Throw dust in someone’s eyes

The phrase “throw dust in someone’s eyes” is an idiomatic expression that means to deceive or mislead someone by diverting their attention or providing false information. Here are the key points related to this phrase:

  1. Deception: The phrase implies an act of intentionally misleading someone, often by creating confusion or distraction. It suggests an attempt to prevent the person from seeing or understanding the truth or the actual situation.

  2. Diversionary Tactics: “throw dust in someone’s eyes” involves employing tactics or techniques to divert attention away from something important or relevant. This can include introducing irrelevant or misleading information to misdirect focus or create a false perception.

  3. Misdirection and Confusion: the intention behind “throw dust in someone’s eyes” is to create confusion or uncertainty in the target’s mind, making it difficult for them to perceive the truth or make informed judgments. It aims to cloud their understanding and prevent them from seeing the situation clearly.

  4. Purposeful Manipulation: The phrase implies an act of intentional manipulation, where the person attempting to deceive has a motive or agenda behind their actions. They may seek personal gain, advantage, or to protect their interests by misleading others.

  5. Figurative Usage: It’s important to note that “throw dust in someone’s eyes” is a figurative expression, not a literal action. It represents the concept of misleading or deceiving rather than physically throwing dust in someone’s eyes.

Overall, the phrase “throw dust in someone’s eyes” captures the idea of intentionally deceiving or diverting someone’s attention by providing false or misleading information, leading them away from the truth or the actual situation.


take in (informal)
con (slang)
have (someone) on

Ministers knowingly misled the public.
Art dealers fool a lot of people.
He claimed that the businessman had conned him out of his life savings.
He has deceived and disillusioned us all.
Many people are hoodwinked by the so-called beauty industry.

throw dust in eyes

Meaning | Synonyms

to mislead somebody
to deceive someone
make a fool of somebody
to befool
to confuse someone

Example Sentences

She threw dust in the eyes of the jeweler by pretending to be a well-to-do lady, and then stole the jewellery.
The taxi drivers in Shimla throws dust in tourist’s eyes and take too much money for a small distance.
Give my whole money back; you cannot throw dust in my eyes.
The thug threw dust in her eyes and exchanged her real diamonds with fake stones.
The secretary of the film actress threw dust in the fan’s eyes, talking about a show at the airport when she was heading for the expressway.
Don’t ever earn money by throwing dust in customer’s eyes or soon you will lost your business.

This idiomatic expression alludes to throwing dust or sand in the eyes to confuse a pursuing enemy. [Mid-1700s]


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