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Wow, he nail it ! Not many people wants to hear or even admit the history that led to Ukraine destruction.
Kah Ho Wong
NATO’s Minsk Agreement War, is multi targeted, and the main targets were to bring down the German Industrial power that was getting too close to Moscow, second to render EU a supranational mutual admiration Club for European Oligarchs, and third to obligate Swiss dominance as European Oligarchs and Aristocracy’s off-shore private account banking.
mama anvarova
I am watching this from a Southeast Asian country. Am very grateful to Prof JMearsheimer for his unrelenting efforts to explain clearly and fairly most of the actions of the West especially the US and NATO that lead to the current situation which affect not only US and NATO members but other countries the whole world and their citizen who had taken no part at all in this conflict
Alan Flood
Thank you Professor Mearsheimer for your much appreciated words on this crisis. I understand that 150,000 Ukranian troops were trained and readied by NATO on the border and about to invade the Dombas and that this triggered Russia’s intervention.
Carmen Onea
Truth has just one version! We owe it to ourselves to live human dignified lives. Thank you Sir!
Sir is a pleasure to hear your thoughts and everything you said is right. I had been following this war since the first day. This conflict could be avoided by the United States and NATO but their ambitions goes beyond and the Ukrainian population have been paying a high price. Russia turn on the red light but Zelenski didn’t saw it for him was more important Ukraine joining NATO than his own people. The Western sanctions against Russia are the responsible for the economic crisis around the world.
Professor John Mearsheimer is brilliant, one the few Americans who speaks the truth about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the reasons why it let to this war.
White Post Studio
When Prof. Mearsheimer uses the word Ukraine, one must be mindful that he is talking about primarily three groups of people that should in reality be countries unto themselves. 1) Galicia, where the people are mostly Catholic and from Celtic ancestry. 2) Orthodox Ukrainians of central and southern areas of the current Ukraine boundaries and 3) The Russians that settled eastern Ukraine. These Russians of eastern Ukraine were not going to be pushed around and reacted in typical Russian fashion to being bossed around by the Catholics and Jews of the current administration. The Galicians of the west feel themselves to be superior to the other Ukrainian Christians but are usually second fiddle with the Jews calling the shots for the most part.
Dan Welterweight
Ukraine is finished as a country. Just about 80% of the Ukranian GDP is in Eastern Ukraine held by the Russians. All of the factories, industries, and industrial output are all in the East.
Bushy FromOz
Seems everyone has already figured out what happens in Ukraine without actually asking what Ukraine wants.
Martin Forró
I know quite a few Russians personally and they are all affraid of speaking about this stuff or even deliberately avoid watching information about the war. Even though they (with one exception, with whom I lost contact because of Russian Facebook ban) live in free world. If you do not believe me, look at russian celebrities living in the west, for example Alex Ovechkin. And you freey speak against your own country’s leadership in public. Isn’t it awesome to live outside of russian sphere of influence? I also know a couple of Ukrainians, and none of them want to live under russian occupation, even at the price of war.
Dhaval Patel
Oxford dictionary has new words: Hiding means Holding out Surrender means Evacuation Fast progress means slow progress
Janez Jonsa
Thank you professor. Your lecture helped me clarify the big picture.
Evgenia Windstein
Thank you, professor, for a balanced analysis. A couple of things to think about: 1. It is a proven fact (there are numerous first hand accounts supporting it) that Ukrainian ultra nationalists forces, such as the Azov Regiment, whose legitimacy was questioned not only by Russia but by the US Congress, are largely responsible for the destruction of Ukrainian cities in the East (watch Patrick Lancaster and Anatoly Shariy — independent American and opposition Ukrainian bloggers, respectively — interviewing residents of Mariupol and Volnovakha). Russian Investigation Committee also possesses materials proving Ukrainian forces’s deliberate destruction of the civil infrastructure and murdering of civilians. 2. Russia has successfully tested its hypersonic missiles, including on the ground in the Special Military Operation in Ukraine. Thus, it has a weapon Americans or Europeans are helpless against. Therefore, there might be quite a different development of the situation should Russia decide to fulfill on its promise to strick the “decision-making hubs” located outside of Ukraine of course. 3. Colonel Macgregor said in his 22/06/22 interview that Ukraine has already been de facto defeated, and most importantly, has lost somewhere between 25% to 30% of its territory PRODUCING 80% OF ITS GDP. In other words, economically speaking Ukraine is already a failed state. 4. The initial resistance of the Eastern mostly Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine was not fueled by Russia. It was the grassroots response to the infringement on the rights of the Russian-speaking majority residing in those regions. Former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko was caught on tape explaining how Ukrainian regime would keep Eastern Ukrainians in basements and deny their right to send children to school, etc. 5. I don’t quite agree with your stance on the Russia-Georgia conflict. It was instigated by the west, and Russian responded to the attack on South Osetia. This is something Putin said would never happen again — that’s why he launched an offensive against Ukrainians who were amassing troops on the border of the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics preparing for a new strike to occupy those territories, which, according to Minsk 2 Accords, were to be granted a “special status”, which Kiev had failed to do.
Ayenbite of Inwyt
As a consequence , that carefully raised military is almost destroyed , thousands killed and vast devastation visited upon Ukraine . American militaristic potency which had come under serious suspicion after the remarkable humiliation meted out in Afghanistan has now almost become a global narrative . The US clearly has neither the will nor the capacity to go against any peer or near peer nation . It’s not yet revealed why did the Ukranians went along with the Americans despite the cowardly manner in which America had betrayed the trust of a 20 yr strong alliance partner in Afghanistan . Was there no one in Kiev who saw through the shallowness of American purported military might ? This war has served to substantially diminish American credibility globally . Many countries with a favourable view of America no longer trust the country and a general belief has found entrenchment that America simply is not a trustworthy country .
Ngand'osamba lundula
What an ex cathedra detailed submission as ever by this erudite and distinguished scholar! Every statement you make is substantially backed by tangiblle referential evidences for all to see. Why on earth don’t such knowledgeable eminent professors find themselves in the decision making spheres of their respective countries; not least if those countries are members of the restricted nuclear club? Why don’t those in position of authority use their vast intellectual savvy even at the UN decision making bodies so that hawkish warmongering decisions in international relations are totally kept at bay? HUGE RESPECT FOR THE EVER-RISING LIKES OF YOU PROFESSOR J. MEARSHEIMER FOR YOUR RELENTLESS SELFLESS EFFORTS TO PROMOTE GLOBAL PEACE AND PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE ON OUR UNIQUE COMMUNAL PLANET! AKSANTI SANA! BRAVO! kUDOS! LONGONYA! LUSAKA EFULA! GRAND MERCI! @ngand’osamba lundula
The most objective and informed opinion I’ve heard in the west…. By far
Bobby Chang
The save Ukrainian lives, the big war pushes have to go.
Truthful excellent presentation 🙌👍👌👏
Ain Vari
Very good speech. Hope mainstream lies will come out asap
anna maria
Annamaria ( Florence): With a hysterical , arrogant and warmongering policy US are accelerating the decay process of their empire. Americans should learn the Zen aphorism: “Let it go or you will be carried away “. Mearsheimer suggests moderation and diplomacy. Listen at him!
Joseph Umeana
Thanks for your courage. You are conscience of silent majority
Excellent analysis of this Ukraine war. Actually it is very educational. Historically USSR has withdrawn from Afghanistan. But US has tasted defeated many times. Hope US will do the same again. US arms industry which runs both the parties in US is in the business of arranging perpatual war being paid by its own citizen & partly by the war victim country sometimes. US industry & the representatives of both parties, must be very happy for the goings of the war being destined to go for a long time. They are not bothered about the out come in any sense. They will have a lot of time to plan for the next one.
Hans Landau
2015 Russia presented the T-14 Armata tank. The plan was to have 2300 in the army by the year 2020. The project stalled as they didn’t have the funds. Instead they modernised older tanks with the target of 2020. So why did Russia need 2300 modern tanks for the year 2020 ?
Rajath Raghuvaran
US foreign policy always make sure the country they support end up down the drain.
sadeeya yarima
My love and respect will always be with you prof JJ mearsheimer ✊🏽 nice thoughts!
Peter Donnelly
I gree with Mearsheimer that NATO started the war. However, now that Russia has invaded Ukrraine, the situtation has completely changed, and the West is right to assist Ukraine. Further, there is absoolutely zero reason to take Putin at his word, as Mearsheimer does.
Jozef Frič
We want to live in peace. Negotiate. Do not send weapons to Ukraine.
Klaus Karpfen
50:16 “… Putin might turn to nuclar weapons…” – this is exactly what the US wants and needs.
God bless you, at least you are telling the truth.
Ken Carter
He has the courage to speak the truth.
n k
He is a very good lecturer, a talent in explaining politics and history an an understandable way.
Jeanne Allen
Thank you for posting
Kerrin Naude
It takes so much patience to state the obvious to the world (that has not been paying attention for a single second) – kudos sir.
Hudson Chalmers
Nailed it absolutely, NATO will abandon Ukraine at the end of the day. Allies are very conditional. In Rhodesia we were winning the war on the ground, we were constrained by our own Incompetent COMOPS, our politicians and erstwhile “Allies” who all thru us under the bus
Jackie Johnston
The problem with The West is that the adults left the room a decade ago and it is now run by infantile, full of themselves ignoramuses.
Yea but
It would be interesting to hear an opposing view on the specific points he made.
An excellent presentation. On the point that Russian defeat by Ukraine could lead to nuclear war, this is not really a possibility. The Ukrainian military are now clearly being ground down and have no hope of a victory on their own. If NATO troops get directly involved to prevent Ukraine’s outright defeat, that might be a different story.
Chris Bryden
Here’s a brilliant man. If only the west was listening.
Pradip Ghose
Brilliant analysis.
Igor BT
Amazed for the analysis, cause, development and possible outcomes for the Ukrainian war. The only way to avoid a nuclear war and with that the Humanity destruction is to be alert an as citizens get in the streets and express our concerns to the government. Nobody is interested in a nuclear war.
Ray's Dad
I disagree with the professor’s dismal prediction that the war will not end anytime soon. The economies of NATO countries are in such steep decline that they simply can’t afford to keep propping up Ukraine. And Ukraine is running short of capable soldiers. The Ukrainian army is losing at an accelerated rate in the east, which unfortunately will free Russian forces to be deployed elsewhere, almost certainly to Odesa. Loss of of the large, beautiful, and economically vital port of Odesa will be a stunning defeat for Ukraine and its NATO big brothers, a political nightmare, so I think they will negotiate before that happens.
Kwong KH
Of course, it is an undeniable fact that US n NATO expansion policy lead to Ukraine War, but there is one very important point where u hv missed out in your discussion, that is the role of Ukraine’s leaders. The present leaders failed badly to protect their own nation n its own citizen interest. These leaders r elected by their own citizens to take care of its own nation n citizens, but instead bring its nation to war. These lack of far sighterness leaders dance n tango with US n NATO tune brought it own nation destruction n suffering of its own citizens. This war can easily be avoided even if US is promoting hard for the war. What the Ukraine leaders can do is to just refuse or delay the idea of joining NATO.
Adalbert Thomalla
There is one big rationale to understand. There is the power of the capital elite. This elite can reach their goals (ex. Keep or enlarge power and money). So has Vietnam and Afghanistan etc been an accident? I believe no. Some capital elite has won and reached their goals. At costs which others have to bear. That’s the logic which most people don’t see.
Adilevna Timasheva
Exellent lecture👍👏👏
Good to hear things more objective…
the thinking Man
there is no excuse for zolensky making a war with russia ! yes he thinks he is a big man but everyone says he is very weak and was to scared to talk to putin.
Annette Anastassi
I wish that all people were as honest and knowledgeable as this man!
Павел Коровкин
In 2015 there was a dialog between West and Russia, Ukraine and Republiques. And Minsk treaty was formed and UN approved. Unfortunately, expresident Poroshenko and new president Zelenskiy openly admitted that they were not going to follow this peace treaty from the start. They simply needed time to rearm and retrain for a new war. And the West backed them up fully in their transgression. So 7 years later the new dialog is pointless, cause hollow words are useless without deeds.
Musa Musa
Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuideo donde quiera que vym.Monster encantan tus videos.
ruffus dawes
Hear, hear. It’s great to listen to a talk that isn’t 100% bias narrative.🤣
Tim Riverstone
I grieved when Steven Cohen passed away; a true scholar; not a pretentious pompous coxcomb such as M McFaul who’s a soiled blot upon the US academia. I’m delighted to see that USA is not completely bereft of outstanding scholars; here’s Prof. John Mearsheimer; alas a rare scholar, nonetheless one worthy to listen to and learn from. Thank you sir for your courage to not only speak knowledge but do it straight without ambiguity; that’s courage.
Tom B
*Isaac Chotiner: Mearsheimer …. conflates description with prescription. People want realism to be a theory of how the world actually works, a theory of how the world should work, and a theory of what should we do given how the world works, all at the same time. Mearsheimer confuses these perspectives too, perhaps deliberately, perhaps unwittingly … *I agree & hint-sight is 20/20 especially for academic sophists. For example Darwin evolution is a hind-sight description & not a fore-sight prescription of our future (ex: darwinian capitalism & eugenics really didn’t work-out ;). If we are wise enough to learn from our past, we just might be wise enough to steer towards our desires or away-from our dreads (especially avoid repeat its failures). In a nutshell assuming the your past is your future dooms you to always repeating your successes & avoid your failures of your past (MAGA ;).
Krol Dudziarz
Spot on. Please have a word with Boris.
One of the best, if not the best political brain and scientist in the world on this Russia-Ukraine crisis. His academic arguments are well researched, sound, and balanced for any fair-minded person who wants to see both sides of the argument. God bless you Prof Mearsheimer.
D James
Both the US and Russia can’t afford to lose. Both sides can not retreat. Both sides are trapped. It’s WW3. Stay safe everyone.
madhavan devadas
Professor, it was a very sane and impartial analysis, but would not get traction with the majority in the us and europe. Hope sane minds prevail
Sure, Putin is responsible for the conduct. And this conduct is outstanding ! Actually, as everything that he does.
Jc tr4
Wow! How can anyone with a reasonable mind argue with what Mearsheimer has stated.
Finland and Sweden joining NATO would give NATO control of the Baltic Sea. The corridor for Russian goods between Belarus and Kaliningrad is being closed under the EU directive on Lithuania. The alternative route is through the Baltic Sea from St Petersburg to the Russian protectorate of Kaliningrad. This port is of high strategic importance for the Russian navy. If Russia believes that access to this port is coming under threat Russia will be at war with Europe. The West is entirely to blame.
Juan Luis Tostado Canales
Sadly media outlets are not helping to use LOGIC and FACTS
Walter Chin
US failed to see that Russia is a nuclear power and not hesitate to use nuclear weapons to win in Ukraine unlike Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and other Middle East nations which had no nuclear weapons. This was a great lecture by John Mearsheimer on how stupid US and NATO are not listening to Russia’s concern of NATO expansion in Ukraine.
Татьяна Органова
❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦 Highlights of Russian Military Operation in Ukraine on June 23, 2022 ▪️In the northern Kharkiv region Russian Armed Forces continue strikes on ZSU’s facilities in Kharkiv, Chuhuiv and Zolochiv. A successful offensive by Russian Armed Forces resulted in gaining a foothold in Tsupivka and fighting on the northern outskirts of Prudyanka. ▪️In Izyum direction Russian Armed Forces crossed the river, liberated Nortsivka and created a bridgehead for advancing on ZSU’s positions in Chepil’ area. ▪️Russian Armed Forces units advancing on Lysychans’k liberated Vovchoyarivka and entered Lysychans’k western outskirts. Meanwhile Russian Armed Forces advancing from the south fight fiercely with ZSU’s units entrenched in the industrial areas. ▪️Allied forces started clearing the encircled area in Hirs’ke and Zolote where the encircled ZSU’s units surrender en masse. ▪️Long-lasting fighting for Mykolaivka comes to an end. Russian Armed Forces and LPR People’s Militia clear the village. ▪️Wagner’s PMC assault groups are engaged in heavy fighting near Pokrovs’ke: ZSU’s 30th Mechanized Brigade lost more than half of their personnel. ▪️Ukrainian strikes on Donetsk damaged schools, kindergartens and Holy Annunciation Church in Kuybyshev neighborhood and resulted in casualties and injuries. ▪️ZSU attempts an offensive on DPR People’s Militia positions near Vuhledar. As a result of long-lasting fighting, Ukrainian forces occupied Pavlivka and gained a foothold on the outskirts of Novomaiors’ke. ▪️In Kryvyi Rih direction ZSU failed to advance near Pot’omkine. ▪️Cruise missiles hit the M777 howitzer positions on Kubansky Island near Odessa.
Anthony Ferris
I bet there are a fair few Russian widows also asking themselves how did we get into this war.
This guy would’ve been a big fan of Neville Chamberlain in the lead-up to WW11: don’t get involved … things could get out of hand. As far as responsibility for the current situation is concerned, Russia is 100% responsible for having nothing to offer to its former vassal states with the result that they all joined up with NATO and/or the EU at the earliest opportunity with Ukraine getting left behind, now determined to catch up. Mearsheimer’s just a jaded old academic repeating worn-out platitudes. If you want to know what’s really going on, just listen to any spokespersons from those former vassal states and any dissidents from Russia, like Gary Kasparov. Mearsheimer needs to STFU and go play some golf.
Michael McFeely
The mistakes of the U.S. go back decades. We should have skipped the 1991 Gulf War, and withdrew from the Middle East. The 9/11 attacks would not have happened and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq would not have happened.
Champ Tech
Maybe on the February 24 Putin wasn’t looking to integrate Ukraine into Russia, but after losing soooo many people in this military operation, he might changed his mind
Joanna Chodyka
I bet Mearsheimer loved the old division of Europe during cold war. He seems to love the idea of giving Russia its own sphere of influence in Eastern Europe to make Putin feel respected. Sorry but that ship has sailed and it is not coming back for most of former Soviet bloc countries. Ukrainians whose bad luck was to be too late in escape from Moscow have two choices: give in to Russia’s demands and be its vassal with all the consequences of being poor, corrupt with some autocratic leader or fight to keep their independence and have a chance to prosper. There could be a third choice – some compromise but only if there is a stalemate.
the truth outside
Why is it a disaster? Afghanistan Iraq and Syria were not a disaster? What is the problem here? Can any rational person explain to my the core of the issue? Cause I see no issues whatsoever.
Albert Mackie
Even though I am an avid follower of Prof Mearsheimer I can’t help feeling the Professor oozes a backing for our enemies, which is a bit worrying!
co sakti
simple formula for a country to maintanence peace and harmony, stay away from usa n nato
Can I have a tittle of your books mentioned?
1:30 He starts by going wrong, claiming that Russia started the war! The war was started by the West’s expansion eastward! Why is this so hard to swallow?
Jim Rule
Nato is to blame is for war, Putin ask for to get Nato out of eastern Europe , i ask why dosent Nato get Nato out of eastern Europe and the killing will stop , Nato only wants war , Please understand that Blame is for war, Please understand that give and take is for peace, We need to ask Nato to go for peace, But no Nato wants war
Apakan Saja
John Mearsheimer against warmongers in the West.
Seth Sunil
The sooner mad “Sleepy Joe” leave the better will be for the rest of the world.
Marlin Pruett
God bless Russia and usa and eu started this war
Сергій Пенцак
For 10 years NATO was saying that UA is not ready to join, and won’t be any soon, so I don’t see how it’s coming to USA pushed UA into NATO.
Bob Trajkoski
Isn’t the USA a log-in every trouble on Earth
Diane Parker
They were all very busy while we were all in lockdown and otherwise occupied!
World Justice
God Bless Russia!!! God Bless Cuba!!!!
hi Professor, this is all planned.
Piere Dark
LP reacted d ryt way, she is Kayantanii.UNO need of over drama, or over consider ations. She don’t deserve *considerationsr. Lp പറഞ്ഞ പോലെ,, ജീവിതം തുടങ്ങിയല്ലേ ഉള്ളു, പഠിക്കട്ടെ.
* No links to your source, Saabir? While you added chapters and subtitles, you totally fail at scientific methods. Must name your sources! The original is: “The causes and consequences of the Ukraine war”, a lecture by John J. Mearsheimer @The Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies
Joey Fernandez
Its the interest of US govt. To contnue the war in ukraine its a great Diversion for what is hapenning in theUS, to the extent of US citezens suffering miserebly
zhanna babayan
Do basically and Lugano are Ukraine, his words doesn’t mean anything War is no answer
Stephen Vince
Just read John Mearsheimers wiki…..what you are getting here my friends is an intelligence briefing from one the most qualified people ever to give one. Or… you can go and listen to Karine Jean Pierre for your updates…….Her qualifications…..well,,…..errrr… let me see now…. well she’s a woman.. (Im not sure what one of those is now to be honest) and…. errr she’s black………errrr… she’s an LBQ MGB GT thingy….. errr that about it really
Hans Landau
And it’s Jamie Dimon, not Jamie Morgan.
Dan Reznik
Wait, Professor, are you saying I shouldn’t trust CNN?
Mendocino Lake
Joe Biden et al will never let go.
Neil Currie
Why does “Putin” always get spat out & Biden is “the Biden administration”?
Morp Morpt
The media won’t allow truth to be spoken..all singing the same tune…poor urkaine…
Everything is painted in one color – red.
Сергій Пенцак
Pure politics, not a single piece of truth
Tan Kok kheong
Then why the noice against China? Its not in US backyard
Mateusz Obodziński
Maky Lemur
The MSM Loves war
Don’t worry. Brandon, Boris & Ar5€la are in charge…..
TeenageApocalypse USA
YT won’t let me play this! Weird!
Ceda T
you are stealing videos from other sites
Beer Monster
What a load of bull !
wojtek S
If your theories don’t explain the cause, you won’t help with solution. Recently Radek Sikorski (ex Polish Foreign and Defense Minister) crushed Mullhauser on merits at Munk debate. It’s weird to be called in the face by ignoring facts – and then continue to spill same old debunked theory… No, war has nothing to do with NATO. Its all about Russian imperialism, which only accepted Ukraine’s or Belarusian formal sovereignty, as long as they were easy to control by Russian regime. Any democratic reform and actual expression of souveregnity by those nations was too much to imperialist authoritarian regime. This is no lecture, it’s a set of his believes. His “proof” that this narrative is “100% false” is by quoting
steliano dounis
Which Side are You On? – War is Big Business – Big Business is MONEY.
Day Veda
Deeeeeeeeez Nutz!
Professor Russianus. USA is to blame for Russia invading Ukraine, not Putin who is on steroids