Ghislaine Maxwell profile: who is the British socialite associated with Jeffrey Epstein? – Blog

If you’re low class and jobless you are unemployed. If you are high class and jobless you’re a “socialite”.
Lower class + jobless = Unemployed High class + jobless = Socialite
Don’t worry. In America, the rich and elite are innocent until proven innocent.
Jennifer Cartwright
They’ll be a whole heap of people sweating right now knowing the info this woman will be handing over. Prince Andrew will now know how to sweat again (if you watched the Prince Andrew interview, then you’ll understand what I mean)
Pauli M
She didn’t evade the FBI for a year, they were monitoring her.
Denis Brennan
She said her father was “inspiring” . Is that some code for being a rogue and criminal ripping off his workers pension funds. That’s a great “inspiration” for her!!!
British Socialite More Like Evil Pimp
Lee Boriack
Media is silent about no pics / mug shots of Ghislain’s arrest? How do we know if there is a Ghislain double in prison?
Mat Broomfield
She didn’t “evade the FBI” ffs. She was living discreetly. They were aware of her location the entire time.
She was her father’s ‘favorite girl’ of all 9 kids, and wouldn’t let her boyfriends around her? He definitely abused her, and she in turn learned that behavior and passed it on
We found Maxwell “Tucked Away” at Tucked Away. These people man straight up laughing at all of us. Where’s that mugshot
It's a blessing being an American.
How could this person sleep at night knowing she contributed so much pain and suffering to young ladies?
Byron Cudworth
Both Ghislaine and her dad worked for Mossad it’s more important to see who she doesn’t flip on.
Orwellian Horseman of the Apocalypse
I’m taking bets on how long until Ghisi has an “accident”.
dan Smith
I don’t think anything will come of this. She’s far too rich and powerful with friends in the highest places. Hope I’m wrong.
It’s way more than just these 2, they need to go ahead and get all of them. They seem to only talk about these 2 at the moment for some odd reason.
Protests should be against people like this
alison norcross
I would like to know how Robert Maxwell had the most impeccable English accent when he was a Czech. I ll never forget that he stole the pensionrrs money. Especially when I hear on the radio every day now that you must be aware of scammers taking your hard earned contributions. Look to the enemy under your nose.
julia cle
if they ever make a movie about this lady the best actress to play her part is Winona
wnnalis cioov
She didn’t “evade the FBI” ffs. She was living discreetly. They were aware of her location the entire time.
Dom R
Get your facts straight!! R Maxwell wasn’t part of the Czech resistance in 1949 (been proven false already). They had no resistance then as Hitler and the German military weren’t in Czechoslovakia at that time, your regurgitating what he said without Czeching (pun intended )
mikea hiooi
She didn’t evade the FBI for a year, they were monitoring her.
For all her supposed ‘upscale’ education her elocution skills are lacking.
Cassandra Stornoway
Can we assume she flew out with the Pensioners Funds to start her new life in the US?
Why doesn’t 60 Minutes Australia allow comments on Youtube, like Channel 4 does?
You Tube
Imagine being a reporter on the Epstein case. You can show us everything under the sun about it but surely they know it won’t catch the attention of the public as much as it should.
Pamela Cook
I’ve heard she had a weird relationship with her daddy. Maybe that’s why she felt what she was doing was normal..
Andrew Oliver
Her dad ripped off the workers. She and her brothers are still rich.
Grace C
The fact that they now have “videos” of the people who visited each location or house, is estounding!!
Buns Smith
“Who managed to evade the FBI for nearly a year.” Bullshit.”
Joll Does
Lot of these connections can’t sleep anymore fearing she gonna drop some names !
Craig Hall
She’s the royal familys pet
Remembering being a cute 14 year old girl, my parents drove me crazy because they wouldn’t let me our from under their watchful gaze. You know how a Grizzly mama protects their cubs? They were like that. There is no way I could have been alone with an old man for two minutes. These shows never talk about that aspect of how the girls came under the influence of the pervert.
“Although her name is infamous… nobody knows how to pronounce it.”
Joe Turner
Never has an apple fallen closer to the tree.
Maxwell: Socialite Me: Unemployed
brad fiser
She’ll make a deal by giving up some politicians , and later write a book and make millions
Lindsey Craig
Epstein had videos of everything why aren’t they using those?!
Pepe Habichuela
Great narration, brilliant presentation!
Alfred Ellis
I hope they make her sing like a bird
Everytime I see Concorde I just gawk at the beauty and engineering genius behind that plane. Sorry off
I have heard the prosecutor had trouble spelling her name: Ghislaine or Gyslane. At the end they settled on “Jizzlane” and everyone was happy…
Keating Simons
When TRUMP said I wish you well…..TRANSLATE….”I wish to throw you in the well”…SERIOUSLY !
alida flus
She didn’t “evade the FBI” ffs. She was living discreetly. They were aware of her location the entire time.
Photographe Demode
The dainty little melody in the background, it is like they want to make a pretty picture of her
Mandy Holland
That was very interesting and well put
Epstein n’ Maxwell is as sick combo as Fred n’ Rosemary West
Dennis Tafeltennis
You have any idea how easy it is to fake a death from a person that’s been last seen on a boat? Well… he just drowned. This whole Maxwell’s story stinks as much as the Eppstein’s story.
Stunning summary!
Wyvern Lambi
The higher you are the higher the fall.
Giuseppe Nuzzaci
she care more for the océan but consider the people like a plastic in her world
Anabel Gardh
It was very interesting the video, and This was good information about her and Jeffrey. She was born in a privileged world, she have everything good parents ,good house, good school , good life . No everybody have that what she had 😔.
Catherine Patterson
He was after the PENSIONS OF THE TRUE and upright employees, period.
The money and power was more important. Just like her Dad
Tim Williams
When I grow up, I wanna be a socialite!
Art. Demirjian
Thanks for very interesting subject. I was forward to hear about who she was and her background…!
Brad Smith
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water. This will be the read of the century if it’s uncovered I say she gets covid-19
Dan D
Thought this was about Ghislaine, could care less about her father, brothers or anyone else…
Js Comp
Not one photo of his drowned body
Mike Rempel
She has a secret message somewhere that comes out and implicates everyone if she doesn’t get a secluded protected paradise. Jeffrey is probably alive and protected and she will be also. We are nothing to the Elite. They live by the Golden Rule!! Those that have the Gold make the rules. !!. Speak out and bring them down.
one is suddenly sweating
olgierd ogden
Someone just wrote “if you’re low class and jobless you’re unemployed, and if you are high class which in my book is upperclass you’re a socialite but I’ll take my stance from the Frost Report and say that I get a stiff neck!
She’s gonna sing like a bird if they don’t wack her. This is gonna be big.
Anabela Da Guerra
and the show goes on….she met Andrew in 1999 so he’s out of ‘the picture’ for this court case along with others mentioned in this video, funny how this works and people think something is going to come out of it, plus. we watch the same story being told over and over with no real evidence that she’s even in jail :))) another phantom in the opera my friends.
Jerry Talks About It
8:57 Why quote Buckingham Palace when Prince Andrew said he had never met Guifre in his entire life? 9:36 There’s no such a thing as “underaged women” there are only minors and adults. linguistically “aging up” his victims is a tacit defense of his crimes against children.
LCK 78
Another proud student of Mo(re)Sad who was in the lucrative business of blackmailing the majority of US politicians with a bit of forbidden honey
Marilyn Michell
Time to clean up all the swamps! They are all related in one way or another.
Ghislaine Maxwell didn’t kill herself
P. B.
if any single ladies are dating and watching this, stay away from greg prenatt of kenmore, ny. he’s got the same desires as epstein, but not the billions of dollars.
Will Evans
So sad to hear the news about her suicide next week!
Yes, I expect you to read all of it.
There’s that French bloodline connection yet again.
Connie Kimble
Amazing to me how people of her ilk, (and there are MANY of them) can so easily lie.
T Go
This whole thing is so messed up and sick! If she is truly a victim I pray she will prove it by releasing ALL information about the sick people that utilized Epstein to feed their sick desires. If EPSTEIN was a tool used by our Govt to blackmail various influential people then this information MUST come out!
betty boop
Oh for heaven’s sake, old Maxwell wanted Ghislaine to marry JFK Jr.? That has got to be hubris and egomania in itself. What is wrong with some egos. If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be hilarious. 😶
Humphrey bogus
Now this is journalism
Sloane DeRothschild
Her, Chrissy Teigan & Hillary Clinton are set to appear on the Real Housewives of Guantanamo Bay, cant wait!!!
It’s a simple case of greed. Her family lost their wealth so she attached herself to someone who could provide her with the lifestyle to which she was accustomed. When she realized Epstein wouldn’t marry her she decided to ingratiate herself to him in other ways so she could still be in his good graces and still have access to his pockets. She’s every bit as sick as he was, she enabled and facilitated his depravity for her own financial benefits at the cost of all their abuse victims.
DeAnne Smith
I just have one question. How can a woman facilitate the rape of an underaged female to a middle aged man and still claim to have a brain, conscience, heart and soul?
How will the elite escape ? Stay tuned
Logan Cruz
“I wish her well. … Let them [Department of Justice] prove somebody was guilty – trump
Franc HK
All very mysterious. There always seems like there is more to this than meets the eye. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ghislaine was out in a few years leading a quiet life again, ‘tucked away.’
The biggest mystery is how one is supposed to correctly pronounce her name. I swear I’ve heard it said 3 different ways by reporters.
Pam H
Did she really think it to her advantage to plead innocent? I mean, come on, she has a master’s degree! Or maybe they just gave her the degree and didn’t require anything of her.
BelovedT S*
“But transgressors will all be eliminated; the future of the wicked will be destroyed.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭37:38‬ ‭HCSB‬‬ Amen🤍
Chris McMeekin
“ANY man who is attempting to court my daughter is clearly a gold digger, nothing more! Smart? Beautiful? Nonsense, they’re after MY money, I won’t hear it!”
music and laughter
best thing when he jossed it!!
Arlene Heed
I wonder if Ghislaine ever wonders what her father would have thought of her life with Epstein. I wonder what her mother thinks of her life with Epstein.
cr hope
She has done a video Confession first with tell all info.That will be released first so there will be no one else to intimidate.
chomp chomp
her name is damaged forever now.
Three years ago this would have been called a conspiracy theory and was lol. America needs to wake up
nick fleming
They’ve known where she’s been all along just had built a case before nicking her.
Delise Sim
Thank you for the coverage.Oops the background music is kind of irritating.
I thought his name was asdociated with Maxwell coffee.
mimi chan
Hmmmm so her dad helped Israelis invade Palestine? Wow I guess evil runs in their blood
A wee Bit Dodgy
“American businessman, developer, magnate” strange descriptions for Epstein……..
there was a sea creature in her submarine…it’s name was ghislaine maxwell.
Kristy Bryant
I still want to know what putting aluminum foil on your cell phone does
The Croft
5:29 Effectively saying “give me your money you worthless plebs”
Js Comp
Any proof of their death in Holocaust?
We were warned about these devils a long time ago.
Armin Reichert
The only hope to finally learn the truth is that Hillary C. will become POTUS. Pruust.
Rocker Jim
Her and Epstein were successful international Entrapment agents working for a foreign Govt. Epstein got the most linient sentence imaginable. Those who organised that sentence need to be questioned. Eventually he was allowed to top himself. The FBI are now treading carefully not to hurt Prince Andrew but at the same time will just jail her without too much damaging information coming out.
Ben Carrot
3:38 I have to admit, she was pretty when she was young.
soraya tebbani
where is her mug shot ?!
“Money buys you freedom”. This statement will be proven correct, when she walks free just like OJ Simpson, even with mounting incriminating evidence and witness statements against her.
Don Dondon
This whole thing is over Jeffery Epstein’s hidden video collection and money.
Cat of the Virgins
Maxwell use to look adorable. why does her face look like that from night to day?
Jason Carlisle
Oh what a surprise, suppressed footage , where’s this been hiding, channel 4 , are we to expect the true NEWS now , how many suppressed info you got
I’m sorry, but why does her story deserve the melancholic piano soundtrack? I want news. Not a cheap tacky soap opera.
A life screwed up from young until adulthood
She didn’t evade. They Didn’t and Still Don’t Care!
Thomas McConnell
The big names that might have been involved to some extent have nothing to worry about . Some people still carry that kind of power and situations like this are just the tip of the iceberg, even the lawyer cant be sure about the prince ever having to testify because the lawyer knows. You can’t just go around accusing people either whether you think you know or not and rightfully so.
Rocker Jim
Actually saw Maxwell at the Baseball Ground when he owned Derby County. At half time he lined the team up for a photo op on the pitch. As they were losing close to the final whistle he left in his helecopter. They lost to Chelsea
Funky Doolittle
like father like daughter
Jan T
No mention of Ghislaine’s sister’s Law enforcement data system?
Chelle JessiesGirl
Being a British Socialite should have zero effect on her treatment in the American Justice System.
Ivan Hekli
What a family…. 🥴
Marco M
If Jeffreys epstiein other recruiters are free and on Netflix spilling the beans SO SHOULD MAXWELL BE FREE!!!
is the background music necessary?
alison norcross
Robert had a beautiful English Accent
paul mc
Well reported documentary! 👍👌
Kiumars [Iranian Kurd]
Ghislaine is a French feminine name meaning Pledge and is pronounced Jis-lane
Kate M
Yeah rules for them and rules for us!!!
Hansel Mansell
What’s with all the piano? Going to subtitles…
Anna Anders
carol King
I would like to hear a psychiatrists thoughts on this. She seemed a ‘nice’ person until her father died. Has anyone said anything bad about her before she fell for Epstein? Was he a combined father figure/lover and twisted her?
Eliel Lopez
There is much more to this than is being revealed. Perhaps it may be to try and protect many other prominent names who may be attatched to this business in some way.
Craig Roberts
Hollywood and the Royal Family is about to be uncovered in a way that will shake the world.
George Alexander
Stand up family, eh?
Pearl Barkley
Damn… the father was nefarious as well…
State sponsored – wait for the release of the date
finding solutions
The father Looks like Gervais ( the comedian ) , are they relatives?
Jay Noor
She needs to pay for her bad deeds. Hope they throw away the keys.
Zion Grace Cantoria
I don’t know her, I never meet her since day one of my life.but I heard a lot of creepy stories about her.
when are the fingers of jhs be seen on this mud?
3:29….. can anyone confirm that`s Elton John on Maxwell`s right ? 🤔
Ayn Ml
Well not guilty until proven otherwise. Keep open mind and lets move on
Lynne9fn Stevenson2su
The hushed second histomorphometrically tip because frog sicily weigh against a late rabbi. accurate, craven jogging
john Felman
I feel sorry for Ghislaine. I hope she survives.
Jo Daniels
how does a plastic coat hanger stay at the bottom of the ocean lol
Mike Armstrong
Some people are too big to fail. Like corporations. Just watch what happens with her
N Amiin
Why are they never proud of their real names?
I hope she rots in jail but what happened to a speedy trial? A year till trial date? Crazy.
David Watts
I doubt that he drowned. He’s probably living in a small foreign country somewhere.
Cassandra Stornoway
The royal speech from the deck of the ship
steven durrant
‘socialite’ is a repulsive term for people who were are supposed to fawn at. If she is unemployed, why not say so? Because C4 think they are liberal but are repulsive snobs just like other elite media. ‘unemployed’ is a term for the serfs. Rich people are special. That’s part of what causes these problems.
photopix9 S
And now she went to jail family tradition 🤣🙄
The way this documentary is written, you’d think the host was convincing us to have compassion for Ghislaine or whatever her name is. But, it’s not going to happen.
Rigo Rangel
Hold on, a plastic hanger, at 1500 feet under the sea? Plastic floats.
Midnight Question: Did Ghislaine break the ‘Bully’ challis? #rulesandorder
DeShawn Brown
I don’t see the problem with saying the prisons are gonna need a synagogue, yet my comment gets deleted every time. There sure are a lot of sexual offenders of the same ilk!
At the first “conspiracy theories” I ear, I leave. 04:41 That didn’t take too long… Bye msm.
sneez n. cheekan
this music the first part of the video wft! who do they want us to feel for in this public story time of theirs – and who to despise and blame? isn‘t it interesting that the focus of this nursery rhyme is on an individual? honestly, i actually think they may even get away with it. blaming all these monstrous crimes on just one person and by that turning the public’s attention away from the fact that we have a institutionalized, systemic abuse structures in our politics, economy, media may actually work for two reasons: because she is a woman and jewish/decendent of a holocaust survivor. but maybe i am wrong: maybe we had processed our cultural issues and history and can no longer be distracted by these old conflicts … ? someone has has to have the will to heal and take responsibility at some point, right?
Harry Wood
Robbed British working class Pensioners who worked for the Mirror group.hope he never rests in peace
Ohhhh, the plastic hanger! 😈
Crypto Knight
She is a riddle, a conundrum wrapped in a mystery inside a puzzle, that is the dilemma.
Anyone else notice that her dad sat down by Elton John at 13:30?!
paul mc
Proves unequivocally that no amount of money or education will create a well rounded person, nature holds the ultimate outcome. 😒
Justin jeffery Cramer
I wonder what her father would have thought of all of this If not be apart in it himself I think she was involved in her father’s death A sacrafice
Bahls Deepe
Ghislaine’s father looked like Humpty Dumpty😂😂😂😂
Steve Trosok
I can’t understand how it is that Robert Maxwell, born and raised in Czechoslovakia, could have such a refined English accent. Someone please explain.
George Swampy
If Maxwell had any brain, she should get her own back now, before the rich perverts get to her. There is only a certain amount of time that she will be protected. She does not have long left to breath. She should give these perverts up now before its too late.
Paula Samec
This incessant background music is very irritating!
SalamWisdom Allah
That’s what I’m sayin? Were are the pictures and video feed of her arrest and court appearance? So she is bigger than Micheal Jackson now? (Sarcasm) Seriously though!!!
Kaushik. Dinavahi
Probably they both getting away from much larger crimes involving powerful people and not just sexual crimes
General Omar Bradley
U failed to mention that Epstein was a Mossad asset who had a big operation and Maxwell’s involvement with Mossad as well.
mary shaffer
Themes never enough money.
GTA V Editor Vids
Keep it in the family ….
Julio Costa
What’s with the struck-through captions?
Bruno Volk
After all,she is a good friend of Bill Gates and Bill Clinton, hope they help her out 🤗
I swear these rich billionaires get bored or somthing to then carry out these horrid crimes and ruin their own lives aswell as the poor souls they violated. I’d be more than happy with billions, my own island not hurting anyone, just enjoying my wealth. If I were to become bored I would probably join Mr Musk in building rockets.
Jehad Shah
Prince Andrew must of lost his appetite by now 😂 sweating from every pore in his body and shitting bricks
Miriam Havard
So, they are just gonna skip over the fact that Epstein taught at a prestigious school in New York City …….. even though he never earned a degree……in teaching or anything else…….?
I The Wanderer
6:50 check those Fuq’n earrings
2520 Jerusalem
KJV Job 12:19 He leadeth princes away spoiled, and overthroweth the mighty. KJV Job 12:21 He poureth contempt upon princes, and weakeneth the strength of the mighty. KJV Job 29:9 The princes refrained talking, and laid their hand on their mouth. KJV Job 34:18 Is it fit to say to a king, Thou art wicked? and to princes, Ye are ungodly? Trump is That King as in 2021 KS Putin looses his sphere of influence and the wicked world becomes a Unilatral system with wicked Trump as the head of the UN in the US from SL onwards to the Plauges and Micheal Standing UP That Great Prince that Standeth for The Children of thy People. KJV Job 34:19 How much less to him that accepteth not the persons of princes, nor regardeth the rich more than the poor? for they all are the work of his hands. KJV Psalms 76:12 He shall cut off the spirit of princes: he is terrible to the kings of the earth. KJV Psalms 82:7 But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes. KJV Psalms 107:40 He poureth contempt upon princes, and causeth them to wander in the wilderness, where there is no way. KJV Psalms 118:9 It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes. KJV Psalms 119:23 Princes also did sit and speak against me: but thy servant did meditate in thy statutes. KJV Psalms 119:161 Princes have persecuted me without a cause: but my heart standeth in awe of thy word. KJV Psalms 146:3 Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help. We are not to trust in princes, or to set men in the place of God. We are to remember that human beings are fallible and erring, and that He who has all power is our strong tower of defense. In every emergency we are to feel that the battle is His. His resources are limitless, and apparent impossibilities will make the victory all the greater.{PK 202} KJV Proverbs 28:2 For the transgression of a land many are the princes thereof: but by a man of understanding and knowledge the state thereof shall be prolonged. KJV Ecclesiastes 10:17 Blessed art thou, O land, when thy king is the son of nobles, and thy princes eat in due season, for strength, and not for drunkenness! The observance of temperance and regularity in all things has a wonderful power. It will do more than circumstances or natural endowments in promoting that sweetness and serenity of disposition which count so much in smoothing life’s pathway. At the same time the power of self-control thus acquired will be found one of the most valuable of equipments for grappling successfully with the stern duties and realities that await every human being. {Ed 206} KJV Isaiah 1:23 Thy princes are rebellious, and companions of thieves: every one loveth gifts, and followeth after rewards: they judge not the fatherless, neither doth the cause of the widow come unto them. KJV 1 Corinthians 2:6 Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect: yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, that come to nought: KJV 1 Corinthians 2:12 Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. God intends that even in this life the truths of His word shall be ever unfolding to His people. There is only one way in which this knowledge can be obtained. We can attain to an understanding of God’s word only through the illumination of that Spirit by which the word was given.{SC 109} KJV 1 Corinthians 2:13 Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual. KJV Psalms 17:7 Shew thy marvellous lovingkindness, O thou that savest by thy right hand them which put their trust in thee from those that rise up against them. 8 Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings, 9 From the wicked that oppress me, from my deadly enemies, who compass me about. 10 They are inclosed in their own fat: with their mouth they speak proudly. 11 They have now compassed us in our steps: they have set their eyes bowing down to the earth; 12 Like as a lion that is greedy of his prey, and as it were a young lion lurking in secret places. 13 Arise, O LORD, disappoint him, cast him down: deliver my soul from the wicked, which is thy sword: 14 From men which are thy hand, O LORD, from men of the world, which have their portion in this life, and whose belly thou fillest with thy hid treasure: they are full of children, and leave the rest of their substance to their babes. 15 As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness: I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness
Matthew Groves
Prince Andrew will be next he knows what he did
The Eagle
0:23 …INSIDE OF AN ENIGMA!!!! The f…. shooters don’t even know, don’t you get it?!?!?!?
she is NOT british 🙂
Char H
What is the connection with Israel secret service the Mossad?
Cheryl Bristol
Nah, they will solve the mystery. Her father was a badass.
Go look at Shaun Atwoods Youtube channel. Over 300 videos of Epstein & Maxwell. She was very close to Andrew and visited him many times at BP.
kel n
Because he has been abused as a Jew does not give him or his daughter a right to abuse other people.
jean myers
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Mark Simpson
Its always been the same, the rich shitting on the poor
Vladimir Zorya
How big money can corrupt person like that!
greg finn
Damn! Her mother looks Iike a dude.
yung brat
The rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the rotten tree.
Eva Kasparova
Darling you are with Jeses you love so much and Jesus Love you TOO
Vivek Jain
See investigative journalist Whitney Webb’s interviews with Consortium News, George Galloway, Maria Farmer, and Tim Dillon. Channel 4 is leaving out a lot of important information. Epstein and the Maxwells were connected to Israeli Intelligence.
Rob suddens
I wonder if prince Andrew is “sweating profusely” right now! 🤔
Slaw S
I don’t think she’ll spill. I’d be surprised.
Jim Sullivan
This is more of a profile of her father!
Racheal Fields
Guys be careful of who you take pictures with! Like when I meet someone thatI think is cool they act the fool. I don’t hangout with fools or around fools…
lynda gray
The young girl in picture with Prince Andrew and Maxwell … me….was not dressed or groomed to meet a prince, just seems weird!
chuck hartey
Robert Maxwell accompanied by Elton John 3:26
Lynn Pearson
May she be made accountable and may she expose the other Richie perverts.
Alex Xx
What a bizarre devolve of a human being.
This is how Jewish live!
Enigma Man
Changed their Jewish name to a gentile name🤔
Malik Miah
Grab the devil she needs to answer for the degree of crime
I still dont understand what her “job” was..
Olga Trilogy Martin
Th ks very interesting enjoyed
Very unfortunate how people with so much opportunity and potential misuse it so grossly. All the great things that these names could have done for humanity with their power and riches… And they invested it in their own pleasure. Very sad. The world will see better days when those with power use it for the good of the world. The other path carries within itself the seed of self-destruction, as we see over and over again.
F Rd
The father fell from the boat named after her. A Shakespeare sign or a Greek tragedy.
Karmas Facts
Not surprising Epstein worked at the Dalton School and had a place in Ohio. They had this teacher Anderson who slept with male parents and sitters of the students even in her classroom. They really seem too be too lenient when they hire ‘teachers ‘…
Gigi From God
Excellent Reporter.
So he wasn’t a British or even she wasn’t.. excuse me but that I’m leaving in UK and I have British passport does not make me or my daughter a citizen. We are always going to be immigrants and that is how they should be called as well 🤨
John C
ghislaine maxwell alias lucy lastic cant keep her drawers on her back :–j-c
Ghislaine Maxwell knows in her mind if she is innocent or guilty of the charges being put against her. If it were possible for human minds and hearts to be read, criminal activity would cease. Jeffrey Epstein took his own life because his conscience was weighed down with guilt and undoubtedly fear about his future existence after he was accused of sexually abusing young girls. If he had refused to carry out the bad desires in his heart, he’d be alive today and Ghislaine Maxwell would be free.
Issues And Solutions
A motivational speaker….. This is west
Michael M
I want to know why Linda made the news found guilty when Michael Jackson was doing the same day in front of your face what’s the difference!!!#
L Vsezaebali
She was is 100% involved…. she will get away with it like she managed last 35 years so far
Everywhere we look we see the effects of the huge wealth gap. Politicians get elected that I would not employ to clean my toilet. Presidents that believe they talk offensively and lie as he pleases. Now we see the legal system can be bought, in fact the legal system seems to be the most easily bought. We can attack Ghislane as much as we like but it will change nothing till this wealth gap has been closed.
Howshecutting Bogman
How do you pronounce her name? Is it with a silent G, and pronounced Elaine.
J Chandler
I’m wondering if all these celebs dying were on the list?! We are not told the meaty parts we are considered to simple to handle truth.
She didn’t invent this, she inherited and was born into it
Terence Shepperson
The FBI itself should be investigated. Re Guiliani case
Erik E
Fascinating that Robert Maxwell could be from another country with another name and could basically slip into British high society with a new identity and English accent. Why.? What did he leave behind? (We now know what he left behind him or rather what he didn’t…)Then he became a member of parliament???? I’m just shaking my head. And we now wonder how we have arrived at today. And so it goes…
Allen Stone
Pearl Harbor Day December 7,1941. An evil day in America’s history.
Donielle Stenson
Why so long to trial ???Anyone else would be put away by now.
Liz Brown
Guilty as Sin ….
Daniel Edmonds
So many Holocaust survivors turned into rich psychopaths after
Toy - Man
I can hear Bill Clinton shitting bricks lol
Joshua Ayers
And still no mugshot
Rich little devils Esau your kingdom is falling lol
amrita basu
in a tucked away property called… tuckedaway.. 🙄
Ghislaine Maxwell is a looker… I’d of hung out with her if I had the chance…
Catherine Patterson
Oh and not to forget that he was a SPY FOR MOSSAD! “With the Mossad it’s never accident!”
Erik E
Armchair Revolutionary
Who cares.put her in jail,but get that’ list ‘out of her,b4she gets bumped off like Jeffers!!
Alexandra Armour
The girl in the picture with Andrew is not the same Virginia girl from the court case.
paul quigley
where does british come into it?
Big Fat W0RLD
This is a Lady who probably gets much less sleep, lately
Johnny Autoseed
Always the small hat parasite subverts…
Faye Reeve
Never realised that it was her father say no more didn’t he jump of a yacht so they say .
What ever happened to the female pilot of the Lolita Express?
Techie DLS
We know all that ! Where’s latest news about Maxwell? Where r ur tremendously great investigative reporters ?😂
So, she’s a snob, but her daddy is $400,000,000 bankrupt and stole $300,000,000 of his employee’s pension. Got it
Kate Cooper
To be honest, it makes me angry when people are born into wealth and privilege and use it for evil. Why can’t you just enjoy your luxurious life and money instead of hurting people?
Levitt Lane
Is she going to go where he’s at
Nikki Hubbard
Let’s talk about Princess Diana .. justice will be served with the lord ..the type of evil this is, is inconceivable
Courtney Malone
Just one plastic hanger?
Meme Daddy
absolutely rotten
Johnny Chang
Maxwell get away with it.
S.R.R. Reaction
Epstein was not at the top of the tree.
It seems more and more like a media circus only one blondie appears in the media seems all other victims have disappeared?
Delores Remy
I’m just plain disgusted. Makes my skin crawl.
Olga Sven
Trump was also developer iin Manhattan so I understand how they could be in the sane circle but Clintons? Andrew???
Lida Mandlova
Obviously maxwell didn’t die
Phyllis Mick
This woman Virginia settled with Maxwell? If someone did to me the things that she has accused Maxwell of doing there isn’t enough money in the world to pay me off. The woman Virginia has no credibility as far as I’m concerned.
Peter Westcott
No Honey 🍯 No Money 💰
Anabolic Thinking
Rona, they already said she got it. She will disappear with Rona.
Aqua Juwel
And now she is loosing her hair in prison😂poor girl……hope she stays there for the rest of her life.
Space Cowboy
She’s going to have an “accident” too
David. Andrew. Roubideaux
They just need to hurry up and get all the information out of her and give that information to the people of the United States. So the people of the United States can judge her for themselves. And another thing we don’t need to know her life story.
Marry kennedy?? Omfg
Evert Stuiver
Rami Lucky
Why no one said more names involved in this article and big big names involved
no more
What a monster this woman is – no doubt no regrets no feelings for the victims she created – perhaps she gets what she deserves in prison now – same as her lover Jeffey Epstein.
investigation: CLinton Trump….etc…
Jake Blues
Remember maxwell telling us printers at the D,M you will be the best paid printers in Europe, never happen,,he was thatchers Union breaker ( miners ,print ) as for her ask anyone who worked for any maxwell company and they,ll all say the same thing she was a gold digging slapper ,
What is a socialite?
Ivonne Beauchamp
Why not move to France or her native England?
KOLi _Cole-y_ ViBES
I’m commenting on this video bc the previous video about Epstein has comments turned off. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ What bothers me is that ALL of the ppl coming forward now, held this information for YEARS! If MORE ppl “in the know” would’ve gone to the police/FBI at the time, this COULD have POTENTIALLY been stopped sooner. I know that one of the survivors (female art student) did go to the FBI and they did nothing; however, maybe if other ppl who were victims/survivors and/or ppl who knew things that were going on, it would’ve made a difference seeing as how multiple ppl would have similar stories. Being a survivor of sexual abuse myself, I get it. I know it’s scary, hard, overwhelming and daunting to even think about going to authorities but it still frustrates me. I think why it’s super frustrating is bc nowadays, it’s almost trendy to wait and tell truths AFTER other ppl come forward. I realize that seeing that you are not alone helps ppl come forward but what about the ppl who weren’t directly assaulted? If you only had knowledge of what was happening, why protect the abuser? It’s like the ppl who weren’t assaulted were somehow benefiting from their silence and now that they can no longer benefit from this terrible situation, they are now overflowing with information and selling their stories! Just f*ed up IMO! Unfortunately, I HIGHLY doubt anyone will actually read this. On the off chance someone does, I am open to HEALTHY, ADULT conversation. 💚🦋💫
Joaquin Misa Jr.
She is damaged goods herself … whose only crime was failure to pay these girls what was due them.
Scott Andrew
She looks like my crazy ex.
I hope her trial brings Trump to jail. I know it is hopeful thinking but one can only dream.
Michael Thong
Oh, leave this woman alone.
Jennifer Tobin
I pray for God to penetrate her heart… I pray that HE penetrates it and HIS light breaks through and takes over Satan‘s reign and I pray that God gets a hold of her heart and grants her a revelation and opens her heart to love and repentance and I pray that in Jesus name amen
Michael Arthur
What happened to all the children!!
What a sham of a documentry. No mention of him being a theif and his daughter a monster.
Job that is well payed does not bleed…. it means that we will never learn the truth…
Dominus Devacore
Slimy folks… true evil.
Connie Alvarez
If the see the report on Netflix you are going to find out all the people involved 😡
Bill “don gorgon” Wilson
Very unbecoming behaviour of a socialite
Cecile Joubert
So, she was in love with Epstein, but he was not in love with her.
Hairy Styles
For everybody thinking the blame is on the father. Oh! Now the blame is on the father. Like why can’t she be that evil. I think she was spoiled with money and she would do anything for money. Why blame her dead father. She has the right to choose what she did and no-one is responsible for her choices.
xxx xxx
WHO CARES! What kind of question is this??
Emilie Fulgencio
Maxwell she’s a spy
hey you , hi.
Obomba and TRUMP should both be held to true justice
Que serra
Sprt of fascinating to see the hammer come down at all on any of these people. The men involved will walk away unscathed. So you know they re still up to whatevr they please. Jeff s threat.. we ll he s dead. The only people paying are women. For any of it. Ok. Yeah I get it now. Nothing changes ever. Everyone so scandalized. The same people who let it all go on for decades are now the loudest . There are women and children chained up the world 9ver right now and nothing is done. This is all fake
Where is the rest of her family?
gramma says
Just think. One year without hair color, botox, nails done. She will look like a poor person. THAT MAY KILL HER!
She’s only gonna to sing what’s she’s been told to sing. The only thing worse than loosing your freedom is your life.
Ghislaine Maxwell DIDNT kill herself
Somdomn and Gahmorah
Wonder why she just did not skip town. When you are that privileged, you tend to believe you are untouchable. Let her eat baloney sandwiches for a while.
Peter Pan
She is very attractive
Bengerman Browne
no woman was murdered …
fred fred
Check out Nick Bryant (author of the Franklin Scandal – don’t believe the wiki page – do your own research) for info on this. He does due diligence and isn’t a “conspiracy theorist”.
Normie death squad
Yiddle me this: you got the last one so let’s pick up the pace, who pretends to be white but never reveals their race?
Kobe Shady
Has she said anything?
Her name is Jizzlaine Maxwell 💦💦
John Weir
Not a great advert for Jewish people – Cap’n Bob was a right POS and JizzLane it seems is equally as bad in a different way.
Robert Craig
Perez Pepito
Sorry… a plastic hanger cannot make it down to 1500 feet below sea level.
Charles Abernathy
It is all so unfortunate. She needed better guidance. He oceanic plans were to help save all of us by cleaning up the seas, ridding it of the huge amount of dabrey in them.
Neo Epicurean
And everyone involved is on the political left…
Agatha Leon
Pure evil😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
ndara ndara
Evil and evil nothing else.
soraya tebbani
A hint of Maxwell’s service to the Israeli state was provided by John Loftus and Mark Aarons, who described Maxwell’s contacts with Czechoslovak communist leaders in 1948 as crucial to the Czechoslovak decision to arm Israel in the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. Czechoslovak military assistance was both unique and crucial for the fledgling state as it battled for its existence. It was Maxwell’s covert help in smuggling aircraft parts into Israel that led to the country having air superiority during their 1948 War of Independence. The Foreign Office suspected that Maxwell was a secret agent of a foreign government, possibly a double agent or a triple agent, and “a thoroughly bad character and almost certainly financed by Russia.” Maxwell had known links to the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), to the Soviet KGB, and to the Israeli intelligence service Mossad.[44] Six serving and former heads of Israeli intelligence services attended Maxwell’s funeral in Israel, while Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir eulogized him and stated: “He has done more for Israel than can today be told. Shortly before Maxwell’s death, a former employee of Israel’s Military Intelligence Directorate, Ari Ben-Menashe, approached a number of news organisations in Britain and the US with the allegation that Maxwell and the Daily Mirror’s foreign editor, Nicholas Davies, were both long-time agents for Mossad. Ben-Menashe also claimed that in 1986, Maxwell informed the Israeli Embassy in London that Mordechai Vanunu revealed information about Israel’s nuclear capability to The Sunday Times, then to the Daily Mirror. Vanunu was subsequently kidnapped by Mossad and smuggled to Israel, convicted of treason and imprisoned for eighteen years.
marzi pana
Boo!! Hiss! Buzz your girlfriend! Woof!!
Marie Gaston
Many big names in this world may not be who you think they really are.
jason cox
one more l was call toy boy for for my child hood
Cristina Largaespada
I sow everybody in part was underintimidairing but after that was abuse but the girls was victim after that in for a big bill$ and know Jeff and max acuse and prince not well but has spand and put down money
Cat of the Virgins
Demi Moore?.. no..Yikes! It’s Oprah Winfrey in disguise !!! Scooby doobie doooo!!!!
Jo Go Trump
Ha they still put Trump on this story ! Trump long time ago put him out of all property ! The Cabal use this people to corrupt politician .. artiste ..
Its Time
She had a British passport, but her mother was French & father was Czech.
lenny koss
Choice Damiso
Wouldn’t a plastic hanger have floated …..
Iron Forge
People with money always think they are Above everyone else regardless of what they do…and most of the time they are guilty as sin… i hope they throw the book at her and give all her money and estate too the kids That were affected by her & her husband
Linda Resendez
Really, all these people are so arrogant, I mean arrogant, thinking their so above the law just because they have money, but no MORALS!
Kanou Earmenow
Any recruiters age 18+ should be jailed ,
4:15…..its so sad that Maxwell Sr fell off his boat and drowned 🙁
If France don’t extradite their citizens to the US, why didn’t she go there?
Why is the woman from the F.B.I. POSING FOR THE CAMERAS ??!!! Just do your fkn job
She looks good for 58, that said, she has 20 millions dollars and a French passport. She could have lived out her life quite comfortable in France, because France does not have an extradition agreement with the U.S.. WTF was she thinking????? Just take a minute and think about that, 20 million dollars a French passport and no chance of getting extradited back to the U.S. MMMMMMMM eyes rolling ! I don’t get it? TheReaper!
voici je
this woman’s name is a french one…and sound like.<<<< ..geece-lane… if it can be helpful!
Cristina Largaespada
If ur a millonary or billonary becarefull but if ur under amenazan intimidating that really out the world like narco intimidairing
Louise Evans
sick women…. shes not gonna last in prison
Miracle Fifita
Im listening to this here in NZ eating my KitKat chocolate then I hear she owned KitKat at one time. So so owns it now
jessica lorraine
Like if she ain’t guilty why is she running away?? Lol
Jan Weisinger
Why DId all people talk Ditto on Jeffrey
Cecile Joubert
Is this Maxwell ‘madame’ a Jew?
Maggie 2021
Submarine = Biden island beside Epstein
Shenglee Chen
These old money people got filthy rich because the peasant class gave them their money. If people are careful.of where their went in their spending then they decide who they want to support. AGREE ?
B Johnson
Gualaine maxwell
like father like daughter
Boston Blackie
She is not getting away with this. However, if she names names, she could help herself. Still we never know there could be another Bill Cosby move in the works.
Crystal Louis
People in power with a bad moral compass are capable of terrible things. On the flip side, people in power with a good moral compass are capable of brilliant things. My point is to make sure your moral compass is good.
Daniel Moran
Whatever else she is, or might be, shes really sexy.
Heather C
If she gets sentenced then Trump will probably have her sentence commuted
0:19 How many pronunciations one single name can have ….!?!?!?!?
Rafaella v
The problem is you people will have these news be believed unless they appear on TV or some big time channel. Open your eyes, things like that been happening quite some time. Moreover much further atrocious deeds. Such as child pornography and trafficking.
Married To The KGB
British? Nothing British whatsoever about that family of Jewish emigres from Czechoslovakia
This was very thorough, i learned a lot through this video. Learning about the involvement of several people in one video helps to see things clearer and it is truly shocking. I am glad justice is catching up to them.
Robert Simpson
Stealing money from pensions..disgusting…prosecute her for the girls that were ruined because of her
Bill “don gorgon” Wilson
Who is she? I’ve never met her
Thomas Casey
Nice slight of hand here. Donald Trump never flew on the Lolita express or visited the island. Bill Clinton flew 27 times but no mention of that “connection” in this “documentary”. Pathetic
if she is guilty of all these crimes and she stayed in america, she really thinks shes untouchable. I would have the thought given all with epstein she would have jetted away to an island somewhere. maybe shes not as rich or powerful they maker her to be.
J Bagger
Ghislaine Maxwell profile: who is the British child trafficker associated with Jeffrey Epstein?
webjunkie Snoopy
how dump to come the USA
Wanda Borowy
She kinda looks like a guy.
Farzana EX-Muslim
Trump, Clinton, Prince Andrew!!!
Walt Snow
And our Grand ”president” Pooba said he wished her well ! Awwwwwwww ,sweet !!!
Dana Simon
Ona nadal siebie nie lubi ,
Alexay Ham
Though what she did was awful and heinous crime, however, we cannot prosecute her because she use to buy underwear and bras from Ivanka Trump’s brands!! If prosecuted, she might go and shop in Shina (China!!!)
Very bland documentary.
Wanna make easy money ? Establish a non profit fundraising company start collecting money from people over gofundme. Just donate the % 5 of the money you ve collected like Hillary Clinton does. Show the rest as expenses. Buy yourself a ferrari and a mansion. Nobody will come after you.
Xerath Thunorson
Plastic doesn’t sink…
ye yito
Shilling for maxwell, much?
Cris Mo
She was rich, clever and very sensible and believed that her father was murdered. Some jewish women begin to love when they can’t further hate. What if she was obsessed to find out who has killed her father ? In order to get an entry card to the rich and bad society she falled in love with Jeff, or she played the role as she would loved him. What if she hoped to find out one day, accidentally or not, who has killed her father ? In order to convince Jeff about her faithfullness she done all what Jeff wanted to do. That’s a crazy idea, I know, but what explanation else could be found for her behaviour ?
Tim Donahue
Trump will pardon her she stays silent.
Linda P.
she abuse the kids and the woman …… come on!!! wtf?? Why Andrew is still free??? People are not stupid…. show us the video that she is in jail, i dont believe that epstein is murder himself, 100 percent, he is alive.
Jenine DiConti
Trump never participated.
She is not British, she was born in France
Robyn Becthold
Just saying it is not the truth..
Awful she must have known.
Yeram K
Why aren’t the Republicans talking about her lol? Trump took like 6 different pictures with her on separate occasions.
Paul Horgan
What do you expect from the Robert Maxwell family
She would have made a good actress.
eric santana
Now connect the dots between her and Christ church massacre…
Boulmaali Merouane
She is jewish ? Like epstein ? Humm
honestly at this point ‘eat the rich’ should be our national motto
Hiroko Robertson
She can do any thing , but not use children for money making ! This woman no feelings . Worst
Business Finance Coach
that was not an excuse for “spying” it’s far more subtle than that – TRMP HAS TIME?
She fell in love with Epstein and became his slave – and yes, she did bad things – but Epstein was the boss – so now she has to pay for all the sins because they don’t have another scapegoat. In a way – as a woman – I feel sorry for her. Once her father died she had no direction at all at the mercy of a predator – but she pulled away from Epstein – they still monitored her – now she has to pay for old sins – I feel sorry for her.
chrysalism shining a light on narcissism
I think that message should be recieved. Weak, disgusting lacking women. Beneath contempt, even of the baser social orders.
Can we look into the psychological effects of the children in the holocaust and also slavery three generations of it
Angie Metcalfe
We need to remember that as yet she hasn’t been found guilty of anything so is as innocent as you or I
ofar levinn
it should be pointed out that the girls and boys were not 14 years old but also younger, because this will result in a somewhat milder punishment. but for children under 14 there is a life sentence – for every victim !!
Shauka Hodan
Both Ghislaine and her dad worked for Mossad it’s more important to see who she doesn’t flip on.
B-U- S-B
Like father like daughter like mother like….!!
dd poipoi
Oh. I didn’t realize I was watching channel 4. Like an idiot I watched the whole thing. It’s like popping open a bag of potato chips and seeing that there is only 3 chips in there. That video was just a whole lot of nothing and if I had noticed it was channel 4 in the first place I would’ve not lost 13 minutes of my life on disinformation.
Crazy prayingmantis
Quick, get her somewhere where the cameras stop working at the most convenient time
holy shut robert and /or john kennedy could have been a client of rob maxwell!!!! is any one of kennedys or any relations to on epstein’s black book. is arnold on the list?
Mike Rempel
All the countries are failing because of their governments. All people from every land deserve a good life. Strip the elite and very powerful and give to the needy and promote love and compassion. Power to the people. Revolution is here and now.
Rachel Johnson
Do a special on the men that hid her away dr. Fauci brother
Jan Weisinger
Can We se she talk
Descartes' Donkey
Ghislaine Patel, Priti Maxwell.
Virginia Greene
She will get away with everything! She is made of money and has many powerful friends who are very rich. She can buy her way out of anything. She and Andrew will walk free !
Natalie de La Grandière
Her mother seemed rather nice.
Philippe Kervyn Faucon
WONDERFUL piece of DESINFORMATION !!!!! With subtility DISAVOWS the clear fact that Robert was israeli intelligence , does not say one word about Wexner and saying a lot covers even much more !!!! Blackmailing foreign intelligence SCHEME….. never even think about it people!!!!! BRAVO Channel 4 ! ! !
Kieran Doherty
Anyone else find that pointless yellow line going through all the words really annoying?
Lou Cipher
so now they just captured an innocent wealthy woman who could aid the world in solving water pollution. Good job
Richard Cline
Wherever she actually is her life is only going to be determined by how hard it is for the Clinton Mafia to get to her. She possibly knows things that they don’t want the world to know. A lot of people have mysteriously died after running afoul of the Clinton’s, especially Killary.
Happy Heidi
She is a very sick lady
Somebody gave the OK to reopen this case otherwise this would have been swept under the rug. I think this has something to sway the election in November. Something will come out in September/October just watch and see.
Anthony Bufort
Beautiful woman, ugly life. THESE evils are the things that the culture of wealth and privilege promotes.
monica p
More devastated by plastic in the ocean than 14-year-old girls being raped and abused while you watch???
Cecile Joubert
I would not be surprised if she was involved in the ‘murder’ of her father, because she knew she will inhered a lot of money from her father.
Robin Kocher
These are very sick people, sick isn’t a strong enough word to describe them. How was it even able to go on all these years. Also those girls could leave the first time they were there so why didn’t they. When I was growing up I could never ever get involve in that, so why did they. I’m on the girls side but I want them to tell me after one time there what made you keep going back
Imagine if Ghislaine used her wealth, intelligence, charisma and social status to help better the world. Instead she decided to ruin hundreds people’s lives. Damn, what a waste of a human being.