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Garry S
Awesome, David! Finally on TED!
I struggle with this guy as well, but, like it or not, there is some factual information here you can extract from this!
ottavia zeffilini
I’ve yet to here anything good about this person from those who work his land over here in Hawai’i, he lazy, wants everything done for him including planting the cacao tree from seed, he gave the seed to Lucula and she planted it and has raised it to this day!! He takes all credit.
Robin Hedstrom
Namaste David. Great Talk. Cacao has turned my Health around in a positive way. I Love It. Truth Prevails.
it’s going to take me the rest of my life to watch all of these ted talks
Great Video! This has got me SuperPumped to make some Magic Chocolate Cuisine.
Love you dave . Write another book please
Edgar Espinoza
“Cacao is the real word”… wise man!
hersheylyn gorobat
I was very happy when I’m watching this video. Because I’m studying Chocolate. But when I saw the comments it makes me sad because people just judge easily. You don’t know how very informative it is.
Luís Gomes
‘Cause all I needed was more reasons to love chocolate and cacao…
Modus Operandi
This guy is an amazing salesman and scam artist. He even calibrates his BS according to the audience.
Nedelina Panayotova
Тази жена злоупотреби с мен много пъти, извиваше ръцете ми, приема за нейно всичко, което съм правила с други хора. Измислят си, нагласяват си и дори ме замесват. Всъщност се обслужват с моя живот, а мен ме изпъждат.
Cacao AWÁ
We already tried cocoa with COVID patients and it worked, they got their palate and smell back. one of the family members was taking it for asthma did not give him any symptoms. they passed with mild symptoms. Those who drink cocoa began to send reports of things that happened to them, such as one that the mother was treated by a doctor with COVID and that she was 81 years old and was not infected. The cocoa must be fresh and of very good quality. Give cocoa to the one who has the virus and they will see that with a cup of cocoa they immediately feel the improvement there is no waiting in most of them it is fast. DON’T BE ANGRY BY THE COMMENT, WE ARE ALREADY MAKING IT VIRAL
A. Cantu
I wonder is cacao a stronger antioxidant than astaxanthin?
Elemen Achiel-Rashoma
i love the fruit tree planting foundation. i am really excited and grounded about heading to equador growing roots there planting fruit trees n ear vilcabamba fruit haven eco village and many other spaces in southest equador. it wouyld be create to create cities vba based on sustainable edible landscapes like in eugene integrating blueberries and edible landscapes everywhere.
seriously you rock to the maximum!!!!!
Nassif Kazan
Sideshow Bob has a TEDx Talk? Wait…scratch that. Bob actually has credibility.
Professor Swaggamuffin
Chocolate is not the largest cash crop in the world. Cacao is not the oldest word. It’s not the highest antioxidant food in the world. It’s not the number one food for heart health. It does NOT cure make pattern baldness. It’s not the highest source of magnesium or chromium. It originated with the Aztecs not the Mayans. I love chocolate but this guy makes up so many facts and it’s unnecessary and disingenuous.
hes referring to the plant that makes the stuff we need to make the chocolate modern people eat.
I do not know you
Guys, guys, read the description. “NOTE FROM TED: This talk, which was filmed at a TEDx event, contains several assertions about the health benefits of chocolate that are not supported by scientific evidence. Please do not look to this talk for medical advice.” LOL, even the Ted’s saying he’s a hack
the truth
i have lost so much respect for ted lately, and this gem proves i was wrong to even respect them in the first place
bobo 66
er, i thought theobromine is not a poison and as proven theraputic uses. do you have any evidence otherwise?
It is from the Orinoco River in Venezuela. Also, all people in the world should have the privilege of tasting the silky naturally sweet cacao nut from Sur del Lago in Venezuela.
Jennifer Leslie
The weird thing though is that if you research the information that he gives, most of it is well supported by clinical research. The health benefits of dark chocolate are extolled by Harvard and there have been over 5,000 peer reviewed clinical studies supporting the benefits of turmeric. You might not like his personal approach but it doesn’t negate the information.
I’m fine with the mention of antioxidants… but when you talk about “masuline energy from the sun” and “8 octaves of sun energy” and that “cacao is planetarally aligned to the sun” I get a bit… confused. 🙂
Dexter Black
This is simply incredible! It’s reassuring to know I’m in the right business with Xocai Healthy Chocolate.
Sandi Miller
I saw the movie, but I didn’t know that there was a book.. “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”
I’m sure you could find health benefits of a certain chemical in a certain plant anywhere. how would you get a ton of studies on it and harvard’s support? easy, make sure it tastes as good (and is marketed as well) as chocolate. you can talk about magnesium and PEA all day, but chocolate also contains caffeine and theobromide, which is officially classified as a neurotoxin. side effects? increased heart rate, sweaty palms, mood swings, hormonal imbalances, dehydration.
Zen Davis
Regardless of how you personally feel about him, what he saying is irrefutable facts that can’t be disputed. You people with these negative asinine comments is hilarious because it’s predicated of emotions and personal issues with him. But everything he said was factual. Accept it.
is this not the greatest example that TED talks have totally went to shit? its now a “for dummies” stage where people of this caliber could even make an attempt to get near the scientific comunity and field because he wouldnt pass the bar for other actually serious events
It’s official: Tedx has lost any shred of credibility it ever had. Wolfe is the exemplification of the modern snake-oil salesman.
Steve Williams
Dandelions are really good for the heart
Lilly Javier
Please come to Puerto Rico to seed us here of many trees ! 🙏❤🙏✨🌹✨🌹🌿🌾🌳🌴🌱
Peter Langelaar
It also lowers CRP in your blood i have those study’s from A university
Sonia Ahmed
The Maya’s are from Guatemala and cacao was from the Maya’s
baked beans
TEDx went full…
Tom K
Lol this dude is saying ‘we’ to a group of scientists like he is apart of them.
Its a shame that he dont say anything about COTE D’IVOIRE where most of all cacao come from
The Oompa-Loompas had brilliant white teeth- Because of chocolate! Ted you lost major Cred booking this factually challenged ‘Infopreneur’!
Tie D4L
I can’t stand this guy he is the biggest food fraud ever.
David looks like the rebirth of Cortez and Montezuma
I’m not saying aliens…
Robert K
i didn’t get the joke at the very end :S
He speaks like a con artist. There is a difference between speaking from the heart and adding non-useful anecdotes to the talk.
It is not from planet Earth!
so they really just give TEDx to anyone, huh?
Devin Timothy
You bring an antiscientist to a TED conference full of scientists!?! Someone get this clown off the stage!
why is this con man on tedx? shame on you. shame.
Mac Cabeus
My favourite food are Apples
What a scam artist.
David Hutchinson
SMH……TED, my respect for your talks just went down a notch…no, about 5 notches….this guy is a con artist.
This guy is a few fries short of a happy meal…. Dudes nuts. Thinks we should worship mushroom spores.. Lol
Dean Weis
Did u know that David’s father killed his mother many years back I heard
Kim Chi
Snake Oil at its finest.
Slappy K
I will never watch another TED Talk.
im gonna go ahead and also call major archeology bullshit at 15:21 thats not a fuckin elf with a cacao bean, its a dude with a cacao bean, a lot of sculpture from south american precolombian cultures isnt that well proportioned
Dr Robert Cassar
Why the baggy clothes ?… trying to hide something ?
Jens Drejer
David Wolfe on TED talk? Come on …. that guy is absolutely mad. How can anyone respect TED Talk after this? 🤔
Martin Luther Pierce
To all critics of dr. Wolfe please cool it with the anti-semitic remarks , not cool dudes I don’t think he’s even Jewish.
I can’t believe how gullible some people are.
Anoetic OddZero
Ted con artists…facepalm
DId anyone force you to watch? 😉