Truth and Lies: Monica and Bill – Part 1 – Blog

Imagine if social media was around during the scandal 😂😂
“I never came close to sleeping with him!” “Why, because you were standing up?” 😂😂😂
Patrick N
When Hillary says “I’m sitting here because I love him, and I respect him” aka “we haven’t had sex in years anyways wtf do I care? We want that POWER baby!”
Dylan Williams
Ok but who smokes marijuana and doesn’t inhale? “I chewed the food, but I didn’t swallow it”
Totally Rave
He’s a Leo of course he knows how to make an impression.
Siavoush Avesta
if this was on fox, there’d be a horrifying church organ song playing
Nicholas Allen
Hillary stayed with Bill for her own agenda.
Shannon Georgia Peach
It aggravates me how cheaters who get caught say, ” I made a mistake” a mistake is, I put a red shirts in the wash with all whites.
Daniela Castro
Hillary: if that’s not enough for people then heck don’t vote for him Bill: 👁👄👁
Brenda Trump
OMG, that kiss that Bill and Hillary tried to have was sooooo uncomfortable.
I remember my parents talking about this when I was 4 lol
Vadapalli Chaitu
JFK was also a known womanizer which actually no one ever bother to look at
Matteo Montgomery
6:29 never believed the whole lizard people thing until now
Rashi Khokhar
The molecular opposite of hilary…..I’m done lol
madi bendy
It was always open and never private. The same happened to Jack and Jackie. Jackie was a very private person and constantly worried that she would never see her husband when he became president.
Ally Bailey
I Remember the first time I saw Monica Lewinsky as a little girl I thought she was so beautiful. But then the media taught me that she was “fat” and all these other things. And I think I actually grew up thinking different simply because of that and it makes me sad.
Bad Guy
What’s the point of smoking if your not going to inhale 🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♀️ waist of a bud
Deb T
Monica: “I’m not gonna’ take this lying down, Bill”.
Hillary,……..’ I’m not some little woman standing by my man’,………I’m standing with him because I love him and I respect him’. That’s precisely what it means to be some little woman standing by your man. You could see in that statement that she could lie right in your face without batting an eye. What does it mean to her to stand by her man, if not that you love him and don’t want to leave him? As far as respect goes, what an ignorant, disingenuous thing to say. The last thing a woman that has been cheated on a million times should say is that she respects the man, husband or not. How does he get your respect, by taking out the garbage, never mind the womanizing betrayal?
Ladp Gabby
Let’s all be real for a moment: If this was ABC on Trump, “they wouldn’t use Truth as the first word in the title”
john doe
Bill may have had a lot of mistresses, but his only, true love was one: power.
Thao Thao
“Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear” = George Orwell
This makes me think of John Mulaney’s standup talking about his mom and Bill Clinton. It’s hilarious
Preston McAllister
“Stand by your man” 😂😂😂
So is he just admitting that’s “If I had a affair I wouldn’t tell” because he didn’t tell if he had a affair or he didn’t (also idk if he actually said if I had a affair I wouldn’t tell)
Chelsea Jane
“If that ain’t enough then heck don’t vote for em” 😂😂😂
Hillary on her game. Was she really trying to sound southern at that time?
Salvatore Monaco
I say for Mr Clinton he won’t have a big white marble monument in Washington with lots of columns and him sitting inside in a big chair.
Epic traveller
I never knew bill clinton was so cool 😎
Clara K. Mallah
He got caught in an extra martial affairs, yet Bill ran and won and slept with Monica. Damn!
Slows Brando
Bill did it right Blame yourself monica
Clara K. Mallah
His devious behavior over the years led to him having this silly relationship with Monica.
stella manurung
early 90’s that bangs on fleek
Ila E. Williams
“He gambled, and he gambled correctly”…😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭💣💣💣💣💣💣💥💥💥💥💥💣💣💯
Aadrath 123
If JFK stood now then he would probably not even have been a nominee considering the “HYPOCRITICAL MORAL STANDARDS”.
The Gospel of salvation of our souls: 💜💕💜💖💞💜💕For what I received I passed on to you as of [first importance]: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures,  that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Peter, and then to the Twelve.  After that, he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers and sisters at the same time,
The KnitWit
Hart: BIG mistakes, but not BAD ones? As opposed to what? GOOD mistakes?
Eddie Anderson
They need to make a full motion picture movie for this 😄
Richie Schneider
Here’s a novel idea: DON’T cheat on your wife. Why is that so difficult?
“Father, I know that I have broken your laws and my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life toward you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen
ScorpioSoul13 90
I’m dying to know what shifty weird stuff Hillary was whispering in his ear.
Lool Bill was actually a funny guy. Everyone makes mistakes.
King Hamlet
“One hell of a swimmer”
Cant wait for the Trump era version of Truth and Lies although it’s probably going to be called lies and lies or quite possibly lies and massive fragile ego
jackie wayas
Oh wow, what a generation, after ur husband cheats stand by him no matter what…well the title of “first lady” is a mighty attractive one.
The Whittington's
Hahahaha hillarys accent kills me 😂😂😂😂😂😂
For Real
Bill probably thought he was in the Oral Office and not the Oval Office , so good day to you sir, carry on !!!
Beaner WithA Weaner
3:50 that timing tho with her hands
K.D. Rolls
There was recordings of him and jennifer flowers. What….damn!!!
Austin Teutsch
To this day whenever I hear that Fleetwood Mac song DON’T STOP, I turn the dial quickly. Clinton is and always will be a loser.
Merle Patterson
WJC Inc. – A “Delaware Corporation” with no employees and one owner.
Throwaway That’ll Stay
“I didn’t inhale” then don’t puff. Pass in on you waster! (Even though we all know he’s lying)
Luca Toscani
In Italy we don’t care about these things. The only one who should care( if she wishes to) is his wife and/or the other lovers he had. These are personal things.
Frances Zapata
Please include closed captions so that the information is accessible to everyone
Jake cozzz
They brought up impeachment and he dropped his pants wrong kind of peach sir 🍑
John Porteous
Harding and JFK, and it’s Clinton who got caught with his pants down. Then again, he also lived through his presidency
Deb T
Q: Why did Bill Clinton stop playing the saxaphone? A: He switched to the hormonica.
Jassy L.
This is exactly like the show scandal except that was an interracial relationship
Jacob Navara
“In the me too era this wouldn’t go over as well as at the time” bullshit have you seen who’s president lol
Austin Ball
Like the American public should listen to ya’ll about “truth & lies”.
thomas Dm
Who’s here after hearing news about Linda Tripp’s death? RIP
idalis leon
I really liked Gary Hart I believe if he didn’t back down he might have won.
Ally Bailey
Im still stuck on “a dozen years without a Democrat”….
“I did not have sexual relations with that woman…Ms. Lewinsky.”
Shannon Georgia Peach
How to interpret Hillary saying “I’m not like Tammy Wynette saying stand by your man.” Really she is saying, I know what Bill did and still does, I only get mad when he is so stupid and careless, I will put him thru hell at home but stay with him to further MY political aspersions. SHE wanted to run and did the White House and Bill. She is very calculated like Eddie Fisher the great chess player.
Do not say or do anything against Bill Clinton. Just saying… You have been warned.
Hillary wasn’t as practiced then…something was wrong with the way she said, ‘I’m sitting here because I love him and respect him.’
Jassy L.
Linda tripp was no joke…you gotta do what you gotta do!!!
Ange Iradukunda
The irony is she was standing by her man in the same way she criticized the toner woman.
Lol Lol
Why is a guy being interviewed talking about me too, this was an affair not a rape. Not the same thing and not comparable
Graham Wellington
1:35 Bill Clinton came…in the imagination and the vision of republicans. That’s how he do.
Hallie Samuel
My family lives in Arkansas and had instances with bill and Hillary when they lived here. In high school my dad won an award and bill and Hillary presented the awards and Hillary wouldn’t shake his hand and he still resents her to this day for it 😂 people here loved bill and hated Hillary everyone I know who ever knew her voted against her.
Tigi Bucaro
Hillary is from my hometown, Park Ridge, IL. Idk what that accent was and idk where it went now – but we dont sound like that lol . wasn’t she already an adult when she moved to the south
nicole george
I honestly always had a crush on Bill 😍😘❤
Louis Vargas
This guy makes Louis C.K. look like a Saint.
Toy - Man
Doesn’t this guy own CNN? 😂
Voice Vitality
Imagine doing a wall of lies for Bill Clinton
Hillary really be milking these accents 😂
Artorias S
I’m shocked that ABC, a known shill for the democratic party, is putting out this content.
Ranoch Ranoch
Bill I heard a wise man say (Martin lawrence)say no one is immune to the trials and tribulations of life.ive never been a big fan of yours but you have suffered for decades and I could not endure the amount of suffering you have experienced you are one tough sob.
crypticvin forever
2021 updated version: bill clinton was cancelled before he ran for the 1992 election
Anna Santa
People don’t really change, you did it once you have an affair one you will have it again ….
Butterfly Girl
IMO -Hillary – you love Bill because you struck a mutual deal to both achieve your goals within a shell of a marriage. And everyone knows what I am speaking about. I don’t care what any President does as long as it legal, but be honest up front. Would that not be the smarter course of action? The drama is squashed right out of the gate.
Lindsey Carribean
I’m surprised than a movie hasn’t been made.
Reed McCool
the first minute of this video captivates the birth of progressiveism and the downfall of the united states into what we see today
ok but hilary’s accent wass soo differant . and she looked kinda cute with those headbands
David Orland Brown
Back when ABC used to honorably report the news 🗞
can you imagine what Hilary said in bills ear hahaha like I can not even imagine
Free Ross
“Young” and “Forty something” shouldn’t be in the same sentence.
Clara K. Mallah
So, Bill has the same situation like his contender, yet he was chosen as the president.
Joseph Young
What does a consensual relationship with a pinup girl have to do with #MeToo? Tiger Woods cheated on his wife too, is he a rapist?
Rahman Jamall
Monica is known around the 🌎 I’ll kiss her on her forehead not those lips
K guys maybe Hillary stayed with Bill because she truly loved him it may have been more than just a hunger for power
marzi pana
I want the painting of Bill in a Lewinsky blue dress!! Aka same blue Hillary wore on nomination night lol
Hugh Haefner
Bill, lying like crazy and Hillary not wanting to be thought of by standing by her man like Tammy Wynette also lying like crazy. Bill and Hillary are made for each other.
Claudy TheArtist
Consolidated the Media which has never been the same since… Did vote for President Clinton twice and Hillary once…
Spandan Mukhopadhayay
Anyway Monica is a Beautiful lady!!☺☺
OgoLord Group
WTF is people’s problem, those mistresses had the affair WILLINGLY and Hilary Clinton isn’t complaining about it. The press should let people live their lives. Ridiculous story.
Lindsey Carribean
Flowers wanted to make her marylin with that sultry voice but she’s not.
Ghost Cin
They so country. Yeeeehaaawww
Sydney Wilson
Bill Clinton is a joke
Misty Nix
Clinton I don’t understand, if that man is your son; Why u want take care of him? Take care of you black son Clinton😶
tlg tlg
I seen a recent photo in the inquiry paper of Bill Clinton and it looks like old nut busting bill resembles an old woman he’s not aging gracefully
Was Bill a good president? I was to little when he was in power.
stefan arsic
Good actors who get good salary.
james reynolds
It was all a big misunderstanding, Bill Clinton just asked her to dismiss his personal chef, what he said to Monica was “Sack my cook”
Jon Mumford
Ironic how Bill and Michael Jackson were friends
advik upadhyaya
Could we just give her a break? I mean, people make mistakes. Shit happens.
Drew Made New
Mr. Clinton brought a whole new meaning to being the head of the government.
It’s really like a movie .
dave woode
he didn’t inhale, he snorted
Why Hillary wasn’t enough?
So Clinton got elected desite the Gennifer Flowers allegations?
Hillary actually looked good during her younger days.
carl brisbane
This has always been politics in America… We all live a private life, even polititions, and we all make mistakes, things we may regret or we have done by accident at the time…. The media always makes a situation bigger, crisis are always what the media wants… Elections have always been about ones private life, how sad.
Larry Fish bags
He’s “got a lot of problems coming up, in my opinion, with the famous island with Jeffrey Epstein. Lot of problems.”
Kim Anh Tran
Stupid young lady in love ❤️ with playboy man his wife is evil! Lucky 🍀 you not got kill from serial killer!
Julie Jones
Like this doesn’t happen every day. 😆 haha
He looks like a playa, he talks like a playa, smirks like a playa…so i guess people weren’t so shocked with his indiscretions
Er C
1:37 his eyes. Reptilian eyes
jason z
0:55 burke lakefront airport KBKL!
Junior King
politicians are just too political.
Billy Bones
In my opinion, if as a president your entire country’s only real problem is your own personal sex life, it means you were quite a good president.
Juan pablo
I would rather have 1000 monicas than 1000 9/11..
Media helps hide his lies. Simple as that.
Clara K. Mallah
And he was a womanizer, yet people blamed Monica only because he was the president then. Bias!!
Tell it to the parents of the 2 boys on the railroad tracks.
James Wadsworth
He had more s*** than a barnyard silo
ionutz car
monica, i’m 22 and i want to do a mistake with you
shawn bla
Monica did lovehim
Bruce Wayne
aww and here i thought it was about True Lies with arnold Schwarzenegger..
Shah of the Shinebox
I wouldn’t call their marriage complicated, its sick
Heath N
Hillary with her fake southern accent 😂 when she was running for NY senator, she tried to sound New Yorker. That woman is so fake.
jim page
The man had no honor.
Adam Meek
where’s TRUMP?
Frank Lee
He snorted cocaine off the Resolute desk too, but CNN will never tell you that.State tv propaganda network.
Anne Bertrand
Et maintenant on se rend compte à quel point cet homme est malsain…pire d’ailleurs
Shunlai Ei
Who believed 12 years relationship with nightclub singer ?
Jordan Bikes
Who brought Ann Coulter on this program… what a joke
hikel spoot
anne coulter? you poisoned the story right from the start. i expect objective, quality reporting from you guys. do better!
Nk Matos
236 Billion Surplus is something.
1.Clearly we still do not understand how workplace harassment works and what “taking advantage of your position and power” means. Young intern spending some unchecked time in close proximity with the president, by then a known cheater and womanizer. She was young, naive and wasn’t aware of the potential repercussions of the whole thing. 2. People who call Monica a “home wrecker”, FYI, people IN the marriage wreck their own marriages, not third parties. How do we know Bill and Hilary’s marriage was not already over before Monica even came into the picture? How do we know Bill did not make it seem like his marriage was an open marriage to Monica? Its sad that the world convinced her to apologise to Hilary…Monica did not need to apologise to ANYONE. 3. Monica Lewinsky was made to sign contracts to not share her side of the story for a decade which was basically Clinton’s abuse of power, denied jobs in her field everywhere in USA…shamed for her entire life, bullied, harassed, trashed, eventually she moved to London and studied social psychology at LSE to understand what happened to her..she tried to share her story now to help others who have been victim of shaming and bullying survive the pain.
That guy has big ears?
Bill Clinton is my idol..
My FATHER Beyond
Philip Medford
He has the attitude to get the soul sucked out of you, no pun intended.
Jack Drahota
Why does Hilary have a southern accent then but not now
Dixon Smith
The Clinton’s gave bolistic missle technology to the Chinese. The Chinese in turn gave bolistic missle technology to N Korea.
James Wadsworth
The president of the paperhangers Union
Gehilitas Hernandez
I love them and whoever wants to judge them because of Bills gross scandals i careless he was a amazing president and his first lady Miss Clinton wow she’s amazing smart but bill was a womenizer she’s brave to been by his side very brave with all this women saying sexual stuff with her husband that’s beyond brave of her to still been by her side he should of been loyal to this beautiful women i like how she says i’m not seating here like a little women you can tell how brave she is cause i would of beat up Bill !
Funny how some very promising candidates cannot leave it in their pants..
Ji Hoon
Who cares if he’s a womanizer? For as long as he’s ready to serve his country and a very understanding wife stood by him, why curse Bill Clinton? Who’s perfect anyway?
Lisa Berg
Internet and social media were in its infancy
Larry Pulliam
They voted for Kennedy too …
back then, they did not care. today, its a different story.
Christopher Weaver
Poor bill..I’d hate for everyone to know when I get bjs
Hillary aged so quickly lmao
Dilveen Singh
incantan Powar Fa ny ful
Bill was a hot mess…He lived with Hillary
Rita Rita
What is Hillary’s accent???5:39
Damn didnt knows about this… I wouldn’t have voted for Bill if I was voting age back in the day
Troll Insky
Ann Coulter is a person I’m always unpleasantly reminded exists.
Just awful…just awful…..
Dan Lebrun
He did not inhale how is that possibly
Billy Bob
RIP to Linda Tripp. This woman was a national hero. She was a profile in courage. She single handily guaranteed the impeachment of that scumbag liar WJC. Posthumously, she deserves the Medal of Freedom.
TLHH 3101 E
Mohd Iqbal
Human being innate behaviour sexual relationship intercourse no harm but precautions on the other hand husband and wife now pregnant produce son daughter
scott l
Why is this news now? How boring and old.
JD Hakiza
Hillary Clinton is gangster. I need a woman like that!! Loyal.
nicole george
@0:46 is that a young George Stephanopoulos?? 🤔
Jennifer Flowers was a hottie!
Larry Shores
Now look at our president……….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
The fact that people still love him more than hillary or monica who really get all of the hate?!?! When he is the common denominator and the main perpetrator and liar PLUS the one with the power… that’s whats disgusting…
Charles Warren
It was either Sun or the Daily Mail that had the headline: “Pizza Sex! Phone Sex! Cigar Sex!” Dosen’t get any better than this.
Dan Sinnett
Ole Newt took this President down!!!
Brandy Y
I hate democrats now, but hell how could you not like Bill Clinton a little bit?
I’m shocked ABC News is airing this
Sebastian Watson
The Clintons would say anything in order to stay in power
Backspace Radio
This world is run by humans
Vickiana De La Cruz
….he was always a womanizer n hilary is weak to him its obvious
Leif Harmsen
Seems quaint now in the age of pathological Trump.
Joseph Young
LOL Ann Coulter a Trump supporter is on here! Wonder what she thinks about Stormy Daniels?
Troy Boulware
Why would Gennifer Flowers all of a sudden go public with the affair with Bill Clinton if she claimed that she loved him ???? Bitches like this makes me sick !!!!!!!
a person on the internet
Dilveen Singh
my Fawrat BinKantin Yoar Talent La e
Liam Gallagher
Lol Bush Sr. put this creep in office
marc conner
If the truth really came out both hillary and bill would be in prison. What about their victims? Do they not deserve justice?
He never came close to sleeping with his own wife is probably more correct. Hmmm makes you wonder if she swings the other way. Oh well, what ever flips your trigger.
Mary Torres
Who cares about these two fools?!! Monica and Bill! I don’t do u?
Damn I miss Bill Clinton! He was the best president ever.
Amra Zegrova
he was the best president in USA he has strong women who supported him and I love Bill Clinton
Garfield Hall
The American people care about their pockets and their health care more than who the president is sleeping around with I’m sorry to say but that’s just the truth, now pass that weed 😊
Kate Torres
He was a great president
Big Spice
6:32 Hillary looks like a witch trying to kidnap someone
Bruce Lee
If Bernie Sanders ever become the president, he will have an heart attack the minute he saw Monica Lewinsky pantie.
Betty Boop
I am not a little woman oh Hillary look what happened to you I will never forget 2016 and I read your book “What Happened” still your not going anywhere.
Bill vacuum nose Clinton
Ryan Leboeuf
He did a great job as president but just lacked moral authority in his private life. Still love the guy though
Brady Cloud
A little bit of Monica…
Real Victoria
When I was younger I received a signed award from the president. And, of course it had to be Clinton who signed it. Totally takes the prestige away.
Joey Albert
Did somebody say… A boomer president
Felix Oficial
So what i can see is for every president they send a woman to take down
E James
Ah yes….The Clinton crime family!
A guy From Ireland
Love bill hate Hillary
Natalie ps
Has anyone ever asked monica why she kept that blue stained dress ? Seems she wanted to save it for a later date. The nurse , I believe her name is juanita has told her story about bill brutally raping her. I believe her. Her story has too many details. She also has told it a few times & her story never changes. Plus when u hear & see her she is very believable to me. She did not press charges as she said ” he was the attorney general at the time so he was the law ” she also says hilary threatened her. Bill is obviously a brilliant man. He was a rhoades scholar. He is also an alleged rapist & monica I see as a victim. Yes the oral sex was consensual but she was a 22 year old intern & he had all the power as the president of the United states.
Brenna Moye
Willie Thomas
Bill was gangsta. Dude was best white president we had .
Cliton not Clinton
Mohd Iqbal
Marriage nikkah ceremony either court marriage valid occured while executing now pregnant produce son daughter wife husband ok
Snoop Loops
Bill Clinton was an amazing president. I met him on his book tour last year. Great man. People need to get over the Monica stuff.
timothy lines
did she say heck?here also[bob hope sex ring]bob had friends on high.
Sean Kennedy
Greatest economical expanse of all time. Great President. Could of been the greatest, but fell short. Still, better than ANY Republican since Ike.
ada g
ok boomer president ;D
BiG JuiCe
Bill Clinton never really had any problems when he was president. You know besides the Oklahoma City bombing but that was about it.
Davlyn Nolan
If I did I wouldn’t tell you! Straight up gangsta!!! Love him!
Chris Allen
I don’t believe anyone who lies. Her, Bill, anyone. You lie once you’ve lost all credibility with me.
Bleeding red-white-blue
1998 was all about extramarital I think. But now ita a fashion.
joanne morris
come on people lets stop now he had his side thing hillary chose to stayed with him lets leave them alone look what you have in the oval office worry about that.lets leave the clintons alone we screwed up by not letting her be president
LJ - Knows Best
He was Big liar and a cheat . However a great President That’s all I really cared for.
Adam Showers
“I did not have sexual relations with that woman Ms.Lewinsky I never told anybody to lie not a single time never”
Ciara Walsh
Notice how Hillary made a snarky comment saying “I’m not one of those girls sTanDiNg By HeR mAn” but now she calls herself a feminist?
Boomer president
Loisie Nyami
Woah… what happened to Hillary???? She did not age well…
Jelena Stosic
Nek gore u paklu za svoje grehe.
Super King 64
Can’t talk about R.Kelly and Michael Jackson in the media without talking about Bill Clinton.
When Bush Sr died, he received a grand state funeral Same will happen for Carter But, when Bill dies, the funeral procession will likely start at a prison and end at a dump I’m so utterly ashamed to say I was born during his Presidency.
S E Bayless
CLINTON / ??????????????????
He always looked fake.
Paula Figueroa
Why was this important 2 years ago? The President should not have been impeached for Mónica… Like Trump was not impeached because Stormy and the dozen of women presenting allegations of his extramarital indiscretions…
Dark Knight
Best president of our generation 🙏🏻👍🏻
Austin Kendall
Ghosts? Way to downplay horrible behavior in office.
May Wash
I would vote for Clinton again Not to mention he was a good President….
No Name
Hillary for Trump
luke dawson
Why did anyone ever like this guy? That horrible laugh he had – really unpleasant character.
Man who Good for the elit Put the nafta in & my father lost his job cz of bill, my family became poor
Rahman Jamall
Monica Lewinsky was and still is hot
Cheryl Carpenter
I still love Bill Clinton. He was a good president. He made mistakes I agree. However, he was good for the country. Last President to leave a surplus and a balanced budget.
Peter Piper
You know who else is charismatic? Satan
M Wild thing
Can u blame him lol he was married to Hillary Clinton!
Jelloish Gaming
0:29 did someone say…BoOmEr 👀👀👀
Bikash Sahoo
This guy and Obama ruined Middle East and in return screwed the world which was already messed-up.
Hard to believe that republicans used to believe character, values, patriotism, honesty and religious faith were important in a President.
druu jenkins
I’d love to see Monica and the “Believe All Women” Media Crowd and the Juanita Broaddrick and Bill vs Kavanaugh and Christine Ford “Truth and Lies.” Remember. Believe all women!!! Unless Democrats are involved, then you demonize or ignore them instead. Only believe women (aka only pretend to care about sexual assault when it can be used as a political tool) when non-Democrats are involved.
Hillary was/is a very intelligent & smart woman. She stood by her husband (honored her vows) during the worst, because she knew together they were a powerhouse and could weather any storm. (Although, at home, I’m certain she let him have it. But in the public eye, she smiled for the cameras and defended him.) What a woman! She understood her husband’s dreams was to become President of the United States, because she shared the same dream. Aside of his philandering heart, they were much more together than apart! My pastor always say, “you have to know how to look”. Thank God for my Bishop!
When trump does it the republicans are like no it’s cool
Susette Santiago
Omg…gennifer flowers looks like a clown..that makeup…
Nhlanhla Nene
Bill was a great president, period!
Damien Bowring
“Me too era” yeah and Donald Trump is still president.
Ryan Casto
worst president we could deal with, he should be locked up in prison with his wife.
Ann Coulter sent me here 🙂
Peggy Micsky
JFK and Clinton were the only Democrats I ever liked! JFK because I was young and stupid and I liked his looks and popularity! I really wasn’t into the truth or politics! By the time Clinton came along, I was more knowledgeable and more into politics! I saw through his lies!
Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan haji Ali
I am biased when it comes to evaluate Democratic candidate vs Republican Candidate. 99% I am for the Republican except during President Jimmy Carter era.
One Life
So if the democrats didn’t grill Clinton, what rights do they have to accuse Trump? It’s double standard. Both presidents have done wrong and I don’t approve their actions neither !
I miss bill, he’s 10x better than trump
Caroline Issekya
Je sais pas si y’as des Français ici mais pour moi cette histoire avec Monica c’était pour détruire la carrière politique de Bill !
alexis soto
Bill Clinton looks kinda like eminem
First World Problems
If you run for President or any political position then your private life is basically non existent
Nazif Drena
The best ever president of america bill clinton ❤
Donte J
But y even have this video we know already
Angel Solis
The people are to blame cause they were easily manipulated.
Venkatesh Subburaman
I am happy to see Monica Lewinsky dying single, without kids, husband and nothing. She got for what she did. She is hypergamy, she uses man’s weekness to get powerfull man on her side. She even know that he is married, but she used the man’s weekness and get closer to him and when the relationship breaks, she cried victim. Now after two decades, I am happy to see her dying without kids, without partner and I am sure no man will truth her and no man will be ready spend time with her for rest of the time. Two decades ago I thought clinton is criminal, but now I realizing actually she is the culprit and god has shown that, she is dying single, without kids, no one around her, no man to speak, no one, this is the best punishment she is getting.
Little Miss Stamper
Its absolutely astonishing to see the things they crucified Bill Clinton for…..and compare them to the disgusting, horrific things they ALLOW Trump to get AWAY with. Bill Clinton and JFK are the only 2 presidents who had that special something. Obama was in a catagory or greatness all his own. Its a shame what is happening right now. Like THIS is rock bottom.
I forgive Bill Clinton. He committed adultery because of his patriotism.
Alfred Mujah Jimmy
The worst extramarital affair ever in the American history, even worst than that of JFK’s.
Isabella Emmanuilidis
funny the president we have now is the biggest womanizer ever
Gary Sager
For those that think Trump is repulsive, open your eyes to this lying creep. The left can condemn Trump for the bad weather but, Clinton is not accountable for his felonies. Clinton started a lower standard of behavior that is still causing damage to the country. His supporters actually know he is evil but cover for him.
LANDSLIDE?? He won the first election winning 43% of the vote…because ROSS Perot split the vote. He won his second election with only 49%..again, because Ross Perot split the vote. The economy did well because he signed the Republican Budget.
Hillary with her fake southern accent.
Lafayette Cohee
I never liked him or trusted him.
bohdi sativa2
He was a better president than bush jr and obama but that isnt saying much.
That boy frankie
Donald trump is this generation Bill Clinton’s