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Sidney Salcido
It’s also so interesting how the experts in a sense contradict the narrator as he tells the story. The lady said that the Gospels present Pilate as weak yet the narrator mentions the Luke 13 passage where Pilate killed some “Galileans” and mingled their blood with their sacrifices, and that Mark says there was an “uprising” where they grabbed Barabbas. Meaning, the Gospels DID show that Pilate had been quite ruthless.
Sidney Salcido
As some have so aptly pointed out already, the documentary says that the “Christians” (meaning the Gospels) presented Pilate as “weak” and “submissive” to the Jews. This was not at all the case. A couple of things explains why Pilate did what he did: One, according to Matthew 27 Pontius Pilate’s wife implored him not to have anything to do with Jesus because of some terrifying dreams she had. So it makes sense why he approached Jesus with a little more skepticism of the Jews accusations of Him. Second, Pilate always had to be careful not to let things get too much out of control, and getting the Jewish “aristocrats” as the documentarians call them, the priests against him could cause undo problems with possible rioting. That is why he “washed his hands” of the event. He did it as a show of diplomacy and politics, which is who Pilate was. And to wash his conscience from his wife’s warnings. Third, he had deliberately tried to skew the event by remembering the tradition of letting a prisoner go during the passover. That would be a wise move by him as the documentary shows him to be. But the Jews did not accept it, even though he offered them a vile person next to Christ. So, the Gospels in no way show Pilate as weak and easy to manipulate, but the opposite. The Documentary simply does not give a full Gospel account and demonstrates that Pilate is very much the Pilate from the Josephus account.
Prashansa Griha Christian Fellowship
The documentary seemed biased from the very begining. It continued to emphasize that Gospel accounts presented Pilate as a weak governor…..whereas the accounts show him trying to balance an unreasonable jewish trail, after which the jews converted their demand to a political threat. Pilate chose to be politically correct than to be moved by his encounter with Jesus. That is what the Gospel account says. I somehow fail to understand the tone which the two lady historians were desperate to set for this documentary.
Thanks for posting this. It is always good to see the entire picture. The fact that the people who were killed with Jesus were actually Rebel Freedom Fighters and even Barabbas was also a Freedom Fighter makes more sense.
You lost me at 2:55. The gospels absolutely do NOT absolve Pilot of blame. Quite the contrary, they indict him of wanting to appease the people rather than be a fair judge. The gospels also indict the Jewish leaders, the crowds of many nations present, and even Jesus’s own disciples who abandoned him. In other words, all mankind was guilty of his crucifixion. Do your research, this information isn’t exactly hidden. Sheesh.
This was the subject of a university dissertation that I wrote many years ago. My conclusions were similar to those outlined in the video, although I also argued that Pilate’s actions and line of questioning were to determine the nature of Jesus’ ambitions, and gauge the size of his following. The gospels say that great crowds followed Jesus around, and there were apparently rumors that he had come to Jerusalem to be proclaimed king. His overturning of the moneychangers’ tables was apparently a direct challenge to the Sanhedrin’s authority. Pilate likely had only a small detachment of soldiers, possibly insufficient to control a major riot, and had been charged by his Roman masters to keep the peace. Hence he needed to know whether he could have Jesus executed without being subjected to serious backlash. Consider the nature of his questions: “Are you the king of the Jews?” = Do you have any sovereign or military ambitions? “What is truth?” = are you primarily interested in philosophy, or do you have a more dangerous agenda? “I find no fault in this man” = an attempt to gauge the amount of support Jesus had, versus the strength of his enemies, by the crowd response “Do you want me to free Jesus, or Barabbas?” = again, trying to gauge the balance of partisanship within the crowd “Behold the man” = to see how Jesus’ supporters would respond to his being brutally and illegally beaten “Should I crucify your king?” = having heard the overriding shouts of “Crucify him”, Pilate wants one final confirmation that he can safely proceed with sentencing Jesus to death “You take him away and crucify him…. as for me, I wash my hands of the blood of this man” = to ensure that he would not be held responsible for any possible repercussions “We have no king but Caesar” = even better, Pilate has shrewdly manipulated the Jewish mob into proclaiming (albeit feigned) allegiance to Rome The title “Jesus of Nazareth, king of the Jews” = taking full opportunity to destroy any designs that any of the Jews might have had, while simultaneously mocking the Sanhedrin (who indignantly demanded that he change the inscription to “this man claimed to be our king”) and Pilate’s (no doubt) gleefully assertive and equally indignant “quod scripsi scripsi” response. Like Helen Bond says, a good day at the office for the Roman governor.
Mihai Szilagyi
A small correction: The Temple of Solomon was destroyed by Nabucadnezzar and the babilonians. The Temple conquered by Pompeii was a second temple rebuild during the Persian era.
I do not believe the gospels portrayed him as weak. As many have stated, Pilate ruled over the Jews with strict and sometimes brutal measures, it would not be a stretch to think that he may look on at Jesus as a “thorn” in the side of the Jewish leaders and therefore show a certain hesitancy in having Jesus crucified. This is exactly what the gospels portray.
Dean Kostas
Secular history records that Caiphas had secret knowledge of Pilates involvement in a failed plot to kill Emperor Tiberius, Caiaphas used this understanding berween the two to cause the Prefect to go against his own Roman law, and sentance an innocent man to brutal death to appease Caiaphas.
I think the word “weak” got under people’s skin in the comments. I don’t think I was taught he was a “weak” ruler, but certainly my idea of him was that Pilate wasn’t particularly out for Jesus’ blood – more like he made the decision for political reasons. Not that he was weak, but that he didn’t care enough not to kill him, really. That’s how I thought of him. That he did it for pragmatic reasons and he was kinda pushed into it, and possibly even had some sympathy for Christ – which could certainly be read as “weak” in a sense. (If he had sympathy for the guy, then possibly he was pushed into killing him when he may not otherwise have done so). Didn’t he make some comment or sympathetic action towards Jesus? Not saying I’m right – but that’s just the idea I had in my head from what I must’ve been taught.
Paul Christ
I didn’t see Pontius Pilate as a weak ruler because he allowed the killing of Jesus Christ. Even if he had refused the people their wishes which was Jesus’s head. He would have endangered his life and position if he had refused.
For an ” dissident” that said to pay your taxes, observe laws that don’t go against your sensibilities. Help soldiers carry their loads. Pilot was impressed with Christ!
From my reading of the gospels I never thought Pilate was portrayed as weak.
Bruce Boome
Still, a fascinating and compelling story, almost certainly true, at least in broad detail..One part that struck me was the private conversation between Pilate and Jesus. Whilst it is brilliant and consistent with the characters, who was there to record it that the Gospel writers would have had access to? I have many such questions which preclude me from full faith in the narrative
As a Christian, this was a really interesting look into the history side of the whole crucifixion of Jesus, as opposed to just the biblical side.
Allen Honaker
I think we must ask ourselves the following questions. 1. If Pilot took Jesus inside for a private conversation who was the source of what was said. 2. Why didn’t the Romans who arrested Jesus fail to arrest everyone with him?
I fail to read in the gospels any representation of Pilate as weak… I all my years I never thought that of him.
Amazing how the times made everything manually operated and the least amount of technology and they had more drama than anyone else’s
Michael Turman
This would make an interesting movie, telling the story from Pilate’s point of view, and using Josephus’ historical accounts as source material.
Charlie Crowe
I wish I could give this ‘documentary’ 1 ⭐
David Heilbron Price
Useful, well-produced historical presentation but lacks discussion on several key issues. 1. A diplomatic accord was made under Julius Caesar and Hasmoneans that the Temple was to be treated as an independent City-State totally under control of the high priests. The armed priests had recognised powers and rights to kill all intruders including non-Israelite Roman citizens, as Titus confirms in Josephus. 2. Jesus was arrested by Temple guards led by high priests who had major reinforcements at feasts like Passover. Not Romans. Gethsemane, where Temple oil was prepared on Olivet, was part of the extended Temple grounds and Davidic property. Roman soldiers were forbidden there. 3. Jesus (Christ = Anointed) was anointed with the holy oil of special preparation that was exclusively held by Aaronic priests. The Talmud says that the high priests, like Annas and Caiaphas, were not anointed but held office because of their holy garments. It is dubious that Annas had legitimate Aaronic blood. The faithful priests who held the special oil would not anoint them, Ex 30:32,33. Jesus had direct Aaronic bloodline, like John the Baptists, as both Elizabeth (Elisheva) and Mary (Greek Mariam) were of the daughters of Aaron (Luke 1). 4. Hence the struggle of the high priests (Roman nominees or Quislings) to retain power in the Temple. Jesus stopped their merchant trade in the Temple twice with the help of sympathetic priestly guards and bust the high priests’ money making schemes. He denounced their hypocrisy in Matt 23 and the murder of Zacharias v35, the father of John the Baptist. John fled to the East, most likely Parthia until his surprise reappearance before the ‘offspring of vipers’ Mt 3:7. 5. Jesus affirmed the rule of the Eternal God but did not foment armed revolt against Rome. Pilate had access to the genealogical records that showed Jesus was the son of Joseph, called the son of David, Matt 1:20. Hence he had the legal right to kingship. Jesus did not call Pilate ‘Lord’ as the high priests did. Pilate knew he was rightfully a king and did not object. He was merely a prefect. He affirmed Roman recognition of Jesus as King of the Jews but he ordered the execution. 6. Pilate may have been part of the highly anti-semitic Sejanus faction that wanted to remove the ‘Jewish problem’. Tiberius was in semi-retirement, leaving Sejanus to seize charge and control the Senate. 7. When Tiberius, who wanted peace and recognised the resurrected Jesus as a God, regained control, Pilate was sent for trial in 36 for abuses against the Jewish people. Gaius Caligula who had Tiberius murdered was ten times worse as an anti-semite than Pilate. He nearly brought total destruction of all Jews and world war with Rome’s super-power rival Parthia.
Sword Sword
The producer or the persons behind this “documentary” has their own interpretation of the event and the personages behind it, thus they have their own biases…just consider this as another references, no more no less
Sabrina Johnson
I love hearing this, i love jesus i learn so much by watching this
King Page
This documentary passes a lot of assumptions and leaps, especially about the man Jesus as if they have other extensive sources of his life other than the gospel…
Ted Phillips
This presentation misses the key trigger moment. In the Gospel narrative of the interaction of Christ with Pilate, there is the line “and then Pilate became afraid”. Why? In the previous line, Christ is accused of claiming to be “The Son of God”. On every Roman denarius coin was the image of Cesar with the inscription “Divi Filio” or “son of the divine”. Pilate likely had no problem with Jesus as “king of the Jews”, but in claiming a title unique to the emperor, that was beyond Pilate’s ability to tolerate. Letting someone making that claim or seen by the people as making that claim would have been his end.
Ned Grant
Pontius Pilate was recalled to Rome for “Excessive Cruelty”… Romans considered compassion and mercy to be not only weak, but immoral. What kind of a monster was Pontius Pilate, that Rome considered him “too cruel” ?
Lets hear what Jesus had to say about this..”No man takes My life from me,but,i lay it down of Myself” John 10:18
Mike Nguyen
“There were present at that season some that told him of the Galilaeans, whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices.” Pilate weak from the Gospel? I don’t think so. He may have tried to absolve himself of Jesus trial, but by no means he was weak.
Peter Sinclair
The washing of hands was a Jewish ritual in the Second Temple period relating to the Jew coming across a dead body. The act would not have been practised by Pilate. Also, The Sanhedrin was a sizeable body of around 20 to 70 leaders, which would have been difficult to muster.
Cesar Evangelista
If Pilate was weak, why would he engage in power play as mentioned in the video?
Rolyn Georges
Tbh: I think Pontius Pilate was a great man with a mighty task and I really do think that he really didn’t want to bend the knee to Jewish authority.
Dave Sandler
most content of this type fails to recognize the Jewish rebellion that took place a mere 165 years or so beforehand. The Hannukkah story. In context, Israel would long for a leader in the mold of Judah the Maccabee, and any Prefect such as Pilate would have recognized this threat.
Janice Wright
Well it just goes to show that even if you are inocent if you’re not liked by certain individuals you are guilty
Steve Carry
In general this is a good documentary. However, there were salient points missing that would have made it even more interesting.
Cesar Evangelista
“The weak Pilate of the Gospels?” How so was Pilate described in the Gospels?
Pei Kaye
After watching this storytelling movie, I have to support Pilate and his Roman Policies…..♥
Bilinda Law-Morley
Interesting. Whether one is a believer or not, it answers some questions. Thanks
Dean Kostas
Secular history records the Jewish High Priest of having knowledge that Pilate was part of a secret failed plot to assasinate Emporer Tiberius. Among other things, the Priest used this as extortion to demand execution of Jesus, after Pilate had pronounced Jesus innocent.
What an incredible perspective of that historical time.
Nick Cifuno
How can Pilate be held accountable for an act predetermined by the plans of a higher being? What happened to Jesus, if such a god/man existed, was divinely ordained, according to scripture. Pilate was fulfilling a prophecy. How can he be blamed for that?
David Johnson
Throughout the whole documentary the scriptures are used as being accurate to the letter. The scriptures do not state that Pilate was weak as this documentary states. It even mentions that the scriptures makes mention of Pilot mixing the blood of individuals with their sacrifice. No, scripture presents rather additional factors which could be viewed as an indication of weakness and a good premise to build a documentary around. Josephus agrees even with scriptures account of Pilates wife warning that he not harm “that righteous man”. Josephus agreed that Jesus “performed surprising deeds” which Pilate’s wife would have been very familiar, especially the healing of the Roman centurion’s servant. A centurion’s wife would certainly meet with other high ranking wives and the word would get around.
Christ follower
Just as some have said, Pilate was afraid of un uprising, he caved in to the Jewish authorities for fear of creating a revolt, not so much for what they claimed Jesus said.
Karl Brady
The depiction of the men carrying their cross at 46:42 is laughable. They carried just the cross beam, which weighed between 80-100 pounds.
Tilla Van Rooyen
Reminds me of certain other trails not so long ago in Germany. Could it be that the same persons are back in our time? Even more so if you consider the fact that the executions of the ‘condemned’ took place on the very same day as the hanging of Hamman in the times of Esther. This time around though, the accused were judged by ‘our laws’ that were made after the ‘crimes’ were committed.
Julie Donnelly
I’m not sure I trust this documentary so far. I have never thought of Pilate as weak. As for the sign above Jesus saying “king of the Jews’ it was Pilate who ordered it as far as I know, and Pilate who would not let them modify it to say, ‘he said he was the King of the Jews”. Pilate said, ‘I’ve written what I’ve written’.
Gus Jackson
My Sunday School teacher told me that Pilates later kicked himself. Also not either historically validated or claimed as so in the Bible. She meant well.
Excelente perspective! Taking Josephus’s writing makes the story more credible.
Tommy L. Day and the Runaways
One might as well ask “why did Obi-Wan allow Anakin to live and become Darth Vader?” It has about as much historical relevancy. We don’t even know for a fact that this encounter happened, let alone that it went down the way the Bible says it did, let alone that Jesus was as significant a figure as the Bible portrays him, and not just a man whose legacy was created after his death, let alone that he was divine at all. As a history lover, it’s an interesting hypothetical, I’ll give you that.
Ricky Palmer
Sad that to this very day we are still arguing over who’s guilty of saying Jesus was guilty.
Steve Jones
According to the historical sources (mostly Philo and Jospheus), Pilate was obstinate ruthless, and cruel. He executed many people on scant evidence or pretext. He was so cruel that after he killed unarmed Samaritans he was relieved as governor by Vitellius the Elder and sent to Rome to answer for his conduct. The historical Pilate wouldn’t have thought twice about sending Christ to the cross. He certainly wouldn’t have vacillated or given into pressure by the Jewish leaders who he despised.
Give it a Swing Outdoors with Smith
I never thought Pilot was weak just he could not understand the charge against Jesus🤔
barry thomas
The crucifixion of Christ was a polarizing event in human history. As a result, Pontus Pilat was converted to Christianity; as was Barabas and Simon of Cyrene as well. Everyone who came into contact with Christ on that day.
Artie Lundberg
“Who among us,” could read/interpret the Gospel as PP having been “weak,” rather than “manipulative.” 🤷‍♂🤷‍♂🤷‍♂️. I never read or learned this story as PP having been weak. From the perspective of Christians, you can call him a “coward” for not standing up for Jesus, but there should be no doubt PP didn’t believe in Jesus and wanted Jesus dead, because PP saw Him as a much graver threat to the quisling priests that PP for sure viewed as a problem—yet far more “controllable.” Simply put: PP was always seen as calculating and manipulative and ruling from a place of terror. Still it’s a good little account from an historical perspective that lays out what is an intuitive perspective one should grasp… Then again, I’m not a literalist… and the truth is it’s not beyond crazy that Jesus may have been the offspring of inappropriate behavior of a Roman Solider… but that still does not mean God didn’t send Him to us for salvation. 🙏🙏🙏.
Katy W.
I don’t really agreed with everything that is been said throughout the video but a well done and reasonably interesting video
Korn 530
I dreamed about the crucifixion a few months ago that’s what brought me here in my dream jesus said i have committed no sin why do you see to my death i am a good man the crowed replied for your blasphemy it was a terrible dream it was very sad and felt so real i never dream about stuff like that or people talking or feel things in that dream i could feel i could think i wish u all could have seen my dream so sad
Walter Wikeepa
He had the power to stop it but it was God’s will or else we were doomed if you’re a believer that is.
Neyda Segarra
Thank you for this teaching it was very good, however, it could of been more detailed in many areas of His life and the Purpose of Pontus Pilate for killing our Savior
Yellow Fellow
“Those Israelites are surrounding my home again, aren’t they?” Pontius Pilate, famous words.
Truth without Lies
i think pontious pilate wasn’t the one who would be blame for the execution of Jesus.. but those who initiated and planned his crucifixion..
Video Bible
Thankfully! Jesus actually offered Himself up to be a living sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins. Thanks Lord!
El Cid Campeador
“Root cause”? Jesus Christ told the real cause in John 8:44. Even Moses made it clear in Numbers 11:10-14 Facts can not be anti. Facts are facts.
Elizabeth Shaw
The motive for Caiaphas was fear.
Jesus understands perfectly what is happening. And Jesus does answer Pilate’s questions, Pilate is the one who does not understand!!!!
1:40 – Pilate, in my interpretation, was a Roman leader who got on the wrong side of either Caesar or some of the Senate, got sent to diplomatically quell that contentious bunch of elites called the Sanhedrin (lawyers) and the Pharisees (priests), who were also engaged in a perpetual squabble about whether there was life after death. He found himself in the uncomfortable position of ‘if you don’t do what we say, we’ll tattle to Caesar about you!’ His wife DID warn him to ‘have nothing to do with this man’, but sometimes men don’t listen to directions. He couldn’t just have the whole pile of them speared and tossed to the crows and then tell the people, ‘elect some new leaders, this bunch is worse than useless!’ And he tried to point out to them that their religion had nothing to do with Roman law. But they were a lot like our Congress leaders (McConnell comes to mind frequently), and were intent on destroying the evidence that they had lost their own faith long ago. Herod (not the one who tried to have all those baby boys slaughtered) couldn’t care less about this fight. So back and forth in the middle of the night (against Judean law at the time, as I understand) they dragged Jesus. The worst thing Pilate did was have Jesus whipped, thinking that would make those vipers happy. Big mistake. But he did tell them, ‘I find no fault in this man.’ They did not care. Pilot made a lot of mistakes trying to be careful. Me, I would have gone with the spears, and told the tax collectors to declare a Temple tax holiday. But I’d be replaced, as Pilot eventually was, and Jesus still would have been crucified.
Joe Dutra
The narrator fails to quote his sources several times when stating controversial “facts”.
David Way
Its why he destroyed the high priests burial ground. He had to buy new ground and build a new Crypt for him. This made the ground of the family burial tomb unsanctified unholy because a man killed himself on it.
Walter Johnson
At 20:40 . . . “And Pilate actually had very few troops at his disposal.” Pilate was the Governor of Judea, a province of the Roman Empire. He had 6,000 veteran troops with him and 30,000 more on call in nearby Syria. At about 5,200 legionaries per legion, that meant that Pilate had almost seven legions available.
Sukh Mangat
“Let His blood be upon us and upon our children.” Out of their own mouths they were cursed.
fj duffey
For me, it opened up my eyes. I always thought of Pilate as something of a sympathetic figure. After seeing this short documentary I no longer see him that way at all but as a cunning and conniving politician. Much like todays so called leaders. Also, it’s good to see and actor portraying Jesus closer to what he may have looked like rather than a long hair rock star.
Isabel Leon
I attended Catholic school from K-12 and never was I taught Pilate was weak… He washed his hands with Jesus because of a terrible dream his wife had and warned him… Jesus had to fulfill the Scripture, His death and resurrection was necessary. The leaders of the Jewish religion felt Jesus was a threat and had to be delt with…and Jesus saying He was the Son of the Living God also wasn’t popular with them either. “The Gospel according to St. Matthew contains a small detail not in the other Passion accounts. The wife of Pontius Pilate sends a message to him asking him not to have anything to do with Jesus, because she has had a terrible dream and suffered much because of him. She says that Jesus is innocent (Matthew 27:19).”
Lonnie Stoute
Wow…such educated people assume to know the hearts intent of humans that lived 2000 years ago.. These interpretors can’t even judge the intent of their own minds much less their neighbors or governing bodies in today’s reality. V This was a very entertaining attempt at reading historical minds. Very insightful.
Ryan Trainor
They should be pronouncing their latin the classical, not ecclesiastical way, technically. The verb dicere would sound like “deek-e-re” (short vowel on the e). Also veritas would be pronounced “weritas.”
Bernie Gregorio
wasn’t the reason that Pilate chose to give in to the demands of the Pharisees was to avoid a rebellion?
Calsen Hon
Thank you for tremendous effort to create such a wonderful content for us. I love history so much that you guys are my favorite. maybe we can discuss a lot of topics for the future video, that will be nice. thanks a lot again and keep it up, fighting
In the year 36 C.E., both Caiaphas and Pilate were dismissed from office by Syrian governor, Vitellius, according to Jewish historian Josephus. It seems likely that the cause of their dismissal was growing public unhappiness with their close cooperation.
Crusty Cobs
There were 6000 crucfixions along the Appian Way at one time. It was apparently the standard ‘Don’t mess with Rome’ sentencing
Marcin Nowak
Really ? Was it Pilate who started the whole process of crucifying Him?
The producer or the persons behind this “documentary” has their own interpretation????? if you are innocent, not liked by certain individuals you are guilty??? discrimination, racism, weak, ignorance, judge-mental, lack of knowledge, miss use of power —-what is truth—-
Lisas Rexstar
Yeshua was a direct descendant of King David, not a “low-born nobody”. Also, Yeshua was not a victim, he said that this was the reason he was born. How easily we decry the crucifixion, forgetting that 
without it, there could have been no resurrection.
Lonnie Toth
The Romans dealt with over 300 different religions in the Empire . The Christians were the least of their worries. They had the Druids who would sacrifice Roman Centurions when captured ! When Constantine took over the Empire in the later part of their glory , they as Christians still sent people into the arena , mostly Jews . There was also a time when it was fashionable to be Martyred and the Christians came in droves . I have switched to studying Buddhism mainly due to the simple fact that , ” If you can’t follow the Ten Commandments what good is a book the size of a small towns phone book going to do for you. And I really don’t believe God has to write two Books , First & Second Testaments , to explain what the Ten Commandments easily explain . The old Testament was too harsh for the so called keepers of the faith , the newer one allows them Lie , Cheat and Steal with a conscience . Jesus made no money off his people ? I believe in God , not in Man or the different Religions he has come up with . ” There shall be no other God than Me ” I believe he said ? But I guess it depends on which book you read ?
Pontius Pilate. Being a Roman’s Roman, simply had not the time nor the inclination as to be so concerned as to WHO or WHAT JESUS CHRIST truly was. Just study the History of the Romans and you will see, whereas the Greeks came about being a World Empire by accident. An added bonus for running the Persians out of their lands. The Romans on the other hand saw foreign conquests as their Divine Right and praised their Generals with glorious “Triumphs” for doing so. In Pilate’s mind, I would not be surprised if he suffered from the same hegemonic desires as, say, Julius Caesar. But, instead, as Caesar once found himself in the outback of Hispania, Pilate finds himself in this, insignificant, tumultuously bothersome . . . . . . . Judea.
Pilate was a pawn in the whole story . The story was already told he just was a part of it
B Gardiner
I love how the gospels are portrayed as an accurate representation of actual history
Mormon Guy Politely Waiting At Your Door
I’m still finding myself in faith and it’ll take the rest of my life and so be it. But even if Jesus was non existent or real, I still think it’s one of the coolest stories I ever heard. Let’s just take care of each other regardless. We are only here once!
Australia prison island
Mistake at 10:40. Publication references Pilate as a Christian. Christianity came 300 years later at the council of Nicea.
Crys AJb
A giant of a man is often measured by how he treats those who Love him. Man often focuses on the giant he wishes to be. What is the difference between listening and hearing? The man. People seldom know how even a little girl sees a King and Queen. I like to see how they choose a lion. Whom do they Thank for their GOD given gifts? Whom do they Thank for being chosen? The steps from who they love are not always visible. If I do please know the invisible steps amd the Locked doors mean more than than you know. Someone told me yesterday of my expiration date. Merry Blessings to him. Why, he first glanced and then saw me, then he listened and heard me speak. I have been blessed.
apparently Pilatus was actually dead 5 years before Jesus; one of the many contraddictions and unrealities in the gospels.
hibiscus sunflower
Pilate’s asks, Jesus, ” What is truth” Well, The Truth was standing in front of him! John 14:6 – I am the Way , the Truth and the Life.
Ray Gordon Teaches Chess
I am SO glad a YT video finally solved this.
Jack Myers
First and foremost we’d have to prove whether there was a divine character named “jesus” or it was some huckster who made the claim, whether the dude was actually resurrected or that was all a scam and why the bible was written with so many misstatements and contradictions. The biblical scholars can’t form a majority consensus on these and most issues so the lay people’s opinions are surely moot. So would Pontius Pilate’s role, if no jesus, no story.
cherrie ann balictar
Thanks, Timeline. The story actually makes more sense told from this point of view.
Kimberly Patton
Pilate was but one part of a plan made by God before all creation.It all unfolded as it was made to do.by God’s plan.It seems that Pilate at least tried to make some sense to the chaos…the taking if his life to have had some definite reason…He at least presented this logic that was discarded and ment so to follow the prophecy..his “washing his hands of it” was symbolic of his personal sense of the pointlessness of it and the frustration of the bloodlust he saw the crowd were determined to have.
Pawel Kedzior
Interestingly enough none of the speakers mentions Pilate’s famous line after he washed his hands:”His blood is on you and your children!”…. Very important detail. Isn’t it?
Momentum Mr. Jones
Great very educational🎇
Terence Winters
Zealot can be considered translatable as rebel or thief. My theory is pilate only had a flawed case of colt theft (by Matthew’s gospel.) against Jesus . Judas the real zealot ( rebel/ thief with 30 pieces of silver from resale of colt. ) Pilate in front of the irate crowd of barabbas supporters fellow zealots and perhaps friends of judas caused Pilate to waffle and please that crowd to stop a riot. Theres a pretty good magazine article from the 60s by a Winter that discusses this zealot word translation.
Aftab Anwar
An excellent historical video explaining events in their true context. 💖
Paul Standaert
I can’t help but realize that prophesy had to be fulfilled, and SOMEONE had to do it. Pilate was put in that position. Perhaps it was the wrong place at the wrong time. Pilate made it clear that Jesus broke no law, but the people wanted him crucified anyway. It reminds me of many other events that occurred in recent history.
Brad Sexton
I don’t see it, where she implies the Bible depicts Pilate as being “weak”. She seems to be adding her own perception to it rather than letting the story speak for itself. He’s more aloof on the subject of what’s deemed as Christ’s “guilt”, and didn’t percieve it as rising to the level of a capital crime. All you have to do is read what they did to Jesus preceding his crucifiction. There was nothing “weak” about it.
Elliott Smith
Happy Easter Timeline. I love the documentaries.
Joakim Blomqvist
I cannot understand why Pilate is refered to as a weak governor… @5:30ish… I read the gospels where PP is shown as a strong and competent and determined leader.
The historicity of Jesus is very much an open question because so far there is not a shred of contemporary evidence for him actually having lived. And the supernatural claims are of course almost certainly false.
Robert Chow
regardless of what did transpire, the Jew helped fulfill the mystery Paul was about to do, Gentile was/is included the saving grace once and for all when the temple HOLY of HOLY curtain was split into from top to bottom. no more annual sacrifice. Gentile didn’t have this salvation hope until Cornelius was given this blessed hope when God gave Peter the vision of this Gentile salvation at his home in Jappa. Saul later called Paul was the least of the Apostle, went to the Gentile preaching the Good News. Jew blinded eyes, killed their Messiah, will be dealt with during the second half of the 7 years Great Tribulation Revelation 16-18 the Jacob Trouble. We the true believers in Christ will be Raptured to meet the Lord in the air IThess 4:13-18. REPENT, CONFESS THAT JESUS IS THE LORD, THOU SHALL BE SAVED. YOU ARE NOT READY TO DIE IF YOU ARE NOT READY TO LIVE.
Pilate was very reluctant to pronounce the sentence of crucifixion to Jesus. But when the rowdy Jewish mob led by the Chief priest – Caphais became too unruly in their demand to crucify Jesus and a general revolt was imminent; Pilate gave in to their demand of crucifixion. He later washed his hands in front of the court and public symbolising his innocence and disagreement on the sentence. Later, it was Pilate who handed over an injured Jesus to Joseph of Arimathea and gave a safe passage for rescue of Jesus.
Job Angelofpresence
When I died I was made aware of some things that were and maybe. The symbol if Constantine is the Chi Ro a P with and X over it that he saw before a battle for Rome. Think of the I ask a stick man and the loop of the P as a heads or crown or halo. The X is what hey was crucified on not a cross. Also I was made aware to think of the game tic tac toe red rover red rover and battle ship. Tic tac toe sounds like your hammering a nail tic the them hand tac the other hand toe the feet also then X is for man then O for women its went COCo man Lord women Wife man brother Mary wife and judas brother. They worked with the money she was windowed before and had money so that’s the theivs the 2 others that died with him. Then little o was a daughter not born yet. Red rover think red for Roman rover as go fetch they made a line and was going to kill more people of the Lord dud notcall out two people to die with him. He called many and it was like when you call battleship except not letter and then number miss but by name and he picked his brother and wife last and they didn’t denie him. The last thing I was made aware of before I came back was this directed at me from the ALMIGHTY, “May you be a light below my feet that guides me back”. I think its means to tell the truth. So this is the truth ALMIGHTY that I have written here.
Toy GT86
There is actually not enough written in the bible about Pontius to make a accurate statement of that he was weak..
He was also the man who attempted to free christ
Ruben Domingo
I imagine there would have been a language barrier between Pilate and Jesus with Pilate probably fluent in Latin and Greek and Jesus speaking Aramaic. I wonder if anything was lost in translation between them.
The curator of the religious section of the library of Congress was asked what’s the best book on the life of Christ. He answered without hesitation, The Desire of Ages.
The Gospel was written after the temple fell, its writers were not Jews and never knew or met Jesus. Josephus does not mention Jesus, its a 4th century insert. The temple was ruled by Roman appointed tax collectors, not the Pharisees.
Susan Stein
During Jesus’s lifetime the Pharisees were replacing the Temple sacrifices with prayer study good deeds and the home became a portable Temple.
Malcolm Adams
Pilate: “Why do you say nothing?!” I have both the power to condemn you and the power to set you free?!” Jesus: You have no power except by that which was given.
Julian Ciaha
There was one “legend” that Pilate later committed suicide in some lake – or committed suicide and body thrown into a lake – in Switzerland where his ghost allegedly still haunts….prob some later christian story invented to show that Pilate got his comeuppance….
Joakim Blomqvist
@3:25ish it’s said that Pilate asked “what do you want me to do with this Jesus called Christ” . Nonsens. Jesus was possibly called the Messiah the anointed one, the king. Not Christ, not before his crucifixion since “Christ” refers both to the anointed one and the crucified one. Messiah is the hebrew word used in this context.
Kenneth Guilliams
Thank you for this …
Joseph Byamukama
I think the idea that the Bible paints Pilate as weak stems from a misreading of Scripture. It is precisely because Pilate had a habit of antagonising the Jews that he was bent to not grant their wish to murder Jesus. And it was his fractured relationship with Caesar at that very time that allows the Jews to play the card of “If you let this man go, you are no friend of Caesar. Anyone who claims to be a king opposes Caesar” (John 19:12). It was Pilate’s political move that to crucify one man and prevent a riot in a festive season is worth more to his staying in good books with his lord than otherwise. I think the documentary could have done better in that regard.
Leo Battenhausen
Really appreciate your site!!!
Willow Wisp
There’s no reason to believe Pilot ever met Jesus. It’s like arguing about whether Merlin met Queen Boudica. Pilot was called back to Rome for being brutal.
It’s curious that the prisoner Pilate allegedly released instead of Jesus/Yeshua, was called Barabbas- sometimes called Jesus Barabbas ( ישוע בר אבא) in a few existing manuscript fragments of Matthew. Bar Abbas translates to “Son of the Father,” or, “Son of God.” It should be noted that there is no record in any historical document of a custom of releasing a prisoner at Passover- the gospels are the only known source. Quite odd that Jesus would attack the Money Changers, as they served an essential function at the Temple. Roman coins contained graven images, idols, and images of the Roman Emperor- wholly unacceptable if used to pay tribute to the Temple, or purchase animals to offer as sacrifice to Yahweh. The coins needed to be converted to proper silver Shekels. If Jesus’/Yeshua’s “crime” was blasphemy, the Jewish Sanhedrin had full power and authority to Try, Convict, and Sentence him within their own Court. If his sin was deemed unforgivable, the punishment would have been death by stoning. There was no reason whatsoever that the Sanhedrin would’ve turned him over to the Romans. The Romans themselves didn’t care one bit about Jewish spiritual disputes- they would only care if the crime was something akin to insurrection against the power of Rome. Merely declaring one’s self “King of the Jews” would not elicit Roman interest. He would have to pose a genuine, clear and present threat to Roman power and authority, and he’d likely be arrested alongside his co-conspirators… his Disciples. Jesus’ mission was not spiritual, per se. You have to put him in context of the time in which he lived. The Jews hated their Roman Occupiers and wanted little else than to see an end to the Occupation and a restoration of the Davidic Monarchy. They especially dispised the High Priest and his clergy who were appointed by the Romans and served as Roman puppets and spies. Until the Jewish Revolt in 66 CE, few were willing to take on the Romans head-on. The few who did (including Theudas, “The Egyptian,” Judas of Galilee, Jesus, and a few others) were called “Messiah” by their followers and fellow Freedom Fighters. The Messiah, whomever he would be, had to be a living person who would usher in Freedom from Roman oppression, and restore the Davidic Monarchy with himself becoming the living King. If he died during his pursuit, failing to achieve this goal, he could no longer be called Messiah. He would, in fact, be declared a false Messiah, quickly forgotten to the sands of time. Mark was written by Greek-speaking Jewish Christians (who believed that Christianity was a sort of denomination of Judaism), but the other gospels were clearly written by highly educated, Greek Gentile converts. What did Pilate say to Jesus, what did Jesus say to Pilate? Depends on which gospel you read. In fact, almost every detail of Jesus’ birth, life, death, and alleged resurrection depends on which gospel you read. There are very few details upon which the gospels agree, such as whether Jesus’ Sermon took place on a mountainside or in a low field, whether his Sermon was long, or whether it was short, &c.
May I suggest a title name change to’ The Man Who Let Jesus Die’
Australia prison island
The Sanhedrin Jews were responsible for Christ’s death on the cross not Pilate otherwise the Coptic Christians in Eygpt and Ethiopia wouldn’t revere Pilate as a saint. Both Pilate and his wife are declared as saints in the Coptic tradition.
Jay Naimi
You have to seriously study the Hebrew version of Old Testament, with taking care of the places that mistranslated to English and other versions. All the events happens in Yemen not in Israel/Palatine! A lot of Israeli, Arab European and American archeologists wrote about that!
He also invented Pilates (little known fact!)
John Heigis
It’s basic! You can’t have a another guy being called, “The King of Kings!” (Because of his kindness.).
Cindy Salter
I Believe… That Actually Pontius Pilate Had Very Little to Do, With The ACTUAL of The Death of CHIST!!!
Theo E. Korthals Altes
For the anwer to the question in the title ‘Why did Pontius Pilate allow the killing of Christ?’ one doesn’t need to see this video. The simple answer is: Pontius Pilate never did.
Diane Neill
Likely story, well told, but a story just the same. The family of the Messiah lives on.
James Allen
Thank you for this documentary about Pilots roll in the death of Christ. As a believer and familiar with both the old and New Testament. I believe your take on pilots motive is spot on.
Krista Brewer
I’m not gonna watch this if the comments are any indication of of what the video’s about. Pilate was certainly NOT a weak man. Have you READ the Gospels?!
Brilliant – Thank You
Angelika Koch-Mehrin
Why wouldn’t he? The time and region had lots of troublesome crazies and self-declared ‘prophets’, scam artists and criminals, and that’s what they did as far as capital punishment went. For him, Pilatus, the Jesus dude (if he even existed) was nothing out of the ordinary.
If you went by the comments you’d think most people just come to this channel to complain about what the topic of the latest video is.
Jack Joshua
Your logic makes no sense. If Pilate wanted to take control of the Jews, why would he release Barabbas, who according to your own interpretation, was more politically inclined? Pilate in truth saw no threat from Jesus but gave in to the priests’ demand because he was weak. He was afraid of an uprising. Simple.
Gary M.
Some problems with this narrative: Romans and priests would have communicated in Greek, as it was the lingua franca of the eastern Roman Empire. The priests would not have spoken Greek as Hellenization was what the Maccabean revolt was all about; there would be some translator. The Jewish high priests may have feared Yeshua of Nazareth, but his active tongue is what got him in trouble with the Romans. Any inkling of anti-Roman thought/speech would have been enough to get him crucified. The lack of this historical reality is what has fomented the “blood libel” for almost two thousand years. Also, none of the gospels were written by anyone who actually was alive when Yeshua was alive and preaching. Paul (who did not know Christ) wrote in the 40s CE. The gospels were written between 70 and 100 CE and in Greek – Yeshua’s followers were all illiterate, so the stories were recorded by learned, Hellenized people who followed the cult of Yeshua.
Paneetha Ameresekere
Thank you and God bless, from Sri Lanka
Roger Olson
Pilate knew what he was doing.
Allow? Allow? The man was a verifiable psychopath- he was removed from his position because he was blood thirsty and a killer
Carlo Thumbawila
Jesus is Jesus. The man who believed in his goodness to his own people and the people at large. It was meant to sacrifice his life to prove the truth of what he told and Pontius just carried out what was meant to be done. He could have not escaped from that fate whether he was weak or strong. Hadn’t Jesus sacrificed his life or Pontius couldnt order his crucifixtion, , the history would have been very different and the Christian Church could not have been established
Rick Hall
The Gospel doesn’t absolve Pilate, it shows that Christs’ crucifixion was done by both Jew and Gentile. Pirate had the authority to stop the crucifixion knowing that it was unjust. But he chose not to.
Mary Mc
You are mistakenly attributing agency to both Pilate and the Jewish mob. Even before the trial Jesus was knowingly preparing for death, and it was written that the son of God was fated to be sacrificed. The script was ordained by God and was followed by all participants.
Don Ellison
No one really knows what was said, but we know what happened. We as Christians know that God does nothing with out having a purpose.I believe needed for this to happen 🙏
Greg Turk
I guess if one were to believe this “new” telling of history, we need only to wait a bit longer for the next retelling and retelling… The atheist that don’t really understand any of the scriptures. If they were to tell you the truth, it goes like this.. God created everything, and man in His image i.e. soul and spirit. Animals are not of soul and spirt. Man sinned. God has a plan of redemption. But the only one that can redeem a sinful man is a sinless man, but one does not exist and never will. The only perfect thing for God to do is pay the penalty Himself, which He does. The book of Isaiah foretold this in ch. 53, where it says “and God was well pleased to bruse His son”. Many, many other prophecies about God’s plan are right in front of one’s eyes if you care to read the Bible. Even though the jews brought Jesus to Pilate, which is true, the new testiment “never” lays the blame on the jews or the roman government. It was our sin that put him on the cross. But even that was not what did it, it was God Himself. One question for you with a child. If someone who committed a crime against you was facing life in prison for that crime, and the only way they could go free was for you to sacrifice your one and only child, would you do it? God did.
Bobby Salkeld
I’m curious as to how Herod acquired the kingdom of Judea.
Marama Eruera
Totally out of character for Pilate who eventually was recalled because of his cruelty.
Wb7tim on air
34:44 I don’t think this is historically accurate… 😉
Floyd McCarty
It is often evident that when you give a certain mass of people what they want, they will destroy themselves.
Colby Grant
I never thought Pilate to be ‘weak’ when reading Matthew…Huhhhh?!! Whaaat?! He came across more wise than weak when reading about him & what were his thought & decision-making processes….This is a well done Video- but that fabricates only a biased misinterpretation…nice try…but not buying it
Jonathan Nixon
At least get the facts correct. John “The Baptist” never claimed to be the Messiah.
Walter Higo
EVNE THE STRONGEST MAN CAN HAVE A MOMENT OF “weakness” or “cowardness”
Ted Bundy
Every second of Scripture has been preordained by the Creator. God the Father killed his Son. Judas played his part as did Pilate. The rest is preordained history.
Kocza Ioan Daniel
the question should be: Why we should believe that the Jesus story was real?
Stuart Rangihuna
” Therefore My Father loves Me, because I lay down My life that I may take it again. ” No one takes it from Me, but I lay it down of Myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This command I have received from My Father. ” – John 10:17-18 The Jewish hierarchy or Pontius Pilate didn’t kill the Lord Jesus Christ. He laid down His life for our sins that we may have eternal life (John 3:16).
Greg Turcott
What I always learned was that Pilate was not thrilled about killing Jesus and later became a Christian.
It was Christ’s destiny to die for our sins. Pilate was just doing his part in God’s wil 🙏
christina terrell
Jesus was the descent of King David from both Mary line and Joseph’s line
Dean J. Seal
When Herod Antipas questioned Jesus, Jesus did not answer. Also, there was never a custom of releasing a prisoner at Passover. And Bar Abbas means “Son of God.”
joe gigante
You need to know more about Christianity. Clearly stated in the Creed— is this: “Suffered under Pontius Pilate”. So if you think the Early Christians werel leniant on Pilate and solely blamed the Jews you are sorely mistaken!
This documentary is one of the better ones. The Messiah was prophesied in the old testament. They did not understand that the Messiah had to be killed to sacrifice for mankind’s sins. The good news is after we die, we will be resurrected. Payment for our sins is death.
Sander Goldberg
There is little scholarship in this video despite the academics who taut their opinions. However, some of the assumptions dispelling the account in the NT are correct. An extremely important factor totally missing in this presentation is that the high priests at the time, Caiaphas and his cohorts were Sadducees. Jesus was actually a Pharisee, but one that defied the majority of the Pharisee leadership (the rabbis), despite the fact that he subscribed to the same orthodox religious faith. The Saduccess, on the other hand were considered heretics by the Pharisees (and of course by Jesus as well). the bottom line was, Jesus was considered a “trouble maker” as expressed in the video, but each group, the Romans, the Saduccees (including the Herodian Jewish monarchy) and the Pharisees were completely at odds as to the type of trouble maker Jesus had become. The story in the NT, about Pilate offering to free one prisoner and the crowd exclaiming, “his blood upon us and our children” is completely fictitious, inserted by Roman Church fathers much later. there is no such Roman custom in any historical account, and Jews never in history in any reliable account ever make such a condemnation about anyone. This account is only found in Matthew and nowhere else in the synoptic gospels or anywhere in the NT. Matthew also includes numerous other inclusions that were added by Roman Christian theologians that are not found in any other books of the NT. However, for one who knows how to read “between the lines” of the NT and recognize its unadulterated text, it is clear that Jesus never died on the cross. It was merely a collusion between Pilate, the Herodian leadership, the Chief priests and the Pharisee elders to save Jesus’ life in return for him ending his ministry and going incognito.
J. Vincent
Oh well, when Jesus returns they can ask Him if they can make nice and just be friends now. Although in John 19:11 Jesus states to Pilate “that the ones that delivered me unto thee hath the greater sin”. So it kinda looks bad for all those that betrayed, beat then murdered Him…(Revelation 1:7). 😬
A waste. I have to wonder what someone’s motives are when they leave out key information meanwhile hinting the gospels as inaccurate. “I find no fault in this man.” is one of many they left out which is huge in understanding Pilate. They force feed the thought that Christians thought Pilate weak.
Mark L
It’s as if these scholars have not read the gospels; one of them even says the gospel writers were Jews. Luke was a Gentile. John’s account, in particular, blows their speculations out of the water: Pilate was afraid of crucifying Jesus.
johnny llooddte
he didnt have any choice.. even GOD wouldnt let him stop
What is the importance of Jesus dying on the cross and being brought back to life…if NONE of us will ever experience that? The significance of Christianity is in the ideals and rules one follows to conduct one’s life. So there IS an importance to Christianity, over and above, the belief that Jesus suffered and died on the cross and was then, brought back to life. I often wonder. IF there was a man, called Jesus, who, in truth, underwent the trial and execution by Pontus Pilate, as described in the Gospels, how do we know for certain that that man ACTUALLY DIED on the cross? Death by crucifixion often took DAYS to occur. But, as the story goes, Christ “died” within a few hours. If any of this background we’ve been told is true, it is OBVIOUS that the man who “condemned” Christ to death, the Roman governor Pilate, thought the entire affair was nonsense.Yet he HAD to “go through with it”, the “execution”, to keep peace in the province for which he was responsible. Despite the cruelty we know was present at that time in the Roman empire….there WAS a sense of justice…much like we have today. We need to look no further than Julius Caesar’s rule to distribute land to Rome’s poor. Done against his own best interests vis-a-vis the RICH and POWERFUL elites in the Roman Senate. And condemning a man to death, when that man, according Pilate, was innocent of the crimes he was being accused of, must have gone against Pilate’s (and Roman’s) sense of justice. Could it be that Pilate intentionally brought Jesus down from the cross, after he was pierced with the spear (which probably would have made him unconscious) and had his body interred in an “out of sight, out of mind”, closed tomb and GUARDED BY TWO ROMAN SOLDIERS? WHY would Pilate assign guards to watch over a dead body when the concept of a dead man being resurrected or his followers stealing his body and claiming he was brought back to life was probably the furthest thing from his mind? Why would he have thought his followers could ever “pull off” such a hoax…with a dead body? Unless, of course, the body was NOT dead and had been attended to by one of Pilate’s military surgeons? Could it be that by the 3rd day, the man in the tomb had recovered enough to be allowed to go free and go about his way. By that time the “angry citizens” would have also “gone about their way” and Pilate could sooth his conscience that he did not allow an innocent man to be executed to quench the anger of a Jewish mob?
Frank Poperowitz
Kudos! For centuries the headline read, “Why Did Pontius Pilate Allow The Jews to kill Christ?”
Josephus’s account is contested on the authenticity of it actually being Josephus’s writings. A couple of things are that Josephus was a Jew and would not refer to Jesus as the Messiah, and also would not have done so in Greek ref- Christos. The Jews don’t see the Messiah as getting killed ever, he would be one that delivered them to the Land of Milk and Honey as promised in Moses – Jews don’t refer to Jesus as the Messiah at all. Also none on this writing was in Josephus’s normal fashion and was only presented to the world from Eusebius a Greek historian. Historians seem to agree that there are partial truths only in accounts pertaining to Jesus by Josephus.
Bible Barry
I do not see the Bible presenting Pilate as a “weak ruler”. This is a “straw man” argument. You can easily knock it down, but it wasn’t a real man in the first place! The blood guilt was not counted by Christians who were walking with the Holy Spirit of God: they understood it was necessary so that a holy God could be totally just and yet still be able to pardon a rebellious, sinful person and make him a child of God! Pilate is noted as changing his mind at the retort of the Jewish leaders “If you let him (Jesus) go free, you are not a friend of CAESAR!” THAT would scare any “strong, no-nonsense” governor! I would recommend that people read the gospels again….out loud! It’s an astonishing idea, but you get the flow of the story really in the guts…just like it should be. Best wishes to all.
Pilate found Jesus to be a disruptive street preacher who either claimed to be or denied being King of the Jews. Therefore, he had Jesus executed for sedition. Most victims of crucifixion were left to hang on the cross for several days after death and thrown into a mass grave. The Gospels claim a rich Jew had him placed into a tomb but that is unlikely.
Did he? Is there any proof that he even met a “Jesus”? As far as I know…there is no Historical evidence of it apart from the “biased” (many times changed) gospels.
Old School Muscle
My Jesus I love thee I know thou art mine. To thee all the follies of sin I resign. ❤❤❤
What's $1 million USD when someone has $1 billion?
I will believe what was written and interpreted a 1,000 years ago, to what is discovered and interpreted a 100 years ago….
When he met Charlton Heston his fate was sealed
Chris Newport
Visited Jerusalem a few years ago, I was so overwhelmed by an uncomfortable psychic feeling that instead of being happy to finally be there and hit the museums, I was ready to leave. Thought I was just losing it but the Wife picked it up as well and wanted to leave but we were stuck, I hardly left our room. All that anticipation down the toilet.Ended up being met in New York by paramedics.
jose guite
It was predicted some hundreds of years ago…Pontius Pilate does not make any mistake, it was predicted that the good Lord will suffer for mankind. Pilate is just doing what he is meant to do…the Good Lord have to suffer for us, he killed Christ for he is in the way meant to be. The Good lord suffer and die for all humanity as is willed, bless the Good Lord…Hallelujah Amen Pilate do what is meant for him to do…bless the Good Lord for his suffering
Simi Tuitavua
The people wanted it, so he allowed it but washed his hands from it.
Johnny G
~John 19:10–11 So Pilate said to him, “You will not speak to me? Do you not know that I have authority to release you and authority to crucify you?” Jesus answered him, “You would have no authority over me at all unless it had been given you from above. Therefore ehe who delivered me over to you fhas the greater sin.”
Rohit Suri
segni w
“5 years after Jesus death, another massai Was challenging Pilate.” So someone trying to be like Jesus just 5 years later. Then 800 years later another one from middle east(mecca) was successful being another Jesus by changing the rules and other things.
If I could travel back in time I would love to be the Roman soldier swinging his whip over Jesus back
All of them that involved in the persecution of Jesus now knew the truth because they are now in the world of second life.Regret is useless with no means.
Gerard Cote
In Rome the mob ruled, he knew this and had to appeal to the mob.
John Snow Kumar
The scriptures pretty much are defensive of Pontius Pilate. In any court where the judge may be a judge (modern times)or king or Governor of a distant land (Pontius Pilate) , the judge will make the decision pretty much on the facts in hand and will also weigh in on the demands of the vested interests (senior temple priests and one chief high priest). Local king Herod couldn’t be a judge of the current Jesus case as he was in cahoots with temple priests who wanted Jesus killed for blasphemy. ** ACTUAL REASON WHY some PEOPLE wanted him dead or executed: RESENTMENT. During weekly religious sermons (likely boring) in few temples of the area. Jesus of Nazareth son of Joseph, used to ride by the cobbled roads outside of few temples of Jerusalem. The congregations seated inside few thatched temples were likely already bored, at the time Jesus passed on by on a donkey. The shout “Jesus is outside riding on a donkey!” was electrifying: Young and old, half the congregation used to rush outside to watch the strange the strange spectacle..Someone would shout, “Jesus the rebel is outside riding on a donkey with few people following him.” One by one members of the congregations would leave the weekly sermon room and to outside to stare at Jesus, with his followers laying fig branches on the path as the donkey walked along with it’s famous rider. Some never went back to the temple to listen to the rest of the sermon (likely boring). One or two just kept following the donkey and rider, even though they did not believe He was the son of God. . This created resentment among the priests of temples, whose sermon services were disrupted by -Jesus of Nazareth:::: ACTUAL REASON WHY some PEOPLE wanted him dead or executed For a judge ( or a replacement judge such as a king or Governor) to release an accused, the JUDGE FIRST asks the accused whether he pleads innocence. The accused person HAS TO CLAIM THAT HE IS INNOCENT, EVEN 2000 YEARS AGO. Assuming that some of these books were written 300 years after Christ, the Bible scriptures keep repeating that Pontius Pilate did NOT want to order the execution of Jesus. Few such books may have been written by a Roman national: or early apostle authors may have been influenced by a citizen of Rome about a fellow Roman Governor in far away Judea. Pilate kept looking at the charge-sheet in the temple room being used as court hall, charge sheets with allegations against Jesus. Pilate next looked up and asked Jesus if he was innocent. Even if Jesus shook his head in reply, Governor Pilate likely would have let Jesus go home free. Jesus said nothing in reply. At one point, likely in exasperation, Pontius Pilate even blurted out to Jesus, “My friend, just tell me, as the Roman governor and over all administrator of Judea that you are innocent of all the charges that the temple priest have brought up against you. Tell me that the temple priests are lying. I will let you go home free, even if I have no proof either way.” In truth, the wife of Pontius Pilate had already made Pilate promise to her the previous night that Pontius Pilate will not execute Jesus. Pilate had promised to let Jesus go home free that moment Jesus pleaded he was innocent. He never did. Even this time, Jesus kept silent. Jesus should have said, “I dispute the charges being brought up against me.” He never did that. After that, Governor Pilate had no choice but to let the court proceedings proceed forward, leading to the sentencing and ultimate death of Jesus in the year of the lord.
Corey Mana
I’m not religious, I just have a few questions for those who are christian might be able to answer. When we die we go to heaven? and if so, When did that start happening?
He was a means to the end…..Christ came to this world to sacrifice himself and save all other sinners. Pilate, Judas, Caiaphas etc. are all just the tools the Lord used to achieve His goal. So no use blaming anyone for Christ’s death, it was meant to be!!! Love everyone and that will please Christ!!!
Ryan Ehlis
Jesus laid his life down and took it back up again as it was prophesied. Jesus is lord and God.
James Dolan
I am sorry if I offend anybody, I don’t understand this story from many aspects. First, according to Jesus himself, he was sent to Earth to do the will of Father, that would climax in him (Jesus) dying and rising from the dead. Second, Jesus said himself “I will destroy the Temple (himself) and rebuild it three days. So being part of the God triad, he knew full well what, where, and how it was going to happen to him. Third, at an extremely volatile time, just prior to Passover he rode into Roman occupied Jerusalem, and violently ridded Israel’s major temple of whom he regarded as undesirables. By doing so, he attracted the attention of the Jewish pharisees and high priests onto himself. Fourth, toward the end of the week he held a last supper upstairs in a remote location with the extraordinary meekly twelve apostles, maybe except Judas. Fifth, towards the end of his conversation he says something like “one of you will betray me”. They all deny it. Lo and behold he says “the one I hand the cup to will betray me” He hands it Judas and says something like “away with you, betray me”. I am completely baffled here. First none of the others jumped to prevent Judas exiting or tried to talk him out of it. Second, imo a premeditated betrayal does not exist. Fifh, again in an act of premeditation Jesus with the eleven goes out into the Garden of Gethsemane to prepare for his eventual cruel death. I am baffled here again, he prays and attempts to dialog with the Father (God), but gets no response of any kind. Sixth, he is captured by I presume a retinue of Roman solders on a kiss from Judas. Seventh, he is tried and found guilty by Jewish high priests, who handed him to Pilate.who at their behest executes him. Finally, if I were a true believer I would be inclined to think at best that Jesus death was an already established agreement between him and God, or at worst Jesus was carrying out a proxy of God that only he could possibly know. Either way humans were only pawns in the event.
He was the king of wisdom
Monkof Magnesia
Pilate succeeded where no previous Prefect had. Pilate got the Jewish leaders to declare, “We have no king but Caesar.” Once he got that, he was happy to have Jesus crucified. Knowing about Pilate, I see Pilate’s behaviour as taunting the Jewish leaders until he obtained their loyalty to Caesar. Pilate has Jesus flogged, crowned with thorns and mockingly said, “Behold your king.” He orders a sign made written in the Latin, Greek and Hebrew so everyone could read it, “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.” When Jesus was arrested, Pilate sent a cohort of soldiers to do so. A cohort consisted of 480 soldiers. That was Pilate’s way of saying, “You Jews find him so dangerous, I better send a cohort.” In other words, he was mocking them fr their cowardliness. I am glad you have Dr. Helen Bond, PhD on. She is an expert on Pilate and I have her book on Caiaphas.
Aum Jaya
The Romans would have stopped it if they could? Why couldn’t they? Considering a lot of stuff that happened under the Roman Empires, why not also use military force to stop it, or even give him a legal immunity of any penalty beyond prison and or labor? 11:0011:16 I understand those to be quite far from the first two commandments. If continuing the popular Christian argument the last 10 Moses came down from Sinai with are the ten and only commandments, then sure, but since the events of Genesis and the earlier part of Exodus is apparently chronologically prior to that, then there’s plenty more earlier commandments than those and the rest of the, as I understand, 613 commandments, or at least, those of Tanakh. Some 23:0026:00. I’m looking into this atonement outside of temple thing and the first search result I got was from Jewish Voice, read it, sounded like Messianic Judaism to me, checked the About section, seems they are speaking only of Messianic Judaism stance? If I am to understand correctly, in Messianic Judaism, you can atone for your sins basically whenever and wherever and without need of a Rabbi? I’ll check more of the results, but what of the other schools or denominations of Judaism, do they still say Yom Kippur is possible? Do they say Rabbi is still required? Do you have to go to temple for atonement? Is the scapegoat still required?
Peter Washington
How could Pilate kill someone who never existed?
Roland Berube
Jesus said : I can give my life and take it back anytime I want ! That is the reason that God my Father love me !
Deo C Yasol
To fulfill the prophecy to save humanity. Pontius pilate was just the instrument. That is the Biblical reason.
k klages
Wow, you rewrote history!!!! He was sent to Harrod. The sky darkened and the rain?
Steve Ramoso
It was meant to be fulfilled. Lord Jesus just fulfilled what was written. For the Father sent his servant but nothings changed and lastly sent his son. No one believes until everything what is written shall happen.
Wouldn’t this have been less biased if you also had a Christian and a Jew included?
Katherin O'Day
Not “the man who killed Christ” but the man who was used to have others kill Christ. Pontius washed his hands of Jesus’ death and put the onus squarely on the Jews who demanded it.
Gunter Raffel
First and foremost, Pontius Pilate was a politician in another troublesome region of the Roman empire, a Yes-man, and possible morally corrupt, too, trying to please two masters, his superiors in Rome on the one hand and the Jewish people and their leadership on the other. In addition, he did not have a clue who the man really was he was dealing with and neither had most anyone else a clue. He wanted it over and done with as quickly as possible. And in that sense, the outcome of the trial that followed was quite predictable. I am not a historian, but that’s the way I see it. But as we now know, the impact that this seemingly unimportant incident had on the course of history in the western world only occurred more than 100 years later.
k klages
Wow, you rewrote history!!!! He was sent to Harrod. The sky darkened and the rain?
N. Chandrashekar
There were millions of person like Jesus in India but we never crucified anyone that is hindus
Ira Lee
Jesus also achieved his goal of being crucified and then being regarded as the Son of God. Sacrificial Lamb of God or a self-proficiency Son of God? Ira Lee Ph.D.
Paneetha Ameresekere
Thank you for bringing to light the circumstances, systems and practices, etc., which were in place during Jesus’ time in Israel
Simon Jnt
“The man who killed Jesus” verses in the title is wrong. Jesus was not killed by Pontius Pilot rather he was rejected and killed by his own people like Pharisees and Hypocrites. Jesus, Son of God came to earth to reveal the resembles of Almighty God. The high priests and law makers of Jews were not able to understand Jesus and his mission to earth, as they were blind.
Sean Norton
Pontias Pilot was charged with keeping the peace. Much like today his leaders did not like govenors who report only problems. The Cesar’s were not known to be tolerant. Pontias Pilot as an experienced government official was wise enough to fear from his own.
John Kevin Dizon
Pontius Pilate did not actually allow the execution of Jesus Christ. He had the power to free Jesus but he was under pressure from the elite group of Jews. The case was of religious implication, not civil, seditious or whatever. So he consent to their will, in fact he washed his hand to show to the people that had nothing to do with execution of Jesus Christ.
R Villegas
He was brutal but as any politician he’s also was a corrupt one, he could get paid to crucified Jesus as well as he could get paid to simulate one (keep in mind back in imperial Rome anyone who was crucified didn’t have a right for a proper burial) Jesus had a very wealthy and influential uncle (Joseph of Arimathea) who could settle things behind the door . Jesus was a spiritual-political leader among others. Barrabas in the Aramaic lenguaje means Son of the rabbi (barrabbi) He was the son of a religious leader (never a bandit) yeah man history, history.
Rain Drizzle
It has to happened for redemption to be possible.
Bruce Rioux
“Let His blood be upon us and upon our children.” Out of their own mouths they were cursed.
jimmy rooks
Pilate allowed it because it was prophesied!😱
Shaunnaugh Jones
A good story but a lot of assumptions; it’s sad history has sunk so low
In my view, Jesus wanted, taught, the Hebrews to receive a radical change in faith, perspective…. Because they were losing faith due to the oppressive circumstances they were living in … not to measure faith, god , themselves, even the oppressor … by what occurs in this material world … to rise above it and then they shall be uplifted by gods spirit…
Bobby Salkeld
One more comment and I’m done, lol. This thing has vexed my mind and intrigued me always. Jesus perceived himself to be the literal son of God. Was consciously aware of his own divinity. He knew his fate. He had knowledge beforehand of his betrayel, his arrest, his rejection by his own people (a hallmark amongst Israel’s prophets), his beating and crucifixion. He knew the arbitrary reason for this was to be a symbolic sacrifice for the salvation of all mankind. But on two occasions this God in man-flesh, this son of God that was also God himself, seemed to have acted in such an ungodly manner that it’s caused much consternation on my part. The first discordant event is in the garden’s of Gethsemane. Where Jesus 3 times goes away from his followers and pleads with God (himself) to release himself from this burden. Expressing fear, weakness, dread, anxiety over death is a mortal compulsion. Then a second time while in agony on the cross; his mouth blistered and vinegar stained, his side pierced and bleeding out, his legs smashed with hammers, 3 days this timeless, omniscient, omnipotent, all-powerful, immortal prime-mover experienced the humanly absurd and grotesquely tragi-comedy of death, of the total destruction of the revered identity and Jesus, son of man, right hand of God, the word who was present with God, as God, in the beginning, he cried out to the sky, “father, father….why hast thou forsaken me?!” How would God know what it feels like to be abandoned by God?
But accused Jesus and which law did he break?
James Mills
The reason was stark and obvious. It was coming up to Passover and the Sacrificial Lamb according to Mosaic Law was REQUIRED to be without fault (no blemishes) and ultimately flawless. Prior to the execution Yeshua was simply the “Prophet” we are to hear and obey.. When Yeshua shouted IT IS FINISHED, it was EXACTLY the words the High Priest would offer as the faultless (and final) sheep was sacrificed for the Passover Feast. Immediately afterward. When Yeshua shouted those words, IT IS FINISHED, there was an earthquake that rent the earth, opening a fissure that opened right at the cross (the significance is for another lesson of revelation). The Prophet who was indeed without fault and, who we must hear and obey was repeatedly cited by the Prophets, HAD to be the PERFECT sacrificial Lamb. Yeshua “The Prophet” had to descend into Sheol to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to those who were there, for 3 days and nights The sign of Jonah pointing to the one who would “call the people BACK to the Torah.” A “Prophets 1st and essential duty was just that. Calling YeHoVaH’s people back to the Laws. The PEOPLE had to reject Him (THE Prophet like unto Moses), and the Gentiles had to order or allow his execution. The earthquake was so violent that it opened 24 graves, to also fulfill a Divine purpose. For 3 days, the graves that were opened, the occupants rose and walked the streets. As the “Prophet” rose at the conclusion of those 3 days, He revealed Himself to 2 women who, once their eyes were opened tried to touch Him. Yeshua told them He had not yet ascended into Heaven. He then gathered the 24 former occupants of the grave (and on the same day the High Priest would offer the “first fruits” offering, Yeshua offered the 24 before the throne of YeHoVaH. At which point Yeshua, the Prophet, who had conquered death returned to the earth as the reigning Messiah to fulfill and bring to a close, “the SPRING Feasts of YeHoVaH.” Pilate didn’t have a choice but to turn over the Prophet for execution He HAD to certify however, that Yeshua was indeed blameless..
danny gilad dannynammer
jesus condemned the high priests for corruption and the romans for defiling the temple. Both sides wanted to rid themselves of this man. It had nothing to do with religion for jesus urged observance only
Cesar Evangelista
Where do you find in Matthew the suggestion that Pilate was weak?
maxine williams
By the actions of Pilate is a significant example of Rome that it’s still the same, they never change and will never change and will continue until Christ returns to give them their due reward.
Nicole Hawkins
I don’t understand the misconception on Pilate. There has been no Christian church or pastor preach him as a weak leader. That’s must be an anti-Semitic perspective or one that isn’t Christian. The information in this video is pretty good, but disappointed on the focus on this. The Gospels nor most who read this part of the story would feel that what is shown here confirms Pilate as a strategic and fearless leader. To think otherwise doesn’t ring true from the Bible.
Flash Gordon
Did I miss something there is no historical record of Jesus.
Bart Bannister
There is no evidence, outside the bible, that Pilate ever met Jesus.
Jesus said it best the only power Pontius had was the power his father had bestowed in him basically calling him a pawn and explaining to Pontius that Jesus had had a dream were he was a rock that was thrown at a great statue which feet were made of clay which he will break toppling it.
“ I’m Pontius the barbarian! And now the day has come to slay the foul beast, the Devil’s brethren.”
i love a great fictional story.
Secular reflecter
Matthew’s gospel is his slant on events that had taken place decades before. At the time of his writing, Christian leaders wanted accommodation with Rome so they could expand. This meant shifting the blame AWAY from Pilate and TOWARD the Jews. A gross distortion. Pilate was by all accounts an eager and vicious governor, who crucified left and right. That he suddenly hesitated over Jesus is ridiculous, but fulfills an agenda.
Peter Sclafani
It well documented the roman soldiers hated being station in Judea. Most soldiers were sent there as punishment. The soldiers hated the land n its ppl.
Sonia Vasquez
Cual fue la verdadera razon que los jews tenian para hacer eso y cuando lo hicieron la excusa fue que el murio para perdonarnos los pecados seria que usaron esa excusa para no verse culpable por lo que hiciero y asi se currier y quedo en la historia que el muriopara perdonarnos cual fue la verdadera razon eso es un misterio.
jan krysen
If Pilatus heard about what Hannas asking Jesus in the temple at the riot. Then i think Pilatus have the upper ground against the high priest in the Jerusalem sanhedrin
Dorris Harris
Pontis Palate did not allow any such thing. It is written even in the old Testament was was to happen to Jesus.lt was done for the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Dawood Ngalo
Pontius pilate never allowed the killing of Jesus. Jesus was judged by the people according to the law of their ancestors. Matthews 26:62-67 Today the king seems to be above the law to intervene in the judgment
Kennedy McGovern
You know, it is very bold for the narrator to use the phrase “the fact is…” This is “a” version of this history. It may or may not be correct. But I don’t see how it has more credibility than the version people have been reading for 2,000 years…passed down and then written down by those who were there. You do not have “facts,” Mr. narrator. You have possibilities.
patrick kluivert
If only you could tell folks that Jesus is alive and is coy back
Ned Yi
That Jesus wasn’t the only innocent person that was wronged and executed. Unless Pontius Pilate was undoubtedly aware of the “fact” — and I’m using that word very loosely — that Jesus was divine, he wasn’t at all in the wrong for whatever happened to Jesus.
I don’t know where you get YESHUWA, went to Jerusalem 5x,, the Bible makes it clear He was only there 2x. I also don’t know where you get PILOT, only had a small group of men. He had a whole, Legion of 6000 men!, Also if you read in the Book of Samuel, it talks about the Jews, and the Hebrews. He also goes on to say that the Jews were only the Priest and people who worked in the temple. The rest were called Hebrews. Please don’t try and Fool people! I would like to add, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE CAN PROVE, THERE ANCESTORS WERE A PRIEST, NOR HELPER OF THE TEMPLE OF “our HEAVENLY FATHER “READ THE BOOK OF “ADAM AND EVE, BOOKS 1 AND 2!
Melba E.
The woman commenting that “it was made believe that the Jewish people killed Jesus” make them appear like if they were innocent when in fact it was because of their influence that Pilot crucified him. They were given the chance to save him but they chose to kill him and left free a murderer.
I’m lost-never saw him as weak from the biblical narratives
Amanda Smith
Anyone else here after watching “A.D. The Bible Continues” to see how ridiculously inaccurate Pilate’s portrayal in that show was?
Vilma Bock
King Dom
First. The reason why they killed Jesus was because he performed miracles on the Sabbath & that the Jews thought he was equal to God. Second. Jesus was nailed to a up right pole not a cross that you’re showing in this video.
atso naga
Masterpiece acting And narrating
Phyllis Devries
His wife warned him against harming Jesus. Matt. 27:19  While he was sitting on the judgment seat, his wife sent him a message, saying, “Have nothing to do with that righteous Man; for  last night I suffered greatly in a dream because of Him.”
Harry Beach
Where in the bible is Pontius described as weak?
Steven Rowlandson
The basic problem is that people don’t think Jesus is literally the son of God or God in the flesh. They see him as a mere man as they do today.
Nubian Khaleesi
Good video but they left out Pilate’s wife and her input in this story. Ah well. Still , good video
Marc A Gernon
Highly informative. Completely misleading
Pilate in the gospels had his character softened because the Christians of the time of writing were interested in winning over Romans to their faith. Some of the Gnostic gospels written in the 1st century turn him into a Christian saint. Up to the Jewish revolt Christianity was a part of Judaism but after the destruction of Judea, Jewish society ‘closed ranks’ and the young religious movement was driven out of the synagogues. When this happened Christianity embraced the Roman world.
Michael Benmoshe
Jesus was executed not by Jew law (by stoning) but by Roman law (crucifixion) by Romans following Roman purposes. Such penalty was reserved to revolutionaries.
Shaun Vitek
Acts 2:23 this Jesus, delivered up according to the definite plan and foreknowledge of God, you crucified and killed by the hands of lawless men.
Thomas Jamison
The mere fact that someone was crucified was not a guarantee of their death. Romans would also use crucifixion as a form of punishment not necessarily resulting in death. When the Romans used it as a form of execution, the idea of taking the corpse down right away doesn’t make all that much sense, but it makes perfect sense for a crucifixion that was not intended to end in death.
Legend has it that Pilot’s wife actually interacted with Jesus. It’s said she could feel a power from him and told Pilot about him. She warned Pilot that he shouldn’t have any dealings with Jesus if a situation arose. She told him no good would come from a negative situation. That’s part of the reason why he washed his hands. He wanted to be clean of what the Jewish leaders planned for Jesus.
John Snow Kumar
The scriptures pretty much are defensive of Pontius Pilate. In any court where the judge may be a judge (modern times)or king of ancient times or Governor of a distant land (Pontius Pilate) , the judge will make the decision pretty much based on the facts in hand and will also weigh in on whether the accused pleads innocence. Pilate had already decided obey his wife from the previous day to release Jesus PROVIDED Jesus disputes the charges against him. The judge (governor in this particular case) looks at the charges and accusations and the demands of the vested interests (senior temple priests and one chief high priest). Local king Herod couldn’t be a judge of the current Jesus case as he was in cahoots with temple priests who wanted Jesus killed for blasphemy. ** ACTUAL REASON WHY some PEOPLE wanted him dead or executed: RESENTMENT. During weekly religious sermons (likely boring) in few temples of the area. Jesus of Nazareth son of Joseph, used to ride by the cobbled roads outside of few temples of Jerusalem. The congregations seated inside few thatched temples were likely already bored, at the time Jesus passed on by on a donkey. The shout “Jesus is outside riding on a donkey!” was electrifying: Young and old, half the congregation used to rush outside to watch the strange the strange spectacle..Someone would shout, “Jesus the rebel is outside riding on a donkey with few people following him.” One by one members of the congregations would leave the weekly sermon room and to outside to stare at Jesus, with his followers laying fig branches on the path as the donkey walked along with it’s famous rider. Some never went back to the temple to listen to the rest of the sermon (likely boring). One or two just kept following the donkey and rider, even though they did not believe He was the son of God. . This created resentment among the priests of temples, whose sermon services were disrupted by -Jesus of Nazareth:::: ACTUAL REASON WHY some PEOPLE wanted him dead or executed For a judge ( or a replacement judge such as a king or Governor) to release an accused, the JUDGE FIRST asks the accused whether he pleads innocence. The accused person HAS TO CLAIM THAT HE IS INNOCENT, EVEN 2000 YEARS AGO. Assuming that some of these books were written 300 years after Christ, the Bible scriptures keep repeating that Pontius Pilate did NOT want to order the execution of Jesus. Few such books may have been written by a Roman national: or early apostle authors may have been influenced by a citizen of Rome about a fellow Roman Governor in far away Judea. Pilate kept looking at the charge-sheet in the temple room being used as court hall, charge sheets with allegations against Jesus. Pilate next looked up and asked Jesus if he was innocent. Even if Jesus shook his head in reply, Governor Pilate likely would have let Jesus go home free. Jesus said nothing in reply. At one point, likely in exasperation, Pontius Pilate even blurted out to Jesus, “My friend, just tell me, as the Roman governor and over all administrator of Judea that you are innocent of all the charges that the temple priest have brought up against you. Tell me that the temple priests are exagerating or lying. I will let you go home free, even if I have no proof either way.” In truth, the wife of Pontius Pilate had already made Pilate promise to her the previous night that Pontius Pilate will not execute Jesus. Pilate had promised to let Jesus go home free that moment Jesus pleaded he was innocent. Jesus never did. Even this time, Jesus kept silent. Jesus should have said, “I dispute the charges being brought up against me.” He never did that. After that, Governor Pilate had no choice but to let the court proceedings proceed forward, leading to the sentencing and ultimate death of Jesus in the year of the lord.
Israel Grace
His hands washed clean. A tribute that was returned on his head..
Grinch money
Pilate wasn’t the one that killed him was the church
Mary Brown
John 18 (KJV) 38: Pilate saith unto him, What is truth? And when he had said this, he went out again unto the Jews, and saith unto them, I find in him no fault at all. 39: But ye have a custom, that I should release unto you one at the passover: will ye therefore that I release unto you the King of the Jews? 40: Then cried they all again, saying, Not this man, but Barabbas. Now Barabbas was a robber.
Stephen Rioux
There is considerable data on the life of Pontius Pilate. There is no evidence of Christ outside of the Bible.
Baby yoda
Its really suprising they had this footage from so many hundreds of years ago very cool.
Let’s keep the important facts correct. John the Baptist never claimed to be the Messiah. His message was always about the coming of the Messiah. Jesus Christ.
Cathleen OConnell
The Wealth of the Wicked has been handed over to the Righteous! Thank you God!
David Sims
Christ died because it was his father’s will, true be said God was providing salvation for the whole world.
Donald Jacobson
Thanks 🙏 so much. Great video
frederique jones
Around 29 min. extensive quoting of Josephus – this is generally regarded as a fake insertion somewhere around the 12th C by a monk improving on Josephus’s original text which does not mention anybody remotely like Jesus. Very anoying. Otherwise good one on Pilate.
Larry mcnally
Good story on a par with the official gospels.
Anthony Aboh
Plates wife may have had a vision of Christ in his glory and that’s why she is afraid
Philip McCarthy
I don’t think that Pilate wanted to crucify Jesus based on the gospels. Pilate crucified Jesus at the insistence of the Jewish leaders and the hatred of the crowd. In fact, Pilate presented a choice on who would be freed on Passover, Barabbas of Jesus. He was dumbfounded that the crowd chose Barabbas.
Robert Gary
Saying king of the Jews was a political statement but not nearly as much as calling yourself “son of God”. Emperor Augustus had billboards all over Rome claiming he was the son of a god to legitimize his throne. Think no one made that connection????
amazing. a history documentary about a man who isn’t recorded in any contemporary historical records.
Potntius just passed the judgement. Who voted on it and chose somebody else
So, Pilote too has an important role to play, in Jesus’s crucifixion? He just wanted to manage the people under the roman rule, no matter the cost. The roman rulers believed by getting rid of Jesus Christ they can quash his following and growing outrage against the royalty/rule, but when they saw that by crucifying Him they only made Him a martyr and made the faith of people even stronger, they didn’t have any choice but to give in and make His teachings too part of their rule and turn it into a new religion called Christianity and they themselves too submitted to His teachings?
pascal bxl
As for all the other parts of history we can only assume what really happened. History is written by the winners, embellished, biased. Decades later come other writers with their opinion on the matter, we still see it today…
Steven Donaldson
What I perceived was a man who did think first and pondered his own actions and possible guilt blood..the Sanhedrin are to blame..The Sanhedrin had him crucified..Just a few dirty fools masking themselves as pious.😐Also they were threatened by Jesus, They hated him.
Unoseth Dohi
I watch a lot of education and news video. Timeline is my favorite youtube channel.
Pat Ludwa
So many presumptions. That the death of Jesus is responsible for centuries of anti-Jewish sentiment? And it’s all the fault of the Gospels? Hardly. The Gospel authors would have known about the Hebrew belief of remission of sins upon being sprinkled by the blood of the sacrificial lamb. So they’re recording “And the people, every one of them, shouted back, ‘Let his blood be on us and on our children!'” (Matt. 27:25) would correlate to that.  Not a curse.  Then we have their writings that don’t blame the Jews but acknowledge they acted without knowing.  There are other indications but hopefully you get the point.   Now the Sanhedrin may have had their own reasons to have Jesus executed.  Fear of Zealots and others using Jesus as a tool of rebellion, or even the notion he may have himself made a king, which would bring Roman retribution.  But after Jesus’ death, the fear was heresy.  So, though there were those who opposed it, followers of Jesus were hunted and execute for ‘corrupting the faith’.  And no doubt they enlisted Roman support for this.  After all, anyone claiming kingship, for himself or another in Rome,  would be seen as a threat.   And centuries of Christian persecution by Rome went far into causing animosity between Christians and Jews. Not all, or most Christians, nor all or most Jews.
Willem Pasterkamp
Pilate (the pillar), Caiaphas (Cephas), Peter (Simon) and Judas (Simon) are not 4 different persons. Mark the author of the gospel splitted the personality of L.A. Seneca the Carver/Tailor aka the Gardener/Courtier in four separate characters. Zacharias- Barachias is Germanicus the grandpa of Neros Chrestos (Nerones Princeps). Herodus gets the role of Tiberius who martyred J.C. Nero (the baptizer) and J.C. Drusus (the Just). Jesus never existd, there is no ground for an ‘historical’ documentary at all.
tim kahn
in fact the story of a nice man son of god is way older then jesus . who is very recent .
Linda Spontak
So, darn emotional are all of these bible stories! If someone doesn’t see how valuable that makes religion then they will probably hate religion. LOL Let’s just say they won’t be inspired. Maybe we need to feel sorry for everybody who was caught up in it at the time because in no way could they see how important it would be for the future of mankind. Of course they cared only about the present…. as long as they were getting it right the future would take care of itself and be just as alright. Jesus knew he was going to die! He just didn’t know when until it happened. Looking back we can see how it couldn’t have happened any other way. Anybody who had any say about it was wanting peace…. not war. Especially Jesus. It took strength to make decisions they could live with after it was over. They were great leaders…. not perfect human beings and they feared those “rebels.”
Paul Endsley
did you not read salvation is to the Jew first and then to the Gentiles (Rom1:16 Rom.2:10)
Mochi Studio
I think this film underestimates that something of the fear of God came upon Pilate,an opportunity perhaps for him to convert,he seemed to be quite shocked by the claim that Jesus was the Son of God,and his wife had sternly warned him to not harm Jesus.All in all,it was meant to be.
dinkum dingkom
What if the Jews said that bc they wanted Pontius Pilate not to question their loyalty to Rome? Like all other citizens they had to obey Roman law, even though they followed some Jewish laws. For one reason, the punishment for blasphemy in the bible is stoning not crucifixion. Crucifixion was done by Romans and also the pharoah of Egypt during Moses’ time (the Quran) Jews didn’t kill Jesus but they didn’t stop him from being killed either
Alex McNeilly
Keep in mind, the “Religious Leaders” were the swine who wanted my Lord Jesus Christ Crucified. When Pilate said he could find no fault in him, they came back with, Jesus saying, he was King of the Jews, and they only had one king, and, that was Caesar, therefore Pilate must be no friend of Caesar… for nobility of Rome to be no friend of Caesar, was to be an enemy of Caesar, therefore, not only was his life in great danger, but, his ENTIRE family. It was those “Religious Leaders” who stirred the mob up into shouting, CRUCIFY HIM. The same creatures were the ones who asked that the legs of all those being crucified have their legs broken as that would hasten their deaths, therefore, the bodies could be taken down before one of their upcoming “Holy Celebrations”. When they got to Jesus, he was already dead, so his legs were not broken, however a Roman Soldier pierced his side with a spear just to make sure…. This all lived up to the Prophesy of Isiah written hundreds of years before Jesus walked the Earth.
because maybe he didnt got killed, and you cannot look at it as an artistic literature pov.
Sandra Liz Aquino
Saludos Espero esté usted muy bien. Como quizás haya escuchado a millones de personas alrededor del mundo hablar de que viene un fin de las cosas malas que nos pasan hoy día. Hasta los mismos científicos hablan que estamos delante de un Apocalipsis Bíblico. ¿Pero, como saber que ese fin sucederá y cuando pasará? ¿Lo verá usted? La Biblia habla acerca de las señales de los últimos días. ¿Cuáles señales? • Se levantará nación contra nación (Mateo 24:7) • Habrá escaseces de alimentos (Mateo 24:7) • Habrá grandes terremotos (Lucas 21:11) • Pestes (Lucas 21:11) • Aumento de la violencia (Mateo 24:11,12) • Hombres desmayan por el temor (Lucas 21:25,26) • Los verdaderos discípulos de Cristo serán objeto de odio (Mateo 24:9) • Predicación de las Buenas Nuevas del Reino por toda la Tierra (Mateo 24:14) • A que señalan estos acontecimientos (Lucas 21:31,32) Si usted ora la oración del Padrenuestro entonces cuando usted dice: “Venga tu Reino” usted le está pidiendo a Jehová Dios que Él traiga las condiciones óptimas para nosotros poder vivir y realmente ser felices. Pero, ¿cuáles serán esas bendiciones? • Se santificará el nombre de Jehová Dios y usted apoyará su soberanía al obedecerlo (Mateo 6:9,10). • Se pondrá fin a la gobernación de Satanás el diablo sobre el mundo y el será destruido por Jesús (Apocalipsis 20:2,3). • Se unificará a toda la creación en la adoración del único Dios verdadero (Apocalipsis 5:13; 15:3,4) • Librar a la humanidad de las amenazas de guerras (Salmo 46:8,9; Isaías 2:4). • Quitar de la Tierra a los gobernantes corruptos y la opresión (Salmo 72;12-14). • Suministrar alimento en abundancia para toda la humanidad (Salmo 72:16) • Eliminar toda clase de enfermedad e incapacidad física y mental (Lucas 7:22; 9:11). • Proveer hogares adecuados para todos (Isaías 65:21,22). • Asegurar que todos tengan trabajo satisfaciente (Isaías 65:23). • Garantizar la seguridad, librar de peligro a las personas y su propiedad (Salmo 37;10,11). • Hacer que reine la justicia y la rectitud (Isaías 11:3-5) • Proteger a la humanidad del daño de las fuerzas naturales (Marcos 4:37-41). • Resucitar a los muertos (Juan 5:28,29). • Eliminar toda muerte que se deba a la herencia del pecado adámico (Isaías 25:8; Apocalipsis 21:4). • Proveer un mundo en el cual los seres humanos se amen genuinamente (Juan 13:35). • Poner a los animales y los humanos en relación armoniosa entre si (Isaías 11:6-9). • Hacer de la Tierra un Paraíso (Lucas 23:43). ¿Le gustaría vivir en un mundo así? Yo sí lo deseo y por eso le escribo esta carta a usted. Los testigos de Jehová creemos firmemente, basándonos en la Santa Biblia, que el Reino de Dios ya está gobernando en los cielos mediante Jesús y que a nosotros nos corresponde mostrarle a Jehová Dios y a Jesús si realmente deseamos seguir viviendo en la Tierra bajo el justo gobierno de Jehová Dios haciendo Su voluntad. Si desea aprender más sobre como usted y su familia pueden acercarse a Jehová y poder disfrutar de la vida que realmente vale la pena puede visitar www.jw.org. Me gustaría enviarle la nueva publicación interactiva “Disfrute de la vida para siempre”. Salmo 22:26 dice: “Los que buscan a Jehová lo alabarán. Que ustedes vivan para siempre”. Puede solicitarlo de forma gratuita comunicándose al 939-267-3527. Esperaré su llamada. Muy buen día. Sandra L. Aquino
Pontius Pilate was a just man.
Toni Olson
I never thought of him as a man who cared about Consequence’s. He only cared about keeping the Jews under thumb. He however was unsure about the prophecy he heard about 30 year’s earlier. That’s why he washed his hands afterwards. He was saying, ” see God of the Jews, I gave them what they asked for. Don’t blame me.
Brian Winters
Mathew’s gospel was written probably before AD 50.
Timeline misses the mark in thinking that Pontius Pilate didn’t relish the situation. No better opportunity could have been thrown in his lap. This was an internal affair of the Jews, they wanted their own blood-borne king killed. Pontius had to make sure they never could blame Rome for it which would only foment more rebellion if they were later remorseful, or if factions of the Jews disagreed with this crowd here before Pilate. Just as Julius Caesar refused the crown thrice so that the people would be convinced it was their passion to placed him in power; Pontius gave the Jews every legitimate opportunity to save their king prolonging the judgement process, handing him over to Herod because the matter was out of his district, offering the choice to set a “murderer” free or this adjudged innocent man. He used every legal excuse not to have Roman hands on the summary execution of the Jew’s own monarch. He made clear to them that this was all their own idea and doing, that Rome was only serving in the role of executioner for them to placate their desires. Their insistence went so far as to swear loyalty to Rome and Caesar. Pontius comes out with an excellent report for Caesar. It was all win-win for him.
Siby Mathews
Weak or strong, and efficient, what Pilate did was illegal, and unjust judgment…
John Higgs
🤣. Why wasn’t there any Roman documentation of the supposed trial? The Romans documented everything. There are so many thing that just don’t add up about the whole story. I don’t think any of the details are true. There may have been a first century holy man named Jesus, but if the Romans or Jewish priests had him killed, he wasn’t important enough to mention and he would have been just one of dozens running around during that time.
Krystina Land
Can someone answer this question cuz I’m genuinely curious to as why the Jews weren’t able to legally kill Jesus but they could kill steven. I’m a believer, i was just wondering what the difference in authority was..
Seacock Nanny
It wasn’t up to him it was up to the crowd of ‘people’
they keep saying pilate is portrayed as weak, anyone who knows the Bible knows that they couldn’t be more wrong.
John and Judy Schuh
This does not look at “Acts,” which is Luke’s account of what happened between Christians and the Jewish rulers after the Resurrection. At Pentecost the Church boldly challenged Temple authority and announced their mission to spread the news about Jesus, The first half centers on Peter as he leads the challenge, which excites persecution. one of who most zealous advocates is the young pharisee Saul. He presides over the killing of the first martyr, Stephen, and becomes famous as an enemy of the Christians. Deputized by the High Priest, he undertakes mission to root out Christians in Damascus. Then, suddenly, he is converted to Christ, and with equal zeal becomes the most prominent missionary to the gentiles. Everywhere Christians meet opposition from the synagogues and is often put in danger of his life by their leaders. The Romans do not oppose the spread of the Word. the Jewish rulers do. We gain the impression of deep enmity between Jews and Jews. When around 50 AD Jews are expelled in large numbers from Rome, probably because of their quarrels, the Christians end up in exile in the east. We read all about this in the letters of Paul. What was his attitude toward the Jewish mainstream? Read what his Letter to the Romans says. No basis for antisemitism here. That lies in how the Jewish leaders treat the Christians. Paul returns to Jerusalem on pilgrimage and bearing funds from the foreign churches and is almost killed by the Jewish leaders. A Roman citizen, Paul, appeals to Rome. He is taken in what amounts to protective custody and is after several years taken to Rome where he probably was released for a time before being caught up the the horrors of Nero’s persecution. There he dies, not on the cross, but as a noble (Roman citizen) he by the ax. If the New Testament puts the blame on the Jews, it is not just the role of the Jews in the execution of Jesus, where they leave him to the tender mercies of the Brutal Pilate, but the animosity that Jewish leadership demonstrates toward Christians. Christianity begins as a Jewish movement but its character changes as Jews begin to be outnumbered by gentiles especially after the Jewish wars. After the destruction of the Temple, a place still attended by Christians until then, synagogue and church become separate places. Observance of the sabbath begins to cease and Christian observance of the first day becomes the norm, usually in private homes. The schism persists. Two versions of the Torah now contend, with the Gospel now being preferred by the gentiles to the narrower observances of most Jews. The animosity between the two becomes unrelenting. Both sects are quite populous and when Constantine seeks to unify his empire, and he needs a common faith to serve his House, he chooses the Christians. Jews, like pagans, suddenly find themselves on the outside. The quarrels between Christians produce a bigotry that extends to all others. Judaism remains more formidable than paganism. Now begins anti-semitism, or rather anti judaism.
Sergio Martinez
“Pontius Pilate the man who killed Christ”. No one killed Christ; Christ gave up his life on his own. John 10:17: Therefore my father loves me, because I lay down my life that I may take it again. 18: No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down. I have power to take it again. This command I have received from my father. Please stop spreading lies, there’s already enough confused people in the world.
wyatt roetcisoender
Pilatus: Well what did this Yeshua say about the Emperor? Jewish spy: (Holds up a coin) ‘Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.’ Pilatus: (shrugs) Understandable. Have a great day.
Brandilyn Kersey
Ok, this may sound dumb to someone i’m sure, BUT if those ppl hadn’t gone to have him crucified then he wouldn’t have died for our sins. Also, this while I don’t like you because of what your ancestors may or may not have done is beyond stupid. The only thing we should be doing is loving everyone whether we are loved back or not.
Dave Cooke
Pilate certainly didn’t want to kill Jesus. If you read Pirate’s writings he praises Jesus. Pilate met with Jesus a few days before and was amazed of him
Marina Zagrai
I am an atheist but believe everyone has a right to believe in anything just as I have my right. This is what humanity has been fighting over for 2 millennia…silly! I didn’t know that was the meaning of INRI…and the name was Pilate, not pronounced “Pilot” but as it appears or say Pontius.
“On Us, and On Our Children, His blood be”.
Ramiro Otiz
Everything happened just as GOD planed it, It was planned from the beginning that God would have his Son JESUS die for our Sins.
Puno A M
Remember Pilate washing his hands after the Jews made the choice? It wasnt Pilate’s orders.
xX Mo Al Qaim's Workshopツ Xx
The Gnostics: An archbishop asked the alien: Q: How about the other bibles written by the heretics? Note: He meant the Gnostics. Alien: Same thing, many stories were fabricated, but at least they got the most important thing right.” Archbishop: What do you mean? What did they get right? Alien: Let me give you a few examples that you can easily understand. a-The Gnostics said, Jesus is not divine; he is not the son of God, and, they got it right. b-They said that Jesus did not die on the cross, and, they got it right. c-The Gnostic said Jesus never came back from the dead, and they got it right. Jesus Christ according to the account of Anati. (on Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.) Regardless of whether you are going to believe or disbelief the account of Ambar Anati (A hybrid woman), or you are about to ridicule and mock this most extraordinary account based upon time-travel and rewinding time, I remain very confident that the information and revelations contained in Anati’s account will captivate your mind. But before you read any part of Anati’s account, remind yourself of what quantum physics’ contemporary scientists (Dr. Michio Kaku to name one), and the leaders of the parallel dimension and supersymmetry theories have said about the multiverse, and the “continuous existence” of people (Our Life) in other dimensions. You will never believe the story of Anati unless and until you revisit the Supersymetry and multiple dimensions’ theories as advanced by said quantum physics’ scientists. Anati in her own words: We, who live such short lives, make many historical mistakes, even when written records are available. Take, for instance, the issue of Jesus and the crucifixion. I was raised a Presbyterian, and my parents took me quite often to church. It had become a habit, and I never questioned or even thought about the Crucifixion. Well, imagine my surprise when Sinhar Marduchk told me that Jesus did not die on the cross! I hope I am not upsetting anyone, but the real story involves the existence of two tombs. Apparently, it was planned. Jesus Christ was given a rag soaked in vinegar and “Moukhadar” which caused deep anesthesia, and made him sleep.Later in the day he was indeed stabbed with a spear, but not fatally, and at sunset the soldiers assumed he was dead and took him down. His uncle Joseph of Arimatheawho had arranged the matter wrapped him with a shroud, and took him to a faraway cave (A second grave) to hide him and help him recover, but then two persons hired by his uncle took the bloody shroud and left it in the tomb everyone expected him to be in. He was never there, thus giving rise to the story of the resurrection. A few days later, Jesus was secretly taken to Phoenicia, where he partially recovered. His uncle Joseph of Arimathea put Jesus and his wife on a Phoenician boat that went to Cyprus. Eventually, they fled to Marseille, France, where they settled permanently and had children. Jesus worked in his profession, a handyman (he never really was a carpenter, this is a translation mistake), lived peacefully, and avoided all matters of religion for the rest of his life. His descendants lived in France, and some of them still exist. “Does that story bother you?” asked Sinhar Marduchk. “Not at all,” I said. “I am no longer a religious person, and I would much rather know the truth than live in ignorance.” Sinhar Marduchk smiled with appreciation. Apparently he liked to see that I kept an open mind. I must tell how I was later rewarded by being taught how to time travel, and thus be able to meet Mary Magdalene and Jesus in person. My first time travel; how I met Jesus and Mary Magdalene – who turned out very differently than expected.
Cesar Evangelista
“Talking about God’s Kingdom is a threat”? This observation and suggestion made in this video is questionable at best because Jesus was the King of Peace!
Martin Clarke
If it happened at all… which is quite unlikely.
some guy95
I would like to know also about Herod and why he was on thin ice with Rome. Also, it never ceases to amuse me that whites, and I’m one of them, say it’s unfair to blame us today for the cruelty suffered by black slaves, as it happened before our time, but still blame the Jews over Jesus death. He came as the sacrificial Lamb…”Behold THE LAMB OF GOD who takes away the SINS of the WORLD”.
Krissy Burt
Pilot knew who he was, he didn’t want to kill him that is why he offered up Barabas to the crowd. He thought surly the leaders would choose a evil man to go to the cross and not an innocent one. That is why he washed his hands of it. You say the gospels make him weak, you are wrong they make him out to be fair and just. Also I have never read anything in the gospels that would make me hate Jewish people. Jesus was Jewish, and he came here to die for our sins. He set up the circumstances for his own arrest and crucifixion. I wish these documentaries would actually get “experts” who actually have read the gospels and have some kind of understanding.
John Browne
Jesus came to earth to die on the cross for our sins. If he had been prevented there would be no hope of heaven for us.
Austin Saldanha
The documentary on the one hand tries to pass off the gospel accounts about Pilate as unbelievable and then conveniently uses the same gospels to support their view of Pilate as being a deviant politician. I’m not saying Pilate was a good man, no political leader ever has been. Power makes people do whatever it takes to maintain a certain level of decorum in their jurisdiction. That being said, Josephus confirms that Christ was crucified and that’s good enough for all Christians. Just like Judas Iscariot, Pilate had his role to play in the divine plan of salvation. But what I’m amazed at, is the way some of the experts in this documentary purposely stoke the angle of anti-Semitism using the gospels as a crutch. Very sad and biased!
Danny Morales
I urge you, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercessions and thanksgiving be made known to God. I Timothy 2:1
I question the historisity of Jesus, as there is ZERO extra-Biblical reference to this particular apocalyptic migrating Rabbi from any contemporary (at that time) sources. And the Romans are renowned for their record keeping, and their justice system is the basis for the same in modern USA.
Ego Valentin
Pilat:”sed lex, dura lex!” Jesus:” memento mori!”
Douglas Turner
“Romans were: “Pruriently fascinated by circumcision”? Strange theory that woman historian has. I wonder what her evidence is?
James Richard Wiley
My question: Why did Yahweh need to become human and have a bad weekend (crucifixion) in order to forgive mankind for the sins he knew they would commit against him before he made them? It’s pure nonsense. It’s far more likely that Yeshua (Jesus) was a wandering messianic preacher who talked to God, who believed the end of the world was imminent, that Satan was real, and that he was the son of the Hebrew god, Yahweh. His Resurrection had no witnesses, and (according to the narrative) he is presently in heaven reigning over the earth while theologians continue to argue over the facts of his death and resurrection with nonbelievers for more than two thousand years. I call that a failed mission.
In his book ‘Zealot’ Reza Aslan says that the Romans did mention a Christ in their records, but also that Pilate executed so many Jewish ‘rebels’ that he was actually recalled to Rome to explain himself. So, according to this book, which makes a number of good points, Pilate probably did not give Jesus a second thought as he signed his death warrant. But who really knows…
Just WOW!!! I wonder if the Jews made a mistake. If he was really their king???
Anthony Conino
So Pilate” had a close eye on him” , yet he had NO idea who Jesus was when they met? Sorry. Not buying it.
Julian Marsh
Josephus’ account of Jesus has been pretty much shown to have been entered by an unknown writer long after Josephus’ time. For the rest of it, records suggest the Pilate was a much different man than the way he is shown in the Bible.
Herod threatened Pilate with: You must crucify this man…you are no friend of CEASAR if you do not crucify this man!
Margaret Schultz
We killed him then and each time we slander ourselves and others – pilate tried to stop it – hence ‘sheep’
anthony kyei-barffour
Unreluctant to destroy kill him? Maybe. But weak? No.
Jack Kilmon
To your point, THIS is what got him killed. He was endangering the money flow as well as Pilatus himself if things got out of hand during Pesach/Passover, a feast that celebrated freedom with a hundred thousand Jews about, Pilatus had called in the Legio X Fretensis from Damascus as well as his auxiliaries. Any glimmer of an insurrection would be squashed immediately.  Caiaphas and his father-in-law went to Pilatus and they decided one man should die rather than thousands in Roman retribution.  You know the rest of the story , on April 1, 30 CE at 9 AM he was crucified by ROMANS on a ROMAN charge (insurrection) and condemned by a ROMAN prefect. Roman Italians, like those who would govern the Church after a few centuries, killed him, not the Jews. For about 1800 years the ROMAN church blamed the Jews. You know how that ended up
no. It was herod’s(a jewish king) men that killed jesus
Ace Carson
One of the truest documentaries I’ve seen in years. 👏
Froilan Vales
Imagine governing an area that is 95% of the population wanted you dead or dislike you so much..
Jesse Leibel
The Crucifixion of Christ was the greatest event of Human history! That is why we count the modern calendar from the year of his crucifixion and resurrection …. All the first Christians were Jews… Including of coarse Jesus. Thank you 🙏 Lord! Thank you Miss @ 32:46 for the comment about inter Jewish quarrels in the Gospels.
Tin Foil Hat S
Kill Christ? Christ is not his last name. And “the Christian church?” There’s only one? The Church of Rome and the Church of Luther is one church?
very enjoyable…..something to ponder
Zaraki Kenpachi
Where in the gospel does it hint at Pilate being weak? You guys know the Gospel was written by Jews right ?
I love watching documentary’s like this. No matter who anyone blames god had the story already laid out and everyone that was in it.
Ray Winsor
Jesus’ death by crucifixion was preordained from before the foundation of the world , as the Bible makes clear (acts 2: 23). What God has ordained in eternity past, men will carry out freely and willingly in time–and that was true for Pilate who when he turned Jesus over to the unruly mob to be crucified, was merely fulfilling Bible prophecy.
Renesmae Sherman
John the Baptist never said he was the MESSIAH! He showed the world JESUS!
Robin Basil
He gave up his life. Wicked hands killed him. Lamb of God. Yahusha
In answer to the question of “why he allowed It”, life was cheap then as it is today. Rome was against organized religion and biased against certain segments of the population Jews and Christians, the death of one more Jew was not even taken into consideration. It was done to appease the crowd and prevent a riot. The crowd wanted Jesus crucified. No argument from Jesus was going to change the outcome.
Andrew Bupp
What I find most annoying is that these “Historians” say they know what these historical figures were thinking. No they don’t. They weren’t there. They did not interview these historical figures.
Grip Van Wrinkled
…ok..so after so many many years of occupation..your telling me the Romans considered no work on the Sabbath as lazy? TWIT Britts…
Matt Bibb
It was more than likely a division tactic. It further divided christ’s followers with the Jews which insured a unified rebellion against Rome would have been less likely.
Timeline is a little bit like name-brand products (electronics, clothes, etc) They start out making high-end products, and after they have made a name for themselves, they start producing cheaper and cheaper goods, which deceives people into thinking they are getting top tier quality.
Tanseem Cheema
So it appears that the gospel needs to be corrected by us in this age
rudolf sanchez
a dream was considered a sign from god; romans were devout.
Actually he washed his hands of Jesus and left him to the people
American Misfit
I may be a fiend yet even I know that HE IS RISEN!!! Jesus Christ the Almighty, King of kings…
Phil Ryan
I love the chest hair of Jesus!
Dan A.
Remember that his predecessor killed/crucified hundreds but to no avail to quell the rebellion. As a New Governor you must change your ways as Diplomat rather than a soldier. The Gospel is a written account to disprove your contention.
A Jones
But The Great Creator was and did allow it .
Judy McArtor
We all crucified our Lord. Thank you Yeshua for grafting us into your plan of Salvation… where Gentiles wouldn’t have otherwise been. And Joseph was a Prince in his own right…. let alone Mary’s genealogy.
Henny Berends
A lot of inaccuracies. Some Interesting points
lyneth ramos
Amen forgive us oh lord our sins
Even after Christ was beaten/tortured and crucified Jesus asked his father in heaven to forgive them. “They know not what they do.”
Pontius Pilate was anything but a weak ruler. In fact, he had put down several rebellions and uprisings with such severity that Tiberious Caesar himself felt obligated to order him to back off the mass executions Pilate had ordered. The year before Jesus was crucified, he had ordered the crucifixions of over a hundred Jews in retaliation for the killing of several Roman soldiers. Tiberius had told him “The next blood that is shed will surely be your own.” Pilate was therefore mindful of this when dealing with Jesus. Roman law required that a crime worthy of execution by crucifixion to have been committed.. This is why when he was told by the Sanhedrin that they wanted Jesus crucified for blaspheming God, he told them “That is noting to me, take Him and try Him according to your own laws.” And when they told him Jesus had told the Jews not to pay the tax, and was trying to set Himself up as a king, this got his attention. No doubt he had been told that Jesus had told the Jews “Give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s” just two days before when He was teaching in the temple, so he knew it was a lie that Jesus had said not to pay the tax. And when he questioned Jesus about His kingdom, Jesus told him that His kingdom is not of the world, this was enough to convince him that the Sanhedrin were just plain jealous of Jesus and wanted to just get rid of Him, and he was determined at first not to play along with their little plot. And he was very glad to try and get rid of Jesus by sending Him to Herod Antipas and let it be his problem. Butr when Herod sent Jesus back to him, Pilate knew that like it or not, he was going to have to deal with Him. It was his intention to judge Jesus as not being worthy of execution and release Him, but the crowd gathered and at the urging of the Sanhedrin, demanded that Jesus be crucified. Pilate even tried to use one of their customs of releasing a single prisoner during Passover, and thoguht that by making them choose between Jesus and a hardened murderer like Barrabas, they would choose Jesus, but they did not. And such was their insistence, and seeing that there was no way for Pilate to control the crowd, short of turning his soldiers loose on them, which would result in the kind of bloodshed that Tiberius had forbidden him to inflict, felt that he had to give in and let them have their way. And so he released Barrabas and ordered Jesus crucified, even though He had not been convicted under Roman law of a crime. But Pilate had one last stab at the Sanhedrin who had maneuvered him into doing this. He ordered a titulus made and specifically had it read in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin “Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews” knowing it was a direct slap in the face to the Jews, and it so angered the Sanhedrin, but as Pilate told them “what I have written, I have written.”
mario gonzalez
Tim Trewyn
Perhaps Pilate briefly saw an opportunity to weaken the Sanhedrin’s influence. Perhaps he saw that either course of action would serve his interests. He was accustomed to seeing pros and cons in any situation. Jesus’ words gave Pilate some cause to favor a growing Christian movement that would significantly defund classical Judaism. Christianity had prospects of being a multi-ethnic faith that could improve unity in the empire. Jesus might accomplish that as either living leader or martyr in Pilate’s evaluation. He washed his hands to show the Sanhedrin that the crucifixion was as much on them as he could make it in order to weaken their public position and strengthen his. Rome wanted to gather more people to its empire to strengthen it. Rome did not exclude Jews from that opportunity outright. The Sanhedrin was a driver of ethnic fidelity and even hostility. It is an error to assign the acts of a particular controlling segment of a Sanhedrin to all Jewry. To do such is to act as badly as that controlling segment. We can get that right without having our conscience overworked. Any minority will have more multi-cultural experience than the majority it lives within. That is a risk in any multi-cultural nation.
Ian Kirk
Thank you for an excellent documentary. The Gospel accounts never portrayed Pilate as “weak”. But clever and efficient in his role as a Governor. As a result of Jesus’ trial he strengthened his authority over the Jews and mended a strained relationship between himself and Herod. He also literally washed his hands of taking an responsibility of condemning Jesus to death. ‘”When Pilate saw that he could not prevail at all, but rather that a tumult was rising, he took water and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, “I am innocent of the blood of this just Person. You see to it.”'(Matthew 27:24) But Pilate himself will also be judged by Jesus. (Romans 14:11,12)
Charles Maximus
Love the redundant over emphasis in the title. I’d sure be interested to see the “early life” section of the director of this little piece. Our Lord Jesus Christ already identified the person, or, rather, the people, responsible for His crucifixion in John 8:44. They are the same people who rejected Him and continue to still reject Him to this very day. Saint Paul confirms this in 1 Thessalonians 2:14-15. Nice try, Schlomo.
Richard Harrison
A good documentary, But… there is an assumption that much that appears in the Gospels actually happened. If Jesus really had gone into the temple and kicked up a fuss about the money changing etc he would have, at best, been thrown out after being beaten up, or at worst, lynched. Moreover, the depiction of Pilate as a sympathetic character, and the Jews being responsible for Jesus’ death, only gains traction after the council of Nicaea, when Constantine was trying to sell Christianity to the Roman people, and when he had a Jewish revolt of his own to deal with.
Met Axa
Beautiful plane Great information
Alana Adams
All of the Roman Rulers were ruthless…..how do think they controlled the people?
Josephus didn’t record “what took place” but what he heard from others about the new Christian sect. There’s no contemporary account of what’s in the Bible related to Jesus and many other things.
Art Munoz
I herd someone ones pray to “saint Pilate ” for some reason they bolived he was a saint and does miracles or favors when pray to, this is one of the seasons I left religion , am atheist now .
Adorable Deplorable
Pilate did not kill Jesus …… the Pharisees did .
It is against Moses Laws to hold night court in Jerusalem. The chief priest broke the laws of Moses and should have been crucified for his cowardly life of kissing the Romans hind end!
John Lageman
Pontius Pilate did not allow anything. It was in God’s plan.
Eric Umbe
Very nice good detail history of JESUS.
William M
The exchanging of one prisoner’s freedom, for another’s guilt is not a Jewish tradition.
Jesus was technically inviting the wrath up on himself by tearing the Jews apart on their own scriptures (old Testament). Jewish scholars were all rebuffed every time in their own den (inside temple premises). Pilot enjoyed this but Jesus was never in a mood to take the responsibility to administer the Jews. Had he, Pilot would have dethroned Herod instantly and gave the reigns to Jesus. But since Jesus wasn’t interested to rule, he was of no use to Pilot and Romans
Carlos Chavez
But who controlled who… Nests was FULFILLING the narrative as per the ancient prophets. Jesus saw his death as mandatory per the scriptures. In order to rule heaven you must ransom mankind. All else fulfilled the prophecy whether they liked it or not. But here is the tough question now: Do we have free will or ade we predestined. Do we create an arc put of our own doing and doom ourselves. Or do the stars point out our personalities where our foibles get the better of ourselves. This is a tough philosophical question.
Elijah-Kimmarie Washington
As Jesus said that the scriptures may be fulfilled. That the salvation plan of God was completed. The Lord allowed this to happen.
Mr chucho
The Gospels never say or indicate that pilot was weak,
gladysglad orlino
For the Godly reason its part of Father Yahweh King Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s plan to save humanity from sin. To a historical student it is due to the urging of the Pharisees to crucify King Jesus because of His radical but rightly ways of helping the sick and downtrodden members of the society. Pilate was pressured to choose King Jesus to be crucified rather than Barabas.
Audrey Garcia
Speak for yourselves interviewees…I never thought of Pilate as weak from reading the gospels. Why did they omit that Pilate even said he found no fault in Jesus?
History is his story..one man’s account ..
Raymond Eaton
Jesus’s execution was the will of God. Pontius Pilate was just a piece on the chess board.
Gail lens
Pilot was a provocative governor, he was looking for wealth among the Jewish population and was disappointed so intrigue and conspiracy ruled his thinking,he was a Roman barbarian.
Jonathan Anderson
There are two ways to resolve the paradox that a brutal Roman governor would hesitate to deliver justice to an uneducated, homeless, heretical teacher. An alternative to Pilate acting below his stature is the possibility that he was overwhelmed by the stature of Jesus in a way that we are not recognizing. It’s rare, perhaps unheard of that a genuinely innocent man stands speechless before his judge and accusers. The counter-intuitive, dumbfounding, dare I say God-like behavior of Jesus conveyed through silence and words leaves Pilate unable to dismiss the possibility that the very son of God stands before him. Consider Rod Setiger’s brilliant portrayal of Pilate as the characters mood evolves from annoyance to curiosity to intrigue and ultimately to reverent fear. From this state of mind, Pilate’s actions to disassociate himself from the accused are perfectly reasonable and the paradox vanishes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MT7ibJYw5Pc#t=39m32s (23 minutes) or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MT7ibJYw5Pc#t=50m29s (10 minutes). He who has ears, let him hear.
Eric Jay Federizo
Christ was destined to be crucified to save us from our sins That’s why the gospel was written and the real purpose is to spread the good news and word of Gôd. as jesus said “this is why l was born, this why l came into the world. To testify the truth.” All was destined to be happen which i was thinking not to be blame anyone in this story. The only purpose of Jesus gospel is to love Gôd and others.
Pierre Groussac
This video makes the point that Pilate was a tough and efficient administrator, and not the vacillating and indecisive guy portrayed in the NT. Funny, but I don’t see anything in the NT that portrays any view of Pilate other than that of an extremely competent manipulator of political theater. No question that throughout time people have blamed the Jews for the death of Christ, but these are people who don’t read the Bible, or just read it see what they want to see. Kind of like the people at Timeline…
Carlos Chavez
In the end. Jesus is remembered. Josephus is but a footnote in history.
Peter Sinclair
True, the Jews were defeated by the Assyrians, the Babylonians and the Persians, before Rome. If I recall correctly the Persians were accommodating and allowed the building of the Second Temple? Modern archeological investigation doesn’t support mass mistreatment or exodus of the Israelites from Ancient Egypt. If the Egyptians erased the Exodus history, the Ancient Greeks would still have retained a record. If Rameses II, he lived into his nineties and was much celebrated and his building projects attracted immigrates, who were paid and had work breaks. Militarily, the Egyptians would have been more concerned with the Nubians and the Hittites. Suspect, the Israelites would barely register as a concern. Incidentally, if a band of Israelites settled in Canaan, please note, Canaan was still apart of Egypt. The idea of a Jew before a powerful leader is likely a literary devise, Joseph and Moses before Pharaohs and Jesus before Herod and Pilate, the Prefect of Judea. Only the latter appears feasible.
1. Pilate is not shown as weak in the Gospels. Matthew 27 says it was the elders and priests who were plotting against Jesus and Pilate stood up to them saying that they did not have any proof to warrant killing Jesus. Plus Pilate gave the order to write King of the Jews above Jesus’ head to p2$$ them off. Doesn’t sound weak to me. Obviously, Jesus’ and Pilate’s conversation DID mesh, because Pilate tells the Jews that he finds no fault with Him. And he refused to change it even telling them..”What I have written I have written”…basically Get over it. (John 19:22) 2. Jesus was never “whipping up the crowds” in Jerusalem, Luke 20:25: Jesus says “render to Caesar what is Caesar’s’. Telling people to evade paying taxes would have been a good way to rebel…so NOT. 3. Even when Peter cut off the Roman soldier’s ear Jesus stopped him because he did not want them to act violently. People also forget Pilate says “I am innocent of the blood of this “righteous man”. Do as you please. The Jews declare let His blood be on us and our children. (Matt: 27:24).They get Roman soldiers to take Him out and crucify Him. The PRODUCERS left that part out. 4. The GOSPELS do not condemn all Jews for all times: Joseph, Mary His Mother, Nicodemus, Joseph of Arimathea, the Apostles, and most of His followers etc., were all Jews. Jesus’ life was about distinguishing between right and wrong and between good and evil. Not Christian vs Jew. Sounds like some of these scholars prefer the gospel of Josephus (who, by the way was of the wealthy Jewish aristocracy, and even Josephus admits Jesus followers were not deterred). Finally, Jesus rose from the dead, Josephus and Pilate? (Not!)
Anthon Deutsch
If we are honest, both Jews and Pontius Pilate had ahaand in te death of Jesus. To ignore the Guilt of one Or the other is just based on politics. For example on the Jewish side they are trying to avoid responsibility because of the backlash it has caused historically That doesn’t change the facts, that BOTH SIDES WERE INVOLVED AND WANTED JESUS DEAD FOR DIFFERENT REASONS, Plateau knew Jesus was innocent and thought of his political career and self preservation instead of his morality, not unusual for a politician.
Bonita Rothman
The entire interpretation of the idea of King is bogus. Neither the priests nor the Jews would have accepted this idea since Jews recognize no King but God alone. Pilate doesn’t understand this any more than he understood the conversation he may have had with Jesus beforehand. Pilate and the Jews speak a different symbolic language. It isn’t clear that those who wrote this episode understood that any better than Pilate..
Swapnil Ingawale
Matthew 27:24 ESV So when Pilate saw that he was gaining nothing, but rather that a riot was beginning, he took water and washed his hands before the crowd, saying, “I am innocent of this man’s blood; see to it yourselves.”
Adam Cadovius
It wasn’t the Romans or the Jews. “Yet it was the will of the Lord to crush him; he has put him to grief; when his soul makes an offering for guilt, he shall see his offspring; he shall prolong his days; the will of the Lord shall prosper in his hand.” ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭53:10‬ ‭ESV‬‬
Brint Smith
A little news flash for the makers of this vid. At 2:15 “the man who killed Christ” Christ was not killed, he made a public spectacle of himself being “killed” at the hands of the romans who were just pawns in his plan. The creator of the Universe cannot be killed by a bunch of leather wearing, sword wielding, idol worshiping, slave owning jerks. The symbol of the cross was established in the process, and his resurrection to his Apostles was proof enough for them to go and spread the Gospel
lion Den
Wow, I just learned my Catholic upbringing misinformed me…in school I was taught “AD” meant ‘after death’…now I learn it is ‘after birth’ of Jesus. Thank you!  I very much like TIMELINE. BTW: Any thinking christian realizes that Pilate was not weak, but closer to what this documentary suggests. However, what I really want to know is who/what/where did this gospel of “Joseffus (?)” come from, and where can it be found?! No references are given.
Aurel Tudor
We are, now, judging Pilate in the terms of the practice of Christianity for two thousand years. Man had no way of knowing, then, how far Christianity would go. He judged in the interests of the state he served. We could also speak differently about Pilate: if his action had succeeded in stopping the spread of Christianity, perhaps humanity would have escaped the crimes that took place in the name of this religion. So he could have been a hero. That would be the reality. It’s harder with fiction.
William Sorrells
We are all guilty! His death freed us all who accept Him! He is alive! The Bible. Revelation. Rapture. Tribulation. He’s coming. Be ready. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. Amen.
Cesar Evangelista
When Jesus spoke about the coming of the Kingdom of God did he mean to disrupt the political configuration between the Jews and the Romans? I disagree. The Kingdom of God was meant to establish a spiritual relationship between believers and God which do not necessarily concern earthly politics.
John O'Kane
Interestingly Pilate in his report to the Emperor stated that there was an earthquake & many dead people were seen alive in Jerusalem & that Christ was seen by his followers after 3 days. Even the Jewish historian Josephus says that Jesus rose from the dead & was seen by many people.
Nancy M
Pilate was more afraid of caesar than God…. simple as that. He desperately wanted to release him but ….. his head was on the line .
Willem Pasterkamp
Why did Lucius Anneus Seneca allow the sacrifying of Nero Princeps ?
39:09 Pin·ter·esque (…the dialogue between Pilate and Jesus) /ˌpin(t)əˈresk/ adjective: Pinteresque resembling or characteristic of the works of the English playwright Harold Pinter, in particular by having a sense of menace and featuring dialogue marked by many pauses. “the charged Pinteresque pause before the big question”
the most intriguing comment was, “Jesus declared himself King of the Jews and started forgiving people in the street. The present day equivalent would be to have someone hand out passports and driving licenses to people in the street,” as a commensurate challenge to authority
Sut Takova
How did Tyron get into the ranks of the Roman soldiers?
Maxwell Bernard
Pontius Pilate was a coward , he had power and authority to free Christ but he gave in to pressures
richard segura
Jay Terry
He had no choice. GOD provided HIMSELF a sacrifice.
Maggie tinsley
These “scholars” have not studied the scriptures. Let’s begin with who Jesus claimed to be- he claimed to be God.and not all the priests were chummy with Pilate!
Jesus was never crucified..but he was saved ..
Jerry Pfaff
Pilate didn’t allow it. JESUS allowed it
If the Word of God says this is the way it happened then that’s the way it happened, “anti-Semitic Christians” are not real followers of Christ and never were. Isaiah 53:10 NKJV – Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise Him; He has put Him to grief. When You make His soul an offering for sin, He shall see His seed, He shall prolong His days, And the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in His hand.
Kas Jenkins
Who was the Samarian messiah that he executed after jesus ? And why no name given ? And no record on the Internet??
Walter Johnson
At 23:50 . . . “As far as we can tell, Jesus’ attitude towards the Temple . . . but that now it was being made redundant and, as a sign of that redundancy, the present corruption of the priests and their eagerness for money . . .” Does that remind you of certain well-known “men of God” in the present day?
Patrick Kirby
Because the author wanted the character to do it.
M A F 68
Great peace of fiction
Who should have the greater guilt for the murder of Jesus, an innocent man? Jesus answered this in his conversation with Pontius Pilate: __________________
“Pilate said to them: “Take him yourselves [the Jews] and execute him, for I do not find any fault in him.” The Jews answered him: “We have a law, and according to the law he ought to die, because he made himself God’s son.” When Pilate heard what they were saying, he became even more fearful, and he entered the governor’s residence again and said to Jesus: “Where are you from?” But Jesus gave him no answer. So Pilate said to him: “Are you refusing to speak to me? Do you not know that I have authority to release you and I have authority to execute you?” Jesus answered him: “You would have no authority over me at all unless it had been granted to you from above. This is why the man who handed me over to you has greater sin.”
So Jesus made it plain that the major guilt did NOT lie with Pontius Pilate, it was indeed the Jews. For those later to use this as an excuse for antisemitism, may I point out that Jesus was a Jew, his Apostles were Jewish. Later they turned to the Gentiles, something that went against the grain of the Jewish establishment, to the Christian Jews were more open-minded than the Jewish establishment. There is nothing in the Bible that can be used as an excuse for antisemitism, indeed quite the opposite. Paul said he was still proud to be a Jew, but wanted to share what he as a Jew had with others. No doubt that this attitude was shared by the other Apostles whom Jesus had told that he would send them to the entire world “for a witness.”
Bearded Roofer
Not for nothing, and I know Rome eventually converted, but it’s been over 2000yrs and throughout all this time not a single rabbi has apologized for murdering Yeshua.
outside of biblical references…what other sources are there for this christ figure?
Melaine Nyuyfoni Nsaikila
At least provide the names of the individuals / scholars brought in for perspective.
Lets Go Brandon!
Weird, I’ve never gotten the impression reading the Gospels that Pilot was weak. Just that he was pragmatic. Also remember Pilot’s wife, Pilot didn’t wash his hands of the matter because he was weak, but because his wife sent him word to do so because of an awful dream she had about Jesus. Pilot took that as an omen and didn’t want anything to do with the matter. His cunning calculation was simple, it’s better for one man to die than waste resources trying to quell the rebellion at hand, and to boot, it would give him favor with the Jews, which would likely make things easier in the future in his estimation – and it would give any future “toublemakers” pause knowing what happened to Jesus could happen to them. It wasn’t a weak move, it was a cunning calculated move and his washing his hands of the matter was due to his piety and superstition.
Mike D
Alright, that’s enough scriptural ignorance to fill an ocean. The Jews didn’t kill Jesus. Neither did Pontius Pilate. Humanity killed Jesus, but it was Jesus who laid down His life in obedience to God the father. It’s been the plan since the very beginning of the fall of man. Whoever uses this to cast blame on people are demonstrating their incredible ignorance of the Gospels and prophecy.
“His blood be on us and on our children” — The protected
Considering Jesus popularity as a healer of the poor no one could come to condemn. Priests formed a paid crowd just to condemn him in front of Pilate.
josephine acolicol
It happens because God allowed Jesus to be crussified . It’s not about Pilate it’s all about JESUS & his sole purpose to be the SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD!!! After his death He had conquered the world. His battle is SPIRITUAL NOT PHYSICAL
John the Baptist was not a messiah. He even said he wasn’t. He said he came before to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah.
Dennis Doolittle
Luke 23:34a (ESV) 34 And Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Somebody left this out.
Millie G.
Awesome story , but a brutal time indeed. Great “Timeline” story, I’ll be back.
TR Hendricks
Being an official in the Roman State – under Tiberius – was as hot a seat as the Iron Throne was when Drogon “breathed” on it.
Maggie tinsley
Pilate knew Jesus was innocent- he wanted to kill Barabbas instead and tried over and over again to get the people to agree with him. But the people insist on killing Jesus, an innocent and Pilate acquiesced. That is weakness.
Fried salmons
The best doc on the subject imo
Tim Miron
We all are guilty of this because of our sinful nature our Father in heaven so loved us that he gave us his only son that we shouldn’t perish but have everlasting life
How many 1st century Jews would be able to decipher the Latin acronym for Joshua the Nazarene, King of Judea (INRI)?
Ronald Boyd
Pilote probably never gave it a thought. Jesus would not have got a trial, he’s not a Roman. He would have been simply killed in an arena
King Page
Random red haired lady “the gospel writers were jews” lol…..no, Luke was a greek. Shows how little the authors of this doc really know about this whole thing
andree hammerschmidt
This would be all good entertainment if they would label it history. Take it as what it really is , just a movie.
matt mcchesney
They are responsible. Demanding the brutal killing of peaceful man. Releasing the killer Barabas instead of the Lord. The Romans were guilty, but they were also dealing with riots non stop. To them the life of the Messiah wasn’t worth the headache. Yet, they did try several times to release Jesus
Why on earth WOULDN”T Pilate have permitted the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth? He was not a Roman citizen, and it would be an extremely simple and easy way of appeasing the Jewish elders without so much as lifting a finger.
Walker Texas
Pilate must of spoken several languages.
Roger Cain
I believe the WRITERS of the gospel early on, 40 AD, had access to not only EYE WITNESSES to Jesus, but WRITTEN sources, as did Josephus, that have CRUMBLED into dust by now. Certainly MORE reliable than scholars of RECENT times with NOTHING to go on but copies of copies.
Pilate wanted Jesus to be executed. Jesus was a risk to his political asperations. The verdict states it very clear. Jesus was seen as the Jewish king.
david welch
Do you think humans will still believe in our current religions 3000 years from now? I think people in the future will think of us the same way we think of ancient people.
Paul DeCamp
There’s so much wrong with the theological and historical interpretations of the Gospels that I wouldn’t know where to begin, other than to say don’t get your theology from the BBC., I’m just glad we have a separation of state and church (somewhat) here in the U.S.
Elizabeth Shaw
When the Messiah did come they refused to believe it and Jews feel the same way and believe the same way today unless they are Messianic Jews.
Tony Johnson
If they had a good spy network Pilot would have known of Jesus’s miracles .
Diana Wolf
Power struggle between Pilate and Jesus
Scripture says Christ came and died first for The Jews then for The Gentiles but The Jews received him not.
Wally G
Jesus was a Jew and so where all his disciples. I have been a follower of Christ for 40 years and have studied and listened to a lot of Christian teaching on radio. I have never heard or read any contemporary Christian teachers teaching antisemitism. The mainstream teachers teach, as does the New Testament, that many of the “religious pharisees, priest, scribes, and sadducees” were strongly against Jesus of Nazareth’s teaching. They wanted him stopped and ultimately killed. He was crucified at the order of Pontius Pilate. However many other Jews followed Jesus. The vast majority of todays Christian teaching in American is in strong support of the Jewish people and their Country. If you want to cast the idea of current antisemitic teaching from people at the start of this video, you can find it in leaders like Louis Farrakhan and other Muslim teachers. More and more you see a bias in America and other nations against Israel in politics. In America today the conservative christian church is in full support of Isreal and recognizes them as still being “God’s chosen people”. Genesis 12:3 “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee”
Stefan Paul
The JEWS said: “we have no King but CAESAR” …but where was HEROD The actual King of the time ? 🤣🤣🤣
Ramona Thon
The earth quake was so great that they had to rebuild the entire city and the sun stayed dark.
Mike Dickison
Pilate didn’t kill Christ. This is a lie, or maybe a misdirection. I killed HIM. You killed HIM. WE KILLED HIM with our sin. HE hung there for a sacrifice to make our rebellion against God’s holiness. Pilate was only another sinner like so many others.
Obsidian Dwarf
April 29th 2019. ‘Who was Pontius Pilate: The man who killed Jesus? April 3rd 2021 ‘Why did Pontius Pilate allow the killing of Christ? Two videos, same consultants, two conflicting views about Pilate. (And shouldn’t it more properly be Pilatus (Pontius–Pon tee us Pill art uss)? The root of the cognomen Pilatus would seem to be in Pilum (pee lum) a Roman throwing spear, so his nickname (Pilatus) would appear to mean something like ”Thrower (or holder) of spears’.
Daniel Meegan
Pilots wife knew who Christ is & it greived pilot casious walked with pilot many nights. Haunting them even now
Azariah Israel
Pilate didn’t kill Christ. The brood of vipers did it: The House of Esau. “Pilate saith unto them, What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ? They all say unto him, Let him be crucified. And the governor said, Why, what evil hath he done? But they cried out the more, saying, Let him be crucified. When Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult was made, he took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just person: see ye to it. Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children. Matthew 27:22‭-‬25 KJV
DB Cisco
Might as well ask, Why did Bilbo spare Gollum’s life ?
To be fair to Pilate, did he even know who Jesus was, or who he was going to be, or rather, who people think he is now?
Rick Ricky
The Romans didn’t kill Jesus, the Jews did. Pilate tried to save Him many times, His wife Claudia Procula was Jesus’ follower and warned her husband of condemning Him. 150 Roman soldiers believed in Jesus at Golgotha including Longinus the Centurian. The Romans killed Jesus is not an accurate accusation.
Greg Wiens
I am a Christian. I don’t blame the Jews, I blame my own sin. I also would have been one of the crowd demanding Jesus’s death.
Terri A.
Happy Easter everyone. God bless!
Camillius P Rozario
Jesus was a Nazarite who kept their hair and beard from razor.That was the law of Moses from God.
Pilate was a good man he could not agree in his heart with the priests that Jesus was evil . That’s why he weashedvoff his hands . The deification of Jesus due to his good deeds and his definition of God beingore convincing than a costing thoughtsv was natural reaction ordrdinary humans . The relation between man /god he demonstrated was dwaitic with bhakti at highest and love at ordinary
John Snow Kumar
Jesus made the governor look weak, by not disputing the charges against Jesus. By not pleading innocent or guilty, he ended up accepting the charges. This is why today we have lawyers, unlike 2000 years ago.
Zach Nora
How do you people make a doc about a person whose existence hasn’t been historically verified? If someone can show me historical evidence of Christ’s existence without mentioning the Bible I’d be really interested. Other than that this doc isn’t a historical documentary but a religious one
Dennis Huffman
“God is an invisible spirit that cannot be seen by human eyes”. – Jesus Christ to Pontius Pilate. You are human so figure it out yourself.
Jesus was God if he wanted to stop this at anytime he could have- this was his plan to redeem us from sin.
whiskey builder
“Free Barabass” – the concensus of about 81 million voters. The most votes ever!
Ryan Ehlis
Jesus is the lamb of God who took away the sins of the world.
Ray Davison
According to xtian dogma, God sent Jesus to serve as a sacrifice. Pilate, Judas & the Sanhedrin were doing God’s will.
Danilo Millendez
Sir, you are very wrong. It was not Pontius Pilatus who killed the messiah, but it was the Roman soldiers! The Jewish high priests like Hananyah and Kayafah were the mastermind and architect in his death thru the “shouting of crucifixion” of some of the unbelievers Israelites. The cause of his death was not about political but ecclesiastical one, the High Priests disapprove when 5he messiah claimed that he was the Son of YHVH Elohim for they believe, he was just only an ordinary man, (John 10:33-36). There was a “law’ In Lev.14:16 that anyone who blaspheme the holy name YHVH will be put to death, and thats the real reason for his crucifixion. His crime committed is ‘blasphemy’, they say. His real name is YAHSHUA in Jerusalem, Israel (Luke 24:47/Acts 4:5-12/Acts 26:14,15) and not JESUS, an English name. He never heard himself called Jesus by his apostles, friends, relatives, family during his ministry in ancient Israel. Yes, its true he was the king of the jews but his kingdom was not of this world, for if he had then his followers would have attack the Roman government as Israel was then under the political Roman regime.
Ray Hannum
Pilate sent Jesus to be crucified because it was pre ordained by God to happen. Which made way for forgiveness of sins and many made righteous.
Eliza van Rensburg
Very interesting, I don’t think I ever saw Pilate as weak, but what I know is this, that Pilate was an instrument in the hand of God. Everything that happened that day was the will of God. And even the release of Barabbas was actually very symbolic. The name Barabbas means son of the father, and he was released from prison instead of Jesus Christ, and that is what we are. We were release from our prison of sin when Jesus Christ died on that cross.
As a Muslim,we believe that Jesus Christ peace and bless be upon him,Never die.and he will came back.
Jan Sandman
the lady here says pilate was probably a military man, probably served in gaul. well here’s a news flash for you lady, almost all roman politicians and administrators served in the army because its their stepping stone for a good career. even the great Cicero was in the army during the Caesar – Pompey wars.
G. T. Otto
So . They have used the new testament as a major authority as to what happened, except the part where Jesus was crucified at the behest of Jewish leadership.
If a modern Christian still holds anger towards modern Jews for their ancestors killing of Christ, they need to repent for their gross sin of not forgiving their neighbor. Also, I don’t know why this program insists that Pilate is depicted as weak in the New Testament. I see his appeal to the crowds not as weakness, but as a shrewd move with two beneficial outcomes for Pilate. First, it was a political move to appease the Jewish priests, and second, to throw the blame for Christ’s death back on those priests in the eyes of the Jewish people so as to keep the blame off of the Romans. I highly recommend y’all go and watch The Chosen. It’s a fantastic telling of the story of Jesus Christ, and really makes Him personable.
Gilbert Lugo
Why do they keep saying that Pontius Pilate killed Jesus! when he did not, it was the Jews who killed Jesus, Pilate try to release him. but the Jews kept saying ” crucified him. Now know the truth, about what is truth.
George Greenberg
Did you know that later Pilate was recalled to Rome and executed
Treasa Samuel
The sacrifice of an anointed One – the Holy and righteous man Christ is willed by God for the atonement of sins. It was a final act of sacrifice and put an end to the sacrifices of animals and birds and even own children by Jews for atonement of their sins – also the people of the whole World practiced sacrifices of animals, birds and humans. By the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Christ, h8s teachings changed the World- changed people from barbarians to cultured people after the spread of Christianity. I believe God willed to sacrifice Jesus- the sinless lamb of God to take away humans sins. If we confess our sins in the name of Christ, and accept that Jesus laid down his life as a final sacrifice for the atonement. Those believe it attain peace, prosperity and heavenly bliss in this World and attain salvation of souls. Jesus- guide people in your righteous path I love you Jesus.
Solon Kazos
The Gospels were written by three Jews and one Greek. Luke was Greek. Christians who read the Bible know It was the sin of all man that puts Jesus on the cross. The Romans and Jewish priests played a role, but our sin is why Jesus died for us who believe in Him. These historians don’t understand salvation, and they don’t know the prophecies.
Aster Sangley
Is christ a historical person? Is christ the son of Joseph? Is christ the son of God ?
Margaret louise
Newsflash: the Gospels weren’t “written by Jews.” They in fact referred to “the Jews” as though they were “other.'” The Gospels were written by later Christians based on oral traditions and the disparate writings circulating. And to Pilate, Jesus was simply another method to tell the Jews, “Behold, resistance is futile and this is the result of it.” I’m not sure justice was the issue at all.
Jerusalem judea sumaria the galillee were not a rock strewn desert as pictured in your video… the whole land was lush green, Jerusalem was surrounded by dense forests all throughout ancient times…
Just take on history is blasphemous on multiple levels
Nicole Prosser
“let his blood be on us and our children!” Matthew 27:25. I love these “documentaries” that attempt to cloud the history of who demanded and who was responsible for the death of Yahshua. The Jews were going to riot if Pilate didn’t hand Yahshua over for death. Christ was a threat to the Jewish religious leadership. He exposed them and they killed him for it. This is all according to the Gospels. And these occurrences were also prophesied in the Old Testament.
John Takolander
You forgot that the ancient Roman empire and other countries were multireligious in those days. And to keep peace between the different religions they had an universal law: The worst crime, punishable by crucifiction was using violence in a place of worship. This was what Jesus did when he drove out the moneychangers with a whip from the temple of Jerusalem. Herodotus gives an example for this.
Lost me on this one. I thought it was about history.
Looking forward to see next documentary.. ” Why the Jews wanted jesus dead”
Mohamed Farook
Gospel is the truth. Why make a documentary to challenge it???
Dennis Huffman
How do you conquer a people and civilization with an invisible God?
Tim Anderson
This video has a lot to do with perspective. The Roman perspective and power of the Roman Pilate. There is nothing about the perspective of the divinity of Jesus. I disagree with the comments about the biblical view of Pilate. Josephus has been proven to not exactly get history correct. Just like today’s history books and archeological research has rewritten these history books. I do own the works of Flavius Josephus. Note that Josephus was a secular historian whereas the Bible is religious history. One is not to be discredited because of the other.
Taylor Webb
i beleaves pilate is siting in heaven right now.
Robert C
The theory in this documentary isn’t far fetched at all, in fact it’s very believable. Rome didn’t tolerate weak governors; such men were often ordered to commit suicide. All sources say Pilate was Governor of Judaea for at least 10 years. Only a strong willed man willing to be ruthless could’ve served as a Roman Governor for that long, especially in such a volatile province as Judaea was. And it’s true that both Pilate and the Jewish Priests had motive for Jesus’ death. Pilate because he can quell an uprising before it begins and the Priests because Jesus was siphoning away their followers. A well made documentary.
Mike Thomas
Plot had no control over Christ death he couldn’t let Christ go if he wanted too for it was ordained in the havens that Christ must die for the sins of nation of Israel for they was under the blood oath they took under the hands of Moses . Christ him self couldn’t change the father will , and Christ being the sacrifice for Israel was God will period . When the most high says something his words don’t come back vold. So nobody could stop what the most high said will happen.
Roger Olson
The killers of Jesus. All who have sinned. Me.
Jahmark X
There is no other proof other than the bible . WHAT A STORY .
Teacher Martin
Another apologetic discourse about those who sentenced Jesus to grotesque death without cause. 😶
Vishnu Galbaransingh
Romans kept records . An event such as the crucifiction of the Hebrew Messiah would surely have been important.No record. Jesus ,the son of god, is a Greek concoxion by Paul of Tarsus and others to counter Hebrew influence and destroy it by including pagans(gentiles).
Rudy romero
No man takes my life l lay my life for you.
Felixstowe Foam Forge
Whoops, a video about someone who gets mentioned in the bible….Time for all the “Yeah but the Gospels say…” comments to come out. Like they’re historically accurate in any way. Look, it’s very simple; a man claiming descent from the ruling house of Israel rids into it’s traditional capitol city to the acclamation of a crowd shouting “hail to the king”. REMEMBER, this is a land occupied by the Romans. The same man then starts a riot in the Temple. What does anyone expect the occupying Roman authorities to do? Just go “oh, yeah, here’s your country back”? Get real. When the romans put up a titulus on the cross saying “Here Is the King of the Jews”, that’s exactly what they meant.
Richard Landrum
as Jesus said you would not have power over me if it was not giving you from above.
What a blatantly biased and ridiculous “documentary”
Dean J. Seal
John is only one account. It does not trump the other accounts, it conflicts with them. John is famous academically for being less historical, less accurate, more theological It does not prove anything if it contrasts with the Synoptics.
Marc Smith
That boy pilate was a godless pagan savage.
Phil Alcoceli
The Bible did not portray Pilate as a weak ruler as he obviously had the crucifixion available as a routine way to kill law breaking and rebellious Jews, with crucifixion being a torture and killing technique so cruel that bloodsport-loving Romans eventually outlawed it. Pilate had crucified hundreds before he crucified Jesus. What the Bible exposes is, as usual with cruel rulers in how weak they really are inside, is how Pilate bent to the Jewish religious authorities false allegations that Jesus was inciting rebellion against Rome, precisely what Pilate was sent to suppress. They said to Pilate: “… If you release this man, you are not Caesar’s friend. Everyone who makes himself a king opposes Caesar.”” … But the Jews shouted, “If you release this man, you are not Caesar’s friend. Anyone who makes himself a king opposes Caesar! (John 19:12 ESV). The evil Pharisees knew Pilate’s weakness and brought the ultra-tough, vicious Pilate down to his knees (metaphorically) out of sheer fear of Ceasar. This made Pilate’s totally ignore his wife’s dream about Jesus were she saw him as righteous and she communicated that to Pilate (Matthew 27:19). Political expediency made the ultra-tough Pilate turn to putty even against his very own sense of justice, clearly seeing Jesus as innocent (John 19:6). That’s what the Bible illustrates.
James King
I dont see anywhere in the gospel accounts any suggestion that portrays Pontius Pilate as ” a weak ruler”. Its clear this is the bias of the secular worldview reading that into it. Especially when they’re not willing to consider the fact that they blatantly state that Pontius Pilate was confused about Jesus..why then couldnt he have been confused about him still at jesus’ trail? That is in Pontius had a dilemma on his hands if he did not choose to crucify that would have shown him to be a weak leader considering the fact that Jesus as mentioned in the video didn’t directly attack Rome.. if he would not have chose crucifixion it would have shown him to be a weak leader and would have caused rioting and more trouble but if they chose to go against crucifixion it would have shown that he was a sympathizer and would have caused a uprising and he could have lost his career…. I like secular historians reading way too much into it and do not maintain the fact that Romans were known to exaggerate on their accounts of events even outright lying
We can assign blame to Pilate, or anyone else for that matter. But in the end isn’t all of this a part of God’s plan for Jesus to take on and die for the sins of the world? From the moment of Jesus’ birth, was this not God’s will??
Avinash Phillips
The woman keeps saying this is not the weak Pilate of the gospels. I wonder why? Is it an attempt to discredit the New Testament? There is no basis for her repeated remarks. Perhaps she needs to read the gospels afresh without bias and without trying to read her prejudice into the text.
Landy N
Very convincing, but have ever consider that maybe the person of Jesus Christ was fictional. That Maybe Jesus was a celestial being constructed from the scriptures by the pillars of the movement: Peter, John and James? That Paul began to preach a Christ he never met, and that Christ onky spoke to him in dreams or some kind of revelation? How is it that none of the historians of the time knew anything about this Christ? Have you ever considered that Jesus, Mary and Joseph were common names at that time and who knows how many men called Jesus were crucified by Pilate? Just wondering…
once a musician
sets up as false dichotomy between the NT and contemporary ancient world accounts. to be expected. maybe he was every bit as tyrannical as everyone including the NT (other passages) says but maybe there wa something bout Jesu which scared the water out of him
Naomi Anomaly
Sarfraz MH
Sick question. Jeses was a nonentity . That is a fact by 32 AD. The Jewish Sanhedrin wanted him dead for disrupting their money-lending business. Whatever Jesus was , he was built up mythologically over the centuries and took 350 years upto Nicea .
Robert Lewis
We need to remember that Josephus was condemned to death by the Romans. He negotiated his freedom by convincing the Romans he was merely a historian. So, his writings need to be read with the view that his history had to have Roman approval. This documentary states anyone who claims to be a King is a threat to Roman control. This statement ignores a previous acknowledgment that Herod Antipas was a King within the region. This documentary was very interesting. I don’t believe Christians still feel anger toward the Jewish people or think of Pilate as weak.
Keelan Thornton
It’s so funny. Because it actually says in the Bible, and also Jesus actually acknowledged that; he died for OUR sins. WE killed Jesus. Pontias was nothing more than a cog in destiny. Jesus died because of the sin in the hearts of man. He wasn’t murdered. It was a “divine sacrifice”. Necessary only because people love the sins of their hearts more than they love love.
Old Man Dan
We don’t know Pilate killed Jesus. After all the story book that says Pilate condemned Jesus says Jesus walked on the water and turned a couple of fishies into enough sushi for 5,000.
Johnny Trapantino
Jesus wouldnt have been there if it wasnt for the Jews bringing him to Pilate. Pilate himself said he found no fault in Jesus and that’s why he went from Pilate to Herod.
David Overstreet
If Pontius Pilate had not been a reasonably good administrative governor of the minor provinces, Tiberius would hardly have him remain as procurator of Judea for 10 years. However he was a moral coward. He was not a big enough man to comprehend the nature of his task as governor of the Jews; he failed to grasp the fact that these Hebrews had a real religion, a faith for which they were willing to die, and that millions upon millions of them throughout the empire, looked to Jerusalem as the shrine of their faith and held the Sanhedrin in respect as the highest tribunal on earth. Pontius Pilate did not love the Jews, and this deep-seated hatred early began to manifest itself. Judea was the most difficult Roman province to govern, and, not able to really understand the problems involved in the management of the Jews, he very early fell into a series of almost fatal and well-nigh suicidal blunders. And this was what gave the Jews such power over him. When they wanted to influence his decisions, all they had to do was to threaten an uprising, and he would speedily cooperate. The Jews knew that he was afraid of them, that he feared for his position before Tiberius, and they took advantage of this knowledge to the great disadvantage of the governor on numerous occasions. The initial controversy involved the image of Caesar on the banners of Roman soldiers entering Jerusalem, which greatly offended the Jews, who expressed enraged disdain for any public image or artwork, as symbols of idol worship. Unlike his predecessor, Pontius Pilate refused, threatening death to those who complained. Not realizing he was dealing with religious fanatics, he was shocked when a group of these Jews presented themselves before the steps of his palace ready to be executed. Embarrassed, and unwilling to keep his word over, to him, a trivial matter, he retracted his word, ordered the images removed, and found himself from then on subject to the whims of the Jewish leaders, who had discovered his weakness. He tried to regain a bit of his esteem by putting an image of Caesar up on a wall of Herod’s palace, his temporary residence in Jerusalem. The Jews complained, he refused to cooperate, they promptly appealed to Rome, and the emperor promptly ordered the offending Shields removed. The Jews also rioted when he took money from the temple treasury to pay for the construction of a new aqueduct, sacred money meant to be distributed by the Sanhedrin only. Notwithstanding that he did not believe most of the ridiculous and false accusations towards Jesus, and sincerely, mostly because of superstitious fear, tried to dismiss the case and release Jesus, he was doomed to failure; and so it was, that on this tragic Friday, Pontius Pilate was afraid of a riot or worse. He dared not risk having such a disturbance during Passover time in Jerusalem; he had just recently received a reprimand from Caesar, and he would not risk another. When the high priest Caiaphas, shook his finger in the governor’s face, shouting, for the entire multitude to hear: “If you release this man, you are not Caesar’s friend, and I will see that the emperor knows all”, he released Jesus to be executed, and in symbolic superstition, washed his hands in the bowl of water. A worthy Roman governor who had not become disadvantageously involved with the rulers of the Jews would never have permitted these bloodthirsty religious fanatics to bring about the death of a man whom he himself had declared to be innocent of their false charges and without fault. Rome made a great blunder, a far-reaching error in earthly affairs, when she sent the second-rate Pontius Pilate to govern Palestine, instead of the best provincial administrator of the empire. And so it is, that Rome had no reason at all whatsoever to want to kill Jesus, whom Pontius Pilate himself considered, at the most, a harmless religious fanatic, while the leaders of the Jews had EVERY REASON to want Jesus dead in order to save and preserve their religious institution, their political power and prestige, and their financial profits. Having said that, this still, in no way whatsoever, justifies the horrible, vengeful and hateful backlash on the descendants of this fanatical, prejudiced and mislead Jewish generation of the first century a.d.
Laura Vivas
Yah’shua was not only Messiah but an high priest after the order of Melchizedek. We will see at judgement. Read Zachariah 3:1-10
Jeannine Roberton
May all of God’s children pray for forgiveness and repent while there’s still time.
jackson coleman-burke
Welcome to the world of half-truths. It doesn’t matter what you think of this whole episode in the history of mankind. It’s all illusionary reality. Jesus was the Avatar of that time, the God-man, the Ancient One if you will; preceeding Mohammed and proceeding Buddha. The body or suit of clothes He wore the last century was in the form of Meher Baba. Enough of my proselytizing. I was Longinus, the Centurion in charge of Judea and then as a result of this commission, I was put in charge of the crucifixion. A deal was made between Joseph of Arimathea and Pilate on Jesus’ orders. Have you ever thought of the fact of how quiet the whole region became after The Christ fled to India via the silk road accompanied by His two attending appendages, Bartholemew and Thaddeus? He settled in the vicinity of Harvan in the province of Kashmir and near where Moses is buried and a headstone to Moses is still in sight. The half-truth story behind the prevailing B.S. is always there. The aforementioned quietude and result of the made deal was that I and the four soldiers I picked to work the crucifixion were all sons of Jewish mothers who had married Roman soldier citizens. Pilate was happy, the Pharisees and Sadducees were happy and Jesus was most happy despite the extreme suffering He was experiencing, mainly because His orders were carried out to the letter by all involved. Incidentally, He left the image of His astral body on the shroud so a visible connection to Him could be made in our future. Again, keep in mind that there is always two or more stories to all experience.
Okay, I had to stop this at 3:49 because already you’re wrong. I’ve been a Christian since 1991, and the ONLY Christians I ever met that had these Antisemitic views were unknowledgeable and untaught in the Scriptures, and prone to speaking presumptuously. I can only assume that you’re getting this from the immature Christians, or a specific denomination, which I’m not sure of. But, I’ve familiarized myself to the teachings of most Protestant denominations, over the last 3 decades and none of them have EVER taught that the Jews were guilty of crucifying Jesus, rather that it was the religious leaders and the Roman leaders, but that this was God the Father’s plan and that Jesus knew full well that it was. This Race baiting garbage is a lie against Christianity. There’s nothing in the Bible that teaches us to have Antisemitic views, because it is NOT a war against flesh, but of ideas, principles; truth against lies. We are taught by Scripture that Jewish people are our elder Brethren, that we as Gentiles are spiritual Jews by adoption. God Created us all, yet the descendants of Israel are His Chosen people. If we were Racists, WHY then would we choose the God of the Jews? Your logic is illogical. Furthermore, as your “historians” sit there and speak of the brutal Romans, I can’t help but wonder if you’ll begin to suggest that we Christians must hate Italians as well. Are we taught to blame Italians for the death of Jesus? Should Italians bear the Bloodguilt of Jesus’ death as well? What a bunch of Nonsense. We are taught by Scripture that We All are guilty, that we ALL fall short of God’s glory, and that there is NONE righteous, not even one. We are NOT taught to judge the Jews for such things. I’m speaking in regards to flesh, to ethnicity. You “historians” don’t even understand this subject. You’re speaking only from your limited understanding; spreading your ignorance.
Because he was a radical and a troublemaker. i took 2 years of latin class, which was full of roman conquest and history, i believe it
Kenneth Tarlow
What Historians say about Pilot, he killed thousand or tens of thousand of Judeans, mostly of the Zealots or the Pheresis groupings. Caiaphas belonged to another group called the Sadducees. The Sadducees were a political group who were granted power by the Romans many spoke Greek. Most Judeans were not literate and spoke an ancient language called Aramaic an ancestor to Hebrew language, the lanuage of the Hebrew Bible (except for Daniel). My guess is that since the first Gospel was written some 30 or 40 years after the event, by Highly literate Greek speakers, the events depicted in the gospels can be taken as truth. In the Greek Bible (New Testament) in one of books Acts (I believe) i depicts an event about a major Pharisee scholar, Gamliel, saved the Nazarene from the crowd by telling them to wait and see, if he is the a son of Jesse, if he fulfills the prophecy, then we will follow him. The Jews are still waiting. The only group threatened by Jesus was the Sadducees, the Roman puppet. The antisemistism in the Greek Bible comes from the Wars between Paul and James, and the wars between Romans and Judeans culminating in the destruction of the second Temple and the dispersal of the Judeans.
Derek Suddreth
Why? Maybe he did not die. I believe he travelled to Kashmere and taught there until his death years later. There is an old tomb located there reported to be his.
Why did saucers fire a x-ray beam into Elvis’s tomb? Seen it happen one time. 👀
Another error!!! Josephus wrote his books ” History” and “Wars” of the Jews after 70AD
David F
That’s incredibly incorrect at 10:12. Perhaps you should do more research.
tim kahn
there is no proven proof of jesus anywhere that is real. its after the fact rumor. it seems its more of agreement between pagans by the first ruler of the eastern roman empire . he got all the different religions together and got them to agree on the story.
Jemima Mey
First of all, Pontius Pilate is not a weakling. He will never be in that position if he was …. he was just trying to avoid the revolt of the Jewish people because he knew there will be a bloodbath if he contradict what they want on demanding Jesus’ life. The Sanhedrin is weaklings and very political and corrupt. The priest and the entire Sanhedrin created falls testimony, and Pilate was very much aware of it, he knew that they are envious of Jesus. Pilate also is a religious man and very superstitious, the reason he was his hands. His wife told him she has a dream about Jesus and warned him “have nothing to do with that righteous man.” The Sanhedrin and the priests are afraid to lose their privileged and favor of the Roman Empire, and of course, Pilate is very well informed and he knew that Jesus is not a threat, but he used and took advantage of the situation to appease the Jews. He was a very intelligent man and everything he did was just strategic, he was a soldier and also a politician, and someone who was trying to keep the peace in Judea. He let the Jews decide what to do with Jesus, showing off and will be free from blame if something gets wrong, in doing so, the Jews will be in debt of gratitude towards him. The conversation between Pilate and Jesus in the book of John 18:28-40, will determine Pilate’s mindset. Also what Jesus original purpose and where is he came from
Raiders of Exploration
If you think about it Jesus killed himself. If he didn’t go to the Temple talking blasphemy he would have been fine.
Alejandro Rivera
He did not kill YESHUA our sins put HIM on the Cross