pepsi can during the interview was crazy
Livity Smith
They should have gotten 41 million each. And even then that wouldn’t be enough after all that pain and trauma they endured 😢🤦🏽‍♀️
This is why I am against the death penalty! I don’t understand how people can support it if even one innocent person is put to death.
sierra hazel
When he said he wanted a Chia Pet brooo that’s when my eyes starting watering
Bruh the police who coerced them should be arrested…or atleast be fired if they still working there.
Another moment in Donny’s racist history.
Naledi Leopeng
When they see us really opened up my eyes and now I can’t stop thinking about this
Dellon R
Boycott Linda Feinstein books she’s the prosecutor and she knew this case didn’t add up
SGK Rico
Just watched this on Netflix they hit korey the hardest and he wasn’t the one they were looking for
I’m sorry they all had it bad I won’t take that from them, but KOREY, KOREY I cried the whole episode
Sheryn Saheli
I don’t know how I managed to finish “when they see us” I cried soooo much, it was insane, I had to take a Tylenol afterward cause I had a really bad headache
I remember watching the documentary a couple years ago and was mind blown about how they were treated throughout the whole ordeal….they were babies! Rewatching their story through the new series upset me all over again. If only ONE person with power of the case would’ve shown compassion instead of just looking at their color would’ve stepped up their lives would’ve been completely different. I feel bad for them and those who are going through this even today in 2019
Came here because of the Netflix series “When They See Us.” Excellent! Well written. I had to force myself to push through the anger and sadness to continue to watch. I knew life wasn’t easy for these young men, but I’m sorry they went through ALL that they went through. Hopefully, the young man who played Korey Wise will pick up an award or two cause he did his thing in this series. All the kids did a great job.
“When They See Us” really made me cry frr😓
kayla holmes
I cried Korey whole episode. & for Korey to get out of jail & still forgive his “friend” made me cry even harder. You would think Korey would come out with a bitter heart but nope still pure❤️❤️ May God continue to be w/ them❤️
Rememberme Xxx
Trump wanted the death penalty for five innocent children. Not one bit surprising. Poor kids thank God they got justice in the end. Having their names cleared and the money settlement doesn’t give them those lost year’s back though.
Bat Mann
Who coming here after Netflix? When they see us
Diva Divine
This series made me cry so hard and especially the things Korey Wise went through.
Ilove myself
Heartbreak is all I felt while watching “when they see us”
Katie Zendejas
Korey I felt so bad for him on the show “ When they see us” actually cried throughout watching it 😭😤💔
Goldenxbih 🦂✨
I hate America for this.
C. Brown
$41 million…Huh?…That was another slap in the face towards the wrongfully accused men. SMH.
Me Wa
So many emotions so many I can’t watch stuff like this
It’s 2 am in Germany. Just finished watching “When they see us”. My heart broke for each one of them. I know I wont sleep tonight…
The lady that wrote the books needs to go to prison too
Canela Love
I want to know what happened to the cops and detectives that wrongfully accused these boys.. were they brought to justice?
Need to find me a friend like Korey.
Naledi Leopeng
I sobbed after watching the Netflix show
Josiah Lindor Carty
I very bad for those 5 boys!! Did absolutely nothing!! Shows that this country hates both black and brown people!!
Bill Russell
I haven’t felt this way since I watched Fruitval Station 😔😢
Joseph Briggs
The police, detectives in this case and prosecutors Linda Fairstein and Elizabeth Lederer should be locked up and serve the same sentences in prison that these innocent men were forced to do
Korey pulled the tears right out of my eye😔hardest movie to watch
Naturally Dope
Watching this made me so mad, it made me cry and to see how they dehumanize these young men. 45 is the devil in Washington DC.
They could NEVER pay them enough, for what they lost and went through. Painful history of America but facts and you can’t turn a blind eye to this injustice.
Yes, I cried so much. It was an amazing and sad show.
raqual cloud
Korey got it the worst man which was pretty messed up fr 😢
Jaliyah W
When i tell u i cried so much watching when they see us 😭 especially the first and last episode
Jeannette nett
My heart broke for korey 😭😭
God Created Black
I cried like I knew those men!
41 million ain’t enough
Ultra GG
By the way, I feel really thanks for Robert’s action to Korey. He show that the world still has a hope. <3
jin jin
man I cried so hard during the movie, we really need to protect our poc youth
Paige Gunn
The Netflix series had me sobbing. I’m so upset that these young boys were put through hell for something they had no idea about. No amount of money can take back all of those years of hurt and loneliness. I’ve literally never been more upset in my life.
I just finished watching episode two and im raging.
OG 17 Exclusive
Trump played a big role here, posting their addresses and phone ☎️ numbers on the news papers 📝
Monique Carmack
I cried during the entire episode pertaining to Korey. He wanted to be a good friend and go down to the station with his friend. I was so upset when the mom came and got her son, but they left him. When they showed him sleeping and his friend leaving, my stomach turned. It is so sad to think how officers of the law and manipulate young innocent and scared kids into admitting something they didn’t do because they just wanted to go home. My heart was completely heavy watching the series. I haven’t cried this much in a long time.
Queen Hall
Out Of All Of Them KOREY WISE Broke My Heart The Worst, He Kept On Getting Beaten To Every Jail He Switch To, NONE Of That Should Of Happened. KOREY WISE Was Wise, He Wasn’t Going To Admit To A Crime He Never Did Thats Why He Never Left Until They Got Justice. Baby Went To The Adult Jail At 16, These Officers Smh Heart Was Broken, I Cried Most Of The Time Watching “When They See Us” On Netflix. New York Gave All Them $41 Million Dollars. Smh GOD
Andrea S
if this doesn’t shine a light on the monumental flaws and corruption in the so called “justice system” i honestly don’t know what does. i cried like a baby watching this series, my heart goes out to these boys
J Rader23
This had me so upset. I don’t understand why you would just want anybody to plead guilty, and ruin so many lives.
Ree Dimps
Money can’t fix anything! All those years lost..gone! Can’t even imagine how they sleep at night (If they can). What’s going on in their head.
Kory Wise a walking miracle 😭🙏🏽❤️ God bless the 5 and the testament that they all survived! May this be a teaching wake up call to our society! Justice for all.
Ms. E
When they see us was definitely a rough watch and so was their Oprah interview. It broke my heart when Antron said that his life is ruined because little does he know, it is just beginning…
SGK Rico
It’s crazy how the person who actually did it was just walking around like it was cool and killed and rape someone else all cops had to do was just dig deeper 🤦🏽‍♂️
Irieana Fiefia
Man I was ballin no joke😔 this movie is like mixed emotions😢 it had my crying my life out😭😭😭
So sad what happened to them omfg 😢
Lady T.
Yahusha bless these young men that had suffer in such away bless them and there family restore them to good health sound mind and restore them spiritually and bless all of my brother out there Ames
Naé Rozier
I feel so sorry for korey I can’t even finish his episode I’m so hurt by this. They failed him they failed all of them. Their childhood was stripped away what kind of evil world do we live in.
Arc Reggie
I wanna know what happen to the prosecutors and the feds
Taylah Blu
This is my daughter’s account but I watched when they see us and broke my heart and the lad that was recreating wise was an amazing
I couldn’t even sleep properly that night. It’s just disgusting and vile to know even innocent children can get there freedom taken away.
E Coop
I watched this last night!! Shortly into the 2nd episode I started to feel this empty, sad feeling inside me. I was getting more and more upset as I watched on. Only half way in and I knew where the show was going, the unrest built up inside me, slowly eating away at me,  breaking me down until I had a constant tear dripping down my face. Being 41 years old from Queens, I sort of remember hearing about the Central Park Jogger back  in the 2000’s, so at best the story line sounded familiar. During the trial I got this feeling of hope as they presented the evidence, or the lack there of. I said to myself,  these kids cant be convicted, the lawyer held up this “dark” in color shirt and claimed it was white prior to the beating and raping, that there was SO much blood lost, the shirt was this dark piece of material. NO blood evidence was found on these boys…. NO DNA evidence of the boys on or near the lady… The trial should have been a wrap right then and there…. I’m lost for words on how to express how sad I am to know what was done to those boys back in April of 1989. My heart goes out to Kevin, Kharey, Tron, Yusef & Ray for all the pain and suffering they went through. To sit in prison, away from friends, family and everything they know as home, all the while, being innocent is devastating. Guys, I hope you see this and the many thoughts and prayers we all have for you guys, I can only hope that the rest of your lives are filled with happiness, joy, FREEDOM and loving family & friends. God bless
The Netflix film was so heart wrenching, that at times watching the series I couldn’t catch my breathe from the anger that I had. No money can be brought from the time and pain these boys suffered, especially for a crime they didn’t commit.
shawty 😻.
Korey Wise has gone through a lot more than the other boys is so heart-breaking, the fact that they did not even do anything💔🥺
D Mackaveli
Korey Wise’s episode 4 made me tear up and it takes a lot to get me there SHEESH !
senia centeno
when i was watching it on netflix noot to be a cry baby but when i get angry i start to cry but it was so unjust on how the criminal justice system works i felt bad for all of them especially korey.
Russell Dundang
I didn’t even know about this until after watching When They See us on Netflix, I feel absolutely horrible for the 5 that were wrongly convicted.
I keep rewinding that moon river part and the part korey got beat up
H. M.
After watching Netflix, I had to come here to see the real 5, so sad, what these boys went through.
they didn’t even know each other… 💔
Know your rights! 😡😤
Beyonce A
Korey got it the worst man 😭
Tracy Payton
I was just watching the series last night. Truly sad
Tina Bolden
Watching the documentary on these boys broke my heart I am a black mother and I have a son this just really lets the world know that the justice system us designed for us to fail all I could do was watch and cry nothing never really has an impact on a person until they can relate but lord knows if you have a heart relation or not you will feel this in ways that you won’t understand
Dr. Chi
So sad. I just wanted the movie and I had dreams all night about these young boys. It broke my heart
Even though they were committing crimes doesn’t give the police the right to throw every possible crime in a 5 mile radius at them. This is what made both the documentary and the series so powerful and eye opening
I just watched the show when they see us and it was just sad Every moment second minute of it They were racially profiled and it was just sad 😭
Wilmah Mina
I can’t stop crying….OMG almost half of prison inmates are innocent but yet confined🤦🏾‍♀️Lord have mercy This story is so sad
Guilherme Allan
Historia emocionante triste injusta qria pode está nessa época
Kristian Burrows
Still happening today guys. We’re not finished yet
qani geelah
Linda Fairstein and the cops that investigated this case there is a special place in HELL for you! I’m disgusted at how excited the cops were when Kevin’s mother went home to get medicine and Yusef was about to sign away his miranda rights. As if it were a game or something. shame on you.
Fashion Jas
Cried the whole time for Korey 😢
Ayan Yusuf
Breaks my heart.
They should have gotten more than 41 million for what they and their families were put through
Jayden Holland
I feel bad they had to waste they lives in jail for something the didn’t do and they were baby and even when they told they didn’t do it the didn’t at least try to get more but the made them lie on each other it okay and that all they want to know (btw I watch the show and saying how I feel after watching it on netflix )
Chris Thomas
Such a messed up story.. could have been so much worse as well, trump wanted these kids dead
omg… I remember this case like it was yesterday..
Amaka Ezukanma
i was crying throughout the entire thing .. especially for khorey wise
Nora BD
I come from (when they see us) I never cry that much 😭😭💔💔
Robert Lee, Countertenor
Bring back the death penalty? Rape & assault doesn’t hold a capital punishment law. Hello
“The biggest gang in America is the police.” -Tupac Shakur
Laura S
“Netflix’s false story of the central park 5” is an article by Linda Fairstein on WSJ. The one responsible for letting this happen to these sweet, innocent boys in the first place. She is still trying to convince people that these were bad kids despite everything. Pass it on…
Hyzel Fadhil
Watched with my wife. She cried quietly at random times of the series.
I was a kid I. Queens when this happened. It was all over the news. Every day.
anna sz
vim depois de assistir na netflix, mano que triste. 😢😢😢
Isaiah Versett
If the police did they job right the first time they wouldn’t spent their time in jail for something they didn’t do
ItsHip ToBeFit
Great work from the police and investigators and prosecutors and judge. You people did a great job of destroying young minorities lives. They deserve a raise.
Still can’t believe Matias Reyes turned himself in 🤭
When I was a boy me and my little cousin went to walk her dog when we heard a scream we was running to the house
angie :D
I’m so heartbroken
Sully Butler
Central Park 5 are innocent It’s tough being black in America
Shutaraka Demars
So sad.. I just watched the nexflix series of what happened…had me in tears of how those kids childhood was taken from them by evil law enforcement. They just wanted to go home at the time so said anything to go home…
A ri
I’ve never cried so much watching a movie in my life. it’s disgusting knowing this is still happening to this day and as a white women I apologise for all the hurt everyone has brung upon you anyone who has been racially attacked. Shame on Donald trump Shame on the judges Shame on the detectives Shame on the jury Shame on who was involved! Especially Linda FairStein
Jon Williams
White folk’s logic: “Well, they got money at the end, so there should be no complaining.”
Imagine these kids did have death penalty , knowing they didn’t even do it… im so glad they are free
100bullets miranda
and i pressed on the microphone button really hard
sara Pace
these men were robbed of their teen years smh. may their story be heard and continually shared to better our justice system.
ask my mom bro I cried for hours this is a messed up world that we have created
Abel Joseph
1:37 imagine 11 years later
Emari Lindsey
I have sympathy for all the boys but I looked up to Korey the most and its because he went through the most, he got stabbed, he got beat up multiple times, and transferred year after year, and every time that parole came he kept it real and didn’t confess to the crimes he didn’t do. Period.
Chris Collazo
Man those officers behind making those kids say they did it should do time its sad man glad the truth came out man because how often does that happen… and let this be a lesson to young men who go around assaulting random people Stop that nonsense
J James
This has been going on for years SMDH
Ouna Ma'at Ra
Let me get this straight. The Central Park 5 were locked up in 1990, Matias Reyes was locked up in 1991 for a similar crime but his DNA wasn’t matched for the rape of Meili? Throw the entire judicial system away! This is sad 😡
Just crying out loud now didn’t know it was real I just searched after seeing Donal trump in there.
Qui Qui
I cried like a baby, watching this hurted my soul to know how evil these people were to them all. Especially with Linda & those cops being so anxious to have these young kids locked away. And they wasted practically their whole life in prison. The $41 million may have compensated them financially but mentally I know it still bothers them. Overall this is such a sad story these boys and men have it bad with being a target in America. So heartbreaking 😣 Big ups to Korey for sticking by what he believed in, he wasn’t playing he was like for get parole I’m maxing out!
Balled my eyes out watching “When They See Us” on Netflix but hey at least they rich now.
Charlotte Gabinete
Man i just finished watching when they see us and Kharey Wise’s epsiode balled my eyes out. It was so sad.
Was watching when they see us on Netflix
I heard one of the reasons prosecutors like to knowningly wrongfully convict innocent people is to save time and “send a message” or to “make sure people dont copy the perpetrators.” However if they go the natural way and wait for DNA evidence to come and show the real perpetrators, it will already be too late to convict him because the Statute of Limitations wouldve already run out.
Valente Merida
Mas amor ao próximo!
brandon stay lack
Amerikkka bein amerikkka this is one of thousands cases were the black n brown is wrongly convicted and who would ever think Donald trump would be president 🤦🏾‍♂️
how are you going to give us a timeline when you can’t spell Kory right
Sips Tea
Koreys story was the worst😭💔 and then when his brother died 💔💔💔💔 and then he almost got stabbed to death💔💔💔💔 when korey got that phone call from his mom saying he was getting out of jail I swear that was the best moment of my life 💯❤️
Salma Kabo
I’m trying to watch it😭 I keep pausing because it’s just so heartbreaking 💔 and it’s just making me 😡 😤
If you haven’t, watch the KALIEF BROWDER story as well… it’s on netflix.
Jaspreet G
Koery I feel really sad I was about to cry
I heard a lot about this movie I’m going to have to check it out
Forever Nateya
Trump should not have a say so about a death penalty for nothing these men were innocent and they knew that .i find it very funny when he out here doing wrong his damn self.but this who they voted for🤦🏾‍♀️
venkatesan k
After all these years they got justice. They are heroes now. I really feel sad for korey. Brutal attacks in prison govt should also punish a corruptive officers inside the prison.
Priince Brvce_LUHG_
I’ve just learned of this case now, and I haven’t been so angry in a long time. 5 innocent boys wrongfully convicted simply because of racism. Let’s swap races and let’s see if they would have kept this same energy if it were a black woman being raped by 5 white men. What also angers me is that Trisha didn’t even try to console the 5 guys that were wrongfully convicted. Like she has no remorse for their wrongful convictions. I don’t feel sorry for her. P.S. Trump is a POS and if he was to die today, I would celebrate
D7 D8
Thanks Netflix.
Peyton Hart
Me and my sister had to stop watching it we were getting so mad
You can’t go past the whole show without crying bruh
Kk The Drummer
I wonder why they never took mi statement i told them it was another dude they kept that quite im glad they got out
Who jogs at night? In New York? She must’ve been feeling real good that night cause I wouldn’t dare.
According to the news articles, there was a group of 30 “youths” in the park that night, beating a robbing people, im sure those boys were just meeting there for their bible study group, Im sure its a coincidence they each accused one another of beating and holding down a woman that was raped.
Hmmm… While it’s still a sad story, I can’t help but notice that they really don’t look as nerdy&shy&could_never_hurt_a_fly as Netlfix portrayed them.
Im fking pissed I never knew about this
Esther Mantey
May God have mercy and save his people, the movie is so hard to watch.
samoka samoka
who coming here after netflix show ??
yo this thing made me to cry
Pay Williams
Glad she inserted that part about the peach man into the movie wonder what’s he thinking
This is so heartbreaking, boys that were accused of being a rapist and the detectives assuming they did the rape, honestly, some of those detectives should be in jail, poor boys, half they’re life was just taken for nothing that they did, that makes me so mad at Matias Reyes/the actual rapist.
Jaylen TV
what really hurts me is that korey didn’t even do anything he jus went to the station wit yusef and he ended up getting the longest sentence
Karma is coming for or those who accused them of this🙏🏽BLM. justice is coming soon🥺
I bet even from the confession they didnt find the right match they just wanted to close the case to bring the white woman justice
Esther Mantey
Shame on everyone who was involved then… i can only imagine what they went through. I pray someday, just someday everyone is gonna be treated equally, and people would be seen as individual rather than skin color.
Elad 5
I sow the movie in Netflix I never cried like that in a while
I want to know what really happened bcoz I’m seeing so many stories some people are saying that the people who later on got let free was part of the assault and that they was thugs who would hurt and rob innocent people…did they rape that women or are they really innocent please let me know what you all think bcoz I really don’t know what the truth is
Solo 93
Thank God for people like the woman who directed the series to shine a light on Trump, and racist America.
Very difficult to watch this video😭😭😭😭
I never cry but that last episode just did it for me poor kids (now adults)
well at least they are paid a crazy amount of money I hope most of the money will be spend to help others.
roseora eats
No amount of money can ever take away the mental damage they have caused all 5 of these boys.🤦🏾‍♀️😢
I felt bad for Korey, he was the real guy in that group who helped all of them get justice. The fact that he never admitted of committing crime for parole got the heart of that real culprit to change. Its horrible the world out there for some, but we all live in our own bubble and think we have all the problems in the world to deal with when there’s not a single minute of life we have experienced as these guys or many as them who have faced injustice.
Andrew Delarosa
Man no money could ever repay what happened.
The Truth
Korey Wise would have been me because I always would help a friend
Korey look like he was lying smh these videos had coerced written all over it
Seek Benji
I cried. It’s okay
100bullets miranda
laid E can scream way down to paper? well i lie down on that piece of paper to call the earth a green place
Giovanni P
The judge, the detectives should go to jail now… You can’t put a price on their time lost. But I guess the system is flawed… This gives so much despair…
100bullets miranda
i love pens they are for writing
chiefbaby j
Crazy how they lied on them and made them lie to put them in… F this system
Cyrah D.T.W.
I watched the whole Netflix series and I’m now thinking who runs at 9:00 pm at night in nyc you suppose to be sleep eating on the phone at home I know it ain’t nothin to joke with but seriously if you think about it it be dangerous and stuff at night
Shook Memes
Never forget our “president” took out ads in four different major New York papers calling for the death penalty against these children and never apologized not ONCE!
Abby Koos
Just watched the Netflix…. These police who threaten the children should go in hell.
tou times
that settlement wasn’t enough if we being honest
Culpa da polícia, culpa da justiça, culpa da sociedade, e do júri! Que fiquem com essa culpa em suas consciências!
Kayser Soze
10 mils for losing half of your life… No thank you.
Patrick star
Two black guards gave korey hard times, Almost was responsible for him to get killed. And a white guard came along with support and helped him get by
somhayhita Cc
Omg this case was so fukt up.
Honestly i think it was the polices fault because they tried making them all lie to each other (at least thats what i thought)
Mason Gotti
If they try to do this to me I will make them I will literally just sold them like the security footage and Leah and I’ll just get them exposed if I
At 0:51, when you mention how they implicated themselves, why not mention how their testimony often contradicted things they said before, each other, and the timeline of the police? Also, why not mention how they were coerced by the police?
Victor Geronimo
Wait what happened to korey cuz yall talking bout him alot?
Gabriel Placide
What happened to these kids, and where are they now?
One of them admitted to having a fourteen inch length of pipe. If you read victim statements this was used on multiple victims that night and according to doctors’ statements who saw the rape victim, they say ‘ a pipe’, was probably used on her to smash her eye socket. This Netflix film ignored many facts and villified the prosecution. I feel sorry for those mistakenly prosecuted.
Nevaeh’s World
They did us so mf dirty
chelly sands
How come the crimes stopped after they were arrested?!
I lived in this stuff man! I lived during this its not no petty stuff right now what world do we live in donald trump as president, rasicm and khorey gosh khorey we all love him i cried every episode because i mean its real life
100bullets miranda
i am kindof an intellectual about pens
They need more than 8 million, they need to be set for many generations
Ana Belen Piedehierro Gómez
Que Injusticia,me parece increible que le juzgaran sin pruebas concluyentes
41million…. psssshh it should be 41 billion for all the hell they went through especially poor Korey. Plus think about the the financial drain it put on their families. I know no amount of money could replace the time and the horror being locked up but 41 million ain’t even enough!
There’s a movie about these it’s called When they see us
Ryan Hanning
41 million……THATS IT?!?!?
Ricky Yang
Ya think them cops, judge, attorney’s the jury..all sleep pretty good at night? I havent seen it, but the info in this short clip tells alot already..
Dee 1
Where’s the apology? Admit you lied on these guys.
They never even did it
Magical 801
41 million dollars is not enough, I’ve been to prison multiple times and that place will ruin a person for life
Claire Yeboah
The other lawer who forced the boy’s to lie need to go to jail, police officers and the security guard
Excuse me I’m just confused about one fact, so were the Central Park Five robbing people that night or not? What exactly were they doing in the park that night? Im sorry I haven’t watched When They See Us yet but want to understand the context If they were running around assaulting people that night Im sorry but I don’t feel bad for them one bit and the fact they got 41mil out of this is outrageous
41M each I hope
Juana Faded
It is so tucked up the police brought him when he wasn’t on the list and just made him a suspect
guillermo fernandez
Omg this is unbelievable 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Sarahy Cervantes Pérez
I never cried so much after watching when they see us on Netflix poor kids had to go threw and grow up and live their teenage years in jail and for khorey he had to go to prison he had it the most hardest stupid system is so messed up they aren’t gonna give them their life back for staying there so long
Carla Sandoval
Acaba de ver esta historia. Llore mucho
Morgan Steward
So sad. I cried for ten minutes straight…Those boys deserved better. And that woman Linda Fairstein and those detectives and officers that were in on it, should be in jail. Combine all their sentences plus an extra ten years.
A Joint Joint
NYPD is full of corrupt cops. My parents were COrrection Officers at Rykers around that time and the stories were horrible. They used inmates to work on there homes from what my parents told me.
De'Andre Jones
The fact the Netflix show is out and it’s takes place where trump somewhat involved ….to tell us …he’s not a great president
Kitty CatsWhiskers
This needs editing, badly. Korey Wise was not pulled in for questioning, he was taken in with his friend….then beaten and forced to confess. The boys didn’t confess as you say, they were coerced, using violence, threats and intimidation.
Brooklyn's lastIrishman
Fairstein’s response to movie. At about 9 p.m. April 19, 1989, a large group of young men gathered on the corner of 110th Street and Fifth Avenue for the purpose of robbing and beating innocent people in Central Park. There were more than 30 rioters, and the woman known as the “Central Park jogger,” Trisha Meili, was not their only victim. Eight others were attacked, including two men who were beaten so savagely that they required hospitalization for head injuries. Reporters and filmmakers have explored this story countless times from numerous perspectives, almost always focusing on five attackers and one female jogger. But each has missed the larger picture of that terrible night: a riot in the dark that resulted in the apprehension of more than 15 teenagers who set upon multiple victims. That a sociopath named Matias Reyes confessed in 2002 to the rape of Ms. Meili, and that the district attorney consequently vacated the charges against the five after they had served their sentences, has led some of these reporters and filmmakers to assume the prosecution had no basis on which to charge the five suspects in 1989. So it is with filmmaker Ava DuVernay in theNetflix miniseries “When They See Us,” a series so full of distortions and falsehoods as to be an outright fabrication. It shouldn’t have been hard for Ms. DuVernay to discover the truth. The facts of the original case are documented in a 117-page decision by New York State Supreme Court Justice Thomas Galligan, in sworn testimony given in two trials and affirmed by two appellate courts, and in sworn depositions of more than 95 witnesses—including the five themselves. Instead she has written an utterly false narrative involving an evil mastermind (me) and the falsely accused (the five). I was one of the supervisors who oversaw the team that prosecuted the teenagers apprehended after that horrific night of violence. Ms. DuVernay’s film attempts to portray me as an overzealous prosecutor and a bigot, the police as incompetent or worse, and the five suspects as innocent of all charges against them. None of this is true. Consider the film’s most egregious falsehoods. “When They See Us” repeatedly portrays the suspects as being held without food, deprived of their parents’ company and advice, and not even allowed to use the bathroom. If that had been true, surely they would have brought those issues up and prevailed in pretrial hearings on the voluntariness of their statements, as well as in their lawsuit against the city. They didn’t, because it never happened
I cut all my friends off after this 🤬
Franchement je suis tellement désolé pour eux. Leur jeunesse leurs a été volée étant innocents. La justice de Dieu arrive tôt ou tard mais elle arrive. Ayez foi au tout puissant.
devodayoungan _
Spell his name right it’s KOREY.
Isabel Cristina
It’s crazy how on this world that we live in this still occurs. But, colored people always are the first one to blame. It’s so crazy how those detective’s just look at evidence, instead of hearing what these men had to say for them self’s to stop from going into prison. Bottom line, is that we all need to stick up for each other in this wold instead of getting angry. Let’s spread a little bit of more positive instead of hate cause of the way we act, look like , race and our sexuality.🙏🏽💙🌎
Charlotte Hamilton
I’m watching this movie and I’m outraged the people who cohersed this children at the time will be judged by a higher court on judgment day even though we are free where not God made all of us as one no one is greater than God
D'yer Maker
I agree; apply the death penalty for rape if DNA evidence is conclusive.
Who were the cops?
Jesse Visser
Lost all faith in humanity after watching this.. as if money can make up for the years wasted in jail for a crime they didn’t commit. Their childhoods were stolen from them and they can never get that back..
Terry Westbrook
This why u can’t trust them
Giovanni Contreraz
Kory did not deserve that
Melina Saranti
They just wanted to go home.
char perez
If this had happened to a poc & white males were suspects they wouldve probably had little to no jail time
Who the hell jogs at night?
It’s Korey Wise not Kharey wise
Day Orona
Le destruyeron la vida,qué triste
Blu Scout
Who’s watching after watching when they see us
Ahmed Tech
America not safe and fair enough to live on it
Why would they confess to committing any type of crime?
chelly sands
What about the Victim, doesn’t anyone care about her?!
Abby Madrigal
SPOILER ALERT The show made me cry especially in Kharey’s part when he was in jail and when he got out of jail. Also when all the boys reunited I was happy😭😭STUPID DETECTIVES JUST ASSUMING DONT ASSUME FIND EVIDENCE FIRST THEN YOULL KNOW WHO IT WAS AND DONT MAKE THEM LIE DO EACH OTHER the other detective who figured it out at the end who it really was. Was right after all she even said these kids didn’t really do it.
trash at fortnite kid
I definitely didnt come from netflix
Charitá Moniquè
This made me sick the world we live in full of so much hate they didn’t deserve that at all I’ll be praying everyday 😔 for these men
Jesse Oseafiana
Wait so you guys DONT wish the man who actually raped the jogger?
nas nas
Who is here when they watched the Netflix version
So on the average, each of them earned $8 Million ($4 Million after shark/lawyers fees…) for time served and a few cuts and bruises… Do you think they would have made more if they were out on the streets for them 10 / 15 years ???
Isso é revoltante
Western Native
This all happened outta ignorance
monet roshi
Let me know when y’all ready to move to Africa and give your children a better Life…. not all of Africa sold slaves FIY
Jordan Rivera
Kory been through the worst
Kelvin omos
Yo ay her they normally youst beat up korey wise in the prison if they wer free from the biginig aaah
So did anyone else notice the ‘MAGA’ hat being advertised with this video? How does that happen youtube? Very insensitive!
Claire Yeboah
People you need to watch cell no7 is also a very good film
What if those young boys got the death penalty they what have murderd 5 young boys Donald trump should be in jail and do should the people who were on that case this is disgusting how people can force boys to say just about anything
They may have gotten money for that but money could not replace what they went threw especialy khorey
Davynia Gonzalez
Que injusta es la vida a veces
Erica Washington
only if they would have did their jobs.
Emma Cheese
It’s korey wise
Jaqueline Kristine Schager
I wonder how many people saw actually material not a partly funktional NETFLIX SERIES.
sabelo mweni
As a South African, I’d almost share this despair since apartheid is only shown to be over in the media, yet we’re living the reality of it still. If you’re black and poor, you don’t stand a chance again’st it!!!
Fartish Abdi
So wat did they do to the woman who was behind their fake conviction I mean the agent who made those innocent boys criminals so that she proves herself right
tae tae
ny kilo
What makes me mad is that the counselor, Elizabeth Leder, knew that the case didnt add up. She just wanted a way to figure out how to get those boys in jail. I hate her guts. See if it was a white person, it would have been way different. Even when Reyes confessed, she still wouldn’t give in. And I think Reyes is so cold. I know he was already on a life sentence, but he saw the news and watched those boys serve time for his misdoings. And if he never confessed he did it, Korey wouldve never got out of jail, because he wasnt going to confess to something he didn’t do. These movies are the reason why black people are starting to hate white people for their actions. Disgusting.
Briana Nash
I don’t get why some were charged with the same charges but got different sentences. Raymond Santana got the least amount of time, was charged with rape and assault just like Yusef Salaam and Antron McCray. Yusef got 6 years ad 8 months, and Antron got 6 years. Also Kevin got charged with more but only got 5 and a half years. I truly hate what’s happened to them. I’m the same age as when they were accused of these crimes and I could not imagine going through half of that. Stay safe. TEACH your kids how to handle this situation because honestly if it wasn’t for this showing how unfair life is, I would’ve done the same thing.
M Yes
If 1 woman was raped by 1 man. How comes there weres 5 kids on trial? Did the victim make a lie? Or what happen there
All the police officers and judge involved should still be in jail right now that’s a full on hate crime on a national scale
African Auntie
it’s not khorey Wise it’s Korey Wise put some respect on his name
Erlend K
This case is a disgrase. I have practiced law for more than 20 years in Norway. Luckily we dont have that history of slavery and segregation laws as in the US. They even still have a huge racismproblem within the law enforcement system. In this case the New York police destroyed 5 young boys from Harlem, due to a so called investigation filled with discusting racism, prejudism and by using methods that violated all kinds of legal rights to all of those kids in creating a story of guilt that should never have been possible. And even though their intervjus showed that they couldnt have been at the rape-scene the court managed to find them guilty. Its sad to think that they hadde to live with this mistaken guilt until 2002. But those who were responsible within the police and the DA office should definately have been brougt to court and punished for their crimes. Even the present president showed to be a clown in this case. I wonder if this ugly racism will ever stop taking place over there…
sarah sarah
Triste pour eux leur vie gâché
Kassim Al Sultan
This is what the jogger Trisha Meile had to say a month ago about the settlement they got… “I so wish the case hadn’t been settled,” Meili told ABC News’ “20/20” in January. “I wish that it had gone to court because there’s a lot of information that’s now being released that I’m seeing for the first time. I support the work of law enforcement and prosecutors. … They treated me with such dignity and respect.”… Great they treated you with dignity wish they could havr treated them with the same
kasey rae
What people are devils
Why do they keep saying Kharey, if his name was Korey??
Alllllllll because they were black. You gotta love what we’ve done with this world.
They didn’t even spell korey name right
Juan Rosado
It’s a damn shame what these innocent kids got charged with. It’s a damn shame what these corrupt NYPD cops put these kids and there families through. It’s a damn shame how corrupt the the prosecutors were in this case. Every corrupt person who was involve in this case shame on then.
Diamond Ro
His name is KOREY
Who came from netflix??
So Donald trump at the time was convinced they had the right guys according to the information he was givin? And asked for what everyone else wanted according to what the news told everyone ? Nice way to push propaganda about the president. But to bad your efforts are just more trump hate with out reason.
You guys should watch another documentary about these guys who were forced to confess. I’m pretty sure they were all in the coast guard. The detective name was ford something. Made one guy so scared he started naming innocent people. All of them had to file as sex offenders and had to wait until a certain year until it was removed. Also they couldn’t get jobs after too.
0:33 it says khary wise
88 88
Why don’t they investigate Linda Feinstein? She should be charged and locked up! She should apologize to those 5 men and especially the victim.
dmS SmoKeR
people wanted the death penalty for rape, but they forget that even innocent people get the punishment. These people would have died from the death sentence, even though they are innocent. There are so many people who are innocently imprisoned for life or sentenced to death.
Curtis Graham
The money is well deserved but where are the charges for the prosecutor and the detectives who conspired beat and railroaded these kids????
فكيووو ترامب
Omg donald trupm……
Dean McC
There needs to be consequences, police and prosecutors should not be allowed away with that. Fair enough these men got a nice settlement. But the real criminals were the police. And letting them off Scott free is an insult to these men
Dee Jay
There are many blacks that sit in jail right now that are innocent or they are offered plea deals without money for real attorney’s. This is modern day slavery.
J Whome
They were admitted muggers, not rapers. How many crimes did they actually commit that night and other nights?
Diego Camacho
I hate that orange man !! He wanted the death penalty when he told them to grasp them by the **
Michelle Loreto
The murderer had more empathy for these kids, than the actual police
Verlinda Bernard
The hold system is trash 😠
Gilbert Grape
Guy was given facts of the event from one of the 5 he shared a cell with, he had nothing to lose by lying… was a clear multiple person attack
mike demike
It is like fat Albert without Bill Cosby to lend moral guidance.
turk 19
Donald Trump never said they were guilty he just said bring back the death penalty which I happen to agree with.MAGA 😁
Pjotr Numenev
They were not “wrongfully convicted”. Their convictions were vacated without a new trial and DeBlasio settled the case to gain favor with the black vote. There is tons of evidence and multiple eye witness accounts (among them their own) linking them to the crime. Blood and seemen were found on the inside of their pants THAT NIGHT*. And the fact that they were going around in a pack assaulting and robbing people in the park is not even in dispute. Another rapist coming forward in a *GANG RAPE case does not exonerate the others.The victim has also stated that there were multiple attackers.
Priestly Dumas
Cannot believe this mess . America has a problem forreal. I can’t even express how I feel .
Disgusting what the system did to thoes poor boys. Absolutely disgusting.
This who y’all choose to be president right smh
قناة الخليجي أوي أوي
Welcome to United States of America Land of Freedom and Justice 👎
chosen people
What they did to them you boys is horrible . Corey is mess up for life
Ami djer
that is united states of america
S Cole
Can you imagine Donald Trump being president back then and brought back the death penalty. This case would have been even more tragic.
Kamiah Green
his name is Korey, not Kharey
Matthew Byrne
I started to cry when I saw all the things Donald Trump was saying. The mothers reactions and the horrible things he said…and he is president of the f*** United States. It’s outrageous. He is truly a racist and those who vote for him are just as bad.
Ausar Jaguar
This history is the main reason that Black Americans cannot support Trump, despite all the good he has and will do for this nation. This broke any trust that those of us on the fence would have given to Trump. It’s the only reason I didn’t and will not vote for his republican party. However after saying that, it’s note worthy that under no circumstances would I ever vote Democrat. I really want to root for Trump because I believe in what he’s doing. This case makes it impossible for me to do so.
why try make this a trump hit piece??? the person who actually did this should get the death penalty?
Destiny Morris
And yet this man is our president…
Hope Byrd
I won’tbe surprised is Trump, Trisha Melli, and the police co conspired this whole thing, I never underestimate the power of a dollar
These guys are pathological liars.
Diana Szep
After all those things America is still the most racist country I’ve ever seen. Periodt
Diamond King
They are guilty. Just because the only DNA came from a guy who had no reason to confess doesn’t mean a thing. Look at the way that punk drank down the soda. No innocent man could drink soda that fast. Truth is not always the truth we want or need to hear.
So Trump wanted to bring back the death penalty for a rape of an adult woman but there are child predators and rapists out on parole right now
Robert Ballard
They are guilty anyone who says otherwise is iether lying or does not know the case
Mr Thickums
I hate America 💀 Us black and Mexicans had it so bad. And we still do now 🤦🏽‍♀️
Kyle G
The Netflix movie is just pure propaganda vs Trump, even though all he did was make a comment about it. The people behind the movie do not care about black people, don’t be fooled.
O'mari Reid
People want to wonder why black people don’t like cops that’s why
Magical 801
To this day if a police officer gets a call of a white man attacking a female, and he sees a black man in the area …..he will arrest the black man. This is what happens when you portray people of colour as criminals…. also what happened to the jogger? Did she say 5 people assaulted her? It just makes absolutely no sense unless she was knocked out. Then she wouldn’t have any idea of who attacked her
Chinelo Blessed
Absolutely disgusting and so so cruel and wrong those poor babies
His Name ist Korey*
Drucilla Chance
I’m not American but shame on Donald Trump for saying bring back the death penalty !!! 5 black men would’ve have gotten executed for something they didn’t do !! nasty pig
Nomen Nescio
Karl Connolly
These innocent boys like so many other innocent Black Americans would have been lynched from trees by white suprematist Americans like Donald Trump and the institutionally racist justice’s still going on.
Cynthia Green
Shame on you Donald Trump and they had the nerve to let you be a president of the United States as I sit here now and watch this movie my heart is broken the way they treated these young men God have mercy on your soul for everybody that had something to do with this wrongdoing
The 104 dislikes are people who hate black people the people who are rasict and can not live normal with each other they have to get a death penalty
Erin Dewan
All global news does now is highlight racial injustice and make people hate Trump. I don’t care for your “news” anymore. I can too clearly see the agenda you’re trying to push… and that agenda is not to give Canadians a balanced, concise reporting of current events.