The Youngest American Ever Executed – October 1, 2011 – Blog

My heart still hearts after reading about this from years ago. I read that when he was in jail he was crying for his mother! My God, how could people be so heartless!!
Quarter Acre Adventures
This is awful. Even now there are plenty of death row inmates who are being found completely innocent. It is strange how ‘pro-lifers’ are usually also ‘pro-death penalty’…
Comfortably Numb
It makes me literally nauseous whenever I heard about what was done to this young boy.
Tenn And Tenn, P.A.
Yes, we have come a long way since 1944. Yet, I think we continue to struggle with many of the same issues, such as hastily arriving at conclusions and failing to address new evidence when it’s presented.
it wasn’t dictionaries they sat him on that day mam. It was George Stinney’s own Bible. I grew up in Alcolu and played on the tracks where the girls were killed.
It’s made the press here in the UK too. Sad thing is one is just not surprised anymore when one hears of US death penalty miscarriages of justice. Yes this was nearly seventy years ago but the fitting up of a young boy (probably only semi literate) and putting him to death in a way that has always been the shame of America (medieval) is evil on a grand scale. The papers here say that the State of South Carolina will not be carrying out a posthumous retrial and transcripts and minutes of the trial have strangely disappeared (what a surprise): shameful…
Varri Boyd
heart breaking .
Michel Mpoyi
what the F****?? Was the Jury able to sleep after this? really???
Grace Alexandre
What a mean, conniving way of getting someone to confess to something that he did not do!!
This is so upsetting to me I can’t even watch it past the introduction. That poor baby never had a chance back in the 40s, once those clowns for cops decided he was “guilty” it was over for him. WAY, WAY SAD!
Nick Arbanas
there should be no death penalty, its hypicritical killing someone for a murder. people change and make mistakes.
This is heart breaking
joan Jones
There would be nothing disgusting about it if he did it but he didn’t do it……..I am betting he didnt even confess for the cone. Back then they might make it up just to get it over with and pin it on him. Somebody actually did confess to this crime on their deathbed later.
John Hilder
You cant tell me otherwise, that these death sentencing procedures are 100% accurate. This scene is an example of what goes on in the american justice system.
Bryan Pena
Wat kind of jury would say execute a 14year old boy
I live in Mexico, and when the subject of restoring Mexico’s death penalty came up during the presidency of Vicente Fox, the president said: “The death penalty represents a period in Mexico’s history that we do not wish to revisit.”
Police promised that dude ice cream if he confessed? That’s great investigatory skill right there…
Debra Sparks
We should remember this, and feel ashamed of what we can do to a person. Let’s hope this stuff stops.Let’s treat others like we would want to be treated.
Bobby Says Goodbye
@mccainisthroughX you are 100% right! you know how it is though, you see something and your anger overwelms you in that moment but youre right its not just america buddy. you gave a very level headed responce so i will show you the same respect back! thank you for your post i appreciate your time of the day
I am a staunch supporter of the death penalty in certain cases i.e Rape, Child Abuse and the murder of law enforcement officers, BUT THIS IS A DISGRACEFUL ACT FITTING SOMEONE UP FOR  A MURDER THEN EXECUTING THEM. EVIL.
MSE. Dzirasa
Hmmmm very SAVAGE INDEED…May he rest in peace!!! Thank you for this video…NOW YOU KNOW WHY WE WILL NEVER STOP PLAYING THE RACE CARD …IT’S BECAUSE THIS NATION HAS MADE IT SO BY ITS ACTIONS PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE…!!! But I will always say that the best thing that happened to me is to be born black…I am a subsaharan-princess and I love it….!!!
I am well aware there are children -sociopathic children- who kill. Whether Stinney did it is not the issue. I believe what people are outraged over is the fact that a 14 year old boy was executed via the electric chair, and the lack of evidence they had against Stinney, when he was executed.
Not dictionary… tell it right… they used the bible that he had when he was escorted in to the death room with to use as a booster seat.. this injustice still exists..
Alicia Ambrus
rest in peace George.
. Lord help our Human Race.. <–It’s nice to read a YouTube comment from somebody who understands empathy. Executing a 14 year old boy is JUST WRONG regardless of what he did . That’s just a kid, and bad kids don’t always grow up to be bad adults. I’m a good example. I was a terror at age 14 but by the time I was 16 I turned my life around. That was 40 years ago and as an adult I have a totally clean record.
America has been a sick country for a long time.
Dan Rhinehart
A child was executed on trumped up charges through a kangaroo court. This was ten says after the allied invasion of normandy began and countless American servicemen were giving their lives to end this sort of thing
I am severely confused by this comment. Well, look at it this way Thomas. From what I know about Stinney, he was very poor. Perhaps he had never had an ice cream before. Chances are he also did not know much about the law, and did not realize the consequences of confessing. He had also been in a room with people for hours, without a lawyer or parents; he probably just wanted to go home.
Sarah Edwards
My brother at 16 is already 6 foot 1 and 160 pounds. He’s always being told that he looks a lot older. I’m 6 years older than him (well, 5 1/2) but he looks older than me. I’m 5 foot 2, 115 pounds and look about 16.
They made a movie about it….the death scene made me cry so bad. It was so sickening.
Arisa Cornell
thats really depressing 🙁
Well if the sheriff said you’re guilty, that’s good enough for me.
Jason Weller
The State of South Carolina executed (June 16, 1944) a child (14 years old) & lady justice has been silent to this day. The haters decided that this child had to be guilty (there was no evidence of this child’s guilt) because the two victims stop while on their walk & asked George Stinney Jr & his Sister a question & they continued on their walk. Imagine what this child was feeling, thinking & knowing he was not guilty while taking that walk to the electric chair.
Luckily we have evolved & our criminal justice has reached the pinnacle of perfection.
Jane Doe
As Clarence Darrow said, The world has been one long slaughter house. Justice ? I don’t know what means.  Maybe vengence.  Sad, huh ?
From Glory to Glory with Xander
At the end, he said there needs to be a dialogue. I say, what dialogue? You don’t dialogue with or about a racist system and the people who run it. It’s been 60+ years since this happened and it’s still happening. How much dialogue do you need before you take some action?
maya fortune
That brought tears to my eyes, I have no respect for a country an people that allow this to happen everyday wit out any remorse. Ii have never been so disgusted in my entire life the way I am now
What is your reaction to this case? Disgust, mostly. That and wishing those responsible would be brought to justice.
Verisimilitude Dude
I KNOW that. I was just using painsey’s logic against him as an example.
Thanks for agreeing with me. @d3221ck Like I said I bet he agree’d to it because he was scared or confused. I bet there were also more to it during the interrogation than what they let on. It’s was common to accuse black people for A LOT back then but to aim at a poor child and kill him like this? Please don’t act like it wasn’t all sunshines back in the day. Learn history or gtfo.
Your child would actually be Japanese following the rule of where you are born and your child will have Welsh ancestry.
I don’t know enough about this case to make a judgement on guilt or innocence but even if he did do it, a 14 year old should NEVER be executed. That’s still very much a child. Bad children don’t always grow up to become bad adults. I was a delinquent terror as a child. I shoplifted and burglarized homes. I started fires and got into all kinds of mischief. But all that nonsense stopped when I was 16 and I turned my life around. This wasn’t justice. It was murder.
Taint ABird
You’d expect executions in Saudi Arabia or China or some socially backward and oppressive country – but this happened in the US, the land of the free.  And he was just a kid! According to Wikipedia this young kid had his conviction overturned on 17 December, 2014.  Bet late than never I suppose.
I am like you pro cap. punishment. I agree, I see nothing worth the DP in this case.
they made him seat on his own bible, not dictionarys…….
Words cannot describe how cruel and heartless all those involved in the boy’s interrogation (I use interrogation as based on the facts of the case there is very little chance that it was a mere questioning) and his trial and setencing. I hope that he can be exonerated posthumerously. I also hope that those who were involved receive a black mark on their ‘history’ posthumerously if it is found that they acted incorrectly under law.
JohnPaul Dixon
Ok,it’s an established fact that some killers will join in the search for the victim either for some perverse thrill or to possibly to detract attention from them.So for Marc Lamont Hill to say that this young boy ‘actually joined in with the search’ isn’t on it’s own sufficient to prove innocence. That said,there are clear points to strongly suggest this poor boy was innocent,at least ‘reasonable doubt’.I hope he’s posthumously pardoned/exonerated,and SOON.
The youngest was George Stinney of age 14
The movie exposes the American [mis]justice system as it existed in 1944 in the South, but don’t fool yourselves into believing that things have basically changed, as children even younger than he are sometimes sentenced to prison terms so long that they cannot possibly emerge from prison until they are well over one-hundred years old. In other words, death by imprisonment, and this isn’t restricted to the South.
There was a murder covered up here in Ireland for almost 40 years, due to it’s gruesome nature. (Google) The murder of John Horgan in the village of Hollyville. People are only starting to hear about it now…
Yes everyone is to some degree. It’s nothing to be ashamed of as long as you try to control it.
Bill Brisotti
Even after they find him innocent, no one will ever have to pay for this crime against humanity. Prosecutors, lawyers, judges, court and jail personnel, executioner, and no one even raises a question. This was no accident or mistake. This was done by professionally trained experts. Maybe this is the worst example, but this sort of railroading has happened many times and continues to happen and no one is ever brought to justice. Until prosecutors and judges go to jail there will be no justice.
That’s hella sad smh
So true. If you can see it, why can’t everyone else. It’s crazy hating someone because they dont look like you. It’s insane. God bless you.
………..This happened before the Civil Rights Movement. I am from Atlanta, and the Troy Davis thing made me sick! I wanted to protest so bad but my dad wouldn’t let me and I was mad. I can go on and on about how the death penalty should be ILLEGAL!
ladyhawk nevar
This Canadian thanks you. Every country in the world has its own form of racism.
New Wave
Wrong, had he been living today, the case against him would have been thrown out of court because there was no evidence. The police would have had to obtain a WRITTEN confession from him with either his parents and or lawyer present.
Jerod portis
Danm he was a Lil dude may his soul rip
Do no assume for a moment that one’s skin color means that you have hate in your heart for anyone else. What happened to this young man was horrible beyond belief. I pray that such an act never happens again anywhere, although such things happen everyday in a number of countries as you read this today. Anyone who says categorically that people of another race hate is by definition a racist. This should never happen and most certainly should never have happened in the United States.
wow this is sick
Tae Tae
This is just as horrible as the Emmitil story. I remember reading about this story a long time ago & they made a documentary/ movie about this. It broke my heart. They were so cruel & evil to black people back then. I just wish we could just love one another more…
Handbag Diva
This was 1944, people have been getting progressively bigger throughout the decades!!
missjohn person
i cant even comprehend the evil in this world
technically an American is anyone born in this country regardless of their ancestors origins. even who we know today as native American Indians are thought to originate from northern Asia (perhaps modern day Siberia and possibly Mongolia). Everyone’s ancestors at some point immigrated to this land, just some before others
Arisa Cornell
what was he accused of?
They made a movie about it….the death scene made me cry so bad. It was so sickening.<—– I love movies but I don’t enjoy watching films that manipulate your emotions and make you feel like crying. A few years ago I watched that Ed Norton film “American History X” and it wrecked me for two days. I had never seen a film that exhausted me so much.
These are the issues the above man should be talking about; such issues are still around. But he  agreed that  Israeli–Palestinian conflict is Aprartheid?
Terrica NICOLE
This is just sad. May he rest in peace
Bobby Says Goodbye
@mccainisthroughX you are a class act! its breaks my heart to think people judge people based on their color! its the 21st century people, stop ot already. i pray that it stop one day….
Sarah Doe
Don’t hate because they do! Love and forgive even when they won’t. Never allow someone to take advantage of you, but at the same time never allow anyone you don’t know to allow you to waste your life hating them. I am not white; I am not black; I am not any color that ties me to a group and allows me to judge. I am merely a human with pigmentation. This pigmentation should not matter to you or I. That is what this little boy would have screamed out loud in his remaining moments if he could!
It’s both sad and scary that people think this way. Nationality isn’t about what color or ethnicity you are it’s where you’re born. If an American woman gives birth in Canada… congratulations, it’s a Canadian.
I’m not against the death penalty. I just think it should be applied to adults who are found guilty of heinous crimes, such as multiple murders or murders involving torture. 17 should be the absolute minimum age. Fourteen is just a kid. That’s an eight grader. I don’t think a 14 should receive a life sentence unless he commits murder behind bars. In California this kid would probably be sent to Youth Authority until age 18 and then be transferred to prison until he reached age 25.
tonishi ishikawa
This is unfair world, so live with it !
That’s disgusting. I couldn’t imagine how anyone could have that much hate to do something that terrible over something as simple as skin tone. someday i hope we are all one color.. if not physically, than mentally… we need to get past this in order to move forward as a society.
K C Jones
I really do not think people who have attitudes like that are necessarily stupid. In fact some very intelligent people are intolerant. Rather its a matter of being ignorant of the truth. People develop their beliefs according to their own live experiences. Generally, people do not have empathy for those who they cannot relate to. This is exactly there are so many wars. If you cannot see your enemy as having the same right to life as you do then its easy to kill.
MsCat2U Dias
America is not disgusting. People who judge people by the color of their skin, religious beliefs, ethnic heritage, or anything else that makes them “different” are disgusting. Racism and prejudice do not exist just in America. Not all Americans are racists.
“This is the most horrific miscarriage of justice I’ve ever heard of…” Never mind the holocaust which was going on at the same time lol. Perhaps you should read a book…. Maybe two…
santino gazi
thats a powerful statement.
Nichole Thompson
this is soo sad. the ones that bribbed him and convicted him should all fucking fry
Banter Board
I’ll bet the real killer got to live a nice, full life and might have even gotten away with killing more people. Fucking horrible!
Kyle C.
@mccainisthroughX Your welcome ! and thank you !
Oh my god.. Terrible >_<
Charla Collingwood
This is sick and sad!!!
How do you know he killed them
@whalen84 Thats called murder not execution
Francheska Vega
This was a big injustice
Long live Betty June Binnicker and Emma thames1944R.I.P
Ryo Onizuka
And I thought Charles Starkweather was the youngest…he didn’t even live long enough to be 20; nope, I was wrong
@LulaDeeable I’d like some information on florence turner. When I look her up I get the actress who died of natural causes.
Fucked up. I had to hold my tears
ray harris
the movie was called Carolina skeleton
Sarah Edwards
I was just that size at that age; I wore a girls’ size 16 dress to my grade 8 grad.
downright hilarious
It’s very true.
just stop death penalty!!
Jasmine Vaughn
You’re right..back then that is exactly how it would go. But I was refering to now. Though even today , wether ppl admit it or not…racism is a huge problem. The thing I struggle with is that all of us(whites from the south) aren’t racist…and ALOT of us…speaking for myself and many others I know..take heat and abuse from both whites and blacks(I often have seen more love though comming from my black friends and relatives)It’s no time and era issue..racism is an issue..period.
Natural Mystic
this story still sickens me but he usa still hasn’t come too far forward
Flip Wad
Damn like a young john coffee
Zack Strickland
Hey I Find It Sad That Happened But, He Did Say He Did It. Bribe Or Not He Said He Did It How Were They Supposed To Know It Was Bribe.
wigwmg77, you are more then 100% right. your comment is the great one on youtube !!! just perfectly said !!! you have my vote anytime !!!
Bored Weegie
70 yrs ago and he woulda been 58 today?
Godschildyes Brown
There was a movie that was made about this back in the 1980’s! Louis Gosset Jr. stars in it! I forgot what the movie is called…
That story is so sad. Just makes me sick how things were back then!!
Wow. I never knew.
@msciciel14therope exactly right. time creates an all new history.
kendrick porter
and thats the funniest part… the use of ice cream… genius
Poor kid was found to be innocent seventy years too late but what can you expect in 1944 when he was living in Alcolu, South Carolina? Hardly a safe place to live for any black!
Carol Jones
My god, crime against humanity, executing a 14 year old child disgusting!
ahmad Johnson
karma for you crooked people in the judicial system youre time is coming sooner than later your time is coming
OMG what were these people thinking it was clear as a bell that this child of only being 14 years old was innocent . They took this kids life away .
Bobby Cruising
State sponsored evil.
@centinexslays Hahahaha thats hilarious but I think he was just referring to the US.
kym rhymer
He killed 2 girls!!!!
Carolina Skeletons also known as The End of Silence. It was a tv movie
and… howcome we still have murderers in jail with life sentences? lol.. SOMEBODY PLEASE BECOME A JUDGE LMAO.. im forreal..
Flip Wad
Damn like a young john coffee
so you’re gonna listen to something just because some guy said it? you’re the only one making a fool of yourself. Both the title and article say he IS in fact american, boy
Mathew Mitchell confessed After he did it and then again on his death bed
This shit still happens no chair just a gloc9
Why, yes. I am indeed a rather jovial soul. Thanks for noticing.
then i hope that he got all the icecream he could handle the very second he landed in heaven
What did you expect from 1944? People that age seemed to fall back into the dark ages with the 2 world wars and other stuff. People then weren’t that intelligent either.
Rebecca Glover
Those people have a special kind of evil
@mccainisthroughX yes sure is the truth
I don’t know what this creep said but it must have been pretty bad. Good on you for stomping on him. One thing about YT it lets us know just how many sick twisted pieces of shit are out there.
Pedro de Jesus
kendrick porter
Jarrett Hoon
the was no way to prove of evidence he would b innocent in 1944. may have gotton that evidence today.
kim fay
Shameful we should be ashamed of ourselves.  Killing an innocent child! there is a special place in HELL for the people that did this to this child! God have Mercy on their Soul’s
Jacob Meehoff
WTFUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuccckkkkk?*they electrocuted a *FOURTEEN YR OLD BOY n he was even innocent. worst cops, judge etc…EVER
Anthony McGhee
did you say 50,000? fam, we lost 100,000,000 just on the boat rides over here… and that’s not an exaggerated figure. after all of this, we still have our people wanting to integrate and be one with whites… that’s incredible….
Bill Forsyth
How absolutley horrendous.
@mccainisthroughX yea he was a child so horriable he didnt get the chance to live life 🙁
@propanobend He did.
The “cancer’s” sick obsession for death
joan Jones
There was a death bed confession from another person that he had done it and not George.
Douglas Chance
I’m debating whether or not to leave the US when I’m an adult
maybe the extended family sues
Poor baby how could those bastards do that
Dirty Dan
lol i live in sc and was born here as well and it is nothing like it was back in the 40’s and i find people like you that make stupid generalizations like that amusing.
Jake from State Farm
It wasn’t dictionaries they “stacked” it was the Bible he brought. Tragic story.
Your welcome. If your so happy why all the hatred.
goober rownowsky
Did they serve ice cream at his execution?
(Sarcasm) Well, he probably did something.
Hey, did you ever find out the name of the movie? thanx
Yemen, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, China and the good ‘ole USA. Perhaps we should judge the US by the company it’s in.
Kris Phase
You must me 4’3″ or something if you think 5’1″ isn’t small
More than you’ll ever afford in your lifetime. I have several properties, none of which I’d sell to you. End of discussion.
Jason Weller
(continue) When this child was murdered by the state of South Carolina, when they took this child’s life, they stole from GOD & to steal from GOD is beyond evil. It was believed by some & law enforcement in this small town that the real killer of these two girls was a person who lived in the community for years, he was from old money & had no alibi on the day of the killings. The girls’ head injuries were horrific & the weapon was too heavy for the 14 year old to commit such a brutal crime.
@RomanticStyle98 Amen
Rebecca El-Kaye
lol How did you know I was a female? Thanks, I guess :P.
Hamza Halal
if you are born in America and your momma is born in America you are American not afrikan american
Cucks Watch Blacked Videos!
nearly 70 years later and america hasn’t changed.
Sweet Cherry
omg this was fucking crazy
@punchov954 Hahaha. LMAO!!!!
Angel Wings
This is sick that poor kid.
Mike Dooley
Last I checked any child likes ice cream! This was so wrong!
I hope the lawyers gain the pardon. The whole affair was a disgrace.
Discrimination, miscarriage of justice, wrongful execution, denials … sigh, even the sharks seem more civilized than us.
This story is very sad.
The system hasnt changed at all just know that
t bone
No evidence nothing written down and a police force full of hatred and under pressure to find someone anyone, it’s a heartbreaking story
How the FUQ did he get accused of some shit like that????
well damn can i call the people responsible demons
Does putting everything in capitals make you feel more intelligent?
@Apdolie07 yes to that
lol 1944 wasn’t that long ago, it’s not like 1901 or 1825.
Aren’t you a bundle of joy.
Wow. This is unbelievable. A 14 year old boy executed. He was used as a scapegoat.
meanwhile the real killer runs loose. BRILLIANT
Sarah Edwards
Because that’s how big I was when I was 14.
Jumpstart Jimbo
The chair loves black skin. That’s sad 🙁
Forid Ali
Drity baseds off all time naw they tell us how civilised they are
roham wood
america needs to change…
Verisimilitude Dude
No need for sarcasm. I was simply pointing out a fact using the flawed logic of painsey against him/her.
Alright cops start forking over the millions for this guys family……
must have been a good ice cream
this was inhumane shame on america
John Bourke
ok, he was not a repeat offender ….. and was never a burden on the taxpayer.
Prince Peterson
Who is responsible for killing that boy please tell me this is not in America
james wilson
do you think he got the ice cream?
@cmtgforever or a .357
Wow this is sad n crazy. Hate da justice system.poor kid. .
steve polychronopolis
whoopsies… (sweeps under the rug)
Bob Johnson
whats the name of the movie ?
Sarah Edwards
I was just that size at that age.
“Well said”? Ummmm…what the fuck is a “paranth”?
@punchov954 you mean young “boy”
you are correct sir! This world has not changed much at all, just how they play thye game!
Wasn’t the youngest person ever executed 12 year old during the war of 1812?
Declan Ryan
rasbados … what way do you think juries should be selected? by colour?
Mike Windsor
it was racism but..? what other excuse is there?
the most high King
Dam if they could do it then they can do it again America is still the same it never changes
Leslie Williams
God have mercy on Junius Stinney Jr,soul,he was kill because duing that time,1944 alot of racist white people was in America.
Brook Beatty
Every child voice should B heard, not put 2 death! Bad language won’t get U no where, watch what U say, kids! And do the right thing!
Ok. I was talking to him though, not you
Valerie Mccray
Rest in peace . poor little brother . years after this little boy was murderd. The state now says he didn’t do it. When you bastards knew that baby didn’t do it before you killed him. Oh yeah that does him a lot of good. Are u kidding
now you see you look mad ! i touch you have a nice day my god friend ;-).
thanks you 😀 have a nice weekend 2!!! my grammer sucks im dutch 😛
true, but not the olympics.
Kirv84 Pas84
The system is fucked up , nothing more to say
David Cruz
How much for the bridge? I’d also buy some ocean front property in Idaho if you have one.
Disturbing doesn’t even cover it. Oh my god
Rob _
Not much has changed unfortunately
badf bafadfaf
It’s clear you deny what happened in our history.
lolade ajibola
even if he commited the crime,which is unlikely,no civilized society executes a 14 yr old..was a shameful travesty of justice and an abuse of court process.Yes it is tragic ,a monstruous act.
Paul Revere
With S.C. being the first state to secede before the Civil War I am not surprised their ‘jury system’ did this.
hollywood six
this just goes to show in america guilty till proven innocent never has and never will mean anything in america especially if minority
After he wrongfully accused the family of this poor boy must be compensate!!
Angie Otero, Sone
U go mario!!!!!!! Lol lol
Fox 1
dude are you watching the video??
Trahern Moore
it wasnt only dictionaries they stacked also a bible he had they add to them
just another example of americas dark dark history which seems to be sweeped under the rug all too often.
it was crazy back then..
Hope the real murderers were torchured. Hope those cops that accused him and told him to confess a lie were torchured. GOD help us…
lolade ajibola
@jjtheslayer69 God is the creator of heaven and earth,the Ancient of days,The ALPHA AND THE OMEGA.Worship Him.He created you for that purpose.
Wako Tx254
Damn world we live in. Shits not right
Analysa G
I sorta understood your last um… sentence(?) but no, I’m not disagreeing with you or anything… I honestly just cannot understand what you’re typing. Your tenses make me feel like you think you’re from the 1860’s and you forget words like in your last statement. “You know exactly I’m talking about” ? Is it so hard to write in english? Good God…
Yeah this makes me sick.  I have trouble seeing anyone under 25getting executed.  I support execution completely but in a case of a kid.  for the love of God they should have at worst out him in a juvie hall.  A ‘confession’ with no record, 4 witnesses for prosecution and no defense.  Come on,  Add to that the whole process from arrest to death was 81 days and he was made to face this alone as his family were told to get out or be hanged.  No way in hell I would have sent that KID to death. Especially with such a crapy trial.
Rick E
tonishi ishikawa
@Corvettes66 Whatever, Get a life… moved on !
Right somebody did that to that child…so if there is justice to be had by clearing this childs name then what about the other side of the syllogism? There is no statute of limitations on murder. From the police to the jury to the executioners their names and reputations should carry the stigma of child killers.
Savioso Ramirez
He might be innocent cuz sum cops forced him to kill them and admit thats y we have sypathy
How can a 14 year old be bribed with ice cream? They could’ve if would’ve been 5 instead of 14…it’s weird!
Jarrod Allan
why does his weight need to be brought up?
esther maina
What dictionaries?? That was his Bible
Brandon Luu
In revelation 13:10 it proves that white will go into captivity.
A.B. Hay
Anything wrong with what I am saying?
Jay staynice
then u believe in dark..nothing..meaning when u die ull see dark and never ever be anything again? i believe..
This so utterly disgust me!
lolade ajibola
@mccainisthroughX The people who did this are definitely not worshipping God Almighty.My God is Love.They are hypocritical monsters.
Dirty Dan
well yeah you’re right about that, but racism comes from all sides, north south east west, it exists EVERYWHERE.
Just for a ice cream cone seriously kid?
Only in Society, ie, no one should commit murder. In the justice system, the death penalty should be law in all fifty states.
Rob Cass
Except the Olympics…
Justin Jennings
@rulerofallisurvey ill tottaly get to that
Um yeah, this was pretty sick and messed up, and the people involved with it should be ashamed… but it also happened in 1944, not in modern times. You can’t judge all of America based on this.
Ryan Jackson
I mean the killer walked free and died peacefully.
Fortunado Desperado
His only crime was lying for an ice cream cone. Thats sad.
No one Saw Him Kill The Girls So Your So Called Eye Witness Is False…Plus Idk How He Killed Both Girls Without A Accomplice As He So Called Held One Girl Why Didn’t The Other Girl Run? You See How Small That Boy Is He Couldn’t Have Killed Both Girls Without Help NoWAY
Amy Shaurae' Williams
yea all probably planted.
Lisa Lentile
they will burn in hell for killing an innocent
latasha clayton
All lies really they killed this boy for nothing smfh….
Adam Beaver
would indiana be considered southern state
That’s been gone for a long time, not that you should have any reason to be checking me out in a dispute about countries. Why don’t you enlighten me to all the fantastic things Canada is known for that I can’t find anywhere else?
Terry Keith
What’s the matter with you? You can’t get it up off this, huh?
The Bing Crosby era racist, just isn’t dying in a fast enough rate in my opion !
Ryan Jackson
The killer is walked free and died peacefully…
Geo Black
thats fucked up foreal
Kenton Dickerson
Those kinds of Kooks exist everywhere.
Actually, by definition, most of us European-american. We stole America and most of us are born here.
AVENUE Q – ‘Everybody’s a Little Racist,’ Broadway Cast Look up that: That is you, that is everyone. You have those thoughts. Welcome to humanity.
Michele Stanton
sick in a bad way… i mean im sick to my stomach. Is this really the world we live in?
Anthony Albert
U stil to this day hear of people like that tho,
External Hard Drive
OP, I would suggest that your avatar is extremely outdated. The entire country has now learned what we Conservatives have been saying all along–Obama is not presidential material.
ron sanchez
Not surprised bet happened all the time black man did it and it was the black kid mama same shit happened in Florida whole town got burned down lady blamed it on a black man
Sharee Harris
This is the a damn shame..beyond crazy. this is the crap that makes me think that things like this are still going on. what a world we live in today? ..its scary
cherilyn dyas
OMG America you do make some seriously bad judgements,do you still sentence 16 year olds in Texas to death??
Justin Jennings
@rulerofallisurvey your god is a mental wall you built because you couldnt comprehend infancy, and it is natural behavior in all living things to setup boundry when confusion is gaged, but most of us look a bit deeper than most, and we get the credibility of not being called ignorant, because we looked a bit deeper for our concept of the infinite,
Deon Washington
this shit is fuckin brutal
Sheik Kafir
Thats Amerika … how many innocent people have to walk this road ?????
Wait a sec. What flavor ice cream was it?
Gregory Gluck
Jay staynice
Just remember…God does not im sure those white folks that did this to the young man..are in hell getting that same sentence
Dude everyone is racist at some level.
roger delfin
does it really matter
It don’t matter that he’s black , why do people always stereotype every single black person . He’s human just like white people
Tyler Wisner
Either genes or Improper nutrition. Either or could happen.
Kyle C.
@10pinkbarbie Watch what you say . Shit comes back and haunts . Fuck stereotyping . learn , so as not to repeat .
@niselat Whites in USA are.
They dont derserve to forgiven EVER. If anything why didnt god save this kid’s life. I believe in god but that kid didnt derserve this, The one’s that did that to him should burn in hell!
Dont worry. theres no god or hell. feel free to do whatever you like. dont believe that crap. it only there to stop you from doing stuff.
I’m not surprised that the youngest person in the U.S sent to death row was black, smh
Peacelovaable Jr
Omg what has our world created this is horrifying no child should suffer like this at all at least 1 year or 2 in prison but that won’t happen most kids don’t know what this price is there just kids
I’m white, yes you are right. Calling humans animals is a major insult to animals.
Verisimilitude Dude
Why are you responding to my post and not painsey’s post? He/she is the one that had a double standard. I was just trying to point that out. Yes, we are all considered American if you’re born here. Painsey didn’t think so. I guess I should have pointed out what I really meant in that post. Whatever.
Kayla Knox
This did happen in 1944 you know.. I don’t think I need to acknowledge… nevermind. Your comment was unnecessary and strayed away from his point. Racism is racism.
David Cruz
I’m worth $100 million
Disgusting, sick, I don’t know what to say.
Erin Scott
u mean during that time its still fucked up now
Sheraun Chatman
Why do have to be so racist man this just make since I honestly was crying because of this man stop the racism please man I’m begging you
umm, no I’m right. just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean its not the truth
im not surprised hes black
this is sick as hell…what was wrong wit white people back then? Can anybody tell me?
I doubt it because God is a forgiving god isn’t he or am I missing something here? Oh yeah, that’s why I am atheist.
ike riley
Bibles not dictionary
Charles Gussom
Now aint that America??!!!
Templar Van-Boek
thats usa for yer poor kid probably was made a scapegoat because he was black totaly horrific to watch even the movie scene hope the truth comes out and his name gets at least a pardon and his family compensated.
American is a nationality. Not even the native Americans are “native”. Their ancestors immigrated too, just before Europeans
Jeffery Davis
@MrMechanicjoe Your only 11 shouldn’t be talking about having sex with the devil . If anything shouldn’t be having a YouTube account. ( :
Well we, the US, may suck overall as a country, but I won’t sit here and let you say CANADA is better. That’s like saying the aroma wafted from a pile of shit is better than that of a decaying carcass. Nice attempt to get two points for Canada though, although as unsuccessful as the rest. XD
Except that you are actually making no relevant point at all, as how does any of this have anything, whatsoever, to do with citizenry? It does not.
So you’re saying we shouldn’t of killed Osama bin Laden or Sadam Hussean
Lisa Lentile
what state is this kill happy texas
no it does not matter
Slaughter Gang
make america great again smh donald is a joke
george johnson
who in the heck would like thiz stuff
PrettyBoy Davon
This is beyond the worst of all imagination.
New Wave
Damn, I’m black, a college graduate, and I got all kinds of student loans to pay back. Where is this FREE university you speak of?
steven tomkinson
he confessed for an ice cone, could i watch him burn for two ice cones!
but according to that guy he wasnt american which would imply he wasnt. plz stop youre making a fool of yourself
Shashank Vagal
Disgusting all the politicians !
that is fucking sick. im white and i dont judge people about their skin color. i judge people by what they do, and thats how us should be, but thats life shits fucked up.
why has this news story just come up now? Did they only just find out about ‘the youngest boy to be executed’? Seems like it’s a hard-to-miss story…
Antwain Williams
They didnt stack him on dictionaries, they stacked him on the bibles he was carring
Jason Weller
(continue 2) This kid only weighed 90lbs & stood 5ft 1in & could not have lift & thrown these girls down into the ditch they were found in. The girls were obviously thrown because of the distance between where they were thrown & where they landed. It was obvious that this kid did not commit this crime, it was suggested that the real killer had to be protected & so what a little black kid had to die to keep that dirty little secret, what a SICK & HATEFUL world we live in.
The simple fact that america goes around the world telling other countries how to run things…..
remi Levesque
it was probably because he was black he got that excecution.I hate racism I’m white but my best friend is black.we’re all the same!!!!!!
Titan Dragon
Really people? Stop bashing one another over race and religion, and who has suffered more. An innocent young boy died, that is what truly matters here.
actually, yes if we were born in america we are technically called White Americans
Adam Beaver
yes there is have you ever been to Indianapolis
20 more years than you find out that black panthers weren’t responsible for philadelphia bombings…hehehe….;
richard ramfire
Very disturbing story. It seems that even still american society treats youngblack males as adults
Jesus Christ is the Lord amen
Why they are almost always black women or black men?! Jesus loves u ‘n God Bless:DD
wath is tath jellied rat faces?i ‘m from Montreal so my english is bad
Bobby Says Goodbye
what does it matter what country im from? he was a kid that died a terrible death for no reason at all. it’s sick just like i said and what kind of person could see something like this and not be mad? education has nothing to do with my anger.
South Gaming and Music
No. Wrong. So, so, very wrong.
jo bob
who care’s it was just a black
Mohammed Bappa
pathetic…this is to show you how cruel this world is..
note he was not american he was african!
Randy Burroughs
Troy Davis deserve the death penalty we don’t know if the 14 year old child did the murder even if he did he was a kid he should had be in a mental hospital instead of getting the death penalty
Well there allot people are in hell or going to hell, because there no forgiveness for sins like these.
Invader Kush
….Theres evidence that even Polynesians reached america before the Euros did.
this kid was very likely born in america -.- which makes him african american
Renee Hollis
Terrible….just a baby……
perfect case off scapegoat. Black small cant defend him self. Paranths are happy. The black kids paranth arent. but what the heck they are black we dont care…i hate racists.
Day Bay
it alright to say blacks BROTHER OF COLOR, injustice is injustice, these two are black as are many. Were is REV Al so he could explain this situation a little more eloquently. there is a racial divided still til this day, and a pay check and a degree wont change that. I thank god that there are mediums like television, for those that still don’t read books about black culture and oppression to open our eyes. So put the dollar down and be more aware of who you are, really.
smokey robinson
i AM black and even i know this wasnt a racist matter. he CONFESSED. and dont even pretend the ice cream bullshit was real. and honestly to all those posting shit about how all southern whites are racist that is a false stereotype that makes u prejudace against them
die Amis sind nicht ganz Dicht
chris scurti
America and america is still fucked from a fellow american but not every american is evil not every person is evil who knows who is “evil” or not. We are all human, we all have flaws, we are all one. Even If the world was fucked its how you live your life and how you pursue it to become “evil” or “good”. We are all people with flaws of justice and thought. As said, we are individuals. People can be “evil” but its all on opinion.
Land of the free, injustice is carried out all over this world, but what make this so evil, is the lie of liberty and Justice that is preached in America. When I thought american history of crime against black ppl couldn’t get any worse i come across this video.
Grey Line
One of those book apparently was the bible. Disgusting.
A.B. Hay
Most African-American have both white and Native American ancestors.
This is Fucking the most horrible thing I have ever heard
Jessica Dailey
wow oh my god this is just horrible that young boy lost his life for no reason so young I just can’t believe this mess
Verisimilitude Dude
Actually, white Americans aren’t Americans at all, since they came over to North America from Europe. True Americans are the native Americans which are also known as “Indians”, since some of the early explorers thought they had landed in India for some reason.
Quincy Davis
I wonder when the “Republicans” say, “Lets make this country great again”, is this the area they’re talking about.
Nguyệt Vi Vlogs
ok this should have never happened he was child,second doesnt matter what race you are however if you have money like OJ you can buy your way out
Michael Casey
the only thing I don’t like about this is the comparison to Troy Davis. What happened to this boy was a miscarriage of justice.
desiree barnes
OOPS SO SORRY mario d,z what ever but you are not even in the PINK family so please pick a color.this my Daughter page .but you fell like taken STUPID i’m here once again my NAME,is SYLVINE.o my Grandson thinks you are so funny.
Local D
that chair…is HORRIBLE!
not necasarilly. if he wasnt born in america hes not african american. sometimes people can be african.huzzah
Its not fuckin fair. An innocent boy George gets executed and Casey Anthony gets away with murdering her child.
david atherton
poor ignorant little kid,that`s why a adult needs top be with children when they enter the judicial system,the age of the boy doesn’t bother me if he was guilty but if you have the death penalty you had better have damn good evidence against the accused
Kirv84 Pas84
America system is fucked up… am out.
Verisimilitude Dude
You’re missing the point. If White people born in America are Americans, then so are other people of other races. Otherwise it’s a double standard.
Johanna Brüel
Wrong! You are only true American, if you are Native American. If you aren’t Native American, you are decendants of Welsh immigrants – as you wrote you are (Welsh). That’s simple logic!
Alejandro Cardozo
this is true this is not fake
john Thomas
This its sad, black, white, purple, green, or whatever he is a child, like seriously he couldnt have hurt anyone
You contradict yourself. true “americans”, Native americans also known as Indians are the people of the americas. NOT whites. You said if “white amercans have a child that person is an american” – well whites are european no matter where they go. Just like YOU said. If a welsh person had a child in Japan the child would still be welsh. exactly – welsh not japanese. Just like white people in the americas are europeans- welsh, english, french, spanish, whatever- not ” native americans”.
Luke Mertel
it was true and terrible because he was forced to confess but not the youngest.  The youngest was Hannah Ocuish she was 12
Larry Douglas
Y’all no damm well that boy didn’t kill those for no fucken icecream
Shane Williams
That’s very messed up and I’m 10 I’m African American would they execute me?thats straight up bullshit.
Justice Umbiya
Its not racist…. It is however ignorant as all hell.
Mark M
Maybe he did it?  He confessed for crying out loud!
Bingwa Bing Haki
Goddamn every soul involved in the death of children…especially the adults who murdered Brother George Stinney…The U.S. of America is a cursed country!
Declan Ryan
Need smaller chairs….
David Handley
This really is sick.  A child?