These are the Cruise Ships Scrapped in 2020/2021 – Blog

Shannon Cannon
Grandeur was already on its way out. When sailing last December (pre-COVID) we looked into booking a sailing on her. My husband and I were married in St Thomas in 1998 while sailing on her. They said she would be sold in March of 2021. Sad we didn’t get to experience the ship once more.
Chatter Fun
Sad to see some of them go but really glad you informed us about the recycling efforts. It is good to see they are being remade into new products. Sounds like it is a solid business and good for the environment. An educational video…thanks 🙂 We sailed on the Veendam.
Sovereign of the Seas was the first of the RCL ships that I ever sailed on, back in 1993! It left me in utter awe when I stepped aboard. She will always hold a special place in my heart. I have also sailed aboard Majesty of the Seas several times. She was a beautiful ship as well.
Scott Manley
I sailed on the Sovereign of the Seas in it’s first season. It seemed revolutionary at the time. The lounge at the top of the ship was the most amazing thing as it was the first like it on any cruise shipi. I enjoyed sitting in the bar, watching the world go by as we sailed in and out of ports.
My first was on the Carnival Fascination back in 2015. I was sad to hear it was sold somewhere in Asia and is now retired. My second cruise was in the Carnival Glory in 2016 and my third cruise was on the Carnival Sensation in 2017. I was planning to cruise last year but the pandemic hit. I can wait for everything to get back to normal.
I was on the Veendam in 2018. It was old and you could tell (one of the sewage pipes burst over a lounge area that had to be blocked off several days for cleaning) but still the best food and itinerary we’ve had on a cruise.
Eliza Rose Coaching
My first cruise was on Pacific Dawn. It had a mechanical failure so we had to make an unscheduled stop in Noumea, which didn’t go down well with most of the passengers. Here in Australia we usually got the older cruise ships because it’s a much smaller market. It was still my first and I had a wonderful time.
Teeter Taught Animation - Learning Videos for Kids
Is Grandeur is sold, do we get a bigger ship out of Baltimore? I know it can’t handle the large ships.
Donna Bucci
Fantasy was the first ship that we cruised with our family. 😢 We also sailed on the Maasdam. So sad, but we realize that newer ships offered more than these older ships.
Sandra Rose
We sailed on the Pacific Dawn from Brisbane to the Pacific islands a couple of years ago. It was a lovely small ship – old – but easy to get around for the older passengers. Very friendly staff.
Sergii Iakovenko
I worked as a second officer on the passenger ship Marco Polo from 2009 to 2012, the ship belonged to the company Cruise & Maritime Voyages, it was very hard to see how it was sold for scrap
J's Fitness
I’ve sailed on the fantasy twice the first time 2002 the second time it was updated in 2012. The imagination and the fascination. Such a tragic to see them script for parts
We have had six lovely cruises with Cruise and Maritime three on the Magellan, two on Columbus and one on Astoria and we were booked on the Amy Johnson in May. Heartbroken that it looks like the entire fleet is going to be scrapped. I saw the photo of Marco Polo beached – so sad.
Julianne Laird
Wonderful content! Terrific episode!!! My first cruise ship was Carnival Imagination. So sad to see her at the scrapyard!
Morgan Strimer
My first cruise was on Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas at 16 and my second was on Rhapsody of the Seas at 18. I’ve been on Majesty of the Seas three times and it has always been one of my absolute favorite ships! I’ve been on Carnival Imagination twice as well. This information just breaks my heart. Can’t wait to start cruising again though!
Steve Duncan
So, so sad. I remember sailing on the Sovereign of the Seas in 1996. My son was six and we snuck him into the disco one evening so he could dance to Gloria Esteban’s Turn The Beat Around. He still talks about it. I had hoped to sail on it once again with Pullmantur, and now they are gone. Great work guys, thoroughly enjoy your videos!!!
Living in Los Angeles I was just on the Imagination in Feb 2020 and commented how good the ship looked. I had also cruised on the Inspiration and the Monarch. All 3 of them at times were home ported in Los Angeles for the 3 and 4 night Baja cruises. It is like loosing a friend to see them scrapped when they had 10 to 20 more good years in them. They were great for a quick get away or if going with friends that had never cruised before and wanted a short cruise to start. I started cruising about 30 years ago when ships were smaller about 38K tons. To me the Fantasy Class was a good size ship. I prefer the older mid size ships that do not have the amusement parks on them, less kids go on those. If I do a large ship I do like the Celebrity Solstice Class of ship.
My first cruise was on Sovereign of the Seas in 1995 out of Miami – lovely memories, have sailed on some others in your video. Keep up the good work lads.
Goode Vapes
Ben & David thanks for a great video as usual. The Carnival Fantasy was my first cruise and I went on her second cruise I was the cruise right after the inaugural cruise I’m going to miss her . Now me and the wife like Norwegian the best . Be safe and healthy I’m suffering with covid-19 right now . Cant wait for cruising to come back 😢 I’ve lost my business for covid as well …… talk soon
Amanda DiCostanzo
Monarch of the Seas was my first cruise about 14 years ago and the Carnival Inspiration was my last cruise in April of 2019. So sad, they were both amazing ships! 🥺
Veronica Davis
I’ve sailed on both the Carnival Imagination and the Inspiration. Loved both of them and am very sad they were scrapped.
Hannah Taylor
We took our first cruise on Rhapsody of the Seas in 2019… it’s the ship that introduced us to sailing and created our love for it. Makes me so sad it might be the end of the road for that ship 🙁
Curt Bonnell
Sovereign of the Seas was the very first cruise ship I ever sailed on. She was a lovely ship and so sad to see her scrapped.
Jill U.
Majesty of the Seas was my first cruise in 1992. She had such an amazing staff then and even though a small ship, what great memories.
Wayne Merlo
Sorry when I hear stories on how some of these cruise lines operate it’s hard to feel sorry for them. It is sad to see some of the older more stylish ships being destroyed!
Arne Sahlen
Glad you mentioned environment – but also the working conditions and safety(?) standards should be discussed!
Ian Gill
We have been on Marella Celebration (twice) and Marco Polo once. Enjoyed the cruises but I also enjoyed Britannia and Ventura with P&O. The cruise is what you make it.
Lorraine Kluesner
Its good to hear and that these ships are being recycled and reused and newer ships are engineered to be better for the planet.
Barb P.
You guys are great. My husband and I were on Carnival Fascination 4 years ago for my 25th Anniversary. We have great memories.
Chris Marks
It saddens me knowing the Fantasy, has been scrapped I was onboard Esctacy, in 2006 and watched her slide passed us before she docked! It was so awesome seeing another Carnival ship, among so many Bristish ships, including the Queen Mary 2, that day!! I looked at my pictures lastnight , I took 15 years ago and it still feel like I was on the cruise just yesterday!
Jim Sinnett
I’m not sure if anybody has asked you guys this question before, however, how much money do you think each ship (on average) do you think a cruise line would receive.
Majesty and Monarch were our intro to RCCL back in the early ’90s, but not our first cruises. That honor goes to NCL’s Sun/Star (not sure which) in…are you ready for this?….1974. Thanks guys, this was truly informative. Cheers!
Maria Reyes-Ku
I worked for the Monarch of the Seas when it came out in 1991 at the San Juan pier. It was my first RCCL cruise as well.
Ben Moorhouse
While bad from an environmental point of view, I wouldn’t have ever considered taking a cruise on these older ships as they have so few balcony cabins. The industry has changed so much in the last few years and the updates to older ships just can’t keep up with the expectations of today’s cruisers.
I have sailed on many of those ships. This is heart breaking my homes at sea for often 2 weeks at a time.
Ubaldo A. Rosario
My favorite was the Carnival Fascination. I had one of the most wonderful memories on that ship and it saddens me to see this.
Amanda Dean
Hi guys, I’m just really concerned that when cruising starts back up prices are going to get really expensive because they’re going to need to make up for loss income once they’ve got people booking again OR they will be nickel and diming for every little thing and a lot of people won’t be able to cruise. I hope I’m wrong on that 😔
Butterfly McQueen
I was on Empress (When it was the Nordic Empress) and I THINK I was also on the Majesty. This was 20+ years ago and this has me feeling very old now. I also recognize the Carnival ships as being big during my cruising heyday. Very sad.
Lorraine Kluesner
First ever cruise was Carnival Fascination and sailed in the late 90s. Following by cruise was Carnival Inspiration and Carnival Imagination. What a coincidence that my first 3 cruises are now in the scrap yard. It goes to show how fast technology improves and the demand for bigger ships.
Matthew Windisch
My wife and I spent our honeymoon on the Monarch of the seas back in 2000. Sad to see her getting torn apart..😢
Nancy M.
First ship I sailed on was the Sea Princess, second sailing was on Carnival’s Fascination.
Kimmie Taylor
I sailed on the Imagination with my family in 2012. My first cruise was on the Fascination in 2011.
Dorothy Felix
I’ve sailed on Carnival Imagination and it was a great ship! A lot of memories were created there.
Brittany C
Love your videos guys!!! Keep them coming.
Andrew Wilson
Thanks for the environmental counterpoint! That said, I would fly to the scrapyard and steal a small piece of the ships I worked on if they were ever sold!
I went on my third cruise in 2020. It was the carnival fascination. I boarded the ship on March 1, 2020 and it was the last full cruise on the fascination
Sharon Pinckney
Wow, Majesty of the Seas was my 1st cruise in 2003 and began my addiction to this cruiselife! She was gorgeous and I’m sad to see her go 😥
Michael Pietrzak
Lots of great memories taking the Inspiration and Imagination for 3 and 4 day cruises out of Long Beach CA. Being in San Diego, the port was easy to get to and we sailed on them several times a year. Sad.
I haven’t sails on these ships, but I’ve been on the sister ship to the Carnival Fantasy and Imagination (Carnival Paradise) many times. Now I’m worried she’s gonna be scrapped. She’s a good little ship and it would be sad to see her go.
Randy Barnes
Hey Guys, Randy Barnes, from California. Yes ,I worked For RCCL and being on the ales force, its hard to see the ships I worked on and sailed on leave. 1. it makes me feel old , 2. Many great memories on the RCCL ships , especially the “Soveriegn , and Empress of the Seas” both incredible ships that RCCL will ever have.and two ships that have made history , and yes I was part of that history!
Derek Allyn
Any news on NCL or Star Cruises? My first cruise was on the Norwegian Wind when it was still part of NCL, but now that ship is the Superstar Aquarius. While I’m glad it was not mentioned in your video, I would not be surprised if the old girl was sold for scrap and replaced with a newer ship since there are so many available.
Sherla Dixon
We were on the majesty of the seas and that ship had the smallest inside stateroom, hardly room to move around for 2 people. But a lovely ship none the less.
Ryan McCreary
Carnival Fantasy, Imagination and Inspiration. It’s about time!😊
Jumping Jeff Flash
honeymooned on Imagination, cabin B-17 in 2001. Never thought of a cruise until then. Have taken 4 more since on Carnival and Disney. Great vacations.
Katie W
The oceana was such a nice ship, and was litterly our favourite.
S. E. C-R
This is sad indeed… speaking of scrapping ships, could you do a video on the Queen Mary that sits in the Long Beach harbor in California? There is currently a lot of discussion of what to do with it. I’ve read that one of the options is to take it out to sea and sinking it!
Jettpro 66
My first cruise was on the Carnival Imagination, also it was the ship Hulk Hogan and his family cruised on during his short lived tv show. I remember Vito’s lounge named for captain Vito Jacalone.
I already went on Carnival inspiration back in 2016 my first time being on a Cruise ship. I really wanted to go on carnival imagination but that’s never going to happen now that both ships are scrapped
Aussie Yarnie
We cruised on pacific dawn back in jan last year. Beautiful old girl but looking forward to the more economical ships
Sue McT
Sad to see some beloved ships go. As far as I can remember, I’ve been on the Magellan, Marella Dream, Oceana…..
Sam Harrison
What a horrific waste! Such a shame… I worked on Oceana – great ship. I also spent 2 days on Majesty of the seas going from port to port. It was a bit meh from the crew side..
Tony V
Wife and I sailed on the Fascination and Norwegian Majesty, the Zaandam and the Sovereign of the Seas. Majesty was given a stretch addition to the hull and then sold off to another line, don’t know her destiny from there.
Brad Peterson
So sad. My first, second, and third cruises were on the Costa Victoria, Monarch of the seas, and the Sun Princess.
Jettpro 66
My first cruise was on the imagination with my family. We had a great time!
David Winter
Really sorry to see the Marco Polo on this list. This ship got me back into cruising after a long gap.
Little Cuba
As a stock holder of RCCL , it was very difficult to vote to sell and demolish. I had the privilege to sail on all of the vessels we have removed from fleet logged. Folks it wasn’t a easy choice or decision. Benjamin Lynch, (R) former Chairman of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines llc. USA.
Antonieta Chaves Ramos
My first cruise was Majesty of the Seas in 1998 🚢💚✨
It looks like our P&O Pacific Dawn is now residing in the UK with Ambassador Cruise Lines and is named Ambience. Good luck to them, it broke down on every trip out of my hometown in the months leading up to Covid.
mustafa hasan
I was working onboard Carnival Fascination sep 2018 to April 2020 and Sea Princess July 2020 to Feb 2021.
John Henfrey
Ben you got it right first time, as regards the pronunciation of Boudicca. David sadly was incorrect. Talking about David the way he pronounces Caribbean, sounds like he is from Houston and not Hull 🚢
My First Cruise Carnival Fascination. We sailed in January 5th 2020🥺 I was hoping to take my dad on board that ship.
taco and memes
Sovereign of the Seas was my first cruise in 1992.
In Tourism we know that the 2 most sensible sectors are cruise ships and resorts which are only dependent on tourists only and can’t be used for anything else so it’s always tricky to work with those as sometimes a simple war in a country can trow things off and a pandemic is pretty much the worse case for cruise ships as they are the worse situation to be in if that happens. Albeit i’m more sad to the losses of jobs than the loss of ships. At least more jobs are being created while they are scrapped.
I hadn’t considered that covid ended cruise ships. They were already in trouble, and then a plague hits.
It is a pity that companies get rid of mostly small vessels. I hate working on big cruise ships. But unfortunately, most companies are building bigger and bigger ships; more people, more money.
Great video, very informative guys x
Roon Amatarp
OMG, Royal Caribbean has extended its cruise till April. I was waiting my LoE since last year 😭
I sailed on the carnival fantasy. So sad to see this happening
I’ve sailed on Monarch of the Seas and Mariner of the Seas. Sad to see Monarch scrapped!
Polycarp Hunter
i did an Alaska inside passage cruise on the Veendam, it was looking a little old back then.
Ronald Weber
My wife and I really love you guys. Maybe someday our paths will cross at sea. Stay well Marian and Ron Weber, Philadelphia PA
Charlie AzogthSoth
I’ve been trying to convince my wife to live on a boat with me. She said no. She jokingly said, maybe if it was a cruise ship. This video pops up! Check-mate.
Jourdan Cantiberos
Thank you for the memories, Carnival Inspiration, Carnival Imagination, and MS Oosterdam! Going to miss you 🥺❤
Kevin Britain
Wow, really sad to hear.. Majesty was my first ever cruise about 12 years ago..
M* *
I nervously listened…. thankfully, my favorite ship of all time… Royal Caribbean.. Serenade of the Sea.. wasn’t listed!❤️.. However, I was on the Sea Princess,years ago when she was brand new..I think she was only like a month old or so, definitely under a year old.. she even smelled new like a car does when you came onto her! Sad to see her go. Another, was Rhapsody of the Sea, she was my last cruise. My friend and I left her for the last time on the morning of March 7, 2020! I saw some things that I said needed to be fixed, she was a good ship, but smaller and didn’t like her set up as much as the cruise of May 2019, which was Serenade. So, not surprised that she’s gone now. I hope cruises will still be offered on the smaller ships, as these were just right. Only have half the passengers on them then mega ships. Not sure, really want to go on mega ship, but do want to cruise again in the hopefully not too distant future!
Truth and life
Thank you and I have sailed on 3 of those ships and had booking on another one canceled. I do not believe cruising will be worth it . Vaccines to travel no , not for me, or any muzzle testing.
Dj Jerry official Channel 頻道1
Actually there are still cruise ships going on. I just went on the Dream Explorer yesterday. But only people in Taiwan are allowed, because there is 0 covid 19 in Taiwan. The cruise sails out of Taiwan to the pacific ocean and straight back to Taiwan, not visiting any other country….Ill have a vlog up the next few days to show you
C Bart
Such sickeningly heartbreaking news with those pictures. Very informative though. Thanks!
Gerard Peñalosa
I use to work on the P&O Pacific Dawn back in 2010 🤯😥
Most cruise lines will be heavily down sized or out of business before paying customers line up again to board the remaining ships. All cruise ships are nothing but floating petri dishes. Even before Covid 19 there are many examples of disease and sickness transmission between passengers and crews on board cruise ships. Even large military ships with disciplined crews and strict health protocols have a very difficult challenge maintaining a healthy environment at sea.
David Leblanc
Fantasy was my first cruise enjoyed it very much.
Susan Tam
No mention of Norwegian. That’s actually my favorite.
Clodagh McGuigan
I hope Grandeur of the Seas wont be scrapped as RCI just launched new sailings in 2022!!
Maureen O'Reilly
I was on soverin of the seas. I have sailed on the Brendan and twice on the Massdam.
a few days ago Bahamas cruise lines said one of their ships the grand celebration the grand celebration used to be carnival celebration for carnival cruise lines but sadly Bahamas cruise lines said the grand celebration/ carnival celebration will be scrapped 😭😭😭
Carmen Daniel
Omg. I just want to cry a million tears. This is insane to scrap these ships from the 90’s. I have a really bad headache now. 😥
Nic nic Me
This breaks my heart i was working on cruiseship..but up until now waiting for us to get back…i pray for the cruise industry to survive this times….huhu
Marie S
Was on Majesty in 2019, loved it. 😥
Corey Mullins
I sailed on the inspiration… Was my first cruise… Hate that is gone now
Dean Pompey
Carnival Fantasy was the carnival ship I’ve worked on, had so many good memories 😭😭😭
Juan Nieves
Worked on the Monarch, Majesty and the Empress! This video is killing me!
Sandra Whitham
Been on P&O Oceana twice and was on the sea princesses when the pandemic started was meant to be the 28 days round aus but as only 3 day when was told its returning back to Sydney in 5 days so will always hate friday the 13th
Rob Freedman
Awww the Imagination and that was the first cruise ship that I ever road on!
Elizabeth's Journal
i was working on the Sea Princess when the pandemic happened, we were stuck there for a long time. I miss her😭
Lord B. Mills
Oh man…. Carnival Imagination was the first Cruise ship that I sailed on. That is sad.
Some Bloke Who Travels A Lot
So sad to see my the first ship I worked on. In the scrapyard 2:33 It was then the MV Horizon for Celebrity. You feature them at 4:36 But those ships are the MV Horizon ( 1990 ) and MV Zenith ( 1992 ) Don’t mean to be a pain. Big Fan of the channel. Just heartbreaking to see some of my best days in a scrapyard 😢😢 For Celebrity MV Horizon did the 7 day New York – Bermuda and Zenith was 7 day alternate Eastern / Western Caribbean. I was on both in 1994 as a Wine Steward…… great great days. P.S I aquired recently some RMS Queen Elizabeth , RMS Corinthia Menus from 1946 to 1958. Fascinating bit of history. I have photographed them for a video for my channel. But I could not think of a better home than 2 cruise fans and aficionados like yourselves. If you find me on Twiiter or Instagram, send me a message and I will get them out in the post.
Ellen Reed
My Husband and I went to Cuba on Empress of the Seas in 2018. So sad.😥
Bruh. I worked on imagination and inspiration. I’m not sad for them because the crew quarters were a dump compared to the ships even just 1 generation newer. Yet I feel a sense of loss seeing them chopped off because a hoax virus. It’s like seeing a rabid stray dog burned alive. Everyone is relieved it’s dead but you didn’t want it to die this painfully. Not like this.
Carol Bruns
Sad to see the Pacific Princess, an original t.v Love Boat, go!
Sincerely, It's Stephanie
My daughter and I sailed on the Empress of the Seas in October 2018 to Cuba.
Ruby Staging
Carnival Ecstasy, carnival paradise and carnival sensation are also older ships ,they might be scrapped
Will keep scrapyards busy for years. Older ships probably polluted more.
Dottie Griggs
What kind of price are they being sold ,as scrap, and are kitchen equipment and bedroom furniture sold separately?
michael tellez
Monarch of the Seas, Majesty of the Seas, Carnival Fascination, Carnival Imagination. Carnival Destiny
Deborah Chamberlain
When the ships are scrapped, do the cruise lines have to pay to have them scrapped or do they make money on it?
Alan Brickman
It’s not just Covid…Almost all of these ships do not have balcony suites….a real deal breaker when it comes to choosing a cruise…
Anne Soper
Sailed on Sovereign in 2008. Sailed on Monarch 2009, 2010,2011. Sailed on Majesty 2016. Beautiful intimate ladies.
Juan Nieves
I sailed in all of the Royal ships and on the A couple of the Carnival ships! So sad!
I thought they just blew a hole in boats and let them sink in the ocean. I’m so glad that’s not the case.
Paul Nicholas Thiessen
Cruising is a blight on the travel world and has done real harm to many communities in the Mediterranean like Venice and Dubrovnik. I have never taken a cruise and never will
Brack Jr Dodd
I agree that newer ships are better for the environment and cheaper to operate but don’t just build the mega ships! The mega ships are just overcrowded theme parks. I’d rather stay home and go to Disney. When we cruise it is for the classic cruise experience.
How much do they sell for?
Danielle Hoodless
I’m telling you which ships will be scrapped with carnival are the remaining 4 ships of the Fantasy class. We were booked on the sensation in February 2022 and just got our cancellation notice. I know it’s coming
Dmitar Trpimirovic
I worked on Carnival Fascination back in 2011-2012
Max Chodos
Thanks Guys, that was fascinating.
Dino DeSantis
how much do the cruise lines make selling a ship for scrap?
sad to see the sea princess go my 1st cruise san Francisco to Alaska 🙁
Noooo not Amsterdam, I’ve been on that ship 2 years ago she was amazing.
I’ve been on the Costa Victoria. Really sad to here is been strapped
trevor francis
should of kept the older ships and scrapped the new ships, honest the ones built in the seventies were class, just a floating box now
Mary Manning
Sailed on carnival inspiration on September of 2003. We were on our honeymoon on the inspiration
Thedoc 88
Out with the old, in with the new LNG ships!!!!
Cruised on RCC’s Majesty of the Seas. Beautiful Ship.
Canadian kid
I miss the Love Boat 😭
Bob Sugrue
Royal Caribbean sovereign of the seas was a nice little ship don’t know where it is now though
will gaukler
… when you think just the hallway facade’s all really metal … just real thin …magnet work on every interior wall … more metal … and that’s just one ship …
I have been on almost all of the Holland America Ships. Transatlantic to. Europe,Alaska, Hawaii, the Carribean, Mexico, South American and Canada.
Connie Alp
Hey you two! I’m booked on the Celestyal Experience ( Costa neo Romantica) with the EECC Travels group cruise on June 5, 2021! Looking forward to seeing the ship and Greece!!
Noob King
does this mean i should sell my ccl and nclh
Nikos Sydney
That’s good!! Very old ships so bring the new ones
Maureen Reid
i sailed the carnival fascination sad to see it go.
Wendy Gwilliams
So sad I worked on Maasdam, sovereign of the seas and rhapsody 😢 so sad
Jo San
What’s the name of the pier-like cruise port that appears between 9:26 and 9:28? Thanks! (Greetings from Brazil)
Mr Crabtree
This is so incredibly sad to see.
Frank Slegers
Make a hospital of them, so that the amount of beds are higher.
John Clamshell SP
The cruise industry is going dead fast due to all the issues they have. People have found out, going on a ship with 4000 people, is hardly a vacation. People have also discovered well, that the crews on board are low paid and treated like crap.
Why not hire them for Covid Nightingale hospitals. Plenty rooms, cookhouse, sea air for getting better. It’s seems a good idea I modestly state..
Guirlande Cajilus
Majesty April 2017 out of Orlando 🥱 not mine favorite but okay, freedom of the seas is the best 🍾🍾
Brian Long
So, wait, have the HAL ships been SCRAPPED or just sold off???
Weston super Mud
Been on both the Cruise & Maritime voyages ships. had a Christmas dinner on the Marco Polo .
Jim Texas
What happened to Carnival’s Covid of the Seas? Sold to the Chinese?
Jack Decker
It is odd. You are harbingers of bad news but I feel happy after watching your videos.
Thomas Roberts
Wow this is so sad.I was on the Carnival Fascination.😑😔
It’s a regular thing going on, cruise lines get rid regularly of those old crappy ships. It’s normal. Ships from the 90s and 80s!???? Are pieces of crap. Good thing to throw them away.
Linda Jacobs
Ben and David, please let me know where I can get those porthole pictures in your background…
Freya McLean
What happened to the Ruby Princess?
Mick Smit
Excellent, get rid of all these polluting eyesores of the seas!
Savannah Lavallee
My cruise in March that we booked for our honeymoon through royal Caribbean got cancelled today 🙁
I lost my job last year and was going to work for Royal Caribbean this year. I gave up, I’m working at a local drugstore now. Kind of upset, but oh well…
Last cruise?? I was 9 and I went on the glorious SS Arcadia……..the P&O liner…….that’s it……over 50 years ago…
Gennie Seaview
CMV was Cruise and Maritime Voyages not Columbus Maritime Voyages! Think you said the name of one of their ships by mistake. All had left the docks by November.
Marlise Parker
my heart is breaking. i worked with rccl’s 1st president kristian pahle in oslo long ago. we had 3 tiny ships then, stay safe.
y mac
Great review, thanks guys .. so sad to see these ships go 😞
C. E. Sommers
I was on the inaugural cruise of the Princess Regal in 1991
Shinoj Nair
India based cruise ship JALESH CRUISES SOLD FOR SCRAP. Empress of the seas the same indian company (Now didderent name) bought for furture empress docked in muscat.
I was an original crew member on Sun Princess. Find memories
Jonah Benson
You missed the former Carnival Celebration.. was currently sailing as Grand Bahamas Celebration
Dottie Griggs
Who do you contact for the sale
King Piala TV
have you cruised in oceania cruises?
Swartz hates the older ships
Saras Watkin
Good, they always discriminated against sole passengers.
Adapa : it's my name.
There will never be this type of travel again.
Anders Schoen
There won’t be any names for the new ships of the future. All names have been used already……
Ken Baxter
I Was on the The sea princess in November 2019
Johnny Luckett
“Inspiration” was my mama’s palace on the sea.
Gabriel Varga
Sovereign of the Seas I worked there 2 years. Sad
leon hue
Rip off cruise ships. Good riddance!
Joe Joe johnson
Granduer of the seas is going to Barbados to start cruises
Dola Banerjee
Very nice, cruise ships are threat to humanity
Hannah Tyler
CMV Astoria, sailed 2019 🙁
Derek Allyn
You’re English and you don’t know who Boudicca was? 😮
Cruise Ships - Navi da Crociera - Crescenzo Verde
Those ships were old crappy rundown ships, on plan to be sold or sestryed anyway, covid accelelllarated that program to throw those piece of garbahe away.