Teen’s conviction tossed 70 years after his execution – Blog

gladys Gitonga G
It wasn’t an excusion, it was a murder. M✌ay his soul rest in peace.
Dan Coulson
This is literally the ONE reason why I disagree with the death penalty. I 100% believe that some people who have commited terrible crimes deserve death penalty. But it’s not worth the risk of accidentally getting the wrong person. If there’s anything worse than the crime, it’s an innocent person paying the price for it. By sentencing the innocent person, they murdered an innocent man, conspired with the real criminal, and insualted the memory of the person who was killed in the first place. As far as I’m concerned, the justice system is guilty of murder of the first degree and conspiring with criminals.
Married Jose Sida
this horrendous crime was blamed onto this baby faced angel. so innocent. I cannot imagine what his thoughts were, alone. I know he is with God now. I’m sure he’s there happy with his mom and dad. brings tears to my heart. I’m glad he’s been exonerated. the least the world could do.
Omar, PA-C:Urban Health Education Workshops
I can’t even BEGIN to imagine the two little girls’ terror as they were being bludgeoned to death nor, that of Stinney, as he was being vilified and executed for a crime he did not committ. May their young souls rest in peace. May the hearts of their families know solace.
ezeisu kings
He was murdered not executed. I am heartbroken 😭😭
Rish Pk
Sad sad sad . We live only once my heart goes out with that boy I hope is in heaven can’t imagine what he went through as a 14 yo 😔
Jo Ann Kelly
Thank you, everyone, fof the work, time and prayers. George Stinney, Jr., now, may you Rest In Peace. Lord, your grace and mercy endureth forever. It is said, the eyes are the “gateway to the soul”. Look into this 14 year old’s eyes. The eyes of innocence. Mature, beyond his years. PS: There is no record of his admitting guilt; because he never did. The Lord, Who is the Truth, endureth forever.
Christopher Dela Cruz
It’s soo sad for a young boy executed at the young age…. 😭😭😭
Those three kids will see themselves in heaven and smile at each and say we have left that world for them i still weep within my heart whenever i stumble at this 😔
Kaleb Chan
Is it because He was black…. TF Why does the world live like this
Julie Mosesly
so very sad, God rest his precious soul
Saiqa Nazam
God bless him and his family
y’all will never understand what he went threw all you guys is saying awful little black boy we don’t need your heart to out he’s with God
Suhardy Abdul Latiff
Rest in peace, George Stinney!
Shane Mannas
Quote- George Stinney was executed at the Central Correctional Institution in Columbia, South Carolina on June 16, 1944, at 7:30 p.m. At 7:25 pm, standing 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighing just over 90 lbs three police officers approached the cell where George was being held, one officer entered and took him out of his cell. The officers escorted him to the execution room where they placed him in the electric chair, using a Bible he was carrying as a booster seat because George was so small.[16] George was then restrained by his arms, legs, body to the chair. His father was allowed to approach George to say his final words to his son. An officer asked George if he had any last words to say, but George just shook his head. George Stinney could only whimper and take big deep breaths as one of the officers pulled a strap from the chair and placed it over his mouth, causing George to break into tears. They then placed the face mask over his face, which did not fit him, as George continued sobbing. When the lethal electricity was applied, the mask covering George’s face slipped off, revealing George’s burned scalp and tears streaming down his face, saliva dripping from his mouth.[16][17] Stinney was declared dead after eight minutes. His teeth were smoking and he had one eye missing. He was buried in an unmarked grave in Sumter, South Carolina. Unquote It was an unfair trial given to him. if justice should be served, have his grave found and let him be buried with his family members. with a MARKED STONE.
Keikei La roux
Amen Justice for George RIP sweet boy🙏🙏
Maria Demakis
This beautiful boy was given no chance but he has been in God’s hands since his death. I wish his family peace and happiness knowing that this long overdue justice has now taken place. May he be in everlasting peace.
This angel faced baby must have been so afraid poor child 🥺🥺🥺💔💔💔
Cathelena Solomon
The judge who judged George had no right to put an innocent boy to death. The police questioned no one else after poor George, they just put him at fault without asking any one else if they had seen the two girls before their death. Shocking at how unprofessional these police are . God is the only judge !! And his judgments are truthful . Rest in peace George ❤ we love you .
Dominic Colangelo
This, this is what injustice really means! 😭😭
I had no idea about this case. I’m happy he was exonerated but angry about the fact he was murdered in the first place. Rest in Peace 😇
Faith Hope
It’s painful 😭😭😱 my emotional will never end because of George’s Injustice 😭😭😭😭
Smoking Loli
I like how the description is written “murder”
Cynthia Yarbro
So sad! RIP George.
kamisato ayaka
This wasn’t execution this was murder
Aman Aoyuh
The murderer must be laughing when he heard that Stinny was sentenced to death
Gala ni Maestro Amo Nathan
if we have a time machine and a full understanding of the laws at that time… his trial will be celebrated… and freedom will be given..
Will Rouhani
Rip George Stinney They can no longer hurt you anymore
Rumble Ice
This is a tragedy 😭
H Mefford
My G-d, the cruelty and callousness of the American “justice” system is beyond disturbing! 😡
The most cruel conviction of an Innocent Kid
Christopher Tembo
I can’t control my tears.
Rayna Shah
So sad. Did they ever find the person who actually did it? Who was it?
krishna chaitanya
Just imagine or feel the pain he underwent when he was on electric chair that too not an adult just a boy.
Mary Johnson
This is a very touching situation that will never ever be forgotten by anyone especially me. I really and truly feel for his loss and all others just like him for no reason at all. People’s actually kill for no reason at all that is unforgivable definitely unforgivable.
Steve Burke
Cases like these are why I’m opposed to the death penalty no matter what. If you’re guilty, rot in an 8×5 cell forever, way better punishment IMO then the easy way out. But if you’re innocent..Oops our bad.
Ashley Brister
Wish they would have found the old pervert who really did it and turn him over to George’s and the girls family.
I guess the George Flloyd incident still was a thing years ago….and is still a thing in 2020
Joseph Avenia
They need to make a movie about him Rest in peace So sad
Kennetb Harde,
I am happy that George Jr.was exonorated.It’s unfortunate that he’s not alive to witness it.Although,his family received the justice and closure they were seeking,I think the icing on the cake would have been George Stinney Jr. being alive to hug his siblings, walk out of his jail cell,and all the charges being dropped.
Dude, F this world. Executing a flipping 14 year old for no reason except for their skin tone. Why the hell do we have to live in a society like this? Sure, this was a long time ago. But still, it did happen. Which is so goddamn messed up.
This is horrifying. He didn’t get a fair trial until 70 years after he was murdered. What makes this worse is that I’m a 14 year old black kid as well, and I can’t imagine the fear he must’ve gone through. Imagine minding your own buisness, and then you get arrested and killed in one of the worst possible ways for something you didn’t do..
I’m still not happy about this.This shows that it took 70 years to prove he was innocent,but it’s not like he’s still alive and can go home to his family.Hes gone now.He was murdered.Even if he wasn’t put on deathrow he would have wasted his entire life in jail and likely would have died there or just a couple years after he would have been let out.The fact it took 70 years for people to figure out and go “Woops accidentally killed some 14 year old 70 years ago for 0 reason,well better go fix that!” always manage to blow my mind.
gladys Gitonga G
It still hurt to know we are hated because of the skin God gave us, Rest easy George.
Kennetb Harde,
To all the individuals that were responsible for George Jr. being executed,if they’re still alive,they should apologize to the family for all the pain and heartache they were put through.Afterwards,they should serve jail time.
That’s sad!! Innocent 😇 boy
Kennetb Harde,
Where are the people that are responsible for George being executed? Why aren’t they faces charges? Why is there no apology to the family?
Lisa WerT Rea
I did a paper on this case and others cases of wrongful executions
beryl bishop
Brilliant news it’s so sad for his family
Playboy X
I just wish I lived In a world with no racism
Harry Leo
Hey George stinny my brother Please forgive us We are ashamed because all of your murderers are still alive we can’t give you justice Please forgive us 😭😭😭
The Ropes of Renovation
Glad to see it overturned. Too bad the perp can’t be found.
Bindu Doumuya
Sometimes you just wish you see those judges and ask them did your evil act served you any good and you are going to riot in hell for killing an innocent little boy
Nsubuga Raheem
Its unbelievable and bearable
I’m Bored.Com:
I’m disgusted to see a human die for no reason😭😭😭😭😭😖😖😖😖
Albert Tershana
Rest in peace George Stinny
I find it Injustice to the little girls that their killer gets a not guilty verdict 70 years later. He knew where the murder weapon was and knew where the bodies were and that isn’t enough to confirm he was the killer? His own confession gets tossed out 70 years later what a sad day indeed for the family.
Julia Bennett
My heartache a child….the electric chair….
How is it known that there was a deathbed confession by the real killer of those two girls? Who heard and reported this confession?
Yung Cris
Poor boy I hope u get the life u deserved in your next life
They just murdered a poor child!!!!
Jason Edwin
If you have seen the green mile and how the same thing happened to John Coffey if you haven’t seen the movie you should watch it
Bailey Cook
I can grant you this them people that convicted him and the judge best believe y’all will burn in hell for taking that Young boy’s life for nothing when he said he was innocent y’all should of had y’all shit together before they executed him
Dude you should change the law… wtf.. you can’t say “sorry it was a mistake…” should put all of them in the electric chair after!
Reverence Blade
You keep saying Lords mercy well where was his mercy when this little boy cried. What chance do any of us have of being saved when this happens to a little boy.
Chief 91
what took so long?
Rebecca Johnson
The murderer & his conspirators are now facing the ultimate judgement.
Farah Dahir
George Stinney Jr of African descent was the youngest person to be sentenced to death in the 20th century in the United States. He was only 14 years old when he was executed in an electric chair. During his trial, even on the day of his execution, he always carried, claiming to be innocent. He was accused of killing two white girls, 11-Year-old Betty, and Mary of 7, the bodies were found near the house where the teenager resided with his parents. At that time, all members of the jury were white. The trial lasted only 2 hours, and the sentence was dictated 10 minutes later. The Boy’s parents were threatened, and prevented from being present in the courtroom, and subsequently expelled from that city. Before the execution, George spent 81 days in prison without being able to see his parents. He was held in solitary, 80 miles from his city. He was heard alone without the presence of his parents or a lawyer. He was electrocuted with 4,300 volts in his head, imagine all that voltage in a teenager’s head. 70 years later, his innocence was finally proven by a judge in South Carolina. The boy was innocent, someone set it up to blame him for being black. May his innocent soul rest in peace.
Papi Chulo
It’s a set up he didn’t kill no one they made him sign a confession we all know it sad but I’m not surprised
Richie R
Now that hes innocent can the relatives of the one who murdered the kid be executed…i think its the only justice that can atleast heal the kids family…my thoughts
Do not forget the name of the murderer who sent George to death: “judge” PHILIP H. STOLL
You executed him and he was innocent then give his family 57MILLION DOLLARS
Frankie Canha
F for respects for George
I would sued the the judge if I was the parents
Euníce C.
This some BULL SHIT! They gave him icecream to convince him to say he did the murder ms. What this going to do for him now??? For his family???
John Yberra
people are saying may his soul rest in peace now [people] this poor little guy was in peace the minute the pushed the switch because god knew he didn’t do it j/s
C.Gloria. S
Rest in Paradise we coming
The judge or who ever sentenced him to death I would have sent them to the electric chair see how they like it
The Ultimate Miner
this was horrific I watched the video of him dying and this mystery still goes on, is it because he’s black???????????
999 qtxoΨ
Wtf is the point of killing a 14 yo like he isn’t over20 and you should believe him of not killing the two girls
megan mangray
I hope they sued the state
Jay Thomas
These people gone get the worst end of the stick it’s just a matter of time if you pay attention it seems as if the whole world is fighting one race🤷🏽‍♂️ that what it looks like to me
hero for fun
Humanity does not need to end because it already did..
1500 Shon
It’s 70 years to late
janae linder
What good did this exonerated kid.
so sad…. unjustice in america
Oretha Witcher
This is what people need to see
Belbe Darius
Man… Then George Stiney jr… Now George Floyd… This is not right… We are the same ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Hamza Arshad
This is history of American and they give the world lecture on equality and justice.
Roll Tide Tactical
But he was already dead if anything the family should have been suing the state
Rosemary Ann Garingo
Because of his color thats whay so sad hope no one will next to him may you rest in peace
And good morning America 💔
He doesn’t need your damn pity. He has god and many good angels by his side now.
Denise Mincher
They did not care as long as someone was going to pay let’s just pick up a black boy and say he did it because they knew he would not have legal rights in the 1940 they knew he was inceent but they did not really care and they left the real killer to roam free
I will give George stinny jr a fair trial
Ivan Castillo
This is AMERICA!!!
harsha perera
nobody see what happened he innocent or not god knows
mask mr mask
God: what just happened
Darell Bell
The real killer confessed on his death bed.
Apoorv Mishra
Ha this is reality of humanity
She was there 70 yrs ago. Finally we have a witness . But why didn’t she speak up. FDR Democrat could have stopped it. ?
Joy Dzidzoh
George Stiney and Keedron Bryant look so much alike.
Eagle Fang Hawk 🦅🔥
Y’all 70 years too late buddy
miss enoshima
First George stinney..now George flyod..what world do we live in?
Surrya Hussain
He didn’t murder anyone in fact he got murdered instead.
Itz Watermelonzz
I feel bad for the family the police should got the excecution too
lorenzo lohman
Now who would be the real killer.
Janet. o Boutte
He was the last one to see the girls and his family didn’t even try to save him So they are most to Blame
M.A.P MovesU
That’s fucked up , we blacks want peace and fair trial but no loved at all .. it is what it is now
Carol Driehorst
What evidence do they have against this boy,
Peko Zelenovic
The stinney family did sue the states
Racism in America was like mustard on hotdog. Even now!
Ryan Childers
He didn’t murder anyone, if anyone was murdered it was him
How would a 14yr old A 14YR OLD thing about killing 3 girls or 4 (( a white man definitely did this and they let a kid take this pain
Marcel Reagan
But let’s be real — the kid obviously killed those girls.
veronikah K
Surrya Hussain
Of course he didn’t do it.
eva griffin
that sounds about white
Acab all the way.
there is sm racism in America
YG Jumperli
Im not amierican but also, i like black people
Thiy Pham
well they need to cone get them got main people are gere
Jeff Miller
Sadly this was all too common in the south and North. What’s sick is that it still happens to this day.
Jonathan Brito
This is why I hate the taxes
Dzeki M
How could this have happened, Killing an innocent child. This is a disgrace to the whole country. BLAAAAAH 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Brandy Coke
The killer was probably was apart of the jury at the boy trial
pols Aidele
This is America. Shit
Shervin james
That blooody investigation team spoiled one innocent life.
huyget li
We all know he did it .