Why Isn’t Congo as Rich as Saudi Arabia? Massive Tax Evasion – Blog

Alicia Alicios
One day Congo will rise ihate to see people of my father’s land suffering 😖
Daniel Swarovski
So yes, the mining companies don’t pay taxes and instead bribe high level government officials to evade. The more important question is : who owns these companies?
Grace Kalima
Sad … The change is coming, awareness of who we are and the fact that our resources are backing up others currencies, one should know his roots to be solid enough… the land doesn’t belong to us we belong to the land, it’s shifting slowly but surely! PS. I am just amazed by the English accent of the Two people interviewed, they speak like African English speakers, no French accent that most people have here… However the sad reality is there… We won’t be Saudi Arabia, we will be the Great CONGO… Period
Rand Babs
who puts those thieves in power and KEEPS them in power against the will of the people?
Marco Polo
I couldn’t even finish watching it, it boils me inside.
Sunil Francis George
Very Tragic. I feel for the people who have to deal and endure this travesty for a lifetime.
This is what happens when a handful of people have all the power. Corruption.
May God help the people of Congo.
N'zanga Nare
Countries in the Arabian Peninsula are barren deserts with few people, which is why oil & mining pollution there is OK, but in a rich fertile rain forest like Congo or Niger Delta it is a bad idea, the land should be used for farming.
Young Smith
This is a revolutionary situation in the Congo. The raw materials must be seized and a new government put in place. A government free of foreign interference. The Belgians and other exploiters must be removed so a new industrial development can take place. Minere du Haut Katanga must be taken over and used for the people of the Congo in planned economic development that will benefit the people’s needs.
Well this is the real “democracy” for you folks. Companies ( including foreign governmental ones ), dictate how, who,why and what!
bongani mondlana
khadafi was the only african leader who we hoped would change Africa and the westerners took him out cause he was a threat. Why isn’t kablila being attacked by the us for human abuse (i guess he’s no threat and is a puppet
Betty N
The first way to deal with this is to get the government out and then its to get all these organisations out. I feel that Congo needs to start from scratch in order to build the country up again, unfortunately that’s going to take many many years until we start seeing change, but I have hope!
Alieu Sannoh
With the right leadership, Congo can be one of the wealthiest countries in the world. They could even help some struggling African countries. The country has so much potential. I hope the Congolese wake up and put the right puzzles together for their country development. Congo is a sleeping giant that is yawning for the right leadership.
Dustu Lok Vansih
So it was not only Leopold who looted Congo.
V Norm
its not just Tax Evasion, Saudi Arabia owns, refines, and sell oil. State-owned Saudi Aramco is the largest oil company in Arabia. The Congo does own any of its resources!! News stories like this do not tell the whole story and mislead. The Democratic Republic of the Congo must take back all of its land and resources.
William Makupa
Like all problems, poverty of Congo has many causes. Political, Social, Geographic and Historical. All been said, it is really the initiative of the Congolese themselves that would take the country forward. For example the DRC is not friendly to tourists, every citizen of the Congo sees each individual tourist as a resource to fleece protection money or security fee etc. The huge agricultural potential is not utilized as everyone is waiting for morsels to fall off the mineral exploitation table, history notwithstanding the Congolese have no one but themselves to blame for the mismanagement and maladministration of the country and economy since 30 June 1960.
poor countries exist because rich countries exist
Jarod 1999
A nation that functions like this isn’t a strong nation and can leave it vulnerable to outside forces.
Jaajaa Rogers
I agree with all you said (OG) France and Britain rule Congo, those in power not allowed to stand up to Europe ,
The large countries in the world like the US and Great Britain need to Join together to change the governments of impoverished countries across the world so they can help themselves and all their people instead of making their leaders take 99% of the money and leaving the rest for the people.
Sakinah Hur
Many migrants escaping to EU are from these areas… International foreign business corruption along with internal political corruption leads people to escape for a dream on living somewhere else… Think about where the source of why these migrants come to EU and try to make differences for them to stay home, which they would prefer… With Peace Sakinah 🌹
shaiq butt
Wow this is exactly the problem in my country too.
jason parkinson
This is what happens when corrupt and mediore people are in power, and businesses that plunder and avoid paying taxes. Endpoint is: Poverty.
Platypus Paws
What specific Mining companies are stealing the wealth of the Congolese? Any that are big in Australia (my Country)?
Eva 911
Continue slaging behind instead of teaming up and going for those individuals you claim are corrupt .Congo is now among the poorest yet so rich..Wake up or you will be woken when its too late.
Let’s hope that democracy and fairness be brought by the African Union and the AfCFTA.
Anthony Otieno
I believe Congo is the richest country in the world in terms of resources, but their leaders fail them. My question, what would it profit man to gain the whole world and lose his soul in the process? There’s enough resources for everyone but not enough for greed. The leaders should do better even in all african cointries.
Joseph Montante
corruption is the #1 enemy for the success of the country
جــواس الــونـــان ALWANNAN
The people of Congo, Nigeria and many other west African people have all legal reasons and motives to revolt against their corrupted kleptomaniac regimes.
daniel halachev
Same like Bulgaria. Only difference is that Bulgaria used to be quite rich and the corruption and poverty do not seem to be so obvious.
Ceasar Paul
Stop blaming others. Africans should stand up for themselves and go against their government if it is needed
Michael M
With a stroke of a pen, 3/4 of DRC issues can be sorted. Imagine sanctioning a list of companies believed to be engaged in corruption, from trading with the US and EU. So if a company mines raw materials for electronic devices, it is stopped from selling anything to the US and EU and if say samsung or apple uses parts from that manufacturer it too is closed off from the Western market. Suddenly it becomes cheaper to pay taxes in congo than get sanctioned. But it’s not in the West’s interest to have a stable DRC.
I think the whole Africa continent needs to put a stop to all forms of mining till they get certain things ryt
Cheryl Stade
The Congo has riches Saudis can only dream of. Water resources beyond imagination. Vegetation of incredible variety. Surrounded by neighbors with large populations good for trade relationships. Blessed with its own young and energetic population. I think many Congolese expect what is really quite impossible from the mining industry. Mineral wealth can provide seed money for other ventures but not the major funding for the nation. I hope the Congolese won’t be like Venezuelans with their oil riches and look to just one economic sector to supply the nation’s needs. That always insures eventual economic collapse. I hope Congo will be smart like Norway who went from one of the poorest to one of the richest and most economically stable countries in Europe by using its oil wealth as a springboard to SEED other industries NOT a supply itself the nation’s needs. Other countries will always look after their own needs in business relationships but this hasn’t stopped Southeast Asia from rising and it doesn’t have to stop Africa. I pray Congo’s people won’t be so invested in the idea of struggling against oppressors that they would lose their identity without seeing oppression ever before them. I do think the future for the Congo is bright. I have great hope.
Jess J
Haiti and Congo shares a similar history of colonization, imperialism, and corruption. The pan African struggle continues.
It shocks that that they wait for their government to do something. Why is the private sector not doing anything ?
Ahmed Heensaleey
$24 trillion that’s alot enough to feed everyone mouth in Congo 🇨🇩
The president of the most powerful country on earth only makes $400,000 a year but the president of a country facing extreme poverty is earning $200,000 per month. These are the kind of leader that are holding Africa back.
Sean Haggard
Sounds like it’s time a revolution
Paradigm Shift
The European buyers of these products are just as guilty as the African sellers.
Tactical operator run n gun duracoat master of the deserts of Utah
This is happening in the west as well. We are obviously better off, but with time under the current system we will soon follow suit.
It’s not stealing if you can’t even be able to utilize it if you’re left alone with it.
Siya Shilla
Not only that but Congo still pays money to France the resources are used to pay for their “colonial debt”
Clement Osei Tano
The second most industrial nation on the continent has become this, after the execution of one man, Patrice Lumumba!
Why would anyone use SA as an example? Canada/Norway are better choices when it comes to wealth. Congo is poor because it lacks any real structure and takes companies like Camrose to take care of it
Zac Muturi
1:12 The groan by that spectator tells it all
zin abou al khair
Because, injustice, idolatry, corruption… This is the weakness in the face of the enemy. “our weakness is the strength of the other.
Sam Adams
Just need to look into who own and control the dimond mines and you’ll have your answer.
As Lord Acton famously said, “power corrupts.”
ServantoftheoneTrueGod AlmightyGod
What of Kagame and his rebels stealing coltan in Eastern Congo ?
So how do we, with the means to watch this YouTube video; help put an end to this corporate thievery? Any charities We can donate to that put the highest percent of the donations possible to end this and other crimes against humanity? While we’re at it, any like charities that work to effectively build UP 3rd world countries so their people are resilient to exploitation and starvation?
Joaquin Gonzalo
“The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations.” — Che Guevara
Aldhie U.A. Teodocio
Actions from the citizens must seen. The Europeans and the present citizens have their fault.
our presidents prefers violons instead of drums…we don’t really understand violons.
ygg drasil
So, the same as in Australia then, where we give away trillions worth of natural gas for free because of clever accountants in Chevron and other companies.
Chloe Nsimba
We should start boycott all this company ….Apple Samsung ….Phillips ….Mercedes Benz. ..BW ….List is long kongolese peolpe in Diaspora should start boycott. ….only we can make the change it’s time fight for ya freedom. …kongo don’t have friends only enemies
ndoro bei
The leaders need to go to Saudi to learn how to manage natural resources, to make both the leaders and the people rich.
Bob Mbeki
The question should be “WHO’S NOT STEALING FROM DR CONGO?”
Napoleon Bonaparte
I still have relatives living here. There needs to be a revolution.
SriHarsha C V
Looking at these countries makes India look like a heaven. Sighs :/
Sultans Of Zing
I never thought I would say this but, Saudi Arabia is doing something right.
DeeAllmy a
The fact that we are even talking about Congo tells me it’s way better than the country you are trying to compare it to and nobody’s stealing Congo’s wealth, jealousy is a desease of Africa’s enemies!
Kongo Kingdom before Portuguese… rich DRCongo after Portuguese… poor
Its insanity how the few have so much resources while his own people are dying.
Okaro X
One cannot create wealth by redistributing money from oil or mineral resources. Wealth is created when people produce and sell goods to each other.
Jan Mark Penano
Most of the poorest countries came from Africa, but why?
Samgwa'a Nyoh Peter
The problem for me is not the Western countries the problem is the leaders who agree to these corrupt practices because of their greed African leaders have a choice to refuse these advances but they refuse to do so because they will be wealthy based on corruption
leomar Capili Official
If the mining companies paid their taxes maybe Congo can provide the necessity of their people, be a patriotic.
C Grace
Congo is #1 and Africa will become a great continent. Just watch and see, a wise saying is the world turns, things change,who know greece, rome, spain france, will fall, now usa… Oh Lord have mercy
Kenny McCormick
what can you do when u have kids and u need to feed them. When u try to fight the government they point a gun at you. Fight corruption as your kids starve. Or struggle to find every little to feed your kids as corruption increases.
Until Africa speaks and works as one, Africans will continue to suffer. We must wake up abd stand as one.
Iqbal Hakim
Probably congo is one richest country in africa. But its cant to compare with saudi. Saudi arabia is 3rd richest country based on natural resources. I dont know where they get this source that congo natural revenue is about 24 trilion. In fact, even congo isnt in top 10 list of richest country based by natural resources. Here are top 10 list 1. Russia 75, 7 trilion 2. Usa 45 3. Saudi arabia 34.4 4. Canada 32,2 5. Iran 27,2 6. China 23 7. Brazil 21,8 8. Australia 19,9 9. Iraq 15,9 trilion 10. Venezuela, 14, 3 trilion Congo has rich natural resources but the revenue not as much as those countries. Its just like my country indonesia or like afghanistan, they said afghanistan has 30 trilion dollar, but as you can see afghabistan isnt in top list..they said we are rich but not rich as those top 10 countries. Uta just issue to make more chaos in region..
Rusty Pudder
Taxes? I paid more in taxes than Amazon did last year. Our infrastructure rots while the stock market booms along with record profits but we give a tax cut…. In the form of debt the working class’ children will have to pay.
Aby X
Abdirashid Hussein
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ravinder lutheri
If one poor keep reproducing another poor poverty will never eliminate population control is must
I’m Congolese Kabila is cruel and he’s one of the thieves 😡
Elizabeth Farrell
Really enjoyed this. 😀
kratos law
When will you awake Africa
Abdullahi Abdi
Man this country could be rich if they have good system
Ngoc Long
Shame on the authorities and government of Congo
Avik Sarkar
Ever wonder why mineral rich countries are so poor and countries with literally no minerals are among the richest
Crank Shaft
No one will develop Africa,it’s the African who has to do it,remember some countries are showing the way like rawanda,Africa learn from these countries,also as of now taking help from China is ok but in your terms.
Andres Salama
Maybe because the Congolese ranks at the bottom on IQ rankings?
DeltaForce Gaming
There is no wealth to steal
Let us decolonise our continent please. Let us not suffer with our own minerals
they were much richer with colonialism lel
jitendra kumar
Every Asian and afrikan country is suffering from serious corruption…we people need to Change old leaders…I am from India watching this ..thanks…same in india also
Sandi Lakner
Ok, but why isn’t all this untaxed income represented in GDP figures? GDP measures all the goods and services produced in a country regardless if it is taxed (and if tax administration registered the income and finance minister said that tax needn’t to be paid, it isn’t informal economy either (despite of illicit behaviour)). Nominal GDP/pc of DR Congo (IMF 2017) is 478 USD/per capita, far less than Saudi Arabia (21.096 USD/per capita) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(nominal)_per_capita And when i watch total GDP (nominal), GDP of DR Congo is smaller than GDP of even far smaller middle income countries such as Serbia… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(nominal)
Stephen Kolenda
socialism socialism socialism these people need capitalism the government can’t provide for its people
Abraham Ruiz
We need new governments all around the world al the wrong ppl are running this world ppl who don’t have a passion but a self interest
Saleem Khan
Corruption is the one making this people poor
The problem of the world is African people Saudi Arabia will become poor because there are so many Africans in it
24 Trillion Wtf. This figure is even bigger than US GDP and two times bigger than European Union GDP.
Joaquin Gonzalo
Europeans and Asians got the intelligens and the work ethics…
Mr Clark
Money can’t make things better. 24 trillion dollars can’t fix the system
my account
Not pronounced “flu” but fleuve as in “fl-uh-v” but other then that, great vid
Douglas Santet
Congo should wake up quickly ,no wonder the west does not want “regime change” in congo
Adam Sw1ft
Congo will rise. I know because they are true people.
Kiran Pawar
Indian troops are doing a great job in goma, congo.
Congo was given independence in the sixties of the twentieth century, since then the Congolese population became poorer and poorer, I guess there’s no one better in robbing the Congolese population as the Congolese themselves…..
Jaduong Mreka
This is one sided news, I’m not saying that Kabila is good but, Kabila might be stealing hundreds of thousands, but the Europeans are stealing billions of dollars. So maybe you should have reaported their exploitation of Congo. Kabila just came to power , but the Europeans have been stealing from Congo for more than 100yrs.
the solution is deregulation and tax cuts for the rich
Thembelani Mkhize
I feel like crying when I see Africa so poor and yet is rich in mineral resources. West is the main reason.
mitzvah golem
I dont troll or am paid. I just dont like how Europe exploits others.
Victor Nthamburi
Congo is one of the most disturgstingly currupt countries on earth
I'm Congo
When you have thieves such as Joseph Kabila and Mois katumbi don’t expect any sensible development
Aditya Verma
A country depend on its government
200k a month salary? He makes more in two months than the president of the USA. Of course everyone knows he probably has hundreds of millions, if not billions hidden somewhere. Do people realize the USA was once a British Colony? When we figured out we would be taxed without representation we gave a middle finger to the British and fought a war for our independence. The US at that time was hardly wealthy. Our biggest resource was tobacco but our greatest resource was having emigrated from Europe and we knew what the writing on the wall meant. It meant that we either died for independence or lived in servitude. We chose the former. The US, Europe and China aren’t evil….we just know the game and play it better than everyone else. For a lot of African leaders I don’t even think they care if they play the game….they are getting rich by just watching. Anyone who collects a 200k a month salary when the vast majority of its citizens are living off a dollar a day, it would make me believe they do t really care about them. Our first president George Washington didn’t even want to be president….I can’t think of a better kind of president!
Dominique Bala
Sometimes i ask to myself how those people sleep at night.
You can’t take all the money to the grave! Give it to your people and they will praise and and pray for you while you are rotting in your grave.
Giovanni Barranca
The people of Congo need to stand up to this poor excuse for a human being, their so called leader
SMH get rid of the ruler for one replace him with someone smart that isn’t corrupt get rid of the corrupt officials and business. Set a limit on resources being taken
roddy christodoulou
The reason Congo is poor is because the mineral wealth off the Congo is not in the hands of the Congolese people.it is in the hands of the big western corporations. This is happening all over sub Saharan Africa. It is time black Africans rise up against these corporations and claim back what’s there’s.
Saudi? ?? 😂😂😂 what a joke. It could the richest countries that ever existed and will exist on earth
Rahul vp
Corruption is the main cause of the undevelopment of these African countries. Looking back to our past India also suffered these Corruption and mismanagement. The Congress party was fully responsible for this. They encourage everything. They elected repeatedly by people because they foolish them by implement the social welfare programs. But all this was total failures. So if a foreigner asking to me “Why your country isn’t developed even today?” then i will answer him because of the rule of the Congress party in the past decades. But now the wind is changed in India. we choose the right man as our PM. He is Mr. Narendra modi. The most powerful and honorable PM ever India had. Now India is reinforcing under his rule. No doubt if BJP will elected in continually after a few decades we can see a developed India.
Jirroh Leon
Congo shd sign a cooperation /aprotection deal with america , Americans r decent ppl n their courts r not weak n manipulable as French naturally weak judges .
Just Believe
Never compare Congo to Saudi Arabia. Saudi is not as wealthy as Venezuela, yet you are comparing it with Congo.
mohamed elkasmi
Corruption is the big problem in africa
Jeevan.R 6H 6809
Soon India going to face resource curse….
Pohadkove Cesko
200k a month WTF the Dutch prime minister gets that in a year..
S. Sarajlić
Maybe it is because many men at a young age have 8 children with different women and do not pay alimony. Race matters.
Cícero Silva
Never wait for the government
Marquese Dillinger
Kongo has been exploited for a looong time, they were exploited for people/”slaves”–one of the original slave markets.
Paul Ebai
without peace there cannot be deveolpment
kisia Atkean2
Those foreign country should pay half of there profit to the DRS government it is an thinkable
Moses Makumbi
Stop the mining operations, if the country is not benefitting from them.
Are they waiting for someone to save them?
Benyi Robert
This was posted in 2014, it went only downhill from then..
Jarod 1999
With the right leader the democratic republic of the Congo could be the African Finland!
Lion Simba
What a terrible world we live in
dominguez prado
Congo RULERS should STOP ENGAGING in CORRUPT DEALS whether with FRENCH MINING COMPANIES or others, who take 90 0/0 of the country’s RICHES and leave a HILARIOUS 10 0/0 to the CONGO people. A Chavez
“Every 3rd world country has one” pathetic this is no differcnt than teunp raising taxes for the rich this is just on a much smaller scale
i’v opened my mathematical book my brother, i’m in france i can’t go further.
M Africa
I just moved back to my home country in Lesotho inside South africa and its the same thing here, white countries and chinese take the money and share with the politicians, the countries get very little
Amit K
dere’s two kind of people in Congo..one with influence and the others who ‘dig’..u dig.!
Amankwaa beatrice osei Oosei
My name is Mama Africa & I will stand 4 my Africa. Leaders!!!!! Make a change o minds.
A 11
24T just in congo imagine the entire african continent
albert ansah
Slavery is about people but a whole country.????
James Frankson Tettey
I don’t know why nobody understands anything with the exception of me. Get rid of Freemasonry, and allow Tribal Autonomies within the Republics that the Europeans created in Africa. After that check what Africa will be in ten years. Switzerland should be the model for African growth and development.
Beverly Johnson
WHY, WHY? WHY!!!!!!! Do Blacks in rich mineral countries do things like this to the people. They are allowing it to happen. They need to see the true vision of growth and GROW. Africa has so much to offer and yet the greed of people destroy everything.
B.C Drisk
Glad they are blaming it on themselves this time.
Orang Indonesia
Congo, you should learn a lot from Kenya how to govern your economy
Corruption corruption corruption!!!!!!!!!!
LifeSaver Eli-Yah
I can’t stand this no more. So i cry out to YAH the Allmighty Creator of heaven and earth. To let these people come back to His Laws, Statutes, Commandements, Judgements and Feastdays so He than can help them.
James Murphy
Congo has suffered a century of genocide with no industrial revolution or manufacturing results
Ka Blixky
video should be called: “why are colonial empires rich”
D lion
All the mining of Africa’s minerals by out side countries must stop or eventually handed over to the government’s of the African Nation for there people. The African people need those Resources for themselves. The other African countries leaders need to get together with the president of the republic of Congo. Make some kind of deal the will benefit All there people in each African country. D lion
Amin Ardon
So only Congo’s $24 tillion can make Africa richest continent in the world already? And we have 53 other nation worth hundreds of $trillions My people we are doing somthing wrong I hope you see it.
Dapson Chansa
A mess of congolese and Africa leadership is a curse?
Aliyu Maikano Mohamed
Sad, where is the money going
Agro Mercantile
‘Every third world country has one’ Could have just said 5* hotel but no… *sigh*…Americans
Adam Younis
Very bad, I feel sorry for the people
What can I do, to stop this?
Congo has the richest resources on earth
annuza mo
They need to wake up and fight for their rights.
Paradev Paradev
India is faaar better than Congo.. and we hardly have natural resources .. as the guy said honesty is required to run a country ..
Brian Mwaura
African countries are also always looting Congo
The Bantu/African people has never had any developed countries or any other region of the world as equal partner, except Africa. It is a treatment of master and servant. And part of that problem is our rogues, saboteur and despicable rulers.
Navdeep Sekhon
In simple everyone is ready to rob others so don’t let anyone to rob you
It still confuses me the gulf countries with all their extremists and dictorships look like 1st world countries compared to African ones. When you compare Congo, Ethiopia to Qatar, Oman, UAE
Buck Shot
Y’all need a good dose of Obama, take Michelle and we’ll through in Oprah !
We Afrikaans know and it will end soon thanks
Bongani Miya
Nothing as disgusting as so-called Liberation Movements.
Just put 2 children each in stead 8 and problem of poverty solved
random stuff
LOL at “FLU” . It is pronounced as Fle-UH- V
vignesh krishnamurthy
same problem in India but not to this extent. 3rd world countries should get rid of this modern day virus called corruption.
Destroy Another To Build Up Another
usman abdulaziz
God save Africa… Africa has a long way to go
Mambo B
Take example from China! China has kicked everybody out, and China do things themselves
Typical example of corporate culture
Ram rao
Trina Gorden
Now Congo is rich really really rich!!
I know you, just keep on watching me and get paid but keep 1 eye open.
Abokih Derm
This generation of Africa it’s a fact that there is nothing for us to enjoy we must fight even if for the next generation
Why is the reporter so scared to call out the country of origin of those mining companies? Hmmm. I mean we already know its america and the whole rest of europe
Gloria Lewis
Get up stand up stand for your rights sick and tired of the isim scidim mighty Olodumare is a living man you can fool some people some time but you can’t fool all the people all the time. When are you going to see the light?🙏🏾😟😟😫😫😫👼🏿👼🏿🙏🏾👼🏿🙏🏾🙏🏾👼🏿👼🏿🙏🏾👼🏿🙏🏾👼🏿👼🏿
Malawi Page
Shame Africa, shame Congo…
Deon Van der Westhuizen
This is the Africa way. Zuma, Mugabe, Dos Santos.
Tamika Queen
our President gets $250 thousand a year!  Their system appears to be problematic!