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Vern Nelson
  I am not sure how many who criticize the documentary actually watched all of it. The point Gandhi makes near the end is telling: If we repeat the same thing to our own We would be more godless than those who oppressed us. I hope Gandhi’s message can again find root, instead of people just complaining that they were oppressed or are oppressed…difficult, but Gandhi proved that it was possible 🙂
Deborah Schroeder
Very enlightening episode!! Thank you for sharing this with us
“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi
Godspeed Jnr
The village where they were clearing out the sewers for the first time and with an idea to yes knock down some shops but to rebuild it with a new complex to continue there business, upgrading toilet facilities, access to better health care, i found this very inspirational, that i think Gandhi himself would have been amazed, and the message i took out of this documentary.
Simon Parnasse
It is always pretty surprising for europeans to read the comments below, as we have a pretty blurred image of who the indians truly are, but also the way they think as a nation. It is a fact that people who are able to discuss here, are the most educated ones of the country, and it’s pretty terrifying to read that those people are just full of anger and hatred and clearly unable to understand Ghandi’s doctrine. Saying that this documentary is bullshit because of the violences in 1947 is just non sense, violence is bad whenever it happens. Well, if at least you have a sense of logic and a bit of respect for life. And if you want to say a bad thing about the video, It might be more constructive to point the fact, that beside the absence of respect for human beings, the major problem nowadays in India (by experience) is a complete environmental chaos, that you can also see in the video. And you can’t blame the British for that… As it’s becoming the most populated nation on earth and by so, influencing the rest of the world, I think we have also a right to give our point of view, like the BBC has, especially when it’s only pointing the fact that Ghandi, the man, the doctrine was the key solution to save India from itself.
Oh yeah yeah
Damn these people are humble and to see people taking it for granted like rich people even us sometimes props to them for being grateful of what they have
Jane Booth
Gandhi Booth … the best gifts for those most deserving of everything decent and good. THE POOR … the righteous and the needy not greedy.
Quite a Good Documentary !
Andrew Ovenden
I see a lot of comments here stating that this documentary is biased, but those commenters have offered very few if any specific examples of why it is biased. To me, that is the sign of a guilty conscience. 
This video is completed well by the 692 pages photo biography MAHATMA – Gandhi’s Life in Colour – This ‘monument on paper’ is a visual document of an important period of Indian history. You can see the Father of the Indian Nation as you have never seen him before – unless you knew him personally! The latest news about the book can be found on its Facebook page:
Nice documentary!
Pehlaj Prayas Bora
Many things were not accurate. There was a strong sense of Gandhian sensibility throughout the documentary.
Juda Behur
Gandhi was the Leader of India & great Man. R.I.P We are in the Ends of Times, & the Powers that be that created Evil around the World, will be punished & there will be a reckoning……! May God have Mercy On Us & what lies ahead…..
Tauno Hagelberg
Do small but important things for your village without regard to class, religion, or gender.
Pranav Kumar
The BBC is known for its unbiased news and rational analysis through documentaries. But these documentaries puts a question on such claims. It is very clear that the author of this documentary is not interested in Gandhi but Modi. I do not know whether Modi is good or bad. But i am sure that this documentary is a ideological propaganda which carefully highlights the one aspect of reality to direct political benefits to certain political groups.
Harisha Nair
Hi Baker, Gujarat has improved 100 folds, but the documentary doesn’t mean that. It is taken in the year 2007. Now the Gujarat is unquestionably developed.
Intergalactic Gamer
so what this film is biased all that matters is that we learned the teachings of gandhi ji most people who watch this dont take a lesson away from any of this if anyone should disagree with gandhi ji’s teaching it shouldnt be indians british people respect this video more than the indians who watch it but coming from every american they can write a whole page of what they learned If you disagree there is no need to fill the comment section with rude comment this should be supportinging comments plus this was uploaded in 2013 because before on youtube it was much harder to upload  a decent video
Ilma Sheikh
This documentary is telling us the truth of our society..
35:09 the host tell that hitler Gandhi! It’s an insult. You should be in your boundary BBC world
Akshay Patel
I never thought of BBC going biased. In the name of Gandhi, all they portray here is the inequality and despair of few people, which you will find in in every country of the world. Gandhi’s teachings were invaluable. Rather than asking the riot affected , you should ask the families of those who were burnt alive, ask those whose kin were raped and killed, forcefully converted during and after the partition. I find it ironic how people make an issue out of nowhere. Gandhiji also advocated for the racism, But it still prevails in western countries, Where is the tolerance and equality here. Grow up People…!!! 
2014 victory is a slap on the face of BBC. It could not succeed what it wanted to do on behalf of pseudo gandhis.
Raphael Diogenes
the thruth is the true.
this is so sad there is no problem in development if u provide homes for the poor but they just removing them. where will they go. wheres the compassion. if u want ur country to develop first do something about the poverty and education.
Gandhi was inspired by Imam Hussein. People don’t mention Imam Hussein because he is a shia Muslim. Even Nelson Mandela took his ideas from Imam Hussein. Martin Luther King just followed Gandhi’s way but people need to understand where Gandhi got his ideas from and that was Imam Hussein.
Jane Booth
yes. however make it look like village. please and thanks
Jane Booth
wall building will not keep out THUGS … Alliance with peaceful people will do so. peaceful alliances will need no walls.
I wish they would abolish the caste system already….
there is nothing wrong in a city improving . y is this doc putting down a developing state
In a way these kinds of documentary promote Modi, the BJP and the right wing. Showing disdain for the Indian people the realities they face makes us run in the opposite direction.
Balram Singh
Had the BBC representative have asked how many children they have ?? Had the learned man visited Pakistan even once and tried to know the religious demographic change that had taken place there ? Why BBC only shows the bleak picture ??
Well first of all congrats for polarizing the whole problem to modi and hindu muslim friction . But truth is my dear our country is in this state due to inapt governance and ubiquitous corruption , and this is a gift of congress . Why don’t you take courage to interview sikhs riot victims shikhs are only 1.3 percent in this country why only atrocity of muslim matters to you , Well I am not saying what happened in gujrat is acceptable by any means .
Pankaj Kanwadia
Its more of bbc propoganda against modi…🤣 And less on mk gandhi.. Foolish documentary
Dipal Gudhka
Please don’t make up your own facts about Gujarat. And as far as progress is concerned, everything will fall in place soon, we should look at Modi’s ideas on a larger perspective.
meenal thatte
It is 2007 documentary… why showing it in 2013???  
Prankrishna Mahanta
Yes !! God is one….and he is GANDHI.
Jane Booth
I’m watching on mute vision … I mean mute my kan
so Gandhi only belongs to Indian hindus ?
Jane Booth
the Lil one with the kite is mine.
Confused editor, he himself dosen’t know the reality. Looks like hez paid for making such a biased video, Pathetic. BBC is biased.
Om Chadha
Jane bhi do yaro 🙂
This is a very baised documentary … Didn’t get the point is the narrator explaining about gandhi or Modi..
Ramón García-Tamaran
What’s the point of this documentary…?!
Gandhi called Blacks Lazy and barely human G.B.Singh  >>>>Reported in Guardian Oct. 17, 2003
Beyond News
It’s unfair game BBC, the documentary is not made to search the dreams of Gandhiji. Just to throw mud on Narendra Modi
Nirav Patel
Irony is here also I find only modi in comments..  ot gandhi !!