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Unknown G
For those wondering, no this isn’t something that’s hush-hush in Belgium, it’s openly taught about in high school.
Goliath Tigerfish
That photo of the man looking down at what was left of his daughter absolutely destroyed me. I listen to a lot of crime and atrocious stories but this is one of them that really made me cry. Thank you for telling this story, I had no idea about this piece of history.
Pot De Fleur
I’m a congolese woman and my great grand parents use to relate me this horrible time 😔 It’s sad but some humans we can be very cruel and soulless
Mr Fruitgum
I was in hospital once with a lovely lady from Rwanda who had witnessed her entire family get slaughtered including her children. She herself was raped multiple times and left for dead. The first night she was in hospital a member of staff shone a flashlight into her room and on her face to check on her. This was the worst thing that they could have done, as this is what the military done when they entered her home at night. The poor poor lady screamed and screamed and these were like no other screams I had heard before they were beyond terror as she thought she was back there. I will never forget this and I was not the one who had lived through it.
Rory Slaine
Imagine cutting off a childs hand. How do people get themselves into the mental space where they can follow through with that? I get that many were probably forced to do it under the threat of torture or death themselves, but honestly I’d rather die than do that. I guess I should just be grateful that I’ve never been forced into that situation. I mean I’m from Northern Ireland and we’ve had our fair share of brutality but the systematic dismembering of children shocks even me.
Grant Mck
Insane to think that this was happening only a couple of generations ago.
i remember hearing about this a while ago and wondering why this isn’t just as well known as the holocaust
Finally, someone made a decently detailed video about this event in history. If you want to do more about colonial legacies, I suggest doing a video about one of the many British Raj Famines. The British Raj (India) was a colony that was also ruled with a profit motive…
Cutting off people hands seems so counter productive and just cruel. It’s amazing how cruel humans can be and still are to eachother
When I read “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad I was floored by the description of the horrors that the locals faced in the Belgian Congo. There is a particular scene described in the first half of the novel that really struck a chord with me and made me research the topic further. Thank you for another absolutely wonderful video, dude. You always find the most fascinating and horrifying subjects.
Moon Luna
Just so everyone knows: Belgians hate King Leopold the second as much as everyone else. He was an awful brute and the worst king Belgium ever had. Allot of Belgians that are 60+ were born in Congo, and they know what happened for them to be born there. Allot of them born there came to Belgium anyways. It’s openly talked about and multiple documentaries are made about him.
Kaylee F
I never learned about this in school, never heard anyone discuss it, or anything like that. But I was inspired to learn more about it (and the Congo in general) after reading The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. It’s absolutely horrifying and it should be taught in history class along with the Holocaust, the Khmer Rouge, the Armenian Genocide, the Rwandan Genocide, and so on. Leopold should be talked about with the same disgust as Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, etc.
Gray Fox
It is truly rare for a second channel to be as good, or at the very least, on par with the first one but Disturban History and Disturban absolutely smashes it out of the park… Still a huge fan of your work (like so many here) and am grateful to you for taking the time to create another masterpiece! The atrocities of King Leopold II were abhorrent… Especially as it was hidden under the pretext of ‘bringing Christianity to Africa’ but in reality was about the exploitation of people and natural resources. Truly heartbreaking! You’re a legend bruv!
Hey Boo Boo Butters
How evil a human’s heart can be. Atrocities like this make normal people sick to their stomachs. You did a great job bringing this information to the masses. It breaks my heart to wonder what is happening now that is similar to this? Please keep exposing horrors like this. Thank you, Disturban.
I don't think so
I’m just putting this out there, how is it these brutal leaders expected amputees to keep up , or rise above quotas? I mean, you don’t shoot out one of your tires and still expect to get somewhere, do ya? I know it was a tactic against all the workers, but really, that is just disgusting, barbaric behavior.
I had to read King Leopold’s Ghost in college and damn that guy was a monster. But most, if not all colonialists were. The decimation of native populations all around is an absolute tragedy and we need to view colonialism as the horrific genocide it truly was. Amazing video!
Lo Ro
Dude that first image is so haunting. The man in the hat almost looks inhuman, those are the eyes of a deranged psychopath. And the poor guy next to him looks so defeated, like he’s just going to accept whatever becomes of him. Heartbreaking and eye-opening image.
Loretta _
He just stripped that place dry. It’s an absolute disgrace.
We learned about this in English class as we were reading the novel Heart of Darkness (the author was a boat driver in the Congo during this time, he’d witnessed a lot of these events, and wrote the novel because of it) How it’s completely glossed over in history classes baffles me
President Elect Nash Montana
Thank you for making this video. I worked with Doctors Without Borders in the Rwanda Hutu Tutsi conflict. I have seen horrible things. One of the Hutu generals that kept harassing us recruited Congolese child soldiers. Cold as ice, each and every last one of them. There was no life in their eyes. It’s sad. Scary. Incredibly intense. I am ‘glad’ i got to see that, it was a defining experience in my life. But I would never do it again.
My parents are from DRC. I was just in Belgium a few weeks ago and I was shocked and disgusted to see how many status of King Leopold there were and how many restaurants were named after him. Truly disappointing.
Thank you for sharing! I really feel we really should be teaching this at schools – I live in Europe and was never taught about what happened in Vietnam, Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia in the 90 – not even mentioning colonization :p
Cynthia Becker
Thankyou Historically D. It’s just so shocking how easy Leopolds lies were believed. Its sickening to hear of such reckless disregard for innocent, peaceful people. As ugly a truth it is, I am so impressed you had the courage to share it. Thanks again. Excellent job.🙏🏽💔😢
Bob Van Peborgh
As a Belgian myself, all I can say is that no Belgian is proud of this period and that Congo-free state was Leopold II’s personal brainchild and not at all what the Belgian people asked or wanted from their king. Truth be said tough, atrocities like this have been committed all over human history all over the world. Human history has been, and still is being, written in blood, weather it is for land, valuable resources, politics &/or religion. Most of the countries/nations of this day have “soiled” their hands at one time in history… I guess this is what one calls “nature of the beast”… These things have been around since the earliest historical recordings(like ancient Egypt or China, more than 5000 B.C.), though of course, disguised as “glorious victories” or “victorious conquests”, deliberately leaving out the “gory” details of slaughtered/abused/enslaved civilians…
Thank you for covering this piece of history. The atrocities of our Mother Land must never be forgotten.
Heidi Schweichler
Absolutely masterfully told, an incredible story so few know about. I’m a mixed race Indonesian-Dutch woman, we were kicked out of Indonesia when it became independent from the Netherlands. At that time, in the early 50’s, when we Dutch loyalists arrived in the “mother country” the Dutch had no idea who all these brown people were and how come we spoke perfect Dutch (which was the official language in Indonesia). Two years later my parents felt they did not belong and we moved to Brazil. The Belgians got away for a very long time with zero accountability for this genocide. Thank you for shining the light and exposing these atrocities. 🙏🏼😓💔
This was always one of my favorite subjects in dark history because of how covered up it was.
Alaina René
I love it when you do longer vids homiee!!! Thanks again for amazing content, the history lesson, AND your constant consistency! 🙏💜
The neverending cycle of Cruelty that man can do to eachother is truly timeless. This time was supposedly the Victorian era a time of civility and respectability.
I love this channel! It’s as if you disseminate the real history. If young people are not taught about these historical Atrocities, I worry, we are capable of repeating these mistakes time and time again! Thank you for taking the time Mr D 🧐🧐
Don Juan
Thank you so much for uploading this video on this tragic, horrible story… It isn’t widely known about like the holocaust, but should be.. I knew about it but did not know about the human zoo… Or photo of the man looking at his dead daughter’s severed hand and foot… Unimaginable evil… Again thank you for uploading, from Chicago
Follower Of Duck
i remember learning about this in school last year it’s insane to me that this isn’t talked about nearly as much as other well known atrocities are
Plante Mor
I remember seeing a documentary about this many, many, many years ago and I has never left my mind. Especially the part about cutting off hands and feet. It’s simply unreal to me that anyone could do this but I shouldn’t be surprised. Us humans are horrifically capable of becoming monsters if given the right circumstances. 🙁
Jonathan Kabasele
As a congolese i appreciate your covering of the incident. your research skills are outstanding. keep up the good work
Cement Shoes
I would love to see you cover Queen Ranavalona of Madagascar, the “Female Caligula”
Dee Smith
When watching stuff such as this my brain screams “PEOPLE EQUAL SHIT!”. Then I’m constantly trying to prove to myself that we don’t… certainly not all of us. What a battle for the next hour. My heart really goes out to all sentient beings that have suffered and are still suffering. 🕊
unhinged skrunkly
Rest in peace to all the innocent lives lost because of colonist greed. The people of the congo deserved peaceful and prosperous lives and instead met their ends at the hands of monsters. Thank you for bringing their story to a larger audience.
ms kinetik
It’s good you are sharing this. Very sad these atrocities were swept under the rug. This should absolutely be taught in world history classes in high schools around the world. It’s sad I’m just hearing about this for the first time. I have heard about more modern wars in the Congo and hearing this story helps to have a better understanding of how impacts from colonial times are still felt generation’s later.
The period after this features the murder of Patrice lumumba, the one who spoke out when the state got its freedom. Could be a good follow-up video, because plenty of agencies were involved in covering that up.
I was taught about this in school. My teacher was great like that, telling us all the good and cool things europeans did but at the same time taught us about the horrific side of our history
Highly recommend king Leopolds ghost. We studied this for a semester in school, highly recommend. It’s written like a narrative book but it’s 100% true Yanno what’s scary? Living in a country where you think it became rich because people worked hard, and not because we exploited places like the Congo for resources like rubber to fuel the industries that built out country up. How can you have a booming auto industry without cheap rubber? It’s so sad that people think this country was built on hard work and not exploitation of its own people- and outside nations. There’s many similar stories to the Congo, and American has been a part of/ benefited from many of them.
I’ve seen the picture of the dad looking at what’s left of his daughter. I didn’t know all of the background. It’s one of the most painful photos to look at, along with the monk who set himself on fire and sat still and quiet as he burnt to death
Glad you’re delving into history like this. You should really do some episodes on the horrors of the slave trade. There’s TONS of content on that. One of the most disturbing and horrifying stories to come out of this Era are those about the Lalaurie House in New Orleans. As a New Orleans native (and a black man), it’s truly terrifying to read about what happened in that house and how that woman treated her slaves. It was so bad that even other slave owners found what she did to be utterly dispicable and wanted her dead. Again, slave owners who habitually beat their slaves, raped the women, and sold off the children found what she was doing in that house to be too extreme. There are haunted tours of the house in my city (I think Nick Cage bought it for some reason). As someone who knows what happened in that house, I refuse to even walk down that street, let alone step foot in the place. My grandma has stories of odd things that have happened in that house to suggest it really is/was haunted too. Anyway, sorry to rant. Great content as always. I just hope you use this platform to cover ALL historical atrocities, including all the blood that America has on its hands.
Wildebeest Jr
Absolutely amazing. I love the fact that you’re not afraid to talk about topics like these because they are the ones we need to talk about and reflect on the most. Keep up the fantastic educational content man!
The “Free” in Congo Free State joins the panteon of hilarious words in countries’ names alongside the “People’s” in People’s Republic of China, “Democratic” and “People’s” in Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and “United” in United States of America.
Leigh Davis
I had seen the photograph of the father with his daughters hand and foot relating the rubber harvests .. this episode gave such an insight to the horrors which you just wouldn’t want to believe but are unfortunately true.. absolutely heart breaking & how would you forgive this .. I’m English so also carry the guilt of my ancestors although we would have all been working class & probably wouldn’t have had any contact due to where we live .. it’s the government’s and powers that should try to make peace & try to make a up for their horrific crimes ? No this still sounds like a cop out .. we all need to know these things as history is important & should not be hidden .. part of forgiveness is accepting .. 👊🏻😞👍🏻
Thank you for educating me on this topic! Ive never heard of this before its horrible
Jamez Trainwreck
Subscribed. First episode from your channel, and I love the professionalism of how it’s made. Wonderful job mate!
Nnamdi Nwuchukwu
“The heart of man is highly deceitful above all things and desperately wicked” – The Scramble for Africa is a case study, The Congo Free State a grim locus classicus.
Simone Bittencourt
Thank you so very much for bringing up this story. It is so fundamental to keep humanity aware of these atrocities and all the players involved in them. There are the perpetrators and there are the enablers. All of them are guilty. That is what I find so terrifying about human beings. There are some which are beyond monsters. How the Congolese people will be able to heal from that? It is impossible! The savagery and brutality of the colonialists were too much, too unforgettable, too traumatizing. Thank you for bringing awareness about those atrocities. The victims must be remembered and honored. 50 million people… 50 million innocent lives were lost because of greed and sadism and cruelty of some.
Kelli Mcfarland
That is so sad and just horrible for what those poor people had to go through.
Joseph Barnard
It boggles my mind that people this evil can and do exist.
Claws For Queens
This is another fantastic example of a wonderful channel. So many have forgotten about this time in history. It was brutal and unnecessary. Thank you again for educating more about all our history. Stay safe
I really like your videos, they’re nicely made. Can you do something about the Srebrenica genocide? or the concentration camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the 90’s like the ones in Prijedor(town). The genocide still gets massively denied even though it has been declared as a genocide by the hague.
Damn, I need to take a break from these videos. Thanks for telling these important stories, I just feel so hurt to know how cruel we can be to each other. PLEASE everyone do random acts of kindness as often as you can, every day <3 The world needs it!
Green Ghoul
Things like this makes me wish some of us would look back on our history and reevaluate ourselves, Leopold II was a monster not someone Belgium should be proud of
I always wonder what Africa would be if it hadn’t been exploited like this. I’m glad we can learn about the things that happened and it isn’t censored or anything. I think it’s important to know history, so it may never happen again… hopefully.
The worst part about he hand-cutting thing: Many soldiers used the ammunition they were provided for poaching, so in order to then prove they didn’t waste the bullets they killed or mutilated the congolese with machetes.
Chris P
I’m always surprised by how little history people know. I just assumed this was common knowledge that this happened. I was taught it in public schools in the US, as well as by my father because he thought it was important to know about history.
༺rachel killaa༻
This is one of the best YouTube channels on historical events! I’ve watched every video and learned so much. Plus I really appreciate the book recommendations
Well that was a depressing but well made video. Thank you for covering the topics that aren’t as well told.
We learned this in school in Belgium, I was new in the country and didn’t know much of their history, but boy was the whole class shocked. Everyone hates Leopold, Belgians think that he’s the worst ruler Belgium ever had.
Myself and my other half were visiting The Internation Slavery Museum (part of Liverpool Maritime museum). There was a small display about The Congo Free State. We both agreed and I said “It’s one of the atrocities that I wish was spoken about more. When I was in school, history wise this was not mentioned, I wonder if it is now?”. Two American ladies were walking around and asked if I could take a photo of them next to an art installation. One said to me “I am glad that someone knows about this; I don’t know many people who have even heard about this”. It is as you put a “a criminally under reported period of history”
Nicola Todd
I felt my blood boiling throughout this video. It’s just bloody disgusting and, it seems we have learned NOTHING from history.
Ryan Boscoe
In my opinion this is the most brutal and indiscriminate genocide to happen in modern history.
Nicola van Rhyn
The atrocities committed in Africa (and, in fact, any poor continent) are never highlighted. Anyone who isn’t European or from North America has their history swept aside. Colonialism remains an evil that continues to echo. I am South African and I went to school with a young lady who was from Zaire (now DRC). I heard her story. My heart breaks whenever I see a WW2 holocaust memorial knowing that while everyone says ‘Never again’, it HAS happened again and again. Africa has been raped of its resources. The people of the land have seen blood spilt. The blood in the soil calls out for justice.
Vincent Ortiz
I would like to see a documentary on the Infamous Cecil Rhodes, and his atrocities in what used to be called RHODESIA.
Orange Sky
Colonialism is amazing, thank you for your videos. It’s sad that we have forgotten how to treat people of color.
• señora cristiana
I read ‘Heart of Darkness’ just about a month ago and it didn’t make much sense to me. With this context I can say the book is a masterpiece.
Antonio Richardson
A we appreciate your hard work and taking time out to fact check all of this. Im a fan of both channels
Jiji Jiji
I can’t believe I was never taught this at school. Same with Bosnian war. These events are very recent. Yet my 🤡 government finds it more important to learn about wars that happened million years ago. Most are mythology even. Heartbreaking.
That’s my Boy
DISTURBAN and your gifted brother who’s writing on these horrific history stories is fantastic thank you both , I didn’t know nothing about this your Chanel is educational and I look forward to seeing your Chanel go from strength to strength thank you
Kylon Bell
I been nervous to watch this and my feelings were right this is truly one of the most horrible thing I’ve learned and when the picture of the man on the porch appeared an you began to explain I almost fainted the heinous and careless treatment of the these poor people why is this stuff real😢
Jason Bernard
Thank you very much for reporting on this! I feel like my school really missed the mark on certain events in history, like this one and a few of the genocides. I’m happy I get to learn about them here!
Atlas but not the titan
I did had to do a presentation based on the Belgian Colonization of Congo in college as part of our Hidden Voices unit. It was hard to research with reading about the atrocities and horror
Steph C.
Disturban History is awesome. History is filled with gruesome little tidbits most people haven’t heard of because American schools don’t bother teaching the history of other countries outside of a brief overview of the obvious.
We need more detailed, longer, videos like this!!!
You’re the only one I would stop watching my ‘Eye of the Universe’ kaleidoscope video for. I got a feeling I’m about to be “disturbed”. Good thing I’m coming from a calm place. Knowing the work you do, I’m gonna need that. Peace. Keep up your amazing work, we appreciate it.
Joshua Armijo
I’m glad I found this channel! I’ve learned so much hidden and messed up history that’s in no history books!
I really love both your channels! Such quality content. Keep up the good work!!
Thank you for making this video. And I was so enthralled I didn’t even notice how long it was or wasn’t. You shine a light on such atrocities most people have never heard of and you have the ability reach so many people and you use it for good. I agree with the other followers who say that your second channel is as fantastic and fascinating as your first. I had no idea of the particulars/specifics of what went on in the Congo and how disgusting and evil those bastard “settlers” were. Thank you for enlightening us. Keep up the kick a** work.
Daniel Ferreira
If anyone would like to learn more,there are great series on this time period in the Congo in both the “lions led by donkeys podcast” and “behind the bastards podcast” A truly hellish time
It’s so frustrating and in a way embarrassing that we aren’t taught about these horrid tragedies in grade school. Thank you for taking the time to share these events so that we don’t remain ignorant to past suffering.
Tomilola Funke
I love the history wasn’t cut out to suit anyone,it’s the truth,keep up the good work 🙏
Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
There’s a brilliant podcast called Behind the Bastards. It covered Leopold II over a couple of hours. Well worth a listen.
Makes you wonder what atrocities are still being committed today that we haven’t heard about yet.
It’s terrible how people like this receive honorable burials after the atrocious acts they commit
Cody Ingram
Just imagine how amazing the Congo could have been if it wasn’t taken over by shortsided money hungry racists. If the people who took charge celebrated diversity of culture and cooperation, established agricultural settlements, fair and stable infrastructure, free market and open trade, sustainable exportation of natural resources, and promoted fair economic laws and taxes. The congo could have become one of the strongest, most wealthy countries on the planet. Instead its a death trap of disease, war, and child soldiers.
Dolphine Achonga
Unfortunately, to this day the Congo has not been left alone. Due to subsequent dictatorships, it continues to be robbed of it’s mineral resources usually, under a humanitarian guise.
In some sense every genocide is forgotten. Certainly the murdered cannot properly complain outside the one in a million like Anne Frank Or Alexander Solzhenitsyn who manage to write books that tell their story. When you consider we are talking about millions of murders how can they not be under investigated. They are always under punished. I’d say you are more likely to get away with murdering a thousand people in a genocide or “war” Than you are of getting away with twenty individual murders as a SK in a modern, civilized society with some police actually doing their job. I’m glad that there are international laws against war crimes and that they sometimes are actually implemented. But in some sense it is surreal to think you can really properly punish those that are Responsible for the murder of millions. No matter what you do to them in essence they still Got away with murder a million times over. I know it’s easier said than done, But really preventing genocide is so much more important Than virtually anything else people can do who actually care about justice in this world.
Jenn Righter
It would be interesting for you to cover the multi millions of deaths under Mao in China, the North Korean starvation, the Irish potato famine and the dust bowl tragedy.
Venice Castrolli
i have to ask viewers as reading through these comments are coming off as insensitive, do not compare tragedies and genocides to eachother trying to one up each tragedy is a terrible thing. trying to compare the holocaust to the congo free state, please don’t. those are two different tragedies. think of this as like two individuals who were going through two types of pain, discrimination, racism, torture, genocide, etc. just don’t do that. it’s such a shitty thing to say, especially to the victims memories and for the people related to said victims alive today
I don’t know if you’ve ever covered it, but the German genocide in Namibia is often referred to as the dress rehearsal for the Final Solution. Not many people talk about it.
I honestly cannot express how heavy and hurtful it is to watch and listen to this. I actually feel upset. I cannot begin to imagine the terror those living in the Congo must have felt. This is absolutely barbaric. For all those living and now passed who have been affected in any way by this genocide and rape of the Congo, I give my heartfelt respect, and apologies. This was so disgusting. If I would describe anything as evil. It would be this.
Adam Awesombrero
Reading the book “King Leopold’s Ghost” about what happened there was horrifying. Seeing pictures of that time sends what happened to an even deeper depth of hell.
joseph matthews
FOOTNOTE: Joseph Conrad’s novel HEART OF DARKNESS was first a t.v. show in the late 50s or early 1960s .itstarred BORIS KARLOFF. Unfortunately I haven’t seen it yet , but I do remember that it was released on DVD . Has anyone seen it ?
Hi, thank you for the video, it is very good to spread this content. Only, this is not a forgotten thing, as the caption implies. And it was actually Morel who uncovered Leopold’s true colours; in a remarkable stand against him.
Dr. Coomer
Its insane how barbaric Belgium, and pretty hypocritical. Its like they went in for “humanitarian reasons” and a spread of “civilized culture,” but instead it was heads on pikes, making them no better.
Read: King Leopold’s Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa Book by Adam Hochschild
This was very informative. If you want a suggestion you could do one about the colonization of Somalia by the italians and the british. Us Somalis waged the longest anti-colonial resistance in africa.
When they say “money is the roots of all evils” this is a great exemple…
Crystal Willoughby
The book “King Leopard’s Ghost” covers this topic, it’s pretty horrific. But I recommend it.
Mikel Ramirez
I always love to see how the “civilized man” tends to be more brutal and barbaric when treating the “Less civilized man”, like jesus man, what kind of man think of themselves as a “better human” than someone else and makes bets of “I bet you that i can kill that man from over there in one shot”.
Belgium in Europe: a fucking joke Belguim in Africa: literally worse than the British
Christi Simmons
Very well done Disturban’s Brother🖤 this is so horrific
Mr.M1Garand 25
I remember learning not to much about this in school, in college I learned a bunch more in my African history class. I love this channel talking about little forgotten dark moments in history
The Indo-German Guy
Behind every nightmare there is a European hand.
Not that it makes the history any better, yet to get a falsehood out of the way: The belgian goverment has acknowledged these events for ages and the colonial abuse of Leopold 2 is an obligatory subject in the history curriculum of every highschool in Belgium. There is not a single belgian who denies these events, yet a distinction is to be made between the private enterprise of Leopold 2 and the era of the Congo as a belgian colony. By 1950, The Congo effectively was the most prosperous and modernized african country. That doesn’t make colonialism as a concept fair, yet by that time it was no different than any other colony of literally every major power
It’s very sad what just one person can do to many people RIP to all the people who suffered 🙏
Can you do one on the fact that the first enslaved by the British were the British Working Class? (the most diverse class in Britain…) 🙂
Thank you so much for this. There’s a lot of terrible things that need to be brought to light. I’m fairly well educated, still I’ve never heard this told in such an amazing way. You told this brilliantly and captivatingly. A completely horrible piece of history that more people should know about. Thank you so much.
Genevieve Estelle
Thanks for sharing these inconvenient truths, absent from most history books. During the “Boxer Rebellion,” around this same time, missionaries were also deeply involved.
Sarada Page Diocletian
Unfortunately the Congo is still a maelstrom of confusion and violence today as a result of these atrocities.
I truly do wonder, whether the people who done this actually understand what they are doing and how wrong it is, or if they genuinely think this is normal. Luckily we have souls, they will be punished in time.
Andrew Ince
It’s no shock the Belgians used military force. Belgium had one of the best arms industries in the world, equipping new soldiers was super easy for them and the method is incredibly effective.
This story has been played throughout the history of European colonialism which is why reparations are due to African and indigenous peoples throughout the world.
Thank you for the top level content. Could you please consider making a video about the Sierra Leone civil war or the wars in Liberia. Thank you
Ivan Dasty
Sometimes I really feel ashamed to be a human. 😕
Danny Shroyer
It’s good you bring this up, there’s so ma y events that are totally looked over in history. Another one you may want to cover sometime is the “Armenian genocide”. Horrible shit, but deserves attention
Rumple Foreskin
Love the history aspect to these vids. Thanks man
Titto 530
So rare this is ever covered, thanks for this
this is literally how “the invisible hand” of market economy works
Nothing wrong with longer video’s. Thank you for covering this. I don’t know why YouTube unsubscribed me from this channel but not the main channel. Anyway, I’m back!
Bronwyn Evans
Thanks for this video. Although it is such a disturbing video, I am pleased that the younger generations have an opportunity to confront and engage with this of history. I learned about this in history class, but that was many years ago. Seems to have been “forgotten” as more “modern, interesting” topics have presented themselves. History, as I learned it, seems to have become rather watered down these days. One question: please can someone explain the woman’s back at 11.41-12.11 on the video? Doesn’t appear to be fabric.
Corey Finch Sr.
This is heart breaking. 💔 😢
Kc Friday
Tears of sadness is all I can feel. I hope my family had nothing to do with slavery but I’m sorry it was popular for that time period.
evonne fenner
This makes me sad, and mad, and disappointed, disgusted.
deep purple
We have to keep in mind, that up until the time we addmitted to ourselves that we could no longer hide behind self imposed ignoreence, because it suited our greed. Up until the 20th century the world was at perpetual war. We hadn’t the time between war’s to grow and cultivate our real humanity. We are still playing catch up and playing badly.
Brodrick Sheffield
Napoleon is the another subject you should cover, I suggest this because it links directly to the European invasion of Africa, which you have covered in a couple of videos. It links t because all of Europe was forced to come together in order to defeat Napoleon. It also shows how foolish Germany was to invade Russia in WW2 , and more poor leadership from Germany as they also should had learned from Napoleon that the main threat and first country that needed to be defeated in order to conquer Europe was Great Britain.
La_void 97
Great video I really like to watch these kind of videos. You should really uncover Native American genocide and ethnic cleansing. And operation condor during the Cold War in Latin America. And lastly the banana wars the crime cause by United fruit company.
Florin Ivan
It was called the Congo Free State because you were free to commit any atrocity as long as it served the interests of the king.
Creato 121561's Stuff
The ‘Free’ in Congo Free State refers to the price, not the politics.
Helga Formo
any country with the words “Free” or “People’s” in their name are not places you want to live.
Hi , I’m new to your channel and love history mainly because everything I was taught in school was baloney andddd history tends to repeat, neat to know what will happen , great video
Kris Vallejo
I love your docus but they’re so heart-breaking I need to stop watching them, I end up depressed for days. But I do appreaciate your hard work, somebody needs to tell these horrible stories to the future generations.
ThisTuna Games
what do you mean forgotten genocide? this is literally taught in every school here in belgium in depth
great video keep covering historical tragedies . they are interesting to watch
Renee Dennis
Thank you for this video. This genocide was mentioned in YT’s All-time 10s video The Most Evil Empires in History and the book King Leopold’s Ghost
Retrospectively Spectacularity
Are there any films that have this as a subject? The horror is unimaginable.
Thank you for putting this out there. Humanity cannot forget its sins. It can try, but we must not allow it lest we repeat them.
Thank you sharing these horrific atrocities. As awful as they are to hear, we need to know about them & we all know ‘western’ schools don’t teach them
Addicted To Success
Honestly this is utterly disgusting and should definitely be taught in schools along side the Holocaust. The love of money and power is the root of evil. I’m so sorry my people had to go through this 😔😔😔
Lilith Johansson
I really love ur channel… its so interesting..:) keep up the awesome work!
This makes me sick and angry. The root of evil is money
Tnika Bennett
This is so sad. It actually made me shed a tear!
Emiko Sae Fujoshi
I would love to watch this video, it seems so interesting But without any captions it’s too complicated to follow
Can you talk about the Bosnian Genocide that happened in the Yugoslavic Wars also this is a very informative and grim video
This Series is going to be very interesting & informative. Excellent research.
Kathy rn
I met Kim Phuc years ago just random as I was a RN working in a community hospital and she was in visiting another patient she was kind and generous with her time. She even signed her written memoirs book that was just out. She is a remarkable person. The power to persevere through so much tragedy. Should tell us all something of the human spirit. Cheers 😁🇨🇦🍁
U Dz
The people of the region should demand compensation from Belgium. What an evil regime.
This stuff needs to be brought up in school more
I remember learning about this for a week straight. All throuout middle school i knew about this before ww2 and Hitler
The Scary Truth Catalyst
“Human greed knows no bounds and is the root of all evil…” – The Scary Truth Catalyst 2021
Froufrou Deluxe
Every Belgian should see this. I can’t believe it took our royal family this long to acknowledge the unforgivable atrocities we have done to the people living in Congo
This stain on the history books isn’t as well known as it should be. Belgium tries to hide it every chance they get and try to pass it off as a nothingburger. Thanks for making this and bringing fresh eyes to it.
Candy Banks
Kind of puts into perspective what was done to the Belgians in WW1.
Nicola van Rhyn
Disturban History, well done on this very well researched documentary on a complex and painful episode in history that is still felt today, as expressed by the narrator.
comment troll supremacist
i looked all through these comments, none mention or even bring up (that i found) has belgium even done anything in recent times to repay and repair the former belgian congo? no question about it, belgiums net worth is a direct result of the systematic exploitation and financial rape of the former belgian congo, this not a regular case of colonization with the benefits of infrastructure, intact resources, land and housing improvements, banking, food crops, manufacturing, mineral resources efficiently extracted, educational systems, energy plants or hydro electrical stations, nothing was left behind of real value, everything was stolen and utterly destroyed in the wake of progress that belgium unlawfully took from it’s former colony, i’m surprised that more congolese peoples have not invaded or emigrated to belgium and demanded to be fed and cared for, or something to make up for such mind boggling greed that king POS leopold II demanded from them, and without any sense of guilt or remorse took to build belgium
I don’t think it’s forgotten since I’ve learned about this in my history class
Jaebonjiya 127
Could you also do one about what the Portuguese did to the Angolans to really messed up things.
The thumb nail reminds me of stories my GFs Grandad used to tell me about his days in the British army in the 1950s or 1960s I think he was posted in Africa and he and his unit one day had to go and look for survivors after an attack I think there was some kind of civil war and he told me that they had to help with the clean up of body parts in the aftermath there were arms legs hands and heads all over the place he told me it was the most inhumane and barbaric thing he’s ever seen men women and children cut to pieces
Bec Bradshaw
Brilliant mate as all your videos are. I would love to see more of this kind of history as its rarely spoken about. We are taught so proudly by educators about European conquest, not the abuse and degradation of the Aboriginals of that country. Since your living in Australia and our history has been covered up by white man’s history books can you please tell the true story on the settlement of white fellas here in Australia at the atrocities that happened to our Aboriginals. I’m a born Aussie from British immigrant parents but I have Irish and Welsh grandparents and ancestors and I know the history of the British invasion on my ancestors homeland. Wrong is wrong and right is right no matter your colour, religion or language. Love your content mate, keep speaking the truth brother ✌❤
Bubi Ruski
It should be noted that Leopold originated from the house Sachsen Coburg and Gotha. The London branch renamed themselves Windsors.
We never learned the true horor of Leopold in history class in Belgium
Gratitude, Disturban History, truly💜
Ali B
This mutilation happened in the Sudanese wars as well most recently. There is a great show I wish I could recall I think it’s Locked Up Abroad?
Maurice Davis
Before I view this episode, I just want to thank you Disturban because of the subject matter, right on my man!!!🙏💪✊
Pam O'Oconnor
It always amazes me how religious leaders or whoever else wanted to help natives wherever they lived to become followers of a religion or exploitation of whatever products from their regions, for what purpose, it seems to me the natives got along nicely with God or had no need for money that was gained from products such as gold or minerals on their lands. If you follow the white mans journey and theft of land from the native Americans there is no difference, they were killed or pushed into lands that were hardly fit for any living thing. In the end we find that the population of natives is extinct and the white man wins, the only reason is due to cunning and better weapons, certainly doesn’t make it right.
Kaboha Kevin
In Ugandan history we were taught about Henry Morton Stanley and he was praised as a good Christian responsible for saving poor Africans. The irony.
aga Cza
I hope everyone who was involved in this it’s burning in Hell!
Cam Mackay
I knew that Belgium had an awful colonial history in Congo but had no idea of the sickening, grim details… heartbreaking. How can humans do this to one another is truly cause for despair
Joe Adams
I wonder if anyone remembers Belgian Chocolate Hands, a treat similar to CHOCOLATE Frogs?? What an absolute disgrace by a civilized nation !
Adalberto Santos
Can i mention one similar case but worst. Its about the kurdish people, they almost went extint lost their land and got massacrade by the turkish
Mr T
Just came across your channel, quite a first impression! I thought to be aware of what those bloody belgiums did but still got to learn some new stuff. And that photo was beyond brutal… Also great story telling, makes it all the more hard hitting. So yeah got subbed, cya later! Cheers🇳🇱
Cara 'The Little Windsong'
Thank you so much for shining a light on this
Mathieu Leader
this really goes against the sterotype of Belgium being an uninteresting country
Skeleton Toes
Nice. Well, nice that you uploaded. The subject matter is decidedly anything but nice.
simon shiels
And the misery and horror continues to this day……
I saw that photo of the man and his child’s hand and foot.. truly horrific what these people had to endure. 😞 Thx disturban
Robbie T
it’s these times in history that make it near impossible for anyone from a country that was hijacked and ripped apart by people, who thought they were better or more human, to trust anyone.. I stand here and tell my children, that yes he is Black and you are White,, but guess what we all need food and we all bleed, our insides look the same. I hope to raise them to see only other humans, hopefully then they will pass on the message to their mates and slowly the world will see that no human life is greater then another and we can finally trust each other ❤
Zurgo Pussysmasher
Wasn’t this the guy whose statue was pulled down? I normally don’t condone that type of thing….but listening to this stuff? This horrifying stuff? I hope I’m right and it was HIS statue that was pulled down.
martine. mjt
How can people be so heartless!
Stefan c
I just can’t believe how cruel some people can be
HANDS DOWN the most horrific case of colonialism out there.
Qwad's Freedom TV
This piece was awesome. What a great video. Amazing.
Hunk Wasbisyan
The term “Congo free state” is an irony
David M
Give me a wealthy country that hasn’t abused its power and influence at some point in history. I absolutely hate it when people go “Oh, how terrible, how could they? I would never do this or I would never do that.” It’s exactly that kind of thinking that leads to these types if tragedies. It’s easy to say you WON’T commit atrocities when you CAN’T commit atrocities. Don’t distance yourselves from those who commit these acts, they’re humans, just like you. You’re capable of doing what they’ve done. Make an effort not to.
Holy balls that was a tough watch. Just to think, none of them received pain killers and all were awake.
Arnold Strickland
Thank u Disturban,our past was even more cruel and evil than I could have ever imagined
True Lazr
You forgot to mention the part where their tribe leaders directly took payment for these atrocities… don’t forget they sold out their own ppl
Robyn Klein
They just couldn’t leave Africa alone, hey?…so messed up 😒. What the Congolese experienced was just disturbing and should be spoken about more frequently -From South Africa 🇿🇦
Richard Ristic
Money really is the root of all 😈 evil.
Pablo del Segundo
Sure sounds like Frank Herbert drew a lot of inspiration for the Harkonnen from Leopold II. Shit, this made me go all soggy in the face…
I am glad I listened to this,no matter how disturbing it is we should know such things. I wonder why I never heard about that at school but I do hear it now on Youtube.
Jarrad Hurley
It never ceases to amaze me the kinds of truly disgusting things human beings do to eachother.
Posha Ray
Africans we’ve suffered on mother Earth. I think we were put on the wrong planet😥
I'm Adequate
Heart of Darkness is a must read book in my opinion.
Elizabeth Barringer
Don’t you just have a love and hate relationship with history we want to know what happened but once we open Pandora’s Box we’re sorry that we did and there’s no unlearning what you learn on a video like this. I guess to seek the truth seems like an instant punishment for asking questions. What would the world be like if there was no currency and no such thing as rich or poor
Leopold II was an evil man but were only taught about Hitler in the states I learned about this genocide from my late barber.
keep things up bro, your content has been always mesmerizing
Salty Tequila
Total despair on their faces…..sad
Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé
Wonder how much different history would be if Leopold saw the impact and set a foot there?
Kelly Schweinsberg
I first want to say how brave you must be to put these together. I say that because I can barely watch/listen. All the research that goes into this means you unfortunately have to learn of details too much for most of us so much respect for you. So I went and read the entire letter and just wow. My heart breaks a little more everytime I watch these things but quite honestly the least I can do as hard as it may be to hear is learn of the atrocities humans commit on other humans or just life period. That man George W. Washington has a special place in my heart.
At that time, Congo was everything but “free”.
Mark Moody
Great video!, definitely one of my favs, extremely interesting (more please 😇)
Can you please cover the Bengali genocide of 1971?
I could listen to you explaining algebra. And i would actually pay attention.
I’m not sure if you have covered it yet but could you do a video about cannibal island ( the Nazino tragedy).
Have you ever thought about being a guest on Behind the Bastards ? I feel like you and Robert Evans could make one hell of an episode.
xoxo fairy puffs xoxo
So disgusting and selfish of these men! Acting as if they are doing something for their nation but their doing this sadistic shit for themselves!
Douglas Scheufler
Its hard to watch, but with the subject matter it should be. The video is edited and scripted well. also the information is well put together.
i’m from belgium and its insane how much they supress this whole thing, never in any class at school or any time on the news will they talk about the congo genocide, they barely even talk about leopold 2
Gen-X-Zeke 8
I never knew rubber was ‘harvested’. All the other doesn’t surprise me and it’s just modernized these days.
Brooke Douglas
Just found your channel. This is my second video. Keep up the great work!
Garrett Kirk
That might be the single darkest photo I’ve ever seen. Truly a haunting image.
antonis tsiki
You know when you see words like peoples,free,democratic on the name of a country something is up.
The Poogly
“Marchal, the Belgian scholar, estimates that Leopold drew some 220 million francs (or $1.1 billion in today’s dollars) in profits from the Congo during his lifetime. “
Elizabeth Blake
King Leopold should have had the same brutality done to him too.
Broc Theil
You should cover the Cambodian genocide.
Randy Butternubs
You should have a podcast on Spotify
I always believed these stories are so often overlooked I’m glad you covered this, much of Europe and the U.S should be reminded daily of their past and how they came into power. It wasn’t from the sweat off their brow but the African people.
Olivia Lozano
I am completely and utterly disgusted I hope that no one ever has to live like that again, and that one day, if our species has achieved world peace in some good form, they will look back on this event with shame and horror.
Dexter Dextrow
The fact they essentially used body parts as currency is such a bizarre notion. Sort of sound like a dystopian fantasy don’t it? In fact it’s the sort of thing that would probably be criticized as too outlandishly exaggerated and bizarrely gruesome if you put it into a fictional work.
jillian goldstein
For some reason I feel the stories on this channel bother Me alot more than ur other channel..but ty for this I had no idea!!
Shoe Lace
good video, you could make an entire series focused on the atrocities committed against the native americans, specifically carried out by presidents abraham lincoln and andrew jackson
16:29 If a time machine is ever invented, first thing to do is go back to this time, arrest and execute the perpetrator of this act.
Pamela Nadel
So disturbing. May God have His revenge on these evil people. He will. That’s absolute. 🙏🏻❤✝
Wow…just brutal Impressive video quality though Important subject matter History should never be forgotten
Handsome Gentleman
I liked this video, the quality was good and the presentation of the information was great. The only problem was that authority sources where you got the information from was poor which is not your fault as most people would go to the same sources. I give you full props for saying 1-15million casualties as most would just say 10million on the spot. The numbers are difficult to figure but given the population density of the rest of Subsahara Africa at the time and that the Congo is a thick harsh jungle region then you wouldnt come to a whopping 10 or 15million, you may even go less than 1million in estimations. Then under European colonialism Africa’s population was booming so you would assume the Congo would aswell. Anyway the video was great and the Congo Genocide does need to be discussed but it needs to be discussed in the most honest and educated way which it wasnt by Hochschild.
Amanda Scroggins
Do a video on the cellphone footage of the atrocities during the Sri Lankan civil war.
Mauro De Gendt
Belgium did not gain independance in 1839 they did in 1830. 1839 is the year the Netherlands accepted the belgian independance.
Garrett Hodge
If I had a time machine… I’d take mike Tyson back with me to meet a younger leapold lolol
If you ask me, a feature film about this era is long overdue. Or at least a proper, faithful rendering of Joseph Conrad’s novel. As lauded as the 1972 adaptation is, by transposing the location to Vietnam, it invalidated the real subject matter.
Sir Smiles Lightfoot
Why haven’t I ever heard about this??? The American Public School System did… I’ll jus speak for myself…it did me a great disservice smdh 🥴 thank u for this history lesson 🙏🏿👌🏽💯 RIP to those who were harmed!
How awful for the victims💔😭
Mechail Reydon
23 years and so much damage done.
Ken Kaniff
Another quality video from Disturban History!!🤘🏻 I always love it when I get a notification from Disturban History and Disturban!. Cheers🤘🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Alexander Marquis
How can we forget when this comes up on the feed every 3 to 6 months how can we forget about this genocide
comment troll supremacist
congo “free” state what a disgusting title
SavageMC 123
Holy sh*t, you actually did it, love you man 😄
Donna S
The pictures of the children ~ 😢😢💔💔😭😭💔💔 oh Nsala😭
I wonder what type of a human being would one need to be, to be able to execute such an order like taking a limb of another human or even of a non-human animal let alone of a 5 years old child.
Strong BlackWoman
Love this channel it puts me to bed at night
Michael Davis
New to the channel , by chance the Japanese atrocities from ww2 (not including 731) or the Cambodian killing fields or others commited by the Pol pot regime?
Solo Skipper
I am shocked you dont have 10m subs. Such a quality video!!!
Caroline Steward
Black lives DO matter. Past present and future. I’m getting old now but oh I wish I was around when we were all as one. If planes were invented we were bound to be a multi cultural world. And we didn’t did we. But there is still time to be as one.. please work on this as we have so so much we can learn from each other. So much to share. And I reckon if we actually found the love for each other then hope peace kindness and understanding would make it one world-one race xx
The New Ongoam24
Disturban, I want to know what happened on the October 6 1976 Massacre in Thailand?
2witty4u slayer
Thank you for this segment. Finally someone who speaks about the atrocities African Americans expirienced. Unfortunately we will never b treated equal and will remain slaves.
Hey, my history teacher taught us this
If you could make one on the Great Bengal Famine
cowboy baby
you know what, every time i feel bad about myself for no reason from now on, i just have to remember that at least im not leopold the second.
Jennifer Ray
Its horrors beyond imagniation and its grim reminder that this did not only take place in congo, but has and will take place in places all over the world, and most we wont even know about. Its sickiening what we humans can do to eachother, we’re truly something that should never have existed. Its absolutly horrible what these people who considered themself as civilized, better humans would do to others humans just because of a skin colour. At least an animal kill for food, humans seem to kill for joy. This need to be learnt just as much as the holocaust. not only about congo, but about the american, arabian and all the slave trades. The most sicking tihing is that today there are more slaves then ever in hiostry. We sit here and condemn this, thinking we’re better, more civilized and would never let such atrocitites happen when they do in fact happen right now.
Da Wae
Belgium to the world : Happy european country often associated with chocolate Belgium to africa:
Keith Simpson
Don’t forget all the Western Mercs that got started here and then spent 30 years “killing communists” by that I mean massacring villagers across the continent. Bob Denard and Mike Hoare had interesting evil existences. Canada and Belgium always escaped the hate for their colonialist violence but they shouldn’t. There is a great photo from independence of a Congolese man stealing the King’s sword and running off after he called them “little monkeys” at the press event.
Stijn Vth
I wasn’t born when he was our king. That being said it’s a shameful part of Belgian history. Just vile.
Vikas Raj Anand
Nice video, it was very inhuman. And it happened all over the world during that era. It all happened 100 years ago, do we all really agree that Congo or any other African country as of today, i.e. after 4-5 generations, are still struggling because of what happened 100 years ago?
And people wonder why citizens want to be armed.
Jeremy T
Heart of Darkness is a difficult read, though an important one. You certainly couldn’t pay me enough to read it aloud in front of anyone, if you know what I mean. The language used in that book, oh my God!
Matt Sinz
It’s probably worth mentioning ‘Spec Ops: The Line,’ as it’s to is an adaptation of Heart of Darkness.
Blue Jay Jenna
I swear if we had left Africa alone and let them develop they would’ve been off so better today, all those Europeans just set all of Africa back
celeste uribe
Awesome content! Thank you!
Jim sworthow
What a horrifying story of the time. I am glad I am an American and my government was never involved with these acts. The southern plantation owners involved in the slave trade is terrible and horrific. When i hear these storys, i know why slavery is such an upsetting issue for many.
Took a nation’s hands .
Logan Symmes
A video on Unit 731 would be great.
You say between 1 and 15 million died in a twenty year span but what about the regular death rate before the colony
How can the Congo couldn’t take on Belgium is beyond me Than again Cuba kicked South Africa’s butt
Anita Bonghit
Humans choose this kind of leadership over freedom because freedom gives people anxiety
You tube'account
1:37 The pictures are absolutely beautiful Almost a romantic style
Brittany Hayes
Can you do a video on the Cambodian genocide under Pol Pot?
Your channel is brilliant. I’ve learned so much history that seems to be lost… Thank you.
Donzel Blake
The far right has brought my people nothing but pain and suffering truly.
Ross Dobbs
DA FUCK this one was a hard one to listen to talky towards the end with the dad looking at his daughters body parts.
Crazy that this was somewhat the center of the target live action movie
Dylan Ellis
Love it when youtube just “randomly” recs me these types of videos.
Evonne L
Unfortunately Congo will never know peace even now.. it’s one of the riches interms of minerals and resources.. yes those UN cars carry these around.. cash too.
Peachy c:
If I learned a sliver of any of this in high school instead of just the white mans history i honestly would’ve ended up going into college for history.
Trevor Slinkard
You should do a video on the Berlin Conference.
Mr. Yawnson
I’m pretty well versed in the historical atrocities of the Americas, Western Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. I know little about the brutal history of Africa and I feel guilty for my ignorance.
The DarkSyed
What an excellent channel from Disturban!
nunya Bizniss
Nothing says “forgotten” like constantly hearing about it
Cadillac Deville
Now I need peace and quiet to enjoy this and it’s entirely 😊
420 Troll
THREE SHOTS?!? well I hope the wager was on 4 hands… I’m sorry don’t ban me your videos are super well put together and informative
Dante Inferno
How horrific these are the truths that should be taught in schools.
So this is why Belgium is still so wealthy?
Growlus notneeded
A photo of a hand missing is the sign at 1st impression of a thief, still some places today where they cut off your hand if caught stealing.
Skeleton Toes
Great as always thanks
Makes it hard to feel as bad for Belgium getting steamrolled in 1914.
Minab Zeratsion
Not learning the true history would make everyone migrate to Europe, US, Australia and Canada. Each one reach one and teach one. Never forget .
Justin Watkins
It’s not forgotten.. it’s just unfashionable to talk about it. The idea that someone other than a white man can do evil things is very taboo
ALASKA Official
we need to talk about this more
Mysti Dawn
Yay new video! Never heard of this, so I’m looking forward to learning about it! Oh, and first! 😋 Edit:nope, not first lol
Dreams and the cosmic trip
Aren’t you guys just so proud to be part of the human race?
Jeremy Lee
Many say that AI, or some quacky invention, or some fantastic celestial event, will be the downfall of humanity. I say it’s human nature of infinite greed. Animals don’t have such a thing. We, on the other hand, are unfortunately just smart enough to grasp full will of our deepest darkest desires and smart enough to realize we can act on them.
Smith John
Power does as power wants then and now and forever for who those who possess it , like it or not
O Med
you’d be doing a public service if you continue to cover colonial atrocities. much appreciation from a first gen african american. my ancestors’ trauma doesn’t get talked about enough.
Fanboy Fezz
liking and commenting to help with the algorithm and get more attention for this video. what a horrible chapter in history
Penguin President
Not completly forgotten
Gary Clarke
I collect anything about HISTORY, and I mean anything, I know about the IVORY law in 1940s, but I was really excited about my new purchase, two small IVORY ELEPHANTS, just rechecked, and 1920, and 1910, but this puts a real damper on them, from antique shop in IRELAND, I don’t know what to do now !!….seeing just how evil people can be, and I’ve watched a few in a row, the skinny German looks like an opium addict, and recently seen something about just what soldiers were on during ww1 and 2…
He out-killed Hitler and Stalin. Despots in power.
a good follow up to watch its “Empire of Dust”
The Belgium sells chocolate hands to this day as a mockery or just to show how remorseless they are. But they try to say hand shaped chocolates were made to celebrate the fall of a mythical giant who terrorized merchants.
In what sense is this ‘forgotten’? It’s a very famous episode of colonial history.
Space Enemies Comic
Terrible time. It even has a line in Billy Joel’s song “We didn’t start the fire”: Belgians in the Congo.
Arts By Sakura
Last time I was this early…no, not making a colonialism joke. Nope.
Patrick Moxam
King Leopold is pure evil of the worst kind. How can you order anyone to commit such awful and horrendous brutality to people if you have a conscience which he clearly didn’t.
Ryno Art 88
18:58 Lamar Jackson chillin’ w the homies. I see now why he was the QB.
Johnny Williams
He was the devil in flesh.
Frank Reads
People like Leopold II make me wish that hell is real.
Just read that letter it’s long but well put together
June Chevalier
This is what Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad about?
Let’s hope that all people learn from such dark history. It is awful that Europeans back then thought they were the most civilised but had such a disregard for these poor people
Singularity Point
Behold, I have made you small among the heathen: you are greatly despised. The pride of your heart has deceived you, you that dwell in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high; that says in his heart, Who shall bring me down to the ground? Though you exalt yourself as the eagle, and though you set your nest among the stars, thence will I bring you down, says Yahuah. If thieves came to you, if robbers by night, (how are you cut off!) would they not have stolen till they had enough? if the grapegatherers came to you, would they not leave some grapes? How are the things of Esau searched out! how are his hidden things sought up! All the men of your confederacy have brought you even to the border: the men that were at peace with you have deceived you, and prevailed against you; they that eat your bread have laid a wound under you: there is no understanding in him. OVADYAHU (OBADIAH) 1:2-7 את CEPHER
Earl of Mar
The worst thing I have ever seen. Makes no sense. How do they expect them to work after cutting off their hands.
Danae Faulkner
And to think, some people still bitch about living in America like it’s so awful 🙄. They need to hear more stories like this. America is not perfect but it’s a hell of a lot closer to it than most everywhere else. This story is horrendous and truly one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard.
Alex Minto
It says something about the Congo free state when the European powers were shocked by what they learned
Syr Peredur
The atrocities committed by Leopold were so horrific, Pro-Slavery Eugenicists found his behavior unacceptable. I can scarcely imagine what wasn’t documented.
Helen Maxymow
History is …. Mongolians were…. Attila the Hun was…. Europeans were… Certain American tribes were… Mayans were… Chinese are…. Isis is…. The list goes on, we are a dirty people no matter what race or tribe. We need an understanding of this, and only then will we all be equal.
Alexander Jacobson
The genocide and atrocities committed by the Belgians against the people of the Congo under the rule AND GUISE of King Leopold II is something that you must really have to struggle to find an equal for in the entire human history, really. The barbarity imposed on those people truly is unimaginable. We are talking about 10 million people massacred and who knows how many others mutilated for life – their limbs being amputated. Some time ago I read a an article on Quora about one man from that time who failed to meet his quota on the rubber plantation. As punishment for that the Belgian soldiers raped and killed his wife and daughter in front of him. But first they cut off his 5 year old daughter feet (from the ankle). Then they murdered them and COOKED THEM in from of him and ate them. How can anyone explain this in any way? The article was showing a picture of that poor man, who was left alive, looking and one of his daughter’s cut off feet while sitting on the porch of his house. Imagine being forced to watch wat those soldiers did to his wife and 5 year old daughter without being able to do anything about it. That picture remains one of the most heartbreaking things I’ve ever seen. And the fact that this genocide is something that nobody talks about in any schools and it’s not mentioned in almost any history books is in itself an atrocity.
Freelance Nerd
The past is full of horrible times, it’s the evolution of mankind. Such a massive loss of human life.
An Angle
WOW! if he din’t keep saying Belgium or Leopold you wold swear blind they were talking about the US, UK & Allies today
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Absolutely shocking what some people will do for money, and we still hold up capitalism as the way forward 😓
Can you add captions? Even the auto-generated captions are off 🙁
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So this is Tarzan??????? Well isn’t this far less pleasant than that cute cartoon/movie. wow
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It infuriates me knowing how Belgians seem indifferent to their past compliance in this tragedy. It’ll be 200 years before things are right in the Congo.
Anna Czarny
Thanks for covering such topics as genocide. No genocide should be forgotten because of its despicable nature.
Ann Young
Hope those responsible for this brutality are rotting in the fires of hell.
You completely missed the part that most of the atrocities were not done by people from Belgium. But they hired local war tribes and traded limited guns and ammo, whiskey and colored cloth (those tribes gave no value to money yet) for rubber. In turn they didn’t go take rubber themselves but forced other tribes to do it for them. The couple of thousand European troops stationed in congo barely left the main port and the trading stations. Even in case to suppress a rebellious tribe they just sent African mercenaries hired from Togo. Of the couple of thousand European guys there very few ever went further than the trading stations across the rivers and usually only when a local tribe providing rubber told them another tribe attacked them and even in that case most often the white officers would just let the mercenaries take care of the situation staying on the boats or at the trade stations. Also it wasn’t Leopold directly handling things but Leopold got paid trough contracts with rubber companies which in turn hired the mercenaries with minimal supervision and paid local warrior tribes to go take the rubber for them.
Phil Taylor
Narrator man. You sound like you’re from the Durham area? Samesy. What a horrifically informative vid. Youve got my subscription. Cheers.
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Thank you my night is better
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I have sympathy for the Congolese and other African natives who were misplaced,enslaved, and possibly tortured by European serial killers who had superior technology. I have anger for the Congolese and other African natives who didn’t fight back after witnessing vile acts. Whether the person is European or African, one should never watch a atrocity, such as the ones discussed in this video, and not protect that individual or retaliate against the perpetrator. Never. ‘Kite Runner’ has a great scene where a important man is willing to die a meaningless death basically by preventing a woman from being raped. The man had no way of defeating the rapist, I won’t call him a soldier, but the man couldn’t just sit and watch that unfold like the others. The rape did not occur and thankfully the rapist got ordered to stand down, but that mans behavior is the type of action that everyone on the planet should have in response to horrific acts. A human zoo, even I had never heard of that one. Good discovery Disturb.
We never hear THIS kind of history in school. Especially not the atrocities of white men on non-white populations. Thank you for the video.
Chris Griffin
Thanks I’ve been to congo and many other countries in Africa and never knew this
Nomore Chains
I remember when I was a boy my grandfather told me that it was our birthright to take as many Belgium lives as we see fit. That always stuck with me, and I will always believe him. They refused to show us mercy, they still don’t. They still rape our land to this day. They will see. Belgium and France will weep.
I’m not yet up to the human sadness in the video but my goodness that photo of all the tusks hurt my heart
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Ok. If ever there was a case for reparations to be paid, this has to be it. Belgium should dissolve itself and bequeath everything it has as reparations to the Congolese people. Today.
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My, my… Look at the schnoz on Leopold. Wonder where that came from.
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What a horrible human being that king is and those people that carried out his orders. Imagine how they felt being so powerless against those whites. I can’t even to think what that must’ve been.
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Another W for Belgium. Feels good to be superior.
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before knowing this, never in my life i have an urge to spit on someone’s grave
Not many people make videos about this dark history, either too scared or trying turn blind eye. Nothing wrong about learning about this, it just sad and sick there are some people trying cover this history up. Great video btw! 👍🏽
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Wow! severing children’s hands? Hope hell exists and justice be served
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I learned about this in AP world history. So at least I’m glad that it is getting some better coverage in the US’ education system. Very good video.
Arcady Morel
Fun fact: king Leopold II lost the Congo because he took a loan to the government of Belgium and decided he just wasn’t going to pay it, so Belgium just took the Congo. Also fun fact: the atrocities of the Congo are blown wayyyyyyy out of proportion (i mean yeah slavery and all but everyone else was doing that, you think England and France weren’t doing that ?) by the english propaganda, basically Leopold II ripped off people to get the Congo and they were pissed, nothing that was done in Congo wasn’t done elsewhere in Africa at this time.
I cant believe these Congolese people let these europeon people do this to them
Old Gregg
This is pure beauty. This is what happens in nature. The strong and smart conquer the weak and stupid. It will be this way until the end of time. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to weaken and dumb you down to be conquered.
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Wow, I knew colonization of Africa was a mess, but this is downright evil…
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Stop blaming the UK and go look at Belgium and Portugal for their part in colonies and slave trading.
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I’m just glad I wasn’t born into any of this People can be soo damning and wicked
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Died in 1947..its more accurate to say he went to hell in 1947.
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I saw this video recommendation over and over and over again, HERE YOU GO!
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Corruption is key to power
I’m from Belgium and we didn’t learn about this in school, which makes it even worse.
Jason Searle
In one video I saw it was estimated by an economist to have approx 200 trillion worth of natural resources and should be the wealthiest country in the planet, but is the poorest. European leaders loved them some exploitation of African countries!!!!
My ancestor 💪🇧🇪
9:21 “Chicote” isn’t pronounced like that. Otherwise, great video.
i guess his welath is still in his family. edit: yup his grandchildren all welathy as hell. directly living off the money harvested straight from HELL
Wtfwtfwtfwtfwtf disgusting colonization. I feel so bad for the Congolese:( crazy I’ve never heard of this
Samson Cooper
Was going to ask if you were doing the Rwanda genocide next, looked at my suggested videos, a new Rwanda Genocide video appears
Now do the USS Liberty.
if there are any black people in belgium can you comment on how racial treatment in belgium is now or in recent years? just curious
Sheila Bialkowski
Happened in Poland too Asia many places so wrong
That’s why when people who talk about woke culture they need education
Joe Black
Years ago I saw a photo in a book that showed a five foot high pile of testicles attributed to King Leopold’s methods.
Yes i am read about this horrible crime but never part of my history lesson all swept under the carpet Colonial Holocaust/Genocide Discusting
Rudy Texas
It was a diffirent time, this was a way of life back then doesn’t mean white people are bad.
Wow. I’ve never been so repulsed.
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I’m Already 19. How am I just seeing anything about this now. And on YouTube of all places.
He just reads the Wikipedia page and shows a few images.
Juan Martinez
I have heard many people who hate America for its dark racist roots. We are the most progressed and free country in the world. We have progressed and grew the fastest in this world. These Atrocities are disgusting and the fact that some people in the US believe that the Europe is so much better and has a better history than ours. I say just take look at their history books and videos like these and you’ll see the truth
Could you do a similar video about the colonisation of indonesia by the dutch?
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Why isn’t he declared a genocidal maniac?
Even Genghis Khan would think this is too much.
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How is Leopold different than Hitler?
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Great video but 😔😔😔 damn it was really crazy in those times
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I am sure as my name is spider 🕸🖤 widow 🕷️ those that caused all this horrors are burning 🥵 in Hell 🔥🔥🔥
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Kurtz – “The horror…the horror…”
What the F!! How come Belgium isn’t held responsible for this?
Read ‘king leopolds ghost’ and ‘heart of darkness’
Moi Moi
This really breaks my heart…how demoniclcan human beings be….I feel like Belgium should pay Congo everything back!
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Leopard is Burning in HELL !! Along with a lot of other people..
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You should do a video on Leopolds Ghost
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Theres been something in my mind that has made me angry for a long time. There were multiple of these atrocities in history that we probably dont know of. Colonization in africa destroyed cultures and religions. It has left countries with barely and economy and scraps from 1st world countries. Many people live in horrible conditions. I see children in the street sometimes sitting in the sun while their mothers are beggars in the street. I can’t do anything becausw we have no money to spare. All of these things are ignored while WW2 is constantly used as plot devices in movies and stories(to make americans feel like heros btw) WW2 was an atrocity. However the pain african people have suffered – and currently suffer with no help or forethought. That in my eyes is a worse fate. Why aren’t there movies or entertainment that highlight these things? Is it because it makes white westerners feel guilty? They want to close their eyes and forget? No matter. One day the pendulum will swing and africa will have the last laugh…
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And Belgium’s monarchy and government just goes on like they did nothing wrong. Hypocrites.
The One
It’s things like this that make true the saying…ignorance is bliss
This is truly sickening. That piece of shit deserved to serve a lifetime in prison for doing that to those poor people. And the people who helped and just watched it happen.. I hope to whatever deity people believe in that they got what they deserved.
Wet P L A N T
Other colonial powers: haha black man have no rights King Leopold II: haha black man have no h̶͔̣̓̈́̽͠a̵͖͒ņ̶͇̫͍̍̈́̚d̶̩̠̑̀̆s̴̳̾̍
that’s wrong, the other nations were interested in the congo but they couldn’t agree who should get it until it was proposed that leopold, not belgium, but leopold take it under the pretense that he will allow free market access to the rubber produced in the area
Subtitles please?..
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So? The less melatonin produced the more cruel?
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i come from there. Cain’t fallow through the vid😔 …got the inputs from great grand parents and such. A sad and unnecessary story. Thank You to educate. #rwanda.
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So this dude was basically Emperor Palpatine.
Interesting video 💯
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In modern Africa this sort of torture is an everyday affair.
0:22 Jesus…try looking into that man’s eyes and tell you don’t get chills…
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Got dang these people if I could even call them that are so full of evil. No reason besides made up concepts like power, I wonder what life would be like if everyone was a decent person that minded their business and helped others instead of hurting them.
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OHSA would have given a small fine for violations!
Pamela Bridges
Joseph Conrad’s “Heart Of Darkness”
These wicked men are all in HEII , THE same evil they did is happening to them in HELL over and over again.
Mat- mat
Looks like greed is the mother of destruction in this case.
Down with king Leopold
…have they changed, or are they still the same?
Double Doctors
Can you do the Orissa Famine
This is what BlackRock is doing in the US
Iron Ox
Leopold needed a colonoscopy with a cactus.
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Not much “free” about it.
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The best thing humans and Mother Nature can do is reset and hope a more compassionate and intelligent species rises again, humans really are too flawed and we’re gonna one day bring about our own destruction
Childrens with severed hands …. This video is hard to carry on
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What ever they did they going to face God
this sounds worse then the holocaust
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So why today those people are proud to speak French and when they introduce themselves as French
Flowers 💐
I always wonder why racist will come to watch a video like this just to agrue with random commenters
Jim Reeder
monetization of human hands. reminds me of government endorsed scalp hunting in the southwest.
It’s stuff like this that makes me wonder why white tourists are treated like royalty in countries their ancestors tortured. While black people are looked down on everywhere for no reason
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Humans aren’t animals. We are something far, far worse.
That letter is some heavy stuff
Sorry but there are a few mistakes here. The population of congo at that time was around 10 to 15 million people, and a lot of the soldiers were not children, but from specific tribes like the Zappo Zapp, known for their violence and cannibalism. These were not brainwashed individuals, but specific tribes that worked for Leopold to advance their own goals.
Alexa Klinginsmith
All those Elefant tusks 😞
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There is indeed many satans cuz this bastard was pure evil
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this makes me sick.
Leopold is one of the worst human beings of all time.
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As of this done for profit of European royalty.
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Shameful. F***ing shameful.
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Did belgium people know about this at the time?
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Honor to the Ancestors but I will have to try again later. This is just too sad.
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While this should be known, isn’t the genocide in Congo that took place a few years ago a bit more relevant?
Kenny Pham
Early American did the similar to the Native American and also Spain did similar to native south.
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Oh hey I’m learning about that this week
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What’s with Europe and genocide
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Hitler: “The fuck is wrong with this guy?”
Cory Leopold
Unfortunately it’s not a forgotten genocide only a neglected one.
Did the British have shares in the rubber company ? Why was it named “Anglo-Belgian” ?
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What bullshit they killed 5 year old child because the “quota” wasn’t met. I want to know who could kill a 5 year old smh.
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And decades later idi amin would rule uganda.
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Congo free estate more like King Leopold’s backyard
Radio Ruin
Oh boy, where to begin… There were not 30 million people in the Congo when Leopold took over. Without agriculture, that kind of population wouldn’t be possible in a temperate climate, let alone a canopy jungle. King Leopold did not kill half the population during his tenure, as the population actually grew during that time. You’d have to believe that Congolese birthrate were so high that it nullified the loss of half their population. Leopold did not enslave the population to work for rubber. Labor to that state was the most common form of taxation outside of Europe at the time and Leopolds policy on this labor was that it not exceed 40 hours a month. Not exactly a gulag. As for the cutting off of limbs, that was a Congolese practice that predated Leopolds reign, and would continue after he was gone. It’s what the Africans did to each other, the Europeans just documented it. Of course, you could argue that it was the responsibility of the white officers(all 200 of them) to prevent these atrocities, and that certainly was the tactic taken up by Leopolds political enemies at the time, but this argument depends on the view of Africans as savages, no better than pets, that must be disciplined by their white masters or they’ll just run wild this is all publicly available information All these claims of atrocity come from a single source with no basis: a book called “King Leopold’s Ghost” by Adam Hochschild, a political activist. It’s racist blood libel. Before you just accept what you hear, especially about atrocity propaganda, do the basic research