Jeffrey Epstein’s Death & America’s Prison Problem | The Daily Show – Blog

This just in: Jeffrey Epstein cremates himself while the coroner goes to lunch.
Kenny Michael Alanya
R.I.P. to the Homeless man who looked like Jeffrey Epstein that got killed instead 🥺😢
Shubham Solankar
We have to wait until a Netflix series comes out to understand what just happened in America
Wayne D
Guess what. Both the cameras at his cell were malfunctioned. I own a subway and 2 weeks ago I had one of my cameras malfunction. I immediately got a notification and went to my store to check it out. So you’re telling me that a federal prison had no idea that the cameras were malfunctioning? I’m calling bs. There is no way that I have a better security system in place at my business then the federal government has in a prison. Also prisons officers monitoring the cameras 24/7. So not only were the two guards over worked and fell asleep and didnt check up on Epstein but the camera malfunction also wasnt noticed by the monitoring officers? Makes perfect sense
Momomils 298
A part of me feels like he’s not really dead…but chillin somewhere under a different identity.
The Great Fomo
I like how they blame the prison system when the real problem is corruption in all levels of government.
Bellla Z.
This is actually disappointing! I wanted him to name some damn names!
Andrea Reyes
If you have both sides, left and/or right, wether they are conspiracy theorists or not, and they mutually agree that something is suspicious, you know for a FACT some shady shit went down
It’s just about obvious to me that those “high-profile individuals” made sure that they would not be snitched on. Remember ya’ll, money talks.
Jason Bonne
My experience tells me that a person who is so squatting and shameless will not commit suicide.
Craig Alexander
He was off suicide watch even though he made an attempt a couple of weeks ago, and he could snitch on a whole bunch of major players, seems a bit suspicious.
Amanda C
What if they faked his death and helped him skip the country?
Tyler Hackner
We need to see a body. Not trying to be a conspiracy theorist, but this is all very suspicious.
Heri Styono
“You can’t make fun of somebody’s death” Trevor : Hold my beer
Zamyra Abdel Hady
Think about it, all those girls could have been my sisters, daughter or even myself. We ALL should be outraged and demand answers and action.
Nancy Beveridge Taylor
As a survivor, I wanted him to live a long time. He needed to face his accusers. And they needed to see him face them.
Htx Slimjim
This was a perfect blend of facts and comedy 😂I was dying laughing
Eric Dodson
If you think you were shocked that he committed suicide, just imagine how shocked he was when he found out
Even Epistien was shocked that he commuted suicide
The Daily Show staff is so good. This segment was fire.
Johnny Ryall
“understaffed prison” : then find a way to put less people of petty crimes inside. Oh but I forgot, that would also mean less free work force :/
Harrison Darby
For once, I consider myself a Centrist: I think both Clinton AND Trump killed him.
“You would think that in a situation like this, the president would be the voice of reason…” I don’t think anyone who has been living on Earth over the last 3 years expected Trump to ever be the voice of reason.
Frank Karzenowski
Love what he had to say. The real question is why wasn’t justice served originally? Conspiracy theories everywhere and you may have hit the nail on the head.
WOW. that was insightful. The real conspiracy isn’t how he died. It’s how he got away with it for so long.
Halle Jordan Stanley
Looks like we gonna have to wait 10 years for someone to spill the tea
Wait we are sure hes actually dead, right? As ridiculous as it sounds this is exactly what super rich people are capable of doing.
You are the voice of reason, Trevor. Thank you!
How can you tell when Trump is guilty of something? When he accuses someone else of doing it. He is the undisputed king of projection.
Tsar Bomba Nuke
Imagin if he is alive and he changes his identity, money is a very powerful thing.
“I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but something weird happened here.” Trevor just said what almost every single American is thinking. Except for the ones with the tinfoil hats. They’re like, “Finally! We were right about something!!!!”
Anesthesia Awareness
The voice of reason in this case is to question the suicide. Going along with the suicide narrative without questioning it, is a problem.
Matt Schatz
Whoever took him off suicide watch should be investigated.
Why you wanna know my name!?
“A result of Epstein being treated for the first time as everyone else” Exactly my thoughts!
Artie Rupinen
“So the good news is he didn’t kill himself.” I’m dead. No pun intended. XD XD XD
2 questions: a) Who runs that prison? b) Who decided to take him off the suicide watch?
Nancy Vanselow
Thanks Trevor! You always know how to break it down and get real and you make me laugh while you do it!
amanda wilder
I dont think the suicide ruling is true, men like him are too coward.
traxxmediagroup traxx
They had to shut him up.. he was about to expose the 1%
The ones currently in charge want to blame those who had the same position 2 decades ago. Wow! This is your guy and your Justice Department, Mr. President.
So do we remember how conveniently Lee Harvey Oswald never made it to trial. Things that make you go hmmm.
Daeven Ville
It’s amazing how helpful these people are, they even helped him commit suicide against his will!
I think he was definitely taken out, but I agree with Trevor that the conspiracy has been going on for way longer.
Rebecca Muñoz
I appreciate your view It’s about time, finally to hear someone talk about this, openly
Aly Red
When I heard about his death I remember feeling guilty that I was so angry…. because my first thoughts were about what a f***ing coward he was. The way he’s been painted as some victim of conspiracies only makes me angrier. Thank you Trevor. Thank you. Not because you were for or against anything in particular, but because you put that sh*t into perspective- which it’s clear will be necessary over and over and over and over again.
Sandra Kaye Hansen
Thank you, Trevor! It’s about time somebody said it! Thanks for the upload.
Wing ZX1103
Its not a conspiracy theory, its the obvious writing on the wall that something shady went down and something happened in the background
Rio Minier
His death doesnt matter, how it happened doesnt matter.. the whole stage is flawed always has always will
lilitu Kasdeya
epstein doesn’t seem the kind of person who’ll get caught (for the second time at that) without an exit plan.
Barr’s looking into it. That means we’ll never know the truth.
Many people have had a BIG payday for allowing this to happened
Emma Burgess
I totally agree .. I told my husband he was finally treated like everyone else!!
Kai Zen of The Black Sky Legion
Fell down some steps onto a revolver accidentally shooting himself in the back of the head 8 times. Death ruled “shark attack”… seems legit.
Light Warrior
Pockets go deep. What’s sickening is how long this likely went on and still does 😩and how many women’s lives have been shattered. I Hope one day the girls get their justice in spectacular fashion. Girl with the dragon tattoo style 💪🏼
Nimisha Narayan
Both the cameras in Epstien’s prison malfunction, Epstien’s cellmate is transferred out, so he was all alone, the guards on duty fall asleep and failed to check on him, like dude if you wanted to kill the man at least do it properly without these convenient coincidences lying around for the whole world to see and easily figure out what really went down
Carl Mucker
Honestly how do we he is dead ? He’s a billionaire, it would be easier for him to fake his death more than most!
destini miss
I hope that justice will be served. And this is shady,I can imagine that he was killed for not talking by some of his former “friends”. #investigation
After a month of hard research, I have come to the conclusion that I like Trevor Noah. Although I lean more to the right, the man is straight up hilarious
Najma ALI
BRO even a blind person can see how suspicious this is!
Imagine all the enemies/former “clients” Epstein has, then think of the wealth of those people and what they can do with that money.. I hate conspiracy theories so I won’t make any accusations, I just think there should be a significant investigation around this.
Nico Estelle
It’s very suspicious. You think those people in high places will allow for him to live ? I doubt it.🤔
Louisiana Eu
Hope his Mamma keeps Trevor grounded to who he truly is; He is great and hope He doesn’t get lost, what a gift to have him.
Eric Johnson
I’ve been an inmate in a turtle suit under suicide watch and I’ve been an inmate surveying other inmates under suicide watch. If anyone can keep a close eye on a suicidal inmate, it’s another inmate. Prisoners have more empathy for each other than guards.
Titus Tiger
more and more, all of Trevor Noah has the ‘between the scenes’ feel to it
Jpaul Shive
I consider myself a very rational person. I’ve voted red and blue, I’m an auto mechanic, and I spend at least a couple hours a day researching the daily news stories from different sites. All this to say that suicide does not seem to be the simplest explanation in this circumstance. Too many things lined up for this to happen. This needs to be transparently investigated by several different parties to find out who is responsible for his death, and who his high level connects are that contributed to his sick crimes and looked the other way when he came under scrutiny.
Thank you TDS and Trevor Noah for covering this story in a real way asking questions. 🙏 Shameful when comedians need to do actual journalist’s jobs instead of them. 😕
Benja Franklin
Dude was either murdered or willingly helped to kill himself
Thanks Trevor for showing us all your “inside knowledge” on the subject. We all know you’re the first person who would be briefed on this scandal.
Even when ppl are dying this dude still continues to crack jokes
Dino S. Dominic
That sounds like a conspiracy theory to me, people like him never get treated like a regular Joe. It’s beyond clear wtf happened.
Trevor is the only voice of reason in this case. Poor little Jeffy finally had to be treated like the criminal he was. 👍🏽
Trevs last statement is so true, and the people who killed him were afraid after that special treatment was gone so he had to go
don dennis
Wow!! I can’t believe all of the media is agreeing that this was suspicious! That’s a first.
The Cheaterman
I agree with both sides on the debate: maybe Epstein just did what any person with half a conscience would do in his situation, but also, it’s convenient to put a high profile criminal with powerful friends in an understaffed prison that uses inmates instead of guards for surveillance.
Strawbérry Milk
I like the way Trevor speaks. It’s very deliberate and he uses slower, low tones and regular speed tones to add drama in saying simple sentences. Makes you think that hes saying something profound .
Sandor Clegane
For all we know, he alive and well hiding away from the justice system. He got the money to do it.
Lauren O
Yeah, I really wanted him to give out all the info he had. Super bummed that there are so many potential leads we may never get, so many victims who won’t be saved or get justice.
James Kenyon
Being a comedy lover and exposing my age a bit I have to add; Dear Mr. Kotter, Please excuse Jeffery Epstein from any further court appearances and facing any further justice as he’s not feeling to good today. Signed Epsteins Mother
Trump was on that list believe me. He always accuses everyone of things he himself is guilty of.
Why do people even think he was killed? Considering his status and connections it feels more likely he just pulled a Tupac
Shanita Thomas
Trump in that thong… you wrong for that Trevor!! How am I supposed to unsee that?
Sparkle Lopez
As a rape victim that has gone to court, I can say that his victims are having mixed feelings. It’s scary as hell to see the cause of your pain face to face, even in court when you’re “getting justice” it puts you back in that victim/child like mentallity even though no matter how much time he gets it’s never long enough. You know you have to testify to save others while he’s put away but you also know that when he gets out he’s going to be back at it again.
Great Noah, I think you made an excellent point in the last bit. Shady things have definitely gone down, but this might actually be a case of justice catching up to a previously protected pedophile.
i’ve never seen this show before and i thought it was an official news clip but then he started cussing and now i’m in love with this channel.
Bianca Bloom
I’m so sad and angry for the victims that won’t get any closure now. They deserve better.
You can bet millions of Americans want to know the mystery of how this happened. We are still wondering what secrets were lost.
This man had a life time full of secrets. Trust me when I tell you there is foul play, someone thought he was going to talk….. but hey I’m sure a lot of the guys are in those video tapes and in them they will find the person who ordered that hit 🙄
Ang Marguerite
It was just his time… Whether he did it himself or someone else did it. I’m sure many people are happy to see him go, not only those with secrets but victims as well.
I believe he couldn’t digest the thought of doing time for pedophile acts since those convicted of that are not treated very well by other inmates
This guy recorded everything happening in his house which could incriminate a lot of people who denied being involved with him despite evidence. They finished him
Marcus Zarate
So true Trevor. I’m with u on what u said and think about the conspiracy theory.
Darren Hawkins
Yeah the 1% got rid of him. He had too much dirt on them. FACTS
Heather Weigandt
He’s in a federal prison how do they drop the ball? Barr went to see him odd right? Disgusting we all knew it would happen
If I were Epstein’s lawyer, given what happened with his client, I’d be hiding under a rock.
Ash Vandal
4:35 “Underfunded prisons” is literally a term I never EVER thought I’d hear come out of a show like this. I though we were all on the same page about the prison system being too damn huge. Well maybe if they’d stop locking up ever damn weed smoker and illegal mexican day worker they can get their hands on they’d have enough funds to watch people that really matter. Something like $182 billion should be enough.
Gheslaine Maxwell knows more than Jeffrey ever did. She’s the one you want to snitch.
His murd… I mean suicide, is as legit as OJ Simpson’s innocence.
He fell on his sword – he knew what he was supposed to do. There was no way he was ever going to stand trial or drop any information on the other pedos, too many high profile scum in this ring.
Ruthie Monroig
Obviously many powerful people were losing sleep and this is the outcome 🤔
Lokesh Jyotula
More power to you trevor!
Avigayel K
blaming corrections officers? For someone who should not under any circumstance be taken off suicide watch? I want to know who took him off SW and why. I want to know what happened to all the video throughout the prison and his cell. I think it’s possible that he faked his first suicide attempt just to get on suicide watch as his only hope of survival. He wanted eyes and cameras on him.
KCs Funhouse
I love when Trevor is the voice of reason
Melissa Castillo
I love you Trevor so funny real and honest
“I wanted him to snitch on all his high profile friends” Trevor wouldn’t have said this in the interview with Hillary Clinton lol
Glad Trevor is reporting this topic. Even if it’s entertainment it has some good information. Less bias than most
Dimitri Papashvili
Well, mind control at its best, good job Trevor
luna alexandre
honeslty I think he is still alive. the man clearly had “friends” in the justice system
Daryl Carr
Must be nice to be able to buy your own preferred style of justice…or your final escape from it.
There was an allegation that his earlier injury was caused by an attack. It’s plausible that this was and that it wasn’t a suicide. Let’s not jump to conclusions that are not supported by evidence
Baynard Plumbing
Did this show really just try to say this guy committed suicide .
Chinonyerem Okeke
I mostly believe epstein couldn’t handle being treated like a regular inmate… Den again timing was too convenient
James Graham
This is a SNAFU situation that should never had happened, but with powerful individuals involved, this was bound to happen.
Ronnie Pratt
When you keep giving useless tax breaks to people and corporations that don’t need them. This is what you get, unfunded prisons and other public works.
Stephanie Barrett
Once again Trevor nails it!!!
You speak the Truth Trevor🗣💯
His high profile peers knew his appetites. Allowing him to rat on them for some sort of plea deal, well, no way that was going to become a thing. I was surprised he lasted as long as he did.
Cristhian Baca
The closing of this segment was right on point, He(theperv) didn’t felt secured anymore and felt as he was gonna face the real shit… Idk Trevor all this smells funny to thousands of us.
Don OC
This was good insight from Trevor like really good. Great episode
Emi Lee
This is an obvious case of “assisted” suicide!
Omega Mark
My two cents: it was either a guard or an operative who flashed credentials, walked in,did it,walked out,with cameras “conviently” down. Max prison,suicide watch until right before,only a child or one of childlike intellect could really believe this was a legit suicide
Asiah Dingle
I can’t believe we’re even having this conversation. trump is a dam fool but I do believe this was an inside job.
Cat Whisperer
You’re funny. My brother has worked many years in DOC and I can vouch first-hand they are understaffed. Not giving excuses
Tiago Zeferino
Maybe just a reverse “Witness Protection Program” candidate. The man might be very much alive, with a new identity, maybe a brand new “facelift” cosmetics going on, and living and scheming as always somewhere in Hawai, Puerto Rico, or Argentina.
The Artst
It’s very suspicious but I can also understand the under staffing as well. We had to pull some “iron mans” before where some COs worked 16h and maintained 2 to 3 pods. And they could house 70-100 inmates.
Patrick D. Lueke
Pure comedy. What a dream i am in 😂
Lamar Headen
With the new items that have come to light, it leads more credence that this was not a suicide. In addition, an additional medical examiner stated this “most likely” was not suicide. RIP to the “additional” examiner on his suicide, next week.
Landon Baty
“treated like everyone else” mhmm sure. Cause all billionaires get the pleasure to just be a normal person in society.
I love Trevor’s passion
Chris Faraday
Trevor you are doing such a fine job Covering for your employers 👌
This was probably one of the best Trevor Noah segments I’ve seen in a long time.
oh jesus
How can you say you’d expect the president to behave a certain way when every other day there’s a new ep about how ridiculous Trump is?
Or maybe he faked his death and is now chilling on his private island
John Adams
The Victims should Request to See the Body and Inspects to see if he’s Really DEAD . $ Tt $
Tad Pierre-Louis
Trevor… your good. Really good at your job
Jtown Ants
At this point, when trump says someone did something. It’s safe to think he is most likely guilty of it.
Love2Live Live2Love
Lol all these FBI agents , Lawyers, and theories. One thing we know for sure …the truth is still out there.
Just Ocho
That was a brilliant take on this situation
Lord Dim 1
I am completely shocked by Epstein’s death. Almost as much as he was
I would have thought he would have wanted to take as many people down with him.
iLindah Productions
it would have been great to include the end of year profits made by those corrections facilities alongside your ‘short staff’ graphics.
Next time, WARN us if you are going to show an image of “tRump” in a thong.
Go Trevor I liked what he said at the end. 👍
Reginald House
Anyone that’s been to prison knows what Chomo means, and what a Chomo’s faith be like in prison. And yeah, guards were in on it.
Is he really dead or did he get a out of jail free card?
Steven Cahn
Normally I scoff at conspiracy theories until REAL, verified proof that doesn’t depend on a personal bias to interpret it “correctly”; but that Smollet theory feels legit.
Follow Itwasthebalenciaga
How can a high-profile inmate like him not have special attention, he was going to snitch on some very high-profile people
Olive Papyrus
They are all guilty. Rich man’s club.
Backpack PePelon
It seems trevor trying to soften the impact of epstein death by telling the narative that it is sucide, and not the other way around 😓.
Well said Trevor!
Eddie T
The night before he was found dead, I heard a news story stating that he WAS on suicide watch. Now we’re hearing the revision that he was taken off suicide watch weeks ago! So, the night before his death, there was no verification of the facts before reporting?
A.C. Creations Film Studios
I think he just wanted to go out due to anxiety, depression and guilt. If anything, people should question more about people who for in jail s and prisons. It’s common if you study up on it. The mindset of a person can be unpredictable no matter if you’re rich or poor.
Elviona Emanuels-Hooi
…or…he’s still alive 🤔 With his billions, he is one cosmetic surgery away from a new life 🤷🏽‍♀
Ace Howerton
That intro was so SAVAGE! Pedophile and Fake Billionaire! 🔥🔥🔥
His short sentences were due to some of the most powerful people in the world pulling strings. Is it possible his death was for the same reason?
xtscarface M
This dude always makes good ending points!
dot gov
Is it really a “problem” if these criminals are ending their lives and saving us money.
Jen Passavant
“‘Apparently’ committed suicide” is exactly right! Sounds SUPER SHADY!!! Imagine who wanted him dead and could get away with orchestrating this!
CJ Cole
My dad works at the prison. They are definitely understaffed my dad does overtime like 3 times a week
Katarina Swint
He was going to talk so His friends decided he had to go Snitches get stitches
Underfunded and understaffed, sounds about right for most prisons in the U.S. And to be fair to speculation though, the federal prison system has had high profile prisoners just conveniently die before. Not following procedures and ending with a dead prisoner sounds pretty familiar to me too. I agree with the point though, due to his wealth, he was not even treated as an equal and shows another example of the U.S. justice system targeting the poor while helping the wealthy. His death due to a policy blunder just like many others sounds like justice to me.
California Condor
They won’t even tell you exactly, how they found him ,at what time and how he killed himself. No details at all, I guess they haven’t come up with that yet.
minchow chowmain
Youre the best, on point and very comically intellectual individual…
Nobody Bolanos
Gotta love those detective action series
His own allies in high places ended up ordering a hit on him. They all knew he was fucked, and they couldn’t risk it. We’re talking about politicians in important positions. VERY important positions.
Hdot l
I won’t lie, I believe there’s a conspiracy but Trevor broke it down in a good perspective as well. Maybe it was cause he was getting treated like a regular Joe for once. But than again, this guy’s a narcissist and I have a hard time believing he killed himself.
Fusion illusions
He was murdered 💯 percent. Also breaking into his house where is his rights. That’s his private property. Also security camera are running 24 hours in jails. It’s just a matter of time before someone in the security guard breaks silence.
Max Meier
Hey Chuck, isnt that the guy who was on suicide watch a week ago? -Yup. Should he really have a bunk bed and a linen bed sheet in his cell? -How d’ you mean?
Karynn MacKinnon
Great points. I think trump did it. He thinks he can get away with anything and so far he has.
White tip tail hummingbird
Trevor Noah ALWAYS makes me cry!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Its almost clear that he didnt kill himself… He was either murdered or willingly helped to suicied
Courage Karnga
You know, it’s things like this that make me wonder if all conspiracy therorists are all that crazy after all.
Damn dude! You have reduced yourself to telling jokes to canned laughter
Zamyra Abdel Hady
BRAVO!! Well said! TOO many coincidences!! $$ should not protect child abusers.
Dave Fetterly
It should not be over for the people involved with Epstein.
Lady AM
Trevor … you’re AMAZING!! 😍😊
Social engineering at its finest. Let me tell you how to think and feel.
Bloody Belle
I think he actually did commit suicide, but that the whole ordeal of removing him from suicide watch was a strategic move. Why murder a guy who already wants to take his own life? Just give him some time alone and blame it all on incompetence. That’s a whole lot better than keeping him alive and snitching…
Just here to remind people to share this. Share this for the victims and for justice.
For the first time, I’m actually mad that a pedophile killed himself. He really didn’t deserve to die at this moment. I was waiting for him to rat everyone else out and then get killed by a lethal ejection.
Omar Dugee
I feel bad for all those children that can’t even get closure for what this horrible man did to them
Greimr XIII
Huh, understaffed privatized prison system. Sounds like someone is making bank.
Hans Frans
Im not a particular fan of pedophiles but what differentiates me from pedophiles is a sense of respect for human dignity, no matter who it is and what he or she did. I was a big fan of Trevor for some time but the way he makes fun of this guy and at his expense on the sole ground that he was a sick mind is a bit cheap and something you would expect the mob to cheer about. Unlisted 🙂
Mr Antropologist
That’s what they’re saying they took him out to the back door The Show Must continue
Can’t really believe that THIS isn’t a conspiracy. We’ll never know his partners in crime… wait, we ALREADY KNOW WHO THEY ARE!
Kevin Isidro
LOL this story the media is feeding us is like giving a kid a lollipop
Philip J. Fry
In the meantime the US has increased it’s military presence in Iran’s gulf.
As someone who has been in jail before i can tell u that the length of time of his suicide watch is normal. Its actually kin weird that they were still checking on him every 30min since, for a lot of jails THAT is suicide watch (although usually their is a camera on you at all times but no one is just sitting there watching the camera 24/7 and they still do physical checks). Suicide watch is actually extremely awful and, personally, it would make me 100x more likely to want to kill myself. A lot inmates kinda see it as a punishment – like i really think that half the reason these inmates dont kill themselves later is bc they know that if they fail than its back to medical for suicide watch. You get put in what is basically a thick padded ‘poncho’ that goes down to ur knees (sometimes it has velcro to close up the sides but often not) and this is the only thing you get. No socks, no sheet, no blanket, no tooth brush, no soap, not even toilet paper. In fact, the suicide watch in my jail shuts the water off to the cell and you either have to buzz a CO or wait until a designated time to have ur toilet flushed. So forget Epstein for a minute. Imagine you are a drug addict who was just arrested, or u got a DUI. All thats going through your head is “will my family find out? will i lose my kids? will i lose my job? How did i fuck up my life this badly?”. You havent slept for the last 36hrs and your in intense withdrawal from drugs and/or alcohol. Everything feels hopeless. You get called down to medical to go through a routine check like every other newly booked inmate. They ask you if you feel suicidal and you say yes…or maybe you do try to hang yourself bc your brain is in near shock. Next you know you are being led into a completely empty cell that doesnt even have a mat/bedroll and being told to strip, squat and cough. Then they hand you some strange heavy horse blanket, take away your things and slam the door. You realize your supposed to wear the horse blanket so you do and then try to lay down to sleep bc wtf else is there. Only its cold. VERY cold. Colder than most ppl can image bc not only is there a vent blowing cold air in and your naked but your also withdrawaling which makes you already cold down to the bone. Its all down hill from here but you get the gist. You never know if someone is watching you shit but its very likely bc you have to press the buzzer to ask for some toilet paper to wipe your ass anyway and then to be allowed to flush the toilet….or, sometimes you have to sit in the cell with your shit floating 4ft from your head until a certain designated time when the water will get turned on and you can finally get rid of it. Now fuck Epstein he deserved it. But someone with actual depression who may of been using drugs to cope with their saddness? Or a first time offender who is scared and feels like their life is over? 24-72hrs is enough to break a person so until they actually change things then thank god suicide watch isnt more than 24-72hrs!
Semloh L L Semloh
You’re reading my mind brother! Right on, Trevor! Right on!
David Kempton
“…I wanted him to snitch on all his high-profile pedophile friends.” You. Isn’t his suicide “convenient?” And KNOWING he WAS at risk, they left him unsupervised. Check the guards overseas bank accounts – and the warden… Anybody suddenly got one?
Sean Mastro
We really are all part of this if we don’t get real ourselves and go through the legal actions as a group to get the truth of everything. No one to blame but ourselves. That means people who are responsible are unafraid to get real in the face of liars.
That ain't your business got it
He might even be still alive who knows they be lying so God damn much
Danny Thrive
remember guys.. we will all forget this in a month and everyone he could have snitched on is now running around safely because this guy is dead and the public forgot. someone needs to make a official timer site that runs from the moment we all found out he was killed until we hear answers.
Heart Head
All good jokes have some real truth. What a genius way to make people aware of shit that’s really going on but still providing enough comic relief to make it seem more appropriate ( appropriate in terms of mainstream news)
Troy dejesu
theres an interesting book on amazon that goes into detail about this, “HOW HE DID IT, The Epstein Suicide”
People! He is dead so please let it go. He once was like us, a nice kid with loving parents.
Kunal M
SOMEONE with something they wanted to hide definitely ordered a hit on this guy, it’s too much of a coincidence that he just HAPPENED to commit suicide in a max security prison
Misheck Kaluba
This world belongs to the rich and powerful! And justice shall never prevail for the rest of the people
Jeffrey better had some kind of “if something happoens to me in jail, release THIS” shenanigans in place or I’m going to be disapointed. Also this reminds me of the Kashoggi case. 🙁
Gertrude Buck
Lorraine Shannon Owens
He did keep detailed diaries. Looks like a book and movie deals
Lover Pawgerson
He was too high of a profile case to just be left in a prison that poorly kept. America didn’t just drop the ball, the people in charge overlooked this whole situation, and probably for good reason.
You know who is guilty when their supporters try to give lame excuses
Geron Fletcher
Even in prisons where they take in money from every angle, they somehow can’t afford to pay workers enough lol
Julie Kirk
Exactly it’s not fair he took the easy way out! We need to know all of his sec trafficking clients!!!?
Oscar Smith
I will never believe suicide That man could never see court or make a deal Wayyyyy to many very powerful men would BE e posed like the brittish prince, clinton,trump and many others,they can’t let that come out
Mary Marsella
Preach it, Trevor.
Great video, nice commentary trevor. Be the voice of reason because we aren’t getting it where we are supposed to (from our leaders).
Gee Gee
Impressed that Trevor Noah covered this / they let him.
Kathleen Kyle
I love how you think, Trevor. 👍🏼
Miller Brown
The Clinton body count is no laughing matter, much like this show.
Sam South
Anything can be done if the government want it to be done right folks? This is the BEST way to shut his mouth forever after All 😂🤣 America is an inch closer to celebrating the Dictatorship 👍
Jose Archila
Its amazing how this shows redirect the attention or diminish the impact of the issue by the use of jokes and by the use of the orange man rutine. Any smart person knows who benefits from this man disappearance
that was actually a flattering view of what trump would look like in a thong. very kind
Anime Fan
I usually dont agree with you trevor but I agree with you
In the words of the Rock – ‘Can you smell what the BS that’s cooking’ Jeffrey didn’t willfully committed suicide and I’m sticking by that statement.
Game Geek
“Suicided himself” -Joe Rogan Lmao 🤣
Wait did he say fake billionaire🤔😂
Nathaniel Simon
How easy would it be to pay off one or two corrections guards they get paid pennies. The short staff probably represents a tight knit circle of crooked fellows.
be the change
No words can describe this administration and the vile circus it has become.
The deaths of high profile people, and peodos in prison are “unseen and shady” for a reason. It wasnt an accident. Either someone did it and killed him, or they turned thier head when they noticed he was suicidal.
melvin barnett
That Smullet bit had me dying.
Kandy Krush
Being that there’s a protective custody program and he has so many high profile friends and the fact that he’s wealthy I don’t believe he’s dead I think it’s all a stunt and he was maybe even given a new identity. If he is dead he was killed
Tony H
They’ve shown us this so many times in movies. We all know something is up.
I honestly expected more. The conspiracy you said isn’t real is in fact reality.
Star Cherry
Psychiatrist in prison and jail don’t really give a damn about inmates
You see how the corporate media covers up for the guilty while pretending to be on your side.
masked amender
Trevor when you said you’re not a conspiracy theorist you said it the way I feel it was originally defined as meaning that one doesn’t have to be called a conspiracy theorist to theorize about a possible conspiracy! I bring this up because I’ve noticed there’s a common misconception in a lot of our society of some thinking that if one is talking about a possible conspiracy that makes that person a conspiracy theorist like that’s some kind of permanent title or name because somebody discussed one or even a small few possible conspiracy(s)! I feel that if somebody is always “sure” (or so they think they are) that big things that happen in life are always because of a conspiracy then I feel they can be titled as a conspiracy theorist! Otherwise they’re just a person theorizing the possibility of a conspiracy! I myself am more afraid and stay clear of people that are dead set on being close-minded and thinking there’s a 0% chance of the possibility of something being completely different than what is being told to us all!! Translation: apparently great minds do think alike!!
Tony Rosagel
So if the prison is understaffed then El Chapo can escape at anytime 😂. He probably will after witnessing someone gettin tortured.
Michael Fontaine
Usually you’re taking off a suicide watch after 3 days. If you tell the counselor you’re doing better and you don’t feel like harming yourself they’ll roll back restrictions and give you back your normal clothes
The first time I ever agreed with Trevor Noah!
nick p
Can’t wait for Netflix’s special on Epstein
Evan D
“So the good news is, he didn’t kill himself….” – That voice Trevor did lol!
Trey Charles
So the host agrees that this is a conspiracy, and when the president also agrees and supports the cause of the public’s rights to know. The host bashes him for it?
R. Hegner
I’m surprised of the low level of the scapegoats. Prison guards fell asleep…..right🤔couldn’t they come up with a slightly more believable scenario?
Underpaid and overworked guards may be more susceptible to bribes. Just a thought. I personally think it was suicide but that negligence and the system let him harm himself.
They convicted the employees of the prison system. They insured there families would be taken care of though.
It’s orchestrated death to get him out of jail, he’s right now having a massage .lol
Crazy how they’re talkin about this man and the way he died in his prison cell instead of talking about the crimes that he actually committed.
rolando blontes
Epstein pulled a chapo and just walked out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Keona Welch
Damn. Good ending Trevor. Thank you.
Finally a voice of reason! Suicide among prison inmates is common. Suicide among those who committed extra hyenous crimes that bring down shame on them are more likely to kill themselves when they realize that even if they magically got out, the label has now stuck forever. Add to that the understaffed prisons. Maybe stop incarcerating people for weed possession and focus on the criminally dangerous instead, and you’ll have capacity as needed?
golden balls
I’m pretty sure he didn’t die,probably he’s somewhere on the plane laughing his ass off..watching his own conspiracy theory evolved
na me
Wow, so well said. A fresh new perspective…
Investigation should be open on his previous 13 month sentencing, who allowed that ? Hmmm
Casey W.
Trump never heard that when you point the finger at someone else there are 3 fingers pointing back at you (AKA Guilty dog barks first)?
Trevor Noah again so on point.
elisabeth prakash
Please be safe Trevor……….v can’t lose another beautiful soul from this planet that seems to be turning more and more inhuman day by frickin day…
The one question we need to ask is: who profits from his death?
Cutie J
He is NOT DEAD! He is being very well protected 😪🙏🏾
monica mcdowell
So lets look at the jail system when a rich white guy dies in jail. If I was apart of Sandra Bland’s family I would be really mad.
To 99% of us, it’s murder. For the top 1%, it’s tying up lose ends!!! 😒
Trevor, you are hilarious 🤣🤣🤣
björn eriksson
A lot of things graved with him, and it was an easy move from his CEO
A rope, a chair and a ceiling hook. Yah, these are standard prison issues for high class prisoners. Oh, and the security camera switched off. Did he have a pen and paper to write his will?
Thanh Le
I love this show!
You’ve gotta think there’s a camera that shows his cell door to see if anyone entered the cell.
Moto Moto
Colton Hess
Trevor Noah: says something after he and his team spend hours looking up statistics and facts Youtube comment section: “Yup, that’s our system, I didn’t fact check it, but the news always says it and Trevor confirms it. I said it too, once.”
Shawn Carroll
There is no honor among thieves.
You don’t really have to assign malice where incompetence will clearly do the explaining.
Joel Sakyi
I was definitely waiting on the America’s ass punchline 😂
Some Body
Please, please do not forget that both hallway cams were “malfunctioning,” “damaged,” or, “temporarily not working,” when this all went down. Makes no sense.
mary jones
even i am believing conspiracy theories, which is not normally who i am. it is all just too convenient. but hoping that you are right 🙂
Edwin Szeto
“died by suicide” not “committed suicide”. Suicide is not a crime, you don’t “commit” it
Beth Watson Treadwell
Please, you can’t tell me that someone this high profile wasn’t being watched! Maybe he’s not even dead?
Amraya Baptiste
The true conspiracy. Yes Trevor. So true
I just feel cheated that this guy didn’t serve a day of his full sentence but I don’t see a conspiracy theory here. I hope his victims find some relief from his estate given the lives he has ruined.
Taha Nasir
You didn’t do a good job covering it. Any woke person would look at this and would say: 1.He is still alive i.e was transported out of the cell. 2. He was m**d*red.
Vert Ego
Its actually kind of sad that the narrative is being lost here. Noah was right on the mark. People are so fixated on the possibility of foul play here. But the reality is that there may have been no conspiracy at all. This very much should be an issue where America’s prison system needs to be seriously looked at – particularly the fact that its so understaffed that you have guards working excessive amounts of over time to compensate. NOBODY should be okay with that. Its not safe for anyone. Not safe for the guards. Not safe for the prisoners, not safe for the public at large. That’s not just a reality in the US prison system either. Its a reality in all facets of public safety. I’m in emergency dispatch. I’m set up to work 60 hours my coming work week. I’ve had days where I don’t even bother going home after a shift. I just sleep in the dorms trying to get much sleep as possible between 8 hour turn arounds for 16 hour shifts (and if a major incident occurs that could turn into 20+ hours). Cops are being overworked too. Same for fire fighters. Same for EMS. Just like prison guards, all these fields are understaffed and people are working overtime galore to compensate. We simply do not have enough people who are both qualified, able, and willing to pursue careers in these fields. On top of that there needs to be significant improvement in training and recruitment efforts by these agencies. All of that is going to need a large amount of government funding. That should be a concern for everyone. This story should be shining a light on the issue of the worker shortage in public safety careers such as correctional officers. Instead, its being turned into a conspiracy narrative. Granted, the conspiracy narrative is more interesting – Hell, maybe its even true. But the story of a understaffed prison facility should be the more important one here. People want to talk about government conspiracies? Here’s one. The government wants you to be talking about conspiracies and foul play when it comes to a high profile prison death like Epstein’s. Why? Because if Americans are talking about whether or not it was the Clintons or Trump that had Epstein killed, its that much less likely that they’re talking real concerns. Those being the lack of funding going to the effective training, staffing and infrastructure of correctional facilities in the US.
Tory Sama
Everything that you said and then some! Honestly at this point, trump and clinton could’ve both had in on it.
Nancy issa
He was about to say more names and has secrets he shouldn’t say
The prisons aren’t underfunded, the money is just going into their pockets instead of the prison.
“They” told Trevor go out there and make jokes about a conspiracy then get serious and say how ridiculous the conspiracy that the Clintons killed him is.🤔
Netflix couldn’t give us the House of Cards series finale we wanted so real people in power wanna make their own I guess.
PT Kyle
I work for the company that builds suicide grilles (S-Vents). I’ve built them in the past but no longer do. Most companies won’t build them because of how much a pain in the ass they are in every aspect possible and how much money they generally lose producing them. We’ve revamped them and have did quite well though. You’d have to of stabbed or gagged yourself with something if you’re in a cell with one of these in the ceiling or wall.
Shawn Fellows
Well Trevor, you had Bill Gates on your show recently and asked him no questions at all about his affiliation with Epstein.
bobby elmi
Trevor didn’t mention the fact that the cameras malfunctioned during the ‘suicide’. Sounds like the script for a corny movie tbh [EDIT] Now they found out his neck is broken in a way that looks much more like strangulation than self-hanging. Who they tryna kid?
Abdus Samad
remember that scene from season 1 of true detective where the guy who knew everything about the pdophile ring kills himself in jail when he gets a call?
If there was royalty involved ..nuff said
Cosima St
Ok so we were on summer vavation in America this year and walked past this very building … and it’s just now hitting me that someone just died a few metres from where i was standing a few weeks back … That’s honestly crazy … (Even tho it probably happens quite often and you just don’t know if it isn’t in the media🤷🏼‍♀️)
Zmo 1n'Done
Bro did I hear that right. It’s something real subtle but they said that they rely on inmates, actual prisoners to help them watch after other prisoners. That is an insane statement!
AAA Reviews
I feel like the psychiatrist should be fired!
Adrian Adkins
He was switched. What about the judge that also passed away? There’s a trend of obfuscation by an overwhelming amount of wickedness going on in this country. Because it works. Both sides will agree on that in some form.
Brandon Estrada
Person that got paid to keep quiet: Hey am here to buy a house with cash IRS: wait, how did you get all this money? Person: ohhhhh don’t worry about it
trump saying it was clinton is a case of who smelt it dealt it.
Nell Taylor
Boy Trevor you the bomb when it comes to phrasing some sh!t🤣🤣
Odd conclusion at the end of this video. You paint a pretty good case for the conspiracy of murder, multiply it by the original conspiracy of his light Florida sentence, and come out with no conspiracy at all. Strange math at work here.
Toq The Wise
0:13 Holy shit, this is what it feels like to agree with Trevor Noah?!
Garmen Lin
This will definitely be a new episode of SVU’s season 21!
Becky H
What about witness protection program in exchange for information and to stop people actually trying to kill him before his trial.
Ali's Blog
That not jail problem that’s called silencing the bastard
John Drummond
A must view for conspiracy theorists: the 1970s film “Short Eyes”. Prisoners have a caste system. Pedophiles, even suspected pedophiles, are the lowest of the low and are prime targets for threats, attacks, even rapes by other inmates. In “Short Eyes”, a suspected pedophile is driven to suicide before his trial, then posthumously is found to have been innocent. The reactions of everyone else, from prosecutors to the other prisoners: a collective shrug.
Jeremy Siganga
I wasn’t ready for the jussie smollet joke 😂😂😂
James Frank
I’m sure Jeff left behind details about who else was involved.  He wouldn’t play such a dangerous game with an insurance plan.
This guy was ridiculing the pizzagate ” conspiracy ” though .. What a clown
Dan August
Right, with so much happening now, it is easy to forget the bullshit of the past. Good call.
Overworked staff is the wrong way to phrase it, these jails and prisons are rarely below their own suggested capacity.
Lemar Floyd
He mite have killed his self but they was gonna kill him he was never gonna make it to trial
leo c
I just can’t take anything this flows says serous, even if it’s the rare ovation that he’s not trying to manipulate you
Bubba FourTwenty
He knew too much on too many high powered people. I had him at 6 days on my pool. Man, they took their time.
jayda collins
Special privileges, that none of the other inmated wouldve had 😣
barrack Obama
Funny how he may feel that but totally switched up when the clintons come around
trevor is right everyone who leads an entire country should have two social media accounts one for official messages and one for nonsense and personal opinions, It can be difficult with trump everything he says is nonsenses.
Fé Bean
He was murder so he does not snitch. Duh 🙄
Quaran Tintantino
Trevor Noah would never miss an opportunity to cover for his establishment peeps
A-10 Warthog BOOYAH BIG BABBY Big Kahuna
He’s probably chillin out in Belize, Cabo, Catalina Island or the Cayman Islands.
Laurendina Miller
Yes,yes treavor your so right..he was murdered. For sure.
Sharon Brown
Sometimes a man thinks that the secrets he holds gives him power. But he often forgets that within those same secrets lie his weakness. He was a dead man walking long long ago.
Hussein Abboud
This shit doesnt only happen in tv shows and movies. Its real life where hollywood gets it from. He was killed so he wouldnt take anyone down with him and whoever did it is in some high power. Enough power to break the jaw that might bite back in the ass. 🤷🏽‍♂
Better World
Well even if he is dead, the reputation of the people who were friends with him is stained.
Kevin m
Problem with all of that is there’s only been one other suicide in that prison and its entire existence
James Monahan
the feds often rent jail space from counties to house prisoners that aren’t yet convicted or just convicted. So saying in federal custody is misleading, because it was a county jail, not federal prison.