Post Office scandal victim on being wrongly imprisoned: I could’ve killed myself – Blog

Mark Davies
Seema’s story is absolutely shocking, Why hasn’t any Post Office directors been brought to the courts by putting these people through this miscarriage of justice?
Thom Vogan
This is not just an indictment of the postal service and the politicians that oversee them but also the judges, prosecutors and juries that found these innocent people guilty
Vibha c
The people in charge of the Post Office should be the ones in prison. Totally shocking!
Andy McGeechan
My heart goes out to Seema and all the individuals and families involved, thanks to Nick Wallis for carrying the torch to shine a light on this sickening miscarriage of justice, and finally, thanks to Mark Dolan and GB news for caring enough to carry this story.
Steven Summers
Total scandal , these people where treated like dirt , deserve all the compensation coming to them
Hamant Keval
People in charge of the Post Office should now be taken to court and charged and sent to prison. Thus is a shocking story 🙏.
Toby Carvary
Respect to Seema , hope she gets millions more!
Ancient Man
This happened to a postmaster near me it ruined his life. Its awful even worse for the people and their families that died before the truth came out.
Gary Wright
Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty???? I feel really sorry for those caught up in this and wish them all the best in the future. Take them to the cleaners.
Jints Fan
o – m – f – g. WTF has happened to this country ?!?
Jaspal Singh Sindharh
GBN, you are making me fall in love with Britain all over again.
Phil Baird
Disgusting what happened to this wonderful woman and all the other victims of the Post Office Gestapo. One of the best interviews I’ve seen on GB News since the launch. Seema has such dignity after all she’s been through. Well done Mark.
Jane ; D
The post office are like the bbc and British rail … they still dish out crap and we are paying for it
MadeOf Clay
Thank goodness there are a few good journalists like Nick Wallis out there. The guy is a hero. Paula Vennells should be in prison for this.
This is a Disgrace somebody or some group in the Government at the time and the Post office has to be dealt with and held responsable for this miscarriage of justice
You can see her lifting her head up to hold the tears back. Seema is truly blessed to have had the support of her husband stand by her for all this time. It should be a punishable crime with threat of 100,000 lawsuit from staff who withhold evidence from any court proceedings, the people who withheld the findings of the original post office hired investigators should all be prosecuted. This suing the company/employer only does nothing to deter humans from acting in malice they do it because even if they are caught they will not suffer, the company does, both should be liable.
Paula Vennells CBE was in charge of the Post Office (2012-2019) during the prosecution period of this scandal. As she was fully aware of failings with the software, so she should be stripped of her CBE ( for service to the Post Office and charity) !! Vennells should also face a prison sentence for the lives she destroyed.
Haniel Nasheed
Wow, 500 lives turned upside down due to the incompetence of the Post Office.
Priscilla Watson
outrageous…un-believeable…so sorry people have to go through things like this.
Christopher Richardson
I was a sub postmaster up to 2003. I consider myself very lucky that I did not have any discrepancies.Paula Vennells has gone to ground .She should be in court now.
Alan John
From the CEO through the whole management no one has been charged or gone to jail yet they made false statements to the police and courts.
Muddy Witch
Seema is a heroine, pure an simple. She is also an inspiration. To all who are wronged, and who have to hold their heads up in the face of having great wrongs done to them.
The BBC did a really good podcast series covering this. A riveting but awful listen. Who can we trust these days?
Tony Furneaux
IMO the real shame of this situation is that the Victims of The Post Office are now having to fight for individual compensation claims, while the FAT CATS that held up justice are probably retired with index linked pensions sitting on a beach somewhere. The victims should all receive an interim amount of say 1M pounds, and then they can launch a fair fight from these swine that have ruined their lives. That would be the Right thing to do, but of course, we know that won’t happen, how could it, when dealing with corrupt government.
Face In The Crowd
Wow what a story, poor woman!!!
Wayne Evans
Yet the individual who presided over this outrage has waltzed off with a golden pension. Disgraceful non accountability at the heart of the ‘establishment’. Nick Wallis is a good man and I’m glad Seema Misra has been completely exonerated of the scurrilous accusations.
Very interesting story – I will check out the book. I hope justice is served.
The Reanimator
I hope all the victims of this will get a massive payout for having their lives ruined.
I love his hair. It’s 😍.
Thunder Warrior
£58 million pounds but the victim’s had on £12 to share between them after the grubby lawyers took their share 🤬
Ash G
I hope the systemic racism against BAME folks was not a factor back in 2010 accusations, charging, prosecuting and court sentencing. That lady should be paid a lot more due to her jail sentence and life ruined.
Nothing more glorious than a man in the heat of battle with his balding head.
Jan Margaret
This poor lady was imprisoned and she was not guilty and Katie Price drink, drug drives, no insurance, five times and she gets off!!!!! What a sham our ‘justice’ system is.
Nvr Mnd
The solicitors got more than the poor people… typical
jmac 25
What happened to British decency and fair play?
Scott Peter
This was Blair’s ‘Consigna’ post office, what happened to HM GPO? Sack all parliament and vote Reclaim or Reform, things must change.
And the CEO at the time now get s cushy number at BT! You couldn’t make it up. And people at BT are in no doubt what the future is with this vulture sat at the top now.
Should be jailing those in charge of this travesty.
Simone PleTon
Many killed themselves – why did you not mention this MOST important point?
Random Task
Don’t put your compensation money into a Post Office account, the Horizon system will lose it!
Cris Cross
Post office should be charged for perverting the course of justice, but as usual, no charge for white collar crimes
doveton sturdee
So a few little people suffered. So what? The Reverend Paula has kept her honours and her money, so it isn’t all bad, is it?
jail vennells and strip the cbe
Just Saying
Hell is other people with power
Just Saying
I’m not buying anymore stamps
Jane ; D
Too little too late .. come on gb news you really are behind the times
Gilly Grey
That’s disgraceful sending a pregnant woman to prison whatever was the judge thinking?
Jane ; D
And then you had to spoil it all by news by asking stupid questions like are fat because of it
Jay Bell
She Doesn’t look Distraught. How about Julian Assange.
Pendulous Testicularis
The anchor needs to shampoo his hair. He looks like he just got out of bed with a hangover ffs! 💩