Top tech companies sued over child cobalt mining deaths in Congo – Blog

How else are we going to get our cobalt so we can drive our environment saving Teslas?
Cynthia Ray
Children are also enslaved in Mica mines! Mica is a mineral used in cosmetics! This is horrible and cowardly to use children in this way!!! This must stop now and these children should be protected!
Sue!!! This is so disgusting that these companies are apart of this.
So generous of the viewers who are actively benefiting from cobalt pricing, the lack of product chain regulation and the benefit this has for the western civilization to send ONE black kid over in Africa to school…wow so incredible 😲😲😲
Hal Abuur Carte
Shame of African leaders who neglected their own resources and their people
Robert and the Cavalry
They mean Coltan (not cobalt, similar words) But they are fighting the right fight. Pure horror
Rob Waters
I am sure the mining company have told Elon that the employees have excellent working conditions.
let me know when you plan on interviewing the GOVERNMENT!! I can bet they have their greedy hands in this shameful thing!!
Edwin Rice
People seem to be repeating the same tired answer that if something was done that they would be taking income away from these people’s families. Completely missing the economic reality that what they need isn’t to necessarily stop, but to get COMMENSURATE COMPENSATION for what they are doing. Look down the supply chain to what value these commodities actually offer as opposed to what the source of the commodities receive. This is the story of Africa. Literally the richest continent on Earth, but not adequately compensated for what it offers to the world/what the world forcefully takes from it. And to the racists that incessantly and ignorantly banter on in their echo chamber, it is the intentional instability caused by western powers through their militaries, intelligence services, and hundreds of years of experience disturbing countries all over the world that is at the root of Africa’s problems. It is not the Africans themeves, as they so love to nauseatingly drone on about. It is their own brethren that cause the chaos and then profit handsomely. It has been that way at least since the carving up of Africa in the 1800s. If Africa and Africans were in control of their own resources, it would be a whole different game..but ‘they’ can’t have that, now can they? 🤔😒🙄
Congolese people should be the wealthiest people in the world 🤔
lakshya varshney
Elon Musk was blamed for stealing lithium(I don’t know about the validity ) as well .all the countries which are even below the progressing third world always suffer because of these .
Earl Franklin
All good and well until everyone starts complaining about the price hikes for their next electronic purchases. Just saying. Child labor is outrageous no matter where it is employed. India, China and many other countries are guilty of child abuse. but not all countries have or want American values. Doesn’t make it right, but this is a problem that has been going on far too long. I think the only way to fix these practices will take a major change in third world economics. But then, this is way over my pay grade.
Miss Tsunami
So they sue and they wanna tell us that any benefits will ever go to anyone of them? Yea of course. It’s again someone else who makes a profit out of this, as if anything of help ever goes where it belongs
Thunder Storm
This is why I’m a nationalist . All political parties love this .It’s their system.
Yet Elon Musk in questioning bitcoin sustainability
String Monkey
I’d like to know what tech companies have to do, with China’s child labor laws in their Cobalt mines. They should be suing the mine owners, not those who buy the product. Do they even have child labor laws, in the Congo? If not, shouldn’t they? Is China purchasing these children’s lives, in return for infrastructure?
James Hoffman
Too bad the lawyers pressing this suit are so incompetent or disingenuous that the one EV company named is the one that’s squeezing Co out of its batteries (only 20% Co content of industry norm) and has effective ethical sourcing policies.
I am surprized in a year this story has not gotten almost no publicity…
Johanna St. Pierre
that was some cringe worthy saviorsm
Epic Elon Musk Moment
At least have the decency to have the kids wear exoskeletons to at least make the work bearable.
Dori Tos
All talk. Empathy just for show like other who portray their caring feelings.
This is very very sad.
sparkly albatross adventure
Why not demand better working conditions. And pay the workers. And supply them with food and equipment.
Fidel Castro had a point about capitalism.
It’s a shame these kids should be in school and they make sure they won’t pay enough to open better mines with better tech. Africans need to wake up.
Jo Molololo
Lmao good luck , unless the mining company is directly own by one of those big tech companies
The sad part is everyone is supporting this from buying their products.
When you call yourself aka super power …first world .and being racist toward originals….think again..unless u stop this greed ..your time is counting …
Jordan Forbes
Sickening that these companies who are some of the largest most valuable companies in the world have turned a blind eye to their supply source.
Angel Bennett
Jack HandMa
I feel a bit guilty for owning an electronic device to watch this video.
austin ken
I’m tired of digging holes Big tech: well thats to damn bad!
shrodingers cat
This is how your eco friendly electrical saves planet
Ante Radeljic
2.5 million subscribers and only 2000 wiews… west doesn’wanna know, they belive that they are ‘victim’
ServantoftheoneTrueGod AlmightyGod
Paul Kagame of Rwanda and his M23 rebels stealing coltan and cobalt from Congo destabilising the place.
Secrète Obsession
So if there’s a lawsuit does the money go to the families as I hope there not benefiting from this who made the allegations
Zena Shabani
You guys stop orredy.what have we done wrong to reserve this.??shame on you.😢😢😢
People in Norway bragging about their Electric Cars and Feel the best people in earth because of Clima change 🤦‍♀🤦‍♀🤦‍♀🤦‍♀
Please think of a non-capitalistic solution for this problem and post it here ! You will be rememberd.
Nestor Aleman
What makes this illegal. If you see parents with their kids trying to get money for their family….is it unhealthy to mine it…well how Bout the people who then take the cobalt,…and then turned into batteries…which then we all use …mmm
We have no cobalt in the USA. I wonder if the DRC wont let companies come in and build factories and bring mining equipment. Canada mines Cobalt.
they look happy to be digging and making money.
Jim Kozenchik
Just keep giving them the super bowl losing teams shirt’s and they can keep given us the cobalt,, ahhh the precious cobalt, good, good,,let the hate flow through you..
Quique Saenz
The hole world we should be shamed of this kids. We all are Hypocrites, because we purchased this products
Samsung and LG be like: Apple what the heck
Evans Kimemia
this kid will never own a labtop or even a smartphone but they suffer like this..its a shanme
M. Rici el Original#1
Get all their 💰 all of it 👉💰
proto hipster
Wow Elon musk is so wholesome 😳🥈🥈🥇🥇he makes the kids play minecraft irl 🏅😳😳🎖️wholesome 100 big chungus [everyone liked that]
Kevin Anderson
Are these kids being paid at least? Wow
omg lol they said its a different child ffs am done hahaaa 7:55 / 8:03
Moe Gains
“Testar” oh those Brits..
Savage Stephen
I thought we stopped racism?
gotta break some eggs to make a omelet..
Cow Liver
there ain’t nothing new on the earth.
Big Chungus
nooooo elon musk is wholesome1!1!1!1!
karla Hammond
Spirit Voios
Censored as minimun yt to not see the dramatic true of african child
David Sparks
Congolese president Mr. Felix Tshisekedi is to be blamed.
Zena Shabani
Is not our fault we have the richest country on the planet Every one want us dead I mean every one.this is verry sad.
Yeah, let the dirt poor go back to doing nothing, but being dirt poor….