Kincora child abuse victim calls for wider inquiry – Blog

This is unbelievable. I can not wrap my mind around this. I am so sorry this happened. People are disgusting. How can you put your hands on a child ? Jesus christ . We have go do more to protect the children.
Kate E
Brave men – you are precious & those that abused you are nothing/subhumans. Much care
Robert Castle
When will these abusers torturers and murderers of children be prosecuted.
Sara Sara
These men deserve justice! Public wants to see justice on this case, and all similar cases.
High Demands
I saw this after an Epstein video. How horrible! How these innocent children must have suffered… 😭
Fiona Ross
This is has been a hobby of the aristocracy for centuries.
Dare To Speak
This man story is so heart wrenching 💔 and I’m sorry this happened to him.
aizenosa imafidon
We cannot claim to be civilized until ALL children are safe. There needs to be accountability, this seems to go on everywhere. These men are very courageous, thank you for speaking the TRUTH. You are truly honourable men.
What is the update on this and the Epstein file? Why are there no arrests and why hasn’t a judge dropped the hammer on these guys. Why aren’t people screaming outside of these peoples homes? Disgusting and shame on all of them.
Sam King
Wonderful , courageous men
Deborah R. Evans
I pray these men finally find peace.
Moralmente Correcto
I feel for these children that go through this still to this day, also for these 2 brave men , my heart breaks and aches for them, may God help them heal!
Debbie power
Jesjus your heart would break for them. I hope they find peace and get justice so they can finally heal
This is Just one more little thing that should make peopke realise that the government are not here to care for anyones interest except their own.
Paul Den
The people of England who allow this in their country and don’t call for more investigations and judicial inquiry in Kincora and other allegations, they’re to blame as well.
ali may
Strong and resilient survivors ❤
ian holden
Jay J
My heart goes out to people that have been molested. so very sorry for you all.
“Let us have our day in the sunshine”
I’m getting more and more convinced, that if we gathered as 5-10.000 people, we could have a good hanging party for some elites at least. Some of us might get hurt, but way less of us will get hurt in the future! Revolucion!
James Cardoness
Why do you think the Attorney General at the time Sir Michael Havers changed the terms of reference for the Kincora enquiry, the day before the enquiry was to begin, to exclude visitors to the home ?. I guess someone told him it would lead to politicians from both sides of the House of Commons and senior Police and military personnel being implicated . The home was frequently visited by such people on their visits to NI or they took the boys to party’s at various houses .
Jackie Salomon
My hear is bleeding for these pore soles
Dada K
This is shocking the fact that Westminster doesn’t want to take it forward speaks volumes about GUILT!
Simply horrific.
I find it so sad that we have to tell our children there is bad people out there
Let these men see justice
Gwyn Williams
Think there’s definitely great material for a film here. It would be a great way to get the story about. There’s also a soldier called Gemmel I believe who was also aware but silenced. This subject is really widespread. The Franklyn cover up in America is another case of how whistle blowers were practically silenced. The Spotlight film highlighted the corruption in the Catholic Church. Maybe now is the time to highlight the British government & the intelligence agencies ability to turn a blind eye. For what reason? That’s the real question.
Dada K
Of course this is a cover up!! Those poor children
Angela Hayes
Right to the top and protected
Love Joy
We hope and pray justice for them. We know Theresa May’s stand. Now we hope and pray the new PM will do the right thing.
Zombie Permaculture
Gee, I wonder why almost all cases like this are blocked from those in positions of power.
Keeping up the royal traditions. Monarch is for “tourism” after all 👍
Tea Kai
It’s all starting to come into the open now.
Sarah Stevenson
British unionists and loyalists have the audacity to go on about Catholics
Marlene Engleman
Very difficult to read, hear. Such disgusting behavior from adults Especially if your past has had these events in your life sin ce birth! And threatened with give away,death. !
Sally Smith
How many other “Kincora’s” are there? UK Parliament had the information and “lost” it … with no copies!
Kathie Nordstrom
Hmmm..interesting, the number 236 on that sinister house.. I keep watching for news of justice being delivered for those who survived this evil..
James Grigg
its because English royals were in it.look at saville videos.
Donna-marie Mccoy
Yea still happening that’s why if they recognise these grown men’s case they would have to put a stop to child abuse but that’s not going to happen it’s up to the people to make it stop and the publuc need to start listening don’t wait until its your child
Laura Cortez
Of course there are MI6 cover up here!
Robb Flynn
not a lot you can do, goes all the way to the top so will never be properly investigated, very sad
edward richard
Why am I seeing this 5 years later?
SixSixteen Sevens
Caredul, Jill Dando tried.
Lone Wolf Anon
viper 9555
The reality is bitter to swallowed you think those peoples would let the pandora box open ? In your dream..this system was created by them and surely they get away even done it !!! Its very deep deep rabbit hole..
William McGrath the director of kincora actually did goto prison but he only got 3 year sentence and was released after 2 years. 😒
Kate Bates
Candy from a baby I can’t think of an ugly enough word to express my disgust and horror.
Risa maximovna
Out of Shadows, fall cabal -have lots of information about it
Pam Tufnell
Fancy picking on children with no family disgusting
Beautiful Butterfly
I remember seeing a video of a teen scaping the royal house butt naked from one of the windows. It was way up high and obviously was using bed sheets. He didnt had enough so once reached has far has he could go he tried to tip toe the courner of the lower floor window but wasnt much and slept. Was a fatal fall.
Hanan Yamini
The people in parliament said they saw no evidence because the probably were the clients
Robert Briggs
You guys need to watch the YouTube story on Mountbatten and the Kincora boys. Shaun Attwood. Sick sick sick
Mat Broomfield
If their claims are true, what price peace in Northern Ireland? Disgusting though this would have been, what would the nation choose if it came down to all the future lives saved versus the peace of mind of these boys? What a disgusting choice to have to make.
Follow Jon Wedger channel. He’s been fighting against child abuse.
This is the UK version of Boystown🤨
It was Ulster Loyalists working for a combined Intelligence/Special Forces unit
Michael O Neill
Did they get the enquiry…….thought not, covered up again
John Doe
Factually Correct Version: Liar calls for wider inquiry.
Theresa Pierce
Mountbatten was supplied from this place.
K 9
And the visiting Psych… Morris Fraser
What about Lord mountbatten
Cathy Sweeney
Too many important people involved to fully investigate
James Grigg
Thousands in jail for pedophilia.not one elite.
david crespin
Check out the podcast on Kincora on the site.
Joe Towsey
another “conspiracy”
Silva 07
Jesus is coming soon REPENT and accept Jesus TODAY
freemindthinker ezrapound
Whistle blowers are a thing of the past these people need to get on with their lives they are in way over their heads, live in the moment not the past