Prince Andrew’s UNRELIABLE Statements in Epstein Interview | Language Analysis – Blog

Martin DeCoder
If you’re interested in language analysis, you’ve come to the right place. This channel is all about analyzing words. I hope you find the video informative. Have a nice day/evening.
Juanita Richards
His life has been one long party….at the tax payers expense.
Jeanne Braun
I think what’s also interesting is what he doesn’t say in this, even though it would be expected. He doesn’t say what Epstein did was disgusting or condemn it in any way – although he had many chances. Instead he pays him respect, which would not be expected at all as it shows that he still holds him in high regard. He doesn’t voice any concern for the victims, either – not at any point in this interview, which I find especially alarming. On top of that, neither does he give a reliable denial to have participated (e.g. “I did not participate in sex trafficking”).
Daisy Monroe
What a tool. Yes he did have this “extraordinary ability” to bring people together the problem is that they were young girls who were lured there.
Shanti Songwriter
Andrew is revolting. So is Epstein.
Kathleen Jimenez
“Mr ,Epstein??” He doesn’t deserve to be addressed in a respectful way.
Ani Cameo
Speaks guilty, looks guilty, acts guilty….no wonder he refuses an FBI interrogation!! This is a great analysis , thanks so much for this video 👍
James Noel
I cannot believe that His Highness was allowed to do this interview. There must be someone (or many) at the palace who have the knives out for him to allow this to happen. While watching this I laugh out loud just from the cringe factors!
shannon the Grand
I watched this interview and was in shock at how guilty he acted and spoke. It spoke volumes. Also I just discovered your channel and it is wonderful I enjoy it very much.
Maureen Ingleston
I love how you expose the truth, that these arrogant people think they can cover up with their BS. Their ego always gets in the way of any common sense.
Light Shadows
Prince Andrew’s story is about as “straight” as the necktie he’s wearing for this interview. 😸😸😸
Abbie J
He went to the worlds most public park to tell a man… a very famous man mind you he “couldn’t see him anymore” 😂 okay
Reel Mermaid
Happy Thursday with another great video from Martin! I’ve seen a few videos on this interview, breaking it down to reveal deception from a body language perspective, but when the language is analysed, so much more is revealed about Andrew’s feelings and motivations. Fascinating analysis, as is the field you work in. Peace from Canada!
Roma Robbins
Randy Andy isn’t a good liar. Whoever advised him to do that interview was not helping him. He just comes off a liar and a total creep.
Argos Z
Great language analysis as usual. In conjunction with a good body language analysis, the lay person begins to understand the reasons they feel confused, disbelieving or that “something’s off”, are “creeped out” and so on, when being manipulated, scammed, lied to or gaslighted. Trust your “spidey sense”!
Never Loose Hope
Andrew , so far from the horrible truth. You need to apologize to Virginia! You need to go away!
Relay 300
Always fascinating 👌
Stephanie Agnew
How Epstein “brought people together” is kinda the problem. Andrew needed to see Epstein in person to settle his tab and ensure he had control over the evidence of his crimes. Seriously, “Andrew-I-am-an-engaging-person” is controlling this situation poorly.
Thanks for another interesting & informative video.
Michelle C.
Thank you for the great video! Wonderful information you’re sharing 🙂
This analysis is so impressive👼💪
Melissa Fraser
He, in my view, is very child-like who has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar with chocolate on his face, but continues to deny he has done anything wrong. I really enjoy your clear, and straight to the point videos – thank you, and keep up the great work!
Kitty Hume
Why don’ t we learn this at school? So many good willing honest people are deceived by liars. In carreer, relationships ect.. This knowledge makes honest people less vonerable and liars less powerfull.
Hilda Hambone
WOWEE! I know people analyse handwriting but I’d no idea people studied the words one chooses to use. This is so interesting. Combine your analysis with The Behavior Panel and the truth is outed. Fascinating. Thank you. Words really are powerful.
Deborah Dalton
He sure LOVES to hear himself talk! Meanwhile he is saying nothing and full of himself thinking we are all believing him! 😨
Susan Berg
Instead of showing sympathy for the victims he is so full of himself and eager to clear himself of suspicion. Says it all.
Serendipitous Synchronicity
Prince Andrew makes my skin crawl.. he was so unassuming!! Excellent analysis on a less than favourable topic. I’d love to see you do a collaboration with Dr Grande or The behavioural panel 😊
fri wright
Your comments are the only way I can get through these creepy videos
Jossie S
I just found your videos and I’m really enjoying them. I’d be interested in seeing an analysis of an innocent person being interrogated or interviewed under the presumption they’re guilty so that we can see some differences between the language used. Thank you for your videos ❤.
Susan Berg
I find the party part interesting, because he indicates, you attend parties to find a “partner”. No need to party, when you’re married. I love your approach to the interviews, you’re investigating. Very interesting! Thanks for posting from Denmark 🇩🇰.
Square Peg
Interesting thank you!
Laura Burger
When Andrew says “he didn’t go into what “I” was doing uh uh “I” mean… stutter stutter stutters what “he” was doing stutter stutter stutter”. I believe he really goofed up here and that to me was the biggest telling thing that he said in this whole interview. When he said he didn’t go into what I was doing he meant Epstein calling him on having sex with underage girls etc. so like you still owe me and how are you going to get the hush money to me. It’s so obvious to me that’s what happened.
rhonda russell
Enjoying the brain workout. Learning that we consciously use certain words is surprising- I thought it more random. Any books you recommend on this forensic topic?
Addie Alexander
I love this interview! He could not lie his way out of a paper bag and that interviewer is so good she doesn’t let him get away with anything. Even when she does not challenge an answer she asks a question where he can hang himself and then he does. Lol Your breakdown is great. He would have been better off having people angry at him for not making any public comment then having said a thing and never mind with this woman.
He is lying when he said he met Gizzlaine in the 90’s!! She used to visit Buck House regularly as a Child, played with him in the Grounds AND had the full run of certain areas of the Palace! She was treated like part of the Family! WOW! Pants on fire 😮😯😒
Faith Castillo
He wasn’t known as Randy Andy for nothing. There are too many photos and tabloid stories about his party life style.
circe delune
He doesn’t even have to lie to show what the truth is. His own words tell the story. He didn’t want people to see them together now that it was known what Epstein was up to. There was no hint of”we can’t be friends.” There was only “I can’t be seen with you.” There was no disgust, there was respect. You show respect to someone when you feel you have to tell them in person. If you or I found out a friend had done these disgusting things, we probably wouldn’t even give them the courtesy of a phone call, much less a visit in person. They wouldn’t get any respect from us. I would drop them like a stone without feeling the need to explain myself. I wouldn’t answer a call from them, or a text. I wouldn’t feel they deserved respect. Randy Andy shows zero respect or concern for the victims, but high respect for Epstein. That tells me all I need to know.
Amanda Young
Watched a bunch of your videos now. Absolutely fascinating. Please keep doing what you’re doing.
“He had an extraordinary way of bringing people together” yeah…..young girls generally is a common denominator. Lol
Lizbet PCB
Still bingeing your videos, every chance I get. I’m really looking forward to more from you! Thank you!
He’s an engaging person… then he won’t mind engaging with the FBI then?…
Heart of Faith
Would love to see you analyze more of this video!!!! Would love to hear you analyze more of this video.
@10:55 When Emily is addressing Epstein being invited to Windsor Castle and Sandringham, and ‘being brought right into the heart of the Royal Family at your invitaion…” Prince Andrew had to take the moment to clarify to her that it was (“certainly”) at His invitaion not at the Royal Family’s invitation. He was put into the position of taking the responsibility of his admission in order to save disgrace to the Royal family. “But” (He says)… Now he had to back-peddle what he had just said in his admission and go back to his narrative of not being responsible for him being there at all because Epstein had been the “+1” of the girlfirend. Also: He speaks about Epstein as one would of a lover. I sense his need of side stepping the label of friendship is also his way of hiding the intimacy that the two of them shared in whatever endevours it was they participated in together.
Hilda Hambone
He just threw all those people who attended the dinner, under the bus. I love that all the intellectuals were invited – so I gather he sees himself as intellectual since he was included. Arrogant pipsqueak! Waste of space.
He’s completely out of his depth in this ill advised interview. Good channel, glad i found this.
Caroline R
Martin, I’m so glad that you decided to present your videos in the English language. We’d miss out on your intellectually stimulating and in-depth analysis, otherwise. Prince Andrew seems to be making it up as he goes towards the end. His lack of any integrity with regards to all of the exploited women, his lies, and loyalty to convicted abuser Epstein makes me angry. You remain calm as you talk us through the main points of his ‘douchebaggery’, which calms me too. Once HM Queen Elizabeth dies, the FBI will swoop in, and we’ll be pleased to see him in court, his lies laid bare.
R Barba
Wowsers. You’re amazing, Mr Decoder! I’m enjoying learning your ways 👌🏾 Once you explain things, it all makes perfect sense. Thank you. Ps. My spirit wasn’t sitting right watching and listening to him speak. Evil.
Tara W
I could listen to your voice all day. It’s so calming! Great video, thank you.
Your videos are my brain candy!! I look forward to the next one.
Zen Lysa
Andrew portraying an elitists right to Lie Badly…how natural.
Margaret Lavender
Thank you Martin, I find your analysis fascinating. Keep up the good work.
Mr. Martin. You must go crazy when you watch politicians speak. Good stuff for Sure. What I’m not sure is, why I find your point-by-point interview dissections interesting ; so I Subscribed, thanks.
Leonard Smith
Amazing breakdown. God that designed us unable to lie, so we try and always fail.
Glenda Parks
Queen has known about her son and has accepted his evil devilish ways. That speaks volumes!!!!
James Reagle
He went there to find out what Epstein said about him to the authorities
Patricia Kelly
He’s a disgrace, he should have his titles removed.
Susan Morano
Andrew’s and Epstein’s conversation was probably about covering his ex-wife’s ongoing debts, and probably Andrew’s own, which is why he can’t speak about the content of their conversation
Rachel Slocombe
Very revealing, love your work!!
Angie Marshall
Fascinating analysis as usual thank you for sharing !
George Anderson
Yes andrew insulting our intelligence ur a sick man
A daughter of the God of Abraham.
“I never really have partied” Umm 🤔 I am the same age as ‘Randy Andy’ as the newspapers regularly called him and one of his ‘girlfriends’ was Koo Stark, who was an actress in porno films and was pretty much ‘stark-ers’ for most of the time in these films! 🤣😂🤣 But, I suppose she was at least an adult and a consenting adult at the time too! I do remember that when Epstein committed suicide a very happy 😃😃😃 and probably relieved 😅😅😅 Prince Andrew was seen in the car with his mum on their way to a Sunday church service and he was waving to the crowds. Did he normally go to church??? No! 🤫🤫🤫 But, I think stupidly he thought it was the end of the situation 🙄🙄🙄. But, no body can ever be above the law, especially a prince of the realm when he’s abusing under age adolescent girls. One final point, at 20:32 during his statement that Epstein “was what I would describe as understanding” Andrew slips up, because he goes on to say that Epstein “didn’t go into any great depth during the conversation about what I’d………..he’d been doing” Oops 😳😳😳 I am afraid Andrew, this really is a dead giveaway! 🤭🤭🤭. 🙏🙏🙏
Billy Bronco
What you see here is the result of a privileged life with no constraints and no questions asked. Andrew was allegedly the Queen’s favorite child and he’s been told he is wonderful and can have what he wants throughout his life.
Karendal Sadik
Your voice and cadence is interesting.
Winter Came
Amazing that he has always has been the Queen’s favorite. To me he is the least appealing and interesting of the royal offspring. Some day books will be written about how the Queen cut him off at the knees after this interview.
More in English! Please!! 😊👍
Melody Macken
Extraordinary and engaging person. I feel he is disingenuous and is trying to cover his large backside.
Sha Sha
Very fascinating, thank you.
David Smith
I’ve done the web, this is the best analyses, congratulations and thanks. I’ve subscribed!
Amy Eiceman
This whole interview makes me uncomfortable. He just seems so nochelant about all of this, and his answers are so vague
Seeker Being
Another great video! Thank you.
A Lemon Twisted
I’m still appalled at the “I don’t sweat” lie
the Unrepentant
”When I glanced up, I saw ma striding towards me with a furious countenance that bespoke that she brooked no nonsense. And I began to pray that the bobbies would get here first.” —P.A.
Elisabeth Charlotte
Oh come on, Andrew! He was a playboy as a young man. That’s okay, but unfortunately the tabloids caught up with him. I don’t think he changed very much after the divorce. I may be wrong, but that’s just what I think. Of course, he wants to distance himself from Epstein as much as possible, just like Trump, who also was a friend and probably a close friend of Epstein. Now of course, Trump says he hardly knew him. The walk in the park I think was pretty deep in their conversation, but that’s something he doesn’t want to bring up nor remember. Through the interview I got the feeling that he just want to be done with it and go back to his life like nothing has happened. He looks and acts uncomfortable. His body language, the way he speaks and his eyebrows always narrowed. Thanks for another great video, Martin!
All Mine
You do such a fantastic job of breaking down these interviews. I just finished the one with Chris Watts mother and i was blown away. My question is why is no one looking in to the relationship Donald Trump had with Epstein and the under age girls he provided for him. I believe he is more involved than even Andrew is
peter johnson
Very good analysis. Thank you.
Patricia Kelly
Really informative and interesting.
Hayley bourgault
You are so intelligent. How long did it take you to learn all this? This seems more difficult than reading body language.
Miss S.
I don’t even think you need much common sense to see this man is lying through his teeth. So awkward and cringe.
Mo Tyar
Andrew is clearly guilty but he was a victim until they take advantage of his position or money and the thing is clear when they were taking pictures and he doesn’t know I mean it was planned before
Leza O
No wonder the Queen blasted and fired him from duties after this interview. Andrew is absolutely fake, disingenuous, working the conversation in his favor and a burden to the UK and royal family. He needs to be off the dole permanently.
Ellie McCarthy
Not once did he say he felt concerned or upset for the girls & he still said he didn’t regret the friendship
That there is a photograph of Andrew with Virginia Giuffre at all suggests to me there were many other girls he took advantage of besides her. Perhaps Ghislaine Maxwell has threatened him that unless he speaks respectfully of Epstein, she’ll ruin his reputation. I say reputation because we know that Andrew will never face a judge and jury. Had there been any possibility of that, no solicitor or barrister would have allowed him to give a train wreck of an interview to Newsnight or any other TV program, as that alone would have helped to damn him. I’ve always been ashamed of the aristocracy in this country for their historical tendency to forcefully plant their dominance in ground that did not belong to them, and I’m ashamed to see they are still doing it.
Liz Graham
So whilst walking in the park he told him we can’t be friends Lol lol all the stuttering about, come on Andrew can’t you do better that that!!!
Martin Decoder, I’ve been looking for you! Good lord thank you for making videos!
Jerilyn Holland
It’s funny that Andrew admits it was him in the photo with Epstein but not him in the photo with Virginia. Who was the criminal?
Jintaro Kensei
How can people have so much trouble lying? I mean in this case it’s a blessing, but I see this all the time.
Ypu don’t have to have any qualifications to know this guy is lying. You also don’t need to have more than 2 brain cells to know that nothing will happen to him.
patricia treslove
Let us not forget his mother has protected and enabled him for years, she has no respect for the people she vowed to serve
I’m a Empath that can tell when people lie. This man is a liar.
Great video very informative when it’s broken down this way…..words are very important!!!! Doing it over the telephone phone is a chickens way this is a grown man who’s part of the RF! He embarrasses himself because he is lying 🤥 omg the man is gross!
What's eating you?
Hi Martin. I’ve just found your channel and am curious as to why you think it is that even we lying we’re subconsciously wanting to tell the truth 🤔
James Reagle
Cannot do it over the telephone because the cops may very well be tapping his phone
Ellie McCarthy
He partied constantly especially during his 40’s seen sweating 😓 & photographed regularly with women & looking v friendly with Epstein
Patricia Kelly
I’d love to see you analyse Michael Jackson’s denials.
Ready for my 2nd hand embarrassment!
Kim Werner
Andrew is as crooked as his tie😥
Jenny Melisa
“I saw that” – Karma
Augusto O.R
Prince Andrew and Ghislaine and 7 members of the royal family disliked this video
New Normal
❎. Andrew first met G. Maxwell. The senior manager handler. Then met the toady runner, Epstien 🐸 Andrew was looking for reliable staff, help, labor. I think Andrew is head of the firm’s operations. Produce the personell, personel diaries and security log. Simple. 🤺💐
Came across your channel, now im a new subscriber
You should dig into Virginia’s fake photo and crime behind that.
Ellie McCarthy
He praised Epstein instead of saying what a terrible person he was as he was involved with Epstein & had the same outlook ..
Usa Finland
Creepy man, sad he has blue blood.
New Normal
Clear your name from shame Produce personell diaries, Security logs, simple. What you avoiding, concealing, deflecting, redirecting misleading, misinforming, Hiding? royal splaining Sanctuary City – Birkshire, England 🤺💐
le be
Academic s politicians people from the UN wow none of them can be trusted they all must be in on this sick ring imo and they rule the world? God help us
Missi Que
Andrew. a true book known .. Narcopath like his best buddy J Epstein
Please leave the camera on the text, so it can be read. It’s frustrating. No need to see the speaker so much.
Come on Andrew, just click the first dislike 🙂
Secret Server
His premeditated responses are fired like bullets. His interest in the truth is zero and his desire to feed the right responses is infinite. He’s thinking “What can I say to get away with this.” It’s fascinating how he personified “there is a medical condition that SAYS I didn’t do it.” He doesn’t have to claim it himself and he can’t be blamed either. The “condition” spoke for him and he expects it to get him off the hook. This sex crime is just the tip of the iceberg too. Wait until the whole story gets told. Prince Andrew Duke Of York 911 – Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffery Epstein –
Missi Que
Typical narcopath language…High British higharcharthhy …they murdered most loved Princess Dianna..😭🙏
Shanna Roe
Yay I’m the first commenter on a Martin video. :0)
Ellie McCarthy
The plane ✈️ called Lolita express , the island called paedophilic island
le be
Nspcc yeah close up to it ffs even worse imo
Justin Hakaraia
Emily should have given him sum toilet paper to wipe his mouth
Rob Stanley
I read that perhaps not in all cases. You can somewhat tell someone is lying by their eyes. If they look left they are possibly lying than being truthful. If that is the case his tie is a lie also! lol Look how it is pulled to the left. I notice stuff like that because of my OCD. Why did not someone on set or like his personal assistant straighten that tie.
Dorota Bytom
One thumb down from Prince Andrew. 😉
Missi Que
Very happy? Oh sure
Martin, check out ‘The Behavior Panel’ on YT. I believe you will find it interesting.
Robert McNair
Andrew dear boy mumsy bailed you out. and told you to fxxk off and hide
Lasma Pohan
Why only PA has interviewed because ex president Clinton and also ex president donaldtrumpt have made closed friend with Jeffry Epstein,
Lasma Pohan
Why only PA has interview because ex president Donald Trump and also ex-president Clinton have made friend with Jeffry epstein