A make-or-break situation will bring great success or complete failure.


Make-or-break | BUSINESS ENGLISH

Used to describe a decision, event, or period of time that is very important because it can make something succeed or fail completely:

Christmas is often a make-or-break time for smaller retailers.
A spokesman for the union described the forthcoming pay talks as “make or break”.
A make-or-break decision/deal/issue
Make-or-break meetings/talks/negotiations
Each interview that you attend is a make-or-break situation.

Cambridge Dictionary

1 Pauw&Witteman “Slapende rechters”

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7 mei 2011

Willem Wagenaar is emeritus hoogleraar psychologische functieleer en rechtspsychologie. Hij windt zich op over misstanden in de rechtsspraak. Samen met Han Israëls en Peter van Koppen neemt Wagenaar in het het boek De slapende rechter negen rechtszaken onder de loep. Zaken waarin sprake is van een rechterlijke dwaling. “De rechter is de poortwachter die de kwaliteit van het hele systeem moet bewaken en garanderen. Als de rechter slaapt, faalt het hele systeem”, stellen de schrijvers in het boek. Momenteel kan een veroordeling alleen worden herzien als nieuwe feiten boven tafel komen. Wagenaar vindt dat onzin, als de rechter zijn werk niet goed heeft gedaan dan moet een onafhankelijke instantie de zaak opnieuw bekijken.
Geweldige man, Willem Wagenaar. De minister van justitie zelf horen… Zolang Joris D. op zijn plaats blijft en niet voor de rechter komt en het OM ook niet zijn werk doet en de zaak Vaatstra gesensureerd blijft enz. enz. en wij onze privacy totaal verliezen, heb ik geen enkele interesse in wat de minister van justitie te zeggen zou hebben.
Mijnheer Willem Wagenaar, een fantastisch mens. Iemand om beretrots op te zijn en bewondering voor te hebben. Hij had al op jongere leeftijd door, dat de Nederlandse rechterlijke macht het helemaal niet zo belangrijk vindt om de waarheid boven water te kunnen krijgen en om altijd eerlijke rechter te zijn.

2 Zware corruptie in de Veurnse rechtbank?

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30 apr. 2014

Een lange reportage (april 2014) uit een actualiteitsmagazine op de commerciële televisie over een Veurnse onderzoeksrechter die er openlijk van beschuldigd wordt corrupt te zijn en dat met medewerking van bepaalde advocaten en zelfs van andere rechters. Onthutsend, ontluisterend, onwaarschijnlijk… Met diverse getuigenenissen, zelfs van een politiecommissaris.

The Unfair Psychology Behind Police Interrogations

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14 dec. 2020

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Why does anyone confess to the police? While a plea bargain in court might lower your punishment, confessing to police can only hurt you. Yet people do it all the time.


0:15 – #1: They pretend that they’re your ally.
1:00 – #2: The positive confrontation.
3:44 – #3: Interrogators shut down denials immediately.
4:36 – #4: They give you a way out with minimization.

Lucas Gomes
Do. Not. Talk. To. The. Police. Guilty OR innocent. You need a lawyer.
Nějaký Cyp
When they said to that man “We are 100% sure ur guilty”. He could just reply “Then why am i still sitting here? ” Checkmate
“The door isn’t locked and whenever you want to leave Teresa will let you out…” -The ony proper response to this is “Thank you for your time and do you have a to go cup for my coffee.” 😉
Notice the subtle psychological things they do. Put you in a small room, in the corner, table pushed against you, interrogator on each side. You’re boxes in. Wall behind you, to your left, interrogator, and table on your right, another one in front. And they always have more than one, to make you feel ganged up on.
Soul Shart
Haha I like the guy at 1:27 reacting to their lies. “We got witnesses” “Great!” “We got video camera.” “Perfect!!”
Walid Feghali
Props to JCS – Criminal Psychology for shining light on these intriguing stories!
It breaks my heart when I think about how many innocent people are sitting in prison after being tricked into confessing to crimes they didn’t commit.
Nothing boils my blood more than the idea of being falsely convicted. In my humble opinion, 100 true convictions are not worth one false conviction.
Stanislas Kowalski
When someone says “I’m not lying to you”, it triggers an alarm. 🚨
My father is a retired police offer and taught me you never ever talk to the police if you are arrested and immediately ask for a lawyer. Even if they tell you oh you are staying here over night until we get you one. Nope that’s fine I’ll wait for my lawyer.
Not my real name
Remember: the safe word is “lawyer”
Chang Le
I feel like I’m cheating on JCS by being here right now. I’ma see myself out.
I learned from YouTube and tv shows what I have to do in this situation. 1. Am I under arrest or free to go? A: Call a lawyer and remain SILENT. B: Walk away.
I almost got imprisoned for something I didn’t do when I was 11 years old. Don’t talk to cops they don’t care if you are innocent they just want to look like they are solving crimes and are the good guys
Lmao when they say “I don’t believe you…” “That’s a you problem, not a me problem.”
Sebastian Ryan
My dad was a cop for 25 years, and he told me if I’m ever in trouble with the police, don’t talk to them.
Boozy The Clown
If you are EVER faced with this situation, ask, or point, for a pen and paper and write “I want an attorney.” If you are free to leave. LEAVE. Never let these criminals trick you into saying something. Even if they keep you in that little white room for 4 hours. SAY NOTHING. You have the right to remain silent if you are detained. If not. Ask to leave. Never speak without an attorney present!
Adryan Cutty
A fish with its mouth closed never gets caught, and thanks YouTube for taking me to school. Appreciate it!🤙🏼
Samuel Mabey
When I was 14, me and my family were interrogated while being missionaries in China. (China doesn’t allow foreigners to share the gospel without their permission) The techniques used in the video were very similar to what they did to us since we knew they took our phones so we knew they had some evidence of us doing mission work from text messages and photos etc. but we didn’t know how much they knew so it was really intense answering the questions. Especially being in China. We were interrogated for about 10 hours altogether.
If you put enough pressure on someone they will say anything to get themselves out of a situation. People get flustered when being kidnapped and held by a large gang.
“youre obviously not under arrest today. Anytime you feel like you want to leave here, feel free to do so..” “Ok Bye”
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedalio phobia
Even if u innocent it’s a horrible feeling getting accused of something u never did. I know cause I’m a narc survivor, narcs always lie and gaslight.
Sun Tzu
The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. -Sun Tzu
Milli Macro
Just remember: if you’re in the interrogation room, they don’t have enough evidence. If they can prove you committed a crime, you would be in the holding cell waiting to see the judge
Tyler Durden
Torture anyone enough and they will “confess” to anything.
Mr. Divery
When talking to police, all you should say is “I want an attorney” Police: hey how are you doing? Suspect: I want an attorney Police: We just want to talk to you Suspect: I want to talk to my attorney Police: Can I get you a cup of coffee? Suspect: You can get me my attorney
Tone Montoya
This was really informative. Hopefully more people watch it. People act like they’d be confident in this kind of situation despite having little to no knowledge of the sneaky techniques officials are trained to employ.
Jesper Nap
I remember the Chris Watts case…gives me the chills
Alejandro Vallejo
1:53 is the perfect example why you NEVER talk to the cops and ALWAYS should ask for a lawyer, innocent or otherwise.
As someone who has suffered emotional abuse, watching this was so terrifying. The tricks and process is basically the same and I’m many ways, identical
Randy King
If the cops really have enough evidence, they wouldn’t need your confession!
Sagnik Mukherjee
JCS is everywhere. What a legendary channel. <3
Pascal F
The only thing you tell them is “I want a lawyer”. End of the story.
Tyler Durden
“Anytime you feel like you want to leave here feel free to do so, that door is not locked.” Me:
Rowan Melton
If I got wrongfully convicted of murdering my parents and subsequently spent 17 years in prison, I’d be going back 6 months later for murdering the detective who coersed the false confession out of me
Wrongful incarceration is honestly my worst fear.
Everyone should always remember that it’s their job to prove that you’re guilty not prove your innocence
Mall Ninja
My “favorite” thing about all of this is when you lie to the police it’s a crime, but when they lie to you they’re just doing what they were trained to do.
Mike Rutcosky
the generation that watches SVU and Criminal Minds is the same generation that would need this whole video to understand that you absolutely must get a lawyer immediately
“i want my lawyer” That’s the first thing you say in interrogation.
John Chao
Reminder: do NOT talk to police. Ask for a lawyer, and shut up.
Nícolas Campos
In Brazil, confession alone cannot be used by any judge to sentence a person for a crime. The confession can only be used if there is another proof connecting the defendant to the crime, such as witness testimony, fonrensics or videotaping.
Black Out
The best words are : ” We are bandits, not snitches.” Gustavo style.
Andrew Howard
Another tip I learnt is having a loud clock ticking to literally make you think “you’re time being innocent is literally ticking away”
Gary Martin
Everyone needs to study the case of “The Norfolk Four” where four completely innocent men confessed to a murder they did not commit, the police had zero corroborating evidence and they were convicted and sentenced. Eventually all were released and exonerated but they still did prison time and it take an act of the governor.
Quietly Magnetic
As George Washington said ― “It’s better to offer no excuse than a bad one.”
An Sheng
I love the idea of breaking a criminal down to get them to own up to their deeds. But not so much of innocent people. By the way, real evil criminals aren’t that easy to break.
C guy !
Pretty much no matter what you are go “I invoke my 5th amendment and I want a lawyer and a phone call” if they keep talking to you ask them to leave until your lawyer gets there
Frank Anderson
That cop saying “it could have been an accidental discharge” Sounds like a whole threat. I would confess too
Stijn Braam
Remember people, when you’re in this situation: Better call Saul👉🏼
hooligan bubsy
Imagine lying to a 17yo kid who just lost his mother that his own father identified him as the killer. It’s no wonder the police are so rarely viewed kindly in the community. They just want to send someone to prison. It’s a bonus if they’re actually guilty.
Genaveive the bimmer
The moment she said polygraph he should have realized there’s absolutely no evidence full stop
“You can leave at anytime.” Man should have gotten up and left right then and there.




william hummerick
I really would like to see a video game about interrogations. Like Ace Attorney but more realistic, like a simulator, and like an FMV game like Detroit: Become Human




Jordan Womack
If you are bought to an interrogation room, ask for a lawyer. Don’t even let them ask a question, just ask for a lawyer. If your guilt was “iron clad” they wouldn’t need to talk to you. If they have a ton of evidence against you, you wouldn’t be talking.




Ross TheNinja
1. Remain silent. 2. Request a lawyer. 3. If in doubt, see 1.




Nacho Martinez
well. In Canada, detectives can’t give false information to suspects. That saves lots of innocent people going to jail. However they can continue to ask questions even if the suspect chooses to remain silent.




“We can do this the easy way or the hard way. If you cooperate with me, I can help you out, but no guarantees.” –every cop, everywhere




When your in one of those rooms and know you haven’t done anything or even if you do is be quiet. Let him speak all he wants and then you say I want a lawyer we are done here.




We were watching the first 48 and I said “get a lawyer!” During a police interrogation. I was asked what do I have to hide. I said “the cops job is to get a confession whether you did it or not.”




Sansar Sah
innocent confessed due to lying of police and spent 17 years in prison .. What a disaster and shame for police.




I’m glad that most of the clips he showed were from JCS so we actually recognize them.


Practical Bible Studies
Four words to say to a cop: “I want my lawyer.”




Would love to see a collab of this channel and JCS. Great work


thank you for this advice and knowledge!




Humbled Panda
From a police officer: “Never talk to the police even if you’re innocent because anything you say can be used as evidence against you. Invoke your right to the 5th amendment (this is not an admittance of guilt) and request a lawyer. I keep that advice to heart

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“We have you on video.” “Thank God!” “That’s why we know you did it.” Truly Bewildered “How can that be? I didn’t do it!” Absolutely confident “We have you on video. There’s no question you did it.” Wonderingly to himself “Is it possible I did it and I don’t remember?” To cop: “Are you sure?” “Absolutely sure.” Thinking “Hmmmmm? OK.” This is a PERFECT example of… GASLIGHTING.

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If a cop told me i could leave whenever i want. I would literally leave right then and there




Kacey Smiley
I’ll always remember what my lawyer professor said to me in class: Most police don’t care if they convict the person who committed the crime, they just want a conviction for the crime. That’s why you shut up and ask for your lawyer.




I thought I heard somewhere that this was actually very similar to how the British “interrogated” Luftwaffe pilots in WW2. Additionally, apparently they were also put in a fancy hotel with hand picked other pilots that they felt would engage in gossip. The idea was that the pilot will probably lie or be entirely uncooperative in the interrogation room (where tactics like these would be used), but holding secrets can be difficult, and many would chat idlily with other Luftwaffe POWs about their engagements, unaware that the hotel had bugs planted just about everywhere. A lot of information about their aircraft was learned that way, since so many pilots were distracted by the interrogation and had no idea their discussions were being monitered and translated remotely. I vaguely remember something about this from a documentary a long time ago, so if anyone can provide a source or knows the name of the place I am referring to I would appreciate, I forgot so many details. But apparently the idea was basically the exact opposite of torture: create such relaxing bliss that they get careless. It can be hard to stay hostile when everything in your environment is setup to make you feel at ease, your logic tells you “hostile” but your instincts tell you “friendly.” Over time, in many cases instinct will win since it takes energy to continually act on logic despite your emotions and instincts. Edit: Trent Park is the name.

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Anon Ymous
“You’re not under arrest, you can walk out any time.” “Aight duces…”




J Nike
Why on Earth is that man, “Chris”, who killed his entire family, being defended here?


Connor White
I mean even if it’s not murder and something small in comparison, one time a few bad kids I hung out with stole someone’s shoes (I was with different people and not involved at all with that crime) and the cops out of nowhere pulled up next to me as I’m walking down the road put me in cuffs and said “you’re friends already said you were there we have video evidence of you being there just tell us how it all went down and we will move on to the next person” LYING ABOUT EVERYTHING, meanwhile I was a just a 15 year old boy minding his own business going about my day to be harassed by some cops. My parents are very pro police, but even after that whole incident my parents taught me to never speak without contacting them or a lawyer first.

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i wonder how i’d be in that situation since i’m so hardheaded and believe i’m right all the time




Randy King
Along with the coffee, bring me my lawyer.




Mj F
why do cops win? they’ve done this before and this is your first time. Rookie.




Manfred Röper
It also helps that 95% of criminals have an IQ that matches their shoe size. My first response (before I ask for a lawyer, cuz I like to play a bit) would be to state that whether I’m guilty or not is a matter for the court, not the police 🤷🏻‍♂️




When you watch so many JCS videos that you know the footage during pre-explanation


Rial Taf
I love your channel, waiting for another video! Would love to see you do Russell Williams




What a crazy feeling it must be to be sitting in that interrogation room, and be guilty. And then you confess, and then realize, I’m never going to be free again. Talk about a bad day.


Matthew McCord
The Police: “Can we talk?” Me: “Lawyer.”




Confession tapes on netflix is a must watch.




The grey man
If you are on an interrogation, ALWAYS ask for an attorney/ lawyer, they will hold you even if they have no evidence. Or If you accidentally say you committed the crime they WILL hold tou




Maayan Wietchner
The guy in your first clip just got out out the Mirana Warning. I love this video it’s very helpful (I’m writing a confession to the police scene and this is one of my main sources of information) thanks! P.s. I highly recommened researching the Miranda Warning.


Mad Jack Churchill
“the legend of Jeff” taught me to take the soda and shut my mouth.




Brian Brueshaber
How do you know you have a good lawyer? On the way to the interview, she hands you a tube of super glue and says “here, have some lip gloss”




La Mar Waters Sr
Remember, they tell you in your Miranda rights, the 2nd one!! “Anything you say, can and WILL be held against you in a court of law”!! The key word there is WILL.. So, NEVER talk to the police, not even as a witness.. You’re lawyer is your best friend in a court of law

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I have watched too much criminal psychology videos on YouTube because I recognized all the real clips he used lol




I’m such a true crime junkie, I know, and have seen in their entirety, every one of the clips featured in this video.




When you get pulled over by the police they ask you all sorts of questions. then if you’re arrested, you’re told you have the right to remain silent. 😂




Evan Wish
This legal lying is evil. Not everyone can afford a lawyer. How often do these lies “accidentally” find their way into the courtroom?




There’s a scene in The Wire where police interrogate a teen by telling him that this (copy machine) is a new lie detector which feels your heartbeat and prints out a “True or False” paper after he answers each question.. “The machine tells the truth son”. He fell for it, confessed as the cops walk away, head high and say “the bigger the lie the more they believe”.


mandy moore
Remember, your 3 safe words are…. “I WANT A LAWYER”.




Timothy Van Der Schultzen
The only things you should say to the police are “Am I free to go?” and “I am not going to talk with you without an attorney. I would like an attorney now.”




Luuki puuk
If you want to go in depth in stuff like this, all of these clips are from Jim Cant Swim. It’s such a great channel and I highly recommend it to everyone interested in psychology and criminology.




Randal Gibbons
My lawyer is a humble guy. He told me if I ever talk to police about anything, without him present, he will kick my teeth out. I think it might be pretty serious advise to not talk to police even when you’re innocent.




Ravishing Rick
When we see all these clips, we often forget that these suspects have been getting interrogated for HOURS and hours. They’re just exhausted


Take this ONE tip: The safe word is always, “lawer”


Jerry A. Brown
The fact they’re holding you in a questioning room shows they have no case. Getting you to confess shortcuts their investigative work. Lawyer up and make them prove your guilt. You are presumed innocent under the law.




Caution-the ‘advice’ given in this video largely only applies under US law. Not the majority of the world.




Hypocritical Nihilist
None of these taped conversations should have ever happened because the only thing you should ever say when questioned by the police is, “I want an attorney.”




I would just burst out crying if they wouldn’t let my side of the story out




john paparella
“I’d like to exercise my sixth amendment right, I need my attorney NOW and will remain silent until I speak to her.”




Ah good old Russell. Lived right behind my high school haha


I’ve never been in trouble but a few words will always help me if I ever need to know how to act during an DeNiro said in “Goodfellas”…”never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut”




Remember.. You have the right to remain silent. When they tell you that you are allowed to leave whenever you want to leave… LEAVE QUIETLY AND QUICKLY.




Thanks for explaining exactly how to deal with the police




Austin Adkins
The case of Lee Rodarte is one I’ll never forget.




Ryan Rich
“I don’t answer questions” – Ray Shoesmith


Isaac Trujillo
What infuriates me, is when they set their sights. That’s it, wether you’re guilty or not. It’s about conviction, and that’s it.




There’s something seriously messed up when you have to tell a person that’s 100% innocent that they have to stay quiet when the police try to talk to them or else they could end up going to prison. Instead of making a confession the goal, how about priortizing getting the truth?




Peter Sommer
When you want to slaught a cow, you will lead it gently to the place. So police friendlyness is butchers friendlyness


Meme God
Nice, I’ll keep this in mind for my upcoming interrogation


If you ever get put into an interigation room your only response should be: “I need a lawyer or an aterny, bye”




What it sounds like to me are the police are well versed in toxic personality traits and manipulation tactics such as gaslighting


george malone
Never trust anyone who’s comfortable lying to your face and when accused tells you it’s just their job oh, I see. You were just following orders




Sean Wilson
Officer brings me cookies. “Oh wow I’m so relaxed and unthreatened!”


Zair Morningstar
Those cops who got those innocents locked up need death this is evil asf and should be absolutely illegal




A Very Dangerous Potato
Watching a good amount of JCS criminal phycology taught me a great deal of tactics used by law enforcement to bring criminals to confess




Debra Blouin
Lawyer lawyer lawyer Even if you aren’t technically under arrest, demand a lawyer for any questioning by law enforcement.




Notice how Chris says: “I dind’t do anything to those kids” instead of “my kids”




Rivia Wolf Edits
This is truly the moment Jimmy McGill became Saul Goodman


Marlana Ferro
I would simply say, Sittin’ on tha bowl, waitin’ for my bowels to move. I gotta doo doo rap. I gotta doo doo rap.” That’s all, folks!


Lucas Douglas
Just say you don’t understand the question to near enough everything they ask and they will end the interview after a few questions and you’ve 100% complied with them


Chris Kokolios
Only one didn’t confess his crimes .He only admitted them 2 weeks before his execution so that he could find a way to save himself or maybe even escape


The four magic steps to not spend the night in jail: 1. Do not talk to the police 2. Do not talk to the police 3. DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE 4. DO ask for a lawyer and to be immediately dismissed

Meer tonen





Jacqueline Kjono
I’ve never been arrested but, I did get hauled in by HR over something once. I would have confessed to a triple homicide to get out of that room. People who know what they are doing can really break you down and very few people are tough enough to take it – especially the people who think they are tough enough.




Amber Chaba
I want a layer present. No way im talking to them. This is evil when dealing with innocent people.




Nick C
1:29 is so fuckin perfect, “there’s a number of witnesses” “great” “and one of them has a video camera” “PERFECT”




Sun Flower
Ayyye I love JCS criminal psychology. Great video.




Chris Davis
Whenever a police officer wants to talk to you, remember, it’s STFU Friday.




Kitty paws342
Marty Tankleffs situation was tragic as it was horrific . My God he was just a 17 year old and innocent . It’s enough that you find your parents horribly murdered without being falsely accused and imprisoned for a crime you didn’t commit.




Here’s the psychology you should have: I have a right to remain silent, I want a lawyer.


Yeah, that’s exactly the proof of honesty and integrity in police, fine upstanding criminals with badges.


Angel Melendez
I have not seen thousands of interviews by police , but the one done for the Russell confession was extraordinarily done . I mean it was like listening to a surgeon if that was possible


Zach M
When they say you’re free to go: “Awesome, thanks. I’ll be leaving now.”




Prince L
How much do they get paid for a conviction or a confession. Seems like they’ll force a confession no matter if ur innocent or guilty.




Anthony Andrews


Finan Yemane
JCS – Criminal Psychology, one of my favorite channels!


John Trains
Once I hear I can leave…Byyyyye. I ain’t got no time for a personal class on gaslighting. Why do some people chose to stay? Lol




if a cop told me i was free to go at anytime, i would just leave lol




0:50 that guy is literally giddy when he hears he isnt under arrest




6:03 “he’s already failed a lie detector” This is not true. Why? Because the polygraph isn’t a lie detector. It isn’t admissible in court, it’s not that hard to cheat, the person conducting the test can strongly influence the result, and because of all this, it is a tool for manipulating the suspect, not finding the truth. As such, it is quite a useful interrogation tool, though, hence it is still used. But we don’t even know if he actually failed the polygraph. It doesn’t matter. Police will always tell the suspect that they failed the polygraph test because anything else would be useless to them. Usually they will also say that the suspect is a terrible liar and confirm that the polygraph will yield accurate results on them beforehand. All of this is not to actually confirm whether the suspect is lying or not, but to make them believe that it was confirmed that they were lying, greatly enhancing the perceived inescapability of the situation. Since most suspects don’t know how a polygraph actually works and what it is used for, this is usually very effective.

Meer tonen



Lvl 5 Dino
I would just say “show me the video” or “bring that witness




bob cobb
That Martin Tankleff seemed pretty guilty. The fact that he was showered when the cops showed up did look kind of bad.


Daniel Moore
I’ve seen it in movies and assumed it’s true. If they had all the evidence they needed for a conviction, they wouldn’t be interrogating you, they’d simply arrest you.




Antonio Kinsey
I have mixed feelings about this. If someone is guilty, I want them to confess in an interrogation, but if they’re innocent I wouldn’t want them falsely accused.




Jorge Callico
”Officer, I never make statements to the police unless I have my attorney present”. Rinse & repeat!


Jason Barefoot
I once heard when they say, “anything you say may and will be used against you in a court of law”, believe it. Anything you say won’t necessarily help you, but it will most certainty hurt if possible.


Chill Im_Probably_trolling
3:58 Kevin Owens taking this new detective gimmick seriously.


Just remember the one rule that every good lawyer will tell you: DO. NOT. TALK. TO. THE. POLICE. EVER. They are not your friends. Their job is to find someone to put in prison.




after you enter the interrogation room – stretch out, close your eyes and take a nap for 7 hours xD


Cody Blum
Chris Watts confessed when his dad came into the interrogation alone and then his dad walked him through confessing to the police.


A good video. Only thing I’d suggest is to limit the amount of stock/fictional footage between scenes. It was a bit distracting and even disorienting at times when you would say “now these cops think ” and it was from a set of people from some cop drama somewhere. It’s ok to let a still image sit on screen as you set up the scene we’re about to see 🙂


Brian Jadlowiec
I’d confess so I get free food and lodging forever!


Video game viewer
It’s simple. Whether guilty or not. “I WANT MY LAWYER”




Samantha McBride
The best thing to do is never to talk without the presence of an attorney… period.


This is solid, pleas make more videos on this kind of subject matter. how sociopathic behavior can harm innocent agreeable people,




The police are the “good” guys who are actually evil


Once they have their suspect, interrogators will do anything to get ’the win’.




Zach Prisby
Dude, do you maybe wanna credit JCS for condensing his whole channel for your video??


Mayam MZC
” I did not hurt these girls”, wow. As if they were not his own daughters.


Vortex MDK
Always keep a rolled £20 in your prison wallet as a last ditch hoop bribe when they search your inner workings


madhatters crafts
I thought, let me just see what this is about. All through the 10 minutes My heart felt like it was beating in my thought as it went on I sware I was having a heart attack. As in each case, I knew that I would confess something I did not do. I wish to be ignorant again, lol.


Falcon Echo
I don’t know if I would survive 17 years in prison for a crime I did not commit… 😭😭😭




Arianna Fiora
I don’t even live in the US but this genuinely scares me. I don’t know what I would do if I ever got involved with the US police. These techniques just feel plain wrong.


Victoria Vogt
Soon, this is gaslighting…. that’s great. Literally making people doubt their experience and reality.


Reminds me of scene in Breaking Bad where the undercover cop/drug buyer tells Badger/drug seller, while they’re sitting on the bench at the bus stop, that “If I were a cop, I’d legally have to tell you. It’s in the Constitution.” LOL. Cops are scumbags.


If there are ANY false positives, you can’t rely on any confessions. A confession should only be used as a guide on where to focus on finding real evidence.


_Izzy _
“We can’t falsify video footage” Haha editing, deep fakes, out of context clips, video stitching and audio swaps go brrrr




The Rage Commenter
I saw that clip from The Blacklist you threw in there. Can you do an entire episode on Reddington please???


danda adnad
More people should watch this. I’m a crime junkie so I had this recommended but people who are oblivious to how the system works can really get hurt even if innocent


David Thomas
I liked the edition of the video, it was so flawless.


V J90
They basically can get you to admit something you didnt do




The innocent guy’s interrogator actually got demoted for his actions during that interrogation.




Dylan Kelley
Damn, that’s one hell of an effective sponsor plug: Do YOU want to be falsely IMPRISONED over crimes you didn’t commit, just because you said or did the wrong thing during an interrogation??? NO? Well then… You’d better buy this book that’ll teach you otherwise, provided by today’s wonderful sponsor! 😀


rick James bitch rick James bitch
This what happens when your interviewed with out a attorney present


Aiman Syahmi
criminals usually confess bcs of tired being held in the room or theres a plea deal


Andre Noble
Saul Kassin has done a lot of work on this.


Cecily 95
Great taktics to make criminals confess but it’s pretty messed up when someone is innocent.




Dennis Anderson
Detective: “You’re not under arrest, you can leave anytime you want.” Innocent me: “OK, I’ll leave. Now.” I’d like to believe I’m mentally and emotionally strong enough to hold onto my innocence (if ever under such interrogation)…but it’s so stunning what the psychology can do, instead of even, “Hi,” the first thing to say is, “I need a lawyer present,” then remain silent. [And that’s if you’re innocent*! Detective: “You want a coffee?” Innocent me: *silence I do know of cases where the suspect was, in fact, guilty and the detectives lying about evidence did reach the conclusion. So I understand the allowance. If you are innocent, the oddly hard thing to remember in the moment is, “I’m not speaking at all an attorney.”

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In the interview disrupt the interview in any way, tap your foot on the table, grin, throw the pen at the interviewer, don’t talk, press the stop button on the tape recorder, anything, don’t admit to anything. Make it as difficult as possible, your going to jail so why be cooperative. I would make it as difficult as possible and not answer anything


I don’t get it. If I know I’m innocent, they’re not gonna convince me to confess 🤣 that’s crazy.


TBX12 Frλnku
Thats why you apply the: “I don’t nothing, I say nothing” and you call Saul


D. M. Miller
Never go to the station for “questioning.” If they want you to go, ask: “Am I under arrest?” If not don’t go. Don’t end up in that little room.




stoplooking atmeplease
When I was 16 I was shot at the school bus stop with no warning , never knew who did it, when the italian police interrogated me , they all turned against me with their psychological games , from a victim to the hunted, and in the end they stated that I shot myself with a gun claiming I was a liar If the police chief’s son would of been my shoes the cops would of furiously scavenged the entire city to spot the shooter – scumbags


Ryan Morgan
If ur being questioned they dont have enough evidence… ask for a lawyer!!




cinthia miranda
Plus they have you in that room for hours and you get tired and sometimes you say what they want to hear. I guess is better not talking at all. They just push people even if you are guilty or not that pressure they put on people is very overwhelming.


Steven T
“I invoke my right to remain silent” 🤐


Shelina Doodle
they made the innocent man doubt himself and think that he hurt his parents in his sleep? thats crazy




Keith P
Good video. I’ve seen all the videos of the examples here which are brilliant. I’d love to see a case where a cop themselves was the murderer and was then arrested because they’d know all these tactics and it’d be epic to see how they’d get around them.




Will Richards
It would seem that most of these would fall under the ‘unlawful confession’ category: ‘An involuntary confession that was coerced by a police officer cannot be used against a defendant in court, regardless of whether it was true.’


Leonard Priestley
The Surprising Psychology Of How YouTubers Try To Sell You Things By Pretending They’re Speaking Candidly About Them


Mr. Noob
7:55 didn’t know hank from Detroit become human has been charged with shooting a police officer


All these tactics are easily defeated by shutting your mouth completely.




Crypt Rot
i’m glad i watched this. Now i know how to get away with my texture crimes, which is the crime of breaking into high end fashion stores to feel the textures.. ohhhh




Yes but
Cop: Can I order a coffee to go? Me: My lawyer tells me never talk to police.


Thomas _ TK
As soon as the detectives came into the room I’d tell them I don’t wish to talk about any crimes or anything I’ve done or haven’t done. Then I’d just keep changing the subject or replying with “no comment”.


these are all interrogations that JCS already covered. you can’t come up with your oontent?


john angeloni
“Charisma On Command” AND “JCS – Criminal Psychology” Christmas has come early.

Meer tonen





Jezusthebeast 420
Thanks bro. I’ll keep this in mind if I ever commit a crime and get caught.


It’s ironic cuz the advice at the end about always getting a lawyer, every cop show they always say guilty people ask for a lawyer 🤦🏻‍♂️ and that makes up think it’s true, when it isn’t.


How tf is this even legal for them to lie to someone that they have witnesses or evidence against you. I think this is so wrong, it’s beyond comprehension.


Well now we all know the tactics




“I’m not lying to you” – totally not a liar




ホンセン セテへ
Police have done it multiple times, meanwhile you were never, so in order to win get someone who also done it multiple times: Lawyer


Cult Us
One time the cops gave me a Lawyer that works with the cops. This system is so corrupt.




Julien C
at 8 minutes in I wouldn’t even let the police back me in the corner like that. It amazes me that some people don’t see through the tactics and games that the police use. That being said I never knew the police could legally full blown outright lie to you about evidence etc. That’s one thing I will remember for the future should I end up in that situation. I always go no comment anyway as rightly said in the video it’s not down to the police to prove your guilt its the courts job and also that’s the only place were it matters !!


dom uncl
This is why the ONLY thing you should say to the cops is, ” I want a lawyer”.


James Watson
This just shows that slimy tactics and lies, that we are taught to stay away from, are what is used to manipulate and destroy innocent peoples lives.




just be like a broken pokemon called “lawyer” and answer everything with the word “lawyer”


Cole Davidson
Imagine having the last name Watts and becoming a killer instead of a superhero or something


In college I took a job in the electronics lab. One day a professor asked me why I wasn’t these the previous day and left the place a mess. I apologized and spent the day cleaning up. There were two labs that day and the professor decided to publicly berate me in front of both classes for it,making me give a very public apology. Later he found out that I wasn’t scheduled for that day, he came to me and asked why I didn’t say anything and why I would admit to something I hadn’t done. People in authority, who have always had someone looking after them are clueless. If I had a dollar for everytime I was punished for something I didn’t do , my house would be paid off.

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John Q Public
Deny everything, demand evidence, and request a lawyer.


Games Cooky
“You have the right to remain silent” “You have the right to talk to a lawyer” These rights are here to protect you no matter whether you’re innocent or guilty. So why not use them?




James W
When I was 2 days into being 18, I was arrested for Possession w intent (marijuana , like a half pound) they tried to get me to confess with these tactics, I’d been told by my dad for years “lawyer up plead the 5th” so I told the cops in the room “look can I stand up real quick, check this out” they said go ahead and I proceeded to dance while singing my lawyers information 😂 my favorite memory.


MexicoAlaska Videos
I would just stare at them right in the eyes, and not say anything at all. Let’s see who breaks first


I’m aware now, never speak without a lawyer.


Edgar Maldonado
“We talk about how hot she was we became buddies And now his still in prison “ If i can’t talk to the police who can I talk too lmfao


Alex Znamensky
Would be interesting to see excerpts from interrogations in the presence of an attorney for comparison




Police: we’re about justice and truth Also police: deception, lies and intimidation. That’s how we get justice


Ive watched these videos, and the techniques are valid. Lawyer up. Thats the message. There is more. Don’t let the lawyer talk you into talking with the police. But these guys except for the one, were guilty.


I learned about not talking to the cops for the first time while taking the class to get my state’s concealed gun license. The guy teaching the class says there is only one way you deal with being questioned by the cops: All you have to do is repeat, “Lawyer. I am fully willing to cooperate, in 48 hours after I have my lawyer with me. Lawyer. Lawyer. Lawyer.” Repeat as needed till they let you go or get you a lawyer. Do not even give them your name without a lawyer present. Do not tell them how old you are without a lawyer present. Do not tell them what year it is, or who the president is, without a lawyer. Laywer, Laywer, Lawyer.




John A
I feel like there’s a lot of parallels between this and car sells




Vishan Singh
These guys are so good at their job they can get the innocent to confess…. Wait what ?




Michael Thompson
even if you’re innocent, there’s absolutely zero benefit to speaking the police.


Daniel Aramburo
The answer to all police questions is “lawyer”.


Sarah Leyva
OMG. They do this constantly in the court system.


There are mistakes (or at least important omissions) in the video. For example, @1:16 the police can’t lie to you about anything and everything. In the 2012 court case of “Commonwealth vs Baye” the courts put limits on the types of lies they can state. The conclusion of that case was: <> I’ll stop with just that one mistake.

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David Driscoll
Here’s what you need to do: ask “Am i being detained?” if they say no walk away. If they say yes respond to everything they say with “Give me a lawyer”. Say nothing else. Do not ‘ask’ for a lawyer. Do not ask if they think you need a lawyer. Do not listen to them tell you what demanding a lawyer means for you. Speak with confidence and DEMAND a lawyer without a single doubt in their mind that you will bend on the subject. NEVER confess to anything. It doesn’t matter if you’re standing there holding onto a knife that is still sticking out of someones chest and they are playing HD video of you stabbing the guy who banged your wife. There’s no need to rush.




Ugly Boy
If they had the evidence they wouldn’t need you to incriminate yourself




The thing is that a lie detector can’t prove you’re fully guilty, because it is very possible that it would be inaccurate.


Blah You’re going to talk shit anyways
If you’d had simply stated that you’re invoking your right to remain silent and to have a lawyer present during any and all questioning, this video would be irrelevant.




Just Because
So remember in the US, your guilty until proven innocent 🙂




KC Chiefs
They lie because a confession without enough evidence can promote the officer incredibly fast




Michael S
The fact police can lie about evidence is absurd. This should be grounds for a mistrial


Dom Owen
You should probably use different clips when trying to bring the police into disrepute. In at least one of those clips the guy butchered his whole family. And it’s better for both parties if a lawyer is involved as when it goes to court anything said is more credible.

Meer tonen



Michael Katz
IA: there has been so much discussion of confession in this thread. I’d say half my cases i never got the chance to talk to the suspect. That’s why I often got warrants BASED ON EVIDENCE. Of those who I talked to, many wouldn’t talk or lied. A few left confessed. It’s not like confessions are so necessary. They are more like icing on the cake. But they aren’t the cake itself. Confessions do lessen the chance of a case going to trial. The police dept doesn’t keep track of win/losses in court. They keep track of cases cleared by filing of charges, inactive (unsolved), or other clearance. What happens in court or if the case is rejected by the DA isn’t recorded by Investigation statistics. Supervisors review all reports so they know the job their detectives are doing. They have no control over DAs, judges, or juries. Just sayin.

Meer tonen



Mad Jack Churchill
Me to myself: everyone should know by now you don’t talk to the police. Also me: this is great content though, so go ahead, chit chat all you want.


P Pumpkin
“Well if you have all this evidence on me, I guess this whole interview is pointless.”




sweedish groove


Dog Dog
Jesus died and rose for you, believe onto Him for salvation know you stand comdemed and be saved. <3


Because they use tactics to seem like you’re winning when you confess.


Ethan Waldron
This reminding me of the exonerated five


My parents always say to me “Don’t say anything to them, just say I want my parents and lawyer.” And I will remember it forever.




First Name Last
Sad part is as an innocent person you think you are talking to them as a witness and trying to help them solve a case with whatever you may know.


Big Dave
i gotta tell ya man these folks are experts, they know exactly wot the hell they are doing




anthony white
In 10 minutes… incredible


Dave Adams
Police – a profession that not only encourages its members to lie but also rewards them for doing so. It’s no wonder they develop a feeling of being untouchable 😎


David Konevky
The second tip reminds me of a judge judy episode: Girl: he took my wallet, my ID, my giftcards, my earpiece, etc. Man: there was no earpiece in there ma’am! Judge Judy: congratulations, you played yourself




Peter Johnson
When they tell you you can leave. DO SO.




J Rena
The title says unfair while having a thumbnail of Chris how ironic can you get?


Michael Katz
My fair Ladybug: i’m not aware of anybody saying it makes you look guilty. Not to say individual cops, or jurors might not feel that way. But care about the evidence. Not how you feel about issues.


Jacob Dorn
I sense a conflict of interest here. I usually exercise my option near expiration.


now everyone who watches this will be immune to these interrogations lol




brittany Bradford
The police are never your “buddy”. It’s not in their job discription. I can’t believe ppl fall for their BS




Hydra zombie
There’s always collateral damage!


I don’t get why people don’t just say that they want a lawyer when told they have a right to have one present.


Nathaniel Whynot
I was once manipulated into admitting to a crime I didn’t commit to protect my family. They will use anything they can to get your confession just so they can complete their paperwork and move on to a new case. Innocent until proven guilty is just a formality to them. The truth doesn’t matter. Your guilty till proven innocent.


Now I can find out who ate my slice of pizza… Thank you Charisma On Command!




Euro Guy 85
OJ didn’t fall for these tactics, because he’s not weak 🤣


Mike Legare
A+ Video. Thank you.


Samuel Jesse Jonah
Right to remain silent often involves a trip to the dentist


why dont you walk away when offered and say you’ll be back once you go thru proescution’s material?


Rishot Nongkhlaw
Oh, so that’s why in the movies they always ask for a lawyer And i thought the characters were just being arrogant




john naile
It’s funny when they catch criminals lying and then they get all hurt by it, but when they lie about false evidence it’s just fine. 😂


Wandering Man
I’ve watched all these videos that this video is based off of.. hell yeah guys.


wayne booker
Jesus. This is where you stand up and say “I want a lawyer”, then walk out the door. If they really want you, the’ll put you in custody to keep you from leaving. I’m all for supporting police, but they don’t have your best interest as a priority. They want to close a case, and if you roughly fit the profile, you’ll do. I know this.


Dechlan Uzabeaga
Using his lawyer skill to make me buy his products 😉


Evyy Smoove
If they had enough to prosecute you, they wouldn’t be talking to you !!!




Qaib Tua Noj
When I was 17, I picked up two friends of friends. They had stolen speakers, we got pulled over. The Public (Pretender) Defender, told me to make the plea of “no contest,” and that it doesn’t mean I’m confessing or claiming, “guilty”…landing me in jail. It stayed on my record and it showed up when I was trying to join the Marines. Public Defenders (Pretenders) are useless. Never hire one, they work with the DA.


Nick Name
Good to know when they catch me killin’.


The one commonality here is not a single lawyer in any of these clips


Matthew Coleman
Id like to see legal eagle react to this


Ashley Thompson
In the wise words of Mike Ehrmantraut: L A W Y E R




In case anyone was interested, the tv show that a lot of the clips are from is called “Criminal: UK” it’s on Netflix and if your interested in this kind of thing, you’ll probably really like it.




Hitch Slap
I love how all of the videos you used are from JCS – Criminal Psychology channel, I guess you too are a fan of it eh?




Prince L
They should require 100% solid evidence like photos, videos or audio recordings. Anything else could lead to false convictions


cezmi kaloie
The only things you should say or ask the police are, ‘i want my lawyer’ and ‘ how about that lawyer?


Rupert Medford
Super interesting. Also, it’s odd that law enforcement is allowed, encouraged, trained to lie, deceive, coerce, mislead…. And they all have “integrity” on their car.




meme is my life
Thank you incase I became a criminal in the future I will remember this


Allan Greene
If they’re allowed to lie in that setting then yes you need attorney.. No exceptions..


Greg Galloway
Witness or suspect, YOU NEVER, EVER GO DOWN TO THE STATION FOR AN INTERVIEW! Witness, you’ll get a written statement as a suspect I don’t say a WORD. AND NO, I’m not taking a polygraph!


Grizzlyman K
Low key I’ve always wanted to get interrogated




Mentally Touchable
Interrogator: “We can’t falsify video footage.” Uhmmm… deep fakes?




Eremias Ranwolf
“I have nothing to say” period.


James Brookes
ALWAYS reply with either silence, or “no ceomment”, as is your right. their job is to get a conviction, whether you are innocent or guilty, always seek legal aid, be polite in your manners but NEVER give them a choesive or constructive answer other than your name and age.


Silvia van Gimst
Serious question: isn’t it illegal to say you have evidence when you have actually nothing? 🙈


8:35 but why doesn’t the guy have a damn lawyer with him who would tell him NOT to tell them anything?


John Walshaw
I learned this the hard way. Never trust CCTV footage, always “No comment” if you haven’t got an airtight story, and if you really feel the need to confess then wait until you’re in front of a Judge. The Police are there to arrest you, investigate you, and give you a court/bail date if the prosecution service wants to take it further, nothing more. They aren’t there to help you or be your friend.

Meer tonen





What on earth this is a crazy way of doing interrogations, how can that be legal?


oliver ireland
Woah who has confessed about the origins of COVID-19 😂


Gumnaam Aadmi
Remember Bill Stearn in Billions: ‘Lawyer. Lawyer! LAWYER! Lawyer. Lawyer. Lawyerrrr. Lawyer.’


In the clip at 1:40, the man being interrogated was innocent. He was mistaken for somebody fleeing the scene of a bank robbery and was brought in for interrogation.


Max Bushmich
Always always always ask for an attorney. The 5th amendment is such a powerful right




Eddee What
With their 1st question ur answer should always be lawyer. Would u like some coffee? Lawyer. Water? Lawyer. Cigarette? Lawyer


Caz Hickling
Interrogation strategy gaslighting technique associated with narcissist 👊


Christoph Schneeweiß
Easy fix: I will answer any question with one word: Lawyer. We have evidence. Lawyer. We have you on video camera! Lawyer and show me the footage once the lawyer is here. We know you don’t wash your feet regularly. Lawyer. Can’t be that hard.


Luke Mosley
Chris Watts isn’t the example I would have used 😂


remember, the police’s goal is to close cases. And that doesn’t happen until someone goes to jail.




Mr Phatmunkeyspew
Never take the credit or the blame for something you didn’t do


Vanshita Singh
All I can imagine is a criminal watching this lmao




Brayden Dulaney
Good I needed this knowledge for… Stuff


Syrup_in_my_cup 66
Thank you for this information sir


this is because the goal of the justice system is not to catch the culprit, but to find someone to blame




Daniel Lamb
Found my way here through JCS actually. Watching those interrogations made me sick to my stomach but maybe for different reasons. I disliked seeing police officers in what JCS in one of their videos called “an ethical vacuum” and if that meant they had to lie or be cruel, or deceptive, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “does this not degrade the sanctity of the law?” Thinking on it, I tried to imagine a justice system where interviews were not designed to break people (even innocent ones) down psychologically. It is a thought I’ve had in my head a couple of days now and haven’t found a fix, but nonetheless, that “ethical vacuum” just seems so wrong to me.


Just makes me not trust the cops even more, lol.


Benny Goodman
Is there any possibility to ask for a lawyer to be present while being interrogated? How is it a felony if you lie to the judge, police and interrogators can lie?


Infidel Heretic
Did not know they could outright lie to suspects. That is important to remember


*Blue Lotus* Nefertoum
It is never ever to your advantage to talk to the police in interrogations. Everything you say will be twisted that you are guilty.




Cringelord 69 420 haha funny
yo thanks for giving me advice on how to get away with murder my guy




Exit Only
Most detective shows on TV often show the investigators harassing and even physically intimated suspects to get a confession out of them. Somehow this is meant to be treated as commendable to the viewer, “Yeah! They got the bad guy!, so what if they violated his or her’s civil liberties!”. If the suspect in these shows lawyered up , most would never get convicted due to being tricked to give away something based on circumstantial evidence.


First words should be I want my lawyer followed by I plead the fifth.


I didn’t know any of this, now I’m dealing with trouble I feel I’ve falsely been accused of… I dont know what to do.


Britney isallyouneedtoknow
Those false confessions hurt my heart cause really, what are you supposed to do? You keep proclaiming your innocence and they use these methods on you.




Henry Lecomte
I want to admit my Guilt in a crime the year was 1700 and me and my Viking clan have taken over a land far far away


Chris M
first time getting arrested i learned of the 3 D’s Deny Deny Deny




Are there any videos of what happens when people pass an Interrogations both guilty and non guilty?


They like to ask loaded questions. Consider these two examples: 1) Did it rain yesterday? Please just answer yes or no. 2) Did it rain yesterday while you were running around murdering children? Please just answer yes or no.




M.F Heagle
Same tactics as car dealerships, “get you a coffee” “let me talk to my boss”, salesman is bad cop/finance manager is good cop, a simple transaction takes 4-5 hours so you start to get fatigued and give them whatever they ask just so you can get out of there.




Lendav Hobune
almost got sent to prison but i remembered to call my lawyer xd


Will Parker
And this is what needs to be explained to jury members by any defense lawyer when does the police officer taking the stand this officer is trained in how to speak to people like it is a guaranteed fact not that it is a fact but that is spoken that way


mvd 007
If I immediately ask for a lawyer they have to stop the interrogation right ?




ReaL y Ty 4 Real
The only acceptable answer to give a cop is: “I don’t answer questions” Unless they ask you: “Do you answer questions?” Then just don’t answer.




“Anything you say…. can… AND WILL… be used against you…” Do. Not. Talk. To. The. Police.


Wanted Universe
Damn this video is actually making it look like police are the criminals


One word guys, there is one word “LAWYER”


Javea S
Never forget about the Central Park five case. Imagine doing this to innocent children whose brains aren’t even fully developed yet (i.e. lack no fully developed judgment)🥴


Lawrence Gillespie
What I learned is that in some countries, it’s legal for police to lie to suspects to try and get a confession. That seems a bit messed up.




Activ3 Measur3s
When the title involves unfair police tactics, the last person you should have in the thumbnail is Chris Watts.


Anthony Sanchez
This information is crutial for everyone to know


Gerald Varelas
If this ever happens to me. I’m going to reply with “Ima take a nap 😌”




Max Wilson
You’re essentially just summing up and using the same clips as JCS criminal psychology


SweetDixiePeach 🍑
It really should be illegal for police to lie during an investigation interview.




Ramsay Bolton
There’s a reason even police officers get attorneys when questions, oh yea attorneys too. They get attorneys even tho they’re attorneys. It’s the smart play.


Lolli Pop
2:45 They ARE confident & she’s saying it w/ absolute certainty because she IS.


When a cop or a judge or a prosecutor gets in a jam, they call a lawyer. Let that be a lesson.


Alternate title: why you should never talk to police while alone.


1. Request a lawyer 2. Do not answer any questions 3. If in doubt, see 1




Mad Rush
They’re talented at making innocent and guilty people want to prove their innocence by “helping the police”.


Caz Hickling
These interrogation techniques are traits of narcissism. When manipulation is the way we get the truth. And in some cases false truth. We have to ask the question Is law enforcement using the correct procedures.




Bhavya Jain
Criminals while watching this video:. NOTE THAT DOWN NOTE THAT DOWN




Man the cops tried to get me to confess to a crime I didn’t do, i was at the wrong place at the wrong time and they just keep saying I did it but I never admitted to it and I got let go


They also make you sit in a corner, as you can see. Psychologically you’re meant to feel trapped.




Rosalie Bosma
that innocent man was used in another criminal psychology video to prove that his reactions to those false accusations were highly unnatural


Mohsen Kolahdooz
just tell the police “I’m not ganna lie to you man but I’m not ganna talk to you man!” . that’s ALL


Jay Simon
That’s how they got my father’s murder to confess. They went with it. Accepted a plea deal and only served 14 years.


“Nobody talks…everybody walks”


Sean Singh
The “do not talk to police” advice actually depends on what jurisdiction you’re in. In all of the USA the 5th amendment protects you until you decide to throw away that protection by opening your trap, many other places throughout the world have similar protections. In these places, the rule is simple and ironclad, the ONLY thing you say to the police is “I would like my lawyer”. Nothing else. However, if you’re in the UK or in Queensland, Australia, refusal to answer police questions can be taken as evidence of guilt by a court. So in those places, you need to know what to do and say as a life-skill before you ever get questioned. In other jurisdictions like India, police custody actually accounts for the overwhelming majority of custodial time served (i.e., courts are fairly light-handed but the system is so choked up that plenty of people spend many many years on remand), so in these jurisdictions, the game plan is more about knowing which cop to bribe, how to communicate the bribe, and how much to pay. So here you’d want to keep talking, be likeable, without admitting anything and avoid getting the cops offside.

Meer tonen





Julian B
I love videos like this , if anybody knows anything like this hmu