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Eriksson sees Captain Hill (Dale Dye) about the crime he saw his squad commit, but Captain Hill is going bury the matter and tells Eriksson that he’s reassigned to a Tunnel Rat unit. In addition, the other four men are reassigned to other units.
“I am max attentive to this situation.” “I’m simply trying to illuminate the terrain in which we currently find ourselves deployed.” I’ve always found this movie very quotable.
Freddy Sturguess
MJF uttered the best line in their later scene: “Go to hell, sir.”
Greg Rock
Dale Dye is awesome on both sides of the camera. This scene in particular, he just imbues it (as he tends to do when playing military roles) with the kind of authenticity that can’t be learned, taught, or faked. I’ll wager just about every vet– certainly those who were in “combat arms” MOSs– worked for at least one guy like the Captain he plays in this scene. The only possible nit-pick I can think of is that Dye plays a commissioned officer in the Army, but he yells like a Marine Corps NCO; that slight back-of-the-throat barking thing on the first syllable or first word of a sentence. R Lee Ermey does the same thing when he plays GySgt Hartman in “Full Metal Jacket.” It’s how Marine Corps Drill Instructors yell (at least that’s how mine certainly did).
Incredible how well Dye acts.  Never trained as an actor, but he’s a spot-on natural.
Yeah, but the best part happened at the very end of the movie..”You just had to push it, you just couldn’t let it go””Sir…..Go to Hell, Sir…”
Truth’s Denominator
I agree, the acting in this scene by Dale Dye was very impactful and amazing. I don’t think the poster of the video is siding with the character at all, he just appreciates the realism and power in Mr. Dyes acting abilities. I think the magnitude of the scene, and what was at stake played a part in appreciating this particular scene as well. What some also may not know is, Dale Dye was in the armed forces in real life. I’m sure that helped…………………”AND YOU’RE GONNA RUIN HIS LIFE!!!!! He saved yours.”
fort grove
Powerful. I remember getting locked up like that as a joe. 30 years later still serving. 🙂
Lindsey Summers
My brother-in-law is a retired Air Force MSgt and viewed this movie with me. He loved this scene because the Capt. dug into his enlisted subordinate the way he wanted. “We can’t yell at these kids anymore. We just aren’t allowed to.” While I agree with Erickson and disagree with the Capt., this scene demonstrates the complexity of the world we live in, as well as the complexity of the emotions Erickson struggled with. What his squad did WAS wrong, but what are the consequences of him coming forward? Is he making himself a target by doing so? Is turning in Sgt. Messerve betraying the man that saved his life? If this results in major international backlash, is that helping the war effort? What if he doesn’t say anything? Could he live with himself if these men do something like this again? Ultimately he does the right thing, but being in this position is not easy.
Darren Wilson
He wants a trip out of the squad where he’s going is worse tunnel rats lol
b camp
Great scene from an under appreciated movie.
Niz Loc
Dale Dye at his finest.
Otis Beck
US Marine Corps Captain Dale Dye was also the technical consultant for Platoon. In pre-production, all of the actors were put through a boot camp to get them accustomed to becoming a soldier. He also appears in the film as Army Captain Harris.
His point is to intimidate and threaten you to drop your complaint of the SGT raping and killing a twelve year old girl.
Martin Curry
” You on my frequency?”
Martin Curry
“You dont tell me shit about screaming boy!”
O-Dog Kubrick
Not bad. I love Dale Dye! I wonder if he met R. Lee Ermy. He’s like him, except as a drill sergeant who was in “Full Metal Jacket”.
John Long
that is an epic military style ass chewing if i ever seen one ! thanks for posting it.. i had forgotten all about that movie untill you posted this scene. its what i remember most about it..
Adal Kidane
I love this movie. It should be made mandatory for troops to watch this before they go out into the field.
Jmc 007
Great film. Based on true events makes it more shockingly brilliant. Fox and penn acting faultless.
Maruko Chan
As a coincidence, i watched it yesterday- when i watched i was crying , then thought much about that girl and American soldiers!!!!! This is the most wonderful Vietnamese war film i have ever watched! Because it was a different aspect RAPE- it made me think about My Lai Massacre! If in any war has more people like him- ( i😊😊i forgot his name) i am sure war will reduce evils)
My favourite scene in the whole movie
Meserve is 20.. around how old is Eriksson? 5 years older?
Robert Mowreader
I watched this movie about 20 years ago before I learned how much of a subversive sean penn was and vowed never to watch any more of his movies,and I recall they were in the americal division.it is my understanding through my studies that in ww2 the americal division was a great unit,but during Vietnam the division had a less than steller performance record and wasn’t always the most law abiding.
I really, really, REALLY hope you’re not taking the Dye character’s side in this…
Robert Orellana
Damn he reminds me of my dad
Volunteered to be a tunnel rat? Damn.
Sodium Chloride
3:32 “He’s a kid” “You’re going to ruin his life” He ruined his own life, Eriksson had nothing to do with it. Personally, once you’re beyond the age of 12 the “just a kid” excuse should have little to no weight.
Gray Fox [ROU]
In this case duty beats morality.
christopher james
three frogs
he might have let it go if not for the medal recommandation
paul couto
Smirk….. there ain’t no point Ericsson. Lol.
Aimee Ward
My husband is a retired JAG who read the case. This guy was one of many officers who also went down for the coverup.
Philip Dodsworth
“well that’s a rodge Erikson your a tunnel rat…”
delvin pucci
Great screen great movie
Jon Stewart
Dale Dye was only 44 years old when he made this movie. How many 44 year olds look and act like this today with a full head of grey hair, even if they’re not combat or military veterans? Not many. Either GMO foods have been good at slowing the aging process or the average American man that age today is soft, or both. Can you imagine a Captain in the Air Force or even Army today talking to an E2 or E3 like that? They’d be discharged for mental instability or have to go to mandatory sensitivity training! Green Dot training is supposed to help prevent such a thing. Anyway without being too long-winded, that Captain is probably at least a 20 year veteran having been in WW2 and Korea. He’s prior enlisted and not like those clean-cut and educated 25-30 year old Captains that have always been officers. In his defense, he’s not being a deliberately horrible person, he just wants to protect himself and knows the private will stir the waters of he moves on and make him look bad.
The United States military had no business being in Vietnam. End of story.
Rueben Vega
Meserve was actually on presidential parade detail, really decorated Sargent, they should’ve kidnapped that girl but they really wanted to get laid, tough, I wonder what became of his life after this
Jean-Pierre De Vent
At least in the end somebody listened to him but how that went, is not showed. There was nobody higher present.
MJF grew 6 inches in the duration of one scene.
《Remedy 》
Hey I’m late to watching this AMAZING movie. Who was dead at the bottom of the cliff!? I thought it was Meserve but he went to trial along with the others
Jon Stewart
Wow, that Captain needs some serious sensitivity training! But the Army during the Vietnam War was a lot of angry assholes.
John Mardo
Did those 4 rapists serve their time in prison?
the one
love the captain
Laney Spangle
Dose anybody know if these men are still alive that done this crime
Jonathan Darnel
Talked about this concept with a Muslim imam just yesterday. The Koran has a verse that reads “If you take one life it’s as if you have murdered the entire world. If you save one life it’s as if you have saved the whole world.” Sounds nice and poetic but ultimately it’s false. No good deed goes “above and beyond the call of duty” because God expects us to do deeds, and nothing but good deeds, every moment of our lives (Luke 17:10). Your good deeds cannot cancel out your bad deeds. Saving Erickson’s life didn’t earn Masserve the right to rape and kill a woman. He must pay for his sins. God’s forgiveness through the mediation of Jesus can clear us of the guilt we incur. Our deeds are only our duty.
Peter D
Casulties of Grammar
I am glad the movie played it out this way at least it is debated rather than simply having a issue or what is right or wrong. If the rape and murder of the women became public it would have made a excellent recruitment tool for the VC and NVA it would also affect public opinion on the war affecting the level of support it would have got. It is pretty inescapable that the combination of factors would have led to more american casualties along with more scrutiny of the units on the ground. If you simply had the captain wholeheartedly backing erikson than it would have been too simplistic these actors have a wealth of motives and considerations behind their actions. I do wonder what compassion the captain had for the murdered raped women in spite his loyalties and duties to the army.
Andrew Meek
US forces behaved so poorly in Vietnam; this film portrays just one aspect, rape and murder. They went in all arrogant, gung-ho and thinking they were indestructible. They forgot, or omitted, the basics of warfare; never underestimate the enemy, never disrespect the enemy’s abilities, never behave as if you have already won and never treat with contempt those who are your allies and civilians/non-combatants. In the end, the US had no peace with honour. They left honour at Arlington and peace was never on their agenda!
Sextus Empiricus
Dale Dye. He was the only thing that was REAL in that movie and Platoon at the end. Just that look. That’s not acting. Erickson was WRONG in this movie as was Elias in Platoon. The way Dale says it. He’s 20 years old and he F**KED UP! Who’s side are you on?
Stelios Artemiou
His captain is right. He shouldn’t have court marshalled Meserve even though he raped the girl. If I was Ericsson, I should have reminded myself that he saved me but the other two should be sent to prison. And Ericsson also shouldn’t court marshalled Diaz
Mr. Ozzy Oz
If Meserve was 20 years old, he should not be a Sergeant at that age as well with pulling that dumb stunt with the chick. That’s more of a 1st Class Private or Corporal age tbh. Unless he went to college and worked his way up as an officer then probably but I doubt he went to school though… ah well, just a movie lol.
If Sean Penns character is 20 years old. He shouldn’t be a Sergeant. He is way to immature to be a Sargeant!