How justice works?

1 Office EMBEZZLED money from ‘illusory’ Horizon shortfalls

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8 feb 2024

Post Office EMBEZZLED innocent subpostmasters money from ‘illusory’ Horizon shortfalls states Sam Stein KC representing subpostmasters at the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry.

His powerful conclusions outline an organisation out of its depth, reaching beyond its responsibility and trailing a path of destruction behind it seemingly unfazed by the scale of human destruction that it was leaving in its wake.

He explains how the poorly understood Post Office contracts were enforced without thought, and usually without sight, of the subpostmasters they affected.

2 The British Post Office Scandal: Worse than you Know

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7 mei 2024
So much worse than the miniseries.


Justice is about fairness, equitable treatment, impartiality, objectivity, rights;

the English term is rooted in the Latin justitia from jus, meaning “law” or “right.”

Underlying fairness and equity is the moral obligation to do what is right.

Let Justice Be Done – David Hulme

Because with the truth and with the facts…justice is served.


Justitie gaat over eerlijkheid, billijke behandeling, onpartijdigheid, objectiviteit, rechten;

onderliggend aan eerlijkheid en billijkheid is de morele verplichting om te doen wat juist is.

3 Sentencing of Eleanor Williams at Preston Crown Court

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4 Psychiatrist Analyses Mindset Of Fantasist Eleanor Williams Convicted For False Rape Accusations

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5 Woman who made false ‘Asian gangs’ claims convicted

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More about Eleanor Williams, who claimed she had been the victim of an Asian grooming gang has been convicted of perverting the course of justice.

It is abhorrent what happened

6 Scary Monster Prank

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