Truth and Lies: Monica and Bill – Part 2 – Blog

Apple-Juice Simpson
The Clinton’s have always been surrounded by controversy. I think many forget that, or young people are simply naive to it. Every point in each of their political careers has been surrounded by impropriety. That is not a partisan observation. Even Obama was mindful of this, making Hillary distance herself from their foundation, of course ultimately betraying him in that agreement. It’s a shame we have allowed this to continue time and time again, although it seems like the Clinton Era has finally come to an end.
Jennifer Abate
I love how she lost her “southern accent”
The KnitWit
The Clintons’ ability to make things (and, perhaps, people) disappear would make Houdini green with envy!
New found respect for abc. Unbiased, factual, and interesting
Moses Garza
They would not have released this had Hillary won the election and was now president
Ronnie Terry
Both Bill and Hillary have lied under oath and they absolutely have both gotten away with doing this crime.
Tonino Belimussi
Clinton is remembered despite his numerous, serious flaws. Ken Starr is very much a has-been. Which he was right from the start, ready to go after anything he could incriminate Clinton with.
iron grip 455
The DNC doesn’t want Hillary Clinton to run again.
B.b's tube
The elitists are all very close and play roles in the public for manipulation.
Matt Harrelson
1:40 yeah Ken Starr, why would you get involved with crooks? Like representing Donald Trump in the impeachment hearings?
Shah of the Shinebox
I cannot unsee bill Clinton’s 1970s hair
Jen C.
1990’s: Died in prison” 2019: “Died in prison”
SinJim Smythe
I wonder how cnn and msnbc feel about the break up with abc Because abc left them to do some actual journalism
Una Coburn
Monica was too young and naive at the time. Powerful man approached with poison, even though you know you would swallow that poison. And that Dog, KNEW that.
George B
Notice how nice these people are to the Clinton’s, but if this was Trump, it would never be “may or may not have”…
evan garvey
You should send some reporters to check out what he is doing. There might be some sketchy money making or possibly a history of affairs. I’m willing to bet they will absolutely find something
Frances Zapata
Please include closed captions so that the information is accessible to everyone
4:51 This guy knows what’s up…
0:10 he does a great William Hurt impression
Jonathan Cisneros
This documentary will probably would’ve never made it to CNN. Hahaha
Last P
I’d still have Bill as president again if I could
Big boi who wants a 1000 subs without videos
Wow ABC threw the Clinton’s under the bus here
Nitro Burner
6:166:20…Bill a wild boy….
Chris Allen
I’ve always called him the Teflon President.
Luis Martinez
“ mysterious suicide.”
Lead Head
Propaganda that tries to portray Bill as nothing more than a philanderer.
Bryan Herber
Ken Starr’s a weasel. This entire investigation was a waste of taxpayer money. If people are that sensitive that Bill Clinton hooked up with women consensually, then they should move to a convent. Newt Gingrich had extramarital affairs too as well as Donald Trump, but I don’t care. That has nothing to do with being an effective president. And this is not a “me too” issue.
Jorge Ledesma
They were running do many drugs into Arkansas right through Mena.
Aaron Nz
Why cant we all get along.
1:07 “The Clinton’s weren’t rich” Hilarious in hindsight considering Bill is worth $75 Million and Hillary is worth $40 Million now lol.
bubbleboy02 mathie
Ken Starr, wasn’t he the 1st Mueller?
Petek Demircioğlu Çelebi
You should have locked Bill to an all boys Euro school. Wouldnt have happened! Ahaha!
Brian Vachon
I don’t believe Paula Jones at all. The other alleged “affairs” I simply don’t know, or I believe Monica.
Them hiding everything and leaving everything spotless of evidence literally made them seem guilty. It’s the obvious people do that give them up.
أحمد الصاعدي
Kenneth s,wasted the nation’s money,going after nothing.
AE Conn
None of this is any of the Press’ business
Mayson Minnich
Damn how many times did this man cheat!?!?
Sitlaly C
4:54 that was weird…
Shy Wolf
Robust self confidence…. ARROGANCE!
1:00 Just like Jeffrey Epstein’s ??
Priscilla Ayorinde
Why do they keep saying the Clintons? Only one Clinton was in office. was it ever the Nixons or the Reagans when talking about the administration
Hypocritical country, we are. ⭕️
Lindsey Carribean
Jfk & Marylin almost 2.0
Rated Program69
1:09 Bill Clinton’s hair though…
The KnitWit
The Rose Law Firm small?
Phillips Watson
maldives-joshua joseph
Oh what a calamity to Bill Clinton, to have made this awful mistake.
ABC telling us about history so we can build parallels for what the Dems are doing to Trump right now.
Jorge Ledesma
So all the drugs the Clintons were into Arkansas.
Libra Fleur
I’m so glad Hillary got nothing!!!
Una Coburn
Monica was an young lady at the time and powerfull man had mass with her mind and busied situation. Taking a full advantage over young lady. That dog.
mari brenner
There is a boy child by Monica!!
Betty Boop
Will Hillary try to talk to Biden in 9 days he will take over the American way oh boy here we go what Hillary up to with Biden.
Ophelia Rising
I don’t understand why Clinton had to step down because of his private affair though. Not that I think cheating is a justifiable thing to do, one’s private matter normally doesn’t get you fired. Just saying.
Skipped Juanita per usual.
Nukak Maku Girl
Dilbert Hogwash
4:56 natural causes, with a laugh??
impeachments are all the same…so similar to the Trump impeachment…same politics…same news headlines…same answers … same search for one crime and when it doesn’t work search for another…same fishing for documents and witnesses…. people just have short term memory… politicians play by the same book, dems or republicans…no difference…
Whitewash gate. Nothing there? What a pack of lies. File gate was a file went missing? Negative. Not true.
Andrescia Hooten
Lady Gaga looks like Hillary
Rose Smith
The American public wanted and did give him another chance, partially because of how Hillary dealt with it. We wanted what he promised and he did a lot of good while president. Unfortunately he turned out to be a disgraceful disappointment in the end.😑
Petek Demircioğlu Çelebi
Why Noone locked Bill to an All Boys Euro Aristocratic Education Catholic School? Would have prevented these all. Ahahha!
Phumzile Sinorita Nyawose
To Paula I wonder if she was told Bob from accounting wanted to see her would she had gonna up there but because she heard it Bill Clinton why not this my chance to write a book n be famous
not so much a problem today with pornhub
My family became poor my father lost his job cz nafta bill & now crooked hillary want to be president?
timothy lines
are all involved blue eyed f–ing lawyers?
I wish we could just erase the Clinton’s from the public record
Angel Solis
The people’s fault and you made them rich. Stupid
Mismak Abel
Ci dovevano essere due candidati onesti.Ci doveva essere un altro presidente.
Roger Lewis
Paula Jones ew!!!! Bill were u drunk?
Nazanin Maily
I don’t understand why everyone hate Hillary, y’all act like y’all Wouldn’t have stayed with your husband ? Many people do, y’all forget she’s the victim. And she has did some wrong things but that is no reason to hate her.
Jordan’s Elections Hub
If this doesn’t expose the corruption of the Clinton’s, nothing can.
bhuvana j
I have great respect for Hillary, it must be so dif for her to support a cheater
Centigradz2 Centigradz2
Ken was so horrible to Monica . Y go after the woman when the man was equally responsible and more powerful. Monica’s infatuation for bill disappeared when he called her that woman.
Trump and hillary cliton and oppa three man power world railway .road .glant factory ok
Danny WLM
the worst of the worst thank gawd for President Trump
When a network has nothing else to make a documentary on. Way to play to the Potus base!!! Shame!!
Clara K. Mallah
You people have these scandals and now attacking Trump. Why?
Scandal after scandal. The Clintons are not much better than Trump. It’s just that Bill is more charismatic.
And people think Hillary is that much better than Trump…
Billy Bob
RIP to Linda Tripp. This woman was a national hero. She was a profile in courage. She single handily guaranteed the impeachment of that scumbag liar WJC. Posthumously, she deserves the Medal of Freedom.
Venkatesh Subburaman
I am happy to see Monica Lewinsky dying single, without kids, husband and nothing. She got for what she did. She is hypergamy, she uses man’s weekness to get powerfull man on her side. She even know that he is married, but she used the man’s weekness and get closer to him and when the relationship breaks, she cried victim. Now after two decades, I am happy to see her dying without kids, without partner and I am sure no man will truth her and no man will be ready spend time with her for rest of the time. Two decades ago I thought clinton is criminal, but now I realizing actually she is the culprit and god has shown that, she is dying single, without kids, no one around her, no man to speak, no one, this is the best punishment she is getting.