Largest Exoneration Suit Awards Only $9.2 Million After 22 Years Behind Bars – Blog

Now let’s lock up the woman and those who sentenced him behind bars for 22 years.
fux yews
Whenever anyone asks me why I’m against the idea of capital punishment, this is an example of why.. Its all good to torture, rape, attack, beat and eventually kill the criminal….right up until the moment that it turns out he’s not the criminal afterall.. Situations like this happen far too often, and in many cases the modern DNA evidence isn’t enough, because you’ve still got to get it through 1. a bunch of randomly chosen people on the jury who have no business being there (intellectually or academically) 2. a lawyer whos attack or defence of you is entirely determined by who’s giving him a paycheck 3. A Judge who can have his own agenda to determine a sentence 4. Witnesses with human fallibility 5. Police who can mishandle the entire situation leading up to the courtcase, using aggressive tactics to achieve false statement or withholding evidence to close a case on their side etc.. Theres not going to be a 100% perfect system for the forseeable future (ever?) and until we get that, we have no business treating prisoners like animals..and ESPECIALLY not when we are planning on putting them back into society at a later date.. 
9 mil is totally not even remotely close to compensate for 22 years. hes been in jail for almost as long as iv been alive i couldn’t even begin to imagine what that was like being an innocent man.
Jack K
I just thought how my life would be if I lost the last 22 years. No wife, no children, no home, no business, no lifestyle and no freedom, to mention but a few. I wouldn’t exchange that for any money. Edit: Ricky Jackson served 39 years before being exonerated and received just over 1 million USD. Utterly disgusting.
Ekaterina Valinakova
This man deserved ever penny, aside from wasting over two decades of his years in jail, his reputation may never fully recover. Now that this man has endured the horrors of prisons which include depression and prison rape, not only does this man deserve 9.2 million, but he deserves at least 22 million at a minimum, at least a million for each year he wasted.  He would had been spared 22 years of wasted time, and a possible death sentence from HIV if the individuals responsible for investigating the crime did their jobs properly.
$9.2 million ??????????????   They owe him like 1 BILLION
Amor Bay Garcia
9.2 Million won’t mend a broken life,lost family.
9,2m is pocket change. for 22 years? thats less than 500k per year that is outrageously low.
Mike Edmondson
And yet there are those who are pro death penalty?
One Side of TYT’s Mouth: “All these false imprisonments for rape are atrocious!” The Other Side of TYT’s Mouth: “We deem this man to be guilty of rape due to nothing other than the accusation levelled against him!”
…and let me guess…🙄the family members who disowned him want to be “family” again now that he’s getting millions.
julian brown
The prison system needs reform
😔😩 I just can’t imagine how he lived through it!!! Sad, so very sad.
You could make him a billionaire, and it Still will not replace the 22 years of his life; the important years that will ultimately shape you into the man that you are. And physically, he will recover, but mentally, psychologically, it stays with you. Doesn’t go away. Mentally, he’s still in that prison cell. (Like so many other exonerated people.)
Loved this video! Please do more like this! Completely agree with your stance on death penalty 🙂
I support the gay agenda
As long as it’s born and living (not a fetus) most rightwingers are more than willing to kill an innocent person.
This story inspired me to donate to the Innocence Project.
nora ekard
Feminist logic: Cries about rape culture. Discourages due process in rape cases, sending innocent men to prison; thereby supporting the REAL rape culture. me:   :–I
Salty Admiral
When something like this happens, the victim should be able to fucking write his own check!
This just angers me, being wrongly convicted and spending 22 years behind bars just makes me hate the police. What infuriates me even more is being told that there should be a max to the compensation you get, that 9.2 million is too much!!! Even if he didn’t get raped, HIV or suicidal, money can never repay the years that he lost behind bars.
Jermany 84
He missed out on: kids, family, funerals, marriages, friendships, a career, college, his coming of age 20’s, settling down in a house with a wife a dog, everything human we take for granted… Even aside from the rape torture and his own country betraying him… 9 mill then the IRS comes in and takes half…
The fact that they are arguing about the money over his innocence is bloody insulting.grrrr
Yeah, at first I thought that was a lot of money (which it still is), but after the described experience I guess I could say he deserves more.
Sidney Samsara
Look past the wrongful conviction. Why do we here in the US have what amounts to an epidemic of prison rape? It’s so bad it seems both accepted and a normal part of prison stays. Prisons seem like private fiefdoms where the rule of law does not apply and rights are privileges to be meted out at the discretion or whim of the law reinforcement authorities tasked to supervise the incarcerated Where are the huge class action lawsuits and outrage? Where are the prosecutions and firings for dereliction of duty?
Will the woman who identified him as the rapist faces charges?
The question is, would you spend 22 years behind bars for 10 million dollars?
Suggestion to new penal system: “You get sentenced to ten years hard labor, and daily rapes from hardened prison gangs! That is your sentence!”
Genocide Hero
I was thinking while watching that “the only thing the term rape culture even applies to is prison” and the guy said it.
Yeah, I’m saying he should get a million per year.
There is an interview out there with this man where he discusses his treatment before imprisonment. The sheriff responsible for this knew what he was doing. If anyone finds out further information. EG the sheriff’s name and whether the sheriff is still alive, please post below. He must be brought to justice. He should be imprisoned for the rest of his life.
Should be $50 mil.
He should have gotten WAY more than that, if not just for what he suffered, but to discourage these assholes from making HUGE mistakes like this in the future.
Muriel K
I’m only here because “When They See Us” has had me watching numerous youtube vids. If not for Netflix chances are I would not know about this, which is sad and devastating. This was uploaded 4 years ago and I’m only finding out about it now! Was there coverage, is there a book? Does he want to have his story retold. When you think about all the innocent people sitting behind bars possibly being beaten up, raped, rotting away in isolation it is absolutely gut wrenching!
Things like this why i reversed course on the death penalty favoring Norway’s humane prisons – just luck them up.
I support the gay agenda
Oh but conservatives always tell me that going to prison is like going to summer camp.  Cable TV, AC, and great healthcare.  They always say we coddle prisoners.
Top Self
After taxes, and having to pay for his prison stay and food in today’s fees, court/legal fees etc. he’ll probably receive $1mil at the most.
Take this set of damages and call it compensation. Add to it ACTUAL damages of an entire career and pension, top-grade medical expenses for the remainder of his life, etc
Marvin prince
One of the saddest nees ive heard
De'Lun Acharidd
I would love to spend 22 years in prison only to end up being exonerated and awarded 9.2 million dollars. It sure beats working 30 years in a cubicle while being constantly bullied by terrible managers, who make prison guards look polite, only to end up with earning less than $1 million dollars during that entire time!
This money cannot cure him of HIV but it will help him live
Caviteno Cavalryman Che
Above all else FREE HEALTH CARE FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE! Never having to pay taxes and be given a finances manager or account pro bono or paid by the government. He went through enough hell for several lifetimes with physical and mental scarring!
I applaud these people. I wont spend 22 hours behind bars as an innocent person, either I die or I get out
Cenk: “More men than women are raped in this country due to prison rape” For TYT and those of you who are more inclined towards feasting on hysteria, please choose one inflated narrative and stick with it, rather than advancing mutually exclusive hysterias on different days. Cenk less than one month ago you ran a story where someone disputes the “1 in 5 women have been raped or victims of attempted rape in the US” and you repeatedly state that the 1/5 number is true and cite the CDC to prove it. By the way, that is 31,000,000 women and girls in the US who are alive today and have been raped/attempted. In that same segment, you claimed 2% of men had been raped. And needless to say, 31,000,000 male prisoners have not been raped. See TYT video “Limbaugh Reaches New Low With Weird Rape Comments” from the beginning or at 4:00
Chris LeDoux
I think there should be no cap this way when we take things to trial that we make sure that we have the person who is being tried is not only guilty but guilty beyond the shadow of doubt.
50 Ducks In A Hot Tub
$1.1 million that the feds want to get away with paying him for 22 years works out to $5.70 per hour to get raped, beaten, contact HIV, attempted suicide, depressed and god knows what else he’s gone through.
Nope he deserve ever dime!
Benno Witter
9:26 Of course people are so barbaric. they are still holding on to a bronze age mythology that is barbaric, The an-eye-for-an-eye mentality is the result you get. Religions are dangerous!
Henry Darr
Dude has been damaged beyond repair !  No amount money can fix this man !
This is how I relax
$9.2M is a fraction of what he deserves.
iLindah Productions
HIV aids is a life sentence in itself.
Hell, $9.2mil is not enough in my book.
michelle stein-evers frankl
And yet, the 37 Still living hostages have $1 BILLION to divide up for 444 days, payment to be guaranteed by the US Congress.
好心Zhang Yong
I have always wondered? Do you have to pay tax on that money?
he deserves at LEAST 1 million per year spent in prison. that should be the starting point.
Nine million for twenty-two years? What a load of crap! He would of made about $20, 000 in that same span.
C Russ
Paying that much is a good incentive to get it right the first time.
No this guy doesn’t deserve $9.2M. He deserves MUCH MUCH MORE!
It is the attitude of “someone has to pay and I don’t care who” that starts it, then when they found out they will have to pay for the results of their rotten attitude they deny responsibility. He deserve way more than 9.2 million when his life is almost completely fucked now.  He is stronger than most of us to survival that.
Katie Spencer
He deserves every cent and more.
 Considering the amount of money the banks steal every single day, paying this guy $20-30 million would be nothing.
Oscar Black
Ill never get payed for my 10 years
Charlie Cain
I think he should be given 1 BILLION dollars per year. That will teach the government not to wrongfully imprison people.
he should be paid at least 2 million for each year spent in prison on top of going through all the shit he went through.
8:40 to answer Ana’s question: “White people are more likely to support the criminal justice system, including the death penalty, when they think it’s disproportionately punitive toward black people. That’s right: white people agree with criminal justice outcomes more when they think race disproportionately targets black people for incarceration. According to a 2012 Stanford study conducted in “liberal” San Francisco and New York City, when white people were told that black people were unfairly impacted by punitive criminal justice policies like three-strikes laws and stop-and-frisk, they were less likely to advocate for criminal justice reform. In a similar vein, researchers found in 2007 that telling whites about racist sentencing laws made them favor harsher sentences. That is, racism made them like those sentences more. The study authors write: “[O]ur most startling finding is that many whites actually become more supportive of the death penalty upon learning that it discriminates against blacks.”
There will never be enough money to replace 22 years of someones life
iLindah Productions
vengeful hearts want ANYONE to pay.
No, they are right give him his one million…. for every year he spent in prison. Those who gave the false evidence should now have their turn in the same prison Odom for no less than two years.
OMG, can you imagine being this poor man? Knowing you’re innocent and nobody believes you, not even your family?  It’s an unfathomable horror – something you don’t even want to consider.  Anyone who knowingly participates in the deliberate fabrication of evidence needs to be held responsible.  This doesn’t necessarily mean the original rape victim – it’s totally possible she couldn’t identify her assailant….I’m referring to the cops, prosecutors and even the judges – I’d give double the pain they caused their victim. Think of all the people who have been innocent, yet plead guilty to lessor charges.  They’re told that it’s the “smart” thing to do, and that if they insist on going to trial – because we’re lazy and/or don’t want to spend the $ – they’ll never see daylight again.  That’s no different than a forced confession.  When your guilt or innocence is decreed by your economic status, that means your legal system is broken, and your democracy has gone up in flames….just like it is now… How can anyone support the death penalty, knowing how many innocent people have been discovered, languishing on death row?  You have to be a really special kind of stupid…..
James Frizell
Geez, That’s a lifetime….what a massive waste… 🙁
Devil's advocate
I got an idea. How about every member of congress experience jail for at least a week. Then have them talk about their laws regarding jail.
Another man guy who was convicted based on the “hair forensics” is on death row. Willie manning.
Ana – what if you totally know someone e.g. killed a person or two or fifty?
Wille _
1 million per year. That’s a fair price.
Can’t pay him more than that.. Gov gotta bail out some more banks yo!
Barry Nichols
Does he have to pay tax on that ?
With the right calculations he is supposed to get $11,962,000
Mark Jones
I want too like this video but they were all over the place with one especially Cenk however the story is very sad I wish nothing but the best for him and his family.
Keyser Soze
About a million dollars per year served would be about right, though it still wouldn’t get you your life back.
Mat Broomfield
His incarceration was appalling, but “only” 9.2 million?! If he lived 100 lifetimes he was unlikely to earn that much. I am sickened for this man, but making him fantastically wealthy is no compensation, nor is it fair on the society that foots the bill. The team’s arguments against prison rape are excellent points however.
Leonard Greenpaw
I am in favor of the death penalty because we didnt have dna evidence back then, but we have it NOW. so if dna says they are guilty, its much less likely that they are innocent
Bad Gengar's Bad Gaming
Oh Cenk, don’t you know, it’s not REAL rape when it happens to men, it’s a punch line, always has been, always will be.
If I were in charge of the appeal case, I’d let them appeal, but when I got through bringing up damages for things like being negligent with regards to preventable rape, lack of std control (a lot of prisons even outlaw condoms), and opening up potential cases against any individuals responsible that I could…well, despite only 1.1mil being from the wrongful conviction, they’d be wishing they’d just paid the first amount and shut their mouths.
This is what happens when you “Listen and Believe” like a true feminist.
The Nice Mean Man
I guess it’s worth it, seeing as he hasn’t been able to produce a brood of welfare-sucking black children. Plus he’s been out of circulation on the streets where he would have done God knows how much damage. Yeah. I think I can live with that. Too bad he wasn’t murdered in prison, though. That would have been a real bonus.
IS This The Real Life
What this situation needs is more government….
the amount of sexism on here is absurd. I guess not, considering its the internet.
Aside from the initial compensation for psychological trauma and etc, these people should be given a bank account that receives 1M from the state every year for the rest of their lives.
latino man just got 20 sumthin million for 20+ years
Forget the fact that 9.2 million isint enough for what this man went through for 22years. 9.2 million is way over what an average person would make. What do you guys think? I think its still pretty good since he received more than what he ever would have made and he no longer has to work a day in his life and can spend the rest of his life recovering in bags of money.
I still thinik the amount is enough based on that there is no amount of money that could be right. They can never repay him for what theyve done but at least he gets to live like a king his last years in life.
Michael Davis
Not only was 22 years taken aways from him, his life-span is now shorter with HIV
kieran franey
he deserve’s 900 million dollar’s.
Rourke Productions
He deserves more. That’s not enough.
There are people innocent in prison??? NO WAY!
Fucked up man, time is the most precious resource, and this man lost 22 years, damn right 9.2 mill isn’t enough.
Another way to look at this is if there is a death penalty then this man would not have to suffer this long.
It’s really great that he is so openly sharing his story because it’s a story that needs to be told. People often joke about prison rapes but that should not be happening in a so-called controlled environment. Being raped and brutalized should not be part of the punishment for inmates, especially when we know so many are innocent. That judge is truly awesome.
Salacious Crumb
they should receive some kind of have it all for free card so that whatever they decide to do or buy for the rest of there lives is charged on the government that convicted them.
So, in review – how can you cal America the land of the free, oh wait, if you have money, power and say the right right things then you can be free?!
It’s like anything else. The justice system overall needs to be fixed so that we DON’T have so many innocents convicted. When you do that, the debate over the death penalty becomes less volatile because then you actually are only convicting the guilty. And sometimes the guilty deserve to die.
Matthew Clemence
I’ll go one further and say how can you be in favor of life sentences as a law? Imho should be 25 years max than can be extended to be 25 ish more. In other words you can’t be sentenced to life by law, but can still happen unless you prove yourself to be acceptble to be released back into society.
M Krump
Now 9.2 millions dollars, I wish for him they also have a follow up for his security, psychologic development. If not! that cash will burn in hell as well.
He should get a million for every year he spent in jail PLUS additional damages for the rapes, HIV etc… He should get AT LEAST 30 million. But alas, all the money in the world isn’t going to help this poor man. Unfortunately.
I say pay him more and more importantly go after the prosecutors and court personnel who fraudulently conspired to put an innocent black man in prison..hold the prosecutors and judges liable for accepting erroneous evidence…they are culpable too
I would not even give 5 years of my life for 100 million dollars. Based on personal experience I find that happiness comes from being the person you want to be.
Falling Starcore
Yeah 40k a year is not worth that, but at least he can live the remainder of his life in some comfort. I wish him the best, and i am sorry this has happened to you.
Vishnu Nair
Home of the free?
Ian Battles
If anyone thinks this is too much money, I invite YOU to wrongfully spend 22 years in prison.
the .brogamer
41k salary over 22 years.
D. Cohen
I know it doesn’t relate to the story, but I’m disappointed that Cenk didn’t have a A-team sound effect every time Ana said, “wrongfully convicted of a crime he didn’t commit”….
One of the (many) worst parts of this story is that the actual criminal was free all this time!!!
Anthony Bates
He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity.
Mahatma Kane Jeeves
 These FBI “hair experts” should all be fired
He needs to sue the prison separately,for the rape and hiv.
Kburd 1348
99.9876% of comments actually took time to make a name for this channel.
Considering how the US legal system has been acting lately they probably would have tried charging him for room and board if they thought for even a second they could get away with it. “He was innocent and spent the states resources while doing time he should not. clearly he should pay for it.” I wish i was only halfway joking. 🙁
Bernd Lauert
I would go to jail for 22 years for 9.2 Million.
I keep wondering why the people who put this man in prison are not investigated and trailed…
Ken Keller
The really shitty thing about all this is that we actually have a system in place that objectively favors the defendant, and we still wrongfully convict people.  The principle that our criminal justice system is supposedly built upon is the adage: “Better a hundred guilty men go free than one innocent man go to jail,” (supposedly), I think it’s a terrible thing that public defenders are the bottom rung of the legal profession. It’s clear that the only people who have access to the legal system that favors the defendant are the people wealthy enough to hire amazing litigators.  Public defenders should be a salaried position of equal status to the prosecutors in the DA’s office, then we might see some justice. It wouldn’t even be that difficult, or expensive.
Art blender
you can never put a price on a human life, but im sure the 9 million helped a little.
There are cases were people sat that much time and they only got a few 100k. Some states passed laws to were there is a cap on how much you can get. And the cap is low
Phil Hmp
The US Justice system is riddled with shameful failures. It’s a scam run by crooked lawyers and bent cops. It’s a sick joke on society.
Even better would be if the prosecutor, judge, police detectives. etc., had to pay the damages instead of the taxpayers.
22 years = 22 Million a year for 22 years = 484 million he is due in my book. Might get prosecutors to make sure they have gotten it right before they do this to a person.
Just Be Respectful.
How long would you willfully stay in prison if you got $1000 a day but didn’t get it until you got out?
I agree with the critics in one way : the federal should pay another $9.2 million dollars to that guy… And the procurer and judges of that particular case, if they are still alive, they should pay something as well – couple thousands from these guys for putting an innocent in jails would not hurt society.
kieran franey
what sort of animal culture do you have in America, actually animal’s treat their own much better.
Radosław Hołdys
Eye for an Eye will make the world blind .
Herr Mondlicht
give him more money
Letting a guilty person free is better than imprisoning an innocent person. This should be the bedrock from which the justice system is built.
if i was that guy that wrongfully got convicted the only thing i would do when i got out i would be to go after the DA and judge
It this money tax-free?
Pat Hacker
Had no idea there was such a thing as “elite hair experts”.  What was the name of that movie where Adam Sandler was an Israeli hair dresser?
TJ Duff
Nice jiggle @ 3:35 Ana!
Persado RAP
he deserves a hundred million dollars……………………
alot of money, but you can’t buy back 22 years of your life.
Keven Harvey
This kind of wrongful imprisonment is at least 2 injustices, an innocent person going to jail, and in this case a rapist walking free, who potentially goes on to rape more people. Some people just want someone to pay for what was done to them, instead of wanting the culprit to pay for the crimes he commited, innocent until proven guilty is a great concept, but it’s being forgotten more and more.
i’m pretty sure layers are legally obligated to get the best circumstance that they can for their client, in this case the client is the state, so yeah, they are going to try to reduce how much the government has to pay, they are legally obligated to do so.
Ryan Skaleta
Lol since when has 9.2 Million dollars been ”only” smh…
American justice system is a ruse. A put-on.
Drew James
Under normal circumstances, I’d be in favor of the death penalty, but our justice system is so horribly inaccurate that I cannot, in good conscience, allow that module of the machine to remain installed. If hundreds of iPhones randomly started exploding in people’s faces, we’d make them bar their sale until the problem was resolved, I don’t see why we hold state sanctioned executions to a LOWER STANDARD than the thing people play games on while they poop.
Look at the bright side mister , you get to watch all of GoT,Walking Dead,Vikings,Breaking Bad and countless other movies and you get to buy a lamborghini aventador at your penthouse ? is it worth rape ? i dont know i guess i never tried but hey your now a big spender, lol jk but seriously he gets to watch GoT in all it’s glory
George Lyons
Money can’t even begin to begin to compensate for 22 years of life.
Alejandro Smillie Munoz
poor man he has spent his life in prison for doing nothing  he should get the 9.2 million 
22 years? that’s fucked! at least he didn’t get the death penalty…
I am pro death penalty but NOT the way we handle it at the moment. Any death penalty should be reserved for cases where there could never, under any circumstances, be a wrongful conviction. These cases, with that level of evidence, would be extremely uncommon but they would exist still. A good example of this type of case would be Anders Breivik. The amount of evidence, including his apprehension on the island at the camp while still going about his terror attack, is so overwhelming I would feel perfectly fine with his execution as there is NO way he was not the one who did it. Some case where there is only some eye witness testimony and even some small amount of DNA evidence placing the person at the scene would not qualify for the death penalty. The amount of evidence required should be beyond any possible doubt but if that evidence is there, then, and only then am I ok with a sentence of death.
I feel like it should be more .b
Bazooka Ike
I wouldn’t worry too much about him being estranged from family members over the years.  Now that he got paid, I’m sure they’ll come running back with open arms, looking for a handout.
How much will a lifetime of HIV pharmaceutical cocktails cost?  If that wasn’t factored in, it should’ve been.
mark mcintosh
He should get a billion
Does he get taxed on the judgement?  Is his medical care paid for free, or does he have to use funds from the judgement?
And people ask me why I don’t believe in God when shit like this happens.
Rex Everthing Entertainment
In my opinion, the death penalty should exist in cases where we know we have the right guy (ex. confessed serial killers) on a federal level because taking the lives of 3+ voids the criminals right to spend $40K+ of our tax dollars per year until he dies anyway.
keep it 1000
I would not trade this guy experience for billions ffuck the money. Money is nothing
Atomic Punk!!
Man this is messed up, i can see the money argument from both sides. Certainly no amount of money can make up for what happened to this man, you can’t offer me a sum of money and have me go through this. And just because he’s free doesn’t mean he can just go on and live the rest of his life, it would be amazing if he’s been able to hold on to shreds of his own sanity never mind the damage to his own physical well being including aging. However despite no amount of money being enough we can’t give him the world, it doesn’t belong to us other people need it. I make that Previous comment not suggesting his money should go down at all however if anything it should always go up.
If I was convicted of murder, and I was given the choice between life in prison and death. I would choose death; even if I was innocent. I think prisoners should have the right to choose death if they choose to.
Just beacuse there is flaw in system dosent mean to abolish punishment.  Why not stop prosecuting at all? There is possibility to convict innocent person!  what a idiotic argument.
Still not enough money.  That man had his life taken away and now he has to deal with a debilitating illness as a result of the lapse in our justice system.  Those that argue he deserved less money are despicable human beings who deserve nothing more than what this man went through, so they could understand the gross injustice that this man faced.
E Gto
9.2 million for 22 years behind bars since the age of 18? That’s not enough, not to mention the fact he was raped and now has AIDS!
Tbh he wouldnt have made 10 mil in those 20 years. Pretty good deal in my opinion. Id take it up the ass in prison for 10 million
Shawn Redshaw
TYT, I love you guys.  But why do you always bring up the anti-Capital Punishment stance every single time you do an exoneration story?  Admittedly, most people who are pro-Capital Punishment are not basing their stance on strong logical reasoning.  But the reason I am pro-Row IS because of the exoneration rate.  Death Row has a much higher number of exoneration’s the normal prison because 3 different people must sign off on an order to end someone’s life, 2 of which have no invested interest in the case.  So they want to make damn sure the person is guilty before they do, which is why they pull out all the stops by using ALL the evidence in the final appeal….including evidence for the defense which was previously ruled ‘inadmissible’ in the original trial. Granted that this does not always clear in the innocent, but when someone is sentenced to just prison, its basically case closed with little to no chance of exoneration.  They just throw them in cage and forget about them, out of sight – out of mind.   So if your really in favor of exoneration’s — as ugly and risky as it may be, you should also be in favor of the death penalty as well.  I dont really buy into the whole “eye for an eye” thing since most of the people who are caught dead to rights committing the most heinous of crimes, just plead guilty anyway to avoid the death penalty — which is intended for sickos like them.
Holy shit! Wrongful conviction and years behind bars aside, he contracted HIV! That’s what stood out the most to me. It’s essentially a death sentence. On that alone he deserves every penny of compensation he got… I never really gave prison rape much thought. I mean, it’s horrible and a thing that we all know is going on, but fucking hell – you’d think they’d separate the inmates with AIDs from everyone else. What happened to common sense?!
a man falsely accused of rape how unsurprising.
Seppuku Senpai
I’m for the death penalty even if I live in a country which doesn’t have it BUT! I believe there should be a much much higher standard for when someone is convicted and sentenced too it and I don’t believe in this “humane peaceful” way its done. No one should be sentenced to die unless its is cut and clean ofc, there has to be good DNA evidence At LEAST or something like caught red handed with the body and just one murder isn’t enough. 
Prison Industrial Complex at it’s worse.
1 Year of wrongful imprisonment = $1 Million
i hope they find a cure for hiv and aids b4 its too late for him.
Being locked up kept him out of trouble that he would have been locked up for anyway.
brandon anderson
Wait does he have to pay taxes on that money if he did that would suck even more
TC Sam
The fact that congress capped the settlement amount a 1 million shows they know that there is a great number of wrongfully convicted in our prison system. Given a choice between taking steps toward fixing the problem or just capping the settlement to limit financial settlement, it’s obvious what the politicians thought was more important.
If you want to fix stuff, start using Internet voting to vote.
prisones should be forced to study during their jail time… that way if they are exonerated then their time wont be totally wasted. if they are guilty at least they wont return to society without any qualifications and risk falling back into crime. Also the rape has to go… I also think it has to be possible to go after prosecutors that knowingly do their job poorly. that should be investigated…
Government wrongly convicts man, then gives him 9.2 million dollars in our tax money
Wind Roadways
I think it doesn’t make a difference if he gets 9 million or 20 million.. the point is, that he is financially cared for. But there are things you can’t buy with money
Gil CJ
The people who put this man behind bars should be in jail for helping the rapist to continue raping out there among so many other things. Isn’t this something like being an accessory to crime or something similar?
patrick ray
ONLY 9.2 million dollars? that’s rather small after serving 22 years behind bars, he should had gotten 22 million dollars or double it to 44 million dollars.
Antonio Cusato
Offcourse prosecutors are going to screw over anyone, innocent or guilty regardless when there’s no accountability to any of these scum bags.
If DC lawyers and prosecutes are behind this it does not follow that DC taxpayers should pay. The lawyers, prosecutors, and cops personally responsible for the injustice should be personally liable.
please just remember this is nothing compared to 100 years ago. this society and world may not be the best but we have time to grow and become better!
Dave Stevens
What about the rape victim who now has to live with the fact that her rapist was never punished?  She also deserves compensation.  Cops, prosecutors, the judge and jury took an easy out and convicted this poor guy to get the crime off their books, all the while telling the victim “We got him!” Probably knowing the didn’t.
should have gotten 1 billion dollars, tax free
All the people saying he should receive 1.1 million should be put in prison for 22 years, in the same conditions he was, and then receive 1.2 million – $100,000 more than they want to give him – good deal right?
That guy deserve to be outside the spectrum of money, his life is ruined, he has spent majority of his existance in jail so he problable cant function well outside it. He has contracted uncurable disease and depression and is very likely to commit suicide one day because of this. He should have a card with unlimited money that he can use whenever he want at anything he want, all bills should go to those who doomed him.
Lying about rape should be as big of a crime as actual rape.
nora ekard
I better not see any feminists on this video, or by the 8 and one divines of Tamriel… Amazing how not only does this guy get his entire life destroyed, the woman who put him behind bars gets to hide her face….thanks for nothing rape shield laws, what a load of horse crap.
plus, if you’re dangerous enough and/or have enough connections, you won’t actually be raped in jail. in other words, being raped is a punishment only for who’s not criminal enough. how fair is that system, which society so gladly endorse?
Le F
Being wrongly incarcerated has always been a bad thing. I say if there are those who object to the amount of money people are being paid that have been wrongly convicted and served time in our jails, prisons Then The Solution Is Get It Right the First Time Then You Won’t Have To Pay!
Gotta love merica, the land of the cheat, rape, lies, and everything else wrong with society
9.2 million is way more than he would’ve made this entire life.
Barbara Gordon
JR is so right, but at the fucking minimum judges shouldn’t be able to deny a defendant’s appeal for DNA testing, especially in cases where DNA testing wasn’t possible at the time. That’s such a simple thing that can be corrected.
Michael Dennis
Not nearly enough. $109 million would be more appropriate
Russ Tul
Love the Young Turks, but the only way to prevent the many  horrific crimes that are being committed, I’d  propose a law under which the perpetrator would be  executed in the same way as he/she killed the victim. That would make the perverts think twice.
Sherie Thomas
If God did exist..he would have vaporised America by now.
so where are the charges for the people that falsified forensics and the ones that lied under oath. those are actual crimes. where are the charges?  why isnt it a crime to falsely accuse someone of rape? if you dont know or youre not sure, say that. if you say “that guy raped me.” and he didnt… you should get locked up.
Tayler Jenkins
In the dmv 50000 a year is good money not average
Only 9.2….. id do 22 years for 9.2, are u kidding me
Yeah its not a lot, but if he invest it wisely, its more than enough to live a more than comfortable life until he dies.
its funny how they often let women get more than what they were offered in a divorce settlement when they asked for it and then they come up excuses to not to let a man who was convicted of a crime that he didn’t commit  for 20 years ask for more than he was offered him. smh
Kevin W. Clark
No amount will be enough. What people are missing is that not only was his life stolen from him but some or most of his friends and family believed he was a rapist. You also took his social stance, his respect and person. Society treated him differently as he was in jail.
S 117
If they can’t pay him enough money for what he went through then maybe he should have received any money, it’s clearly wasted on him if he doesn’t find it valuable. He was given enough money to never have work, and live quite luxuriously, I was a liberal at a time, but now it just seems annoying and whiney
Mystogan Edolas
2 milion per year and tax exemt for life. Btw if this was a White person people would be yelling “That only happened because he is white!!” then procede to call the curt racist all the while being racist them self.
Future Reader
Yet black men still chase white women lol
Sending someone to prison in the US is a traumatic experience. The US government should pay them an equally traumatic amount of money. I’m seeing people throwing out numbers like one million a year. How much would you have to pay someone to take the job of living Mr. Odom’s life? That’s how much he should get. I’d say $920 million. If it causes huge deficit problems, GOOD! Maybe then we’ll actually make prisons with basic human decency, or at least hold to that whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing.  Jayar hit the nail on the head (as usual, I really want to hear his opinions more), this money isn’t about him, it’s about the government. The way these payouts work right now is to create the public perception of justice, rather than disincentivize wrongful convictions.  Another way to do this would be give every law-enforcement person (cops, scientists, prosecutors, judges)  the sentences of anyone that gets wrongfully convicted through negligence. 
btw cenk, prisoners of war are normally treated allot better than domestic prisoners, it isn’t so true anymore, but the idea behind treating the pows you have good is in the hope that your enemy treats the pows they have good. not so true anymore, to put it bluntly the rules of war have changed to the point where most wars aren’t even technically declared these days, folk who are far removed from battlefields are declared enemy combatants and nobody ever ends up declared a pow, because oddly enough pows have allot more rights than enemy combatants.
I don’t agree with the death penalty but because they should rot in prison however I don’t want to pay for their meals clothing and housing. and if you look at the amount of hours spent on death row compared to how many hours are spent in jail period that is inconsequential. in years to come this debate will become inconsequential and we will be debating a similar phenomenon to Minority Report (though I doubt it). but this Channels views are important because you have to get the extreme view out there to bring things into perspective!!!
Adeodatus de Lancella
Honestly most females are pretty shady, I’m not even being sexist it’s just a fact. Women of this generation are absolutely horrible.
Vishnu Nair
I believe that even at the risk of some guilty people getting scot free, no innocent should ever be convicted…. Its just inhuman… and if ever the state was guilty found of manufacturing evidence to wrongfully convict someone, all those mofos should get mandatory minimums of at least 10 years….
Shanae Mays
He deserves that money&even more,for what he went thru…
Ira Nutter
Falsely imprisoned, subjected to rape, his life is shortened by an incurable disease, and he has been estranged by family members and you think 9 million dollars covers the bill? Allow yourself to be forced into that life and we’ll see your first words coming out. I’m disgusted by any amount of people who simply have no empathy for this man.
H. A.
People will quickly say they are willing to do 20 yrs in prison for 9 mill. however the threat of prison isn’t solely physical violence but also rape, torture, depression, anxiety, death of family & friends, the risk of HIV & Hep C, etc. Granted our prison shouldn’t be daycare centers but what ever happened to the idea of rehabilitation in order to decrease crime? Unfortunately, our prison systems consist of gladiator schools which are prisons for young offenders as well as criminal institutions where convicts go to hone their trade-craft.
anthony campbell
This is capitalistic country there should be no cap it should unlimited only way the government. Learns its lessons
he deserve more than that… whats happening to officials involved in case.. nothing? and where’s the person who commit this crime? sure he went on to commit more crimes right? do you think cops and system is there to protect people. oh pls..
BRILLiant Mindz Media
I guess im ignorant but it seems to me if prisons had adult toys like tenga eggs or things to that effect that are one time disposable use then maybe there would be less rapes?
he should get enough money to live in a nice hotel for the rest of his life. and a nice girlfriend to enjoy it all with. if they have kids – gov’t pays for school and college. i would say that would be as just a settlement as possible.
Like the death penalty, but as long as the right people get it..Not the wrong ones.