Expose Corruption: Shattered Lives, Institutional Deception

1 Post Office ‘Bully Boys’ ENJOYED Bringing Us Down

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8 feb 2024

Post Office ‘Bully Boys’ ENJOYED Brining Us Down subpostmasters tell the Post Office Inquiry through Sam Stein KC who is representing them.

Subpostmasters describe hearing evidence during Phase 4 of the Post Office Inquiry of leaving them ‘incandescent with rage’ as ‘corporate amnesia’ seems to have been inflicted on them as the devastating consequences of their actions on innocent subpostmasters is laid bare.

The dehumanising treatment of subpostmasters desperate for anyone to help would leave any decent human being understandably recoiling in horror compounded by the joking from the Post Office Legal Team that Horizon concerns will ‘melt away’ after they ‘make an example of a few of them (subpostmasters)’.

2 Post Office Lawyer FULLY Supports but has NO Idea on Media Strategy

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22 apr 2024

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Post Office Lawyer and Head of Legal Rodric Williams tells Jason Beer KC at the Post Office Inquiry that he was the ‘point man’ in the legal team for the communications team dealing with media requests.

He explains that whilst he was fully supportive of the Post Office’s media strategy, no one had actually ever communicated what that strategy was despite his pivotal role in delivering it.

3 “Nobody Involved Was Capable Of Understanding Horizon System” | Post Office Scandal

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14 jan 2024 LONDON

CEOs of Post Office and Fujitsu are scheduled to be questioned by MPs regarding the Horizon scandal. The Business and Trade Committee of Parliament will convene on Tuesday to explore further actions that can be taken to ensure compensation for victims of what has been deemed the most significant miscarriage of justice in British history.

Nick Read, the CEO of the Post Office, and Paul Patterson, Head of Europe at Fujitsu, have both been confirmed to appear. The Horizon scandal resulted in over 700 subpostmasters and subpostmistresses receiving criminal convictions due to faulty Fujitsu accounting software, which falsely indicated missing money at their branches.

Peter Cardwell speaks with Fellow at the Society of Antiquaries London, Guy De La Bedoyere.ne had actually ever communicated what that strategy was despite his pivotal role in delivering it.

4 Post Office boss Nick Read ‘exonerated’ after investigation into bullying allegations

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17 apr 2024

The Post Office’s chief executive has been “exonerated of all misconduct allegations” following an investigation into allegations of bullying.

The organisation said Nick Read would continue to lead it following the independent review.

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