“I Spent 30 YEARS In Prison For A Crime I DIDN’T COMMIT!” | Anthony Ray Hinton – Blog

Imagine being lock up for 30 years for something you didn’t do, just because you didn’t have the money to prove your innocence. This tears me up bro😪
Bob Yang
This man could’ve easily blamed the world for the injustices he received, but instead he decided to share his story. Respect.
Jaxx - Inspire Grow Create
I couldn’t do it. Much respect for this man
I honestly don’t know how this guy spent 30 YEARS in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and never gives up
“If we can teach people to hate we should be able to teach them to love”-Anthony Ray Hinton 7:117:16
T D.
“Bitterness kills the soul.” Wow. “If you can teach people to hate we can teach them to love.” Thank you for that wisdom and for giving us the privilege of your testimony.
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It’s truly heart breaking that so much of his life was lost due to the injustice he faced. What’s worse is such circumstances are still happening today
Rosezina Jones
I am crying, my brother experienced almost the same situation in 1968. The system gave him life for something he had knowledge of. My beautiful brother was 21, lost everything because of a racist system. May God be with him. This brother story is do emotional for me because of injustice on blk men. May God blessings be with him always.
James D. Bass
Im a grown man and this brings tears 😢 😭 to my eyes. The injustice done to this man, and other African Americans.
When your child leaves the home to go about normal daily stuff. The deep trepidation we have is about such injustice. This man should get the nobel peace prize due to his unending faith and patience. This made me weep for him and all the others who still have no voice.
A Helpful Earth
To anyone reading this: never give up. This man is proof that if you keep fighting for what is true then there will be light at the end of the tunnel. I believe in you 💚✌🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍
Simon Berko
I feel the pain of this man but the most pain i feel is those that couldn’t get the chance to prove their innocent. They die knowing they did nothing. That’s painful.
Deleted User
I can’t even imagine sitting 30 years in prison. That’s twice my life…
He helped so many people in jail..teaching them compassion….What an amazing meaning, what an amazing mother and son. God bless you!
Derek O Professional Truck Driver
I got Anthony Ray Hinton’s book on Audible- “The Sun Does Shine”. After listening to that and hearing his entire story, I try to NEVER feel sorry for myself. I also use an umbrella a lot less these days. What an incredibly strong man!🙏🏾 What an incredible miscarriage of justice.😔 Thank goodness he survived to tell his story. Please get his book.
Fudge Sickle
You are such a genuinely good person. Thank you for teaching that man how to love and I agree with you he left a better man. You helped save his soul and changed him into a loving man. God bless you and I’m so happy you got out!!!!
Evelyn Avanti
I feel so privileged to have met Anthony Ray, to have shaken his hand and looked him in the eye and told him, “You, sir, are my hero.” He is such a source of inspiration to me.
I am in awe of Anthony’s deep faith and strength. Thank you for sharing this story!
Nothing can repay his 30 years for something he didn’t do. It’s terrible that people go through this. This breaks my heart so much. I wish the best of luck to everyone and hope you achieve your goals👊❤
Matt Powers - The Permaculture Student
“Compassion Doesn’t Know What Color You Are” – Anthony Ray Hinton
Vincent Jackson
I got out of prison almost a year ago and I read his book. Brought me to tears. He inspired me to finish my degree and now I’m getting my masters.
Dian Powell
I love this wise soul and I hope God comfort and keep this man. Bless your sir.
I would find that police officer and lock him up for the rest of his life. If he’s dead they should strip him of any awards or rank he achieved while in the police force cancel any pension and put a sign over his grave stating his crimes.
just me
The real judge is waiting for them after life.
What a powerful character!!! Massive respect to you sir🙏
The Stream of Life
My heart goes out to this brave man ….
Jane Lightning
Sorry for the injustice, Sir. You are a great man!
Bonnie Peele
That’s why I am against the death penalty.
Rosezina Jones
Correction the system gave by brother life in 1968 for something he had no knowledge of. My brother is deceased now, but this story of this brother is very sad. God showed the world the mental and spiritual strength this brother had due to his deep love for his mother and the principles of life she taught him. When I learned of this story all I could do is cry and think of my brother. Everyone in America and around the world should know his story. Peace and blessings too you and all of those who dedicated their life too set him free.
Jacinta Rooke
Heart breaking, I can’t believe you’re still so sane, God bless you sir you showed love where most believe it impossible, you’re an angel, God has a plan for everyone
haarshan haarshan
Determination, self-confidence, honesty,patients and love brought this man out from jail but very sad.. can’t imagine his pain and struggles.. tears….
How strong is this guys mental and hearts strength god give him a fullfiling life
Shayne O'Neill
The hardest thing about this story is his poor mother died before her precious son was freed. How heartbreaking for both Anthony, and his beloved heartbroken mother. No compensation could ever make that right.
Sharon Roberts
Thank you for posting this story it is definitely something to encourage a person to remain faithful in the dark of times and we about to see some real dark stuff in 2021 it has encouraged me
So sad!! Although he lost alot of years he can’t get back, I’m glad he was released. #JUSTICE
uptown Outlaw
God bless this man!!
Vincenzo Speranza
I’m sorry what happened to you Anthony, you are a strong and inspirational man,send you my blessings, peace and love to you brother, Vincenzo _ Australia
This too shall pass. We can never understand people’s pain , I pray EVERYTHING he lost would be restored in doubles. This world is so beautiful but the people are broken.
Matt Powers - The Permaculture Student
“And so I asked God to let the truth come out” – Anthony Ray Hinton
Marguerita McHenry
Such a sad story but a great ending. Rip to mom and many blessings to this man who never gave up.
Such a sad story of a life that could’ve been someone and they just threw him away even though he did not do nothing!!! Most of your life 30 years!! Thank God people helped him thru this!!! But even 16 long years just to get a new trial!?!? So outrageous! Total injustice
Jacob Celmer
This has to be one of the most powerful videos I have ever seen. Bryan Stevenson is a hero and men like him and fictional men like Atticus Finch are why I chose to study the law.
Ray Naygen
He has a lot of character and a whole lot of faith God Bless you sir
•Kind Soul•
Wow such a kind Soul, no bitterness or revenge in his heart. Now that’s a quality to admire!
So sorry this happened, but what a powerful testimony. Anthony Ray Hinton made and is making a difference. A real chaplain of Yah. The courts are messed up today; only rich citizens can get a shot at justice. Even then, there is so much corruption. Hallelujah that he was at last released.
Katelynne Riehl
This man is amazing. It breaks my heart, all the injustice he had to suffer. I read his book “the sun does shine” and it was an amazing eye opener .
john mantovani
I am so happy for this wrongly convicted man. One innredible human…. No amount of money can repay him for 30 years. I love this man okay. He is a pure Christian and incredible Survivor.
My 14 year old son shared this with me – what a great story for him to see, what a role model to consider. All kids should watch this, to better understand justice and injustice, racism and forgiveness. Amazing guy, happy he finally was freed.
Farhana Darr
What an amazing human being, a story of strength and faith !!
This guy literally has the sweetest, gentlest energy. This is what someone else said about him at the time: But more so than the evidence, I have never had as strong a feeling in trying any other case that the defendant just radiated guilt and pure evil as much as in the Hinton trial. —PROSECUTOR BOB MCGREGOR <– this idiot.
José Alfonso Chávez Portillo
I just can’t understand how much hate the world has to the point of convicting someone for something he didn’t do just “because”. First time I hear about this man and his story and honest to God I’m crying now. I am glad he is out of death row and happy that he can now tell his story so we can know about how unfair the system was to him. God bless him.
Ashlee Bubbles
A piece of my heart just broke for good watching this. There is absolutely NOTHING anyone can do to make it up to this man. His mama… Oh my God.
“Just because someone does you wrong, don’t mean that you should go do them wrong”
Alex Kessell
“Bitterness kills the soul” very profound statement!
Patricia B
Bitterness kills the soul. He is right about that. What a strong sane man. He had enough reasons to be bitter but he chose not to 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Ariana Oyola
This can’t keep on happening, please do anything and everything you can do to reform the justice system.
His love, compassion, and reverance for God freed him and the truth always prevails! Love will always conquer evil 🙏🙏🙏
Michael Munns
This world has to much hate in it. Love is powerful, it can save lifes and its something we all need. Show love, not hate and make someone smile not cry. Be the difference.
Daniel Molla
Unbelievable!! Wow, no bitterness after 30 long years wrongly imprisoned…Thank you Anthony. God bless you.
What an incredible story and amazing human being.
Makes me so mad and sad. This wont ever change until the justice system does. Its so corrupted and so sad people choose pay cheques/job titles over a humans life.
Kim Jasmine
Glad that at last justice is done finally. This world is so evil, controlled by the prideful, the rich and the powerful and the liars. Wishing this man all the best and will live his life to the fullest. May God deal with people who purposely accused him knowing very well there is no evidence to prove so. All because he is poor and do not have the resources to prove his innocent.
Denise Dawson
This is extremely heartbreaking story. However I’m glad there’s a better ending. 30 years is a long time. I have a family member who’s been locked up for over 20 years so far. For a crime he didn’t commit in the state of Florida. I believe racism was involved in his case as well. We don’t have money for a good lawyer. So this story really hit home for me. This makes me question why does life have to be so hard ?
Avish Maharaj
This man deserves an honor truly inspiring
Jocelyne Patrick
“I don’t care whether you did or didn’t do, I’m gonna make sure you are found guilty”🙌…these words keep playing in my mind.
Nickolena Turcotte
I did read his book, he is an amazing strong person. I pray he is blessed at this point behond measure. I just dont know how he did it , i cant even imagine….
Katrinka San Francisco Bay Area
I’m so sorry Mr. Ray Hinton I’m just so sorry for all of this😪 Much love and respect from katrinka in the San Francisco Bay Area
he has a book about it and its just an amazing book its called “the sun does shine”
To that special person reading this: from the bottom of my heart, and every cell of me, I pray for out of this world happiness for you that you soon cry out of joy! You deserve every happiness!
Ben gomes
I feel that when this happens, you should get at least a doctors annual salary for how many years served behind bars from the judicial system. With an additional pension to begin at 100 percent of that annual income with free healthcare, and any other services
Cade Britt
It herts so much to hear these story’s. I’ve been there with black friends as was treated in the same racist manner. Jumped by seven racist cops. Nine charges filed against me. Thank God it was filmed and charges dropped. If I didn’t sue. I believe the film would have disappeared if I didn’t agree.
Anthony Mensa
Very emotional. God is a just Judge. He will judge those Judges
Paula Ousley
I just watched another man relating his story of being in jail forty four years, he is out now cause he was innocent. These stories are disgusting and I’m so sorry to hear your story This world is a sick place and full of evil and alot of the evil have badges.Alot of evil are in high places and they wear different masks. I HOPE THE REMAINING YEARS YOUR HERE Are blessed in unbelievable happiness. I am so sorry for the years you’ve lost, God bless you.
Imagine a person a supposedly human person who can tell another person that he didn’t care if the person was guilty or not of the crime , he’s going to jail.
Winter Nightsky
This poor man/his beautiful mom. I think I’m in tears more so because of his mom never getting to see her innocent son be proven innocent/set free😭😭😭😭😭 I couldn’t imagine being hunted because of my skin color/jailed for 30 years for a crime I didn’t commit. Brave/smart/beautiful man.
E&E that's me
Mr Anthony I just watched this for first time! I just want to say , I’m so sorry to hear this! A innocent Man was done wrong bad! I hope everyone spread the word you innocent just like they spread you guilty! 💔💔💔❤❤❤🌺🌺🌺🌺
You know what both this man, Anthony Ray Hinton and Henry are bad-asses. They bond they built up in prison is just amazing and heartfelt. Hollywood should make a film outta this.
Hona Wikeepa
“Man is born free, yet everywhere he is in chains.” Rousseau.
Donna Pinder
What a shame!!!!! I hope this man gets justice. He looks like he could be anybody’s Grandfather
Nicolexc L
Honestly cried through this whole video 😢💔 How beautiful is this human
I have a cousin who was given 40 years bc he knew his girl of 3 months was spanking her daughter. Within a few months of meeting her the young child was injured and durning another spanking and passed as a result of the spanking . In the beginning the police lied many times saying “he never saw anything like that and continue to lie about other disguising behavior. However, the mother finally told the true at the trail. smh 40 years is a lot so, his parent’s got the attorney to reduce sentence down to 25 years. Now he had NEVER been in any trouble in his life and his teacher came to his rescue. He is still there and should get out this year, hopefully. Now I know another black man took a taxi in up state NY and didn’t have all funds to pay for trip which lead to and escalated argument which, resulted in a fight. The police was called and the taxi driver said he had a pistol which was never found. To this day he still echoes “I didn’t have a g.. Too much of this and all seeds sown returns.
Terri Harrigan
What a beautiful soul he has. When Anthony passes he will go straight to heaven with his mum. He will be rewarded for his goodness. Those that wrongly convicted him will PAY FOR THEIR SINS.
Y’all should read his book. Absolutely life altering and eye opening.
The beginnig of the world
This man could’ve died and yes he was stolen 30 years of his life but he didn’t quit and fought back and lived to tell his story. Don’t worry how much you wasted your life, life itself is already a gift however you live it 🙏
The Stream of Life
Absolutely amazing human being
The Primest - The Money Channel
If your reading this you have potential to do great things. Yes. YOU.
Eyes Wide Shut
And his story alone makes you ask the question how many more of our black men and women sit behind bars for something that they did not do just because of the prejudice nature of our department of justice or Dept of non justice as I like to put it!
Patricia Hamilton
Injustice, keep praying for our young black men, Lord cover them, when will it end.
Ceazar da great
This story touched me to my heart and soul
This is a CLASSIC POWER OF TRUTH!! Truth and patience has set you free after 30yrs in prison!! God bless you & God bless the team of lawyers he/she operated through to set you up free!!
arbeena khan
Even though I m always disappointed that in my country criminal court cases take years to prove but these r the videos that makes me glad sometimesthat at least in my country the law says we can have 100 criminals go free but not 1 innocent inside prison
The very people that they taught me to hate, are the people that taught me to love” dam those are powerful words
Lilx9e Lilx9e
I’m black to see this breaks my heart
Lisa Mowbray
My mom was so important to me and I got to see her last day this poor man didn’t get to see his mom but I’m convinced he’ll see her in heaven
“Bitterness kills the soul”… a truth that can not be denied. Hatred is a disease that is more deadly than anything else known to man. God Bless you Mr. Hinton and keep you safe everyday.
Ahmed Kherchouche
“Bitterness kills the soul” ..
He did not drop one eyedrop after being released even he was being charged for deathsentence. That’s true power and his mom is a great blessing.
Ewura Akua
I think sometimes we in Africa we don’t understand this things because I hear ppl make statements that break my heart I will never understand all this hate it brings nothing good into your life
Jay H
I hereby sentence the prosecutors and jury to the same sentence times 10 for the malicious removal of this man from society and wasting years of his active youth. The state awards him $1 million per year of incarceration. That is the least I can think of w/o wishing hateful violence on them.
jewal lorvick
This man needs to write a book or a movie to tell his story. We all need to hear t/his story to inform us, of the hatred that permeates the consciousness of some men..
Anthony Manson
For what they have did to us. They must pay, and what they’re still doing to us
Anthony, you were the beacon of light (aka God’s love) in the darkest of dark. Keep shining your light. You ARE a warrior of God’s love! 😘
Oğuz Bolcal
30 years in prison without guilt… Where is the justice in that. 🙏
Hamada taras
I’m 17 and I can’t imagine how crazy and unfair this is!
Rhonda McBath
Great story, but unfortunate that he’s being interviewed by a heartless racist!! Yes, I mean exactly how I feel about Oprah Winfrey!!! How horrible that this man, and many others who’ve been sent to prison and being innocent!! This is so wrong, on so many levels, I hope, and send prayers to this man and his entire family, that’s been punished unjustly. 🙏🙏🙏
Rosemarie Gravell
His mother a beautiful soul . Her son like mother a beautful soul. These monsters whom stole his life will have to pay there khama Dept!!!! Anthony ray Hinton a wounderfull Human 👍💜💚💛
This is a great man .He is so beautiful is every way.This is a sad world we live in.He is a perfect example of greatness.
Derrick Berry
Humanity must move past color and hate our future depends on it. Love conquers all
Dylano Kwaks
I’ve fuckin cried god bless this man and his mom and wish him a healthy lovely years amen❤💯
Reba Henderson
Thank GOD he has his life back. But, I do not understand why police who sent him to jail do not pay for their crime.
Benjie Benjamin
Heartbreaking for anyone to be wrongfully imprissioned. There is much to be corrected in our judicial system. This totally needless avoidable cruel recklessness can be corrected & must be! Murder is wrong…..so what’s the difference other than the wrongfully convicted are slowly tortured instead of a quick bullet. I highly respect this man’s courage to keep a good heart. He’s better, obviously, than the those who put him in prison. We all have a choice to, “Love Overall Values Everyone” OR, “Hate Advocates Terrible Emotions”, ie Events. Choose wisely ♥
Melinda Jimenez
What an incredible human being
sanatani Indian
This is very painful.what did her mother do wrong to receive such a punishment.she had to live without her son for so many years.
We all have two choices: LOVE or HATE… One will always help us and the other will always hurt us in the end.
Taylor Williams
My son has been kidnapped by the system. 24 long years, but I have been fighting back. My son was poisoned randomly by his girlfriend. The chemicals came from the city of long Beach, California. The District attorney Steve Lawrence Cooley set my son up to make it look like my son has mental illness called schizophrenia. I thank God for all evidence he provided to me. I am a fighter and I will never quit until God says so. A black woman came forward from Mississippi (psychologist) and she went before all white jury and lied on him after she read a shopping bag full of evidence plus the 51 page story. I forgive the white people, because it’s there nature, but Robbin Huff Musgrove, I cannot forgive right now because she is a black woman who knows or should know better. I turned her over to the state of California and pray that the state pull her license. Mississippi, with her so called degrees. Am l wrong?
Luci Deltoro
God is love and through god only we can love our enemies. What a powerful story of great suffering but the peace that this man has is true riches. I wept . We have to each decide not to hate. Iam so sorry for what u went through and the loss of your mother. No one should ever go through what u went through. Thank u for sharing your life with us.
White Diamond
30 years in prison for a crime he didn’t do. What’s going to happen to the people who put him there???? They need to be held accountable to the FULLEST. 😠
Stefan 477
This is a true hero 🙏
Addy Rule
What sn amazing story…praise Jesus.
Shame on the justice system…
Savannah Howard
Are they going to hold those people accountable for laying on Mr. Hinton. I hope so, but most likely not. So sad. May God continue to Bless you, Mr. Hinton.
Roger Turner
I got locked up in Texas several times and I was not guilty of the crime I served time for starting when I was 14 so it does happen to innocent people lots of times
Shania Kh
He is a wonderful human being ❤❤❤
Iron Lion Zion
In today’s settings,you send your kids out into society for mundane things only for them to suffer the risk of getting caught up in situations similar to this. It’s bad enough that they risk falling prey to known scum,but you now have to shield them from so called law enforcement personnel and a corrupt judicial system.
Al Amin
This is why some people are against death sentence
Schawnetta Robinson
This is unbelievable and disheartening. May God bless this man aka angel. I couldn’t do any of it. I respect him.
Dear Pennsylvania Governor, We beg you, PLEASE correct this SEVERE sentencing disparity. Please grant lesser conviction with time served to Mike Swift. The victim’s widow and children continue to support Mike Swift’s Innocence of First-Degree Murder. And, the victim’s family currently state he is long overdue for Freedom. Over 30 years later. Proof of guilt of First-Degree murder-BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT- was never established. Please grant lesser degree with time served. We beg you. Mike did not take a life. Please allow Justice Over Pride. We beg. FB#ClemencyMike
Fendi Sommers
Wow…only 46,000 ppl saw this when I felt it millions times in my soul..smh
Gina Reynolds
Im so sorry from the bottom of my heart and soul. I assure you, all involved will pay when they stand in front of the Lord God. Only the Lord can repay in a righteous way and HE will.
Michael Parker
Very sad how they mistreated that man
Dawn Nicolas
God bless you Sir! All the very best to you! 💜
Julie Jackman
All the sorrow you went through will be made up for. And you can see your mother again. ☺
Gavin Isaacs
Hate , bigotry , and racism are characteristics of a lonely broken soul ! Targeting another human being is the result of deep personal and developmental issues . In a world where nobody gets out alive or cant take with them all that they have accumulated in the short period we have on this planet , hate , bigotry and racism really strip you of true joy and happiness ! Anyone can change , its a personal choice you make as a human being !
I think that persons, whether they are in the jury or the judge or prosecutor or police…who willingly and knowingly, sentence innocent people to prison time, are some of the lowest scum on earth and they are doing some of the evilest things a person can do. For Prosecutors, this is the foundation of their careers.
Monica Dudley
Iam going thru the samething with My 21 year old Son here in Alabama. Trying to charge him of capital lawyer they dumped the murder on him. Saying He need to tell it. Doing the preliminary hearing there’s no evidence toward My Son.The victim sister and other people even gave statements of the guy whom was willing to pay money to kill him was his best friend they never even questioned him. It’s so sad when U poor and can’t afford a good criminal lawyer Ur Son has to sit in jail for years to prove he’s innocent.We know GOD got this We have Faith over Fear!
Lou V
Please support Bryan Stevenson and the Equal Justice Initiative. They fight every day for true justice.
This is really sad tbh This is terrible my gosh Can’t even imagine this happening to me
Janie Hollis
He is such a special man. May God take all the hate out of this world.
phyde shii
😭😭😭😭😭This tore my heart ♥. I dont think I’d make it
Lselectric Onholdmusic
This is so infuriating An innocent man going to prison
“Thank you lord” she screamed!! What lord? If the lord exist then he’s the one who put him there or couldn’t prevent it from happening. Thank the lawyer who spent his time and energy for 16 years to free this man.
And how can anyone ever give back what this man has lost while being locked up fore a crime he did not comitt
Rodney Fernandez
Wow! God bless you Anthony Ray Hinton.
the sukhe
An inspirational mam.. Proud of it 👌👌😇😇😇👌😇👌👌😇😇😇😇👌👌👌👌😇👌😇👌😇👌😇👌😇👌😇👌😇👌👌😘😘..
Jennifer Cox
This is so fucked up who ever sentenced him should be In prison for this
Sir my deepest respect to you from Australia.
Sai Bliss
This isn’t the first, last or only… bet there are many innocent, vulnerable and financially challenged people prison.
What a real man!
H A Ritchie
Thank you for letting me sit at the table. The food I was given Feeds compassion. Knowledge COMFORT, The pie your mother makes Thank you again for sharing. .its really great soul food…
Jan Shiff
That’s a sad story . Thank God his out of prison , 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Linda Flagg, MA, BCPCLC
Today I was in Ace Hardware looking for herbs for my garden. I was talking to God about the racism that lives in this Nation and still in the hearts of people who call themselves Christians. It made me sick to my stomach. Then the song Yes We Can by the Pointer Sisters came on over their sound system. I knew that it was God to cause that particular song to play at that time. I had not heard that song in over twenty years. I let the words of the song minister to my heart and mind. Peace, hope, and faith took over my emotions. My job is to pray, walk in wisdom, and love. God is still in control.
I am Gold
I have a black son. And all i did was cry. Can you imagine your son charged and murdered by the state for something he did not do. He felt alone. I just cant imagine. As a mother i just could not imagine
J. R.
God will bless him. 🙏🙏🙏❤
Caterina Jean Martínez
He needs a lot of money now and a lot of love!!!!
yasameen wardak
Oh my God my heart is broken 😭😭😭
Nichole Peters
Awesome. He’s a ambassador for love!
Ace Boogie
And now picture yourself in his position and tell me you wouldn’t break down. I hope and wish i would be that strong in this situation but actually iam not sure if i would be a man like him
Robert Okwonga
O. My. Lord ❗ May The Good Lord Prevail ALWAYS ❤
Paul Junior
That’s one of the most emotional interview ever😅
Gbemi Ashaye
That’s testimony. All the best for the future with Jesus.
Shaman Serena
This is so sad my son is going thru the same thing no one got killed but he is being charged for a crime he didn’t commit wasn’t even there this is so sad to watch I’m so sick of this so called court system locking up innocent ppl we have to stop this y’all they can’t keep doing this to our family’s!!!
😰 hard to watch…rip to his mother 🕊
Ela Naka
Now this man is a true influencer
Lisa Mowbray
I’m white I don’t care I’m crying because this poor man lost 30 years of his life please God bless him we all need to realize color does it matter shame on everyone that was involved in persecuting this guy
The Lord's Portion
Awesome Story,Thank You!!
SadNLonely WithoutMyDaughter
You’re guilty unless you can prove your innocence
Donna Boutilier
I’m white to see and read his book0 breaks my heart.
Lori Touma
What happened to the cops that took him to jail and the prosecutor who convicted him!?!? Are they alive? Are they sorry!?
Jo Fogarolli
Miscarriage of justice was done I feel the pain for his famliy I am in the same situation I am fighting for justice.
SO SAD!! I will SAY this God works in mysterious ways. We may NEVER know WHY we go through, WHAT we go through. If ONLY to be a minister and reach a cold lost soul, the 30 years were worth it. Your soul and heart have been through a fiery furnace, it was hard, but you made it, and stand restored. God used u to spread LOVE and you will be rewarded GREATLY!!!
Tony Mower
If I were to be wrongfully accused and then after 30 yrs acquitted ill find justice in trying to convict all those who threw my life away. Id make it my soul mission to have those lives ended who ended my life.
Lola Walsh
One of the smartest men I have ever listened to….
Obinna Morton
Imo there’s no lesson here except that oppression and discrimination are real and are used as a tool for power. I am sorry Anthony you went through this. I hope I can help build a world where this doesn’t happen and ppl are punished and DESTROYED for sh!t like this. Love….no. The black person ALWAYS teaches love. Which is maybe all you’ve got. So I won’t judge this and learn. I hope that the matrix will be destroyed and escaped from. Who will be punished for taking YOUR life? Unacceptable.
Their time will come, not a matter of if, but when!
Patricia Sprague Moody
God Bless you Anthony❣❣
Boii Villa
Thanks God his sentence is not death penalty.
Chanel Rogers
🙏🏾🥲This man shouldn’t got locked up for no reason❤
Muhammed Alataby
Man you are an angel human being more power to u
Diane Andries
Who was the guilty person? Did they ever find the person who committed the crime? Did Mr Hinton got at least compensation from the state ?
Kevin Grayl ml
It’s these cases that should be lessons for Black men to have compassion for each other, we are constantly reminded we live in a system that is bent on our destruction.
Andrew Chi Osbourne
This poor innocent man was convicted because he was poor 💔😢💔
His best friend in jail a man who was raised by KKK! Henry. In the autobiography, Henry said to him, You was real lucky to have a momma that taught you to love! Antony replied, I wish you coulda had that too Henry. Henry in a broken voice, Me too. They became real friends in jail. The lawyer was a great compassionate man who fought for years for Anthony.
This man should have been a pastor in the church.
Dj Mello T
Rodney Taylor
The officers need to be in prison for 25 years to life
Cutepuppylover 555
“If we can teach people to hate we should be able to teach people to love” AMEN 🙏🏼 #freepalestine #makeAmericaabetterolaveanequalplacetolive
This is heart break ing
Ela Naka
In my country >Uganda< this is a story for many young innocent men in prison except they ain’t got no lawyers to plead their case.
shit made me tear up god bless dat man
Rocko Smith
ABOLISH QUALIFIED IMMUNITY ALL IMMUNITY and stop them from investigating themselves and being over the video/body cam footage 🙏
raphael irizarry
Those who thumbed down this video are the ones who have that hate he spoke of. Seek change b4 it’s your time.
Travis McDonald
Did he get his mothers house fixed up ? I’m a carpenter and would help him with it anytime. Free of charge.
“If we can teach people to hate we should be able to teach them to love”-Anthony Ray Hinton 7:117:16
vincent damico
I believe every one of rain drops that touched you had the touch of your mother and she was sending a message to you.
Beryl Roberts
Lord Jesus, I pray, have mercy on those who took part in this injustice, as vengeance is Yours 🙏
This is disgusting! One, the fact he went to prison for 30 YEARS for a crime he didn’t commit. Two, the fact he wasn’t compensated with 100s of millions of dollars.
Lillie Phillips
The State of Alabama and its Justice System have so MUCH BLOOD on their hands!!!!!! All praise to YAH that I never learned & was taught HATE…
Cotton Candy
That detective should now spend 30 years in solitary isalation
All ways Man
Phillygirl215 _
You still look fantastic. All those years didn’t break you down. Hopefully that bullshit food didn’t harm your body!!!!
Nancy S Atkinson
” We Live in a Cruel World, where there is No Compassion, nor Grace with in Mankind’s Heart!” ” HATE & FEAR RULE THE JUSTICE SYSTEM.” ” THEY TAKE THE MONEY AND DO NOT PROVIDE, NO TRUE SERVICE, NOR FOR JUSTICE!”
Hallelujah for that black Man AMEN for him having a Second Chance and good always beats Evil??
monika fowler
QJK Narration 🎙️
” HOPE ” is good n bad thing at the same time…. U can hope that if ur past was bad ur future will be prosperous but what if your future turn to this( Innocent )Man’s life…. Although He is free man now and can live freely…. But WHO WILL GIVE BACK HIS YOUNG AGE ??? World is still surviving because People like Anthony Ray Hen is still living in this World…. Big Respect Man. 💝
Subban Govender
I rest my case, how can one spin or even justify this
Ashley k
God this is painful to watch!!!!
Nonof Yourbiz
Does this mean the pigs responsible for this are locked up safely and all their arrests are being reviewed again?
Gary Goodin
Love those people after that? Nope. I never met those officers or seen them but I hate what they represent with my very essence. We can only wonder how many like him died in a cell or on a gurney. How did these people get this wicked puzzles me. Was Malcolm X correct calling them devils?
Godwin Grace
To all the black men’s in America today let us keep praying 🧎‍♂🧎‍♂🧎‍♂🧎‍♂🙏 for ourselves!!
Snoop Tech
He lost a lot of time how can he be compensated?
The KKK inmate said the very people they thought him to hate is the very people that thought him to LOVE..that’s deep
Now, this would be a great movie.
What pisses me off is the racism in that jury. “I didn’t murder anybody” “Yeah, but you black”
Bgoodorhell 4U
Parents ain’t teaching their kids compassion no more.
She's A Wildflower🌻🌻
I am WHITE, THIS WAS THE SADDEST THING I HAVE HEARD IN SOMETIME. God Bless you Mr. Hinton!! My apologies for the way some white people have treated you and your ancestors. My best friend the whole time from 5 years til now, was a black boy. We grew up next door to me and we were like brother and sister and still are!! I KNOW he will be there….NO MATTER WHAT!! I love him and he loves me. Forgiveness and Compassion are so very important!! Bless you for finding inside you, the capability to do so. You have a GREAT crown waiting for you when you walk through Heaven’s Gates❤❤❤❤
Gregory Thomas Sr
This was a great Book
Sharon Rush
This man is beautiful
noluvo ndlebe
Oh no its very painful, so many years in prison.
Gary cooper
Jesus loves you my brother peace be with you ✝❤🌈
Snoop Tech
The real criminal must have been laughing all along watching all this 😐
Shauni Gothic TV
They should have released the details of the exact amount of his compensation package as this would show that steps are being taken to address his unfortunate injustice/mistreatment. I reckon 500,000 dollars for every year he wrongly spent in prison is a decent amount to pay him. Thats being said NO amount of compensation can replace 30 years of his life taken away. But at least it would be a start. If he does not fight for compensation then he is a LOSER – despite the injustice he suffered. I do NOT feel sorry for him and i will only give him my sympathy if he fights for compensation.
Tina Archer
The bible said whatever you do in the DARK will come to the LIGHT…..GOD is the true judge and he will judge righteousness and justice for all….SHALOM!!!!
Donna Pinder
I’m so so sorry for him and is family
Gary cooper
Thank you 😊 jesus from new Zealand island s ✝✝✝
Brent Kereama
im sorry that it happened you man your strong men and brave enough to talk about your life may god bless and the world let love eveyone people im not good person but i hope people in this world to take of your self people thank you all for watch this let all be brave and smart and good to people
Heavenly Father…it hurts
Terrie-ann Hone
Jesus Christ,will reward you for every wrong they down to you Just rejoice. Am so sorry for pain stayed strong.
Deangelo Battle
Hey that’s fucked up…I respect this man
Tom Tamkins
The cops or court didn’t want to know who really committed the crime …or did they….
Justin Time
Nothing has changed . They are just as wicked today as ever.
This us amazing
Scary that this is happening in America.
Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall
Gina Mitembe
I have NEVER seen any racists whose faces are not twisted!!! It MUST be hate that does THAT!!! We thank the Almighty God for his mercies!
Godwin Grace
Compassion doesn’t know what color you are!!
Life Uncut
I spend my most of time in cooking editing and uploading so I need all my brothers and sisters support
🪔wendy jenkins🪔
All you can say is judgement Day Is Coming for all of them.
30 years!? I would’ve killed myself no joke! Knowing I was in jail serving that long for no reason at all.
Jim Welsh
I hope they have to pay you millions and millions of dollars for your pain and suffering and wrongful arrest wrongful incarceration. MR WELSH
Teckie __Songs of Worship
Whoever is reading this may God give you happiness, wisdom, health and wealth may He double your prosperity and fight for you and your family….have successful life
richard murphy
The cop that said all that to him should be thrown into a wood chipper.
Dwight Busjahn
This is our current system guilty until proven innocent
Margaret Langford
How can we honest people alow this to keep going on in America.
Ann Springer
May God blessing be on you over and over stay safe
Kevin Trontl
Great attitude. Lord bless you.
Portia Versace
Being Black is tough😒 But I’m black and I’m proud.!!!‼‼‼‼‼️ no matter how they treat us,im black and I’m proud ‼‼‼‼
Vearry Hale
This brings tears to my eyes meaning of Black people and people of color are treated so bad either it’s because they’re black or because they don’t have money and a treat it like this it’s a sad thing when you lose your mother when you’re locked up it’s a sad thing a parent never ever forget when a loved one is locked up for being black beans lead to a system and no one should have to ever go through that Black people get it hard it took 16 years But how this man does not hate when you hate it takes longer to heal when you try to forgive we hope and pray that people will learn from their mistakes when I lock up innocent Black people for crimes they did not commit is very painful were Black people go through every day we don’t know who we can trust anymore we haveBeen abused but we never give up we have a heart of gold our parents taught us to be good people but how can we live in a society that has not been fair but try to overlook the injustice that we have gone to for so many years how do we heal when we cannot trust the very people who will miss treat us because we are black poor people must come together and be fair to one another because God is watching over everyone you can run but you cannot hide from our mighty father who is in charge of everyone and that is our mighty father
Timothy Robinson
And you still don’t want to separate from them. Knowing that they doing the same thing today
Linda Pamponette
Judgement day will reveal a lot of evil, MAY GOD IN HEAVEN HAVE MERCY!
Where Is The Human That Did Kill That Other Human…The Thought Of Who We Live/Walk\Sleep Around 😰😭😢
Linda Katherine Lyles
Glad he got out since he was innocent .
In the old days racism and hatred was wayyyyyy more powerful then justice and peace. In present days we still have racism but its power should be less powerful then justice and peace because racism can turn our world to like a war! So don’t judge a book by its cover ever and hatred can be shown in its worst ways but hating on someone that you don’t about their past, story or even what they were going through is wrong and you don’t have a right to accuse someone without evidence or even if its skin colour! Our world needs to change for the better!! 🌎🌸🌹🌈🍻🐸🐍🐼🐧
Jeffery Schirm
At least most now days have to have a record a mile long to even go to prison !!
#notguilty_servinglife Terrence Richardson and Ferrone Claiborne serving life for a crime they didn’t commit
DIY for Everyone
It’s just peace of cake for the government to put innocent ppl in jail. Those year’s in jail, blame whom.
Tony Johnson
How can a system be so diabolical
Kirwyn Isreal
He went to jail a man and came out loving the people that put him in jail what kind of witchcraft is that the man don’t want justice on the people that set him up
Halla Q
I hope those officers were charged . That is if they were alive .
Lucy Sablan
Even today, I would never move to certain states in the USA. Scary.
Don’t forget the guys on death row now who are innocent, and the innocent ones that have been executed. SMH
Debbie Cooper
Idk what I’d do . If was raped in prison during that time of innocence how can you make it up .Or time lost .horrible . Like lost tribes history stolen by slave masters hands.
G. Choppa
” I dont care if you did or didnt do it, gonna make sure you found guilty” . People will claim race has nothing to do with this, down in good old Alanama.
Big H
Honestly I would be one bitter soul. I’m just saying
Like the movie life … Took too many years from the man and how many others ?
Yung Drew
Why can’t we treat eachother with love !!,why do we hurt one another !!we have fail to heal this beautiful world with love but we choose hate…
James Smith
Hey … everyone Moniee-Mon is watching thanks for the info vedios keep doing what’cha do best God bless ya!.
Hawes Collins
All those who worry involved, where they now.They must be in Jail.
baby girl
And the killer still walk around to kill again 😥
Cee Robley
I wish my son could.meet and get to know you You are awesome May god bless you with many many blessings God bless you
john snell
No cop is going to explain racism like that, this just gives a better story.
john England
It shouldn’t have happened to you 30 years is to to long in prison and for doing nothing rong now try and help others who rongly put in prison and get them out ask for God’s help and Jesus to show you the way and get all those rongly put into prison your brother and sister in Jesus name get them out amen 🙏 God bless you for not dieing in prison 🙏 your out now 🙏 😊 peace ✌ 🙏
Sarah Guin
I heard our country has the longest sentencing.
I hate when someone is wrongfully convicted
Thomas Rogers
That cop should have been fired
HerobrineWolf Lord • Lee & Louis and Juno
This is a inspirational story 9:17 AM }|{ 11//22//2020
Omer Askin
Do you think he was compensated?
Purplesweetpepper Pepper
Wickedness…they will stand before God
Imagin being the 44 people to dislike the the Vid you guys are pretty sad and think about what You’ve done
Alex Capistrano
The Justice are for those who have money 💰 duhhh😴😑
Peter Tan
SHAME ON american justice……
Mohammed Lamin Sanneh
GOD…is the best judge no matter what they say if GOD…is with ya no one can stand against ya
Frank Martinez
I was working in 2015 to 2018 in Shepardvill Kentucky. I saw the kkk in German parade. Pullled over 24/7 by police almost killed three times. Police said, you are a Blackman here. California
This is America….if your Black….. He’s a Great Man with Humble Spirit…. But the days of forgiveness for this type injust are OVER!!!!! WE Will 🚫 Tolerate It Anymore 😶
cool like that!
This happen to someone I knew of.
Durkee Thompson
I m just in Tears can t stop while i m writing this text Today i have to do something for somebody how i wish i could hug i am a hugger an to you young man u hav been an living Angel to me Today i Change i will no longer say white brown black or yellow HUMAN BEINGS that s it I will keep u in my prayers My Heart to your Heart luv will prevail ♥♥♥
Kera Dasilva
This is so sad I can’t finnish it..my dad got 40 years
S. J.
God bless you 🤲🏻😭
Marcelina Southall
King Freedom
Tried bye hate….from the cops to the juror
They better have paid him by the millions!! My God…
Gary Flythe
The story is too common happens way too much
Don’t they have a system where the people responsible for this sorry state of affairs be sent to prison for 30 years, so that the others who could do such thing in future think twice before embarking on such acts.
Yolanda L Cheek
This would be a great movie
Tamra lijep
They stole his life
Montrez Dorsey
How many more times will we see this. How many more dads, granddads, brothers, uncles are victims of our government. These innocent men were the ones raising our children and they take them away. How many kids could’ve had good men in their lives?
Scottie King
Listen up! “DarkNubians,” it not hating the person it hating what they done. We need too hate more of the things that “The System” is doing to us. And stop forgiven. Because it will keep on happing to us, as long as we keep forgiven. They don’t forgive us for been “Darkpeople” or been different. Let them know that we don’t forgive or forget. PBUY!
Kej Akintola
America at its worst. Disgraceful!
Trumpsters: “he’s still guilty”
Diane Purse
Oh My God‼️ God Is Soooooo Good🙌👏👏👏👏‼
phyllis magunde
This is very, very painful and very, very cruel, unfair and inhuman. Racism at its worst. Languishing in jail for sooooo many years, because of being BLACK. I can’t just imagine how his mother suffered emotionally and psychologically till her death.
Marilyn Kolby
I am sorry life did make it happen to persons
Eddie The African
But we’ve seen more of these sad black African men going into jails when they are innocent Please let us know brothers , why is so that black people suffer like they ain’t humans at all ?
I wanna know what happened to the Racist cop he should be convicted
Guided Equilibrium مع الحق وأهل ذكره
Let it be known that all wrongs shall be made square. All justice will be done up, even between the creatures of earth, even it be a dispute between two rams. Injustice and oppression are not approved by Allah SubhaanaHuWaTaaala. May Allah SubhaanaHuWaTaaala make all and such hearts embrace the faith and way of life of the Prophets and Messengers 3lyhimSalaatwasSalaam culminated completed in the last Prophet of Allah, God and Creator of all, Muhammad 3lyhisSalaatwasSalaam and his Pious believing followers and Submitters to and worshippers of Allah SubhaanaHuWaTaaala. And may they be lead by this light until death comes and return in Resurrection before our Creator with Him bring pleased with us. Ameen
Emmanuel Fonge
Why are some of these people still alive? Why are people like these and their family is crawling this earth? Why?
jone fusipuga
An intoxicated, polluted, manipulative and victimising system
Jason Williamson
This still happen today.
Linda Katherine Lyles
Joseph Grant
David Baker
Too many times this same scenario have been played out.
Patti 🙃
I need to be a better Christian… I could not have been so forgiving.
j r
People from that time is still alive and are raising there children and grandchildren….. their doctrines
Sheena Upmost
So basically the person who did this crime got away with it 😩🤦🤷
Vanessa Martinez
Literally to the 1% who’s reading this, GOD bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day
Your Future Mr. Olympia
Y’all saying I am white or I am black is why this is an issue. You see a difference between each other and use it to distinguish each other based on races. You should feel bad because he was wrongfully convicted. Stop playing into what you say is so bad. The pigmentation of your skill doesn’t matter. So stop treating and approaching situation like it does.
Robert Johnson
Love sees no color… hate sees color…
Isaiah 53:5, he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes, we are healed. For salvation, people just need to follow the way they did it in Acts? They were baptized in the water and of the spirit. Here’s why! The gospel is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. If we are to follow him, we must do the same thing. Death= repentance, Burial = baptism, and resurrection = being filled and rising again from the dead. That’s what Acts 2:38 is. We must obey the gospel, 2 Thessalonians 1:8-9, in flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that OBEY NOT THE GOSPEL of our Lord Jesus Christ… Matthew 7:21-23, Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that DOETH THE WILL OF MY FATHER which is in Heaven. St John 3:3-5, EXCEPT a man, be born of WATER AND OF THE SPIRIT, he cannot enter into the kingdom of GOD. We can’t come up with our own gospel. Galatians 1:8-9, But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. Don’t be cursed. One way for all people. Jews, Gentiles, and Samaritans. Our salvation has to match-up with the scriptures and no scriptures on the subject can be taken away. Eternity is TOOO long to be WRONG! st, John 5:39, Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. The gospels show what Christ has done on the cross for us. The book of Acts shows us the beginning of Christ’s Church and how to enter the Church, obeying Acts 2:38. The letters were written to the Church to show us how to behave now that we are born again into the Church. It’s better to walk alone than to walk with a crowd going in the wrong direction. Are we supposed to follow the teachings of the apostles? Acts 2:42, And they continued steadfastly in the apostle’s doctrines. Ephesians 2:20, We are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone. Don’t get Titus 3:5 mixed up with James 2:14-26, about WORKS. One is a WORK of your OWN RIGHTEOUSNESS OR GOOD DEEDS and the other is a WORK OF FAITH.  If you believe in this message, help spread it in the name of Jesus Christ so people can get saved the right way. God bless you!
Guys need your help, heard a story about a teacher who was told she couldnt help every student, but she turned around and help troubled kid, can’t find it again…
Mama’s I’ll Always Love My Mama!!! A mother’s love
S 11
Vengeance are my say’s the LORD!
Rosita Herft
How heartbreaking. Hate us such a ugly monster
Adrian X
America have plenty to answer for and those days are here.
Cisco Morales
We are created in the likeness of God, then why we hate and why do we kill and murder and send inocent people to die. Thank God for this man’s freedom. Freedom isn’t free because the price is paid by inocent blood. God will prevail and we will to. I’m sorry you brother for the suffering you insured.God have murcy on this hateful world. All we need is love E- Everlasting V- Victory O- Over L -Life Read downwards and understand that the LOVE and DEATH our of God is our VICTORY over this life and evil while we are living in this hateful world.
Imagine if Donald Trump would use his pardons for good
Sweetpea 63
Children’s.Obey Your Parents !! A Crime He Didn’t Commit ! He Saw Hate. He Gave Compassion !!
Debora Zahn
That town owes you a living.
William T
If you think this is interesting you need to watch Trial 4 on Netflix
Fatouma Ndayou
I am.so.sorry brother
Rosaline Jordan
What was done to him was evil. It’s not a sin to be black God created us that way. The evilness lies in the heart of man put there by satan and ignorance.
Stella Coolcat
This is the ‘Life’ movie for real! Not good!!! This must stop!!!
Cotton Candy
Weak people use hate as a crutch,they hate those, that make them feel the weakest, they hate them the most .Kate Webber
Desi B
This is what racism and homophobia do to people. Regardles of skin colour.
Anthony Manson
That white boy is a real mother for you
Rashaad thegr8
White privilege is a myth right? smh. #sarcasm.
Promise promises
This is why we say Black Lives Matter…. It’s this pain,
Martin Arthold
White jugde all white jury and so on, only cuase he was poor? Did i miss something?
mzaledo afro
Point of correction,he was convicted because he is black
Papa V
Wow….Just Wow…..
This channel helped me significantly. Now I create motivational videos that helps people like me who get help from motivational videos. Check it out. I would love some support and feedback.
Laverne Edwards
Tell me what has changed in 30 years,
numb plum
How can mutual hate breed love
Robert Antonio Morgan
I have been there myself 13
tulayama lavenapi
Ray looks like one of the “Spinners”.🎶
Renee Muhammad
Why do we still expect Justice ?? This is not the first time or the last stop stop acting like you care black people.. you only care for your own personal family
Is this guy Phil in fresh Prince of bel air
Y Camara
God is watching very close
phabe Barcelona
Solid Snake
Doesn’t matta a prison is a prison wether you commit or not wether you can fight or not wether you fit in or not if you die inside then die inside. Everything is completely at your will. Yolo
Rose Red
A lot of black man behind bars for no reason
Hiruuu W
it’s crazy how he was convicted because he was black
selam moha
Am so sorry but god is good
Jesus Christ is Lord of All
Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him. John 3:36 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans‬ ‭6‬:‭23 Jesus Christ is the only way, seek Him while He may be found, before it’s too late, tomorrow is never promised.
Andrew Oldacre
America at its best
Lone Wolf
He sounds like Steve Harvey
Maddy Gates
Sorry..but I can’t hear him talk over the background noise.
Hassan Nur
That is why I prefer to live in Afghanistan than in America. The worst justice system in the world.
Caleb Troxel
POV: You found this video from TikTok
Daniel The great
what would it profit me to hate ????
mealone Jamaica
That’s what it is like in jamaica now
They are so much innocent Blacks in jail
Peter Pehi
New Normal
❎. Google:. The Brady list 🤺💐
Gerda Remy
Black and poor in U.S.A no justice.
S Garibaldi
Just because we are black. God will right our wrong.
D Legionnaire
THE MERCENARY Blood spraying bone crushing Martial Arts hyper violence starring ex FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION SNIPER now on Amazon Prime…………..
Donald Trump gets acquitted despite crime the whole world witnessed and an innocent black like him gets locked up and punished for 30 years or forever. 😔
Samatar Ali
I swear america has veryyy datk history
Hassan Nur
How many black people like him are in prison’s in America? Is anybody interested to find out?
Issues And Solutions
Welcome to USA. Still the same
Light DD
This is whiteman track record 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Tom Tamkins
Ya that’s bullshit
Thobsie Thobs
Me after watching this which place in the world there is no white people
AmeriKKKa nothing more nothing less
Earle M
And people say racism doesn’t exist
Labonno Islam
Still the african will love uhites???!
Hussain Omar
I don’t know whether the police officers, the prosecutors, the Judge and the jury are alive but they will stand before the grand court before Allah the Almighty the Supreme who is all knowing and just. He will judge them and his punishment is most severe. This life is a test and the fruits of all endeavours will be reaped in the future.
Color Light
Thier all over place
Asad Naqvi
I have a wish from God.. Please almighty God save innocent millions of people from the curse of Jail and free all of them who didn’t do anything. You only can save them…. Please speard love and happiness in the world