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Where is episode 2??
Vickie Garri
Those helping him, supporting him, and using those young girls need to be brought to justice.
I’ve been curious as to how he got started. How he landed that teaching gig with Barr, then went on to raking in tons of cash. Even just that teaching gig without any credentials is puzzling.
Excellent series by wondery. I was in awe by how big this all became and the fact he bought his way out of everything
annette gower
Huge huge cover up. Don’t let this become another forgotten story. Keep this on the front pages. Only public disgust and public pressure will bring the truth to the surface. Disgusting
Thanks for keeping this story alive. Protect the children.
Why was his dead body shown? Dead bodies are put in body bags and taken away. So why was he taken out on a stretcher with his hands resting on top of a sheet that was only pulled up to his chest? That show and tell was over the top. So do we get to see the guards who were on duty that night??? Do we get to see their trials??? Why do we not hear anything about them???? Why was the Warden given a new position and not fired??? To many things left unanswered.
Alexa Anderson
Went to royal palm beach high school 2005. And Haley sat behind me in biology was actually my friend it is so sick to know this happened in my high school to my friends! Not knowing who they are talking about who she was trying to get I never new it was her until 3 years ago but also another recruiter tried to get me to this but everything is spot on from what I know from my friends! Glade they are putting this out there!
Marlene Schulz
Thank you Julie Brown. Keep on telling the truth.
Susanne Sonnenschein
Brilliant made potcast. And the song from Lucette…Muddy Water fits perfect to this sinister story. I hope the victims get the compensation and healing they need.
Great documentary. Looking forward to the next installment. Thanks!
Darladawn 222
Anyone complicit in Epstein’s plea deal should lose their right to practice law, PERIOD!!!!
Patrick Raftery
Can you imagine an unofficial biography on this guy my mind boggles.
Where is the focus on finding the monster, Maxwell? FBI’s most wanted?? No. Main stream media?? No. Why?
тыквенная королева
This is really well made, definitely subscribing 👌
Sergio Cruz
Aquí pasando a saludar. Pasarán esto en español, así como Dr Muerte? Espero que si y que salga también en podcast! Saludos
Lana Lina
If Epstein is really dead, where is his grave and did someone saw his body😆did high society help him have a new identity??
K Inward
Thanks for this upload. I found it on the podcast. It’s a totally fascinating series.
Rudy C
Just binged all the episodes on Iheart radio. Great series.
divalicious Queen `
They didnt do anything about the first girl. Then the police dept should be sued
T. H.
Stumbled upon this channel by accident while searching for videos related to the Epstein fiasco. Just learned about it–I purposely DON’T watch or read news. Anyway, I’m pleasantly surprised at the high quality of this video–very well written, thoughtful and thorough. Not overly sensational or distasteful either. Great job–really enjoyed this (not the actual subject itself–epstein is the portrait of everything that is dark, shallow, selfish and ultimately evil–but the high quality of this production) and now I’m looking forward to explore your other videos.
This series is really good, minus the “look at me im a feminist” copper womans patriarchy nonsense shoehorned in there, if Ghilane Maxwell hadntve been actively involved in the abuse it might have made more sense, if being equally nonsense.
Martin Piekarski
So are you going to continue the series here? It’s already been over a year. It looks interesting and I would like to see the next episode and the rest.
Forgot to mention that Acosta was told hands off the case.
Nice foley work. I listen to a fair amount of YouTube videos. But I’m also a fan of old radio. This is a neat way to approach the subject matter. And I like how you stick to the known facts, available news interviews with only sparse extraneous dramatic narration. Kudos.
Astrid Schlegel
I think we need to stop teaching young girls about Cinderella and prince charming and more about reality.
Astonishing Blowback
Great work. I’ll be lookin forward to listen to the next ep. 10🌟 in my book
joan Neel
I feel so sorry for his victims …..pray for healing for them ❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏
This was amazing, very detailed
Julie Hake
Cecelia Grant-Peters
“The younger the better” chilling words😥
prosecutors who broke the law handling epstiene case should go to prison for maximum time possible AND rico.
Sharon Harding
I’ve only just started following the epstein saga God its so corrupt must be some influencial people in this saga money can silence anything
Michelle Banks
I came across the Shaun Attwood channel, very insightful information.
Space Alien Jesus
This is amazing…very well executed…
Slim Times .L.L.C
Crazy thing is he hung out with wealthy and rich people and yet nobody knows nothing. …..everything ain’t what it seems who he really was or is. ..is the question🤔 he ain’t dead would be a good movie tho
He never died. He’s not dead he just have a new identity
The AcGuy
I’m not surprised one bit. This is happening all the time.
Bob Overholt
I’ve read just about everything there is on Jeffrey what I have concluded is that he pissed off the wrong person
Warren Lightning
Why did Acosta agree to such a sweet deal for Epstein and what is Acosta doing today?
Amie D
It’s so much worse than this. Much love family
Brilliant podcast
Von Quin
He avoided justice for so long because they were all using him to get the kids for them.all money people, when are we gonna hear from these people ,why isn’ that maxwell lady not jail.
Jezebell 8
Epstein and Maxwell are somewhere living their best lives. A little nip, tuck, and new identities for both. If individuals involved in this case are prosecuted, that may change my jaded belief in the justice system. Wealthy white men and women don’t go to jail. Facts!
It is just overwhelming to find out that all these people are running society and controlling different key sectors of society world wide. Now most things are controlled by people that are different and damaging in several ways. It almost looks like a growing sub population that not too long ago was highlighted as the ‘ones’ to follow in example. Since so many things are complicated it almost looks like more efficient to re start the nation, and choose the most important and needed laws to manage the republics across the planet for the first few years as the rest of laws are carefully scrutinized, and lawyers could get paid to do that rather than join the wrong doings to make a salary.
Cathy Parker
Thank you for this information.
Joshua Woodward
This plays out like an episode of Law and Order
P. A. Andrews
You see now why no one wants to police around, with what they have for friends.
Anne Welch
There are two different rules one for the rich and one for the poor.
Rachel R312
When is part 2 coming?
Why is this still such a mystery to reporters as as to how he amass so much money it is so obvious to everyone else “HUSH” money that’s that’s how he did everything that’s how he got to be a teacher in a prestigious University even though he never finished College that’s how he got out of jail etc.
Very well done!!!
Elm Baker
Nothing will ever come out of these offenses no matter what society desires. Too many people in high places are connected and those not connected with any knowledge of the ongoings are held in check by leveraging and or direct threats. Unfortunately the truth will never see the light of day. This whole world is operating on a false premise and everything is not what most believe it is and unfortunately most people do not have their eye on the target and they are misguided. Gullible in short.
Every lawyer on the prosecution should be charged for aiding abetting and disbarred at a minimum
Chris Barbero
9:25 Calling a woman a “Slapper” means something else in the UK😂
Darla DeVries
What did the Florida police do when the high school girls came to them all those years ago?!!!
American in Denmark
This is going to make the greatest movie.
Kathryn Whitbeck
Aww sh%%; here we go! So who thinks his suicide was a murder? I’m so curious.
shan cr
Sarah Minton
One thing I wish you wouldn’t have done with this video is the title. The title makes him seem like some otherworldly mysterious mystical man when in reality he’s just a nasty predator. If I were you, I would honestly change the title to something more fitting. Other than that, great video
Happy Hermit
Terribly upsetting..what a vile human being
Gabriel Olivera
Please keep pursuing the truth behind this story; justice is at stake; our youth, specially the most vulnerable and less privileged young girls is at stake. It is important to expose the truth: sex adult predators looking for preys, the high stake coverups and a justice system willing to bend the rules (except for the Palm Beach police department in Florida and USAG Souther district of NY). This is another George Floyd national disgrace issue: unless we confront the truth, the sickness we cant begin to heal.
Zero Fox
Ghislaine Maxwell didn’t kill herself! Wait, too soon?
Vickie Garri
They raided his home in N..Y. and his island, they need to raid his ranch in New Mexico and all his properties.
James Woodman
Attorney`s examples of their integrity . Has`t changed in 100 years. A profession of vipers.
Marina Keenan
I stopped… had a goosebumps all over..! It Is a beginning of Worldly Awakening..!! 🙏❤🙏☮🌎
Pamela Frankel
what drugs,medicines, cocaine, substances was epstein taking? can you find out?
Matthew Newton
Why is nobody asking the following important questions?- first of all, how the FUCK does this person know ridiculous details like- “the assistant principal rummaged through her purse” (that would be insanely inappropriate, to begin with)? Also- “she hesitated at first, but finally opened up to her parents”. How could any non- primary source know minutiae like “she hesitated at first”…? How has it not even OCCURRED to a single commenter below to question this?? I cannot find a single human being asking these questions. This is how people end up doing things like voting for tr*mp. This sort of credulity without the slightest critical thinking or logic causing them to ask questions or be skeptical. “He is wearing a gold watch with black leather band…” “He pulls her toward him so his lips graze her head….” “He believes that his money can…” Jesus fucking CHRIST. This person is privy to Epstein’s inner thoughts, now? And this- “Acosta chose not to indict Epstein”. Indictments are handed down by Grand Juries. They are NOT FILED DIRECTLY by prosecutors or DAs. When a DA files a charge directly it is called a “complaint” or an “accusation” and DOES NOT constitute a formal criminal indictment. So you could say that Acosta “chose not to seek an indictment against Epstein”, but “Acosta chose not to indict Epstein” is a meaningless sentence. It doesn’t make sense because that is not (thank fucking GOD) how our criminal justice system works. **THIS IS NOT JOURNALISM, AND IS NOT TO BE VIEWED AS FACT** This is an editorial piece, it is interpretive, and furthermore it contains details that nobody who wasn’t there to witness these events first hand could possibly know. **THIS IS TO BE LISTENED TO WITH A GRAIN OF SALT….OR TWO OR THREE, and NOT to be taken as the final or definitive word on ANY of this** Don’t you people get that?
Greg Van Gaasbeek
Instead of focusing on the incredible economy of today!?! As if we can’t focus on Epstein too😂 Wtf
Doug Billman
And then. There’s the skeletons that were found…just off the cliffs…where that temple was…in the ocean…I guess the fish don’t eat everything……….
Martin Kirkov
We’d love photos during audio. Any kind of photos.
Keith Hodiak
A friend of mine worked for a very wealthy Man who had paid numerous women to spend time alone with him behind closed doors. I think men involved in this life style if they don’t exercise Extreme caution, can find themselves in trouble. It’s the history of mankind.
Katie Lapham
Where have all the good men gone , please stand up now.
Jennifer Bringman
Shocked that no one mentions Trumps involvement!
this is the real definition of fake it till you make it. lmao.
Dorothy G. Tyas
Smirking swines oft end badly—very badly, in fact!💀
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Someone needs to catch Maxwell.
And he didn’t commit suicide. More like Arkincide.
This guy was hugh Hefner’s dream!
Robert Lee, Countertenor
Wonder how the Ghislaine case is gonna end?
This title is too nice for this monster!!!!!
Gloria Simpkins
Could Natalie Holloway been one of his victims? hmmm 🤔
Harriet Denise McCarver Rodriguez[
I wondering if the Sheriff’s Office Florida if the sheriff has been sentenced for what they have done also it leaves to me they accepted money I really would like to know what happened to them
This is the biggest inJustice Ever seen … bastard should have been sentenced to Life. Hey. Alan D … WTF?????
jaye see
‘Rod Stewart is performing…’ Jeff was always a trendsetter. 😂
s taylor
NY media and Epstein, there has to be a connection.
dez dezmond 22
When was his funeral 🙄
How about that real journalists/investigators. How novel!
Cameron Boyd
How do i find episode two?
Cranky James
hey really sucks that this is like a podcast or a recording or whatever because if there was pictures or videos or an interview or some other type of visual aid to go with this recording it seems like it would be super nice to watch I’m just not in the mood to listen to a recording right now
Mira Maric
I don’t see any mystery here. It’s clear like a sunny day. It’s older guy with excessive sexual appetite and infatuation With young pros who liked him and his money. Now praying On good hearted people out there to get more money. A blind Cat can see that.
This is near Mar a Lago! How convenient for some if not all.
Adam Sober
Maxwell done disappeared like Lord lucan? ?? How so
Maria Gonzales
Does no one know anything about Jeffrey Epstein and his former life? Where did he come from? Does he have family & where? Where did he attend high school? Was he born in the USA ? If not where? Where was he employed before he became wealthy?
Joanne Cheek
Get Ghislaine Maxwell
watching you too!
Is the available photos or videos of the house?
rydershortboard Mcleod
Did Epstein have ties to the Podesta brother
Centee Lorick
Innocence and chastity, would be welcome had the right ✅thing be done for all the other girls that came after,Mr nasty 😜 would not have destroyed their lives
Kay Johnson
Yes, where is Episode 2-6??
Finn Fitzpatrick
Ive become invested in this case also is no one gonna talk about the fact that the gaurds asked another inmate to watch epstein instead of them? Its bullshit they shouldnt have done that. I also dont belive he killed himself because if the inmate was watching him the inmate could have easily hung him also they didnt even do swabs of the crime scene to see if there was fingerprints! They didnt check anything they left everything untouched and didnt finish the case. I wanna solve this case whos with me?
Men’s world goes totally insane….
If he asks your age .. tell him your 18….
Shan Hans
It is all about perverse sex, power and politics. The perpetrators are those who are in power and nobody can challenge them. Awful truth
American Born Patriot.
Jimmy Saville. Prince Andrew. British liberals.
Lori Miller
I enjoyed listening but whew that moving picture does me in. 😫😕🙃
Luz Booth
Helary call us basket of deprorables, Wat you call that monster ❓
Mondo Enterprises
His forever lips ‘smirking’ at the rest of us.
Ha Ha, combed MySpace pages!!
go back to research ,no mystery at all ..you’ll find out someday of both of them…
allison Mackay
He did not die in prison,he carried the body out
Tom Frazier
In the months since his death, 24 Dec. here, have heirs taken his assets? Properties, securities &c.
Hpv Speedmachine
Prince Andrew is “Manny” behind Luka Magnotta
Angela Buyck
Someone tries somethingvuo me I’m super glad I backed out
J Lew
Interesting angle you put on this.
nick SOULE
@astrid schlegel there are legitimately good guys out there but the issue is, the girls are told that a prince will be the most charming person they ever meet but the issue is the idea is only a prince i.e. personbeith money should be defined as charming.
Angela Buyck
Like they said you never think these. Rich folks would do this upper class ghetto
Shiela Smart
Is it only “audio” ? What happened with the video?
Bárbara Herda
10:00 “…sexual trafficking of women”?????? They were CHILDREN when they were trafficked.
Diogo Pinto
U know who would make a great Epstein on a movie ? That lolita movie actor guy …
El Jefe85
Conspiracy sometimes?
Debra Butler
They usually have an a no what about the family his mother father if there still a lot of brother his friends all things damn jokeYep no viewing know if you know something fishy here
Mexi Canabist
Pope Jean Paul 2… makes sense
Barnsward Rowan
age of consent only 14 in Tenn. and Hawaii?
I’m watching this March 15th 2021 💀
Michelle Hickman
Why isn’t the rest of the episodes on here? Where is 2 through 6?
Lucette : Muddy Water at 32:48 ♥
Adriana Bonita Aziz
where is number two ?!
Ethereal Bukkake
Did you say “Lindsay Graham?” Lol
Lissette Batista
So liar and I’ll be sure I’m pretty sure I have something to do with that
Mondo Enterprises
We saw Saddam Hussein’s dead body, but we never saw Jeffrey Epstein’s?? I wonder why?
Karen Otte
Cares what they know if they have no morals or respect for the poor
hard drive is a message to investigator of “fuck you” other wise replace it with a cleaned drive. btw for a billionaire those computers are garbage. they were a dodge!!
This sounds like Jake 333’s post!
Gato 69xxx
Some sort of graphics would be nice😅
Gar Oscar
Sounds like Clinton, Trump, Acosta, etc… know him really well
Margaret Lovings
Was he dead or acting dead
Joseph Anderson
Wonder if the Madden Is buried somewhere.
Helen Lopez
The Catholic Church is also involved!
Héctor Dominguez
like si veniste por leyendas ledendarias 💀 👻 👽
Cathy Mccarthy
How about Ed Buck and Adam Schiff And 3 dead gay men.
Looks like your 6part series didn’t make it past 1
John Paul the second?!?
Hugh Joel Caulk
How about video clips, photo images or news articles that actually have something to do with the subject matter? I can’t sit here and watch this ridiculous loop!
j Blakeblake
she partyd with gislane though the reporter
Where is the rest?
After this… I need a shower…
Cosmic Duality
Hell is empty, all the demons run amuck here.
Let me huh let me huh let me huh let me see how i can get out of this one witjout sounding disingenuous 😅
Bandana Sharma
To keep up, sub yb conscience!
Frances McCollum
egg shaped is all I need to know.
Pattie Kovaleski
No black book, its all in his brain. Why do you think he committed suicide
Edzashed Fudwinkle
Mysterious GTFO 😂😂 You br sayin Brunel and Kitty Kat Club Paris is innocent next. 🤪🤪
subtle strong arming???
Fernando Martinez
@joerogan needs to hear this.
DR Conly
Very enthusiastic to watch but that red backdrop gave me the shits. You obviously have talent but please create visuals to keep the viewer focused.
Norma Tible
those two 14yr olds wants 300 usd that they also lied about their ages..are they enablers.? Idk
Justin Hatcher
Beauty and the Beast.
Ginger Grant
Hes Lindsay Graham???
Doug Billman
illest mortal
Wash my hands in the muddy waterrrrr
Christine Lennox
A think Prince Andrews teddy’s have cameras in them or something.
You couldn’t make this stuff up.
K 2
Yeah we just named it.,,.ROYAL.. cuz you know God save the Queen?? Was it the Royal Olive garden??? Royal high School pinpoint dot on your map¡!! Hey Royal high School..I think this guy was the weak Link in a huge CHAIN..
webjunkie Snoopy
teachers are not allowed to search pupils bags
Marilyn Dargis
360 years .. Miraculously to zip m
subtle strong arming …….???
Angela Buyck
Grooming grooming grooming
Leslie Griffin
He didn’t kill himself ..?.
Clara McKenzie
I hope no-one treats any of this as fake news. Also, don’t call this man that looks like he descended from Iguanas, handsome(not a question)!!!
Lorie Kodiak
You don’t have any video.only a red back drop?
Adam Hednersen
So where is the Mossad connection…?
Lissette Batista
They are doing adult let you know how to behave they were just little girls
You are pronouncing the name wrongly. It’s stine, sign…
Piet J Verbaarschot
D …, you never know …
Is earning monetization off topics like these as bad if not worse then what’s being discussed?
why you keep bringing trump up?? sensational clown stick to epstien
Elliot Spencer
They took the money, u don’t get a free ride in this shitty world.
Bryar Cole
Wow and not one mention of Hillary Clinton.
Sally May
Y r there no pics ?
TVChannel One
Minor till 18! Bloody hell… What a country! =D
watching you too!
Part two is only on Google pod casts I guess and that sucks
Tracy Blount
GOD KNOWS ALL AND HE KEEPS RECORDS AND IN HIS TIME TABLE ALL TRUTH WILL COME FORWARD . THEY CAN HIDE NOW BUT NOT WHEN God gets involved. Truth will prevail over lies… all LIARS end up in eternal torment in hell fires .
Maria Ljungström
Why t f do you put up just SOUND and no video 🙁
Sorry. But IMHO the rest of this series should be on YouTube… the site linked to isn’t easily navigated. Perhaps it’s just that subsequent episodes aren’t labeled as such.. Episode 2,3,4,5,6… too bad
Susan Cade
Stop the scrolling please!!!!
this guy
What the fuck is this sick shit
Question More
This is YT, where’s the video? If I wanted a podcast, I’d looked for one. Thumbs down, sorry.👎👎