Fatal China Eastern Airlines plane crash was intentional: US officials l GMA – Blog

John King
Despite this, the ability of the pilot to override the automation will always be necessary. Multiple Airbus crashes, or near crashes, were caused by the automation failing and overriding pilot input. That’s why the mental health screening is so important, as well as providing multiple human input.
Jason Christopher
As soon as I saw the title I recalled the German Wings tragedy. Just tragic for that pilot to have had so many lives in his hands when he needed help.
Regulah Degulah
They failed to mention Mozambique Airlines flight 470 which happened months before the German Wings crash, under the same exact circumstances. This actually has the potential of happening far more often especially today where mental health, and suicide rates are staggering among the younger populous.
Yueze YANG
Actually in china most people believed it was the older pilot, for he had flown for over 30000 hours and was degraded from captain-level salary to co-pilot salary. It was said that in order to cut expenses, pilots were ordered to fly in simulators, and those who did not perform well would either degraded or expelled
This is like the silk air disaster. So tragic this happened to those people. May they rest in peace.
This made me remember captain Zahari Ahmed Sha who intentionally controlled MH370 in 2014 which has never been found since. No signs of being found either. Pilot mental health is one crucial thing in aviation.
Kathleen Weinberg
So sad for the passengers may they all rest in peace and lots of prayers
charles stevens
When you can’t trust the pilot of the plane all is lost.
David Crandall
You can’t prevent another incident like this because you never know what a man is going through.
I got a feeling that this is also what probably happened to the Malaysian plane that disappeared in 2014.
patrick piel
a piece came off the plane 6 miles back. possibly the struggle began earlier.. possibly the piece caused the uncontrolled decent.. most likely the younger pilot had something that he used to harm the others. then gaining complete control fly the plane into the ground.
Anthony A
Probably the Pilot (who intentionally crashed) was seatbelted in and the one who was fighting was not. Comms were probably disabled. The other Pilot trying to prevent the plane from crashing was probably thrown to the back of the cabin due to negative gravity further preventing the anti-death situation. Most like the pilot “lost their mind” somehow.
Kathleen Gooch
Oh wow So sad 😞 It was murder 😢
I think when the plane was leveling the autopilot tried to kick in but the pilot manage to override the autopilot
There should be accountability if that is true. That is a lot of lives.
Somebody really needs to do something about RedBull!!!
Xu Haipeng
You turn off engines you lose power to flight control, right?
I wonder if he may have had a medical condition that could have caused him to pass out or something… I hope this wasn’t a deliberate attack.
You should probably fix the title. The US investigators say that the data “suggests” that it was intentional. That conclusion is not the only one that the data can support. A failed horizontal stabilizer stuck at it’s maximum is capable of causing the same flight behavior. In fact, it has already done so at least once in the past. From the point that Alaska Airlines flight 261’s stabilizer completely failed (a partial failure had earlier occurred) it did pretty much the same thing the Chinese flight did. It went into a near complete vertical dive, managed to level out briefly at low altitude, then went into a final fatal dive shortly afterward.It’s flight data could even be interpreted as pilot input since the failure caused the yokes to be pulled forward and nearly impossible to budge. Datawise, it would be difficult to distinguish between a pilot pushing or mechanical forces pulling on the yokes. While this crash was most likely a murder/suicide, it would be nice to see the information concerning the horizontal stabilizers condition as well as hear the CVR before reaching a final conclusion (the latter likely being impossible since China claimed it was too damaged and so far none of the investigations have mentioned cockpit conversations as part of their evidence.) At the risk of sounding like a loony conspiracy theorist, the US investigators do actually have a potential motive to push the suicide angle. That being protecting Boeing from potential lawsuits, stock losses, etc. Their stocks have already climbed as a result of this initial conclusion but would likely fall if it turned out to be mechanical in nature. with lawsuits to follow in the end.
Edwina Williams
😢so sad 😞❤for the family 🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏😱🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Андрей Кисель
any accusation of the commander of the MU5735 aircraft in the deliberate destruction of both the aircraft and the passengers and crew of the Boing 737 MU5735 and himself, unfounded by any actual evidence, is a catatrophic erroneous statement.
Walter Black
Pilots should, as a minimum requirement, have a family and have children. Spouses must regularly and legally attest to their mental health.
Kevin Garcia
Every Seat in a Plane should Have an Exit door and parachute Period.
I am outraged 😖 Where was the morals?!
Lauren Murray
They can expect more of these issues the way they are turning their country into a replica of Russia .
Greg Harris
They need to look into all pilots lives for this reason. I know of a pilot in hong kong who beat his wife on 2 occasions first one was investigated by city officials and the second bone was caught on video at the highrise
Suicide? Please Watch a Video
the plane has to be forced into a dive like that
Black White Life Matters
Blamed the Airline management because of demoting the Captain and letting younger pilot who is less experience to be in charge.
A little research into who was on this plane will tell you everything you need to know
Ain’t that something terrible
Lets not ignore the fact Boeing said basically the same shit about the 737-max8. When they knew all along there was a problem with their equipment.
stephen mapeka
We living in the world where each one protects their brands or reputations at an expence of innocent consumers, its an opprtunitistic determination made by American officials, not NTSB but aviation analysts and expects simply because none of the pilots were Americans. I mean they can do some research on their own pilots and they will find out more than 80% have some degree of psychosocial stressors or depression. It’s well known Boeing has a long history of aviation irregularities that accounted for many innocent lives lost but all they think about is mental aspects of pilots who can’t talk for themselves. What’s fair and just? Well since Chinese investigators rightfully so invited Boeing to assist with investigations why can’t we wait for their joint statements to outline what they think let to so many lives lost? Why don’t these expects who came up with this damaging theories be reprimanded for making such statements before final official reports have been endorsed? Who is advocating for innocent victims?
Why Not
Who would’ve thought China’s media would claim otherwise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
goodness. I don’t think I will be flying ever again.. I did not realize there had been several purposely crashed planes.
Who was the US Official who investigated and made this conclusion and claim?
☀️Golden Goddess👑
They still did say what was heard on the black box.
Much Easier
Really? A Double Crash In One Year And With The Same Airline? What is going On Right Now?
Jen Jen
If you watch May Day, the results in nose dive can be caused by system failure also.
Zachary Mcmillian
So, the pilot made the rear wing explode? 🤔 Boeing has had multiple design flaws recently. I would prefer to ride Airbus.
Getting your PPL ,CPL ,ATPL ,TYPE RATING , then deciding “am gonna flash all that hard work plus erase the lives of 132 people and everything they have worked for”
Are you sure though? Because Boeing said 747 max was all pilot error until it was not.
Andrew Lee
What’s the motive?
Linda Clarkq
Pilot demoted to copilot…revenge for being demoted. He was 27 yrs old. Pilots with oroblems should not be allowed to fly if he had recently been demoted..
Moon Noggin
What is the pilots name and background? Anyone know? Terrible what thoughts were going thru the passengers heads .. horrors
Heat 777
Y’all need to pay them pilots more. $250,000
Gmail User
Why would he level off, though?
Dirk Scott
So why the in-air disintegration with parts found far from the crash site?
Jóñ Jòñ
This guy doesn’t know how to say numbers correctly
Brian Freeman
So a pilot that yall found out had suicide tenancies and yall let him fly ? Huummm
Jane O'Leary
I said this from day one
Bryce Johnson
I guess we better ban airplanes…
NTSB, so you’ve got the cause, huh? Why don’t you go ahead and release the final report? Come on, the entire world is waiting.
Cathys Happy
Parachutes emergency exits,, nothing on that plane can help you its a risk, your life especially & Nothing man-made here on earth is a Sure thing. RIP🙏 Planes,Trains &Automobiles. 🗜🔩⚙🔧⚒🗑
MD Idris
Imagine how selfish you have to be to take the life of so many innocent people just because you want to end your own life.
Anthony Young
Am here waiting for Smithsonian to do there transcripts.
Kris C
German pilot did it before. It could also be from malfunctional elevators issue
Drphil Gee
Chinese pilot family goin to join Uyghurs in CONCENTRATION camp
shienta Bucien
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I have questions, but I’m sure as hell not going to get those answers from western “media.”