China organ trafficking: ‘I sold my kidney for £4,000’ – BBC News – Blog

Act Of Vengeance
China killed more people than any other countries. But they still short in human organs.
………………Meanwhile in America, the top news story is about Kylie Jenner’s and her new adopted puppy, or something about Donald Trump and his beef with Megan Kelley.
Might Guy
Watched this for 47 seconds and can’t anymore. Jesus Christ this is so sad, I’m just never going to have children because I would hate for anyone to be in this predicament.
Paul Reinhard
China stopped organ harvesting? lol. BBC is a joke.
Joaquin Pineda
That’s scary as shit. Imagine going to sell a kidney. Only to wake up missing a eye or a other oran on top of the kidney
Dominik J
I would want at least £50,000 in cash for my kidney. Friend or family I’ll give for free.
Reid Okada
Shit i might do this for csgo skins
danielle Webb
My dear god! What an absolute awful situation for that family wow.
This is so horrible. This reminds me of a story I heard about a man in Iraq who recently sold his organ for a mere $800…. How could the doctors allow such terrible things
Dank Memer
Finally gonna get the ps5 hope grandma dosent mind going to heaven
Foxy Lady
Hope he gets a kidney.
Elizabeth Armada
This isn’t new to me..we have the same problem back home. .some people were selling their vital organs because of poverty. .not sure if they are aware of consequences. .you need to eat nutritious foods in order in can they buy nutritious foods if the money will not last? Anyway, paano po ba nakuha ang ganong mga sakit sa kidney?
Felix Tsang
The toughest coin flipping
I don’t even know what to say. It looks like a bad thing but it saves someone’s life? hmm.
Alexander Schmidt
I hope that China will also accept donations from other countries. Really hope this guy will get a kidney.
Lalathediva12 Land
I just want to say that man is lucky they could have easily took both his kidneys during surgery.
There are herbal treatment in southern India names of people who does it, Mohanan Vaidyar, jacob Vadakkanchery (kerala),they also do treatment for cancer .Krishnamurthy ,Karnataka(cancer).Get treated for $ have to follow the food which they ask to eat.
Jt Jg
Thomas yang sheboygan wisconsin
Kelly Chine
反正一个是为了钱一个是为了命 惊了
Tram D
How silly is it when you take other people life for your problems? How they’re find a kidney ? Kidnapping other people’s and take the kidney leave the body ? ??
Glascoe Bowie
Prevention is the best cure and prevention comes with wisdom living by law
Shameless Antics
Way to start the morning with sad news..
cant think of a more tragic decision a person can make in human histrory.
RIP George Smith
That damn lead in the water smh
Partly Cloudy
For a “unified people who ‘love’ their country and patriots” why don’t the ‘good’ citizens just donate their own organs. For social credit, oh course. Starting with Chairman Jinping. Put your organs where your mouth is, Glorious Leader!
He should go with his brother!
Remind me not to check comments on news outlets. The people who love to talk the most are the people who know the least about the subject.
If he thinks his organ is worth 4k he should have every single right to sell it
Glascoe Bowie
Ballance harmony circulation cleanliness
Apocalypse Averted
Whos watching this in 2020 because of the corona virus
I bought an Armani shirt after selling my kidneyv
Kaiyan Zhao
Can’t UN do something about this?
Glascoe Bowie
Drink the blood of christ means drink the blood of the righteous and healthy
Glascoe Bowie
A nother example of rich people talking advantage of poor people.
Elle N.
Why didn’t the BBC help him get a kidney???!!
danielle Webb
This is why they hang them then? Because a Texas death row inmate wanted to give his organ’s after execution but was told they weren’t going to be any good because of the cocktail of drugs and the damage it would do afterwards.
Only £4000? What.
Glascoe Bowie
Hope the next time they crown the king and queen it with a bomb dropping on there heads.
Hillary for President
Make it legal for every family to sell their dead family members’ organs to save lives.
bigdaddy axe
I would not sell my kidney nor any organ even for a billion
Igor Horváth
Legalize organ trade! It will save lifes of both the poor and rich because the rich get healthy kidneys and poor Indians won’t starve to death.
Wtf is up with people here offering their kidneys or giving phones and emails to doctors that will buy them? Don’t trust any of those organ buyers in the comments. Most likely bots.
They still harvest organs from prisoners, but pander to sell them to tourists instead of its own people, so for Chinese citizens, yes there is a shortage, but not for foreigners
Emily Kate
Does this man still need a kidney??
Glascoe Bowie
Thought China came to help people in the Philippines and save the from these organ thieves.
hippy chic
4,000 for a kidney? hell no, someone can have one of mine for 40,000 minimum.
The things people do for money
Earth Is Boring
I bought skikers after selling my kidney and one eye
The Blasphemous Gospel
Maybe Pollution caused it?
So this is What they dO Selling organs for gaming pc’s?
Carolyn Gaskin
PREACHING IN NYC… DEAR Friend, JESUS Loves you and so do I. You need to REPENT Pray and ask JESUS to Heal you of all sicknesses & disease. The KJV Bible says where two or more are gathered together in JESUS name any thing you ask God will do it. REPENT & Be BLESSED!
Jimmy rui
OMG, I heard once a kid sold his kidney for a iPhone
Babe Joo
I want to sell my kidney too am so poor where can I go 😔😔😔😔😔😔
Only £4,000??
Keith Wilson
the Chinese government forceably steals falong gong practitioners’ organs ….WHILE THEY’RE ALIVE… absolutely documented fact…!!!
Annette youtube
Melamine in the food?
Edgar Vibar
Looks like the Brits have found themselves a huge market for their opium. These kidney patients could sure use some British opium to ameliorate their pain. BBC should drum this issue up some more, to compel China to open its ports to British opium again.
There is a huge organ ranch in China. It is a famous story that everyone in the concentration camp of Uighur is registered with organs. When BBC ordered some organ to the chinese organizer in the other documentary news program, he had delivered it within 48 hours. Uighur’s airport has special lanes dedicated to organs, and fresh organs are always exported
Daniel Aldrich
It should be 80,000 Dollar for 2 kidneys for 1 well maybe 40,000
Hαfυ Nᴏʀɪᴋᴏ
Someone give that man a kidney!
Emma Halsey
Hmmm. Those sutures look amateurish and gruesome.
he should have charged more for his kidney
Alex Rodriguez
A4, London WC2N 5DU, UK
Tracy Reznik
Davids Ghost
How many people are going to get the organs of drug or alcohol abusers? I doubt if they are being all to stringent in China.
salah Alali
I am a free donor
selling your kidneys bruh
amy doung
That’s really dumb
Same Old Thing
I’m afraid I don’t believe anyting BBC says either
I’m a done and I would give up my kidney if thaey excepted it
never sell your organ…. u nid medicals need after that… and the cost is… so.. u get 4000$. but later u nid more to survive..
Tara Gragg
Crispr. No problem it’s China.
Monica Raymond
Um hello where? Sell me out Boy Scout
bro i sell my ketne 1 how tik i one to mony ??? argent
Iphone has been called as KIDNEY here,because someone sold Kidney to buy it.
Recession TO
Juana Araujo
I’m in the Bronx New York I would like to say one of my Kik name
Kidneys arnt even worth $4,000…
Kathie Awoyomi
Real is this news ??
Having Tea With the Devil
I can’t imagine the stress of having to make that choice. Jesus. 🤭 there had to of been someway to help them, even if it meant sending him to America to do it. Was that not possible? But, I’m sorry…
Jason Dela Cruz
I want to sell mu kidney or all my organ please
Alistair MacGregor
I’m surprised of all places, that they don’t grow the organs if they can clone sheep then they could grow organs, its a a shame tho as they genetically modify and play with things, if they just cloned the body part and stopped there, but because of the adventurous side it will eventually mess up human and animal genetics, also I’m sure with the correct proteins and amino acids and stem cells you could 3d print organs, I’m even surer if they didn’t have as much pollution or microwaves in ever corner of life they wouldn’t have as many failed organs, if people could freely practice falum gong without fear of organ harvesting the people would be healthier and would have less organ failure, but it’s a loosing battle as falum gong is seen as religion and they don’t want you having religion, they smother the place in technology and microwaves 6G soon and lasers so it’s going to have a big impact on health, no one will listen un till it is too late, even the bible say’s no man shall buy or sell without the mark of the beast, chip cryptocurrency, its also telling you that the mark of the best being digital the beast is AI how would the author of known that thousands of years ago if there was no religion. still no one will listen un till it is too late, its a shame that humanity doesn’t accept these things un till it is too late, the chips and cashless society will crash and be hacked on a Dailey hourly and minutely basis, the AI will run your lives its a shame. I wonder if when the 6G is installed you will see a spike in organ failure and cancer and distorted cells and brainwave disruption that causes organ failure, if your brainwaves are not working correctly with cognition then body and organ functionality cannot be 100% again tho no one will listen,.
I believe in helping people so I am an organ donor
Ninja Gaiden
This is why I don’t like China.
there are lots of herbal treatment in india and 99% success rate but still people follow the modern medicine.Less costly and no need to transplant.
Ali Tarek
Hope he gets a kidney isa
Jt Jg
Message for more info
Coco Butter Barbie
Wait🤔🤨 how does he know it was a small farmhouse if he was blindfolded😧☹😒😞
true wang
shame on BBC. full of lies.
What a stupid world
Cmd 12
Ar the looest in the world
4,000 isn’t alot! Dude u got ripped off. I got offers close to a million dollars for my kidney because my blood type is 0- which is a universal. But I refused because I need to save it in case my son gets ill
fake report since when is a kindney in the stomach ????
Roy Jungco
last decade my friend he sell here kidney wourth off 500k ph money.age off hes 42 year old stil good…
Robert Maki
You can donate a kidney in the US You should be allowed to sell one… lol. 1,000,000 dollars
4000 pounds ..
oh ok
bs this as bs as fly penguins by bbc
Anyone else here to find out prices on kidneys?
Vincent Brewer
Dam that is horrible
A friend of mine approximately 11 years ago had her kidney transplanted in China . The transplant happened on or near the scheduled date four to six months before she arrived in China. The operation cost her about $30,000.
Adolescent Daydreams
4000. I’ll sell ya Illegitimate President Xis for 2000
Star Beam1
Horrible surgeons messy and butchers
Michael Fields
This video is an unfortunate reality for everyone who is currently dealing with kidney failure and dialysis. There is a massive worldwide shortage of organ donors. The only way to fix this problem is if more people become donors. You can either offer your kidney after death, or you can become a living donor. Being a living donor you have several options. You can either do a directed donation, an altruistic donation, or be part of a paired exchange. Living donations are preferred because the kidneys last longer and have less complications.  As a personal aside, I am 33 and I have been on dialysis for 2 ½ years awaiting a donor. I am currently on a list for a cadaver donor, but a living donor would be better in my situation. Due to my disease there is a 30-40% chance of the new kidney failing within the first 5 years of transplant. A living donor would increase my chances of having a viable kidney that lasts longer.
Richard J
This is a crime, Chinese government arrested many people who operate these organ black markets. PLEASE report those who operate this!
Clubber Lane
Okay first off…Why is there an ORGAN shortage?….think about it a…… freaking organ shortage, somehow we claim that our medicine is more advance but I swear we are like the electronic cars now disposable in 5 years.