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Sir George
An interesting documentary. I didn’t know any of this about Fergie, it’s nice to see positive portrayal of her. There’s always two sides to every story.
Val l
Fergie has always been my favourite. How sad that she had to put up with so much nonsense. I hope her life is happier now.
Caitlin Goodall
Imagine having every single little thing you do and say being publicised and criticised to the smallest degree, it’s absolutely ridiculous.
I feel that this documentary showed Sarah as she really is: warm, spontaneous and generous
She’s so beautiful physically and seems very sincere! How can the press be so cruel!
I don’t know why the media keeps insisting on referring to Princess Diana as a commoner like she was some grocery clerk at a supermarket. She was a daughter of an Earl and thus a Lady in title.
Susan H.
I have always felt sorry for Diana and Fergie. The news media was brutal to both these ladies. Neither has a happy ending. 🙁
Lilly Langtree
Such a dear person with a heart of gold…regardless of what the press said about her.. I always loved her… she’s a real person not a fake.
Isabella jones
The press decided that there could only be one “Princess” – and they plumped for Diana and started to attack Sarah. There is some evidence that Diana became jealous of her – it is clear Diana told the press where to find Sarah when she had her weekend away that got her blown apart. Always liked her open, honest manner.
Anonymous Lurker
The British media is absolutely ruthless and I don’t know why they tear the royal women apart.
Here in the U.S.A., we liked Fergie. The bad press she was given appeared at the time to be very unfair, the British snobs eating one of their own. I remember hearing the bad press as it occurred, and it was over the top, the way they criticized her. They picked her apart.
Sue Hofkamp
She is beautiful inside and out as well as smart. Who here has the right to judge her dress or actions?
C. T
I loved Sarah when I was growing up; she was a refreshing and alternative example to the simpering character expected of women, she struck an appropriate balance of femininity and independent strength, Today, of course we can be both! I never knew a lot about her, as highlighted in this film… I now admire her more. She certainly does have a kind heart and I hope that she has survived the awful experiences of the press and is living well.
Anne White
Carolyn Cotterell was the blonde haired lady-in waiting that Sarah had early on in her marriage. Carolyn died aged 43 and was an enormous loss to Sarah – who lost so many friends and family at that time. Diana, her mother , father also a dear friend with motor neurone. She must have felt so lost during these years.
John Day
I think Sarah Ferguson is a normal, down to earth lady who found it difficult to adjust to the world of the Royal Family
Lisa Stallings Keelor
CORRECTION HERE: Diana was NOT a commoner. She was Lady Spencer from One of the oldest aristocratic families in England.
Michael Rose Brandon
Wonderful Lady who has helped to raise 10s of millions of pounds for many charities, that alone is life commendable and she is still doing it raising more and more money and raising awareness in many important fields.
Nelix Sulu
Isn’t it crazy how 3/4 of the queen’s children’s marriages failed? They get paraded in front of our faces 24/7 as being perfect yet they have regular people problems just like us?
Aleada Siragusa
Princess Sarah is a free spirit trying her best at her obligations. What a shame the Royal Family did not see how beautiful and loved she really is! Their soul crushing demands and catering to the press harmed both her and Princess Diana. With all their wealth and background they should snub the press and carry on like real people; but of course these admonishments went to the Queens daughter in laws and not to her wayward sons!
Artlady Bluntzer
not really a huge movie star or royal follower, but i loved Sarah Ferguson. Such a breathe of fresh air. I wish her well.
D. Garbato
I’m a professional business journalist and, having dealt w/more than my share of PR people, I can sincerely say Fergie was probably an excellent one.
Barbara Ettles
neither Sarah nor Diana had anyone take them under their wing and bring them along in educating them for life in the royal family. And when they got into trouble, they were thrown to the wolves. I’m glad that Sarah lives under the same roof as Andrew -and I think it is possible someday for it to be more.
Jasmin Flower
After watching this, I have a lot more respect for Fergie. She seems like a really lovely down to earth person. Such a shame her marriage didn’t work out. Prince Andrew probably wouldn’t be in this Epstein mess if he had stayed married to her.
Louise Ann Howard
Sarah did her best, unfortunately she did not have a chance to be herself, to be respected but she was bullied not respected for her by the media. Each woman in the Royal Family needs to have respect and treated respectfully.
Alison Bumstead
Poor girl. She needed someone in her life to advise and confide in – like Diana had Paul Burrell.
Veronica McClure
It was very unfair for the media to compare Sarah ‘s figure to Diana’s especially when at the time Diana had her problem with bulemia.
Kara Dodge
I would love to have her as a buddy, while watching my back of course! Having similar personality traits, I have also gone thru the rejection of my husband’s affluent family. No doubt it took a toll on my ebullient and high spirit, but I have slowly been regaining it. Sarah seems humble at times, buuuuuut…..also seems to be very skilled in manipulation. I still say You go girl, Sarah!
Robin Adams
How sweet of the queen to provide an amazing home.
emma ransford
Sarah had her own authentic style, still does 🤗 her resilience shown through.
Aqua Juwel
I loved when the Queen told the paparazzi off, she should do that more often, they responded fast when the Queen got mad. LOL…. That woman is badass, can you imagine all the things she have to deal with? That takes a person of insane strength….
In terms of lacking morals Fergie and Andrew are a perfect match, birds of a feather in the true sense of word! This is the reason why they still “support” each other, although Fergie has financial reasons, as we well know
I think it was cruel for the RF to keep the young couple apart for months on end while PA served in the royal navy. Fergie should have been allowed to accompany her husband. What relationship would work when you see your partner for less than 4 months a year?
Anne-Marie Davidson
Good for the writer Judy Wade to recall some moments where the Princess Fergie was just herself and being a great and caring person. Everyone makes mistakes. I remember the English media was always criticizing Fergie, from her weight to fashion. We are not perfect. How many ex-wives do you know that live together, go on vacation together and are dedicated to spending time with their kids as a family?
“Her clothes reflected bad taste”: apart from her traditional stately riding habit, her fringed deerskin jacket expressed the uniquely competent adventurous free spirit of an Annie Oakley or Amelia Earhart.
I loved how she wanted to pick up that ladybird🤣 like something I would do, I always liked her, she was herself🤗
I will always love Fergie no matter what others say or think. She is a very talented smart lady with a heart of gold.💖🌻🌸
Mariana Guriras
I loved this documentary well composed and structured
Katy Taylor
Fascinating to watch this so many years later!
Beverley McFarlane
Thanks for all you do Fergie. You do lots of good work. 🤗
Robyn Valentine
The press are so horrid. They are never happier than when tearing someone down. Do they even know what ‘supporting someone’ is like
I think she was an amazing ambassador for real ppl
Beata Paolicchi
I love her no matter of what goofy peoples are saying or writing. Go girl, go 👏👏👏🌹
People should have been welcoming of the fact that a normal and genuine woman had married into the family.
Lolly Williams
I must be crazy but I remember the press praised her for sticking up for her dad.
I always liked Fergie and still do, how very sad that she wasn’t supported by the royals they missed out on a golden opportunity.
The problem apparently for the marriage failing is the fact she was a grown woman. Not a teen girl. He seems to prefer those.
Little Gui
I’m American and have always enjoyed Sarah, Dutchess of York because she comes across as relateable to normal human frailities, as opposed to coming across as “us” versus “them.” This upload is beautiful because ‘we the people,’ get to see a real human being carrying out humanitarian endeavors. This is a blessing! The British media is horrific because the great people of Britain have not put their foot down to rise up against the tabloid establishment. The media is also vulnerable, they are not as strong as you might think. Their very lives depend on human consumption; therefore, if the public decides that they are fed up with the way human beings are covered, they can put a stop to it…..especially put a stop to the Queen Mother; Piers Morgan’s hyperbolic nonsense!
Rosemary Bleackley
I absolutely adore Fergie, just what our royal family needed. Bring her lovely personality back. X
I always liked Fergie..she was real and very honest. I suppose that doesn’t serve the royals as well as regal and distant.
Pivis Cardenas
Sarah is still a gem to the Royal family:)
Ma P
She should have been pushed into the forefront. She should have been helped. Her mistakes are the same we all have made.
Moon River
I love how people always blame a woman for a divorce, while it’s always a woman who desperately tries to save the marriage.
Leslie Rindel
Sarah Ferguson is a special lady excellent horse rider adventurous and worthy of respect
Helen Boula
Oh yes Miss Fergie she still lives the great Royal life don’t be fooled she’s well taken care of
R.C. Miller
Sarah Ferguson is a beautifully wonderful woman and a heroic SURVIVOR.
Moral of story: Have you ever known Andy or Fergie to make good decisions? Think about it. Recently, I heard (some rumor) of a possible reunification. I say let them go on. Leave them to their own devices. You know how it’s going to end up anyway.
Gardenroom 63
Respect to Sarah, my dad died of MND in 2005
Sophie Cat
I hope Karma visit all those that ridicule, bully etc. I think Sarah is a lovely person, only have to look at her daughters to see the essence of their parents, despite being divorced!
Agnes Fenelon
Hope she comes back to the royal family she is adorable
Sarah and Andrew deserve one another !! A truly grubby coupled !! So sorry for their daughters in all of this ! Unfortunately you cannot choose your parents , they are your parents all the same . These two girls love both parents ! These two girls gave long deserved better parents !
Fergie was always ridiculed by the British press.She was right all along about her husband messing about with young girls.What goes round comes round.Good on you Fergie.
From across the pond, the one exception to the question of the monarchy and the Royals is the Queen who, having been literally born to the role, is a woman for whom we have so much respect. Even among European countries full of Royals, she is THE QUEEN. However, all ribbon cutting, etc. aside, how does a Royal Patronage actually work? How is that beneficial in dollars to the cause being supported? Or tourist income? No criticism intended, just a point of information. Is that value received in real terms? I can see how the antics of Fergie would be infuriating given this point of view, although the Princes William and Harry with their wives seem to be forging a new presence. We have Trump for a President….so we know pie in the face from an “elite” isn’t much fun.
Lizzie Beth
Let’s set this straight right now……29:21,”She was so different from the Princess of Wales”…well Princess Anne was different from Diana wasn’t she? Did you forget that?? Simply put, the press could bully Diana but could not bully Fergie nor Anne and that’s where the problem lies. Weak people don’t like strong willed women who have their own character and can hand a joke or off hand comment or two back at you. They simply want women who will be quiet and take the bullying. Women who appear to show weakness or like they will cry with just the right amount of bullying is the type of woman they want! Good on Duchess Fergie, Princess Anne and Duchess Meghan!
Geraldine McArdle
Showing his true colours, Andrew
Stealth Warrior
Fergie was wonderful with the children.
Angel CityGirl
A lovely, spirited woman. I wish her the very best.
Steve Fly Agaric 23
“Both outdoor, horsey…doggy type people” spot on observation about the Queeg and Ferg.
What kind of monster asks you to leave your weeks old baby for WEEKS. That’s insanity.
This should be a crime, ridiculing a pregnant lady. She seems nice for all I know. Genuine.
He is Mighty to save!
She was just a real person, with compassion and kindness in her heart I like her!
Thank you for this .i had no idea she was so lively and interesting. Cool woman the Fergie
Cheri Coffman
Imagine spending your life being under the microscope of the most shallow, vapid people in the world. There’s no way I’d have that life.
I miss seeing her in the news and really liked her! I’m sorry, Fergie dressed beautifully, and fun….People are always so mean to “Natural Red Heads!” they’re just jealous!
Andrew Gibbon-Williams
She could not have been nicer or more charming to me when she picked me out, unsolicited, at a line-out at an event. She seemed determined to be nice to someone she rightly guessed felt side-lined.
Dionne deVille
That gossip woman in green totally copped Diana’s style and mannerisms!
Deborah 888
I like Sarah Ferguson a lot. The reason she hasn’t gone down even after all of the gaffes is that cream rises to the top.
Emily Ann Rainey
How rude. She looked beautiful pregnant!
Big Squid
I LOVE the fact that Fergie was distracted by a lady bird!! How gorgeous!!! 💕
What an amazing woman <3 What a waist… again in the royal family! Like her sister in law she have raised amazing children!
Pat Earl
The problem seemed to be that she was normal, average and relaxed
Titi Ogeds
Thank God the press have left her alone. She is a strong woman… The press pressure was enough to make her commit suicide. Press intrusion was utter wicked. The press destroyed her happiness. I am happy today she has brought up two lovely adorable princesses and she is Alive.
Cynthia Arons
Shame on the press. Sarah was/is a good person! I hope she has found happiness and peace now.
Professor D
It’s a shame how much the hounding press and the stuffiness of royal life do to harm ladies like Fergie and Diana.
louise owusu
I think Fergie is very pretty. I’ve said that elsewhere, but it’s a different beauty to Diana’s and this is ok. I personally don’t think it was good or fair to compare them. But the press was merciless and this commentator is a bit harsh sometimes. For instance, comments on her dress sense – Well for goodness sake, the 80s and 90s style wasn’t always flattering to people’s shapes. She s a bit more ‘real’ and down to earth and I prefer people like that.
Watching it in 2019, how much easier woman have it today.
Claire Peace
If only the past can see the future !!
Or not. I think leaving the royal family was the wisest and best decision of Sarah Ferguson’s life, and after a rough period, she’s done well.
Fancy’s Folly
I love the Brits…they’re such a unique people…albeit a bit snobbish…but I like them still!
Shes a great person
Lilith Aram
I had hoped it would talk more about her before she met Andrew. Where she went to school, who her family is, how she met Andrew, etc…Great video though. Any idea what year? Before 1997, obviously.
Sharon Ristau
Excellant….I have always beeen sorry for her. They can’t have a normal relationship. They are thinking only of themselves.
I think it was vicious to attack the Duchess for her weight, really vicious.
Cynthia Soroka
I DEARLY LOVED FERGIE … Those TWO GIRLS (Diane & Fergie) DIDN’T HAVE A CHANCE … SATISFYING THE ROYAL FAMILY. I don’t think this type of situation will ever improve for the next Generation nor the next to come. PRETTY SAD, FRANKLY!
Nilda Silverio
I’ve read her autobiography, I admire Fergie and her strength. Endurance is the answer.
Not until Diana did the Royals dress with any styles.
Oliver Grumitt
Whatever mistakes the Duchess of York has made, are minor compared to those of the Duke of York. In the light of the scandal involving his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, Sarah Ferguson’s behavior seems impeccable by comparison, even including the toe sucking incident.
10.19 ‘he (Paddy McNally) would always tease her ‘ mainly about her appearance, ‘she loved him very much actually’…… 10.39 ‘he was a sort of rock for her although he undermined her confidence tremendously’…… What sort of a rock undermines confidence? he was no rock. ‘he knocked her confidence but he was there for her’ .that’s a contradiction in terms………………BALDERDASH. If you knock somebody’s confidence you are out to get them, no question. Oh Yeah, he was there (where is there?) if someone knocks your confidence they are anything but ‘there’ for you. Who is this woman speaking out of both sides of her mouth at the same time????
Very cruel. Poor woman couldn’t gain weight while pregnant
D Stuart
A nice person thrown into a snobby, useless world of formality and silliness. Another word for journalist is “bully.”
Sophie Cat
I’m proud to be a ‘commoner’ 😍😂
Aim •••
“He appears to bark quite a lot as his father does” 😂😂😂
Emer Browne
A more fair reflection of the Duchess and her contribution during her marraige.
The End
I like Sarah, she is the best, hope they remarry soon.
I have always admired Sarah Ferguson and think the Royal family is lucky to have her and her steadfast loyalty, but why the need to continually compare her to the Princess of Wales, just because she is misunderstood by the media? They are as different as Fergie is to me. Now it’s Kate -v-Mehan. Pack in it – the public aren’t as gullible or as dumb as the press seems to think. As for Andrew’s interview, I do think it pertinent to find out why the Queen’s sons have such close ties to prolific paedophiles – ie Epstein and Savile.
It’s sad how grown people would bully, attack… another for leisure. it should be against the law to deliberately inflict emotional trauma on a human being… I mean this happened years a go and nothing has changed since. We can do better, we must do better! However, #karma
Medyati Oktarina
She’s aged so fast
Joe Goodman
Never to be forgotten
Sarah is a wonderful woman.
helen m
its andrew that looked the shifty one i liked fergie she was beautiful and her own woman x the only good thing about her marraige obviously the children, was the wedding day. i watched it with my mum and remember saying as the couple got into the helicopter was i want a wedding like that. I was around 12 x
Candy two
The Queen is above it all. And rightly so. She has been a great Queen. Fergie is not the problem and never has been.
siew gek lee
Very sad because public comparison between Diana n Sarah especially fashion is concerned which is very unfair. She also done her part very well.
Poor Fergie..the press needed a villian to bash.
Sarah Fergerson acknowledged the Inmates because she’s a good decent Human Being..
Corina Tudor
Beautifule family !
They have to “keep the show going”, the pomp and circumstance while the tax payers pay and pay and pay! The Queen has over 300 houses/castles!
Fergie, I hope you are happy! You are missed!!
Ingrid Self
She never stood a chance – the press can only have one favourite, and that was Diana
She’s admirable in that she didn’t compromise her personality and identity for some marriage to a Royal.
Linda Houston
The press picked her apart viciously over things that didn’t amount to much, until the toe sucking incident! And I won’t be surprised when they do the same to Prince Harry’s wife!
Sandra Naylor
The trouble with Fergie was that she never learnt by her mistakes
liam mt
I think she is a kind and refreshing attitude to life
She really hasn’t aged very well, looks at least 10 years older!
Wendy's Place
I liked Sarah! She’s my age and she earned her way to be a royal. But, I don’t ever see the royals living like anyone else. Is it fair? I’m glad I don’t put money in their pockets. I’d hate them for it.
Marrying commoners doesn’t seem to be working out for them (those princes and princesses of the blood). Starts cracking up! These commentators are out of touch! Furthermore, while the UK royal family is constantly getting divorces, most of the European royal families are STILL married! It says a lot about how God awful the spouses in the Windsor family are treated! For the record, Mette-Merit was a party girl! Letizia was a reporter who like Meghan was divorced. Crown Princess Victoria married her fitness instructor. Prince Albert of Monaco married a swimmer! In the last 30 years, no royal prince or princess has really married a person on “his or her level”! Let’s face it: marrying your cousin is a tabu! The reason everyone is marrying outside their “social spheres” is because the UK and Spain thought it a good idea to be related to all the royal families in Europe! It’ll take another three generations and marrying outside one’s rank before the royal families can again marry from the same social cast! Let’s call this for what it is: the Windsors and the press are nasty lot of people who didn’t support the spouses who came into the family! Only Edward’s Sophie has been able to get on with little issues! That’s because the press were to busy dogging family members to actually care about what Edward did!
Chantal Teri
Ingrid in the green suit looks like Lady Diana, it ‘s incredible !
Candy two
I have always thought that Fergie was maligned in press and badly treated.
Jasmine 'Jazz-Binder' Brown
Didn’t Princess Diana get pictured years ago also skiing with her sons, too? Was that more accepted by the UK public because it was a later time? I truly am inquiring because I am from Canada 🇨🇦 and I am a little curious.
Princess Beatrice was born Aug. 8, 1988 and christened on Dec. 20, 1988. Beatrice was 4½ months at her christening – not six weeks.
I found the bit about the British Royal Family no longer engaging in arranged marriages a telling, and sad, statement about Europe’s Monarchies.
Dazza dizzy
say what you like but she was a great singer when she was in Tpau!
Fergie was too old for Andy. She wasn’t 14.
Makes me so sad how cruel and horrible the press and tabloids can be. We know the paparazzi were responsible for the death of Diana..
Sonya Watters
Just shows how true it is that ya marry your dad. Thank god mine wasn’t a pervert. Hers wasn’t either, she just went lower, but hey, it’s brushed under the royal carpet we all pay for. Any wonder Harry split at first chance. Fair play to him.
Marlisa Morgan
You can NEVER be “yourself” once you become a royal!!! That’s a life long “new you”!!!!!
coffee with two sugars please
I think she’s amazing, so down to earth and real, its women like her and Diana  that saved the royals and made them popular again, they were so dull and boring before Diana and Sarah came along, they bother added diversity to the royals, look at them now harry with Megan, this would never be without Diana , I miss Diana a lot , and Sarah has done well for herself considering what she went through, shes a pillar of strength, as for the queen and the others, I dislike them immensely, .
I am mx american and I like fergie, i think she had enough of him as he was very childish and not supportive. her style those days will be totally hipster which is good but on those times it was a crime to be different. imagine, you have male friends, they are business clever guys around you and suddenly you realise your own husband is totally the oposite.. i will probably do the same she did, move on and leave him behind. pd. americans we dont shout , we have more confidence in ourselves than some europeans thats all.
Heather Zlotyh
Another long expose revealing why the whole idea of a stuffed shirt and empty and false monarchy type is irrelevant and needs to be overturned.
Tina Orr
I just wanted to make a correction. Princess Diana wasn’t a commoner. She was actually from blue blood and was more English than the Royal Family itself. Her family line dates back centuries.
It failed bc Andrew wasn’t there and men targeted her vulnerability to wanting to be loved, physically…..
Linda Lawson
I have always liked Sarah she was full of fun and lively she used to get bashed terrible in the papers and yet she didn’t do the crocodile tears and nobody asked me how I am