Perversion of Justice: British Post Office Case

The ruling of Lord Justice Fraser In the High Court in the case Bates versus The Post Office was delivered on December 16, 2019. This landmark judgment found in favor of the claimants, affirming that the Post Office had wrongfully prosecuted and persecuted hundreds of subpostmasters due to faults in its Horizon IT system.

The Post Office itself took many cases to court, prosecuting 700 people between 1999 and 2015.
Another 283 cases were brought by other bodies, including the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

1 Post Office scandal: former boss denies “lying” at inquiry

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2 David Miller lies or incompetence ? shocking answers ex Post office boss at Horizon IT inquiry

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17 apr 2024

Dave Miller ex post office boss givern a choice by Sam Stein of being a Lier or incompetent .

3 ‘You are either lying or incompetent’: Ex-Post Office boss challenged during Inquiry

4 DAMNING Barrister Advice NOT Shown to Post Office Security

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DAMNING Barrister Advice from Cartwright King NOT Shown to Post Office Head of Security John DESPITE it affecting all previous and current subpostmaster prosecutions in 2013 he tells the Post Office Inquiry.

He identifies that it would have been up to his line manager, Susan Crichton, to inform him of the advice but he says that not only did he not see the first Clarke advice, but that the contents of him were never explained to him either prior to him leaving the Post Office in 2016.

5 Post Office Scandal: what did top executive know?

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6 ‘Five potential targets’ in Post Office investigation

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7 Post Office scandal: ‘I’m sorry that I didn’t see through the lies,’ says Ed Davey

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8 DAVID MILLS Post office Horizon It inquiry Not clever enough


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16 apr 2024
David Mills questioned at end of his witness statement at the Post office Horizon It Public Inquiry

9 “Arrogance And Lies!” Ex-Post Office Manager Reacts To Secret Recording Of Richard Taylor

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12 jan 2024

Ex-Post Office manager Nicki Arch reacts to TalkTV’s exclusive secret recordings of Post Office Director of Comms Richard Taylor.

Hundreds of Post Office branch managers were convicted of swindling money on the basis of evidence from the technology giant’s flawed Horizon accounting system.

Rishi Sunak on Wednesday announced that hundreds of subpostmasters in England and Wales could have their names cleared by the end of the year under blanket legislation to be introduced within weeks.

Nicki says: “Their arrogance and lies have wrecked people’s lives. To think someone of that calibre can talk like that – he needs to be prosecuted.”

10 Post Office “Commissioned A Whitewash” | Nick Wallis

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11 Post Office Barrister REFUSES to Admit Miscarriage of Justice

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10 mrt 2024

Post Office Barrister REFUSES to Admit a Miscarriage of Justice occurred during the case of Lee Castleton despite overwhelming evidence presented to the Post Office Inquiry as he is questioned by Core Participants.

Three times he is asked if there was a ‘miserable’ or ‘desperate’ miscarriage of justice and he places the responsibility back onto Lee Castleton for allegedly not saying certain things at trial and the solicitors who formally acted on his behalf.

He also distances himself from the disclosure decisions of his former instructing solicitor Stephen Dilley when it is put to him that disclosure in the case of Lee Castleton was a ‘dismal failure’.

12 The People Behind This Cover Up MUST Face Jail


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