Angela van den Bogerd Devastates People’s Lives: A Tragic Account

Angela van den Bogerd is a prominent figure associated with the UK Post Office Ltd, particularly known for her involvement in the Horizon IT scandal. Here are the key points about her:

  1. Senior Positions at the Post Office:

    • Angela van den Bogerd held several senior roles at the UK Post Office Ltd, including People Services Director, Director of HR, and Chief People Officer.
  2. Horizon IT Scandal:

    • The Horizon IT system, used by the Post Office, led to numerous wrongful accusations of fraud and theft against sub-postmasters due to system errors.
    • Angela van den Bogerd played a significant role in the internal management and response to the issues arising from the Horizon system.
  3. Court Testimony:

    • She provided crucial testimony during the court cases related to the Horizon scandal. Her statements and the evidence presented highlighted the Post Office’s handling of the Horizon system’s faults.
  4. Criticism and Controversy:

    • Van den Bogerd faced substantial criticism for the Post Office’s inadequate response to the Horizon system issues and the subsequent treatment of the affected sub-postmasters.
    • The court found that the Post Office had failed in its duty to investigate the sub-postmasters’ claims adequately and had continued to prosecute individuals based on unreliable evidence from the Horizon system.
  5. Resignation:

    • In the wake of the scandal and the intense scrutiny that followed, Angela van den Bogerd resigned from her position at the Post Office.
  6. Impact of the Scandal:

    • The Horizon IT scandal had far-reaching consequences, including legal reforms and a public inquiry aimed at preventing such miscarriages of justice in the future.
    • The scandal highlighted significant governance and oversight failures within the Post Office, leading to broader discussions about corporate responsibility and accountability.

These points encapsulate Angela van den Bogerd’s professional trajectory and her involvement in one of the UK’s most significant corporate scandals.

1 Angela van den Bogerd took Bonus at height of PO fraud

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26 apr 2024

Ex-Post Office executive says Horizon issues were ‘outside my knowledge scope’
Angela van den Bogerd gave evidence for a second day at the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry in central London on Friday.
.10 hours ago
Post Office paid widow in instalments for silence
The Horizon scandal inquiry reveals details of the biggest miscarriage of justice in UK legal history.
.2 days ago
Post Office chief received bonus in same year she ‘misled …
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7 hours ago — Angela van den Bogerd told the Post Office Inquiry on her second day giving evidence she had received a sum in 2019 despite having lied under …
Ex-Post Office boss shown letter blaming company for sub- …
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3 hours ago — Angela Van Den Bogerd faces questions on the suicide of a sub-postmaster who was wrongly accused of stealing money due to Horizon, as UK Editor …
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2 “She Didn’t Take Any Responsibility For Her Actions!” Former Post Office Exec Refuses To Apologise

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26 apr 2024

A former top Post Office executive has refused to apologise for her role in the Horizon IT scandal, insisting: “I didn’t knowingly do anything wrong”.

Angela van den Bogerd began her evidence to the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry by saying that she is “sorry for the devastation” wrought on subpostmasters and their families.

But when pressed by Inquiry counsel Jason Beer KC, Ms van den Bogerd insisted she had been unaware of critical flaws in the Post Office’s IT system.

“You make no concession or admission that you did anything wrong”, said Mr Beer.

Ms van den Bogerd replied: “I didn’t knowingly do anything wrong.”

TalkTV’s Dr David Bull and Sarah Hewson are joined by journalist Nick Wallis to discuss.

Former Post Office executive gave ‘false’ evidence at high court, inquiry hears

Angela van den Bogerd questioned over 2018 testimony about remote access to Horizon IT system

A former senior Post Office executive gave “false” evidence to the high court about the ability of the Horizon IT system to be accessed remotely, a public inquiry has heard.

Angela van den Bogerd, who was business improvement director at the postal company, was asked about testimony she gave in 2018 in a lawsuit brought by the former branch operator Alan Bates and 554 others suing the Post Office over their persecution and prosecution because of the Horizon system.

The public inquiry was shown a “slew of emails” sent to Van den Bogerd in December 2010, 2011 and 2014 that referred to the fact that Horizon could be accessed remotely and branch accounts tampered with by Fujitsu, the Japanese company that developed the IT system.

Jason Beer KC, counsel to the inquiry, put it to Van den Bogerd that she had made a “false” statement when she told the high court she had only been aware of remote access to the IT system “a year or so” beforehand..

Beer said: “You’re telling the [high] court the first time you knew of the possibility of inserting transactions was in the last year … That was false wasn’t it?”

“At the time I didn’t think it was … The message on remote access kept changing,” she replied, adding that she could not remember seeing the 2010 email. In her witness statement, Van den Bogerd said she was not aware of remote access until after 2011.

She was also asked at the inquiry about a January 2011 meeting with Rachpal Athwal, a Dorset branch operator who had been sacked by the Post Office and wrongly accused of stealing £710 that had gone missing from her accounts, according to the IT system. A transcript of the meeting showed Van den Bogerd told those present that no one from the Post Office could remotely access or tamper with the branch accounts.

“In the light of the email you received a month before … what you said there wasn’t true was it?” Beer said.

“Post Office can’t … that is what I said there,” Van den Bogerd said, adding: “What I said there was correct.”

Beer replied: “No one in the Post Office can do this but Fujitsu can – that would be the open and transparent thing to say wouldn’t it?”

Van den Bogerd, who is giving evidence across two days, began by saying she was “truly sorry” for the suffering of the branch operators. She later said she “did not knowingly do anything wrong”.

The Post Office, which is owned by the UK government, pursued hundreds of branch operators for more than a decade, alleging financial shortfalls in their accounts and prosecuting them. It has since emerged the shortfalls were probably caused by bugs within the Horizon system.

The high court case found Horizon was unreliable and it paved the way for victims of the scandal to have their criminal convictions quashed.

Bates has been at the forefront of the campaign for justice, which was dramatised in the ITV drama Mr Bates vs the Post Office.

The public inquiry is examining the scandal, which has been described by MPs as the biggest miscarriage of justice in British legal history.

The hearing continues.

Former Post Office executive gave ‘false’ evidence at high court, inquiry hears

3 Post Office: Former executive accused of lying to inquiry

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4 Why Did Angela van den Bogerd Leave Post Office?

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27 apr 2024

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Why did Angela van den Bogerd Leave the Post Office? She explains her reasons to Jason Beer KC at the Post Office Inquiry citing personal disillusionment rather than professional experiences linked with the loss of multiple cases immediately prior to her departing the Post Office – most prominently the 2019 Bates and others GLO case as well as the criticism levelled at her by a high court judge.

5 Former Post Office executive denies ‘bullying’ subpostmistress

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6 Angela van den Bogerd Outlines Extensive Post Office Experience

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26 apr 2024

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Angela van den Bogerd Outlines her Extensive Post Office Experience to Jason Beer KC as she begins her testimony at the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry.

Angela van den Bogerd started as a Counter Assistant in 1985 before steadily rising the ranks to various executive level positions at the Post Office before being made redundant shortly after the 2019 Bates and others GLO case win.

7 ‘Five potential targets’ in Post Office investigation

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8 Post Office scandal: ‘I’m sorry that I didn’t see through the lies,’ says Ed Davey

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We learn the lessons in terms of the systemic failures across all of these different organizations (at minute 5)

There are about 3000 postmasters going through the compensation schemes at the moment.

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