Wrongly convicted Post Office workers say those responsible should face jail – Blog

What a disgrace. If we had restorative justice rather than managerial impunity, compensation would be paid out of the pockets of the people who knowingly perpetuated this travesty. Then lock them up for callous indifference
People are saying The Post Office are responsible for this appalling miscarriage of justice, which they are, but more specifically it was their managers that turned a blind eye for 16 years. They must have known quite early on that it simply wasn’t possible for all those people to be guilty. We need names of the managers responsible and they need to be wheeled out to explain themselves.
Yvonne Hayton
She’s 100% right. And they should have to pay compensation out of their own pockets. No excuse.
Ian Whittingham
If people don’t go to jail there’s something wrong. I believe the woman in charge of all this retired with a huge pension.
Compensation should not come from the public purse, as The Post Office has requested. They are a private company, who should be well insured. They want the profits and assets, well they can also take the liabilities as well. EDIT: Distinction between Royal Mail and The Post Office. Royal is private, The Post Office is public. In which case, you can rely on the public sector to screw up IT systems. They have a long history of that
jon snow
quite right the bosses knew of the issues and sat back and did nothing . they should be held to account and stopped from having any managerial roles in the future .
Bunny Wunny
This was and continues to be a tragic miscarriage of justice which has not been properly redressed and ,given the damage to the victims ,can probably never be redressed. Any auditor faced with what appeared to be an uncharacteristic and unprecedented outbreak of fraud would have looked for another answer.However in this case they apparently didn’t and instead carried on prosecuting people when one has to conclude they must have known or at least should have known that something was badly amiss.I don’t think putting people in jail helps anything .Instead there should be a proper appraisal of what the victims have lost over the whole of their lives.That should include loss of freedom,reputational and emotional damage, the effect on relatives,the loss of earnings and a very significant penalty element
Frederick Magill
I really wish them good luck, it makes you ill to think about those kind of injustices.
I feel so bad for them. I nearly lost a job due to a computer error. After a small amount of detective work I was able to prove that I’d done nothing wrong due to system’s activity logs and of course I got no apology. I’m sure there are many, many more people that face the same sort of thing all over the world. There’s too much blind faith in computers.
Jonathan Tatler
I completely agree that those responsible should be brought to book and time to be served but given our leaders have zero shame what chance?
David Christie
You can bet your life that those really responsible in the #postoffice for this ‘crime’ against these innocent workers are blaming everyone except themselves…wonder how many will suddenly ‘disappear’ ?? Cant imagine what they went thru …especially those jailed for doing nothing wrong!
David Payne
ALL and I mean ALL those responsible for this injustice MUST go to jail for a minimum of 10 years each and the Post Office to compensate all those accused of fraud 100 million pounds each immediately.
chinto kata
I agree. False accusations should end in prison time.
Linda Brumpton
The post office management never cared for the post masters. They were only ever interested in Counters staff. Post masters were treated appallingly. The people who perpetrated this should be ashamed of them selves. They let this go on for years and the post masters had no come back. I do hope they find the people accountable and send them to prison for a long long time. One poor mistress was sent to prison even though she was pregnant. It really is disgusting that this was allowed to happen and coveted up for so long.
Lindon Green
Damn right. They pursued many people and hounded them to despair without any thought of lives ruined.
David Johnson
Go for it, get them, bring them down, get them convicted and get your money! Don’t settle out of court make sure they are convicted!
Good luck and all the best to her. I hope she sees the justice where its due
Kevin Smith
We all know they won’t face justice as always there will be lies and coverups, we can only hope that somebody at the top in government does the right thing but i wouldn’t hold my breath.
Geordie Wishart
I wonder why it never clicked with anyone that there was no money trial. All these people accused of stealing large amounts of money yet no cash could ever be attributed to them. What did the authorities think all these people were doing with it?
Alan Race
I would have thought it was obvious to any intelligent person that there was a system error causing this number of people being accused of theft. All these cases were common knowledge at the time and I would have thought that the authorities who accused these people would have realised that and investigated the systems being used. It doesn’t say much for the Post Office, the investigation or the Courts who prosecuted these innocent people and without doubt they should all receive extremely large compensation payments. Goes to show how you can be accused, prosecuted and jailed fpr something you have not done …… frightening !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gigsaw Soljier
well this went under the radar first time i’ve heard of this,… glad their getting some justice. can’t beleieve the cover up tho disgusting.
Sam Cochrane
The bosses at the time should held fully responsible,
if they knew the system was broken and covered it up yes they should go to prison and face huge fines.
Heart Of Darkness
Difficult to avoid the obvious conclusion. In Britain the people on the floor suffer while those at the top – who are responsible – walk free and untroubled. Name them and shame them.
These people deserve a large compensation no questions, its life changing to be accused of this, people should be jailed
jesse leebrook
And well done Dale for being in the wrong place, right time . And catching the fool. Respect .
Imagine being charged with something you haven’t done… And being unable to defend yourself. This is western bureaucracy at it’s finest. Filled with such complexity and indirectness that you can’t even justify when you are innocent.
They absolutely should face jail! So many lives ruined or lost over this it’s a total scandal.
Don morgan
I would like to see the perpetrators of this post office gang put in the stocks so that they could be seen and then dealt with accordingly
Such an evil thing to do to such loyal workers. Those scum who put them inside should do time and each one that went to prison given millions in compensation and a Royal pardon. Prison is an evil place for innocent people
Tom Alebine
What makes this awful is it could easily happen to anybody, through not fault of your own, so scary, wish everyone healing
brian vickers
I agree totally, all those who are responsible for these false convictions need to go to prison, once the message has been sent out that you will pay with your freedom if you get it wrong, there’ll make damn sure they have a case before dragging innocent people in to court ever again. And who was head of the CPS at the time, STARMER, and also in charge at the time of the Asian sex grooming gangs.
Wonder Women
Agreed… all senior manager passed and present should face jail terms
Emma Jones
It’s a disgrace that this all happened and I hope the people responsible get what’s coming to them. Going to prison or even carrying a conviction like that would be life changing. Let’s hope they get big payouts over this.
akhtar nawaz
With so many cases I’m really surprised no one noticed there wasn’t something right 😡😡
Nobby Cheeseman
The Great Train Robbers got up to 30 years in prison for robbing Royal Mail so as these sentences have robbed these people of their livelihoods, ability to trust and in some cases actual lives, the sentence for anyone guilty of this huge case of confirmation bias should face the same length of time in prison.
Think we should be looking at charges such as perverting the course of justice, perjury and mis conduct in a public office. Surprised that no one has been suspended or sacked over this.
When George Floyd died — over four-thousand miles away — in the U.S., a number of the British public took to the streets to express injustice. And yet, I hear not a peep over this.
robert west
looking for forward to Paula Vennels and her senior managers being arrested, tried and sent to prison for this. But no doubt they will have an unsuspecting scapegoat lined up for this.
Hindle Walker
I agree they should face trial just like the Post Office workers did.
Terrance Adrian
I would be demanding exactly the same. They are more than entitled to compensation for loss of earnings, damage to their reputations and the physical toll something like this has on a person. It’s enough to make a person very ill being accused of crimes like these knowing they were completely innocent. I think it’s absolutely disgusting the way this prosecution and case as a whole was handled. You can bet somebody higher up the chain sought these convictions in an effort to hide their own crimes. There’s no other logical explanation. These people should never have been charged let alone make it to court and a conviction!
john stroud
With you all the way “Postmaster’s” all of those claim’s against you “were quite obviously” ridiculous as I and anyone making such claims’ must have known that all of this would have been an impossibility. Balances have to be made EVERY WEEK so the slightest discrepancy would have shown up IMEDIATELY not be discovered month’s latter when the amount was in the thousand’s. The number of sub offices SUPPOSEDLY robbing the Post Office would indicate to anyone with even “half a brain” that something somewhere was wrong
Knights Templar
Utter disgraceful treatment of hard working families and yet media continues to report even today on another escaped sex offender who seem to enjoy open prison system. British justice system not fit for purpose.
Jints Fan
Proper justice is required here.
Tom F
Well my local sorting office has been stealing our mail and parcels for over 2 years now. So don’t hold your breath for compensation!
Dont feel sorry for Damian Owen, by all accounts he looks like he deserves everything coming to him lmfao 🤣
Phil Furlong
Totally agree. It was Private Eye who reported and supported the postmasters in this travesty!
Adrian Platt
Every one who let this happen needs to be investigated and possibly serve time for it it was a gross miscarriage of justice that needs to be put right and monetary reparations need to be considerable
Prison sentences for all involved in the conspiracy!! And not just poxy little ones, they need to be made example of so this sort of thing is remembered. Big compensation payouts. I can imagine you were all talk of the town/village for a number of years and possible suffered from physical/verbal abuse for what they have put you through.
Huw Zebediah Thomas
Amazing how this shit happened, baffled. What was the evidence in trials? Lack of modern technology then understanding in the legal profession? Fk sacks, pathetic.
Judges only asked people in charge in postoffice what judgment they should pass because they all work for Queen
Mazda Maniac
These people have been wrongly held as scapegoats for managerial and accounting faults, meanwhile the real criminals that held these workers up as meat shields get away scot-free. It’s outrageous that this was allowed to happen without any sort of a review and is a total failure of the Ministry of Justice to act in a proper manner. Workers shouldn’t ever have to pay the price for administrative cock-ups, especially if it involves prison time and personal financial loss. The ones responsible for this must be held to account and charged appropriately for real justice to have been carried out, anything less is a joke.
Fair Justice
Just sue them for damages and criminal negligence!!!
Nobby Cheeseman
Compensation should come direct from the pockets of the people responsible and if any of them are no longer alive then given that families receive inheritance from relatives who die, they should inherit the debts of their relatives who turn out to be criminals too. However it needs to be done, these people should be compensated 7 figure sums. If it means deducting pay at source of those responsible so they are only earning minimum wage then that is what should happen.
Edward Bloor
Quite right, but will they?
Pqrst Zxerty
Boris should make a big public conferance about this
M Harris
This is a classic case of confirmation bias. The Post Office couldn’t even entertain the possibility that the fault was with them. Everyone involved, no matter how little, should be imprisoned and the term should be decided by the victims themselves if they want to decide it. The financial compensation should be huge too, 7 figures to the victims of their families. Out of the pockets of the people who failed to do anything.
The Ancient Wine & Beer Experiment
Why has no one been arrested over this issue yet.
muttley jones2
This guy that thinks working in a post office and doing the tasks that needed to be done was beneath him, should have quit a long time ago. If the job he was being paid to do was that bad, then why didn’t he leave?
Jan dara
Quite right, after the total incompetence displayed.
Thunder Warrior
Another system where the innocent pay,while the lawyers get rich and the guilty ones sit back and laugh
dude is 100% right, the people who lied about it and pushed the charges on people need to be nuked (legally). Give them the longest jail sentencing and maximum fines where possible for ruining not just the lives of the victims but also their family. The damage that has been done will never be fixed as you can’t turn back the clock so these poor people should get the justice they demand.
Michael O Neill
Damien Owen for PM 😂😂😂 great answer
R Sliker
Yes, those responsible should face the full force of the law. People’s lives and reputations were left in tatters. Some of those, poor soles, died as a result. It was an absolute disgrace. Unfortunately it will never happen.
Simone PleTon
Absolutely correct.
Amy Shoneye
Peace Love Light And Laughter 2EACH And Everyone Of U ❤ Truly Sorry For The Way U Have All Been Treated 💙 What They Did Is Against God 🙃 May U All Receive Payouts Large Enough Too Never HAV To Worry About Finances Again ❤ It’ll Never Buy 10yrs Bk 💙 But It’d Be Lovely For U Not To Have Too Worry For The Next 10yrs+++++😘💖💕🙏🏼
This is a bloody scandal, and the millionaires in charge couldn’t give a toss !
Ketami BMO
This life destroying scandal will be brushed under the carpet and those people lives will never be the same again May God give them peace in their lives
Justice is rare nowadays
sarah irvine
Now we know where prince Andrew got the money to settle out of court!
I watched a postman from my top window one early morning in his van filtering parcels and cards . Can’t blame the post office not their fault thieves are among the honest ones . I have sent 3 cards to Vietnam,none has got there . I sent cards to Hong Kong all got there . I sent cards to the Philippines 2 to 3 months before they are dropped in the door . I suppose they think there is money in the card.so nick it . It’s sad for the postal service in general,cause they set these on . But taking them for a big payout is wrong . It’s like the police one gets a bad name they all are blamed
Sajid Khan
Shameful as ever, feel really sorry for wrongly convicted Post Office employees!😢😢😢
Scarlett Kelsey
An apology is insufficient. Where is justice?
That poor woman. She sounds absolutely broken. This is a national disgrace!
Joe Cater
well… the legal system needs looking at asap! where there is a case of fraud.. suspected… they really neeeeed to have experts look at the software… not just accept it.
They all will get away with it nobody gets charged or made to pay it back it’s a joke post office should now payout and put right to those people
Shouting Muteness
Crude and true reality. But “friends” are the most important thing right!? To desperate weak superficial souls.
Sir GamezAlot
i hope he gets everything he asked for everyone of them who lie should have to deal with the same laws that they unlawfuly charged them with just Disgusting..
King Arthur
Send a computer program to jail then.
anna Peake
Pray for all and leave at the foot of the Cross God will take care of it 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪☘☘☘☘👏👏👏👏👏🇮🇪🇮🇪☘☘👏👏🇮🇪💟☘☘☘👏👏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
sue Kearton
if the second guy thought the task was beneath him why did he apply for the job in the first place
Sam Mellor
These people should sue the post office for millions, then have the people responsible arrested, and hopefully sent to jail
roger galley
I’d have all the ones at the top Breaking rocks.and striped of their pension.
Gerry D
Justice under a corrupt tory government ????? You must be joking 😑😑😑
Dale Gribble
You’d think after th first 10? 20? 50? they would have thought “It cant be that ALL the postmasters are on the take? Maybe it’s the software” But no it got to 700 people over 14 years. That’s 50 EVERY year ONE A WEEK. Yet, the bosses, the tech guys, EVEN THE JUDGES who sentenced these poor people, Didnt even CONSIDE, Maybe the software was coded by a moron. I swear the judges in this country got their law degrees from cereal boxes in the 90’s.
Maggaloo Flower
It’s just dreadful. Words are not enough. People’s lives have been ruined. There has to be justice.
The Truth
What is he talking about when he says “menial job”?
Ian Taylor
So many lives ruined. Yes they should face jail time, just like the falsely accused did!
The Super Psycho Killer
Compensation comes out of tax payers funds. Compensation will punish innocent people too.
Gandalf the Grey
How many other failed computer systems are ruining lives of the very people they were suppose to serve.
tim Brooks
that’s the end of that then !
Steve Nichol
All involved should be imprisoned for lying and perjury, the post office “investigations” teams, their managers and if involved senior directors, including all those at the cps that were complicit including the director of prosecutions although he’ll probably say it wasn’t down to him as he didn’t know lol!!! All should be sacked without their pension with massive compensation for all those post masters sacked or jailed.
marshall julie
Politicians are stealing millions of pounds will they face the same consequences
Alan Hall
that guy with the bubbly – not sure he seemed to have been doing ok
allan burkinshaw
700 plus of them and no one had the gumption to think summats not right here?
Paula Vennells, former CEO. She is the one to face jailtime.
No accountability in any jobs nowdays. This is a fine example as to why people should be bang to rights when they f*ck up.
Andy Hay.
‘Royal’ Mail back then. They would have signed it off.
Lets not break the system any further, tit for tat, You should be given nothing, but what you should be given is time off for all the years you spend with paid leave at 2x the sallery for 5 years, No more and no less.
jus rob
What a world ey..
All our post offices are closing here in Scotland
Mal Function
You’ll be very lucky.
Chris Hoskinson
A LIVING HELL DUE TO A CORRUPT SYSTEM. What a living hell these innocent people have been subjected to by a corrupt system. I cannot begine to imagine the suffering that they went through. They need proper financial compensation. Nothing can take away the pain that they endured, but the parties involved in this appalling British scandal must compensate them with a very large sum of money. Many more are waiting to clear their names and seek compensation.
Charlotte Bowes
I don’t trust anyone Only just learnt that huh?
David Lloyd
All because of using unvalidated software.
Don’t worry……….”lessons will be learnt”…………….nothing wrong with doing menial jobs, that bloke is a bit of a prat. Does he think people who do them are beneath him.
Richard Lumley Smith
No chance goverment will weep crocodile tears but as Post Office cannot afford to lose court cases (would go bankrupt!. Boris will try and ignore Post Office scandal but we can shame him into doing the tight thing!.
The Winner
It’s just the way the world is folks, get used to it.
Knights Templar
The accusers should now face repercussions for falsifying a crime made to face there karma the victims of this massive miss carnage of justice should be compensated each and every one of them with a huge sum of money and all legal cost paid by there former boss’s
Anny Chest
why they accuse white people?
Michael Cram
Trust computers (NOT) x