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Mayela Barrientos
There’s a reason this wasn’t in our history books. They tried to erase the past. This was a Native American Holocaust. My heart absolutely breaks for these amazing and beautiful souls! I hope they can return to their roots, their culture, their tongue. Its time for healing and honoring the culture and make your ancestors so proud!!!
Asgeir R
The U.S likes to point out how cruel other nations treat their people, but we tend to forget how the U.S treated other ethnic groups.
Can’t believe this has less than a million views. This should be a part of a school curriculum… 😤
candice colson
So sad! When I was a teenager, I asked my grandmother to teach me to speak Lakota and she got mad and said “no”! I always wondered why she said no, but as I got older I understood that she went through this horrible tragedy! So I hardly understand my own language! 😔 makes me angry that I have to learn it on my own now because my grandmother is no longer in this world.
My grandpa went to one of these schools. He never talked about it. But some times when we went walking in the woods he would mention names of things in another language. Then he would correct himself. I wish he could have told me more.
The US isn’t alone in this,both my parents and all their brothers and sisters went through this BS in Canada.
Amardeep Dhanju
I immigrated to Canada 25 years ago. I always felt that I have to adopt this culture and learn English. I didn’t want to offend anyone by speaking in my language. Recently I learned so much about the history of natives which was never taught in schools in Canada. All of the horrible things that happened to them in their own country. I want to say to all Native Indians that I’m so sorry for you’ve been through and you are going through right now. I’m grateful that I’m living here in your country. Thank you 🙏
Lone WolfGamingPlus
It hurts me.. to see that my own people are still practicing Christianity to this day. After our elders going through this phase of our history.. to see the trauma that Christianity, Catholicism caused.. Edit: They have found 215 reminds of lost children in a bordering school in Canada, Kamloops Indian Residential School.. you see what I mean ? Both sides of the border, and the Church refused to take responsibility for it.
Bruce Chow
How could a country boasting democracy and so proud of their political system do such a horrific thing?
This also sounds like what happened with the Australian aboriginals 💔
JunieK Juboobeez
History that everyone needs to know! My great uncle was sent to a boarding school. Haddon Codynah. His story didn’t end there…he became a Code Talker in WWII. I’m very proud of my cultural and heritage! Nʉmʉnʉʉ #Comanche 🏹
Boo Hastings
The pain in those kids eyes is too much. There isn’t a strong enough word for how heartbreaking this is. Everyday I think of the Earth beneath my feet and know that it was once covered in the blood of the Cherokee Nation. I help raise my Niece, and make sure she knows the history and stories and speeches by Native peacemakers who tried so desperately hard to save their people. She will grow up wanting to fight for you all, too. Thank you all for your bravery. Love and respect to you all 🙏
Charles Perkins
What was done to the Natives is now being done to all of us. My father used to say to me; “If you think the Government wants to help you, remember what it did to the Indians”.
Miranda Wrights
Imagine how well Mother Earth would be if the indigenous people were just left alone or even better, viewed as the teachers, the most knowledgeable people of the lands, the people sought for guidance. Superior minds!
Eileen Beyer
I had tears in my eyes seconds into this video. What a tragedy for our Native American brothers and sisters. I am so sorry these beautiful people’s lives were invaded and were treated with such animosity and disrespect. Our government should be ashamed of themselves for interfering in their lives. May God bless their beautiful hearts. 💔
yazman 21
I don’t know why we’re still called ” Indians ” We rather be called Indigenous Native Native American Or just ask what r tribe name is And call us by that
Алюна козловская
I’m an Inuit. Watching this makes my heart aches, the native american’s culture is so beautiful. We are more connected to the Universe than any men. It’s funny how the DNA test for the white American comes out Spanish, French, British etc and it actually surprises them. Please teach the real history not “Columbus discovers America” bullshit.
Chris McCray
This needs to be required viewing in schools.
Some Lady
The native people of this continent have been suppressed so badly. I’m Mexican and I feel sad at the fact that most of us will never even know our ancestors language. Not even how to say hello.
Chuck Boy
This seems to be the stuff that gets forgotten with all of the division today. This stuff makes me confront the past and realize that some of the ideas and sentiments of today could easily send us back down this path. We need more history lessons.
Mother Trucker
I know of many of these schools and have attended two of them myself. My father, aunts and uncles have all been to the same boarding schools. My grandparents have been to them too. I only have one grandparent left now. Her first language was not English. She was taken from home at 3years old and sent to a Indian boarding school. Now my grandma only speaks our language when she is highly upset under her breath or when talking in her sleep. Growing up I was interested and wanted to learn but I can only remember one time out of many when I had asked about her childhood and the school that she had actually answered me. She refuses to talk about her childhood and the time she had spent at the boarding school. As old as my grandmother is she is still sad and affected by what the boarding schools & assimilation has done to her. That has affected every generation since all the way down to my children because after all that they/ we were never taught after the fact of how to deal with the trauma. I pray our people can heal from all of this before it’s too late.
Larry Long
As a Black man with Native American ancestors this is truly appalling. If I wasn’t it still would be. What a dark and hidden chapter in American history! As an African American we think we’re the only ones who have suffered. Far from the truth.
Miss Sugarbaker
Did those 3 boys really lose their legs from frostbite or did the school cut them off to stop them from running away again and to set an example for the other children? I have learned to question everything we were told/taught by these school systems.
Jeanne Richard
Just hearing how these kids were mistreated reminds me of going through Child Welfare or Child Services when me and my sisters were taken away to be put in the system and went to be with another family for a while because of what my mother did to me. Be mistreated by my mother is bad but being mistreated by other people that I don’t even know is way worse. The first family that me and my older sister went to I almost died our youngest sister was all by herself with another family and she had Down syndrome it really sucks because she wasn’t with us and we don’t know how they were treating her. Just by listening to this documentary remind me of my own sad childhood memories.
Sandra O'Brien
I’ve read some tough books but Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee was one of the most difficult to read. These schools, whatever their intent, are at the almost benign end of the spectrum when it comes to the treatment of the Native Americans. What has always surprised me is how differently Native Americans and black slaves were treated during the same period of time, perhaps due to being in different parts of the country? While the early boarding schools were set up to educate in western tradition, break with indigenous culture and absorb the children into mainstream society, black slave children were not taught to read or write, had no hope of integration and could be bought and sold away from their parents. It seems Native Americans were perceived as dangerous, a threat to be neutralised or eradicated but not as beasts of burden, potential chattels to be reduced to slave labour from 1730 onwards when plantation owners pretty much gave up on enslaving Native Americans, as they were better able to escape.
jjd jj
My sons grandpa went to boarding school in south dakota. He said they were beaten for speaking their native tounge. As a result their grandparents did not teach their children and grandchildren. The Meskwaki tribe is now offering for them to learn their native language. My sons, the grandchildren, have not taken steps to learn it. I, their biological mother, keeps encouraging them to take up that offer and learn their language.
Joe Macdonald
I don’t understand why people would down vote this video, it’s really informative as well as educational!
Sonia P
These were beautiful, dignified people with a rich culture of their own. It’s a pity it was erased.
Dread Riding Hood
My Sicangu Lakhota great grand parents refused to teach my grandpa and great uncles Lakhota as a result of fear from the boarding school era. It’s so tragic they endured so much pain.
Kirsten Gidon
I’m from Canada, I’m native. My great great grandma lost 3 kids to residential school. The one in BC here recently just found a mass grave with 215 kids, maybe they will find my 2 aunts. My other auntie was documented. 😞
Donna Green
My heart goes out to the families of the true people of this land. My heart breaks with sadness at the injustice done to these families. May your great spirts watch over you.
Whispering Eagle Landers
My heart aches for my ancestors. I am so deeply sorry.😭
Jay Blackberries
My Blessings to all Native Americans. You are healing 🙏🏻 keep up the good work
Ines Naglic
It makes me so sad to see those beautiful children with short hair, I love native Americans with there fabulous long hair and their beautiful native clothes 😢💙
uzbekistan siberia
im addicted i want to know more. im going to have it on playlist autoplay. thank you for sharing your stories and having archives. the world needs to know it. it should be global curriculum to know about indigeous history .
The same situation occurred in Canada. It was called the Residential School system. They are discovering their unmarked graves and the dead are speaking…
Family Tree Nuts, History & Genealogy Service
Wow, very well made video. We have been trying to preserve history too. Thanks for the inspiration!
Vera De Bruycker
They called them savages, but who are the savages here. This breaks my heart.
DJ TranceRobbie
Our prayers from Canada are with you all also for our indigenous children
ares ares
So glad I came across this. love learning more about native american history then the little to none told in school.
These beautiful soles were stripped of their culture, language and spirits by an abusive, corrupt government and religion…This happened in Canada for a long period of time as well….So heart breaking it went on for so long…I hope this injustice is corrected in the future and the importance of their culture is renewed…My heart and prayers go out to them all.
Mom NineThree
This video is so eye opening for me I learned something new today and I’m so grateful for this. Thank you for sharing keep seeking awareness for Native Americans ❤️ much love, strength to all of you
Natasha Garcia
What a phenomenal documentary. I knew of the Carlisle Industrial School and I always thought the Indian Industrial schools closed in the 1930s.
Collin Henry
When I was 8 years old my father move whole family out of Toronto to small town. When I attended school most of the kids hated me and call me racist slurs but was boy of the Cree First Nation was my close friend who teach me the knowledge of nature. But I was surprise he was hated to just because he is Indigenous Canadian
Frivolity Restores
I remember in the Little House books at one point she mentioned how her Pa had an argument with a man who said the only good Indian is a dead Indian and her Pa said he preferred Indians (as they were called then by settlers) to his own people (hence he kept moving whenever people started building homes near them, till Mary became blind, and they had to stay in a settled area for her sake)
Carla Van Walsum, Ph.D.
Not only stripping away culture, tradition and language, but also self-esteem, family connections and wellbeing. Terrible.
Nigel Baldwin
“As many languages that you know, as many times you are a human being” Thomas Garrigue Masaryk (1850 – 1937), first President of Czechoslovakia. That surely includes indigenous languages as well.
It breaks my heart to know how much suffering took place. I saw a lot about this at the Heard museum not long ago.
Roger Buss
I am a white American and I would like extend my sincere apology to all NATIVE AMERICANS everywhere and throughout history for the way you and they have been, and continue to be treated, by my race! I am PROUD that we as a country, have the Native American Nations in our pre-history. Though SO MUCH has been taken from you, you have given us so much more than that treatment would make many of us whites think about. Though so much has been taken from you as a people, the fact that the Native American Nations have STILL, and even now, can possibly overcome that terrible treatment, and you are still standing even after that treatment, at the hands of MY ancestors! Though I have no right to say anything about your heritage except….DON’T ever lose that heritage that I see you all trying to reintroduce yourselves to. The history and heritage we tried to, and sometimes succeeded, in take away from you! In my opinion, in many ways, you are luckier than we, as white Americans, in that you ARE INDIGINOUS to this country and you know WHERE you CAME FROM! YOU have a “true lineage” to your ancient past, where we in most instances, can’t even track ours more than 2 or 3 generations and MOST of us couldn’t TELL you what our country of origin IS! So, I thank you for giving us, as a “MODERN” country, your rich heritage to “our” history! I hope I have conveyed my thanks to all NATIVE PEOPLE well enough, though it could never make up for what white Americanz took from you forcibly, I APOLOGIZE for MY HERITAGE being so HELLBENT on attempting to erase yours! Be PROUD of your PAST, because you definitely SHOULD BE! I know that I AM VERY PROUD to have you as a people in THIS COUNTRY!! It should have been different after “we” came here than it was, and in many cases, still is! I AM SORRY FOR THAT! Stay strong! 🖖
Rose Zhang
I read this story in a high school magazine last month. I felt surprised that native american had suffered so much although i had knew some in history class in my origin country. But after the video , i still felt sad.
Anna Maria
I’m from Europe and my heart breaks for these humans 🙁 they deserved better . You are beautiful, you matter
Very good documentary my heart cries out to those who had to go through the ordeal of Arse hole Colonialist who forced Indigenous Tribes to boarding Schools and lose their culture, history and native language and Stories, deal with addiction. great achievement for those who have conquered diversity and great odds. You are Heroes Keep Aiming To The Stars. Along with my fellow Kindred Souls do we unite and keep the flame and embers aglow within our heart. I am proud of my heritage here in Kansas as Farmers, Military, Workers in thr Oil Field, Librarian, Care Givers, Artist, Laborers. *I dont admire oil as it is the worst Pollution to Nature and Wild Life and Water. Anyways this year my Mom and I traveled down to Medicine Lodge for the Peace Treaty. Was a decent portrayal basically were all white actors even the Indigenous Tribes were white actors. The significance of why and what had taken place in Medicine Lodge is great start in civil discourse. Though given all the blood shed and tears I do only try to understand. enjoyed the experience which found out my Grandma used to take my Mom to the ceremonial event. As an inspired white Person of Irish and Luxembourg background with a decent education and knowledge of the Indigenous American History and Culture and only wish to learn and cherish their ways of caring for the Land, Air and Water not taking more than one needs from Mother Earth and give back and tend to Her. To and for a Future well-being for All. We Do Not Inherit The Earth From Our Ancestors. We Borrow It From Our Children to leave the Land better when we found it.
Christian Lords
It worked so well on the native Americans they decided to use it on all our children today
Precious Williams
My grandmother was a poctaw (spell check) and we have always heard stories growing up. I faintly remember going to a powwow as a child. I really wish that I knew more about this side of my family.
Aztec Goddess
Korie Fuller
This popped up on my feed today. My grandma passed away this weekend and she used to talk about how she was sent to a boarding school and how lonely she was. Rip grandma laveda
This is literally the most heartbreaking thing ever.
Bria Steinbruner
This makes my heartbreak and makes me cry, but I am grateful that this documentary exists, it is so important to learn and to know this, no matter how hard it is to face.
Thank you for this documentary on our ancestors✨
Ted Renotti
Watching this makes my heart aches, the native american’s culture is so beautiful.
Native Americans are the most BEAUTIFUL people in every way!
Levi 1
Great history and beautiful languages left behind but will never be forgotten.
I have a lot of love and respect for indigenous culture. art, and way of life. May they heal from such horrible atrocities direct at them.
This is heartbreaking to watch. I hope we all learn from this gruesome history and just be KIND to one another. Just let how other people want to live their lives as long as it doesn’ t hurt you.
Terry Butler
God Bless All Native American People. 😇🌈🙏
Jose Condemarin
My heart ❤ goes out to every native American owner of the land. It’s sad to learn more about this hiding history of the past much respect to each of you. This heartless people did the same all over the world as we know now they are evil damaging the entire world. I love native American culture because I am Southamerican and I have native blood. Much love to everyone.
Peter Edwin
Just learned about this today. Speechless!
Kokoa Nishimura
My Great Grandmother relocated to the US from Canada because they were having these schools as well, only to be met with the same schools in the US. Her father taught her to deny being Indian to avoid going to these schools. And she taught my grandma the same thing. To the day of her death, my grandma refused to admit she was Indian because of these schools.
Miranda Lynn Tucker
I feel for these sweet children and all of their people.
Nancy Crabtree
I just finished reading Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee and I’ll never be the same. My people were not here until the first quarter of the 20th century but my heart is deeply touched for these precious people. The government and the military and greedy complicit land grabbers tried every way possible to rob them and crush the soul out of them. There was no treaty that was not violated. There were those who had compassion and tried to help the plight of the Indians but they fought an unwinable battle. They were brought to the edge of extinction all over this land. It’s a stain and blot that no amount of apology can wipe out and the fact that the abuse continued into the 20th century is beyond belief! I pray for their healing.
leslie smith
Dealing with such an abhorrent subject as this, I feel that it was a well put together video. It is, of course, disgusting that these little children were kidnapped and forced to give up everything they had known and been taught and the terror the little ones must have felt at being taken away from their parents and family. Yes, they deserve millions of apologies from white people and so much was done in the name of religion and thinking that they are superior to Native people. The Indigenous people , with so many tribes, have a marvelous culture. I never pass up an opportunity to learn everything I can about these outstanding human beings. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Eileen Glasby
Please honor yourselves by the name First Nations….it commands respect and dignity earned! 🙏🌵
Judo Johnny
I bleave this is what happened to my dads side of my family. This brings me to tears.Im trying to teach my children our lost ways.
Connie Dockrey Hetzel
My husband’s grandmother was about 3 years of age when she walked the trail of tears carrying her little doll with her. I’m so proud and lucky to get to meet her before she passed away we did find some information and history about her
Marcie Solis
There are no words for they did and are still doing to them. Not only every state needs to apologize but focus on their education, mental health and make sure they have all they need. So sad💔
Victor Jackson
As a student in the US in the 1970’s, I could have said the same thing about the punishments. It was very harsh back in those days. I hope we don’t repeat such cruelty. I understand that many people believe that you can make you child do what you want through spankings and hitting. But it really doesn’t work in the long run.
Aunt Mayme
This touches me so deeply. When I found out my son’s great grandfather was in one of these schools, I sobbed. So sad, so very very sad.
Michaela Rivera
For more than 4 generations my family had changed our last name to Rivera so we can pass as Mexican. It makes me sad my ancestors could not be themselves without fear. I graciously thank the strength of my ancestors to bring me to this day 🙏🏼 we are all fruit from the same tree I do not understand the need to conquer and destroy. This is why I do not celebrate thanksgiving or Fourth of July. I do not celebrate this country.
Collin Henry
I remember my Cree friend name was Robert but I was surprise he did not know his Cree language because his parents generation been force to speak only English when there was in residential school. It is true with us Black people here in the Americas was not allow to speak any African language.
Ela Vke
Thank you for the info. Always glad to learn more about ALL the natives of this country.
Yáh’áh’téé that means hello in Navajo greetings from the Navajo reservation
Rebecca Rodriguez
Code Talkers was an amazing book! I highly recommend if you haven’t read it!! I did not learn about any of this until college!!
I can’t help but cry watching this my heart aches knowing the harsh injustice they faced. all indigenous people faced especially back then. To say how cruel the American government is, is a total understatement which is why today even more so I’m great ful and thankful for all that my Hawaiian ancestors have done and fought for and I’m extremely thankful for all that the native Americans ancestors have done. To think that the government has changed from back then is naive and a total lie there is still injustice and discrimination and complete chaos because that’s what it was built on. Murdering, raping stealing complete genocide of natives, indigenous people to that land. Just to become the “Great Nation” or the “Home of the free” but it was all built on Blood. But today is today and all though I carry the pain and history of my ancestors I would never repeat what was done to them. I would only carry myself and treat others with respect because of them.
Tbh, whenever I think of Americans,I think about Native Americans… Love from Bharat ❤️
Our tribes are a treasure here in Arizona and as a white parent, I feel sad that students are not taught more about the first peoples that were in the southwest before anyone. I think the natives here and everywhere are very special. I grew up Seventh Day Adventist and so I went to school with Navajo and Hopi. They were good students and very kind.
KayleighandGavin Brand
I watched a film about this a couple of weeks ago and I was shocked that the last residential home was closed in 1996/7.
Bonnie Boyce
The hurt and sadness in their eyes can’t make me stop crying
Theresé Bibby
Thank you for producing and publishing this so the truth can be spread to those who aren’t aware and those who have suffered aren’t forgotten.
Citizen Dame
If only the newcomers had been assymillated into the full hearted, loving, knowledgeable compassionate native American way of life.💔
Carole Pearson
Man never learns. This has been repeated time and time again. May their souls rest in peace 🌈
Even Alaska Natives were sent to Haskell. I have an Aunt who went there. I did not know much about it. It breaks my heart she went there in her young life and could have suffered the trauma. I went to Mt. Edgecumbe H.S. in Sitka, AK which was a BIA school until 1985 I believe. But this was a choice, as it was a good school with better and more options for high school education. I was brought to tears, those boys have my thoughts and prayers. RIP all children who died in the schools and later in life died in circumstances created by attending these schools.
David Champion
I feel the pain they had my father was part indain and his father died before I was 2 years old I never got to learn are family’s history cause in the 1960s it was hard times but I know I’m strong willed because of where my roots came from and I’m so thankful 💓
Montilius Beatty
I had three relatives go to the Riverside indian school. Riverside, Ca. 1900-1911. The last boy was questioned about morals. Non christians were thought to not have morals and Christians still think morals only come from their religion.
Regardless of the colonisers justifications, be courageous my native brothers and sisters no amount of concrete can deny your connection to your land. People may try to distort your stories but holding onto YOUR world view is the key to unforseen opportunities personal or otherwise.
reesa beee
My grandma told me after she make the bed the caregivers would bounce a quater on the bed and if the quarter did not bounce, they would rip the sheets off and she had to redo it bc the sheets were not tight on the bed which explains her routine . she only got to see her parents on christmas(pagan) the paddle with holes.
This so so sad brings tears to ones eyes. Stripped of their identity & homeland. Still suffering today.
Shyshy Steele
I have made a pact with myself for when I’m old enough: To make this apart of the school curriculum to ensure ACTUAL education to future generations
Dore Hoss
These stories are not taught in history class. But now we know and we need to teach what the books wont!
Leanne Smith
I have always been fascinated with native north Americans, they remind me of my culture, the way they look
Niko Gran Canaria
Native Amercans have such a beautiful culture, they used to live in a harmony with nature and take only what they really neeed and not destroy everything around them.
DreaLynn Hamana
They tried and failed, our cultural strengths are what keep us going. Some have different ways of coping & we can’t knock them down because we don’t know their stories. All we can do is speak for our brothers and sisters and shed light to bring change, so treaties can be honored. The truth always reveals and this is proof. My mom was going to send my to a boarding school in Hershey, PA but switched to sending me to Richfield Dormitory but I was bussed to a public school- South Sevier HS. Girls in our dorm would see and hear things, it was shared that the dorm/ school was built on gravesites.. now I understand. I also attended Shonto Boarding School, was a day student but heard stories of others seeing ghosts/ hearing things in the dorms because the word was that it was also built on a graveyard. Blessings and hard prayers to all my brothers and sisters. You are loved-aho 🧡
T i F F A N i
Saddest stories Beautiful Souls REST IN PEACE REST IN POWER The most honorable 🎖 #RESPECT #HISTORY #CULTURE
jjd jj
Yes the elders want their younger members to learn whitemans ways in education so that they will never be taken advantage of again….my sons keep their hair long. Even today they were told to cut their hair by employers….they refused and told them thats their culture and they will not be forced to cut their hair. They told them they dont want their job or need it. I taught them to stand up for themselves. That this will happen. And it did.
buddyfaya 86
This is such a beautiful RICH history. I learned so much
TracyAnnMcCurry #TcMacDesigns
I’m fascinated by my Ancestry research! I’m looking for my 3rd great grandfather, John Smith! Until this video, I had no idea that he could possibly be a Native American! I am a direct descendant of Pocahontas, through 3 lines so far… I’d love to know where to start finding Smith Native American Records. Thank you for this video, I learned so much!
Shazeeda Lindemann
So despicable! European turned these magnificent and proud people to something just like themselves. Why would anyone in their right mind want to look so ordinary and have no culture.
The attack on the innocent children…true evil. 😞
Anneka Brimhall
I used to teach at a trilingual navajo English Spanish school in northern Arizona. I only moved away from Arizona last month and I already miss the Navajo so much that I watched this just to hear the aunties and grandma‘s talk. I made T-shirts with Navajo writings and donated them for the kids just to encourage literacy.
Sumeru Pillipes
Seeing and hearing all this one becomes speechless. Most of us kids always loved indians but later in life we found out what had happened to them in practically all over North and Latin American countries I and I know many of my friends felt grief and horror.. and also something like hopelessness.
Hueso Zona 12
When i see this I feel upset and sad, I have indigenous blood, and I ask myself, where is JUSTICE, such a beautiful land they took away from you. God bless all of you.
Penny Ann Quintana
As a teacher, I do teach about off-reservation boarding schools in my classroom. I have a masters degree in this area of history so I do a unit every year.
I’m glad Canada is speaking out about this.
Lou Megherreia
😢😢😢Give them back their land, it’s their land😭😭😭
Jo-Anna Bushman
Thank you for this video, it tells how little we know about darker side of First nation People history . God bless .
The British did this to the Welsh, Scottish, and Irish, too. After the Romans and Normans did it to the Wodes. After Alexander the Great did it to his Empire… History has a nasty habit of repeating the most negative parts of itself. Some cultures just have an ingrained need to dominate and absorb others.
Thank you this taught me a lot I can’t wait to learn more
Rhiannon Becca Chickensen
My parents went to Haskell. This documentary is breaking my heart. Now I know why they never wanted to talk about it
Heartbreaking video. My classroom studied the Oregon Trail and Transcontinental Railroad. We discussed this and the term Manifest Destiny. The photo of the bison skulls/bones hit the hardest. True history needs to include the atrocities or We will repeat them. Encounter is a good book to use with your children or grandchildren.
The Huntress
My Navajo friends father had his hands hit with a stick every time he spoke Navajo. His knuckles were permanently enlarged for the rest of his life from the bones that fractured. There are also tales of sexual abuse, that the Native Americans will still talk about. . My grandmother, a white lady, had Alzheimer’s disease in her last years. She hallucinated that bad men where molesting Native American children. Some of us in the family don’t believe that it was a hallucinations, but a repressed memory from child hood. It just wasn’t talked about, but seeing it happen obviously traumatized her. I wonder if that was one of the reasons she suffered from bouts of depression through out her life.
Veronica Kovaly
It is SO painful… My heart is forever with all Native people. Impossible to receive that the whole people, whole culture could have been erased….
Lante Yigezu
Yeah it’s really really Amazing they are still exiting as native Americans people
Very moving, makes my heart hurt, my ancestor Charles Curtis was Vice President during the expansion of those schools, he himself has become convinced that assimilation was the only solution and the only path to survival.
Ive never been as annoyed by commercials as during this video. I wish strength and happiness to all native Americans. You have all the reason to be proud.
Ithaca Comments
We need to learn from our poor choices as a nation. ..and move forward into the future to do better.
R. Jelly
This was a beautiful documentary. My children are part Navajo. Unfortunately, they really do not know much about their own heritage. Their great grandmother was the only person that I know that could still speak the language fluently. She has now passed. She did still live on the Alamo reservation, in New Mexico, so my children visit there on occasion. I am thankful for documentaries like these that supplement the information that I try to pass onto my children. I learned a lot from this documentary, but have also been convinced that we need to change the names and images of the mascots in the schools and professional sports teams. It is disrespectful. It is scary to think that this is not ancient history. I was 15 years old, when the last boarding school was closed. This is recent history and we do need to “maintain” things to keep them safe for all peoples!
Sad they lost so much of their language and culture.
Andrea Price
I don’t know how I’m going to make it through this documentary without breaking everything in my house out of pure rage. Such a tragic era in American history. Ps. Is this Tom Hanks I hear narrating? I don’t know how it’s possible to love him even more, but I do.
We have similar photos here in Canada of first nations families camped outside of the fenced boarding schools that held their children. Absolutely tragic
KeyKey 👽
I am so proud to say that my school teaches and makes us understand more about the indigenous peoples and their amazing tribes. Canada has done horrible things to indigenous peoples and i am willing to helpnwithn anything! Although i am still young, i will do literally anything to help indigenous peoples. Stay safe <33
John Conlow
Such an interesting story that needs to be told to everyone. Another great youtube video on this subject is ‘Marie’s Dictionary’ on Planet Classroom Network. This short is about a native speaker, who’s the only one left that is fluent, is preserving the nearly extinct Indigenous language.
Sommer Hoover
This should be a part of all high school and college education. I feel like we focus so much on slavery (which I believe is extremely important) but there isn’t as much focus on the history of what existed in the Americas before it was “settled”. Such a beautiful culture and people and it’s heartbreaking learning how their lands were taken, children ripped from their parents arms and basically brainwashed to forget their culture. I’ll admit I didn’t know this much detail about the history (and I plan to educate myself even more) but I found myself heartbroken learning all these new things. The photos of the kids in the boarding school looking scared and sullen. The cutting of their hair which had always been a part of their culture and so important and then seeing photos of their hair cut off laying on the floor hit me so hard for some reason. Absolutely devastating that our country at that time (and I’m sure some morons today) think that everyone should assimilate. It makes me happy to know that there are good people trying to right some wrongs and educate people about what actually happened. It’ll never be enough but at least they’re doing something. I have so much respect for Fort Lewis for not destroying the clock tower or removing it but choosing to address the misrepresentation of Indian boarding schools and bringing to light the true horror of what actually happened to people and their cultures. We can’t erase history. But we can learn from it so we don’t repeat horrible, devastating mistakes.
Here is my contribution to this story. I am an indigenous of time past. I think my husband may be as well. Anyway. My super white skinned tall gangly son has always worn his hair long and we always just went with the flow. It is a signature for him. As a child I looked like my friends who were mostly native and we did not distinguish that at the time. We were just friends. I was of birth German Russian Ukrainian descent so looking native as a blonde blue eyed child sounds contradictory but it’s a fact. Photos do not lie. When I was around eleven my older sister chopped my long, never cut, beautiful hair off. To above my ears. The story is long, the point is I now know I lost something at that time and all this is so familiar to me. We are all so much more connected than we can wrap our head around. But we will. It is the time. Lives lived as each other time and again. This is how we will finally connect with our trie selves. By understanding we have lived many lives and these tragedies affect us all. That was a rant but I feel so much for so many stories of every race and nationality. This is story long hidden that needs to be heard. It’s been told for years no one was listening. Well almost no one.
B You
In My family the ladies in my line dyed thier hair red to pass as white because I was told they ( all natives) were treated worse than freed slaves … Natives then had falsely the worst reputation of all humans at one time… according to what my family said ignorant socitiy and government felt about Indians…so sad all in all really ..
Always Have Strength & Joy
My mothers father, and her uncles were a part of the Carlisle Boarding schools and it was a horrible experience that tore the family apart and was used to separate them from the Oneida tribe.the trauma, just dwells in the blood… every tear.
Lory Lozano
I want these stories to go viral. And generational healing to continue.
D !
We will remember and make sure you never ever forget!! First Nations Peoples!
MaryWall -A
This is very important history. This needs to be taught within schools. No shortcuts or leaving things out.
Boo Hastings
Don’t ever forget that you have the blood of your ancestors in you. You are each a powerful warrior fighting for your people. I pray for you all and stand with you.
This broke my heart as I have native roots. I prayed and asked God…”Why?’ I got back… ‘It was done wrong!” My heart Is broken as an American. This was NOT ordained by Jesus.
My dad went to a boarding school and he’s only 60. I don’t think he went through nearly as much trauma. But boarding schools were still a thing in the 60s!
My mother and her sisters attended Indian boarding school in Ardmore, Ok. She told us stories of her younger years and some of the stories were not pleasant.
Jenny Darren
Bless them. This was so wrong. Everyone, whoever they are should be allowed to keep and follow their own cultural identity. My heart bleeds for these lovely beautiful souls. I have so much honour and respect for them. Plus anger and sadness for what they have gone through.❤️🌹
When I was little there was a very large Native American boarding school near my house. It was closed in the early 80s but through my life I’ve watched that school slowly be torn down, building by building over 35 years. I never stopped thinking of those students.
dee vick
Juanita Austin
This just ticked me off even more. I think we’re all doing what is right by starting to research other cultures to get the truth behind what America is trying to feed us. For some reason I knew African Americans and Native Americans had some type of friendship, if that’s what you want to call it because our ancestors fled together at times. I even read where the Seminoles assisted run-away slaves so they wouldn’t be captured. This is true UNITY when everyone watches clips like this for understanding. To my Native Americans, my heart breaks for you all as well. DON’T EVER FORGET WHO YOU ARE.
Tracey Suggers
My heart breaks for the beautiful souls with a horse in please this is their culture and everyone should know about each other’s cultures learn from each other and don’t try and raise things that are there
Shakira Smith
So many beautiful cultures have been destroyed stuff like this needs to be taught in schools or history will keep repeating it self .
Lamp, Salt & Light
💔🥺 this is so heartbreaking. Humankind can be so cruel and vile.
My parents were survivors of the worst of WWII, I was born in Canada in the 50s. I went to school with the kids from a local reserve. I never looked down on them. In fact I admired their “badass” ways. Man could they play lacrosse. I always thought the sports names were compliments. Regardless, they learned little about us, we learned even less about them, we never learned about each other. How we get along now is a message for the world. I know that Canadian First Nations survivors of the residential school system would benefit from free psychological care. We in Canada simply need to extend our health care system. I think the problem is deeper in the States. But the need is the same.
Anita Martini
My grandma was so ashamed to be native. It’s so sad that she was made to feel that way.
Sheilah Frey
Heartbreaking and never in history books EVERYONE needs to see this
Galjor Bismarck
Such a powerful documentary.Thank you
My indigenous peoples.
All I can say is, what a beautiful race of people. The best.
Jamilla Camilo
I am happy that this is out. The truth of the Sovereign People must spread. This brought tears out. But the people need to see, hear and feel this.
Elizabeth Tucker
I am part Hawaiian and this same thing happened, and is happening, to the Hawaiian. That part of American history has never been taught either. Wrongs MUST be righted!!
Isshi Omi
What a cruelty…I’m just speechless…Eyes full of tears….May god bless each one of us to become a good human being in order to respect other humans…Love & Respect from India🇮🇳….In my country similar inhuman practice of racism based on Caste had been there..
Chip Kyle
My Alaskan friend at age 10 was flown from Utqiagvik (Barrow).1000 miles south to Wrangle AK to be assimilated. I asked him how he felt about being westernized. His answer was long and complicated. He lost his culture. He said my mother died the first year he was gone. When I visited my village once a year, I was no longer a native. I did not know how to hunt and fish. Yet, my friend became well educated and was president of a 70 million electronics company. He became an ordained minister as well. But he said he belonged to neither culture. Though very success as western, he has regrets for what he lost. His answer was yes and no. Another younger Alaskan who has a masters in anthropology had a definite answer. He said I’m glad I’m westernized. Raised by his grandmother who rescued him from his mother who was going to throw him away on the day he was born, he said, his grandmother was born in the stone age and lived to see the space age. He said I’m glad I was assimilated. I could have been just another drunk native. Shocking as it is he said that. I was raised in SW Louisiana among French Cajun. Children were not allowed to speak French in school. Most Cajun parents didn’t teach their children to speak French. Most parents wanted their children to be like the “Anglo’s” Now the Cajun culture has been discovered and everybody wants to get in on the band wagon and be a Cajun. And that’s okay. But the old Cajun ways are mostly gone and only remember on holidays. And my Cajun friends drive big western cars just like I do. Of course we eat the Cajun cooking! Read history. Read all the history. One historian said there was a clash of cultures (European/native) that had evolved separately for 4000 years. What happened was enviable. One people were no more intelligent the other. Just from different worlds. So. Why don’t we dewesternize? Why don’t we unassimilate? You can today. Yes, native cultures, French cultures, Spanish cultures, South American cultures, Oriental cultures, African cultures, Celtic cultures, many many cultures have been stripped away in the name of god, or greed, or quite frankly in the name of we don’t really care just move over and let me use the resources you were using. Read about the Apache eternal hatred of the Comanche and what those natives did to each others culture. Man has displaced man for 10’s of thousands of years. Read about the nature of man. And how man has treated man for 100,000 years. And know the moral code we go by today was invented by man only a few hundred years ago. And today is much different than when I was a kid. Each summer for as long a 3 1/2 months, I go off grid and forget western ways living in the wilderness. You can do that too. Eat what you catch and pick. Fish, berries, mushroom. loose 35 lbs. See just how much fun it is not to be assimilated. Live any culture you like. Pray to any spirit you choose. Howl at the moon. I do sometimes. Don’t be western. That’s groovy. See how much fun not being western is. Then come home and tell me all about it. Peace Brother.
Nicholas Halsey
Our Grandparents us to say, “The White Man is still lost…They’re still calling us Indians…They must still think their in India!
Ezra G.C.
This makes me so sad, here in Mexico we preserved our roots, our people and i wish I could learn from our neighbors in the north i really admire the Native Americans and I’m sure they would teach us nowadays a lot of things with their culture and traditions
God must be heart broken at the things done in his name …😞
braxton joe
my grandpa was sent to a boarding school when he was 7, he and his brother would run away plenty of times, they had kept the spoon to dig a hole under the fence, and keep all their used milk cartons and would refill them with water so they wouldn’t die in the deserts. they were almost caught, they had hidden themselves behind a sand dune when they saw the patrol looking for them, there was a teacher who found them thankfully he wasn’t very fit and when he grabbed my nali’s leg, he and his brother kicked him in the face and when he let go he tumble and rolled down the sand dune. they spent nights in the desert until they finally got to their parents home
Nancy Yen
We need this historical document spread for all to understand it’s unfair and abuse
Candace Leon
Its heartbreaking watching this. Im half white my white family loves everyone & they know the history. My other half is Cuban and Cuban indigenous. My tribe is gone. But the they live on in my blood💜#Guanahaybaytribe
Wanda's World Goes 'round
I live in Salem Oregon. We still have the Chemekana Indian School. It is still up and running. Sad history.
Karen Acton
It is amazing what governments feel is their right to do to those that don’t fit their picture. Our government in Canada had these same schools, too many horror stories came out of the ongoing lawsuits against the government. Then we have the role the Catholic Church played in these horrors. How this church still exists and manages to hold their heads up and claim nothing happened in those schools…..the biggest cover-up known to mankind. Every government should be held accountable for these atrocities against anyone that was not “white”, taking away their culture, robbing them of their language, trying to assimilate them into the white man’s world, and making them….yes making them….suffer at the hands of the church, who should also be paying the price. It’s time to give these minorities back the lives that were stolen from them. In Canada, each government that ruled promised to make things right….even the ‘man of the people’…Trudeau! He made promises to get elected, but has yet to follow through on any of them. Another lying government official.
nothing works works
The true story of “the real Lord of the Flies”, about 6 Tongan youth escape from a boarding school. Makes me think this happened to children all over every colonized Nation?
Gerald Traynor
The young Soviet Union worked to publish dictionaries on Inuit and other languages. A totally different approach from the imperialist one.
charlene e
the brightness and intelligence that most matters is of the heart.So lost in this world and so valued.
Crystal Elk
Thank you for this enlightening story of our Past, our land. Our names. Sending positive vibes your way. Peace love dreams!🇨🇦 💞🌅🌏💚🌎💙🌍🌄✌💕🌃😉
Heartbreaking story God Bless them all
This is heartbreaking. God help us all if beings from other universes come and treat us the way we treated the Native Americans. Why can’t we as human beings live and let live in peace?
jjd jj
Need a video to address the mass use of methamphetamine on reservations and how to stop it. Not only alcoholism is a major issue, but this horrible drug that is extremly damaging. Its everywhere, not just on reservations.
Claudia B
Programa e historia muy importante.Por favor traduzcanlo al español!!! Please 🙏🙏
Shane Manning
It’s a very sad story ! We have similar history here in Ireland … our religion, language, culture and way of life was hated … our people pushed off their own land … our language band and religion illegal… the British government of the time are responsible for mass murder …at the height of the great Irish famine as the British government shipped food from Ireland the Choctaw people’s sent $170 to aid our people ! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼two ancient cultures linked by their genuine care for their fellow man . You won’t hear about this in the British or American history books …
Absolutely disgusting what my ancestors did. I grew up with many beautiful people part of the culture, they are strong, beautiful, brave human beings.
Tracy Appleby
I am almost half native American, this breaks my heart💔💔💔💔
Sara Jean
I just found out how good they ALMOST did at their goal- with the results of my ancestry im now looking for my tribe, it says southern Colorado New Mexico area native American. I’m 36 and am looking for my ppl without any information or language but I’m giving to and one day my girls will know their ppl! Speak and know their culture. Those ppl almost destroyed everything but they did not succeed
nelsy olson
Thank you very much for let me learn about this part of the u s a history, sound familiar to my ancestors mayas.
Chris Cook
Im a Canadian and totally heartbroken learning about this disgusting cruelty! Im a mother and the thought of someone stealing and torturing or killing children takes my very breath away….imagine how the familys felt…How do we begin to heal this wrong!😪
This made me weep. So, so sad.
Sara G.
Thank you for posting this ❤️❤️
Mareya Cannenta
I wish someone would make a movie based on true events to show the world what happened. The little spirits are always in my hearts.
Evie Bivens
I grew up in a town close to the railroad. I found out there used to be a school in town by the lake. Children would be scooped up by men on the rail cars and taken to the school. I cant imagine the fear on both sides.. the kids not knowing where or the whys of what was happening to them..then the parents not knowing what happened to their children. It broke my heart. I also wondered if there were unmarked graves in that area…🥺😥…I never inquired afraid to find out.
I grew up& live here in Riverside/Perris area. I am today years old learning about this. I always pass the cemetery on Victoria when I take the back way from the 91fwy. Ive always wanted to stop and check it out. But I never knew it was a human cemetery. I honestly and ignorantly thought. It was a pet cemetery or something done by the community there. I am curious to learn more and now I’m going to go visit and pay respects.
Christie Jensen
Such atrocities that can never be fixed. 😭😭😭
Vivian Fuentes
Anne whit an E touched this problem so well, pure tragedy. Ps: still have no idea why they canceled the show
Mr Campelton
We should study ways to fix this starting in schools. To turn our backs removes chances to learn. Indigent Americans may have gotten closest to universal truth, though. Share it.
While it is very important to remember the past, it is also very important to not instill the hatred and sadness of the past into children of the future. Something everyone to this seems to struggle with, and positive change will never happen until forgiveness is taught first.
Claudia Pharaoh
My Great Grandmother was full blooded Cherokee from the Snowbird reservation near Robbinsville N. Carolina. She married an Irishman and ended up in Manchester ,Tn it breaks my heart in knowing that the whites took them away from their own culture and forced their ways upon them. We can’t afford to lose such wonderful ancestry, or their languages. All cultures have so much to offer in life. Let us all live together in peace and take care of our great Nation. Let us teach the young what pride, love, compassion, n caring really is about. God bless this world an all who live here.
Tracy Harrison
i feel for these children, the land was there home and it should have stayed that way. I am a full white English woman, i have never been abroad but have seen the beautiful land these Indians of all tribes, who cared for and loved their culture. I only hope that they can still talk in there own language to pass on to their children. The people who did this has not got a good born in there body. Now is the time to take back what is yours and speak your own language. I and so sorry for what happen to all the native American people.
Millie Banks
I have to agree with several comments from previous viewers. How sad that the U.S. treated our first people!
martha kamau
I only came to know of this at first from watching Anne with an E On Netflix. I’m not American but it was disheartening to see the small clip and I found myself here when I was looking for more info… The thought that any human is better than the other because of skin colour or their collection of beliefs is the most ignorant state of mind that one can be in…. Doesn’t matter what level of education or experience you’ve achieved.. You were not born with these thoughts… You basically allowed yourself to be stupefied … It’s sad.. Very sad…
Callie Craft
This wonderful people seek to educate us not to punish us for our ancestors mistakes 🙂 tysm for posting!!
Jeanie1940 sunshine
I remember the school dorms empty. No one came to take me home for Christmas break. I was very lonely. I was a half breed so treated differently by the other children.
Melissa Archiquette
As a Parent My Heart breaks for all of you , As a decedent of my people I AM ANGRY y Grandma and my Aunties ended up in these death camps . But theu made it out . Oneida Tribe Iroquois Nation Turtle Clan
Michele Fisher
🥲🥲🥲 my heart breaks for those taken from their families. And anger.
Teresa Harrison
How cruel to be taken from your own land living free and to be institutionalised whilst calling this civilised.
Caramel And Chocolate
I’m here to educate myself after hearing about the Mass murders of the Children in Canada.
Donna Rupert
You’re a fine young man brother Dacian!! God bless you always🙋🏽‍♀️💕
Smile o
Canadian history as well
In Canada we called them residential schools and it is truly our country’s greatest shame. Sad to realize America did the same to those who were true Americans.
Herding Cats
This was the Great America Shame. My grandmother, a half-blood Chickasaw, grew up afraid of Indians (her own people). She attended an Indian “finishing” school in Texas, then later married my grandfather. Today, I am a voting member of the tribe and proud of my heritage. God will someday make all well with this calamity, in love. Amen.
Trace on the case
Excellent documentary!!!
Jan Dunn
It is a time for healing but many want to go back to normal….Our future depends on all of us to do what we can….caring for Mother Earth and each other….My ancestors too were destroyed by the Nazis and I feel like crying watching what happened to Native children and their families.
My mosum.and family members went there and to all of you natives you have survived great genocides and be proud to be an Indian and do ever be ashamed
My heart hurt when I watched this video. I was not completely blind to all of this but this makes me ashamed and more aware.
Frances Morales
I get so emotional when I know of the lives that were changed forever.Talking about it is good,but now what.It seems no one cares,very very sad.
Living in our society, I’ve felt similar to a Native American child at a boarding school my entire adult life. I’m a 60 year old white guy. I think, for a lot of people, each morning’s trip into work is like a little mini trail of tears…. put your heart and soul into a Tupperware container… time to be fake.
Fariduddin 313 Badri
We stand in solidarity with you, our brothers in himanity.
We should bring this back !!!!!
Ms Maureen
Stand tall my brothers and sisters. Show the world your tribes still exist and you want recognition and ackowledgement.
Watching this breaks my heart😞 .
American Axe & Tool Co
The love of my life’s grand mother was taken form the Navajo right off her porch and taken to a boarding school here in Arizona! Her name eventually became Gloria Bonnaha she married Burt Bonnaha from the Yavapai Tribe in Prescott! I miss Burt’ as I miss his daughter!
In Canada, they’re searching the ground around these boarding schools and finding hundreds of children’s bodies. Absolutely awful, how backwards and cruel those people were.
Lillian Warren
A dark side of our history, which denied me and others our heritage, our language, our traditions. I miss all my grandparents were not allowed to express. Knew from birth.. In my heart.. No one told me I knew I was not white.. Finally, at fifty, mom told me. All I could have learned from all four of my grandparents.. Gone.. Cause some waschitu… Still makes me mad.. I miss my people, my ancestors, my language.. To all my relations.. Love to you Miyutake oyasin Wado
Lisa Hooper
TY for sharing these informative videos.
Beautiful Sight
Im yaqui/dinè and ugh i learned this from my great grandfather they gave him a white last name too, when i was a teen I remember hearing him wailing alone at night,but now to watch n hear again i cried for my ppl my tata(great grandfather),during the watching of this.we are strong!
Angela Ryan RN,BSN
So many amazing stories. I am ashamed of the “Christian/Catholic” Churches that did this in “Jesus name”. It further proves how close the human ancestry is connected. Don’t miss the similarity of these indigenous people all believing that their hair is a source of strength, (THink Hebrew stories of Samson) The Original testament is imperative to connecting the dots of ALL of these scattered people. We are all ONE… and the “Convert or die/or be beat” mentality of the “Church” is appalling and certainly NOT in the spirit of Yeshua/Jesus nor fulfilling the 2nd greatest commandment.
My heart was broken when I heard their stories. In reality they were the rightful owners of these land that mmigrants in Canada. They own the land. They had unquestionably culture. I think they’re peace loving people that’s why they followed what’s the govt told them to do. To put their children in Residential schools. Ver sad. The parents entrusted their children children to those heartless people. You can see how innocence those children. Very sad. 😢
cherry in a box
My grandma went here. And indian puilbe school are still like that.
kailey selin
Heartbreaking. 🥺💔
This is so interesting and so sad. Amazes me the Native Americans are so strong against adversity even today.
Fay-Amie Aspen
My spirit cries. I love Indigenous Peoples of the world. Especially Indian Tribes and Aboriginal Tribes of America and Australia, both nations have stolen their native peoples children and abused them these ways. Blessings on all those souls still lost, still grieving and blessings on those who’ve gone to the Great Spirits.
Bill Preece
I`ve watched this tears in my eyes from the start.
k Tloz
After the Civil War and decades of Indian Wars in the West, more tribes were forced onto reservations after ceding vast amounts of land to the US. With the goal of assimilation, believed necessary so that tribal Indians could survive to become part of American society, the government increased its efforts to provide education opportunities. Some of this was related to the progressive movement, which believed the only way for the tribal peoples to make their way was to become assimilated, as American society was rapidly changing and urbanizing. Following the Indian Wars, missionaries founded additional schools in the West with boarding facilities. Given the vast areas and isolated populations, they could support only a limited number of schools. Some children necessarily had to attend schools that were distant from their communities. Initially under President Ulysses S. Grant, only one religious organization or order was permitted on any single reservation. The various denominations lobbied the government to be permitted to set up missions, even in competition with each other.
Anne Bird
There was an idea school in my home town and it was so haunted. People would see ghosts there like, every day. It just came with the feeling that something awful happened there and when I was a kid I didnt know what, but I knew there had been evil take place there. As a kid i called it “the consideration camp” and I still am not convinced I was wrong.
Deborah hamsho
A very sad chapter ,among many others ,of American history! History should never be politicized. All Americans should be informed of the true history of America, the good and the bad. truth is truth and has no ethnic or racial or political affiliation. This documentary was so informative.
Lauren Gaughan
I had a dream about nights of go. About a history teacher who goes helps her aging Grandma. Her Grandma has a journal belonging to her mother. She gives it to her Granddaughter and soon discovers the horrors of history. She goes looking for the decedents of these children. Finds out her Great-Grandma helped them in another way. Her Great-Grandma gives up teaching when she marries. She felt as if she her students. The Great-Grandma is supposed to help a deaf student. I am currently writing the story. I feel it is important for some reason I have to share it. Also, to do more research on this topic.
All true , time and time history repeats with governments of occupiers shamefully trying to rid of local peoples , publicity is necessary to educate people of these crimes and local peoples strength . My support and heart goes to people persevering ♥️
mike young
My ancestor was taken as a little girl in one of Pratt’s raids. She was taken to the school in Carlise Pa.
Tamar 4272
11:42 minutes , that’s so sad to see the “before and after” of that young man😥
Crisanta Riingen
This is a great Topic to include in all schools Curriculum!Teachers , leaders in churches as well . History Classes and Forums. Now! All for Millennials!
Shirlene Gosek
rip my angels. gone but never forgotten.
Jefery Fernandez
Be strong native americs
Kim Giedd
You should be proud of who you are. I am so sorry for bad uneducated people
shame on you who committed this ethnic cleansing, shame on you, about time this gets the attention it deserves and those who did and still do this are brought to account and justice.
Also the movie “Indian horse” idk why it’s called that but it is a good insight to history in Canada and how the children suffered out there so yes do know : warning it can be triggering
Elisabeth Michalko
As a recovering alcoholic, I knew Mohawk people up North from 12 Step Meetings. I attended a Church up North which planted a Native Church on The Akwesasne Reservation. The Church was led by a Native Mohawk man and his white wife. Don’t know what became of that planted Church. I enjoyed hearing a Mohawk musician at our church named Jonathon Maracle. He would wear Mohawk dress and beat a large drum loudly during his songs. So inspiring to hear Jonathon sing and play.. Was friends with a woman who smuggled cigarettes for good money. There were many workshops on the Reservation for those suffering from family abuse due to alcoholism in their families. They allowed me, a white woman to attend. There was tribal unrest on the Akwesasne Reservation, so The Mohawk People called Father Martin in one night to address the Tribe about alcoholism. I was so privileged to be in attendance at the Reservation that night. Felt such shame as a white person to be on the Reservation. Native People have never received reparation as they should have. However, the Native People I met due to 12 Step Groups were always friendly and welcoming to me as a recovering person.
This is so sad. Yet we call ourselves the greatest nation. A s nation on stolen land.😔
Renee Gordon
Prayers to Everyone! Blessings! I want to attend an Indian Ceremony Honoring the Great Spirit!
Rochelle Jocelyn
I’d just like to point out the irony of how we were forced to stop speaking our language then in the end the language helped save America.
Cheryl Williams
When I hear this it breaks my heart. It is important for them to
Ana ana
My heart breaks and have been devastated with the recent uncovering of all the children in Canada. GENOCIDE
Antonio Torres
Looking at these pictures it reminds me of old family pictures, they’re my family. (Mexican)
Kim Giedd
May God richly bless you all 🙏 ❤
❤️ don’t think you need to be part of a tribe to be Native American. If you’re indigenous it’s in your blood never let a white man, someone else, or the government to tell you who you are.❤️ We’ve lived here longer than they will say. Tens of thousands of years.
Jeanie1940 sunshine
I am 81 . The boarding school memories are still painful. Warm Springs Oregon. 40’s
Jacinthe Dansereau
You are so brave one’s and so beautiful…Thank you for sharing such painful hundred of years… one day, I’m sure you will have Justice…have faith …
This is horrible No one should have to be taken away from there family and there culture I’ve been studying this at school etc and I wanna know more!!
2:19 This is why my half Navajo 7 year old son wears his braids to his waist 👊🏼
sozan fares
GOD bless the victim’s souls! 💔💔
Its great that they helped them᛫so much
Hisui Uzumaki
I seriously wish my people had more time.
Oromo Chic
I always had a fascination with Native Americans. They have such a beautiful culture. Both men and women are strong and Natural in turned with nature and the animal world. Being Muslim they had no knowledge of the Abrahamic faith but they had the innate feeling that there is a Creator like Hisham/Allah they never worship statues or people. 🌿💚
Middle Age Crazy
I know it will be said it’s not my place but since a child I hear, feel and see the truth of the Native Americans. My heart always knew but I never knew I had a connection. It was taboo. My Dads Great grandparents on both sides were Native. I first asked my daughter who was doing the genealogy, you think she was forced for my great great grandmother. I couldn’t understand I knew it wasn’t an easy thing to marry a white man. Nor on the other side my grandfather’s side how they managed not to be dragged away in the Trail of Tears. I want to know so much more. It’s my heritage or I wouldn’t exist.
Stephanie Simpson
Now that they found all the bodies in canada, I’m praying that they find the bodies at other schools here
Reggie Bald
Our Indigenous Peoples have nothing to be ashamed of! They are a proud people and should be allowed to visibly exhibit that pride everywhere, @ all times! No child should ever be ashamed of his or her heritage. Thank you for teaching me so much more about happenings in my country I didn’t realize; I’m fairly well educated & 74 years of age ~
Tammie Broggins
My grandmother and grandfather had this happen they raised us white .
J Audrey
So sad. Happy they can live on and continue their heritage.
Ki Fi
Europeans have done that everywhere, even in their own countries. In France any local language and culture were erased the same way, children were not allowed to speak their local language at school, those were almost lost. In Scandinavia, the Same, Kvener, Tatere, were taken from their homes and sent to boarding school where they were treated the same way the First Nations children were. Same in colonies around the world. Any difference had to be beaten out of those children to make them “white and christians” but they never got that status in the end.
Shawnda Glover
This is truly gut wrenching but my people will overcome as we always have it’s so hard to reconnect but we’re doing it we will do it!!!! That’s why they do things like this because they know who we are they took away who we are so we’re lost oh but we coming back believe that
I know they still do something similar in Utah, I went to the awful boarding school but most of the kids were from reservations & put on a lot of medicine. I think it was a big pharma testing place rather than ethnic cleansing, & the children from reservations somehow were easy targets.
matthew mann
Amerindians have had so much hussles with Eskimos, Aleuts, Europeans, Metis also called Mestizos, Far Easterners, and many other groups
It is truly HORRIFIC and EVILNESS that these precious peoples were drug through and robbed of their spirit and culture and innocence. Why is it acceptable to this very day, still, to murder and torture thousands of men, women and children? So overwhelming to me. HATEFUL.
Isabella M
Here in Scandinavia we are wery in love with the indian culture. Their native clothes and their respect for nature. We learn a little aboute it at school and my favorite movie was Pocahontas. It made me learn more aboute the culture. Now this tradegy has been getting atension around the world and we already know how horrible new people in the Usa was towards them. So incredibly sad. Such a beautiful culture and now alot of them are struggeling. I hope this get written aboute in the books in school like we learn aboute the nazis and jews. Its a tradegy. I hope people just learn to live together
Crystal Johnson
This makes me sad they should be able to do what they want to do people do not need to stay to one race only their own. You can’t turn everything one thing every race is special and great.
Venti Lator
This was their home and it was taken away from them. No one but the native Americans deserve reparations. What happened cannot be undone or repaired but they deserve our greatest respect and appreciation. Stop the lies and the breaking of treaties, which has continued to go on through today.
Amazing Russell
This makes me cryyy😭
The indigenous race, culture, and spirituality was the most superior of them all.
Adori Harris
Wow I’m from the USA and not once did they tell us this in school they try to hid anything they did wrong g but show what others did to save them self as them being so “evil” 🙄😡
sandra Heller
This is a sad commentary on U.S. history, but we can’t judge their sins from today’s standards. They thought they were doing a service to the native Americans. It breaks my heart for them, along with my great grandmother who was taught at the Carlisle school. I believe that she had a hard life here in Pennsylvania because of her heritage. My German family members would not leave her come into their homes. I would have loved to meet her and learn from her. She was a Souix and when I visited there I felt at home and never knew why until I learned about her.
Lois Cashner
I am grieved to find out how the Indian people were treated and I want to hug the Indian people I meet. However there is such a separation of us now it’s hard to find the contact with them. I’d like to say I am sorry for your treatment. I had no idea. I myself an 1/4 Indian my father’s mother was full blood Indian but I don’t know which tribe. My grandfather was a white man. I was to small when he died to ask questions of their life. My grandmother did not talk of her tribe so my father could not remember anything about the tribe but they lived in Oklahoma. I was born and raised in Arizona and had Indian friends that lived on the farm across the road from us. We played with them every day. They went to public school with. Chester and Elvina were their mother and father and Jr and Loretta were who we played with. They had an infant daughter who passed away. Her name was Betty Ann. Chester and Elvina came to my mothers funeral and I was so blessed to see them. They came in both of them using walkers. Delvina had see the obituary and brought them. I cried when I saw them. The Lord had told me he had a surprise for me and I was so happy to see them after so many years. They were good people
random wanderer
” The Spaniards in Mexico and Peru used to baptize infants and then immediately dash their brains out: by this they secured that these infants went to Heaven ” Bernard Russell ( Why I am not a Christian)
Louise TregoMorgan
I was watching a video the other day about the Bradley massacre, I feel they need to change the history on the sign big time . Massacre is a strong word but the native Indian who lived there were invaded by the colonials of Europe who murdered all native American tribes not the other way around. My heart go out to all the Native American Indians sending love from Maori girl of New Zealand 🇳🇿❤ I feel your pain my brothers and sisters. Lets make a better future for all.
Edward Bright
The United States Government did the Native Indian people so Cruel … The Government has the Blood of many innocent people on there hands…
Genevieve Perry
I know I shouldn’t and have no right to but I can’t help crying every time I see this documentary. The treatment of these people is completely abhorrent and the schools themselves, put forth by both the Government and the Church remind me too much of the Magdalene Laundries and the mother and Baby homes here in Ireland. Those institutions break people so badly that the aftereffects are still felt 3 to 4 generations later. It’s utterly despicable that this was allowed to happen, that there was justification for this to happen and that people today even would say that this sort of thing was good. The Pioneers and the Colonists and Settlers have a lot to answer for. Hopefully the First Nations can continue to recover from this and preserve what they can of their culture and build back up on it. How ironic it is that the US is often the loudest mouthpiece on Foreign Policy and mistreatment of indigenous groups abroad yet the fact that they did not sign the UDHR and their own track record is so spotted with blood and tears is a testament to itself. I want children to day to learn of all that has happened in the founding and shaping of America into what it is today. Schools on both sides of the Atlantic should learn of this in order for us to enure that this does not happen again.
Hilda Yellow
I went to Chuska Boarding School. I went to school there from 1969 to 1974. I was born and raised in Idaho. During the school season/year. My 3 brothers, an older sister and myself would go to school there. My parents would enrolled us back in school and they would go back to Idaho. Ever since 1975 my parents decided not to put us back in boarding school. One time one of my brother asked my mom why they would put us in boarding school. My mom said because they couldn’t afford to buy so many school supplies for each of us. At the time my mom started to work full time. Before it was only my father working. Also when my parents announced that they’re not putting us back in boarding school we were all so happy. So back to boarding school a lot of the students went home every Friday. My parents came and checked us out either Thanksgiving or Christmas and for sure they did come back for Easter. We were all happy having my parents checked us out. I know for sure when they had to checked us back in boarding school, I felt very lonely, want to cry but put on a brave face and be strong. In the little girls dorm. I used to run to the last end of the dorm facing west. I would look out the window until I see the truck go over the hill and disappear over the hill. This is when I just let it all out crying. Two weeks before school is out my parents would come back and check us out of school for the summer. Also my parents did give permissions to relatives to check us out. We hardly had any relatives come and check us out. There were times that the bus would take us home to Lupton Az and drop all the students that were not checked out for the holiday to where they live. I’m just very glad that my parents did what they could for my siblings and myself. I had very good upbringing. Both my parents have passed on and to this day all my brothers and sister are very close. Going to boarding school was the loneliest time of my life. Also the lady mentioned the 3 brothers that ran away during the harsh winter. That was very sad news. I’ve always wondered how they are doing to this day. Just found out that they all passed away. I remember seeing it on the news too.
Collin Henry
My parents from Jamaica which the Indigenous on that island as with rest of Caribbean except for St Vincent has been exterminated by the Spaniards, same thing with First Nation people of Beothuk here in Canada in province of Newfoundland who also been extinct by 1829 by British colonist settlers.
It’s the same story all over the world, from European colonialism. Here in Norway, some ethnic groups had their women sterilized, euthanasia was widespread and highly thought of in scientific circles before Nazi-Germany took those ideas to their logical extreme. The native Sami was forbidden to talk their own language and practice their religion and culture, so that it’s mostly gone today, or preserved as a tourist spectacle. It’s tiring, however, to constantly be presented with the “noble savage” view of Native Americans. They were imperfect people, just like the European settlers, and they wanted European goods. Metals and whiskey was highly sought after. Just like the classic, glass pearls. Also in Africa, it was Africans bringing slaves to the markets that filled the ships that went to the Americas, for simple bronze nuggets. So there were an element, I think, of genuine empathy in trying to “bring civilization” to what was simply viewed as savages.
It’s disgusting what they did 🙁
One of the last 2 standing is here in my hometown of Keizer Oregon. All kinds of creepy stories about it.
Nyo Gritten
They are so spiritual and humble and caring God bless all beautiful souls they are all here with us oneness
That’s so very sad to me. Hate that happened. Maybe we can all learn together how to love people better.
Karina A
My son just finished 3rd grade this year. As I would help him out with history it blows my mind how they make it seem as if the “white man came to help the Indians and how they helped each other”. They leave out how unfair and inhuman they were treated. So sad!
Glenda Riley
The spirits of the children who died in these places are still there. Prays must be said for them and their suffering now and always.
❤️From South America to Greenland we are indigenous❤️
My ancestors are happy I’m soo invested bc they weren’t allowed:(
John Paul
My grandmother and her sister were forced from their grandparents, and made to go boarding school in Iganico Co. Bit my grandmother took off and made her way back home, walking, and her sister came back six years laters, so sad that they ,her grandparents his her,in the mountains, my heart breaks to her how her grandmother cried n cried as they were drivin away in a wagone and how her grandfather was telling, that he loved them, and that he’ll go get them, but a few years after they’re grandfather passed away, never getting to see the other granddaughter, a sad chapter in our families history, and that’s how we tell it my niece and nephew and now our grandchildren, and we never forget n we always remember,
What the Spanish, English and French did to the people of the Americas, as well as the mess they made of the place fighting over it, mark the greatest loss of humanity and habitat yet witnessed on this earth. So quickly that much of what was lost cannot even be remembered, so thoroughly that half the world was remade in a short few hundred years.
The Bering Strait is 80km wide (with an island in the middle at about 40km) the Bering Strait separates Siberia (and China) from North America – American Indians have both Siberian and Chinese DNA ~ search Siberian Native Dress
Shirlene Gosek
i am soo sorry you were treated so badly. shame on the people that treated your people this way.
I am from india but i didn’t understood why this term Indian is used for these people but i feel really sad 😔 after listening this we were colonised by Mughals then by Britishers nd they they every possible things to erase our culture but glad it still exists nd is flourishing .
So so sad! It’s amazing how until this day America doesn’t teach this history in school it’s like it’s easier to address the African American in justice but the mascara of the indigenous people of America doesn’t get even mention! In Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 they made our people believe that our ancestors were extinct until dna testing came out and many of us were able to prove that our blood is Taino Arawak! In Puerto Rico the pride grows stronger and more powerful every day! It’s nearly impossible to not find a boriken without out a Taino tattoo
I Refuse to go to Mount Rushmore where the American Government Defaced their Sacred Mountain!
Angelic LIKE
Watching this because I am 33 and had no idea residential schools were ever a thing. Educating myself sense apparantly our school system is even more flawed than I already thought.
Henare Broughton
In earlier times language was suppressed by the white man of the Native Indian . A similarity is found with Aboriginal of Australia and the Maori of Aotearoa. Certainly in the 19th century
Vincent Formisano
I learned about this in middle school.
Aijababe K.
I attended a boarding school in Pueblo Pintado NM and before that in Many Farms AZ growing up, I remember being so homesick I ran away in both places. Punishment was so that I wouldn’t try that again. I didn’t.
France Richards
Unspeakable crimes!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately no one paid for these crimes!!!!! I can’t stop crying!!!!!!!!,!!!! God bless you all!!!!!!!
Dark Side
Imagine someone comes to your house and tell you what to wear and what to eat…How would you take it?
Faith Mary Moore
B. Obama turned his back on the people of Standing Rock, so I am surprised that you included him as an ally. Other than that, it is a very interesting and informative documentary.
Abhishek Ghildyal
Perhaps the Indians can reach out to India to find a way back to their own culture. Despite over 1000 years of outside rule and oppression, India has maintained most of its culture and are rediscovering what was lost. The Indian government and civil society, if approached, could help Indians in the Americas reconnect with their roots.
Larry Tsosie
We will never lose we will fight forever
John Payment
I was the best way they knew how back then.Weve come along way since then.Tribes have more control of there children now.Our history doesn’t mean we’re a bad nation
It always starts out with “christian” missionaries. 😒
This was such a cruel and dark time in history.
LaLa Black
1850 to present date, we were taught… they had to “de-copper” us to write their version of history… Good thing my great grandma x3 lived to be 109, The raw truth was passed down.
Cletus Biggum
I’m heartbroken 💔
lee lee
It all just hurts my heart so much what they did to the Native American people. . Too much to beautiful for those monsters!
Samuel Benitez
My sisters and i went through this.
David Redmond
Good story… The blood of Apache and Navajo peoples runs threw me with the Spanish and other European.. I disagree on the removal of Native American logos and names from sports teams. If you just stop and think.. How is it offensive if Redskins and Braves are revered as powerfully as Bears, Eagles, Lions, Spartans and Patriots??? Why??? To remove our people from the greatness???
Rauxie's Wisdom
And the unfairness didn’t stop.I have written, documentation of my native heritage. with pictures and everything. I don’t know what percentage is in my blood but whatever it is, it should not be discounted. Injustice is clearly injustice. When genocide is the main reason relatives are scant, and the fear of registering, kept them from doing so, this cannot be a valid reason to keep me from claiming it. Our ancestors echo in our souls.
Mr. Ulema
Residential schools in Canada only stop in 1996
So Heartbreaking
Mayflower Wolves
So sad, poor children :c I wonder if GA have ever done an investigation in the boarding school and cemetery where the children were buried :0 If they haven’t, they should!
Tammy Thomas
My people went through he’ll I am proud who I’ am
Narumon _BB
My heart breaks just seeing the title.
This is beyond sorry. I am crying. So many beautiful strengths.. so much life and wisdom, fun and love… so much unthinkable cruelty and ignorance put upon children and indigneous people. It’s the same agenda in Australia now still... still happening across the world. It is organised abuse and neglect of children to serve the system of profit and loss which we are all ‘put on’ by governments and businesses. They the governments and businesses are dealers in drugs and dependence… some individuals can’t see it, but that is what has been happening people doing ‘busyness’… instead of sharing and living with each other and all of nature… for millennia in europe and china… sick ‘civil’ izations of brainwashed people… its an epidemic of mind and life control as bad as any other disease… and we need to grow back our hair, our forests, our hearts and connections with each healthy whole life we can. We must stand and speak the truth of what sick adults are doing to children in the name of the bible or the ‘best education’ or the best ‘standard of living’ or the best whatever… the best is not normal, is wild and free and organised in keeping with the simple health of nature. Sick America, Sick Australia, Sick Europe, Sick South America, Sick modern living…. Modern life is a gaol.. of boxes, screens, no sense, no community, no health… Aboriginal children in the first school made for them in Melbourne Australia had to be kept in school by bars put on the windows. What child in their right mind would want to be put in a box to learn about life, be put in front of a book or a screen… Only people with dumbed down senses, in a half dead environment, with minds and dances and pictures shut down, memories shut down… then raped and mucked with, tricked and betrayed, murdered and made to keep silent. DISGUSTING TRAUMATISED CIVIL IZED FOLK to traumatised and terrified of life to see healthy happy cultures and peoples and environments grow. Too jealous, to sick and twisted….. So humanity needs to see school for the hole in the head and heart that it is… and go back to the trees and other animals and learn from them again… Every white child who wants to learn Native American and other Indigenous cultures shoule be allowed to ask those Cultured people for help and the Native peoples must be revered and respected and allowed to live just as they must and do to find their ways back and forward and this film brings me to tears as these films do again and again. There are really sick people running the show which is the civilized world. It is a game, a theatre, a sickness manifest as modernity…. it is not to be allowed to continue.. it is not healthy.. it is a shopa and so many other things ‘aholic’ world. My deepest condolensces to all of us who have lost our ancestral health and wisdom… but not forever… nature can always teach us.
Leanne Smith
I’m going to say something else, through out time there have always been conquered races, whether it be the Greeks , the Italians the Spanish or whoever, it’s part of the world history, it’s 2020 now and our world is going through some stuff shit, I’m not saying forget about the past , it’s time to unite, just my thoughts
David Stryhanyn
I myself went to Sherman it wasn’t too long ago it’s not terrible but there’s past trauma that lurks the grounds , it hit me hard when one woman said that when you get lonely you’ll do desperate things to go home , I went home after I hurt myself and almost ran away but I was caught , they saw what state I was in and sent me to a mental hospital in Chino
As much as the BLM movement is important and relevant I also wish people were just as vocal about the atrocities against Native Americans. “America was built on the backs of black people”, yes but where did that land come from? I’m not trying to invalidate afro-american suffering in ANY way but if anything America was built on the unspeakable suffering and loss of it’s indigenous people. The earth is alive and the land remembers, such atrocities taint the land and it’s very spirit. All of the problems America is facing now can be traced all the way back to the violence on which it’s foundation was built. But then again this is an outsiders perspective, I’m a 17 y/o from Africa, Malawi to be specific, who’s never stepped foot on American soil. Perhaps I simply dont understand the intricacies of American society and the viewpoints of Native Americans today but I want to. I found myself thinking about it the other day and the little knowledge that i had on how Europeans took Native land, culture, lives and children deeply saddened me. This is mostly just me rambling and no one is going to see this but when you think about it, this is one of, if not the biggest, most monumental genocides in history and yet the rest of the world still knows so little about it, why is that?
So sad when the Narrator said..some natives didn’t know what was happening to wrong what happened so shameful for the white man to have done that out of ignorance no doubt.
random wanderer
Amy Jill levine , an American Jewish theologian claims that one of the benefits of being Jewish is to ” refuse assimilation” . She asserts that jews keeping their laws proved beneficial for jews to keep their identity from the Roman age.
Sandra Walker
This happened to the Australian original inhabitants too 😠😥
hushpupi lavish
I never knew about this before watching”Anne with an e” it’s sad how they’re erasing what happened
Sustainable Path
My grandfather joined the Army in the 40’s and never returned to his reservation as his mom is Native and dad English, he was a half breed. My mother in law is Navajo, and told me she was sent to a boarding school? 😑 they didn’t have toys, except what her dad carved from bones. My tribe is Choctaw from Arkansas and Oklahoma but, my grandfather traveled in the military, to Colorado, Washington, California then finally to Texas. He never, wanted to step foot on a reservation again, and didn’t.
Channel 11: INFJ
Throughout history, people bullied others with the mindset “be like me and everyone else”. Uniqueness was always stifled. Humans are super gross 🤢
My great great grandmother went to an Indian boarding school. I wonder if she is in one of the pictures.
Whitney Weaver
The Europeans were looking for a shorter sea route to reach the Indies that didnt include navigating around the whole continent of Africa (Southeast Asia, IE INDIA) When they landed on North America and saw brown skinned indigenous people that inhabited the land they thought was India, they called them “Indians” . It took a while for them to figure out they were still half a world away from the Indies…… they were waaaaay off on the Geography ,but the name stuck
dee vick
Sum Chick
A wicked alien invasion took over the Americans land. Poor people.
Urban Hook-Upz
We, as Natives of America, are all a part of cultural and paper genocide. My family example: The Mormon church incorporated many Natives into the European and colonial ways of life. There was benefit for many natives including my ancestral mixed native lines. The problem is the church erased being native and Native culture as inferior or having much value. It was only important to help or make the Native (Laminates ) learn the gospel and adapt to their way of life. Ultimately, to make the natives, “White and Delightsome People” Many times mixed bloods married mixed bloods because they were not pure enough. I inherited several different tribal lines with 3 of my ancestors being Indian Agents, Translators, and Farmers. * Jim Thorpe also a distant cousin of mine. Also: Being Native was erased on records. This is paper genocide .
brown power ranger
Damn that baby was wrapped tight inside that thing…. native American mothers was not playing about losing their baby that baby was safe forever inside that wrap
Amy Geyer
that feeling of being left, never leaves no mater your age
barbara rasche
Very Very Sad…should never have happened,,,,Love you all !!!
Mel Lovett
The trauma these children must have experienced being ripped from their parents their culture and their language even their hair. So sad.
Anastazia Rose
I promise that I will teach my kids about the real history of America.
Kat's garden, kitchen and more
I know of an Indian school that was up in Brigham City Utah and to this day there still an I on the mountain for the Indian School.
They look much better in their own style suits and “hairstyle”.
Phyllis Foster
What is it about the European mind that is so threatened by human beings who don’t look like them or practice their way of life? This is depravity on an entirely different level.
LE QuixotesqueArmour
Ennervating, how I am an Educator and never new about the boarding schools, btw, which were experimental grounds for every school today that controls with abusive obedience. For one thing, the ” melting pot” is an unhealthy concept, applied to every group settling in USA. The US criticizes Russia, but at least, in Russia, groups retained to this day, their language and culture, and the schools did not dumb down the students; on the contrary. It’s psychologically healthy for children to speak their Mom’s native language at least during first five years of their lives. We need to Tex-It, and let’s all Cessation-It, and set Human Nation Boundaries.
Elliott James
I like how they wrap the babies up☺
Majin Boo
I can’t believe that the beatiful native american culture is not as alive as before. Truly the best culture ever. This world is just sick and its never fair.
Bob Hanson
And a small voice whispered, they found us 🇨🇦
Karen Nicholls
Columbus thought he had landed in India so he called them Indians … they are America’s First Nation Peoples and they’re still here and remain strong through all that has been thrown at them.
Samantha Salsberry
Apache Mescolero tribe was and will always still be here!
Deffinately never feel ashamed. Non of us feel worthy of you Native Americans that’s the truth. For one, you know things about how to survive which we need help with massively xx
Aleena Robator
My whole life I thought I had native American roots, part of the black foot Indians, but my grandfather lived to us, and I must mostly French Canadian, no native American in me.
Gloria L D
🦅 Ethnic cleansing is still going on. Some family members to this day still despise the $20 bill. I can say I’m proud of the First Nations. I don’t really hear or see a lot hatred for another man of a different color who has done wrong in the past to the Native peoples. But I do see colored men still pointing fingers at man who may or may not in the generational past done their forefathers wrong. No we should never forget,but we should and must go forward in a respectful, loving, accepting way. To my brothers and sisters clear your mind and let’s start living the good life (no not 💲) how it was meant by our creator for every creature on earth❗ Blessings To All 🌎🕊
Evelyn Jepson
and in most cases the boarding school was hundreds of miles away…like what are Apache Indians doing in PA?…its brutal. Would you do that to your own children, and yet we find that they did this to Indian children…
Actorium YT
This makes me cry. This is abuse.
The Weary Idealist
This is NOT history. I only have to go back two generations to find people in my family who were subjected to boarding schools. I only have to go back one generation to find people in my family who were adopted out to white families. The last boarding school closed in the 1990s! My cousins and I live in the shadow of these events. They may not have happened to us directly, but we come from people who had to survive this. Relegating it as history distances our responsibility to deal with the current circumstances people find themselves in because of these policies. America will never truly heal until we confront our racist and genocidal past.
GODS Child do not fear my child iam with you
Their beautiful long hair GOD GREAT JEHOVAH GAVE them was cut!!! Everybody can’t be the same! I also seen a documentary yesterday on the aboriginal tribes and the same thing happened to them and I didn’t know that even happened and iam 47 years old! The african slaves dealt with it as well we in our family have blackfoot and iam proud to have their blood running through my veins BUT iam super far beyond this world very proud THAT JESUS BLOOD RUNS THROUGH my veins….these types of tribal situations it’s just disturbing…. JESUS BLESSINGS KINGDOM BLESSINGS
Hypocrisy Uncensored
These videos are so depressing But nothing can be done coz what was done was done, I pray for all the innocent souls to rest in peace.
Craig Castanet, D.C.
I am 15% native American. Don’t forget the whole history, including the warring between American tribes, the absence of the rule of law, the absence of property rights. Homo sapiens have always dominated each other, but we continue to evolve our sensibilities and ethics. You don’t get from chimp to sapiens without savagery. My point is that there are many valid themes, and the natives were NOT all good, and the Europeans all bad. Thanks for this great program.
Victoria Marie Waddell
My ancestors burnt everything in our family’s past that linked us to our native blood. I’ll never know the information. 😔
Lisa Mathis
My grandfather was a Cherokee native and did also go to a Native American school . However , I had learned from a cousin of mine they stopped boarding Native Americans in East Georgia around the mid’ 20’s …Mid’ 1920′ s
Holly Slaughter
It’s so sad what was done to the native Americans
Guys I know this is going to sound… Biased. Anyway, I have seen in so many videos that many native Americans from the U.S. have to check each other if they are related before dating cause sometimes they don’t know. I say, you may want to date outside your tribe to preserve your culture. What I mean by that is, with the raising rates of Natives dying I say, Date people from different tribes and Well, there is also a lot of Hispanics, who have a very high percentage of native blood. The U.S. government fails to recognize Hispanics as natives even those with 80+ percent native blood, because that’ll mean sharing their stolen land with the people of Mexico and South America. The U.S. people think “America” is only the U.S. but the Americas are two different continents: North and South America, making all the people who were here first; Native! Since the Mexico/U.S. war the borders where divided, they claimed natives from the South of The U.S. to be illegal. I pointed out Hispanics because of their roots and because they are the fastest growing “minority” in the U.S and I have seen many Natives of the U.S. decreasing in numbers. Just consider this before your culture is wiped out from there U.S.A. completely just like most native languages, culture and religions were.
Sergey Fox
To put it bluntly: The piece towards the end of video was propagandish. You can observe how assimilation successfully seeped in with the positive comments about the united states made by some of the speakers, quite an irony and something I can is absolutely a product of assimilation that clearly still pervades indeginous American consciousness. The video spoke honestly about ethnic cleansing and colonialism, then speaks about being proud of being an american citizen. How america is an imperfect nation that can grow and just somehow reform systems to integrate indeginous Americans without really addressing deep seated issues of ethnic cleansing and colonialism that appear to inform present indeginous consciousness. Hmm. Sad. Videos like these are conflicting: I learn more intimate details from indeginous Americans regarding the united states, yet these texts tacitly reinforce ideological conceptions of the united states as a nation that gives everyone opportunity, a very color blind perspective. It means even texts like these exude American exceptionality and colonial thinking that only reinforce the whiteness and settlerism, something I seek to push against but seem to be forced into, especially as a white person. It’s like United States is determined to get me to feel and see implicitly that whiteness and settlerism is actually good and positive. The determination is astounding.
Many students became doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers and other professionals who returned to their tribes and educated and provided these services for their tribes. The story begins in the 17th century and not the 19th century, when America was at war with itself. Unfortunately, the entire history is not told because it’s so much easier to only tell part. Mother Nature and disease killed the vast majority of Native people; this has been proven over and over again by every branch of science, the newest research showing before the first settlers, disease ravaged the Atlantic coast natives, probably from contact with European fisherman. As far as unmarked graves, this is the burial tradition of many Native people, not headstones. Just as many whites died of tuberculosis and the other diseases that ravaged America at that time. All the missionaries and money spent to try to save the disease ravaged people are forgotten, people who sacrificed their own lives to try to save others. Why chop hair? Hygiene to survive disease. Why teach bathing? Hygiene. Why teach nursing and homemaking? To prevent disease and provide a future income. Also left out is the history of how many Natives voluntarily converted. Notice the chief’s sent their children first: they saw the future and that their people had to change to survive. Change from a stone age society technologically. It’s time for a balanced documentary telling the entire story of the Native American people and their history. Highly educated Native Americans have written excellent histories but they are always left out if it’s a balance one. As far as children crying being sent to boarding school, it was the same for the whites. It was a different world then. A much harsher one for everyone.
Louis Gunn
Isn’t there still one in Riverside CA? That’s why you got the multi-tribal pow wows in LA.
Terry The dragon
Let’s also not forget what’s been happening in Mexico during all these years…our natives have been victims ever since those Spanish came and currently suffer neglect from Mexicans as well
Three different boys all losing their legs in the exact same fashion?? There’s something very sinister that happened right there…🤢
Amna Dhifaoui
If feel so sorry for the natives of America. I’m from Tunisia but we all know history. I read that they were known for their honesty. The natives of America are now the less likeable in America while they are living in their land. Love and respect to all of you wherever you are 🌹
Its a shame that these beautiful people got cleansed away like they where nothing.
They tried to erase Our cultures…but couldn’t, that tells them that We Are Strong and they will Never erase Our cultures….Never. We Indigenous People walk upon the path that our ancestors laid before Us and Father Sun shines down upon that path for our hearts to see. We are one with Our Mother Earth, She cradles Us as we lay upon Her as She blankets Us with the heavens. My Brothers and Sisters, be Happy, be Proud, be Thankful that We are Blessed by from the East, West, North, South, the Upper, and Lower…and the Blessings of Our Ancestors.
david morrill
One gentleman in this documentary stated we can start to make things better with an apology. I Hereby state i am sorry for the cruelty and injustice done to the native americans!. All humans must be mindful that all humans are capable of victimizing other humans. We all must aware of this and pray for guidance to treat all people with love and dignity. I would like to ask any indigenous Americans what would be good mascot names for teams. I understand That terms like redskins are horrible ways to denote steam. As a white person I always thought naming steam after brave corragious worriors as complimentary. I however am begin g to understand the feeling vs of Native Americans
Mary Ackley
This makes me weep this was cruel the terrible injustice to children they took their freedom and childhood away from them why would they cut their hair off and the girls what a terrible thing it was a trauma they did awful things to the native nations im so ashamed of it all. The trail of tears how could the President at that time order such a horrible thing. America owes them all of the nation’s back improve their lives
Troy Te Mana
E tangi ana taku ngakau ki a koe. My heart weeps for you. Similar has happened here in Aotearoa New Zealand.
What we know Now, is that “The Man” was the one needing Saving and assimilating!!!! Had THAT occurred, we would have all Transcended by now. THEY were in tune with their Souls sovereignty and Oneness with ALL. WE SHOULD have looked to them for How to Live Life fully. We MUST grow and expand our Consciousness! As Einstein says, You cannot fix a problem at the level of consciousness that created it. It’s truly that simple, and that difficult.
Don’t call these “schools”
Annette Nelson
What happened to all Indians was a terrible thing. To this day, they are still getting a raw deal from the government. Indians and their way of living and how they look is a very beautiful thing. I envy them in every way.
Sandra Dent
Totally and absolutely horrible! While there were a few that believed they were doing “good” the results can never be undone, nor should this ever be forgotten.
Kevin Suarez
How sophisticated and elegant this native American looks on the left and how ordinary in the conformist picture on the right.
Blonded M8
our ancestors are in our DNA , within us.
Here in Canada, we are finding graves of indigenous peoples killed at residential schools every few weeks. Canada has a dark history.
I just wonder what it would be like today…if colonists just lived in harmony with these amazing people. The world would be such a better and more peaceful place. I’m so sorry this happened and the oppression continues. It sickens me that this has just been swept under the rug. We like to point fingers at Nazi Germany…well…we aren’t much better and did the same things. More than likely on an even larger scale, for much longer.
Dr Nobody
I’m reeeling after watching this. I was 8 in 1973 living in Buffalo Indiana eating Buffalo burgers and the hit song was “the ink is black, the page is white as we were taught to accept integration of blacks from abroad with whites, the native tribes were suffering so badly all around me and I had no idea how much. Why am I feeling the depths of shame and regret?
These boarding schools were totally disgusting…they physically mentally and sexuality abused these children as they were ripped sway from their families and culture and way of life…my heart breaks for these past native people..
Diane lindenberger
Wonderful video……Indians should be honored for their cultures…..
Ute J.K. Bemsel
The dark side of USA! Stay strong and safe!
Eye Sees
I don’t think I can watch this, it will make me too sad. The thumbnail picture breaks my heart.
Olga Jesus
I m not American either Indian but always have respect to Indian people i think it could be more to be done for those people who were severily damaged can avoid my sadness to what they do to all this humain being… 😢😢😢😢Be strong God is still with you😘…. Bless you.. Love you forever… 👍💖
Pat C
I’m Canadian. We are in distress about kids bodies in unmarked graves . Learning more and more. Were Catholic Churches involved?
Rashaun Jones
This happened worldwide, history attest to it
Cyn Sand
This is so devastating. It’s hurts.
anthony Alvarez
it is shameful of this country what it has done to children . The history should be taught correct. no matter what. We cant go forward towards a future , If we don’t know where we came from. help heal the wounds and the scars , But lest we forget the horror.
Joy Eyitsede
Can we please normalize the term European American
Truth Hurts
God how i cried. Make ill how crappy they have been to these poor people.
Foxy Ripley
What really happend to all thoose native indian children in Canada? Its been showed on the news here in Sweden, where I live, that they killed young children on bordings schools in Canada, and that they have found many bodies of theese children now in Canada, what happend with them, and how could they get away with that in Canada?? Its truly insane!!😯
They look so much better before they were changed. We Cajuns and Louisiana french had this happen to us too. I had a teacher say I spoke french Wrong. Plus we speak Choctaw french down here and so many of us have native blood in us. This makes me so very sad.
Asijah Ashley
The real natives deserved so much better. Now the man made natives get treated way better……. This world is so messed up 😔
Linden Hardy
What a sad, sad time in US history. To destroy the lives of those precious children. I know how it feels. I was sent to boarding school in South Africa, it was not a happy time in my life. My parents got divorced, I was just 8 years old. Bells rang for every task. Wake up, eat breakfast, go to school. Come back for lunch, go back to school, come back to the hostel. Polish your shoes, go outside, come and eat, do your homework, go to sleep. Everything was controlled by a bell. I am a white South African and also know oppression and sadness but our story is never told. My heart goes out to all children denied the right to a happy family.
and people are calling to ban CRT being taught in schools when it’s clearly not even taught in the first place 🤨
unapologetically me
If this shit doesnt break your heart no matter what ethnicity or religion you are, you arent human
Mik Be
O.m.g.g., they boys and girls were so handsome! Sympathies from Maastricht, Limburg Province, Kingdom of the Netherlands
Aren’t we whites an outstanding race? We seem to think anyone who isn’t white is somehow “less”, and we need to do something about it. We’ve done it to people all over the world. It’s so sad the pain we’ve inflicted, and continue to inflict.
Carla Smith
My mom worked in a mostly Native American community so I knew about the boarding schools. It is a low point in American History. I wish black Americans were able to keep some of their pride. We are educated in all black schools with all black teachers and don’t have any connection with our African roots because we have been totally assimilated. It’s sad to see young people be racist in this day and age. I know kids are cruel and will find anyway to push your buttons. Of course they go with the physical first.
Guido Duh
Spaniards took a whole different approach for assimilation of Native peoples in the former Spanish Empire.
Rene Uriarte Jr
It’s a crying ass shame. The American way… smh. How can a people be proud when this is what their history is… what was done to my family and all of our native elders and ancestors is beyond my comprehension… they did to us what the European did to them.. and yet it is considered to be OK and fine. My o’odham people will never forget. We have been here since time immortal. My mom aunts uncle and grandparents told us stories of what they had to endure at Fort apache boarding school and then later went to Sherman Indian schools. Glad to see my relation mentioned in this video Mr ira Hayes. They were robbed and forced to forget their Himdaq… “way of life” crying ass shame…. ani onk akimel o’odham “I am the salt river people” ani tohono o’odham “I am the desert people” ani pii:passh “I am Maricopa”. Ani wisag a’an “I am hawk feathers” stay strong, and stay proud. Forever America will be native country
Sophie Jones
This thumbnail is worth 2,000 words easily. On one side a proud man, on the other a broken man. It is normal and healthy for cultures to mix when they meet. But that is not what happened here. “Labor Conquers”. Remind you of anything? Never forget that what happened in America did not stay in America.
My mother was adopted. I never got to learn about my heritage.
Sheryll Fougere
It’s time to start searching the grounds near these schools in USA. If Canada has multiple graves then it stands to reason there are even more buried in USA.
Laurie Pierce
The code talkers are heros !!!!
Dang this happened all over the world from reading these comments that’s why we All need to stick together as poc
Terry Sigmon
Native Americans African Americans and the Jewish Comunities have been persecuted so badly. It’s embarrassing how cruel people can be. When it’s all said and done God almighty will judge everyone.
Anneliese uwu
my grandpa would always tell me stories about what he went threw he once said they made him eat soap.
jjd jj
And suicde is very high on reservations due to historical trauma
not an excuse but this was a cultural thing and in the 1950’s Margaret Meade pointed out they were different not “wrong”. One of the first cartoons I remember seeing was people being boiled in a “caldron” in Africa. There was a lot of fear going around. Even in our Canadian grandmother who was English thought I should go away to a “better” school. Luckily my French Canadian father did not. Young children need all the love they can get. As it was we were not wealthy but had enough to make an honest living and help a few others along the way. Conformity was “big” in those days. My mother was sick all of my childhood . I remember how sad “being different” felt. There was a lot of bullying although we didn’t have that name for it.
cherryz thebean
Irl I am naive they had no right to do that!
heidi Elizabeth
Thats why I say All lives matter. So many people from all over the world went through and are going through pure hell and it’s not talked about today. I pray that our nation comes together ❤
If the Great Spirit would have desired me to be a white man, he would have made me so… Words to live by
Javier Silcock
I am mixed with African-American 41% Native American 41% Choctaw and I am also 7% Mexican
Sade M
Please correct me if I’m wrong but I thought Peter Coyote was not Indigenous. He’s made peyote a huge part of his life which I think is fine but has he been “adopted” into an Indigenous group?
Dav K
This video made me cry 😭😢innocent peoples kids 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭
Jaedin Medicine Elk
shouldve just left my grandmothers and grandfathers alone. #WeStillHere
Meserbee Chek
Social outcastes were viewed differently in a larger groupings. Sick people were treated as sick. Maybe that was the difference? If whites brought death and illness they also became responsible for a remedy. If native peoples felt there was something to be gained in adapting this was a new reason. The confusion came in the shock of the system that developed. Previously controlled individuals now had full rights. Western medicine just recently identified schizophrenia and created treatments to stave off if not attempt to manage the effects which led to ensuing suffering. Love is the miracle and cure.
Jason Gray
Here in Canada they were known as Residential schools
Stephanie Anderson
I think what was done in the past it’s not being undone.. I think any student that is from a tribe should understand the language or the language will be forgotten.. as far as the Washington Redskin goes I like their name I think native Americans got it wrong Redskins are warriors every single Redskin person I know have had a fight for their rights to be a Redskin warrior.. so I think they took something good and they kind of turned it around to make it negative but really I would be proud to have a team named after the Redskin.. they’re trying to acknowledge the Indian.. and it’s unfortunate that they lost that name cuz I would be proud to be a Redskin you know what I mean 💯❤️
Get Out movie reminds me of this type of gentrification and forced integration. Sad thing is, people actually experienced this.
Celine Ghiara
How could christians do this to fellow human beings and call themselves followers of Christ, who commanded us to love our neighbours??? Where were the bishops and the hierarchy? Allowing this great sin .?
Ian Melonie
So sad we all treated the Native people like this I including Australian Aborigines and all island invaded by the UK
Betty Houk
Humanity grows not only in spirit but intelligently the more we combine ALL OF MANKIND NO MATTER OUR ETHNIC GROUPS ! One Ethnic Group IS NOT SUPERIOR THEN OTHER ETHNIC GROUPS ! We each have wonderful cultural costumes that should be preserved ! We have to learn each person Is important to all Humanity! ❤️ 😇 to each and everyone of you wherever you are on this Beautiful Planet OUR MOTHER EARTH 🌍🌎🌏 🕊
Debby Smith
These institutions were in Hawaii too, they came in the form of missionaries, they did some good things, but in reality they were assimilated into slaves.
Alexis M
I don’t think I’ve ever cried this much from a documentary. 💔
sandy Hossman
So sad the abuse, murder that happened at schools. Took all respect away from each child. When did these ” schools” close?
Jlopezj Jlopezj
I noticed that the European did this to many natives from all over this North American continent
The entire story of the Native Americans is one of the saddest in history. A peaceful, loving, egalitarian society burned to the ground and replaced with the most evil empire in modern times. Just devastating.
Sem Lam
They are so beautiful with their beautiful long black hair
The man that is Ute said he liked Thomas Jefferson? He Why as the architect of the Indian Removal act! Are you kidding me?! Also how would native imagery in sports be offensive? I’ve heard other native Americans say it’s not offensive. They appreciate the imagery because it draws focus to Native Americans. If the image was degrading then I can understand how it would be offensive but an arrow with the words Braves or a cheif doesn’t seem degrading. The one mom says it impacts children but didn’t explain how. The imagery shown was not degrading. I’m completely against all the unjust things that happened to our first peoples but my goodness I hope they study history a little deeper because Thomas Jefferson was not for Native Americans.
Margrit Piepes
That is utterly disgusting to push a person into something they are not I wish that the Natives of the US can go back they way it was before the white greenhorn came over they where way happier and FREE we all going to live like way back then if this keeps on going with the climate change . As we all can see it is actually to late already,I send good vibes to all natives
Sherry Gray
If i were born back then . I would help them
Lisa Kaye
My husband was born in 1958. He was raised by a white mother because his Native father left him at 2 years old. Sadly, he has 2 half brothers that the same was done to them too. It’s just sad that a Native man had the chance to raise 3 sons and walked away from them all.
My great grandmother was Passamaquoddy all my grand parents passed away before I was born 😢
Denisa Bellová
Native american will come back one day.
Hashem Quaisi
There is confusion that the Native Americans are Spanish because they speak Spanish. Knowing that the nation from which these peoples came is the nation of the Turks. It is one of the nations of the earth. The origins of the inhabitants of America or the American Indians came from central Central Asia, which is the land of the Turks, from Mongolia and Kazakhstan through Siberia to Alaska, which is a natural extension of Siberia.
Dan Thomas
American exceptionalism at it most ruthless. This is the saddest story I’ve ever heard.
The boarding school system was (still is) disgusting! … BTW: I’m shocked to see the before boarding school and after boarding school photos of the native Indians… Their skin turned from brown to almost white (were they kept inside all the time)? They sadly seemed to have lost most of their melanin! 😥
Rick Robitaille
Having you’re voice silenced is for no man🇨🇦
Javier Silcock
Native tribe should be respected because the Native Americans were the first ones here I don’t know what my grandma went through but I assure you it must not of been good
Dexter Bernard
My maternal grandmother was of Blackfeet ancestry.
Li Sh
I wish I have a supernatural power to save all these innocent children out of that hell🥀… the least thing that the governments that caused this is to admit the harm they caused and try to fix it , instead they keep glorifying and lecture about the misery of Jewish Holocaust and ignore the indigenous people basic rights…
Multifaceted Multifaceted
I hope to see an indigenous American sitting in the White House. A true and benevolent leader.
Susana Wyatt
This might just be me but I feel like not enough people know about this
i didn’t know these existed till i was 13
Ela Vke
Didn’t know those schools still existed in the 70s that wasn’t in our history books
Wolfgang John
What have they done with your people? I an so sorry! From Germany!
Garrett Mills
I’ve always wondered, do you think the ppl that came up with the Boarding Schools, and the Priests and Nuns that were in charge of them went to heaven?
chn nnnj1 ,'
“God loved us so much, when we were still sinners, that He decided to give up His son so that we could be saved. Jesus Christ endured all the pain and the suffering, so that we could be redeemed from our sins. Jesus had every single person, past, present and future, in mind when He chose to make that sacrifice. This is why we are able to identify as children of God. This is why we have eternal life. Dear God, I thank you for your Son, Jesus Christ, and the fact that He is the reason I have been saved from eternal damnation. Thank you, Father, that I am justified and redeemed thanks to your Son. Were it not for your great act of love, Lord, I fear to think of where I would be. Thank you, Lord, that that is a future I do not need to worry about. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16
Doris Smith
You have nothing to be ashamed are beautiful people.
My mom and all her brothers and sisters went to Sherman in Riverside,CA But had that not have happened she would’ve never met my dad when she later moved to Los Angeles after leaving Sherman 😬
I don’t know how anyone can make fun of such people. They are the whole package.
Danny Palmer
Im Native and nobody gonna change me to somthing im not!!
Brigitte Beltran
Aren’t we doing the same thing in Afghanistan and Iraq?????
Es Pr
A tragedy of huge proportions.
Catherine Mont Blanc
American natives are NOT “ people of colour “ but Native Americans, all the way from Argentina to Alaska! I am a quarter Native American from Colombia ( South America)
Joni English
So much for the home of the free.
Norma Forsyth
I can’t even finish watching this. The pictures alone crush me.
Anna Michaelsdottir
WE need to forgive for what we did.
Tom Zitting
So sad forced to comply
Epic Ellen
What right had white Dutch, French, English and Irish men and women walk into a foreign country and force these gentle peace loving people change the way they dress, look, study, hunt, play and speak. They were only protecting their families and food just like any country folk did, and still do. it’s absolutely unbelievable when you think about it. Never felt comfortable watching cowboy and Indian films as a child. And of course the winners are the ones who write history. Whether it’s true or not.
Rebecca Bersagel
Such a terrifically horrible part of American history. I was born in North Dakota and spent the majority of my school years in South Dakota so fairly familiar with these events but I still cannot fathom how anyone could ever do such things to others. I don’t feel our governments have ever really sought to honestly make amends but then how can amends ever really happen when our country still exhibits such awful racism? Our country is still (if not more as we’ve seen lately) poisoned by racism, greed, and other forms of elitism. We should take a lesson from our indigenous populations who existed here for far longer than we’ve had this land, what a mess we are making without knowing how to respect and honour every living thing.
J S.
Thier before & after pictures, display lifelessness in their eyes after…the European settlers stripped them of their little spirit’s. May God avenge ALL the children that have been robbed of their life.
It is a Terrible Crime to try to Westernize Native American Indians! My Grandfather was 1/4 Cherokee and proud to Admit it. I Consider it an honor to have Cherokee in my Ancestry. The happiest moment and fondest memory of my Childhood is when I Did a Ritual Dance with an Indian Chiefs son! It was in the Mid 70’s in Cherokee North Carolina, I was 5 and the Boy was 5. After we Danced in the Circle he was so Excited to tell his dad that I did the Ritual Dance correctly. Remembering back when we joined the Circle it came Naturally to me, like I had done it before. Recently I had a Vision of being in a Teepee with my Indian Ancestors. They Spoke in Cherokee and English telling me to Take care of the Earth, the Animals, and my Body. I Felt like they were my Family and it was Like I was really there!
Ask non-white Americans about their family’s experiences in the U.S. and just listen. Don’t try to debate or make it better. Just listen and absorb what is being said.
eva Garcia
Trying to make u useless in both worlds so u won’t survive either one
This is so sad. Deliberate attempts to strip indigenous people of their identity (for their own good they say). The missionaries did it with the San people of Namibia, and now the San people are left in the limbo.
JapaneseCloud JapaneseOpinion
Was this process similar to what now the CCP (Chinese Government) is doing against the Uyghurs?
Willette Brown
I am so sorry that 😢 PEOPLE WERE TREATED SO HORRIBLE, as was slavery!! HORRIBLE may GOD forgive the hurt and emotional pain 💔 can still be felt generations later!! I will always remember a native PINE RIDGE, sister and her family, I am black and she and I bounded one summer!! How sweet that the MOST HIGH allowed us to meet share love for a period of time!! I will carry her in my heart ❤ and prayers!💝
Robert Arnold
This is a tragedy. However, paying millions and millions of dollars in reparations is clearly not the way to do things now. I don’t claim to have the answers but things are not working for anyone these days.
Assimilation is the modern education system.
M Resa
I’m so sorry, my heart is with you. I hope this country didn’t do what Canada did to your children. I don’t get it “People of color “. WHITE IS A COLOR TOO.
Antoinette Farrugia
The Jewish `always complains about what happens to them and these people never opened their mouth and erase history it brings tears to my eyes and so heartbreaking!
Toma Mat
Matthew 7:21-23 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
svt vda
The catholic so called ” teachers” are so ruthless, cruel and full of vengeance. Really don’t understand the hatred towards the still growing and developing minds… They ARE relatively innocent depending on their age🤷
Katrina Rosetta
To rip children away from there familys….is really mean…
Hashem Quaisi
The facts that were obliterated by the American and European media by historians that after the fall of Andalusia, which was ruled by the Arabs in 1492, discoveries were made, as the Europeans claim, and among these facts is that Sultan Muhammad al-Mali, the greatest Muslim sultan in Africa, went to America with 1,000 ships for this continent. 400 years before Columbus, most of the inhabitants of America were Muslims, and there was intermarriage between them and the Indians
Amy Poucher
This isn’t in history books because it’s shameful and I think that makes it worse for the indigenous people today to forgive. How are we ever going to understand and have compation if we didn’t even know it happened. It kinda makes me mad I have lived in MT my hole life my best friend is indigenous and I learned about residential schools from tick tock. Erasing it doesn’t make it go away it just makes the rest of us look like we’re heartless assholes that don’t care about thier suffering.
Leah Phillips
Some people call us “Indians” umm you can call us natives indigenous First Nation
Keren Badach
Christianity is guilty of so much abuse in the world since the beginning of time from crusades, inquisition , there is not a place in the world where they did not rape , steal or manipulate , to get more power and more wealth . Lots of strength to all tribes and your rebirth be successful . the planet needs this spiritual journey ! Respect et force a votre peuple 🙌🏼
Charles in Charge
Jesse Lee Peterson needs to see this. He’s always mocking native Americans and says bad things about them
Chris Huston
I think they look more beautiful with their long black hair, and with their skin darker from being outside in the sun.
These people are still alive. Relatively Young How do people continue to say this stuff is in the past?
Celine Ghiara
As a Christian I beg forgiveness of the indigenous people. Jesus would want us to do this. Lord please forgive these people who oppressed these native people.
Glenn Reed
that why leonard peltier still sittin in prison obama
As a white person I have sooooo much respect and love for indigenous people. I am in disbelief that people would try to take away so many beautiful customs and cultures. I will forever be so very sorry to all the indigenous people😭 they deserve so much more
brake chamber
It’s called Catholic Boarding Schools not Native American Boarding school. The Tribes of GAD and REUBEN.
Leigh Saldivar
That’s just sad 😞
Nick Gasparas
What a great thing that was done to bring the Indian up to date with the rest of the world.
suldaan Mahamed
Native american strong people they are real American white people takeing native american children to boarder school teach to speak English forget they culture i respect native american also geronimo the legend
Unlimited Perseverance
so….. how are the Native Americans doing today? has life become better for them?
Jackson Harlem
The narrator doesn’t even MENTION the immediate kidnapping and murdering “settlers” and “explorers” did which is the BEGINNING of the history. You’ve discredited your very channel by hiding documented truth. Sad, disgusting, and actually surprising. But the Ute gentleman did describe this in the beginning of the film.
Karendal Sadik
Oh my goodness Amanda! I never knew how beautiful you are!
Danielle Rawlins
There’s nothing wrong with the Indian religion spirituality I’m heart broken 💔from las vegas yes we are vegae strong be safe water is life
Kendra Lisle
I have a long time ago acquaintance who would be in his 90s today if he is still alive. He does not know what tribe he is from. His grandmother went to the Indian schools and so did his mother. Never allowed to speak or do anything of their heritage, they forgot what tribe they came from. He knew he was part French from his grandpa and part Scottish from his dad, but no idea of his Native culture. I have a grandpa who was 1/4 or 1/2 Cherokee, so I understood from my Mom’s stories how that happened. He had a book of the old photos taken in the 1800s of various tribal people. From those photos, and from what school his grandma attended, he guessed he was possibly Northern Cheyenne from facial bone structure. I never got over how sad that story was. This is real but we can move on and become successful because that determination to survive lies deep within. Blessings and deep healing to every Native who reads this. My heart is with you.
Steph G
People talking about black people and slavery….. This is tragic. Why doesn’t anyone talk about this?
Christopher M
Treatment of Native Americans and Native Canadians has always been unforgivable, and continues!!!
Swan Lake Lady
I live on the grounds that what was once The Intermountain Indian School in Utah. Many of the former students still live here in the area and they were grateful for the chance to have an education.
Patricia Murphy
This makes me really sad. I have Cherokee in me. The schools today need to teach this so it doesn’t happen again!!!
Non native American should pay tribute (fund) to evey native Americans. Few white Americans today acting like they’re native to America when they tell Asian people to go back to their counties.
Believe in Yourself
Look what happened with the Indian children in Canada. It happened in America too. So sad! I live on soil that the Indians lived on so many years ago. The two rivers Scioto and Olentangy are named after the Indian Tribes surround my town. I am so sorry the White man did this to all of you.
Artemis Sadlier
So, when you compare the students who went to these schools to the ones who did not, how do their lives compare now? It was terrible to take children from their families and villages, but as some said there were some advantages. Education is imperative to pull people out of poverty. I’m so happy to see that a good education, without discrimination or abuse, is offered to our Native Americans who choose to go.
Nel Pe
You have smart kids? Don’t think you only have smart kids but look at how you indigenous people lived bevor, in harmony with nature. THAN the smart white man came, brought the concept if rubbishhills, “white supremacy”, money that in the long run turned out be destructive to most that it touched, materialism,….! You indigenous people are amazing & we white people can learn A LOT from you (in my humble opinion). I deeply apologise for the destructive force that we brought upon you, our cherished brothers & sisters!💔💔💔
tok pek
I observed that these natives can speak English which they would not have been able to if they had not attended the school. Possibly this enable them to get jobs outside of the reservation after they left the schoool. Without the master of english, many would have been left behind.
Michael Matanovich
Paved with good intentions.
Thylias Moss
My Father’s Native background!
Fanny Veronica Gutierrez
I have a Yaqui blood from Sonora Mexico …how can I dig in to find out my heritage.
Adolfo Hidalgo
repeat after me: Residential School cemeteries are not mass graves.
Kayla Hawkins
Breaks my heart, im so sorry. If anyone would love to share thier stories on my youtube channel, I love that.
Somebody got hell to pay when the time comes I’m sick to my stomach as I hear this horrible horrible crime on kids and human beings oh what a web we weave and what we sew you shall reap in the Bible do not lie and all the suff that they have done they might be on the road to die what a sad sad sack of people to do something like that to other people and mainly children 😭👹
Ann Seeton
My grandmother could not tell what tribe her grandmothers were. They were beautiful women. I see them in my face and my other grandmother in my coloring.
Deep Blue
Unbelievable to read those comments still trying to justify what happened to those innocent children.
Lois Cashner
The teams are associating themselves with the name red skins, there is really no need to feel it is a put down to the Indian people. Just my comment to help you understand if possible. No disrespect meant . I lived on the Pima Indian Reservation. Ira Hays died just a few miles from my home as a child.
Why don’t they talk about where native boarding schools still open today? Is it not true?
Pax et bonum
Cruel what they done to the Indian nation.
Frank Hartman
I have alot of friends that served in Afghanistan and the Americans would try to give the different tribesmen money and other things but they refused it because they didn’t like our culture
Imomify Support
Idk why but when she said all 3 boys lost their legs, I thought the school did it because they ran.
Alex Klatt
There is only one race, the Human Race! We are all brothers & sisters!!!
Grace t
So sorry you went through a hard time ! Revelation 5:7… And He came and took the book out of the right hand of Him who sat on the throne…8… When He had taken the book, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each one holding a harp and golden bowls of incense, which are the prayers of the saints…9…And they sang a new song, saying, ” Worthy are You to take the book and to break it’s seals; for You were slain, and purchased for God with Your blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation.
Renee Lanier
This is absolutely horrendous!!!!!!! The same thing was done to my people, the CAJUNS!!!!
Danny Palmer
I wanted to go fishing and hunting and stay on the land! I didnt want to go school around ugly mean peaple! I loved the land and birds and my animals!
I first saw this on an episode of Ann of Green Gable a new show on Netflix. This is disgusting the have scattered and destroyed legacies, all for greed.
Americans need to stop this (my ppl your ppl) thing to see eachother equal🤷‍♂️
Janel Denny
Sad. Breaks ones heart
Chubbs -The Chubby Ninja
i am a native american girl, i didn’t go through those things, and i never learned these things. america wants to erase us.
Every time I hear the word “savage” being thrown around, I kind of shudder a bit…
Peter van der Vlies
Crying shame ,what they did to this beautiful people. And still do!!!!
Live From Planet Earth
GOD is Awesome like there’s many different Asians, there’s different types of native people.
Andrew French
#WeAreStillHere ✊🏽🪶🟡⚫️🔴⚪️🪶✊🏽
Predom Kevin
Thanks 😊 touching
uzbekistan siberia
DAMN! hard. now what? what should we do to have solidarity and to help revive and recover for them?
Tshering Phuntsho
When I am student in year 1993 till 1998 too had very bad and worst beating from teachers.
Elizabeth Smith
Raise your voices that this never happens again do not be silenced. How many children died and were are they? Do not be silent.
Jernigan Inc
I am Mississippi choctaw and proud of the use of U.S us
Lisa Guinn
This is SAD! When Everyone talks of history no one really mentions this part they left this out!? My dad has black feet or Blackfoot Indian my mother was part Cherokee Indian but I don’t know how because I came out blonde and blue eyes and my dad has dark brown hair darker skin and dark brown eyes everybody’s dead! So I don’t have any way of asking questions but this pissed me off knowing they put people to school taking them away from other people for no reason!!!!!!!!!!🤯🤬
Ben T Franklin
I never understand people who refuse to change . I mean would you really want to look like a savage forever and ever?????
Jackie Jackson
These people have a very cruel and dirty way of dealing with people then they critique other countries. My good grief.
See “Children of Giant” same type stuff with Mexican American Children. Every immigrant from anywhere is expected to assimilate to what is a essentially a class system, once that’s what got in.
Wild Bill
It’s upsetting that they just let that happen! That shit wouldn’t fly today! Come knocking on my door and we’re going to have problems!
I cried for all these kids who were destroyed. T I got to say Forest S Cuch was unaware that Thomas Jefferson was not only a vicious slave owner but a pedophile no different than the people who assimilated these kids Even the Dine elder talked about the devil named Washington coming across the ocean We have to reject all things European
waaaaaaaah! im great honour to see this video.
Peg Kilday
Let’s hope all those trying to rewrite history by smashing statues and denying things learn from this.
jjd jj
What about the one in south dakota?
Hau, Anpetu waste! We’re still standing strong in the Lakota Sicangu tribe!
Lady M2
You accepted the role and had to pay the toll!
My great great grandmother ran from Carlyle.
Cathi Hargaden
Hey I signed up to do an american Studies degree in the 1980’s with my prime focus being the Native american Indians – do you know what they told me – oh no we wont be studying them – we start when the Pilgrims arrived from the UK!!!Totally disappointed and a huge error of the University of Sussex!
Amie Castillo
My sister and I are like day and night but our mother is the same mother. We are chickasaw native. Our mother is dark my sister is dark I am blue eyes and red blonde but tan skin light color. I want to say I identify as native like my mother her side raised us thats what I am. The world only sees my skin like just like the world only sees my mothers.
Celtic Fairie
i lived in Americafor a few years before coming home. i noticed these native indian names on sports teams itd not right unlesss the team is all native indian. i find it offensive too espeially after what the country did to your people.
Christine deGarmo
Talk about discrimination! Shameful and sad. The Holocaust, slavery and on and on, why do humans do this to each other?! 🤬
Bonnie Boyce
I am apache and mohican and this saddens me
Tora Tora
same thing the british did in india. it still carries that mentality
Dilan Anonymous last name
I just watched Invasion of the body snatchers I cant see much of a difference between what the Whites did and how the aliens assimilated/exterminated the humans in that film.
Deo and Brenda Reger
If it were left up to me, we would still be the 13 original colonies. I would have looked at those first set of mountains and said…”oh he!! no” an went back home.
Thomas Wieser
I thought my Polish ancestors had it bad during the Polish Partitions of the 1800s and World War II. #RozbioryPolski #boghonorojczyzna #JeszczePolskaniezginęła #katynmassacre #volhyniamassacre
Brits/crown used to do that all the time everywhere, our British heritage…
Mamta Kumar
Sometimes I think to send my daughter abroad for studies but how….
denny tuma
all in the name of god
Astrid Pleij
It was a horrible crime what the government did to the native people
Ani Mcmillan
Yes it was ethnic cleansing.
Kim Evans
Not much difference with the treatment of African Americans and Native Americans. In my family we are mixed with both.
SateliteMike DataPro
In Canada we sent the kids a thousand miles away from their families.
Wandering Free
God, we suck! What an amazing people they are.
Teri De Medeiros
Same in Canada. Now their finding mass unmarked graves across Canada at residential schools.
Evelyn Cameros
This is so sad!!! U.S Is their land. Why would they treat these beautiful, wise people, so horribly. I hope those instructors, teachers are burning in hell
Star Gazer
Native Americans and Hawaiians What a tragedy .
Oh I thought this only happened in Canada.
Punjabi university Get educated
same thing happening to Punjabis now
Levi 1
Why is the comment section OFF on most of these documentaries? This is so annoying . “History can no longer be hidden. These Native Americas are the rightful owners of Las Americas.”
There is no justice, only greed
Kristi Shepherd
Another disgusting thing regarding language is how filthy English is. They have taken words (sounds/vibration) from earlier languages and make them filthy. I couldn’t imagine being a child during this. I remember going to church and being told my parents were all damned to hell. It’s awful.
barbie holmes
this type of abuse was to break a person mind and mental thinking sad
xV o Fusions
that was worded wrong it should have said the thieves have arrived not settlers
Letha Meinhart
Yes this is stories papa told me in Kansas
Humanity wins
I am actually tired of them saying “European”. They were Brits. Noone else. The white German farmers of the Black Forest – just as an example – had nothing whatsoever to do with it and certainly would have had no understanding for such a venture. The Royal Dynasties of Great Britain mandated this, including all the atrocities.
angela nadeau
Unbelievable. Closed in 1990!??
Speak Life
What happened to the videos of the royal family who went to the kamloop and children went missing???
Letha Meinhart
Forget what ,what happened and how to forget, no this lady words made me sweat and get mad the elderly lady
Adele nasha
Notice how no one talks about the first people here notice how they don’t talk about that we were the first slaves in the Americas notice how they don’t talk about out wars out heroes our everything even our cities
Haylee Pearson
and now hearing those poor babies were buried… this is malicious…
Julie Henderson
I wonder if the three boys who ran away had their legs permanently damaged so they would not try to leave again…..
Kathryn Raven
Languages, there were hundreds!
D. Virgallito
Forgive Us! Our ancestors were horrid in their beliefs.
Everything that does not united us divides us. Weather it be lack of respect of our differences or the insistence that we are different. We can never be one one people when all we see is the differences. Why do we lack the ability to see what is the same; love peace joy. Why does it always have to be; greed, hate and conflict. Before Europeans ever landed in this place tribes only seen difference and attacked and killed each other. In Europe the people there did the same and in Africa and Asia as well. When will we learn?
donna diroma
Omg,,,1973 ? 1973 ? Im speechless ! It didnt close till 1990 ? 1990 ! 1990 ! Whats shocking about these dates is by this time we should know better,,,we did we knew better than to do this ! My own kids were almost 20 ! Wth ? There is no excuse fir this
Cathi Hargaden
wow social distancing disconnected peoples heritage – the anglo and europeans did the same to the irish culture-its a repeated eugenics problem that keeps on going and today is no different – 2021
RG1 WhiteyWins
This is the most hideous thing besides slavery. And for those who did it, it did nothing to bring Native people to faith in Jesus Christ. Same with Mother Theresa in India. Such a disgusting shame.😭🤮😭
jack barton
They should remove adds on videos like this
Sarah Mobroten
My grandmother was sent to Haskell.
… educating us until we are dead, culturally cleansing, physically removing us.
American history is one long dark chapter
Kaya Nurshiya
Good god not only their clothing has changed after the transformation but also their skin colour! The first pictures they look darker than the pictures after they were assimilated. And until this day we are doing this same ish ☹️.
Gomez Addams
I know all of this that were being shown. I Know Much More Than This. But even in knowing I still had to take breaks. The pain is so new they’re still people that don’t even have a front door they have a blanket. They have to wait for water if it shows up they lose their crops around animals and their tiny little houses made of whatever they could find. That made for strong and resilient people but that can come from respect not from abuse.
Deborah Perry
They tried to erase them. Sickening.
paul hoover
Comply or else… That’s all they do, if one fights them your in the wrong if you chop against the grain…
Very sad , and same treatment or worse in Across Canada ) :
Jane Doe
study the photo at 1:00 – can anyone find a single child smiling? omg
T_ man
Where there any differences between the ones in Canada and the ones in the US
Ela Vke
It’s ok to cry ma’am. You have NOTHING to be sorry for.
Society is Pathetic Death is Magnetic
All apart of the plan for them to disqualify their status as a recognized tribe. Because that w