Another reality

The incredible story of a young man in Afghanistan and his escape to Europe.

Young Qadir grows up in a small village in Afghanistan with his mother’s tales of dreams and his father’s iron determination.

All he owns are eight marbles.

War is all around them, killing many loved ones. Qadir survives by working for the international troops who come to liberate his country, until he too has to flee from the violence with his wife and children, with the Taliban hot on their heels.

They cross mountains and seas, finally reaching Europe after three months. But the Great Gatekeeper refuses to let them in. One by one, Qadir loses the jingling marbles of his life. And yet there is hope.

UK Candid Camera Classics – Park Your Car, Sir?

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Gepubliceerd op 22 jul. 2007

The latest “assistant” to help park people’s cars needs a few more driving lessons.
People are not happy to accept her “help”.