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Rhoshail Jackson
Just finished this book! 5 Stars! I applaud Mr. Hinton for having unwavering faith, Mr. Bryan Stevenson for his untiring work on Mr. Hinton’s behalf, and Ray’s best friend Lester. Gail is right. Everyone needs a friend like Lester.
I am over here crying severely! This is such a tragic yet inspiring and uplifting story! What a remarkable man!
Thank you for featuring this story. I just finished the book and it really is a page turner. So well written, what a story. I hope Mr. Hinton lives a long, happy FREE life for the remainder of his days.
E. Renard Jackson
The fact that this man has not been issued an apology is criminal.
L. Laurenti
I had just finished reading the short life of Emmitt Till. My entire body was writhing with mental pain. I was looking on Amazon for a book on the life of Mussolini, because, as an Italian, I thought I needed to know more about him. I came across “THE SUN DOES SHINE”. I almost bypassed it, because I did NOT see a photograph of the author on the cover page. I went to a book club and there it was. I bought this book. It is what I call a TREASURE for all the peoples (meaning nations) of the Earth who feel that they do NOT get justice and who are so strongly yearning for the smallest measure of it thereof. Sadly, there are those who are happy that so called Justice System is scintillating just for them. Just imagine that there are already 24 such humans who have chosen to thumbs-down this video. That the police literally promised Mr. Hinton that he would NEVER be found not guilty, because the policemen were White, his defense lawyer was going to be White, the prosecutor was going to be White, the judge was one and the jurors were going to be ALL White. Due to such dire hatred and pure EVIL, that INNOCENT man spent almost 30 years in JAIL for CRIMES ..inclusive of MURDERS that he did NOT commit! I now begin to have a much better understanding than ever…of what the Blacks in the US are bemoaning – day after day…NO JUSTICE! The scenes from this book are poignant, heart-wrenching and so mentally wrecking that it became quite difficult for me to read it in a few sittings. I can easily ready a 850-page novel in a SINGLE day…NOT this book! I could only read a single chapter at a time… salty tears blinding my vision and wetting the almost-sacred pages of TRUTH. I am finished. May this man’s life on Earth be EXTENDED by God! May he find time to tell that kind of story to the younger generation of his race! May his FAITH and PATIENCE never cease to permeate and perpetuate! My eyes opened towards your visits over the US cities. Hopefully, I shall be around…just to look upon you and heave a sigh of relief. It is extremely coincidental that you entitled your book “THE SUND DOES SHINE”. Why? there is a very simple axiom in the Italian language which I always repeat to those in dire calamities:GLI OCCHI DEL DIO sono SEMPRE APERTI (The Eyes of GOD are always OPENED)! What I say to people at the end of any conversation is IL MIO AMORE FRATERNO…My brotherly love!
Roxanne M
Thank you for bringing this extraordinary true story and this incredible man to everyone’s attention!
Ela A
May GOD cover him in every single blessing there is on this planet!!!!!! My heart is broken. This man is a hero <3 God cover him in every single blessing!
Val McLeod
💛💛Immediately ordered this book today. Mr. Hinton is the epitome of his middle name: A Ray of hope, love and grace personified. Extraordinary human spirit!!!!💛💛 #KeepShining
Krishna Tiwari
OMG . God bless this man . Yes sun does shine.
Kory Douglas-Davis
So touching … I have to get this book to receive more knowledge!!
Jason Weaver
Wow what a despicable, yet beautiful story. Makes me wanna buy his book today. 30 years of this man’s life stolen all because the color of his skin. 😞
Krishna Tiwari
I ordered this book last night . So excited 😆
Skyelar EmeryEagle
From death row to released and on a panel with Oprah talking about a book – talk about a comeback
Miss Oprah Winfrey…You are a beautiful human being who will never be forgotten…
Off to Amazon right now!!! What a hero he is!! 😘
Benjamin Robinson
I love your grace and courage, May God continue too bless you.!!!
jeffrey bynum
Risalind Wright
Powerful, moving, gripping and much much more. Not by our might, power but by the Holy Spirit.
Jess Sal
Lester, is amazing. What a legacy that man is. Amazing human
This story will become a movie !!!!
I bought Mr. Hinton’s book and I must agree that I could not put it down. I read throughout the late nights and could not understand how someone could remain so kind hearted after all that happened to him. It was his mother’s spirit that kept him. This is how Southern Black mothers used to raise their children, much different than Northern or western mothers. They were very precious people.
Started this book today. Wow! Hard to put down.
Jewell C Moore
When Oprah wipes your tear…..
Court Jenkins
Made me cry. Remarkable man
And nothing has changed, still so many people behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit
I love Oprah and respect her so much!
Derrick Crawford
This made me cry. God bless you, sir
Lazarus Lynch
I could weep! Picking up my copy RIGHT AWAY
i just happened upon Ray’s story at my library and now i too want to hand this book out to the world.
Roxana Alvarez
Anthony Ray Hinton ” remember none of us are the worst thing we have done and right now , wherever you are , whoever you are you can reach out to your fellow man or woman and bring your own light to the dark places.” How powerful ! He s speaks compassion !
M. James
What a story!! Bless his❤
Gene Vricella
God bless Anthony Ray Hinton. You are the best of men. You took the worst possible situation and survived for 30 years never losing your faith. You inspired so many people. Thank you for your example, for your story, and for your amazing life!
Maipelo Molathiwa
I need a Lester in my life
Maipelo Molathiwa
Just finished reading the book,I feel like I no the man,God bless you Ray
Gil Wadsworth
wow. i want to read Mr. Hinton’s memoir. Thanks for presenting me this opportunity to do so.
Arijit Mukherjee
I just finished reading the book, I don’t know what to say. I just searched for Anthony Ray Hinton in Google and I clicked this video. I want to thank Destin from Smarter Everyday channel for recommending this book. I will now hear Ray speak.
I’m so glad he got out of jail and was able to live some life after that awful. His spirit was so kind after having to be incarcerated for so long and was innocent. Amazing story.
Silver Foxx
Wow. I need to get this book.
River Moon
Oprah wiping his tears is beautiful. Imagine 30 years and not feeling the touch of kindness.
Candy Williams
Tears over here smh my God! I’m going to Barnes and Noble to get this book.
Cornelius White
“Banging on the bars.” Tears. I’m sure the screenplay is in the works, if not done already.
Lavida Roberson
Damn he was FINE & is still a very handsome man!!! So sad that happened to him!!! Awesome man!!!
Quinn Cole
Solid freind respect!! Every week for 30 years rns ✊🏾💪🏾
Wanda Ballard-Bryant
Thank you Lester… And Mr Hinton for sharing your story… I need a Lester 💚 a true friend indeed💜
Stephanie McLemore
God bless Mr. Hinton!! And Oprah wiped his tears!!! I just LOVE her!! ♥️ Humility ♥
Queen Royalty
This Was Predestined by The Creator for this moment in Time… Never give in, give out and give up. There is always something Bigger at work that you can’t even fathom..
Green Orchid
Sometimes prayers is ALL black people have AND grace is the hope of all
The state of Alabama had never apologized or compensated Him for this Injustice! Will the officers that arrested him be charged?
Just bought the book
Passion Kairos with Ann-Marie Emmanuel
The sequel book has to be on LESTER!
Mel Tax
Wow! I’d love to meet him!
Nona Britton
Wow, Thank God he is free, & for Lester
Mischka TAMAS
thank you for this! forgiving is the only way to go!wow yes
King Smith
I heard his story on Oprah’s podcast and thought I was hearing Steve Harvey talk. #rayofhope
Wanda Ballard-Bryant
Here after seeing Just Mercy with my Grandmother who is 80 years old. These stories took her back to her time growing up in Louisiana 🤦🏾‍♀😥😭 On my way to order #rayofhope#
cloud 07
it’s unbelievable, beyond believe, beyond human evil imagination. 😢 imagine how many people worked along this crime, the judges, the jury, the prison guards. how can this be? 😢
Jack beavers
Mr. Hinton is a huge inspiration and my hero. As a combat Veteran it makes me sad to say that I hate the United States because of the inequality and such a evil corrupt judicial system. The U.S. does not deserve to have any military person to shed blood for a country that has such a corrupt judicial system. I am a white male who has experienced first hand the corruption of the judicial system. My three daughters were taken from me and my wife by CPS for a false allegation. They have been taken from us for one year and nine months now. I was told by the Special Assistant Attorney General and the judge that in juvenile court, an allegation proves guilt. I was not arrested for any criminal crime but yet an allegation is keeping my daughters in foster care. Just like Mr. Hinton, I will never accept guilt when I have been innocent from day one. I will never compromise my integrity, honor and reputation. I will continue to fight CPS until my death to get my daughters back and my innocents proven. The U.S. is not the greatest home of the free and home of the brave.
Odette Abungwo
tear and tears. it is so emotional
Camila Look
The sun does shine on the good and the bad..
Janet's BFF
So sad most police are so angry and aggressive with citizens of all colors. I wish the righteous officers would speak up!!! 🙏🏽
Dee WArD
Thank God for his Grace and. Mercy
Egzon Veliu
Omggg he is so sweet i wanna hug himm😂
Lester is a friend everyone should have. What brotherly love. Can you even imagine the anguish of his mother. Mama your baby was set free. Thank you God for answering his mother and Lester prayers. Shame on the criminal just us system in this country.
Peanut Butter
Immediately I have ordered this book
dierdre mccormick
Every white person who was involved in this man’s torture is no better than an animal. Sadly, people like this do still exist, and will not die out until their teachers (parents, etc) die out. All good men look forward to this.
Alikea Zitzlsperger
Big up u slef Lester u a real real friend for life God bless you
Marguerite Auten
I would love to meet this gentleman
Godwin Lawrence
What a story, thank you God for the life of this man that you spared right on time. Thank you Lord.
Deja Curry
It’s like the movie Life for real.
Anthony Stewart
Forgiveness. These evil people value the forgiveness of such noble men so poorly. Alabama is still a mess today. God bless CBS for sharing this story.
Pinz Chall
Respect to anthony, you are a stronger man than i. After what you have gone through you have forgiven! God bless you.
Farrah Elie
Watching this after watching Just Mercy !
So knowing all of this why do you not start a protest to stop this. Having Oprah March with you would be amazing?
can’t wait to read this
Jean Robert S.
man……this is deep
S Lee
I think he and Gail make a nice couple.
Demetrius WILLIAMS
I just ordered this book, I got my tissue box ready…
As I heard his last comment about the support they gave each other banging on the bars as their cell mates went to their deaths, I thought they are all there because of truly horrific crimes yet they are acting as if they are really great people in spite of it all. Then I thought that as God forgives, understands and loves, so do these people. The ones who die (apart from the few unfortunate innocents) are paying the ultimate price for their crimes. But their cellmates are teaching them and themselves about true humanity in their last hour. Powerful stuff and food for thought.
Steve H
This is why we kneel.
Lester is a saint
Charles Woods
God is good! I pray that your life and your prosperity is multiplied sevenfold!
Essomo Serge
This should be in a movie.
Aminah Rolsdorph
What a wonderful Soul.. I am Feeling a sense of Shame about White Primacy History.. It’s Deeply shameful & such arrogance which is Not Human. I pray God Will compensate you in both Worlds.. I respect you very much
Nicky roze
This is America…
br ha
Here’s the truth. The only way to overcome the inherent hate for each other, selfishness, hate of authority, and prejudice that all people have for each other is to turn to God. There is no power on earth which can cause the necessary change of heart to overcome “human hate”, except that which comes from The One and Only Higher Power….the God of the Bible.  Though not now, but previously this nation was a nation which focused on God, that largely worshipped and honored God by their obedient, humble, caring, and love toward God. Only when we recognize the Supreme Authority of God, and follow His holy son Jesus Christ, and in turn first and foremost, love and obey God, will we then have the courage and integrity to in turn really love and care for each other (Mark @-31). God is the ultimate force who determines and governs human morality and conduct, and as such will in turn be the ultimate Judge of all people who ever existed.  Through God there is glorious hope for a sinful people, nation, and / or world….if we all have the courage, internal strength, and integrity to turn back to Him in faith, repentance, and baptism into Christ, but until each person will do so, sinful behavior toward others will be predominant.
Wilson Davyes
Denzel and Michael B Jordan for both the young and older roles. Do you hear me, Spike Lee? Cheers!
This is a great man
Naveen H
Oprah’s eyebrows are on point!
Lord, what so many went thru . . . go thru
Terry Allen
Awesome Anthony Ray Hinton
Renee Kendrick
Saw the movie Just Cause. Great movie!! This is horrible that the justice system is still so unfair still today!!!! 2020
Yasmin Al Kathiri
Where are those cops who arrested him????they should be held accountable!!!
steven Anderton
What a forgiving guy don’t think I cud
Yalonda Russell
Not that it’s none of my business.. But I’m so surprised that Oprah didn’t write this man a check.to get on his feet… I’ve been following this case and i read where he’s out of jail and they didn’t compensate him at all for being locked up for 30yrs. And i read how he’s out here doing interviews but only have 12.00 in his pocket… That’s so sad… If i would of won that billion dollar lottery jack pot I myself would of look for him… Ijs
What a shame. God is able. I wonder where those men are. One day real justice will be served by Jesus Christ; judgement day.
Mike C
I Apologise Ray.😪
Xavi Yen
Isaiah 42:22 – “But this is a people robbed and spoiled; they are all of them snared in holes, and they are hid in prison houses: they are for a prey, and none delivereth; for a spoil, and none saith, Restore.”
USA should review the justice system Many innocent people waiting justice behind bars
Johnson Hunglo
Alabama, Georgia, and Texas!!!
Kari Christensen
I hope she gave him money to live a nice life.
Theresa Wooten
I ordered it too..  That poor innocent man.  Our criminal system needs a kick.  The effing lawyers..all out for $$..  With no care for the “life” of a human.
Judy Brown
Good book Nettie Boo
Renee Kendrick
So no $$money from the state for a wrongful conviction. Just lock them up & oops our mistake, carry on!!! This is horrible the way society keeps our ppl locked away with out a cause
Oprah looks the same! She doesnt age.
Sam A
I am a white russian gay guy and i am crying.
Anthony Vaughan
8 cats
Don’t they have enough Money already ¡¡¡¡
Jacory Woods
Hate that this comes from my home state
R. Ann Rousseau
There goes Gayle again White, white, white. We are European Americans. Show us some respect. White is the N word to European Americans.
Brian Pearis
I hope Oprah gave him some money to get back in his feet.
Z Ro
Stop forgiving our enemies!
R. Ann Rousseau
Too depressing. Call it Oprah’s,Black author book club. Always oh poor baby stories. Yawn