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Yellow 🌼🌿
This story is being suppressed in the US because very prominent men actively participated, from the former head of federal LE, former presidents, corporate heads, media heads, recognizable media personalities ..etc
Why wasn’t she charged sooner? That boggles my mind. Whether Jeffrey is alive or not, her crimes are her own and should’ve been prosecuted way back when things were first taken to court.
Fantastic to finally get this side of the story, it’s horrible to watch these kinds of documentaries but we need to know and understand these things. We have to get the truth.
David Shapcott
When Donald Trump was told she was charged with trafficking under-aged girls, he said, “I wish her well.” And millions of Americans want him as President.
Mark Dowse
Maxwell has been caught and prosecuted. HOW MANY MORE are doing the same or even worse than her? Never stop investigating please. 👮‍♀👮‍♂⚖ M 🦘🏏😎
Sopho Cles
When my partner was younger she was applying for high end PA roles she was/is very attractive and was getting a lot of offers one was from Robert Maxwell – she was told to expect the environment to be a bit like Dallas (a soap set in Texas in the 80’s) where Robert Maxwell would lavish extraordinary gifts on his ‘favourites’ from a pool of glamorous PA’s and of course he expected favours in return. She did not take it went to work with another narcissist, Anouska Hemple at least she didn’t have perform any favours. Ghislaine was corrupted by her father – I have no doubt about that an utterly immoral family.
Christopher Robin Garrish
People forget her father lept from his yacht to his own death, when no one was watching. And she did quite well indeed.
Power can make a person to do sinister work.
Abell Seyfu
We’re caught up playing the impassioned protagonist in our Subjective Narrative of Self🎈
Star Crol
So many involved are walking free….EXPOSE THEM ALL!
Alsadek Alkhayer
This is very tragic, but I think the trial of Julian Assange is the most.. everything
Zenn Exile
Becoming a plaything for wealthy men, while immoral, and repugnant, typically doesn’t destroy the life of the one trafficked. Often the exact opposite is the case. These people seek out the disenfranchised and promise them an elevation in economic and social status that is quite literally unthinkable for most people in their positions. Often these young girls (and boys) are given large sums of life changing money and access to resources they could never otherwise dream of having access too. So to say they have their lives “destroyed” is quite misleading. They endure a short period of trauma for the promise of long term economic gain and security, at least in the case of being exploited by very wealthy individuals like the Epsteins. Misrepresenting sexual deviance in this way is similar to exaggerating the dangers of drugs. You set vulnerable children and people up for these exploitations if they don’t understand how they work and why. It’s not a monster coming for these kids. It’s a ‘friend’ in their time of need. Vulnerable children need to learn this lesson above all others. Sometimes the one who shows up to help, isn’t there to help you, they are there to help themselves to whatever you have that they want. Or we could stop forcing children to live in poverty with no hope or social support. Then people like the Epsteins would have nothing to offer them and they wouldn’t feel compelled to suffer sexual trauma just so they don’t have to live a life of abject poverty.
won ton min
This was swept under a rugged in American mainstream media only 30 seconds of coverage with drawings in the court room yet Johnny and amber is live on tv smh
jie li
Today, the privilege of the Chinese government and the overlord clause are used very good! Only giving the Chinese people a one-way choice can only flatter the leaders! The Chinese people are not allowed to comment on the leader!
Michael Chirwa
Sending love ❤️ to everyone in the world 🌍 where you are From 🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲
Ghislaine Maxwell may, or may not be, an admirable member of the human race. However, this whole case has an air of persecution. People out to get her and willing to do almost anything to achieve this. The evidence for what she is accused of is flimsy in the extreme, yet she´s been in prison for a long time already. Also, the image and reputation of her father hangs heavily in the background.
Allison Nelson
This is pride of liberal Democrats and they want to protect these people from justice because they love what were doing ! This is core feeling of liberal Democrats !
Where are all the people she gave these girls too… why are they not facing charges????????
How can a dead person partake in recruiting and trafficking?
Joey Blackrose
Why isn’t anyone come to trial that was listed in some of the books of contacts
85 till Infinity
The fact all we see on tv is Johnny Depp, amber heard, Ukraine/Russia should make you question why this is barely getting any press.
They all wanted money & fame , they knew what they was doing
my name
I have to tell u, that their actions will face karma this life or the next. The longer you wait to face that karma, the worse it gets.
Helen Bartoszek
Where is the rest of the documentary?
Jeremy john Hall
Jeffrey is the monster. Poor gen didn’t do all this. She was scared of Jeffery. She fear for her life. He was the abuser & the brains behind all that. Gen was a good girl before Jeffery messed her up
“took his own life” as if.
lenny stevens
I actually thought it was the owner of the coffee brand “maxwell house” saying that I ain’t watched it properly so is it?
Mike Dlc
and yet no one is arrested yet
Christopher Robin Garrish
The Madame is in the cage: Where are the Johns? DJ Trump, WJ Clinton, Andrew Windsor, Alan Dershowitz etc
Boston Blackie
I honestly don’t understand these girls going to a strangers house to begin with. Plus it is said they were told they would be required to give sexual messages. Are girls, woman, not intelligent enough to know not to go with a stranger? No one has ever said these girls were kidnapped. I am also assuming they were allowed to go home, as their parents surely would have reported them missing. Have heard one mother found money and wanted to know where her daughter got it. The girl told her mother and they went to the police, really don’t know what happened. Yes I understand that most are minors but honestly what a world were they have no idea how to protect themselves and money seems to be the be all and end all. A straight story explaining all details would be very helpful. I would think society would be outraged that girls in their teens didn’t know to get the hell away from such people and tell a responsible adult.
ambv. 000
Only the tip of the iceberg :’)
Anyone else remember the coffee “Maxwell House”?
martin cymru
the cleaners and drivers know. where are they?
George Knox
She needs to rot in prison. Let’s have proper justice please ….
Dorothy Skarpaas
Epstein relationship with megan markle, I wonder.
Nasser MJ
Did Bill Clinton and the Brit Prince names show up as well in this crowd?
martin cymru
flight records please.
Shirish Shende
Can we talk tomorrow morning ma’am it’s also you would able to make hide but panishment to make sure senses of Karma cheers
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