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anirban sen

My home town is in koderma. So many illegal Mica mining is happening. Even the local administration knows everything. Big thanks to Aljazeera for making such a nice documentary as no other Indian media has done so far.
Maninder Pal Singh
INDIAN media will never show this , if it does in some way ,then hope that the content shown is ‘real’
Husam Al Araj
I was not sure who’s to blame here until I read the comments! The Indian government is the one to blame here!
Boqor radio
As much I would be happy to see the village get their living from the mines, I’m not happy the conditions of mines . Make it legal, improve the conditions and improve the price for the miners to make a good living
This is the real India, which politicians & indian media, wants to hide from everyone including all indians.
Sagar Senapati
Al-Jazeera is doing an amazing work on our country. Only if it could upload proper subtitles. It would be enough for me. And again, thanks for showing us the truth about cosmetics.
n PM Modi’s ambition is to make them poor and dependent on Corporate..
Katrina V.
I truly feel for those beautiful children.. I mean my heart aches for all the people who mine, but the children tug at my heart strings the most.
Minh Ho
thank u 4 informing us @ mica mining , n its use of children to do it. it is enlightening, n educational. we do not get any coverage by d mainstream media on subjects important as this. i believe it is d responsibility of d mainstream media to make us aware of what is happening in our world.
Aditya Prabhakar
These resources or gifts of nature sometimes becomes curse to the people living there
Kapil Sharma
Why india media don’t make these type of documentary……
Please make different channels for these kind of shows so that we could get it on time.
Harson auto
great work done by yours team but im sure indian govt still sleeping becouse we suffer from corruption from many years love from india …….
Miss Pocket
DW Documentaries posted about this yesterday with the exact same footage. I’m confused.
Biggest problem of india is inequality Utherpradesh , Bihar, jharkhand, odisha, bangal, madyapradesh combined to form 70% poor of india…
nar cruz
Wow this is very valuable information..a very interesting fact that this rhingbhappens…the eagle hunter.
Money is more important than human life. Humans is the cheapest resource on earth and there is an never ending source of humans. Greed is always ugly!
Mansoor Ali
Everything is Corrupt. That guy who denied that children don’t work in mines. The organisation in Merek. First and foremost is our government.
Rockin Piano
I’m Indian this our culture we are great full about our culture
i seen this on dw documentary do they share the networking?
Mohit Singh
Jharkhand is king of mica production. But still it is poor state 😢 because of corruption. Shameful
Dede Jekson
sub 1 terjemah dan transkrip aja
Muriel Kramer
It is a structural problem, with many indian politicians (in the ministry of children and women) even refusing to acknowledge the existing of child labour
Richard's World
All of the workers said they have to do this or have no food. I’m not sure which is worse, kids working, or kids not having food to eat. It is the government’s responsibility to help their citizens having meaningful employment.
Sushant sharma
Yeah…that’s my cousin chetan. He unloads truck come from Rajasthan Bhilwara and he owns his exports of mica
Tody Rodgers
This country needs to fix a lot of things. I remember going there once, I still get nightmares.
Reuben Papang
This is the real India. We can only compete with Pakistan and other poor countries. Poverty, is the real India
I just want NEED AN UPDATE ON THE FAMILY…MAY GOD BLESS THEM WITH LOTS OF FOOD AND MONEY. WE IN AMERICA TAKE SO MUCH FOR GRANTED I HOPE THIS YEAR WAKES EVERYBODY UP. Also I hope you guys left them food and didn’t just get an interview and bounced knowing they’re pure bones .. this is so sad may god seriously bless them and every family that needs a blessing.
Vinayakan Sajeev
Right to education is a fundamental right in my country of India but unfortunately the infamous varana/ caste system dominates the constitution in most of northern part. Come to Kerala my state you can find beautiful India.
rajeev raj
They don’t have any other options for their daily needs.. So they do it.. Soon very soon government is going to offer lease for mica mines in koderma… Hope you understand
Brando Baranzelli is a gorgeous man
English Traveler
Well at lest it’s not only women working right?
Whose fault? The government! Spent so much on military and bragged to the world but do nothing to improve the infrastructure of their country! Just take for example street lights, look at the villages.
Michele Conley Eckert
Why dont they bring a shade tent, cardboard on sticks? They r all dressed so nice. I’ll be aware if my shimmer eye shadow now, I didbt know. I fill so bad. 🤔🤔
True North
Aljazeera, Did you get video footage from DW documentary? You have same video as them!
Indian From heart
This indian has to be blame for this Thanks for reporting
Donavan B LoForte RPN, RCRT, LCRT
I just watched the same doc on another channel. AJ is turning into a CNN. & THAT SUCKS
Sweet Meena
But this business is very famous in India and it’s for a long time I saw this from two Indian movies since early last year and one was an old movie
D Marion
As a child, I would have been content to work, for food.
hatate himekaidou the emo tengu
Beauty gurus should know that they are basically supporting this child labor and child abuse.
Deidra Dahl
Mica is a waste of money anyways, do not see why people NEED it, i take care of my needs, anything else is a want, never bought mica in my whole life, rather donate the money to help with the care of the kids
Youngest population in the world they say so what if we can’t provide food and jobs
Himanshu Shekhar
sad but reality of common people
Carlos GD
Excuse me, what is that map of India – where’s Arunachal Pradesh? Where’s Ladakh, Kashmir? I know you have an agenda but at least reflect reality
Zane Alam
extremely risky job
Teebox Box
India first aim should be poverty,not Ch’in or Pakistan!
Why this documentary doesn’t have views it deserves
Multatuli 19
we cannot eat nationalism, we can only eat rice, nationalism exists,when food is served on the table.
Shania Soon
The question is what can we do to help ???? People that are watching
Leah Montes
Child labor is often against the law but if they are under the supervision of their parents while working and they exercise due diligence and safety its ok for the kids to work , than see and watch them starving or doing robbery or prostitution..(mining is a better option)..
Govil Jagtap
Just copy paste from other channel news ,this story was covered long time ago ,
Vikrant Mahto
Though the issue is genuine but you have displayed Wrong map of India Aljazeera, It’s wrong to disrespect a country and hence you disrespect the people. I am reporting it
Mr Melody
11:32 thes 2 guys are murdered
I am definitely independent, yet I have never worn make-up and never will. I don’t even understand the concept of masking your own face, clog pores… For what? At the end of the day, you look like what you look like.
It is easy to make documents but they don’t know what is to be poor and hungers. Blocking top mean making more suffer for poorest who already suffer enough.. question government who doesn’t give dame for poor.
a community sitting on a literal gold mine or mineral opportunity but are all poor. so poor that the only source of work is illegal mining. so you want to stop the children from helping thier parrent mine the only thing they have left to feed themselves. so then they die off and laws are lifted and the mines open again. or is this story just made to make other mines outside of india more profitable. the real issue is not the children working in the mine but being so poor that it is necessary to do so. fix that issue of family working before fixing the fact that the mines are the only money around. hummmm
Syed Maricar
What ever said India will leap ahead.doesnt matter who runs the country company or world .
Syamsul Addenno
Look like you guys love to spread fake news as long get view. Shame on you for spreading fake news to Malaysia. Thought you turn off the comment so other people would not know the truth. Well u will be seeing me a lot in your other video.
Let modi destroy them 😂
Melissa WANG
Technologies destroy everything.
The biggest democratic country have failed it’s people, modi don’t want to know you if you don’t have money.
anshuman raj
Yhan saare gyan de rahe hai ye indian media kyon nahi cover karta … Bhai isme aisa kya hai jo tujhe nahi pta hai ya indian media ko nahi pta hai… Aur yhan kuch muslim modi ko blame kar rahe bhai tumlogo mei jitni population hoti jo gareeb hai hindu muslim sabme jisko doo waqt ki roti nahi milti woo kamate hai but…. Problem tab hota jab majdoori waali kaam hoti….. But ab log padhai ko value dena suru kar diye hai ab child labour ka problem kam hona suru ho gya
vikash mandal
Terrorist is more dangerous than micca… and try to show some positive side of India as there are many.. And be grateful that you are geeting freedom to report unlike China
India is really great. It’s a free country and allow free press. Real freedom to bring this documentary.
I will never buy Chanel anymore.
they say every month 10 to 20 people die well thay could donate the body parts of them for their own good along with people really need it (if they did tell me rich)
Naga Boy
Islmaic Jazeera correct the Indian map
Jerry Tiong
i don’t blame it on Mica, i blame it on poverty. If nobody want mica these poor still end up with the same situation or worst. I say India government better give free condom out to solve poverty and over population.
No Name
Indian: worships cows Also Indian: Mentions drinking milk at 23:14
Neo Matrix
DW news has already covered it . then what is the need of copying it.
Trick Shotz
Im poor (woman wearing 3 gold bracelet)
Leah Montes
It sad to see than their without slippers or at least a rubbershoes to protect their feet from heat but at the same time at the very young age they work to help feed their families to lessen starvation…this kids are great in their little ways by working hard to survive.hope there will be more blessing that will comes their ways everyday .
fully dunce
Do wait it’s now a bad thing to work hard for hate hours a day ask the people in America how many hrs a day they work and how hard they work
Asif Masroor
The only thing you will achieve by showing this is that these company will stop doing business with these poor people. As bad as child labor is, it is not worse than child starvation. The solution will be providing better and safer equipments to these poor miners and let them sell Mica directly to companies like Merck so that their life condition improves. Or the middle men, who are buying these for pennies and selling them for hundreds, should be forced to share their profits with these poor miners.
The Prussian
I mean theirs still slavery in the middle east and africa
Medico and You
And India was dreaming to work out a trade agreement with EU. Don’t your poor Indians know that we are against the child labour and human right violations. Look at Vietnam, it’s less populated than Delhi probably and they have already bagged a free trade agreement with Europe.
Naga Boy
Islamic jazzera 😪
rajesh n
India is happiest country. In india,, mafia is not a issue. 30 % peoples don’t have awareness about many thing is the only problem. Remaining 70 % living like paradise.