A $3.9 Billion Settlement: Timeline of the 1MDB Scandal | WSJ – Blog

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“A man who has never gone to school may steal a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.” ― Theodore Roosevelt
Jentzen Fong
Fun fact, Not only Najib but the whole political party involved are still standing still in the country. They have earned much support from the community. When you have control of legislation, and hired the best lawyers team, you will be free of charges for any crime. For Jho Low, he is travelling in other country with all his money. Not even interpool could search which country he is in now.
Steal billions get a fine, steal a few dollars get jail for life.
Zachary Nathan
Shoutout WSJ for bringing this to the international community. Real Journalism – highlighting the flaws in the US banking system and the rampant corruption of Najib and Jho Low
Minami Sensei
I was writing my assignment on this, I feel like more Malaysians must get into the know especially the younger generation. They really bamboozeled us with this one.
Matthew Stinar
The real shocker of it all is that anyone is shocked at all. This is how things have worked for a long time. If it’s so appalling, then thousands of people need to be put on trial and sentenced to prison. But instead, those with the power to act are content to collect their share of the proceeds of crime.
Scott Mead
Celebrities: Protect the environment! End corruption! Also celebrities: excessively lavish lifestyles, benefiting from corruptions It rings very hollow, doesn’t it?
Question Everything — Thought Provoking Ideas
“Laws are spider webs through which the big flies pass and the little ones get caught.” ― Honore de Balzac
Haris Nandwani
It blows up when there is true investigative reporting We need more of that
Muhammad Othman
What surprised me the most they’re many Najib supporters who still believe the charges against him are political and he’s the victim and innocent. 😂
V Sohn
So true that every 10-15 years Goldman manages to be found involved in some serious financial crimes or abuse of security loopholes. Each time is something different. Just like clock work, it was involved with the eventual collapse of Archegos. Deutsche, HSBC, Credit Suisse and many more international banks are also have the similar pattern of abuse.
Kaiser Mayhem
Man, these banks have no fear of anything. If it’s something to do with the US, then Goldman comes up. If it’s something to do with Europe, then Deutsche bank comes up.
As Malaysian, let me give you the update.. he still walk freely, involve in parliament, and even file appeal for tax return.. thanks me later
Zhang Jordan
Kudos to the excellent investigative journalism by WSJ.
Dhandanaka Sinu
Small thief goes to jail Big thief goes to parliament
Peyton Huang
Love this story. As long as J Low keeps taking his diabetes medication I reckon he will live to a good ripe old age enjoying retirement funded by the Malaysian taxpayers.
Great reporting! Far between nowadays. Good job
I feel for the good people of Malaysia
Question Everything — Thought Provoking Ideas
“Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.” ― Plato
John Wig
Malaysia is famous for all the wrong reasons. From MAS to 1MDB to Kim Jong Nam’s assassination. But as the saying goes, malu apa bossku?
And yet there are still many staunch supporters of Najib believe that he is innocent till this day although he has been convicted in court for stealing the people’s monies.🤦‍♂
Thank you WSJ for your reporting
Eleven Ocean
It’s always after it happens that it’s blatantly obvious🤦🏾‍♂
Silva Phoenix
Mark my words, this has all the beautiful facts to become a great movie .
a company pays a fine of 3 billion after earning 5 billion…
Hassan Faheem
There’s a whole documentary on Netflix about it. An episode on Dirty Money I believe?
Sonar Tio
doesn’t anybody find it interesting that GS had to pay only $2.5B to Malaysian Govt, while the resulting debt through their wrongdoing was over $11B. Meanwhile they pay $2.8B to Uncle Sam even though they didn’t steal from him 🤔
Tansu Erginsav
Every sleazy financial story that I hear about seems to have some connection to Goldman Sachs…..
David Wee
FYI: Najib out on bail and currently helping his political party to gain voters confidence for the upcoming election.
Ink tray
And as usual, no arrests. No indictments. A 2 tiered justice system.
Goldman Sachs is soulless
Jbrownjetmech -
I’ll be honest, if could rip off the little man, I would do it. Some thieves are never caught.
What’s sadder is that the culprits are still walking free even into parliement
Pasanga fav msq
Robbers don’t wear mask, they wear suit and tie.
Nuri Çekin
Notes for future: Turkish Wealth Fund will share same destiny with the 1MDB. WSJ may start to investigate.
Biden is not my president
Leo-our planet is dying because of pollution Also leo-lets do biggest party of year
A total disgrace to the nation. We are ashamed. Thoroughly.
Nikita Niromkar
“I’m scared of businessmen. A whole army of gray-suited Brads and Chads trying to suck my soul and redeem it for frequent flyer miles” ~GINA LINETTE
Netflix’s Dirty Money covers this in more detail
Trevor Ndjadila
Just finished reading Billion Dollar Whale, what a roller coaster of a book.. Much more detailed if you’re interested..
Rapha Lo
It’s funny this video targeted Jho the launderer instead of the wolves behind who insisted that they’re innocent. Seeing a pattern of a black sheep taking all the blames because the operation went wrong.
Joyleen Strozier
Hi Wall Street Journal, I like your content. I love watching your videos.
This should be a movie!!
The Shake
Thank you Najib ,, you have made Malaysia famous for the wrong reasons …
Ajaz Abdullah
Why isn’t a large portion of the Goldman (Government) Sachs fine/settlement with the US authorities being paid to the Malaysian government?
Douglas Wong
Freedom and democracy with capitalism equal to opportunity
Stan Villamayor
The question is if Goldman and Sachs knew this was a scam right from the get go because if that was the case then they should be barred from doing business and just close shop
kopi bin
Isnt Malaysia a devout follower of Islam? why is the former PM wife living so lavishly ? May the people of Malaysia recover all the siphoned funds and see that justice is served. God is just and all mighty.
Michael Wang
Stealing from government public funds? that’s “low”!
Muhd Syafiq
And the Malaysian people still love this “boss”
…and lots of people still believe the legendary Jibby is innocent
Chucky Charlie
It was weird that a lot of Malaysian still praised najib razak and believe this scandal was a lie. They called him the boss. They still support him. Even the gov who won and start uncovering the scandal was toppled in just 2 years. The court have sentenced him to 12 years in prison, but he still roam freely, still hold his position as a lawmaker and perhaps, with the current Malaysian political situation, a second scandal like this is possible. 😞. Hopefully not.
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16.
Sebastian Valmont
Still smaller than India’s 2G scandal in terms of money 😂😂
Bulah Luster
The sleepy penalty potentially fail because route uniformly bang around a skinny hail. hurried, whimsical comb
Why is it that Goldman Sachs is always involved in these kind of things.
Gyurme Sherpa
“produced wolf of wall street” with stolen money.
Just Fabio - Check my Channel
They wanted to be the Wall Street of Asia, and now they wanna complain that they actually became the Wall Street of Asia. LOL. Be careful for what you wish…
Mark Sarmiento
In similar story from few thousand miles from KL there was called BUILT BUILT BUILT initiative, its now 3b $ and still growing, Cant wait WSJ has something to say on these worthless and overpriced projects.
ck LIM
One stold a lot of M. and fined only a cent. Really like s new business entity and motivates more others to copy. money is king and roam freely in.a world of his class. One person law is more powerful than law of the land.
ironic najib still wondering around, and holding government in malaysia.
Kexan Raddark
Wait, why does the US government get to seize the assets? Doesn’t that mean the whole affair effectively transferred billions of Malaysians’ tax payer money into US government coffers?
Najib knew this all along, he just did not expect BN to lose.
Bill Buffett
They should hire the girl with the dragon tattoo, she can find the money
Aziz Teh
Pendedahan demi pendedahan .. DS Najib masih dgn muka tak bersalahnya .. tak tahu malu .. tak ada maruah langsung. Jadi seorang Islam sebenar. Jauhi sifat munafiq. 1. Bagi amanah dia khianati. 2. Bila berjanji dia tak tepati 3. Bila bercakap dia berbohong. Whole world had proved the wrong doing .. masih tak rasa bersalah. Apakah dah terlalu biasa dgn benda HARAM?
Quiet Jagung
Is it believable Goldman Sachs CEO is not involved in a 6.5 billion deal?
wilson bethlehem
And all the culprits still free moving around & continue doing their own business
Dot Matrix
I didn’t know a movie website could be this corrupt!
Alim ZazaZ Music
I want to believe that Najib is old/out of his peak and got scammed by this jlow guy, just like elderly got scammed by tech support. Maybe he does have the nation’s best intent in mind, just, his mind is already rusted. But what do i know
vetrivel mylsamy
Goldman paid US government 2.8B USD?? What is in it for Malaysian people? Or the bond holders?
Nelson Swanberg
I thought Goldman Sackers was not longer an investment bank but a commercial bank?
Simon Tan
Steal Billions and so far no VVIP, VIP and those involves go to jail….Crimes without Punishment….and so far Rakyat got to payback 1 MDB debts
Wan Hakim
the judge answered for Najib’s trial is simple… if it is donation where are the thank you letters.
Yo Yo
Can see characticic on face. Most of them are thief, copycats. I can even see few are very nice and decent but like them are same people from same place. Only difference is stealing same a amount and big amount 😏
Linus,Please Dont
And today,he is still working around the globe freely.Malaysia democracy and law is dead.I hope big countries can interfere
Ksea Winner
That’s why I don’t invest a penny. Those con men will suck your blood dry and confused you with their papers
keesiang Wong
Najib supporters be like fake news!
Athaporn MCorp Review
Shouldn’t the us govt reimburse malaysia 🇲🇾 for part of it?
singh Dr karamjeet
Jail all of them paid taxes for35 years always 1 month payment so in one year i earned for 11 months
Shean-Kok Lim
Malasia’s former prime minister involved in the fraud was convicted and sentenced BUT he still roams freely and is debating in parliament. Kangaroo court of banana republic.
Amir Ismail
U already have Khazanah Nasional which is a very big sovereign fund but 1mdb want to join the league but in a corrupted and criminal way
Muhammad Athallah Arsyaf
I cant believe they stole 4 billion dollars just like that
dumo lollen
Welcome to the club of world greatest financial fugitive this also includes India’s Vijay Mallya n Nirva Modi
rod axel
If it was the same story with the corrupt heads of state around the world…
Shariff Hilmi
just watched Mr. Najib gave a speech in the live streaming of a parliament session with 12k viewers.
Swee Yong
loves using his religion to justify his action.
meanwhile a millionaire paid USD750 tax, creative accounting
Jaydan Maurice Matthews
They should make a movie on this.
usha vns
Well.if Malaysia pit more work into its own business instead of poking its nose somewhere else. Thi would not hve happened
Looking forward to the day I immigrate away from Malaysia for good.
harmit Singh
I love this country
BC 2020
Why they do? Just for oligarchy…how many times they spend for sleep n food? Everything is lost in one times…think about it
Srikanth Rajkumar
they said allegedly 4 billion times
I don’t think he has heard “archipelago” been said before…
at least PM was accused and sent to jail,
Pratama Ridho
you should really careful about chinese people I am from Indonesia and my lecturer once said this. “be careful with Chinese, if something wrong happen to them (like this Jho Low guy), they will go back to China and no one will ever find him anymore bcs almost entirely Chinese people have “same face”, and I assume no one can tell any different if this Jho Low guy wanders around China without his glasses but using the mask. He will live peacefully and quietly bcs they can speak Chinese while the one who’s after them cannot speak Chinese.