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Sir James
Prosecutors and police officers who knowingly imprisoned these innocent people should go to prison themselves. This shouldn’t go unpunished.
Sir James
Prosecutors don’t care who committed the crime, as long as they put someone in prison to appease the public.
Devesh Singh Yadav
I wanna cry.. but more than that I wanna smile for his freedom . Live your life buddy. And, thank you Innocence project for saving him and many others like him.
TouchdownTommyPurplePeopleEater Beauchene
Innocence project does amazing work and deserve a Nobel Prize.
Adrian D
I advocate for the “Restitution Project” of the wrongfully convicted. This is beyond heart breaking his Mom passed away 2 days after I was born
God bless these Attorneys for a Job Well Done 🙏🏾😘❤ Allan is so lucky to have a brother like this who fought for him for more than 20 years. Many would have lost faith and hope but he never lost faith
Margaret Peabody
Al quickly got on with his life. Getting married, having a son, receiving a college degree and a law degree and making a decision to help others in a similar bind.
Kadlac Dixon - The Draw My Life Prison Wife
14:57 that’s exactly what we thought, never thought my husband’s wrongful conviction would last so long. My husband was wrongfully convicted when my daughter was 2 months old, she’s now 20 years old. We stayed together through prison visits. He missed everything from our daughter’s first step to highschool graduation and about to miss her college graduation next year…
Jack Bliss
It is horrible how the innocent can be so easily convicted. In my opinion its as bad as the guilty running free on the life of the innocent.
michelle williams
This is insane! This is happening too often. These innocent people are being imprisoned based on “mistaken identity” is a piss poor excuse. Guilty Until Proven Innocent Is More Like It.
Melinda Rainbow
This brought tears to my eyes… the innocence project is a power to the people!
Bulou Vuso Nawalowalo
Awesome lady lawyer and great respect for the innocence project. God bless your families.
Susan Sehorn
I believe there are many in prison who are innocent.
F Vegas
The other horrific thing about these cases is that the cops and prosecution let the real crim go, who then further creates more victims.
So frightening, and disappointing at the same time. Our system is so flawed. How many innocent people have also been put to death?
Paula Brown
This made me cry of sadness then joy! Thank you Vanessa and the Innocence project! 🙏🌟
Yukie From Oz
I think very few of those who get exonerated ever see a penny of compensation after they are released. It’s so disgusting. As if having wasted all those years unnecessarily in prison isn’t bad enough, it’s the least they should get, after all when they are released they have nothing on them, they need that money for survival and to build what future they have left.
Dan Hunter
What a dude! A total inspiration.
Gina Mitembe
In the mist of human helplessness, God’s mercy steps in through unimaginable opening!! To all of you lawyers who have devoted to helping those injustices to the victims. God richly bless you🙏🙏💞😭👏👏👏🙌 to all Alan’s family and friends but mostly to you Alan,for your fighting spirit!!! And your brother🤗🤗🤗✊💙💙💞
prince ally
Kadlac Dixon - The Draw My Life Prison Wife
29:46 And you think about the heartless people that put him there and didn’t even care. How do we care so little about someone else’s life, but if it were them, they would want the same justice they deprived him of…
Life with Saidi
i love the courage of his brother, hes 1 in million.
Living & Giving
What an amazing man. His positive mindset through it all, alongside family support and innocent programme was truly a blessing to see. He should get interest for every year they withhold his compensation!
Maria Badillo
The jury was composed of individuals who believed any thing a Prosecutor brought up. They forgot to paid attention to the accused. Usually, they have the truth in their eyes. “The eyes are a reflexion of the soul”..
Lorraine Hawkins
My heart goes out to this gentleman, his brother, his friend and the innocent project program
Fay-Amie Goodwin
The Law is Illegal ! You should never convict solely on identification, a full background check on where the suspect was at the time should always be carried out. You should only ever be convicted with absolute proof of unquestionable doubt. I feel for these people so grievously wrongly convicted and sentenced. Bless You.
Oyebuchi Egbuniwe
If only we all had his spirit! Wonderful and resilient human being
Debby Utz
This makes me sick all over. This poor guy. What a hero he is. And there’s thousands more just like him we have got to do something!!!!! OUR ENTIRE BEINGS MUST COME TOGETHER TO END THIS HORROR FOR ALL OTHER INNOCENT BEINGS !!!! GOD SPEED 🙏
This man should have the compensation awarded to him. He deserves every penny. How can we help him to fight for that?
Kadlac Dixon - The Draw My Life Prison Wife
26:40 I pray to have that moment. Ya’ll should be cheesin, my cheeks would be so sore it it were us..Not everybody wrongfully convicted actually get out. And it’s a relief for the brother, he is now free. See what people don’t know when you are fighting for a loved one wrongfully convicted, it actually feels like you’re in prison too, unable to move forward with your life…
David Ebiember
Good on you Vanessa and the innocence project. God bless you guys. Yourll are the real heroes in this touching story.
Kadlac Dixon - The Draw My Life Prison Wife
43:26 That would be so remarkable, a lawyer that actually fought for others, and one that truly knows what that person is going through…
Mike W
Damn seeing Tony choke up really got to me. Tony is a hero too man, for real
It’s so wrong they should have investigated everyone who couldn’t find the kit. You can never give someone all of their lost time back though.
scott ridenour
What a Great family. Good bless you guys !!!
Susan Sehorn
Prosecutors and Defense 9/10 times any longer will reach a “plea deal ” . You don’t necessarily get a defense lawyer any longer, and Prosecutors sometimes add stupid charges to add on years to the sentence IF convicted. There isn’t justice in this Country any longer because of politics being anywhere and everywhere you turn. Either side, doesn’t matter. The Criminal Justice System is fine, it’s the Hearts of Men that need adjustment. Period. And I’m not talking the Heart of a petty criminal. I’m talking about the people who put them there, be it with a defense or without.
Crimson Rose
Injustice never lasts, justice will always prevail awesome content✊🏾kudos to the innocence project team.
Goffredo Trovato
Real Story never let you down. Great stories, on point all the time. Great investigation work, in this case. I believe that if evidence are lost, and he’s claiming to be innocent, you should be freed. It’s their job to keep evidence safe, that’s tax money spent for that. The guy who didn’t look for the evidence for negligence should have a taste of the medicine and done the remaining 14 yrs in prison. S. of a b.. What would have happened if he’d got stubbed in prison or picked up additional charges in order to survive in that jungle (Sing Sing) he wasn’t on a county jail you know.. And the fact that 8 yrs later he hasn’t been paid his compensation money it’s ridiculous. I will now claim interests on top of it. They owe him 18 millions can’t they give him half or a 1/4 just to go back on his feet. Disgusting; but when they have to take you down to your knees the system is there, oh yes in that case is there ready to judge you, guilty or not. I don’t believe in witnesses and jury. The law only guarantees you a trial, an attorney and a jury, despite the fact if your guilty or not. That’s bullshit. People guilty don’t get charged, and innocent people go to prison. I believe that the case should be faught in front of and to a judge between attorneys, by the book. No need for jury unless you have a difficult case and you’d like to see how a jury would respond, but as a tool, not as a final judgment. No way.
Loopazon Dot Com
This was really sweet.. what a brother
In fairness I’d say the man lost more cases than an Airport!!
deep purple
Unless your freedom is taken away even for a short time you really can’t feel what it’s like to feel that hopelessness, weather your innocent or guilty. The guilty person knows what it feels like . He can judge how a innocent man feels by a factor, of the wall. It’s deep 🌑
Christina Roche
God be with you and your family, how you did it is amazing. I wish you the very best for the rest of your life.
Diane Lewis
Yan Yan
Victory!! I admire his mental strength and determination. I also salute his brother and friend for not giving up on him. 1q
ArchieMae Canonigo28
The lawyer so awesome she helped a lot ..God bless you
Davida Jones
This is just absolutely criminal!
Kimberly Barker
This story right here, I can tell is the best on YouTube. GOD bless everybody who worked with the Spirit of helping others!
Karon Price
Alan, I wish you all the joy and happiness in the world. You are a better man than any man, that I know, you lost 22 years of your life in prison wrongfully. Your spirit shines so brightly, may you live with all the happiness in the world.
Stewart Pinner
His brother deserves so much love. He never gave up on him or doubted him special love.
Kadlac Dixon - The Draw My Life Prison Wife
So sad how they just take people’s lives…
Lily Mell
Tony is an awesome brother.
Christopher james James
Total respect to Alan Newton may God reserve him a place in heaven .
Nainaa Sahil
He should sue the system for every second they took his freedom. Thanks to the innocent project..
Has he been compensated yet? For all of us that simply have the luxury of waking up everyday in complete freedom should really think about his journey. Never give up!
Wally Watts
My foster son went to federal prison for murder when he was 19 and the girls mother told me her daughter told her that her boyfriend said he was going to kill her. Now this guy has killed before and was out in 5 years then killed her. It was the very same mo.killed her and cut her foster boy couldn’t kill anything not even a fish. Hes now 24 but will be 25 this month. How sad .I’ve tried to find a federal lawyer buy no one will call me back. I don’t know how to find a good lawyer. I’m happy to pay for his services, I make good money and I’m debt free.
Krissy Butler
Finally someone we can trust in the justice system, sad way to find the honest ones
Maggie Edwards
Oh my god I am in tears how many more?😭 To Vanessa his brother and his friend thank you for keeping him strong , to Alan Newton I hope you are living a great life and have peace and joy . To the innocence project thank you
Christopher Moll
How did it take 8 more months for them to check the damn rape kit?!
Nanze Ngwenya
The most worrying thing is that some of these police officers are actual in top positions!! Gaining promotion on falls arrest. The difficulty to get access the information that will exonerate someone is sickening. The accuse Russia for lack of democracy when wrong people are in American jails..
Tina Cross
The level of stress must have been unbelievable.
Nathan B
He deserves every single penny that he has been awarded! Wrongly convicted and jailed for over 2 decades and yet there is no bitterness in the programme from him
Ruth Quetant
OVERJOYED for you Mr Alan 🙌🏾🙏🏾👏🏾‼ Tony!, your dedication to your brother is everything 💖🙏🏾‼‼
Kadlac Dixon - The Draw My Life Prison Wife
30:56 “I’m not a number anymore”…that’s why there is such little compassion in the justice system, because it’s just crunching number, like they doin taxes or something, not really caring what happens to another LIFE, not number…
Christopher james James
Total respect to the people who help
I wonder if the ones who are innocent fight harder and longer cos they know they didn’t do and still have hope others will know too, while the ones who are guilty don’t do much cos they know they did it…?
Jesse Ω
I hope this guy gets eternal crowns from God, this is so messed up. That brother is the best
Christopher james James
What a smashing guy .dedicated his life to helping others truly 1 in a million .
Maree Walker
How can he not get compensation for over 20 years in prison???? Thats just absolutely wrong on every level! Just throw him out the court and on the street!! Next wrongly imprisoned case please!!!!
Miranda Wrights
It takes a certain type of evil to imprison an innocent person!
Sandra LeBlanc
New York pay the man now! Pay for your mistakes like every citizen has too!!
Ms. Liszz.
May God bless his brother with Eternal life. He’s a real brother.
20:25 what a great company. Athletes/Actors designers are paid billions, yet there is little as compensation for a persons life. I’m 49 & think, if someone did a 30 stretch, then I think back to what I’ve ✅ done since then, it makes me sad, so very sad that it all taken away from some & others have been killed no doubt. I know some get compensation, as here in England I’ve seen it happen, but not to many. Only seems to go with bigger offences or cases. Good luck to anyone who has had to bear losing their life.. 🇬🇧✌🏼
Tennille Bowens
Right when I was looking for something to watch, this pops up in my notifications. Thanks!
Matthew Hudson
And we wonder why there are protests and movements in the streets
Dave Fuller
What a lovely person Vanessa is believing in people, have they got the real culprit and be thankful for the lady who eventually found the rape kit , good person did she keep her job
Douglas Davis
It sounds like he served his full sentence to me
Akbar Salaam
Allen Newton my big brother this is your little brother Supreme Al was a great man he showed me how to play chess he showed me how to play Scrabble he constantly beat me down LOL he taught me how to work out and exercise. I was with him when he got released out of Wyoming correctional facility I’m so happy for this brother 💯
Paul Neil
Things like this are why I say it’s impossible for good cops to exist!
M. "PATSY" Fauntleroy
Straight Up
Al you are a fantastic man 💯!!
De Gift
So so emotional I just cried
Both witnesses recanted pre-trial. Unreal.
Craig Peters
Wow. This lady is God sent.
Lori Montcalm
When the Brock Turners of the world, that are caught red handed and get 6 months, but an innocent black man gets 40 years, you know the American justice system is broken. Was the DNA ran against the databank to find the true perpetrator of the crime? Makes me wanna scream!!
A Parson
Love, love, love The Innocence Project videos.
Dr Adeda Haileslassie
this simply shows the other side of darkness. There is always hope
Donzell Allen
A brother’s bond……😢
Bob Saturday
why aren’t the police and prosecutors who knowingly wrongfully convicted Alan named here ? why aren’t these criminals punished ? also there are the lawyers who took Alans money and did nothing as well as the police who hide the rape kit evidence need to be named and punished .
where is Police officer who invested in the case or victim family now?. Why no actions taken to find out who’s the real crime in this case?. GOVERNMENT DIDN’T WANT TO TAKE THEIR RESPONSIBILITY? Few years ago, my teacher told about North Korea stuffs blah blah like no humanity, no life all and we must be happy to born in this country blah blah. Now i never got a any of differences between them
Loopazon Dot Com
Such a tearjerker this one
Johnny Sechrist
Many prayers were answered.
Freedom and Truth
All the reasons they give 5mins in…and No mention of Police Incompetence or Corruption being listed as a reason some of these folk were Imprisoned…Hmmmm? 🤔
Kofi Kouedjin
The wheels of justice really turns slow for the poors. I really hope he get his money
Kynthia Em
Feels like I have watched this same exact episode before💭. Either that or this is a major deja vu💫💫💫💫
Christina Likoski
⭐BEST SERIES ON SITE⭐ He should be proud of himself The love of family and extended family now is what LOVE is all about 💕 He is also making others like myself feel the love of his success ❤ The law firm to protect innocent people DEFINITELY GOLDEN SOULS 🤫 Australia 💕 Christina
Jonathan Poirot
Thought this was an inspiring lawyer that went to prison for 28 years
Ruth Quetant
Vanessa you are a Hero 💖👏🏾👏🏾‼
Ndembwa Mponda
May The LORD God Almighty bless this Innocence Project (Network.)
M Soda
The state should have to pay a million for each year they stole from him
Stewart Pinner
If a person insists they are innocent and go to great lengths to demand dna be processed and the authorities can not find it that alone should be enough to instigate a re trial. Let a new jury ask themselves why he would ask for proof positive he did it. Because he likely did not. We today with DNA almost maybe always convict, if DNA says other we almost maybe always do not. If people are sat in prison today with DNA evidence that could exonorate them then we are not a civilised society.
Off Center Forge
There is so much crime and so many criminals there are going to be a few innocent people, or kinda innocent go to prison. I know it is really sad I don’t know why people have so much trouble obeying the laws of the land. Oh well hopefully he acts right and stays out.
Laura Browne
My gut tells me they’re guilty. Cops may be suspect and eager but they’re trained to see through the bs.
Daughter of the soil
Do you have offices or want to establish offices in South Africa? Please get in touch with me. There are a lot of people whose stories will make the hair on your neck and arms stand up. They deserve justice too🙌🏽. They have been forgotten and are perishing in our prison system. It’s all just 😞
lavonne collier
Employing the wrong kind of people. For what ever reason. (Not qualified for those jobs). Mistakes out weigh the righteousness.
kasey rae
Black people are so strong 💪🏾❤
Jamie Willard
Can you do something on jamie springer from Moncton New Brunswick she went missing and is still missing as well as Cheryl pine they know she’s been murdered but have not found the body in Moncton New Brunswick as well as the story about Candice Kennedy those are only a couple of the ones I know off the top of my head !
Raghu R
The innocent should sue everyone who are responsible and arrested for their lethargic behaviour of wasting people’s life .
DudeDuderino Duderino
So an affidavit was sent, sorry we cannot find the rape kit to prove this man innocent sorry….Years later it was there all the time. Jail that person who signed and the state should be sued for his loss of freedom as compensation….A Million $$ for each and every year in jail, that is fair. And justice seeking all those that lied and kept him there for those 28 years.
Monica Corona
Damn, these are real fairy tail stories.
Annon Skeete
He received 12 million, Should have been more, but he can live well.
I’m so happy for you Alan. You are very handsome. They say guys get better looking with age.😉☺
Harith Humam
26:05 just make me satisfyingly happy and after that very angry and sad
Lucas Montes
Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.
The Dude
The justice system is criminal
Peter Bradshaw
Not guilty and innocent are worlds part. The world is not that simple.
Marek Dudek
I was charge for somthing i didnt do it,Spand in florida prison 13 months,there was many people like me.
Debz Cashman
Tony your one a kind you belived in your brother when many did not thats how strong your love is for each other alan i realy hope you recive some sort of combo so you can carry on the work to get all the other inocent people that are left to rot in a prison for no reson they did not commite any crime like yourself i wih you all that you want and dream you deserve it you have a place in my heart god bless you and your family exspecialy your very cute freind bobby xx
its wasnt lost it was there all the time its called corruption bent police proscuteres
wo you are good people… GOD BLESSSSSS YOU ALLLLLLLLL
Hughie Davies
Only a year ago you could watch most YouTube videos without adverts. . Now it’s no different to TV. Good video though, I just wish YouTube was like it was before they put ads on absolutely everything ! but there’s no going back now.
Kewsi Yehboah
Dam Worth it’s Weight in Gold.. Geeez Louise how many Innocent Folks are doing Hard Time.. In Swahili.. Ubarikiwe.. ( Bless You )..
Josephine Hibbert
America why have you done so many wrongs to black peoples and why do you continues to do so you don’t have to like them or care about them all you need to do is just leave them alone and treat them the way you would have others treat you. Woe be to all those districts attorneys who doesn’t care about justice just their next victory. God bless all those people at the innocence project
James Brockington
Brandilyn Kersey
Free Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey!!!!!!!
DJ London
🙏🏻 for Luke Mitchell UK
Isso amarl
I’ve watched some of this channel’s videos and wow, how many ads they are putting at such a short interval, it’s just beyond the average I see on other similar channels I’ve seen.
Kadlac Dixon - The Draw My Life Prison Wife
19:40 They never got back in touch with my husband…
Does anyone know how old Vanessa Potkin is now?
Welding Girl
What happened to the real rapist there prosecutors??
its no good saying i msidentified him afterwards say it in court not after
Donzell Allen
Now get in the bread line homie…..they owe you a lil sumthin💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰
Christopher james James
How about throwing steaming hottar over the orosecutor
I Am Eye
kinda offtopic but i never seen a double mustache like that lol
ne mo
So hes guilty and Kim Kardashian was bored
Marilyn Vallance
Can’t watch this. Railroaded.
joe milton
The innocent project… Believe it or not it’s very hated.. my racist people because most of the people that get free by that program are black Hispanics ..
Dana Rzechula
Hey. I don’t know anybody who hates the innocence project. You got names?