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Very little chatter about Andy’s sordid business contacts/involvement. There’s a lot around Andrew that is criminal, frankly.
Lisa Roberts
Andrew has had a wild child life of luxury and now, will have to suffer the consequences. Feel sorry for his innocent daughters who, also, suffer his bad choices.
Colleen Monfross
LOL I can’t believe Emily Andrews said, “There is one thing that trumps cash in America, and it’s royalty.” Clearly, she is not an American and made both an ignorant and totally inaccurate statement. The attraction to royalty among some Americans, is the perception of wealth and power, that’s the attraction, not the idea of royalty. And, many Americans have a morbid fascination with “royalty” because it is an inconceivable notion that we find repellent. Last, we love a good train wreck and that is mostly what the “royal” family provides. Isn’t it more than just a little ironic that Charles told his mother that Andrew cannot be allowed to act so badly when he did just that with Camilla. So odd and somewhat amusing to watch the drama and pitiful behavior amongst the “royals.”
Markmark Mark
He was well protected in the front line
STOP! Why do these reporters keep mentioning his ” naiveté”, his ” gullibility”, ” etc….PLEASE do these reporters think the public is THAT stupid. He made the wrong choice, thinking it was ok. Oftentimes, privileged individuals internalize the idea ” some rules don’t apply to them, only to the little people”. Let him have his day of court and have the ” best ” defense affordable to him, and defend himself.
Neil Reading
Hate him, absolute disgrace.
Z oc
Can the British people review this Royal Family and the costs they have to bear that are not necessary. No use of documentaries after documentaries on their scandals.
Alva Shoemaker
Andrew’s led an IMMENSLY “protected” lifestyle CAN, I believe, lead to a distorted life, which can lead to…mistakes… 👣
Merlene Dawes
Royalty is not a title,it is a character! The Queen displays in all of this wonderfully!
Patty Kidd
My question is… when will the people Stop paying for these peoples life style?
L.P. Pacelli
>Allegations are one thing but a conviction after a trial is very much something else. In the recent political climate it seems that allegations have replaced proof of any charges. For me the official titles are a completely separate matter from the sequence of allegations, charges, trial, conviction and sentencing. >Personally, I will await the results of the trial. Otherwise, none of is are safe from allegations and the damage that this causes. >We in Britain, the US and Canada are considered to be equal before the law and we are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt before the courts. Over the past few decades this has been, and continues to be, eroded by the media and just general gossip and distortion of facts. Personally, I will not participate in this firestorm. >The newspapers and the internet are not the courts. If there is a criminal investigation on anyone no matter who then it is up to the courts to determine the guilt or innocence of a person, any person. The same applies to the sentencing of anyone found to be guilty of a charge or charges. >Just as in a case of assault or rape the habits of the victim are not the issue, the issue is the conduct of the person facing the allegations before the courts. If we continue to allow these trials by allegations then none of us is safe before the tsunami of gossip, ignorance and the power of the State
Tarja Kangas
Who has 40 sheets in their cell to kill themselves with,he was murdered to keep him quiet,by whom,I don’t know abd will never know but he did not commit suicide
Melissa Johnson
Best value of money 💰 in my time ⁉️ Were the teenage escort’s services free ⁉❕ He knew dam well what he did to those girl’s that was his best friend catering him with them ❕
Seeker of Truth
Lady Colin Campbell, on her podcast, claims she’s heard firsthand gossip from people who know Andrew & Fergie very well, and the story is that Andrew was no “Randy Andy.” Lady Campbell claims the reason Sarah wandered from her marriage was that Andrew was a bit of a dud.
Markmark Mark
Koi had far higher standards than Andrew
Maybe the Prince was more than a customer? Could he have helped with running the business? Did he bring other customers to Epstien?
Angie Coers
Diana’s preminitions are all coming true.
That woman is nuts if she thinks Americans love British Royalty.
Da finker
Charles n Andrew are in love with the mirror 😜
Kevin Palmer
Think a lot of people will still like him. He knows a lot of’s strange how well she remembers P.Andrew and he doesn’t remember her. Maybe because it was the first time that she really saw a prince. K’s mother.
Marsha Mariner
Hope his yrs of fun was worth his ENTIRE life 😵😵🙄 I feel sorry for HM💖🌹
G Ulmerton 2
@25.54 « what is an extravagant lifestyle ? » Andrew asks…. Well, I think you perfectly know what it is, you hypocrite.
Bebe Veritas
Let the court handle it. Innocent until proven guilty. I feel Fergie was good for Andrew too.
Feel a bit sorry for him. I’m sure the Queen is a good woman but I wonder about her parenting skills.
Chris Zaccheus
The Royal Family is living in the past (1300).
Hello Nil
I don’t feel sorry for him nor for his daughters ! He have had got what he deseverd !
He is not in jail because is the Queen’s favorite. But poor Harry is alone and set aside for just wanting to live different. Andrew is a dirty man.
Mary T
This the spare has no direction or use is such bs to me…you are born with such priviledge do something with your life..charities etc…
josweet love
An English Lion ? There are lions in the UK ?
Claudette Lefebvre
Pr Andrew spoils and to much of a lifestyle and BAD connections Queen 👸 is still paying for Prince A W at 62 years old. Andrew in deep trouble 👿 plus for the Family & 👸 👑 Queen El
Da finker
Ingrid is scary and sometimes amusing ,,,
James Bowden
I’m disappointed to hear such uncouth grammatical errors as “Duke of Yorks” instead of “Dukes of York” from a narrator intoning in Received Pronunciation. It’s not the sort of thing that one expects to hear.
Anders Liljevall
That girl found a. Gold mine in stupid Randy Andy
Peter G
Job. What a joke
Mac and Cheese
What a bunch of overpaid clowns.
He hangout with the wrong people.
Steve R.C.B.
Titles gone nomore royal fun. Just a civilian without Titles or HRH to name his own.
Lilith LeVay Kjeldahl
I can’t believe a word he says. He’ll be needing a wheelbarrow in front of him to be carrying his nose around.
Tram Dang
Being second must be bad or something.
Taiwo Taiwo
Queries.? Is Prince Andrew still protected by protection officer, funded by British Tax plsyer. Talk about double standards at the heart of the BRF
Janet Rutherford
Why dont these people leave Andrew alone he is a human being like everyone else and where was the parents if this so called girl making these allegations she was
Alexandra Németh
Baby needs me neighboors
Chiyo Hanson
Air Miles Andy doth protest too much.
Katherine Dohnalek
I do not like nor dislike Prince Andrew. I do not know him therefore do not presume to make that call. Neither do I know Duiffre. What I do know is what I have heard come out of Duiffre’s own mouth in the extremely numerous interviews she has been so generous to share and I am sure, extremely generously compensated for. Her mission to call out sexual predators is admiral, if her story rang true. She is trying very hard to portray herself as having been a sex trafficked innocent ” child “. She says ” I was just a kid. ” She was not 6 years old and you can be sure not very innocent either, gathering from testimony of one of her friends that claim they saw her take pleasure in engaging in sex with Epstein. No, I think not so innocent. She knew she was not with Epstein and Maxwell or their inner circle to be an amateur masseuse or to stand around looking pretty. Getting paid $15,000 for a quickie was in her words ” easy money. ” She knew full well her position. She was old enough to decide to return of her own free will, repeatedly to a group of people that provided her with access to the rich and famous and the offerings that came with that. For Guiffre to claim sexual abuse of her as a child is actually really quite laughable. Her liaison with Prince Andrew cannot be proven with just a photograph of them standing next to each other. Standing next to each other is not having sex. And how did she “escape”? It has been reported that she escaped by going to Australia. In fact, from her own mouth, she claims Epstein tired of her and was no longer interested in continuing their relationship. Her legal team have stated that Guiffre is on a mission to destroy Prince Andrew – for his arrogance. Odd that she chose those words and not for his sex with a ” child ” abuse? Who knows, maybe she had visions of grandeur and thought Prince Andrew might make her a princess. I believe she really truly wants to exonerate herself of all wrong doing for her children’s sake. She probably does not want her children to know what she was up to and that is what keeps her going like a bulldozer after Prince Andrew.
Deedeenewat New
And where did he get all the money to pay for that extravagant wedding
Not all Americans love royals.
Norma Stanley
Andrew is poison these days.. Nobody wants him around…
avindra ramnarine
Prince Andrew made some bad decisions and some questionable friendships. And now has to defend himself. No one has any rights to judgement. Let the court take its course.