Olympic champion Mo Farah reveals he was trafficked as a child | Nightline – Blog

Abdikani Hajji Abdull
You area an amazing young man and a real inspiration to everyone. We really hope this helps other young people who have been trafficked. So proud of you and your wonderful family and thrilled you are British. I hope you and your family can now get on with your lives, which we know you will live to the full and this big burden you have been carrying on your shoulders can now be released so that you can enjoy every moment.
Great strength, resilience, and perseverance God gave him…amazing.
patience boafo
I salute 👏 you sir Mo for being so brave to come out with your story. I cried throughput watching the documentary, but at the same time I’m happy because your story is going to help others in such situations. Well done and congratulations 🎊 👏
To The Lighthouse
Wow. Mo has achieved so much, yet this could be his greatest achievement. Having the courage to come forward & discuss his past, he may change the lives of so many trafficked people.
Ahmed Yusuf
I remember I and mo were playing a football outside coventway in hounslow and knew what was going. Mo you are our hero we love you so much
ivy Dickson
Brave man, if even one trafficked child gets inspiration from this, all power to him.
Mo. You are such a blessed person alive. Even though you came to UK looking for your father, you found your real Father which is The Almighty Lord. Indeed he protected you and cared for you to be one of the best runners in the world. Hope you ll be able to help lots of people from all of the world to come out and tell their story. May God continue blessing you and your family. You are such a strong person to keep this for long time. Wishing you all the best!
My story is similar to his, many refugees can relate, many of us don’t talk about it. I am yet to talk about my story to people that aren’t close to me. He’s a brave and inspirational.
Ashley Daniel
Thankful Sir Mo has persevered from his traumatic past, his story hopefully inspires other victims to come forward and tell their truth. God bless Sir Mo❤️😭
godson johnson
I commend his bold steps to come forth with the real truth. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Bill Mayor
What an amazing man with such an amazing journey!
Kate Baxenden
This must have been so tough for you I’m sorry you had to go through you are so brave and so strong you are a inspiration to all the people who you have helped who have been through what you have been through
Dave peter Clough
What a guy, inspirational man,police are investigating him lol, after everything this guy has done for this country, the law states as a child u can’t be prosecuted if an adult smuggles u into are country so leave the guy alone
Fatimah Abdul
So proud of you Mashaa Allah, the braveness of a lander, you are a lion, May Allah be with you always, our true Hero. Somaliland is and will always be proud of you.
Just saw the documentary hats off to the producers and 🎥 filmmakers it was one of the best documentaries I have seen for a while. Needs an award.
Golden___Girl 🦋⭐
Can’t imagine having Someone else identity more Power to Him👏
Children Account
He is so brave,God be with you brother,this is common in Somali community, but we hide it under the carpet nobody talks about it.
Vorlox I
Sad reality in aftica that most people go through but mo is brave man.
Annie Mbombo
Sooooo sad 😭🥺🥺, but happy to see his mom found him alive.
Viletta Byrd
Oh God bless this gym teacher
Hibo Hassan
I’m proud of you mo ❤❤❤❤
Kate Baxenden
You have my respect
Ahmed Yusuf
Mo farah is our hero
Alice Gauteng
Mr Hussein I salute you as you reclaim your name and your identity. May God bless you and your family in Somaliland❤🙏🏾✊🏾
Ressy Uchiha
I just love how the name spoils everything, thank you.
Fi Kent
There’s more to this than meets the eye, I’m not sure I believe his ‘new’ story, if you start digging there are an awful lot of discrepancies in his story.
Broken Wing
All are precious in his sight
kingsley mgbachi
Great thing he kept his real name in his Son
Bella Guul
Something is missed out here ☝️
star one12
Mo real story can be big movie.
Misgana Kebede
From now onwards I will call him Great Hussan Abdi Khan
Imagine the future Mo Farah will be an Olympic champion from Rawanda…..
Ifrah Abdi
On 26 June 1960, British Somaliland declared independence as the State of Somaliland. Five days later, on 1 July 1960, the State of Somaliland voluntarily united with the Trust Territory of Somalia (the former Italian Somalia) to form the Somali Republic.The government of Somaliland, a self-declared sovereign state that is internationally recognised as an autonomous region of Somalia, regards itself as the successor state to British Somaliland. In 1991, after a bloody civil war for independence in the northern part of Somali Democratic Republic, the area which formerly encompassed British Somaliland declared independence. In May 1991, the formation of the “Republic of Somaliland” was proclaimed, with the local government regarding it as the successor to the former British Somaliland as well as to the State of Somaliland. However, the Somaliland region’s self-declared independence remains unrecognised by any country.
Seith Kats
It should have scary and super tough on him
Somali Music Logic Pro x
Husein Abdi Kahin real SOMALILANDER proud you bro
Lots of unanswered questions…………
chetan bu
but still he played for british why not somalia it would have beenbest if somalia won a gold
Lol guys as Somalian Since the outbreak of war in our country, all the people who got the chance to move to foreign countries have helped their relatives who stayed in refugee camps or inside Somalia. People brought their friends or relatives as if they were family members. I mean, they lied about the immigration file. The same thing happened with this man. He was brought in by one of his relatives. He lied in this report, It is normal to ask senior family members to take care of young ones who may work for you unfairly, but in the end they are your family and they brought you illegally with your consent or the consent of your parents in Somalia. If he wasn’t famous, he would have been deported immediately after it was revealed that he came through a fraudulent immigration file
Khadar Mohamoud
Somaliland have real history
Rose Mery
Mo Farah you are Muslim live like Muslim with your Family. Teach them Islam. Your will be asked by Allah because you are responsible man
Gee Cee
Were you think celebrities, tv hosts, news anchors, athletes, politicians come from
Adam Younis
Hollywood take a note 📝
Where can you watch this?
The past is clear, here we come. The next president Of Somaliland.
Now it is time to take back your real name!
He reminds me of Tupac Shakur.
Annette Deane
He should have spoken up before getting his knighthood and lying about his parentage.
Muhyadin Abdillahi
So your name is hussein and your son is called hussein too
John Doe
Oh I see, now his running career has finished its time to source a new income, interviews, maybe a book and hopefully leading to Sir Mo. I just know there’s going to be racial abuse mentioned somewhere. I can also see immigrants using this example as a means to get in a country illegally, ” I can run, why can’t I stay”. Before woke accuses me of being racist its not because I’m white, its because I’m cynical….why not highlight immigration problems when his famous and not when his seeking new employment.
Big Vadge
Yet no reaction or rioting or statue smashing about the Somali family that was going to use him as a slave here 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Lily W
Is the documentary to paint him as a victim or to raise awareness on child trafficking?
Husseim Ali
as a somali, i cant swallow this story, it looks to me a half fake, most somalis come to the west illegally, that is true but taking small boy as a domestic servant, who does that, the harsh reality is that somali adult males are not known for their cooking or cleaning skills let alone a 9 years old child, iam 100% sure that who ever brought him to UK are blood relatives of him but somehow he suffered someform of child abuse.
Bushwhacked Dos.
So many holes In this story it’s laughable.
Will the teacher be charged with complicity?
common Sense
War wuxu been badanaa dad kii booska sii yee ayuu dhibata galinayaa
Vera W
Why is he telling us this ?? and how suddenly has he gained all this information without. childrens services doing proper checks on him? this just screams of what a total mess this country is in and how the so called authorities havent a clue of whos here why there here and how many are here?? ,,,,,,is this what our fathers and grandfathers fought to protect , our great big mess that was once England? DW NORFOLK U.K.
S Ansari
Somali and Somaliland’s history should be read too, atleast.
فا لت
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enough is enough
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hassy g
Ilhan Omar came to usa illegally and so did Ayaan Hirsi…its common Somali thing..also shows west has no control of borders
Андрій Некайов
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yellow monkey virus
then he is illegal , unless it’s legal trafficking
Al Tappo Mak Tappo
No such thing as Somaliland, its called Isaq land
Graeme Yetts
All sounds highly suspicious to me. Deport him he’s illegal.
Antisocial Behaviour disorder
Lies lol so false illigal immigrant
so is ‘trafficked’ the new word to make illegal immigrants sound like the victim’s, when in reality it’s the taxpayer