Taina Bien-Aimé on Jeffrey Epstein’s Arrest, Alex Acosta, Fighting Sexual Trafficking and More – Blog

Relaxation Eddie
Taina gave a great interview, very knowledgeable on the topic and well spoken.
jan breck
wow what an eye opener. Ms Bien-Aime’s delivery was so calm and intelligent. I wish her well in her pursuit for justice for these children. It would pay to advertise the corporate involvement in slave labour with their products more frequently. the more the messages get thru the more people will not purchase their goods. thankyou for this interview.
- Cryptic-Âûtistic-
In our system of justice, if you’re accused of a crime, you’re better off having wealth and a great team of lawyers than actually being innocent of the crime.
Crow House
For a lawyer to say that it was somehow problematic that a crime victim would only allege an accusation through a formal, legal process, instead of going on TV to ‘debate’ the matter so that he has an opportunity to defend hinself is so patently ridiculous, I don’t even know how to respond.
Marsh Wetland
Holy crap – Dept of Labour was supposed to fight human trafficking!
Rosalind Milliken
Excellent presentation. Should we extend the definition of slavery to anyone who works for less than a living wage? Cheap labor has been exploited from the beginning of the colonies. Intimidation of ‘wet backs’ is a form of slavery. We could have had labor laws that protected the dignity of migrating labor, keeping the borders fluid, allowing people to come and work here for awhile and then go back to their homes, farms, villages. Agricultural labor, hospitality labor, landscaping and housekeeping all depend on cheap labor from people afraid to complain. Remember Cesar Chavez.
Hope's Daughter
As a current doctoral female student in my PhD in Public Policy program, born and raised from NYC, this was so very informative. Thank you to this Executive Director. She needs to be hired to the new 2020 Democratic President’s Cabin.
Darlene Mchugh
Amy I appreciate your honest reporting! Your humanity and fairness! Which we are now missing with the Trump Administration! Thank you!
Suzanne Harris
Thank you for such a civilized, informative interview. Ms. Bien-Aime is doing the Lord’s work.
Samma Sati
So basically, Acosta appointed himself as prosecutor, judge & jury…?
BeABeliever InLove
Ann Kristoff
There is child labor in the US, especially in agriculture, and the US is the only country not to have ratified the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Jamil AlKhodari
Peace for all the children of the world( Gaza, Venezuela, …and Yemen TOO)
Jen W
This is huge. You know he was let off easy because prominent men were involved. We need all hands on deck for this investigation. There’s probably even supreme court justices on that list.
When people ask “why didn’t she leave,” why don’t they also ask “where would they go?”
David Thomas
Thank you Amy. Maybe it is time to interview Cathy O’Brien. Have you read her book Transformation of America?
Hot Potato
Excellent, excellent interview. Thank you so much Democracy Now💙
royce dock
They need to interview more people like her instead of the usual political pundits.
Sherlyn Mark
Very informative interview. Thank you.
Human Earthling
The Eastern Establishment (the whole idea of Royalty) is a stain on the fabric of Humanity.
Jesse Wood
That was heart breaking.
Margeaux Jenkins
This interview was VERY informative.
Trees give life
Epstein Privilege at its finest .
Patricia Crowell
How could Acosta cut the sex-trafficing budget by 80 percent when you hear about it almost daily? Acosta made some bad choices in the last decade. He’s toast.
Jennifer Holden
When he was allowed out of prison during the day to “go to work” he carried on abusing girls. He took his sentence really seriously then. But why are his madams allowed to wander around the world at will?
Bobi Laforce
Chapeau, a very brave, great woman!
Samuel Sandeen
I feel like it’s important to distinguish between willing and unwilling sex work. I agree that children and teenagers can’t meaningfully consent to sex work. I just think it’s important not to assume that all the adult women in the sex industry are unwilling.
She’s right, where there is smoke there is fire. The story will get real interesting when all the famous scum bags are brought out of the darkness and prosecuted.
Byron Sutton
Why they don’t call him a SUPER PREDATOR?
I see humans but no humanity.
mike nicol
Taina has to explain what the term “trafficking” means to American public. Maybe she could explain what the term “socialism” means to the American public
The selling and buy of sex isn’t what bothers me the most. It’s the power dynamic that’s a problem when society and powerful people can make women have to sell sex in order to survive and that they have to sell their bodies to the very sorts of people who make it impossible to survive otherwise. If you just have regular people who are involved in this, it is different. If you have a poor woman selling sex and a relatively poor horny man buy it, I really don’t see a problem with that other than the fact that no one should be poor in the richest country the world has ever known. There are women who enjoy sex and I don’t think we should limit them from selling sex to men who are desperate to get laid or are learning how to be social in a sexual context. I’m a woman and I’ve thought of paying for an escort because I don’t know how to be social in a sexual context and it’s preventing me from being able to properly love people who really deserve to be loved but I am just too socially messed to get things right. I have thought about hiring someone who gets it to help me. Of course, I don’t have any money so I am forced into not trying to have a relationship because I only fuck it up and hurt people who don’t realize how severe my social disability is. I don’t want to hurt people in order to learn these things and I’m starting to get really old. I want someone who can help me learn how to be a social human being because I don’t want to die alone. I need for this interaction with the person to have the potential for getting sexual because that’s the problem I am having. I haven’t had the money to do this but I know people who have and it has helped them in ways that nothing else has in the past. Those people are all older than I am. What I think is wrong is when men think they are entitled to women and our bodies just because they have money and power. From the experiences I’ve had, most powerful men aren’t willing to pay and they still expect all the women to want them and it doesn’t matter how much we tell them we are lesbians. These men can be found everywhere and they are the ones who make sex into a power play and not into an important part of social interaction between individuals within a species. Assholes like Epstein don’t pick underage women because they are somehow more attractive because I’ve been a woman who turned 18 from having been 17 a moment before and not a damn thing changes about us and, if you’re afraid of a few wrinkles, you still aren’t seeing a woman as being more than a flesh light. Everyone talks about how rape isn’t sex and I think we need to make a similar distinction between sex work to help human beings learn how to be sexual and sex work to make obviously insecure rich men feel powerful because they had power over someone who couldn’t tell them no. Sex work should allow for the sex worker to say no because sex and force cannot coincide. (Note the BDSM is different because both parties have agreed to it and have a safe word when things get uncomfortable. As someone who has done this incorrectly, let me tell you that you need a safe word and you need to respect that or don’t engage in BDSM because you will feel like a tyrant afterward if you don’t, no matter what your initial intentions were.)
We want the list of ALL the men who were buying girls in this disgusting trade.
25:11 I was with her on discussing sex trafficing , until she mentions internet pornography as prostitution. No, the amount of legal work involved in a porn production is actually better than what she tried to slide in there. This is the same problem that Fosta and Sesta started and why a lot of people have problem with Kamala Harris. I’m open to talk about pornography is consider racist, but I that industry has greater freedom than this capitalist hell world we are currently living in.
Geoff Burton
And don’t forget about NXIVM. Some very highfalutin folks implicated there, too.
Ah Taina just hinted at it in this piece. This is a lesson in ‘capitalism’. I will add corruption and power. Maybe it is time for people to go and read ‘pimp’ by iceberg slim; he narrated a brutal depiction of this horrible dehumanising well … sexual slave trade.
Lee Sullivan
I am ashamed to be a male. Without courageous women like this the world would be such an awful, evil place. Thank you.
Ye Old Bandicoot
Where does Epstein’s money come from? Go down that rabbit hole and I am sure we will find some interesting things. Might go to a long way to clean the swamp IMO.
Pam Pearce
So Dershowitz denigrates a young woman for not confronting him, a Harvard law professor/high-powered atty face to face? Dershowitz makes me 🤮.
Brand Gardner
sex trafficking and ordinary prostitution are two different things
I wish more was discussed about the decriminalization of sex work. That’s a key to helping a lot of these women get the resources they need without feeling like they are going to go to jail.
M. W.
There are rich guys involved in international sex trafficking as well! It’s pathetic how bad this situation is!!!
Marsh Wetland
“Commercial sex acts” – that’s a new one for me.
fer na
The rich does a crime they go free. Poor gets into an accident he goes to jail for life. 🤔 What kind of government we have?
basic Sociopathic behaviour of this “lucid class” of overlords.
William Aponte
Was there any famous powerful Women who were purchasing these underage girls too ?
jrfi orn
God I can’t stand that mofo Jeffrey’s face…
So do i get this right , women in jail with connections to epstein , ehm whats wrong with that picture ?
Assistant -“Mr. X, Jeffrey has been arrested and he’s been talking. It’s possible this my get back to sir.” Mr. X – “tap my contacts in the prison system and make it look like an accident”
Goldenrod Willy
there was a beautiful gal who lived across street from me for 3 yrs she was 23.when i moved other people told me she had never come out of house.!!?? i never saw her but saw 2 to 5 men a day go in and out???
Mary Kay Ryan
It is also a continuation of slavery.
mike nicol
Sex crimes obviously, are not taken very seriously in the USA
Anthony Juarez
I’m wondering why a large military unit hasn’t hit That island!! Detain and interrogate everyone there, and do a complete search with train rescue k9 to search for remains buried !! I find it hard to believe some of the girls didn’t try to escape or simply refuse to do what they were told!!
Joss Dionne
FriendKenStein was also active in International Vicious Circles.
La Bruja
13 months for 6 hours a day. Do we really believe that 13 months, even if it was 24 hours a day, is the standard sentence just for a child molester who molested 20 girls? This makes me sick, and I have commented before that I believe judges and prosecutors hand out ridiculously low sentences because they identify with the accused, they feel some kind of way for them as if punishing the accused is the same as punishing themselves. If you look at the cases and sentences handed out, you’ll see that it is extremely difficult to find a different explanation for these low sentences, it’s so sickening.
Robert Nicholls
I would like to know the women that helped to find him more victims. I think they’re just as evil.
Tiffany Carroll
Where the girls reported missing? Did they go to him on the weekend and return to school? I’m just trying to understand how he had access to so many girls for so long.
Eugenio Colussi filho
vincent lattuca
I’m sorry that our leaders have sold out the great people of this once great country. We exported capitalism not freedom or democracy. Now we are the last island of any hope ? A small part of the world where there is a possibility to choose your life. In Europe you take a test at ten or eleven that will determine your life and opportunity. It gets worse from there. I have watched the American dream get crushed . The companies we built with our backs and brains , the safe labor practices, fair wages, retirement we fought so hard for exported to slave markets around the globe. The one parent working family lost forever. Take responsibility for our suffering fellow Americans, our southern states are hurting, our American Indians are hurting. Our homeless are hurting, our veterans are hurting . This is still America. I lived and worked here my life beginning at $1.65 hour. What other country could you hope to storm borders and expect care from. Don’t waste my time with superficial patriotism.
Amy Jones
With trafficking so prevalent why dont we just do like the Netherlands and regulate prostitution and tax it.
E Walker
Someone needs to look into this with the children imprisoned in America’s dention concentration death camps at our border with Mexico. These children do not have the protection of their parents and family. How did some of the young girls end up in NYC being transported in the middle of the night.
Dont forget the male victins!!
Dick Money
Why wasn’t this villain exposed on DN when he was associated with the Clintons?
Gail Gray
Its not only young teenage girls or women its toddlers, babies. Its unimaginable horror. Its all being played down and people are not taking this seriously.
Stu Sargent
Did she say the sex trade operations is a $90 BILLION Dollar industry
Robert Harris
He should have been sentenced to 40 years, but they had to protect Prince Andrew. Child rapist and murderer.
Goldenrod Willy
what about my me 3 movement!!?? all the grown women and nuns who molested me as a young man????
Sex slavery was common in antiquity, e.g. temple prostitution. Powerful women are also profiting from sex trafficking, but this interview just ignores this fact.
Kim 5
Can you say paid off
Vronel Blocker
wtf is wrong with those “grown ups” who do these things to children, what is the fucking point in being an adult when you do something that low,to the youth? good lord people!
William Aponte
Did Hillary clinton also fly on the Lolita express ?
MR KOTTER, MR KOTTER !! … i gotta go potty…
Howard Johnson
Golly Gee, I’d hate to see alan dershowitz nailed.
michael pike
at our southern border
e fermi
we pray epstein doesn’t “kill himself”
maria van duinen
Google Dershowitz and massage!
Brand Gardner
there are male prostitutes and trafficked boys, but the focus here is skewed
Obama and Hillary were both on that plane
denise johnson
Lorena Bobbitt anyone??
Linda Tripp should be advising these women.
Were is Gloria Allred, she not trying to pimp these young women too!!
Trump 2020 VIEW VIEW
PAINS 2022
She is lying!!!!!! Poor acting dont believe she was a “victim” people are obsessed on this subject
Kathryn Crow
Vote Blue know matter who. .
tony fat
Trump is a great man and president