The Post Office Scandal – Blog

Delboyo El Mundo
Now the post office need to be taken to court for damages
Oliver O’Shea
Send the CEO in charge at the time express delivery to prison
Crabby Crabs
The fact this didn’t hit the UK’s national media is atrocious. Plenty of people still don’t know about it. It’s only because of Private Eye pursing it that ‘some’ people know. Lives were ruined and people’s whole existences were destroyed. Some invested all their life savings to fix it, others committed suicide because of it. The whole thing is appalling. People, the CEO trusted ‘a system’ more than human character. 555 people took it to court and it was a lawyer in Leeds who pursed it. The CEO and leadership teams lied about Horizon being 100% accurate. It destroyed people. They were falsely accused of fraud. Awful. I feel so sorry for the victims.
Something You Said
I’m glad that there was vindication for the victims ultimately.
Mike Smith
Individual investigators and senior Post Office managers should be held to account.
Special Android
Its good that innocent victims are being vindicated. What a nightmare. Classic example of a defective IT system introduced by an organisation in denial.
I heard about this program on BBC Radio 4 and meant to listen to it. Looking forward to doing so!
Kiron Manuel
Such events still happen.For details ask me.
Stephen Turner
I still cannot believe how the post office got this wrong , did’nt they wonder why all of a sudden postmasters from all over the country had started supposedly thieving , you would have thought the first thing they would have checked was the computer systems , these postmasters should be compensated massivly , also the accusers should be punished heavily
Sue the individual responsible. Boycott the post office.
Went to prison because of a computer flaw……..absolutely disgraceful 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
Shinku Rosetta
Can’t wait to see the massive compensation
All these people should get compensation at the highest
Fist of all, how culd they be so naive??? If you see that the till is short you check all transactions one by one at the end of the day. Then you know that the system is wrong not you. You do not let the system cheat on you. I am sorry for them and happy that finally the truth came out.