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One of the finest performances by Pete Postlethwaite. Rest in peace, Obadiah.
Dyn Jarren
Daniel Day Lewis is brilliant in this film! What a great actor!
Sprodw Wharton
this film is the best movie I’ve seen ever. every time I watch it the hair on back of my neck stand up.wow A Must Watch Film 10/10 the greatest
Rosalind Blair
The scene where the priest comes and tells him his father has passed and he just says this really dignified ‘Thank you’, always has me in tears.
Greg Kazoo
best movie I have ever seen. I went to the movie in Dublin in Feb 1994 while backpacking in Ireland.
Martina Contin
An incredible work of art in the movies history. It deserved to be more awarded than it was.
One of the great underappreciated movies of the ’90s – it was very well received at the time but seems to have fallen through the cracks since, maybe because it’s so straightforward, and a description makes it sound indistinguishable from a lot of other well-intentioned, mediocre soapbox movies. Scott does a good job here of describing what makes it special. (Although it’s worth noting that the portrayal of the father-son relationship is largely fictional embellishment.)
This movie and “the boxer” are two great great movies that should be seen
Albert F. Warner
That’s a tough movie but worth watching it for the actors’ excellence.
marie corthouts
Dit zal ik nooit vergeten , Gewoon echt gebeurd , en gene zever .
Arjun G
Daniel Day Lewis is something else on this film. Plus that bgm is so amazing. Sinead O’Conner.
jono Essex
Things are not different because of IRA violence. Things are different because the British government introduced reforms. They began doing this before the IRA campaign of violence began. We now have a power-sharing government because the IRA ended violence and decided to use peaceful means.
Marcus Maher
@DeanSinnott Dean, I was born in Liverpool and grew up in Dublin, still here today. I for one am against the British presence in the North, But you have to look at the UDP/UVF and all of the other so called Ulster asswipes who have, in cahoots with the English Conservatives kept Ireland in partition- it serves the Ulster elite to hold dominion- it isn’t the English in the North but the children of a plantation, that is the sadness of history, Erin Go braith
Sinn Fein helped changed the political vacuum that existed in the occupied six counties after Stormont was proroqued. Things are different in the North now than they were when the Troubles began.
Irish Pride
My favourite film
Brian Morecombe
There was a bombing campaign in London where a multitude of IRA bombs were set off where people were killed so the the police were under massive pressure to get a collar.Coupled with the prejudism of virtually all races and nationalities at the time with the IRA bombing campaign in London these innocent irish people were the one of the most unfortunate victims.There were innocent english people given substantail sentences aswell at that time.
Katie Mcshane
@MrNinjaSpartan i know your comment was 2 years ago, but for what you said about if Northern Ireland didn’t want to be British in the first place there wouldn’t be a Northern Ireland, that is completely wrong, Northern Ireland is still part of the British empire because when Michael Collins fought for independence, the closest compromise he would get is for the British to keep the 6 counties, many were angry with this decision but it went ahead, watch the film Michael Collins on YouTube and see.
Jonathan Dunne
R. I. P gerry colon. Your with gisseppi now🇮🇪
“At that time 6 counties were being occupied and repressed”… The IRA were defending Ireland”. What’s all this “at the time” business. NI is still part of the UK. Nothing has changed. If it was occupied and repressed before it must be occupied and repressed now. Sinn fein are now collaborators according to your logic!
Chris Grainger
Perhaps I may be missing somehing, but this movie has nothing whatsoever to do with the book of the same name, written by A J Quinnell
I’d recommend you look up what terrorism is; judging from your comment, you don’t seem to have a clue. Needless to say, whether or not you consider it defending Ireland has nothing to do with whether or not it was terrorism.
sharon davis
Why can’t I find this movie to watch
Michael Collins
Top film Bad reviewer IRA not terrorists but freedom fighters Film needed more IRISH CATHOLIC actors
Katiemcshane 16 what has that got to do with the film Gerry an guiseppe Colon was blamed for a crime they didn’t do us irish do not want the Brits in our beautiful country r be apart of it u do not live here so u do not know nothing about Ireland?
Like you massacred the loyalists
lets not forget the innocent people murdered for just standing In a pub having a drink as well!!would anyone trust any government in any country??i wouldn’t…..everyone barks on about “we hate the Brits bullshit” but isn’t that just hate and wasn’t the lawyer who fought for these people a Brit???do you hate her??? I’m from a protestant northern Irish family but I’ve catholic friends!!its about time people moved out of the dark ages into 2011??????????????? wise up!!!!!