Juror who convicted Morton feels guilty – Blog

The justice system isn’t broken to those who aren’t victims of it. The reality is our court systems suck and are truly unfair
It’s really hard for me to feel any kind of anger towards her as a person. I think that she is essentially a decent person. Much, MUCH more than the prosecutor who gave a half baked apology just to be seen on camera.
Ryan Paige
@viper19861986 It helps a lot, though, when prosecutors don’t 1. misrepresent scientific evidence (even the expert didn’t testify that the food in Christine Morton’s stomach pinpointed the time of death, only that the death could have occurred before Michael Morton left for work), and 2. fail to turn over potentially exculpatory evidence as required by Brady vs. Maryland (which had been decided two decades before the Morton trial) that likely would have changed the verdict and saved Debra Baker.
Rusty Martell
She shouldn’t feel guilty and I’m sure that Morton would give her a hug.   She and the others did what they were there to do,  it’s not their fault that the Prosecutor was withholding exculpatory evidence that would have likely led to a different conclusion. She should not be shamed, but she should certainly shame the Prosecutor.
At least her feelings of remorse indicate she is a decent enough person who made a very human error. I can’t say the same for Ken Anderson
Jameson Regean
My brother had her as a substitute she is one of the nicest teachers!
I would feel guilty but it was the prosecution’s fault
Cynthia Allaire
@ryanpaige1 The “expert witnesses” who are paid by the prosecution can be counted on to say what the prosecution wants to hear, very rarely anything else, because to cast doubt or to refute the prosecution’s case would mean not getting called back in to serve the prosecution in subsequent trials – big loss of income, plus ostricization if they’re employed as a detective or in a crime lab. This is part of the reason the conviction rates are absurdly high, filling for-profit prisons.
T Leigh
She better not watch “An Unreal Dream” (The Michael Morton Story) then… bc shed feel even worse!!! Idk how a jury convicted him anyway with NO evidence at all!! That documentary about him is heartbreaking. Esp when his son wanted to change his last name and stop visiting him in prison… he was devastated…
City Eastwood
That’d be tough. If you didn’t have all the info I wouldn’t feel as bad but if you knew he was innocent then you deserve that pain. That’s for every jury of innocent people everywhere.
David fernandez
The citizens of Williamson County elected and re-elected Anderson and Bradley and others just like them. This is the kind of justice system these citizens tolerate. It’s not news that Williamson County judges and prosecutors are hard core when it comes to crime and they are hard core because that’s what the citizens of Williamson County want. No offense to this juror, but her job as a juror was to look for reasons to acquit, not reasons to convict
Daniel Leyva
Well, I hope the jury lives with it on them forever.
This Lady is so right. The “System” is Broken. Everyone outside the “system” knows it.. She wasn’t given all of the facts. Just what The System wanted them to hear.. I applaud her for saying what she said. You can see how it effected her. I’ll remember her the next time I’m called for Jury Duty!!
Poor thing… crazy how the prosecutor responsible feels no guilt but this woman tasked with playing out his coverup carries that weight.
Mark Weinstein
There’s something rotten in the state of Texas – the state of Texas.
Marty harding
@viper19861986 Just saying and I’m not trying to start an argument but one of the first things this poor guy said after he got out “I’m glad this wasn’t a capitol case” We should be glad too.
Matthew Smith
If it wasn’t her on that jury, someone else would have been tricked into convicting him.
Mantis Toboggan M.D.
The jury bears no responsibility whatsoever. Based on the evidence that WAS presented, they made the right decision. It was the evidence that Anderson and those other over-zealous criminals that landed this poor guy in prison. It’s scary to think that people like ken Anderson hold positions of power and can play god whenever they choose.
Isaac Mentouri
She shouldn’t’ feel bad, we all would’ve done the same thing in that situation had we not been given the hidden evidence. Bad science stated that she died 4 hours after dinner at around 1am when he was home. This is not true, as she was killed hours after that…it’s very convincing at the time, but a horrible mistake.
What a stupid reason to assume someone is guilty of murder. Food is packed with preservatives and that slows digestion, look up on yt ramon noodles in stomach which is one of worst offenders. Even if no preservatives in food still dumb person who thinks thats solid reason to convict someone for a crime
JimB 1985
The jurors were misled. They have to shoulder some of the blame, but not as much as the prosecutors who lied to them.
Thomas Jefferson
EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THE JURY SHOULD BE SENT TO PRISON,and do the time of the person they wrongfully found guilty…..
She can cry all the crocodile tears she wants but she was part of ruining a mans life. Sleep well there is no absoultion for you.