Post Office Horizon scandal: ‘It’s broken people’s lives’ | Andrew Bridgen MP – Blog

Pauline Ashcroft
Andrew Bridgen is a good MP, he really seems to understand that his first duty is to the people, especially those who have been wronged, a rarity in an MP these days.
And I bet the big bosses will never be held accountable for what these people have gone through. They should be brought to court their assets seized and sent to prison
Ted Socks
The bosses are guilty. They should have their pensions taken and given to the innocent.
Geoffrey Dron
Look at Fujitsu’s evidence to BEIS Selcom. They bear the blame for the defective software and for providing the dodgy evidence on which the prosecutions were based. That doesn’t exculpate the PO, though, as they ought to have realised that something was wrong with the software and appointed an independent expert.
Ancient Man
This happened to a postmaster near me it ruined his life.
Wayne Evans
And the highly paid apparatchik who presided over this disaster has simply moved on…. her reputation intact. Disgraceful, but expected in the ‘elite’ in UK. Well done Mr Bridgen. An MP who seems to have ordinary peoples interests at heart…. Almost an extinct species in the ‘mother of parliaments’.
Janet Barkwith
It boggles my mind that somebody in the Post office didn’t see that though one or two people could perhaps be stealing/fiddling, but all those many, many people, unconnected to each other all over the country, apparently fiddling in the same way at the same time should have blown out of the water any thought of probability. It simply doesn’t make any sense. So why did the PO continue to prosecute these poor people, and why, then, was there the massive cover up? Well – no – obviously the cover up was to save their own hides, never mind about all those reputations and lives they had destroyed by being so unspeakably stupid. I hope these former employees receive millions in compensation, though of course, it won’t bring back their lives as they were, and the PO will end up passing on the cost to the public in higher postal costs, so in the end the PO won’t suffer, will it?
P Lweis
Disgraceful. Hold the Post Office and Fujitsu individuals accountable.
Jacob William
Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money 💯
Terry Reknaw
Enquiry enquiry enquiry. Money money money. Corrupt to the core
sad but our politicians would have more to say if this happened in russia
Daniel Bate
Long prison sentences, nothing less, end of story, get outside their houses and very loudly protest, and if necessary further than that 💀
Marilin Wisbey
The Great Royal Mail scandal, wondering if the bosses will get 30 years? Like in 1963?.
Natalie Wynter
Good afternoon all i totally agree with the suggestions of compensation in the matter of post office sandal too many people hurt and lives lost unnecessary.
Karen Young
The ‘fools’ are the post office and the government and the ‘proof’ is with these poor people
Karen Young
I remember this. We can call it what you want, but these poor people will never gain back their lives, money and reputation.
Barry Peers
this was yesterdays news 😂😂😂
fladi da
Please get a female anchor who can speak with confidence. Thank you