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This is not an issue about just 2 country.. It’s a shame for whole world. What terrible things we have done to this planet.
Amresh Tripathi
Why can’t Al Jazeera implore the Gulf countries to shelter them?
Humanity,human value ,all that we need to be care and respect ,not religion ,not citizenship etc every life have equal value.
deden andy
I don’t really care the political reason, or any other reason. Slaughtering children and woman’s is just too much, unbearable.
Jo C
Pakistan should give shelter to all Rohingya permanantly
Ahmad Khan
Shame on those who have power and are careless and close their eyes while humans are suffering. No one should be denied the freedom to live peacefully; where are those advocates of world peace and their humanitarian organizations. Shame on those intellectuals, may the sufferings be over.
Prerna Laguri
Humans have forgotten how to be human
Gabe Agca
Man, that monk’s teeth is excruciating when looked at
Guff Suff
They’re the wild beast Does Buddhism teaches this 😢😢 Is this the love ,peace and harmony They’re the human …they should be respected , they’re should be given every rights
I can see the little witch Su Kyi taking the full benefit of her nobel prize!
Roohi’s Adventures
May God Almighty help these poor ppl…n bring bk peace to their lives soon
Zartasha Riaz
Just wait for imam mehdi to appear and remove injustice from the world
Adnan 786
They are human they have right to live just like you and me ❤️🙏
Weng San Lau
Every noble religion should bring the message of peace. It is the followers of these religions who choose their own way in defying the teachings of the scripture.
Furqan Khan Khattak
whats the name of this brave journalist. Brings alot of perspective to the issue. Thanks for informing on this critical issues and the danger you endured to inform the world. Peace and love !
First name Last name
It’s amazing how people are justifying one wrong thing with another one.. sometimes I really feel sick of mankind..
Chase Lee
Time for many to take a history lesson before pointing a finger.
But living in Myanmar and feeing on its grains ..but while Myanmar plays with bangladesh supporting Bangladesh is def a sign of treachery
myke Does
why doesn’t Al Jazeara do a special on Sharia Law and the Muslim belief in the Jin , or otherwise known as the practice of satanism.
aamir siddiqui
Sister I admire your love.
18:39 monk:they just came ti rakhine to work from 1856 Me: but the chinese came to british malaya to work aswell and we gave them citizenship
Abhishek Ravindra
Al jazeera you’re the best.
Richard Addison
Thank you for considering your viewer’s sensibilities.
17:55 she so wanted to pimpslap the imp
Green Lover
It’s hard to look in their eyes and not feel pity for them, it’s really heartbreaking.
Mohamed Asif
Bengal and end of the British Raj 14–15 August 1947 • Independence declared from Pakistan 26 March 1971 • Recognized 16 December 1971 • Constitution 4 November 1972
When I realise events like this are happening in the world, it makes me wonder why the human race exists if we do such horrific things to each other. On a side note though, that ignorant monk they interviewed needs to seriously invest in a toothbrush and some advanced toothpaste.
Zahurul Haque
Great work by ALJazeera, it would be even greater if they could interview bangladeshi officials and local people who helping at their best to provide shelter. bangladesh is small / poor country with big heart.
These people in the camps really suffer a lot.
Al Jazeera, you should also cover the stories of persecution of hindus in Pakistan,& Yezedis in Iraq.
Roksanaakhtar Bhuya
Its sooo painful when u see ur children being killed be4 u man how this can happen in a such small world HOW CAN?
Alexander The great
My heart breaks for the Rohinga people
Khushrang Warsi
This is so Inhumane!!
عمر احمد
Oh Allah how what justification will they come up with to those who’s ruling Muslim ummah today and live a well decorated life😑😑😑
Best place for Rohinkiyas is the vast Arabian countries. Both will have a win win situation.
I wonder if the monk at the 1:10 of this video has ever heard of or seen tooth paste and a tooth brush?!
Sirajdeen khan
Ya allah help us and guid towards heaven. Allah knows everything what they did at all im surly assure to my brothers my dua always for u
salute to ur daring video… it is 1 f d best biography film
Shemuel Roget
I know this beautiful female Burmese (Bamar) surgeon with gorgeous pale white porcelain skin. Her name is Chit. Chit has beautiful long dark black silky hair. Chit is married to a really cool dark skinned black American pizza delivery driver. While eating laphet thohk with Chit and her dark black husband Tyrone, Chit told us that the Rohingyas (Bengali), treated Buddhist bad at school in Myanmar.
Sonam Rabgay
Every living being has equal rights on the planet.
Shahida Uppal
How can humans be so cruel 😢😢😢😢
Astrid Reyes
Is this UN doing their job? Ironic!
Mukhamad Suhermanto
Do you wanna see the image of the humanity today? Go read the comments. Don’t be surprised. Yes, we do have a lot of homework to do.
Mae Borowski
They have to answer the highly underlying question: “what is a purpose of religion?”
Mae Borowski
I’ve known about their suffering, but never done something for them. Despite this, any punishment has not imposed on me, which prolongs the agony Rohingya people are facing. However strenuously journalists report the situation, we can turn a blind eyes to them.
Modi Tried the Same way, in Assam and West Bengal.
Ana L. A.
Amazing work, Al Jazeera!
Jeh R Orillaneda
I’ll pray for you in the name of Jesus Christ
ZARS youtuber
Education is a light 💡 that removes the darkness of ignorance. Everybody has the rights to get that light. But Rohingya are disturbed during learning.
Clark Hui
Skid Row Siam Hanghal
I was in prison in 2018 and there were dozens of Rohingyas. In prison for the last couple of years because Myanmar wouldn’t take them back, and our Indian govt has no place to send them! Chances of them getting out of prison even by 10 years is very slim!
Someone needs to apply more dentistry there
George Aav
Instead of making this false cry why can’t Al Jazeera (ie Qatar) help the Rohingyas.Qatar is the richest country in the world. They could reduce their luxury and help their fellow beings.
Nafisa Mohammed
UN please help, this is reason why you were created to protect the innocent humans.
Manzur Rehman
Hello ! Al jazeera . I’m a Rohingya student from India in delhi.very anxiously situation gone with all of them and also i have fled my dear Myanmar and my motherland . Thanks to all of those investigators who are went to see our rohingya people ‘s genocide in rakhine state . I hope help from all of you for our nation .
Bina Poudel
As a human I m sorry 🙏
Imen N
May Allah swt Bring u justice bcz the world is blinded
Murad Chowdhary
I have humble request to Saudi government pls give the shelters to Rohinga people.
Reshma Borah
a big clap for us..people facing a heart touching life n we jst watching..we can stand for those who r against our country,our state ,,race,even religion. but no one can stand together for humanity. I think now I realise actually this is d true name of human who can jst watch of other’s suffering..clap for us n great salute to us who give more value to ourselves n not humanity.
Satish Jaiswal
An open invitation to all deprived ‘like minded’ people to resettle in Bangaladesh with dignity and good life. Brotherhood should be considered for such noble cause
salieu jallow
the CPI must to arrest Aung San Suu kie
Sahil Bhat
O Allah, Solace Rohingya & Syrian people…. Rehabilitate them, Oh my Lord….. I beg ur Kingship for mercy…. Heal these people…
Now Myanmar is deporting Rohingyas. Arunachalee people of India are also trying to deport Chakma-Hajong of Myanmar who settled there after 1962 as a refugee. Arunachalee People also against granting citizenship rights to chakma hajongs, the decision taken by some buddhists politicians for vote bank.
Tenzin choden
If Bangladesh could accept the innocent minority of rohingya suffering from a hand of dominant Buddhist ethnic. I m Buddhist and I can feel their pain, this is not what Buddhist taught!
AL amin Miah
Bhodo&kristan troest.. My from bangladesh
Ansar Ali
Arun Poojari
the buddhist monk has the balls to say what and how he felt,salute to him
Albert Chehade
Put all the sanctions back in place and INCREASE them by 3,000,000%!!!!!
If someone was makin allegations I would want to know who the alligators were🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊 regardless it’s sooo sad folks do this to one n other
Leivang Pauzamung
Long live Myanmar government
Prabath Mudalige
Buddhism first arrived in Afghanistan in 305 BC when the Greek Seleucid Empire made an alliance with the Indian Maurya Empire. The resulting Greco-Buddhism flourished under the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom (250 BC-125 BC) and the later Indo-Greek Kingdom (180 BC – 10 AD) in modern northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. Greco-Buddhism reached its height under the Kushan Empire, which used the Greek alphabet to write its Bactrian language. Lokaksema (c. 178 AD), who travelled to the Chinese capital of Luoyang and was the first translator of Mahayana Buddhist scriptures into Chinese,[1] and Mahadharmaraksita who, according to the Mahavamsa(Chap. XXIX[2]), led 30,000 Buddhist monks from “the Greek city of Alasandra” (Alexandria of the Caucasus, around 150 km north of today’s Kabul in Afghanistan), to Sri Lanka for the dedication of the Great Stupa in Anuradhapura. The Greco-Bactrian King Menander I, (Pali) “Milinda,” ruled 165 BC – 135 BC, was a renowned patron of Buddhism immortalized in the Buddhist text the Milinda Panha. The famous Persian Buddhist monastery in Balkh in northern Afghanistan, known as Nava Vihara (“New Monastery”), functioned as the center of Central Asia Buddhist learning for centuries. The Buddhist religion in Afghanistan started fading with the arrival of Islam in the 7th century but finally ended during the Ghaznavids in the 11th century.
nazmul hasan niloy
You can question them about the Rohingya issue at a head-to-head event with Myanmar.
Yod Inog
Good job aljazeera.
Sontrill The real
Deen ka saath Islamic channel
We need some peoples like salahuddin ayyubi
Thanks al-jazeera
naz uddin
May Allah protect you salaam Ameen 💙
Ibrahim Yunusa
Amnesty international, Human rights watch UN etc should do something on how the majority oppress the minority
The monk @17:12 sums it all up. This guy would get elected Prime minister in ANY and EVERY country in Europe !
onenile onenile!
i feel bad for this children😐😢
down under
I take it that you mean the silent abuse is by the rohynga on a otherwise peaceful people that have endured it during the modern age for decades
As rabbie burns the great Scottish poet would say : mans inhumanity to man. Think that sums it up
Maybe turkey Pakistan saudi arabia oman indonesia should absorb rohingyas into theircountry and give them a good life.
sk nayab rasool pancher vark
Allah unbachope unAuratope raham parama Allah julum karene valeko Ajape de jaledi Kar allah
King Reh
It’s don’t only happen to roghinyas people but my people too and other part of the country of Burma but we long struggles to live. We are Rebel Group Call KNPP
معارج حسن
The peaceful followers of Buddha!
UN, EU, US, China everybody condemned the rohingiya killings and mass rapes in burma but the situation is worsening day by day…….. why?
Rafeeq Imtiazuddin
Rohilas pathans are from Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and other s neighbouring countries.They were employed by various countries (Rajawadi’s/Kings/Nawabs of undivided India and other countries bordering India as Armed forces and they were allowed to form own battalions since 1591 A.D.
Jerikco One
“Suffer the children and bring them un to Me”
الله ينصرهم ماتضيع عند الله
Zeeshan Aziz
Slap that monk off his chair
RR Veigum
Myammar uma vergonha, para o mundo em todos os idiomas
Benjamin Absuelo
The history of Bosnia way back on 1992 shall be repeated here, the west shall stay blind and deaf, but if they make a press release , they talk more , do nothing, including this station,
Manzur Rehman
Myself Manzur rahman.
Biggest persecution happened in Kashmir when Kashmiri Pandits were forced to leave the Kashmir on name of Allah..
Albert Chehade
Burma is a difficult place for journalists BECAUSE they have a lot to hide! Understood?
Biniyam Afework
Rohith Chowdary
Al Jazeera described everything about Rohingya but you didn’t shown us about ARSA show about ARSA the I watch the equality of Rohingya and Buddhist
Magz Sara
Anyone who sets themselves up as a doctor and has no medical qualifications will most probably be mentally unsound. But bless him anyway!
Where are the regime changers and democracy givers?
reden abao
they criticized te philippines for killing criminals and yet do nothing in this crisis where in innocent lives were at stake where is justice then
Vinay Tomar
Humanity won’t last 500 years !!
Sanatan. Truth. Indian.
Same situation had happened in India with Kashmiri Pandits in 1990. This situation is happening with minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh also.
myke Does
Religion has been commercialized many thousand of years ago, Egypt was the last true religion.
Women 1: My husband is a clark, soldiers came and took him away, not sure if he is dead or still alive, after taking him away two of the soldiers pointed gun at me and the third one raped me, and then the others two took the turns. Women 2 with tearful eyes: Soldiers came and took my husband away and lit my house on fire and shot killed my 3 boys right before my eyes.
Satish Jaiswal
Bangladesh should resettle these people with open heart … afterall its their homeland with like minded people
Shaikh Eshan
I think that the producer MUST show what he says is too graphic to show on tv. If he does not, how can the world know the real crime; sorry MORE than crime: cruelty to the extreme, that the Army has commited. INHUMANITY AND BEASTS OF OUR TIME!!!!
I thought Buddhists were calm and peace loving. I guess theyre just the same as most christians
khalifa muneeb
International governments and international law is completely failed. UN should be revamp.
Jena Sur
Al jazeera it would be fair to show the other side of the story as well..
Cannot wait to go to Myanmar this year April. I have never been there and my parents are Burmese but haven’t been back since 1990. Abit scared to go because there is so many military people.
B Arun Siddhartha
Hindu reg-veda says God invisible as OauM, visible as eternal complete perfect Holy good men ( parama athma = pure soul), Hindu-arya main principal.
Parag Hule
As information provided that qatari is finance this channels for there own profit , In
Akram Moll
salut al jazeera
voice of rubel
Aung San Suu Kyi, who has driven the Rohingya out of the Rakhine state, has become a hater of the world today.
RedDog Mom
Does it makes sense to send an Arabic only speaking correspondent to interview people who don’t speak any arabic? So I am thinking how much of the information is getting lost in translation?
Whistle whistle, shillong
Even though if they are bangladeshi, but mynmr are cruel
Khaled Hossain
I lost my speak power to watch it😢😢😢
Lorelyn Betuin
May God have mercy on Rohingya people.
jane Alam
Thanks dear Al Jazeera love you from the heart .. you are really reporting the truth all over the continued
Peach Peach
I’m Thai and 31:08 What a Joke Shan States didn’t belong to Myanmar. They broke up the Panglong Agreement after Myanmar has independence from Great Britain. The Panglong Agreement said the ethnic group in the Shan States will have independence after 10 years, but first need to Uniting the countries together if not Great Britain can’t give Myanmar independence and after 10 years Myanmar’s Gov didn’t give back their land.
itsme bebe
They spent more years or rest of they lives in Myanmar so they are Myanmar citizen already😞
Alok Ranjan
Problem seems to have with loyalty (like example of supporting Bangladesh against mayanmaar in football match while u r living in mayanmaar) and trust, which both parties have lost on each other. This is the problem of every conflict not only this one. Please donot believe any one before listening both parties clearly, as now a days almost all mainstream media is tellcasting what suits them at that time.
Lilly Moss
This is so sad ppl in this world are so hateful god we need you 🙏
Joaquin48 De Dios
The monk must of been eating his lunch, black beans.
Arafat Khan
Can someone ask that monk, when the last football match held between Bangladesh VS myanmar?
isma isma
Ya Allah help your servants. Save them from the tyrants they don’t know what they are doing
osigwe kayanta
Migration is the option by Allah sake seek asylum sicurity
Abdi ibnu Jamac Adan
Inalilahi wa inailehi rajicun look how these people are safering
Mr Sheikh Tv
Thank you for Investigation al jazeera I’m from Bangladesh
Naimat zada
Why UN hidden themselves from these facts
Sukh Pawar
Khalsa Aid UK is the first NGO who helps rohingya in bangladesh
So much for the beacon of democracy and nobel peace prize winner LOL… irony Su Chi
Farid Ullah
I remember, in 1997 the Taliban government in Kabul had including a wast majority of Burma mujahideen who were fighting North alliance of Afghanistan from the Taliban side and were getting training in Afghanistan. After 9/11 when American came Afghanistan and Taliban regime was destroyed those Rohingya fighters went back and started fighting the Burma government for freedom….after that it’s everything as consequences of that war
said muhamad
kannan sivakumar
monk talks like a Gangstar
Amz B
Yeah no sanctions on them or no mentions of their obvious war crimes. The UN helped this to happen, u can find this out. What has the world come to…huh “never again”..a (continued) broken promise
Beverley Lumb
They talk about their children being thrown on fire and their husbands having throat cut with no emotion at all a dead straight face. I know from when my husband died and it was natural every time I spoke of him I burst into tears I don’t think you would be able to help it so I find this apathy strange
Abhi Sarmah
One day this will be held in INDIA special in ASSAM
Yogesh Shinde
I request to Al Jazeera to make video on Kashmiri Pandits living in kashmir. Thank you.
Shofique4 Islam4
Please help Rohingya.
abdul azeez
International community should help these innocent people I’m really feel very sorry for rohinga people
Banana Flasher
This is what will happen globally once robots are able to do all human jobs
itsme bebe
I came here because I’m confused of them when our President Rodrigo said that our country Philippines ready to accept them. And welcome them to become a Filipino citizens.
Juran Mondol
অং সাং সুচি কতো কোটি কোটি মোমিনদের অভিশাপ দিয়েছে কিছুই তো হলো না তাহলে বঝবো নবীর আললা ভোয়া। মরে গেছে তলাইয়া গেছে।
Jarrod Yuki
the crucial question is where you draw the line between national security and human rights. should measures like restrictive birth control be classified under ethnic cleansing? the rohingya dont even speak burmese so their claim for citizenship is questionable.
Manish Singh
Weldone Myanmar I’m so happy
loc van
And who save chirstian in the world?
Muhammad Ayas
Rohingya stesen sen
Amranx TV
This is yet another catastrophe caused by the British
The situation is rly confusing I think …firstly I wud like to say that I am from Nepal and I am a Buddhist and I am of Mongolian origin and I have lived in Bangladesh for 6 years in city of Chittagong which is quite close to Burma thing is I can’t beleive is that the rohigyas are native of the rakhine state …I don’t think Myanmar originally had any people of Aryan race ,it was Mongolians I think ..the rohigyas though they claim they are not Bengalis they look like Bengalis and they speak in in Bengali though they are claiming they don’t speak in Bengali ..but I cud understand what they are saying cause it is bangali..and truth also is that Bangladesh also has a lot of people of Burmese ethnicity …the chakmas and other tribes of khagrachari ,rangamati .they have culture and language similar to Burmese and they have large Burmese markets in cox’s bazaar the beach in Bangladesh which is the longest unbroken sandy beach in the world Bangladesh these these chamkas of Burmese origin are like second class citizens ..they don’t seem to have equal right likes the majority Bengalis ..they are usually poor and do Manual labour ..the solution cud be to send the rohigyas to Bangladesh and bring the chakmas to Burma ..
Jakarta Indonesia
Ur land…ur food?? Its God’s land. God’s food! Why they dont get rights? Bcs they dont accept Buddha as religion? Silly.
Ro Abdul baser
So sad news for Rohingya’s. 😢😢😢
chandra Segaran
What happen to OIC.The oil rich ARAB nations can absorb the Rohingya as citizens😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Dr Raman Sharma
everybody please find your own path or raasta as great islamic personality non idolator, budha advised. this is true islam
B Arun Siddhartha
Hindu reg-veda says God invisible as OauM and visible as eternal complete perfect Holy good men ( parama athma = pure soul) , Hindu- Arya main principal.
Jon Inker
That host is very pretty with her Arabic language. <3
But to be honest I think this is a plan of the military trying to bring unrest in Myanmar cause they as no longer in power so they perhaps want to throw down the government of ang sang suki
Book Man
sad thing to see. Slaughtering people is never right.
hashim Jaderanii
We forgive all of the Baddest for these act. I hope God help the Baddest to stop killing innocent people.
Their country their rules, so does Arab countries
Amiya Kumar Dhir
If u put political rightness aside… Everything the monk is saying real….
Bo Tie
What a strange world. We condemned Burma for it’s tyrannical rule and it’s oppression of the Rohingya and imposed sanctions on the country. When Aung San Suu Kyi came into power, we gave her a Nobel Peace Prize, lifted sanctions and started supporting the development of the country, not sure why, nothing has changed.
Long live China and Pakistan Friendship Aminnnn
Haram Bae
This is not new for the Burmese Military, last time they tortured and chased away Nepali speaking Burmese into hiding, into India and Nepal. Shame on their communal narrow thinking and shame on Su Kyi, she should advocate for the voiceless and persecuted.
ludovik r
Chow Yew Wah
It is very shame on this military government causing such deep grievances to the innocent people!
Sadira Bethea
This is horrendous, It’s like Rwanda all over again.
Abhinay Agrawal
People can u remember the last time u lost someone, can u remember the pain of losing ur loved one, who never came back to you Now imagine a mother losing her young one in front of her who didn’t just died but was being burnt alive, try to imagine the cries of that innocent baby try to imagine a women losing her husband try to imagine a man who is being beaten to death while his wife was being raped in front of him, no u can’t imagine that cause that never happened to you No one is asking u to help anyone cause yup u won’t u are too busy justifying this atrocity by mentioning other atrocities happening around the world With Every innocent human dying anywhere in this world humanity is dying
Karen Karen
Grassed up: Facebook leads Myanmar police to weed-growing Americans AFP•April 25, 2019 More
I Blame British For This Case
Unknown Blogger
I do have a solution, Myanmar didn’t want Rohingyas, right? We gather every Myanmar workers, legal and illegal, and swapped them with Rohingyas. That’s a win-win situation.
Marfi Kujan
The Al Jazeera take is conveniently excludes how problem started, Forgot to mention how during WWII the Rohingya sided with the Brits and the Japanese to destroy the Rakhine Buddhists for the promise of a muslin state. Than the rise of the Mujahedin to annex Rahkine State among other military actions now that the Buddhist retaliated {which also i dont approve) is the reaction to earlier action.
Rose Whisper
IN Myanmar she has to fight and sorting out within her own people first. Remember which people mudder her own father?
Suchi….the Nobel prize winner….modern day hippocratic master piece
This is so sad .. hope conditions get better for Rohingyas
The Absolutely Golden Boy Of Asia AMEN,
Rohingya refugee crisis is British responsibility and not problem of any other country as like the Gurkha Forces of Nepal those immigrated to UK after serving British interests. During World War II the Rohingyas were Indian recruits of the British V Force stationed in the Arakan coast against pro-Japanese Rakhines and other ethnic Buddhist communities.
Mr. Mry
O wow look at the interviewer lady speaking Arabic while interviewing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Santhosh Kumar
Hey Al-Jazeera …y don’t u help all of them to get their lives back in UAE n Arab countries…
It’s sad to have your country not accepting you yourself and to not have any rights to practice religion. 우리나라는 저러지 않아서 너무 너무 다행이다 ㅜㅜ
Shelly-Ann Lee
I tell you all over the world you can see problems developing time and time again. We people are so wicked, but I pray that God will wipe away all wickedness from this earth. The senseless killing of people must stop.
Thangboi Hangshing
What ever it is,this is not least show some humanity 😢
Denijal Denic
Nothing in the world can justify this terrorism on human beings that god almighty created equal.
Al Jazeerah make a new one named Kashmiri Pandits : An unknown genocide. Then we’ll see how innocent islamists are.
And here I was thinking that Buddhism was a peaceful religion. I take it back, all religion is evil.
Stanzin Kunfan
nice answer by monk
Tsering Dolma Cerpa
That monk is a shame in the name of buddhism …buddhism blv in peace n compassion ….
Nayon Khan
Ong san Suche is power less ledar in Myanmar so she is a name of wood doll.chief of army as negative thinking unsosale killing dangerous man so he is killing speed this rohenga fair people’s….
S Sam
Dont they have an English speaking journalist to go to Burma?
Naimat zada
I can’t stop my tears there a big human violation
you name it
As you have mentioned that there are no Rohinya in the protest , it’s crystal clear the leaders of the protesters are funded by Islamic organization from abroad ,, !
Why can’t the government just stop assuming that they r from bangladesh and take a blood test of the people of rakhaine to find out where the people are from.
Raihan Amin
Very effective documentary laying bare Burmese atrocities. The commentator’s voice repeated that there are several minorities thus diluting the humanitarian issue.
galuh nusantara
nobel peace prize is a joke
chandra Segaran
Whatever the problem or Whoever the problem 😭 U have no right whatsoever to do these to poor & innocent Rohingya people.The time will come U have to pay for ur doings.
ryan sweeney
The united nations should act and the us ,russia,and bangledish should form together and stop this madness if noone do anything this will continue
Manju Nagaraj
The roots of terrorism should be buried at roots.. And it’s a major decision applause to the government for taking such a step towards…
Staying for generations together in Burma why can’t they speak Burmese language?
If you failed to uphold humanity, you may be next victim . Raise your voice.
My name is Khan
The title is wrong ….. It should be …… the hypocritic abuse done officially
Ara 007
Yes very sad. Actually Bangladesh government should come forward and accept them as same brotherhood. Wasting time means loosing Rongya lives. Please calll all into Bangladesh.
The Chairman of Rohingya Foundation looks more Bangladeshi than Burmese
kannan sivakumar
Qathar should give them citizenship
Barry J Conroy Khan
Truth Against The World!
ei kout
I care so much Daw Suu . But She’s not a commander in chief . How smart you people gave noble peace prizes and then took its back . So unfairly treated .
fsal nsal
Reporters got chance to interview to Rohingya who dare to speak out but there are thousands of painful stories which still as secrect.The world should not deny the genocide crime & ongoing genocide.Myanmar creating reason of illegal migrant bangali is only trying to divert int’l sanctions&pressure.We like to urge world media,please spread the unjustice acts of myanmat govt to get justice&rights which Rohingya lost.
For the sake of humanity , show some concern towards rohingya refugees as burma is violating human rights of living a certain humans. If a children’s is born with the rohingya identity, it’s not a crime . Stop brutality !! Stand with the truth !! Our india isn’t that cruel to judge humans in the name of their religion.
Nisarkhan Khan
Rohenga gawarment to much crazy
patrick couch
This reminds me of a concentration camp From World War II Where is the International Community The UN The United States
Dattatreya Kanaparthi
29:18 “Myanmar is not safe for out side journalist “ Then what about China,Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea,sirya, Iraq.
Paul Olson
Sounds like payback
Bimal Rathnagoda
This planet belongs to all of us to live as humans irrespective of our origin. If someone was born in a country named “X”, the “X” is the homeland of that person, so that person has a right to live in “X” as a human without fear and fright. Religious founders of every religion in the world wanted to make a better world for every human, so they didn’t preach or discourse inhumane doctrines or philosophies, so every human is mattered in every aspect. In every community, some people live with extreme ideas, so they want to divide “human network” into small segments on some extreme ideas. Extreme people create “terrible circumstances” in this world, so they don’t allow people to live with peace and harmony. As humans, we need to respect fellow humans, and also, we need to respect the place/country we were born. Furthermore, in this world, we can find only a single human species, so we are all siblings of the same ancestor. Many thousands years back, our common ancestor was born in Ethiopia in the African continent. Why do people forget this reality?
patrick couch
These women Are telling the truth Where is humanity
Abhijeet Mane
As a Singaporean I support burma
Lyster Thiong'o
My heart bleeds for these people especially the children. This is a violation of human rights which the whole world should condemn but it seems like the world has shut their ears against their plea
Yeo Wool
Al Jazeera why don’t you Highlight killing of Yazidis in Iraq?????????????
This is all very sad situation, I hope soon that these people find new safe lives in Nations like Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Ikenna Ogbonna
Why will the world sit down and watch such inhumanity and do nothing??!!
Prabhat singh
Any one noticed how many minimum childrens single rohingya family have
Kamal Hoshen
Verysoon Rakhaine state will be there(Ruhinga) as its really own.All devil power must destroyed very soon.
share the love
Rohingya they always exist in this world and I love rohingya ❤️
Ang Sang Suchi is a devil.
Amin Adnan
problem is when u give them bike they want a car and protest if don’t get that and make they own rules
We want free Rohinga land . Free from China and Mainmar .
I am from Malaysia. The Muslim majority countries also oppress the non-Muslim community in their country. Don’t forget that !!!
Saurabh Saxena
A very well made documentary.
karen fugagnolo
The way these people have been treated is a disgrace. To see them so upset is very upsetting to me. I feel for them and their families and can’t understand the cruelty that has been inflicted on them all. These people need help badly.sending my love to them
Irfan Akram
Thank you ! Al- Jazeera TV channel.
Hamed Hussain
I never thought i would see a Buddhist country similar to a Islamic country (Pakistan) both have been suffering because of military. This is truly the dark age
Mohamed Basith
I thought buddhist is a good when i was a studying in book as a kid, It’s another face of Buddha extremists, how dare u to kill that people? Who given permission? 😭😢
Lam Ho
is all the info presented here truthful and not taken out of context for any purposes? no more “what about” , this film is about this issue and not others. we viewers want to have the right facts.
who will tell the other half of the story?
Sara Jaima
Allah bless rohingas 🙏🙏🙏🙏 their faith is better than ours
Mrinhal Gaur
Rohingya aren’t ethnic Burmese the last state which have ethnic Indo Aryan lineage is Bangladesh now add 2+2
Mir Majid Hussain
so painful to watch how the rakhine people are suffering from the brutal govt of burma , may God help them and shower his mercy upon them ..may the wrath of God be upon the oppressors of this world
Lailatul Qurrotaayunin
if rohingya support myanmar football, obey the rules and laws of Myanmar then follow the culture of Burma whether they will be accepted. I guess not. I think rakhine has gems or gold so that in 1982 some greedy people just realized it and wanted rohingya to go so they could monopolize those resources.
gearpali Gear
I don’t blame any body. I blame myself why don’t I help to safe Rohingya or heal the pain upon my brothers and sisters by donation and keeping them in my dua. Then, I have to blame the government of MYANMAR, the killer and companion (Myanmar Buddhism monks, soldiers)
apurva prasad
Why doesn’t Saudi and other Islamic nations accept them ? Good agenda al jazeera
Reeno 39
i am an idiot thinking Monks were wise kind and friendly people…
محمد ايوب
Burmes militari terist goverment
subrata dutta
thanks suchi govt for work… muslim born in destroy …..
Lio Tig
Why can’t UN force Myanmar to take back Rohingyas from Bangladesh and settle them in their homeland Myanmar? Is Myanmar more powerful than UN?
Almiron Dopal
Why couldn’t they get a journalist who speaks English 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
king kim
The monk is like he has mouth cancer
B Arun Siddhartha
Final state of men is MOKSHA means by keeping the mind peaceful, by conquering all bads evils and bad evil thoughts by self purification, on complete purification eligible to reach God and God forgives all past sins, Buddha added nirvana means complete knowledge and eternal perfect purification, Buddha arya marga teaches about self purification, Lord Vishnu 8 avatar is Krishna and 9 avatar is Buddha and 10 avatar KALKI is destroyer of ceython, Vishnu punisher of Evils, God for all because God created all.
pradeep k.p.
these people are involved in terror activities agnest to the barma this is the problem,
Prabhat singh
Each woman have a baby in her lap even after their husband had been killed .how?? Simply they are focusing in increasing their number as these are doing every where.
The Man
It’s really wrong what’s happening to these people. But if your’e a person who can catch Bengali when you hear it or see the people, you’ll notice that these people Actually are Bengali by their language and appearance.
Ahmed Rumi
These Devils will not stop until they can abolish Rohingya from arakan… Arakan’s history is related with the history of bengal. but they were Independent and developed within themselves from very early era of south asia.
salieu jallow
the CPI must to arrest aun syu kii
ISHFAQ Kashmir
Pure, peaceful, genuine, famous news channel on earth
Kranthi Kumar
I blame islamic extremist for this situation
Mahmudul Shuvo
These countries making divide among it’s citizens won’t survive in the long run. Mark my words. They see politics and we see turbulence in the heart of a nation. The heart that fails for once is a fragile heart and can’t be restored again with calmness. You’re doing so wrong Burmese people, very wrong to your land and it will pay you back with proper reactions.
Nuyorican70 Brooklyn
So glad I live in New Zealand, we have no boarders
Vesh Limbu
I am from Nepal where Buddha was born. I have seen buddhist who is so kindful n helpful . But i never seen buddhist who Murder poor n innocent people. I really fell so shameful that they are killing innocent poor people , children and old age people. They are torturing kid and womens. For God shake please stop this violence.
Mohammad Kais Haider Chowdhury
Start online consultancy from foreign country
Adi Yogi
I dont know what Bangladesh or Pakistan is doing? Why dont they just send an army to keep the Rohingya safe
Mohammad yeahia yeahia
I hate Myanmar from melayu Malaysia
Lanaai Sand
now we know millitary junta was good for burma.
Monsur Alam
Nothing to say anything just crying, nobody have to save them, almighty Allah will save them
Anonymous Commentator
Nobody can stay with mad dog it doesn’t matter whether the person follow the religion of peace or mandatory submission. World should know the incidences occurred before this problem has been arised.
Beverley Lumb
Have you thought it might be like a prison and heavily fortified to keep people out not them in you have to consider everything you are supposed to be a reporter I should not have to point out things if you are doing your job
Kim Williams
UN left the group.
Geo Mio
I do not generalized Buddhism but why so cruel?
osigwe kayanta
Allah over everything May He for our stress pass n forgives those who stress pass against such
Mu Mubin
very very thanks Al jazeera
Whatever the case it’s wrong for Buddhist monks to participate in political activism and violence.
Karimah Mohammed
Genuine question- why are the interviews in Arabic?
Than Thar
stop blaming aung san su kyi and the buddhists when u already know that the military are the one in control here. Aung san has already tried her best and gave the rohingya citizenship so that they could move to another country legally and away from the military. Ofc the more poorer rohingyas are stil there that is why they are still suffering.
Richard Gomes
For this tragic reason, The Bangladesh can destroy myanmar within 15 days. But we don’t want to go this way.
Rajubhai Panchal
Cover the discrimination being made in Pakistan
Stag V
We value humanity.. We condemn any violent act… Also, we do not support terrorism.. Don’t ignore but mention terrorist group in Rakhine State…
ludovik r
Rohingyas persecute other rohingyas who converted to Christianity
aarifah emandien
what ive learnt in this life is that there is always two sides to a story no matter the culture, race ethnicity group no human being or animal deserves to be treated this way , WHY IS THIS NOT ON THE WORLD NEWS WHY , why is this being hidden from the world. in todays life we are more interested in the lives of celebrities but what about these people we have been blinded by the world and government , these things aren’t just happening here what about yemen Palestine why is all of these things hidden ? WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO
sumair fraz
Where is that stupid United nations Why don’t you just close that stupid place if you can’t do anything
down under
I cant understand why the budhists don’t accept that the rohynga are there by the will of allah, and just give them the land and all the resources of Myanmar,
Raisul Islam Ebon
World, you can see the scandal of Myanmar here.
Good job Myanmar
so when u receive rohingya immigrant for your kindness? don’t just talk
gearpali Gear
They are not Myanmar Soldier or Policeman or Monk, they are true killers/ hunters. Really bad! Can we call them as mad animal (not human)
anand parmeswaran
Need of the hour is to treat them as humans. There is no bigger thing than humanity. United nation has to provide some resolution to this problem.
I think it’s about time Myanmar ban all Al-Jazeera reporters from entering the country. Of course no paper no entry what do Al-Jazeera expect from Myanmar authority, special treatment?
Rabiul Islam Aion
Save the Rohingya People
santosh poojari
kashmiri pandito pe bhi dopcumentry banao
If al jazeera makes english documentaries then the least they should do is bring an anchor who speaks in english. subtitles kill time.
Lucky Sky
World should be proud of China & Myanmar and learn from them as how to neutralize Islamic terrorism. Terrorist Arakan Salvation army is headed by Pakistani born citizen Atta Ulla Junani who studied at Saudi Arabia who attacks Israel and Myanmar at every front.
Why are there teeth black? I could understand the poor people in the concentration camp/ prison complex, do they eat something. And the Buddhist monk was by far the most horrendous a disgusting foul mouth for a disgusting person.
Kim Fetty
stil they have no right to kill them or rape them what did the children did to kill them lets not talk abt religiou think of humanity before think abt killing them
fazlul আমার গান
The monks are ill informened, and the monk interviewed is un educated so he would not understand the politics, all monks were used for the politicians gains. The whole countrys political leader’s should be bought to justice and hanged.
Janjan Abc
the arabic reporter is have strong personality ang very educated woman
The original inhabitants in Rakhine looked (in appearance) just like the people on the other side of Naf river, namely the people of today’s Bangladesh.  At that time,   Rakhine was ruled by a Hindu dynasty and the  populationwas largely Hindus but some were Buddhists.  Many Buddhist structures were built in those days under the Hindu dynasty. Those were not built by today’s Buddhists in Rakhine.   It was only in the 10th century that a  Tibeto-Burman passed through Arakan Roma snd reached the region of Rakhine
mozibul islam
The monk said the Rohingya people support Bangladesh in a football match between Bangladesh and Myanmar. What’s the difference between they support or not.The Myanmar govt must have taken immediate effective steps to come back them to Myanmar. Why my country (Bangladesh) will carry this burden for many years.I respect Rohingyas but i want them go back to their country with honour and safety of life.
Shahida Uppal
And they say budh religion is the peaceful religion 🤔😱🤢🤑
kyle009 00
omg it’s just religion. it’s psychological. how can you be so cruel toward human being? disowned your own citizen from the only place they know their whole lives. my parents are buddist, i am atheist but we live along just fine. what’s the need to get rid of them completely
CALM chor
That monk is reincarnatin of piga
Ahalu Llah
NO one the MYANMAR GOVERMENT has been brutal so long time ago plz help the ROHINGYA MYNORITY PEAOPLE.
Dinesh Kumar
Like monk said they support Bangladesh in football match… India face same problem
Queen D Mwasere
8;17..”its forbidden to enter a mosque” subhanallah
syed asadullah
In my opinion the bad thing is that no one in the whole world is ready to help them not even the muslim countries the so called brotherhood.
Lumko Ntshinka
And they always associate this kinda brutality with us Africans
Bangladeshis settled in Burma.
Team Mandir
Why doesn’t Qatar take them in and Al Jazeera provide them jobs!
Me2 Gamer
Calling ashame of Buddhist after seeing this act from these people..
Because the Rohingya have fought with England against Burma and India, this is the reason why they are now being rolled up and exterminated. It is the responsibility of UN and England to help the Rohingya!
Break Time
Only ZIHAD can solve this problem, There is no way without GUN…
Mahbub Morshed
Burma is a pariah state.
Mohan Biswas
this channel one sided
Drone Banerjee
i am with the ROHINGYAS though i am toughly against islamic way of life and terrorism.
Myanmar Rohingya Elly girl from Myanmar bad y problem Rohingya wagelaseh but Aiman all Rohingya Slam This is problem Slam Inul jenis seks Suhaida 😭😭😭 help me Bank Islam all Islam help me Rohingya Stop The lies help me Rohingya stop cancel helmet helmet from Islam Myanmar sudah siap Rohingya 😭😭🙏
Diary Nina
Whatever the reason, Genocide is not the answer of your problem with another ethnic, you killed weak people, innocent children, does your religion teach you to be patient when you have opposite opinion with other ? So why you choose to kill them? Life is about patient to another, as long as they never want to kill you, don’t kill them, (to myanmar buddhism) may god protect rohingya ethnic
Andrew Chong
and yet UN didnt do anything about it?
Manas Ranjan
Any documentary about Hindu prosecution in Pakistan and Bangladesh by Aljazeera.
Masroor Ahmed Khan
Ya Allah bring us a leader to eliminate all the enemies of Islam.
deepak kumar
I m very kind person. But why i m not feeling any sentiment for rohingya?
asiah jeewa
Allah destroy the monks
Miss Misery
Health care is a recent thing that just appeared. More than half the population is in poverty. I saw a Burmese six year old boy working at a tea shop and he wore more tattered clothes than those children at the camp. How are we suppose to help immigrates when we can barely help ourselves?
Mohamed Asif
The head Monk on the Video says the Rohingyas have come from Bangladesh in 1856 as road workers. Bangladesh did not exist in the year 1856.
Limhachan Kithan
Their looks, dress and language similar to Bangladesh.
you need to see more videos ,,,,,,,, dey put peapol to be eatin by Animals in Burma
food fun
Are we loosing mankind……we human really destroy the mother nature by word or action….if we don’t have to help atleast can we pray for peace…
have a good day
myanmar people & ang san suyi have no shame …this people have no place to go yet you do this evil to them .
Farid Ullah
These all crises are originally generated and organized by Military establishment: all military established governments including Burma, Pakistan, N. Korea etc and Kingdoms such as Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar are all strengthened and supported by America, world Bank and IMF
Murderous Monks
rocky james
shame on burmese military, shame on Burmese government shame on Burmese people, shame shame shame, do not call yourself as a human being, because if you call yourself as a human, then we human feeling shame. Literally crime against humanity.
APNair Devathasan
Every one claims that their religion is a peaceful but is it.
Pranto Ahmed
Bangladesh should took over rakhine if barma say that rahingya are the people of Bangladesh….
All Videos
Zihadi butchers asking where is humanity?
ba kheg
The word Rohingya derived from rongya Rakhine state of myanmar and Chittagong tribes of bangladesh and mog people of tripura state of india. The meaning of word is falling leaves or outsiders some called it japzsy to mock illegal immigrants bengali .Where did your get your name ? Your were your proves and where and when? They started to use it closely from 1982 citizen bill
Naing Lin Aye
We have tried to give them Myanmar nationality according to our law but they don’t cooperate with that process, extremists and some wants ethnic status Rohingya, No way it will not work we Burmese people do not accept it.
Sidhartha Jha
this is what needed to be replicated in india.
Cloven Candia
Wtf where is UN human right watch dog why they not give any action on this.. this is soooo cruel to rohinga people … i feel soo pity on them hope have enough money to help them
PD channel
Saudi Arabia can take the rohingias
blue Beach
America wants to enter in burma end of story.
Mahbub Dawood
Good news aljazeera let world 🌍 know about rohingya and support them to bring peace ✌
Sudarmi Mulyanto
Everything’s belong to God, why we not share our world!!! our love!! shamed on myanmar!!!
felipe gonzalez
Para que digan que los birmanos son violentos , es que quieren ocultar algo
Goony Art
there are around 200 jihad groups in burma, I wonder why the Buddhists are evicting them all. Take your problems back to Bangladesh Bye bye i wish you the best.
Shu Meister
That’s not surprising, if you consider that the military still controls the parliament! I would suspect that Aung San Suu Kyi is being pressured by the military to keep her mouth shut.
Jeffrey Bull
What would Hitchens say? Religion.
Mike Diamondz
Thers no fire without smoke …The monks where scared of sharia. Bangladesh situation and also pakistan situation in the past with islam got them really scared, India had problems with islam also, In the rohingyens ase the monks acted before they where out numbered, islam is the fastest growing religion by rate of birth, also by the way it impossed it self in societies, specially those with great amounth of iliteracy and poverty… also the fact the rohingya where etnically diferent was easy for islamophobia to settle faster… hindus are knonwed to be a tolerant religion towards others but islam is not … Monks got scared theyr karate wasnt strong inuf aginst the moon shaped sword … i think teachings the quran to childre at so young ages is brainwashing , is easy to radicalize later … 12 is an adequate age for a kid to put real moral question and underatand the answer… i condemn the abusers of rohingyans.
Steven Monash 62
So many fearful people in Rohinga state and understandably so. Though to put the onus on a 72 year old woman who has wrested power for only 18 months is ludicrous. Also, Aung San Suu kyi’s power is undermined by the constitution and the fact the parliament is made up of 25% military of which she has no say. They give her the title of being minister of everything… but in actuality she only has influence on somethings. Has anyone paused to consider she is being made the scape goat by the military junta. This manipulation of her political role is an ongoing battle she is fully aware of and has to endure. Once again the junta has duped outsiders into blaming Aung san Suu kyi… setting her up as the fall person. The violence against the Rohinga in the Rakhine state was there for decades prior to Suu Kyi winning government. What Suu Kyi wants is for the Rohinga to be assimilated into the Burmese culture and to do their part in a non violent struggle. In other words, they have to work together to overcome their plight. It is going to take time – to educate the outside world that the Junta are still manipulating and indeed running the country. Democracy has not been realised yet.. it is a work in progress. We ought not portion blame to a lady who has done so much for the country and rescued so many from oppression to expect too much of anyone is not intelligent. A problem of this magnitude requires the good will and grace of everyon
zia khan
What type of human these people are which have no mercy
Joseph Stalin
why those so called mynamar citizen in the form of rohingya don’t study Burmese languages and writing? what’s the use of Arabic in Myanmar? so they are arabs……please send them to Saudi or Qatar….
Naveen can I have your address please
Please name one Muslim country we’re they treat minorities well
Rohit Khosla
note the poor dentals. caused by relentless betel (Piperaceae family) leaf chewing
Ommar Win
Such an informative documentary!!! 100/100 STARS! Thanks Al Jazeera for making this documentary and showing how much the Rohingyas are suffering. RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO WATCH THIS DOCUMENTARY!!
Guess kids forced to learn Arabic is integrated
Beverley Lumb
Did they ever come from bangaldesh because they have got that from somewhere I wonder if that is the reason they are still not bangaldeshi they have been in Burma too long
Satish Jaiswal
For all those countries who are much worried about human rights violation should accept them as assylum before singing their mainstream song of their great media
dakillerkid101 b
Why is it too disturbing to show that’s the whole point of this documentary isn’t it, tipical media
Anwar Abdullah
China needs this land from Burma for its future road and other purpose. Now China is successful.
Papa canfly
All she can speak is What happened? 😂😂😂
ASSK silence is deafening. She has no right to say she is a Buddhist. The Dalai Lama says it vividly. Buddha would have help.
julien muller
Burma and Israel are now good friends.
Those r fake Buddhist. That’s the opposite of what a Buddhist should do.
Ra JeSh
let them show evidence first the rohingya were in burma before 500 years
Guy P
Why don’t these Rohingyas Convert To Buddhism already, If u do then you’ll be able to stay in Myanmar Safely
amith raj
There is a place called as balochistan in pakistan.
They won’t even spell the name with a capital letter l”supicous”
You just have to face the harsh facts like em or not, mixing cultures that are not compatible is gonna cause these problems, Europe will go same way,
Dez Nine
When a terrorist attack occurs in UK or US, the whole world knows within minutes, but when 100s and 100s of massacares occur in burma, noone knows? Why?
Winston Bachan
This Is Called Religious Conflicts Around The Globe! Afghanistan Was a Hindu/Buddhist Country! Very Ancient History! The Largest Buddha Statue Was In Afghanistan!
Biak Par
Yes rakhine and rohingya is a little different. Rohingya speak Bangladesh language. They don’t even speak or don’t want to learn Burmese languages! They also refused to obey the rules of Myanmar Governments. They want land, properties and they want to be in their own way. They wanted to rule by their Islam ways thats way how it’s started.
My Gmail2
Had u find news about them (the refugees) ? , THEY DID MANY SOOO MANY TROUBLE TO COUNTRY THOSE ACCEPT THEM AS ASYLUM SEEKER…wtf them i really know why those peacefully monk turn into rage man…they not more than a pest.
karunesh kar
The monk rightly says..they must be deported to Bangladesh..Bangladesh is the country who are in illegal immigrants..they are also doing in India
hhh Majid
where is humanity 😢
Dildar Hussain
Myanmar country and the army’s very bed cirminal.
Imran Khan
UN is Useless day by day .
Long live Aljazzera
Thoufeeq Vp
Shame onksan suchi :terror supportr
Hardev Dodia
All nations should learn from China and Myanmar when it comes to dealing with extremist Islamic terrorism.
You have to ask the question, where Islam try to take over an area they cause trouble why can they not just fit in and assimilate, no, they want you to conform
Ash Sharma
USA deporting migrants … Myanmar forcing out non ethnic groups. No one wants outsiders to take power…
Diane Saimon
the Buddhist monk said are true I also dont understand there is more than 50 Muslim country in the world and some of them are the richest country why no one of them stands for their people why no one for them accepting them?
Culture Smulture
The point is simple. If they don’t want to die they should leave the country
hhh Majid
loook at those innocent children who know nothing about religion
Avinash Lewis
Playing victim card again, read about roghinyas on wiki, your reporter missed killing of Hindus by roghinyas, and they have taken shelter in India and only thing they do in india is crime, why dont Arabs take them in as they are from same religion
Thy name Hypocrite The Al Jazeera
And so far as I know the cause of the start of the conflict was a rape of a Burmese woman by three rohigya men and not killing of Burmese police by a group of armed people
Laxman Kadam
When your jihad fells 100%ly
Rajan Panday
Poor journalism, one sided and biased narrative
Mandeg Mahamoud
where is Saudi Arabia? where is Qatar? where is the UEA ? where is Koweit ? where is the Islamic union ?
Sv David
jihad & buddhist’s 969 R the same??
Ghie Pascual
abuse of children and women is ubearable! these Buddhists seem to have no heart at all.
Maybe the medicines doesn’t work because you’re not a doctor lol wtf. He even said he wish to operate on these people lol
1 punch man *-*
Rohingas claiming that there language is different from Bengali, I’m a Bengali but completely understand what they are saying ,im a Indian Bengali OK . I didn’t read those subtitles but I can understand what this rohingya people said. So they are lying completely
astuty mahyuddin
Raped and killed, cant imagine those happened in the world where all of the leaders shouts human right
Digital Punjab
Worst happened in India in 1984 , when Sikhs were killed in India under security of police and army
feroz khan
I feel very said for rohingya they live like the same prison like in Gaza is under israel occupation Allah u Akbar shame on myanmar government
Fuad Ashraf
Some people says, why they don’t shelter in UAE. it’s confusing because why they can’t settle in their own country. Is it necessary for Hindu brothers to accuse Muslim even for this massacre. Put your hates beside.
the janeeyre
And by the way they speak Bangla language. Here in India too these illegal immigrants speaks this language. It’s familiar.
Rakesh Khatri
These innocent women and children are paying the price of the deeds of their intelligent men folk….. Better they understand it as early as possible
diegoa adeva
People around the world (Muslim or not) should not allow this to happen…. But then again this is not the first hate crime that we all have witnessed… There’s a saying ‘the only possible way for evil to triumph, is when good men do nothing’ so to the leaders of this country…know that we are watching…your children are watching…everyone is watching…and what ever it is that you decide to do or even say will forever be remembered…
The Asian Post
Who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize? Choose the best answer… A) Sunny Leone. B) Mia Khalifa. C) Aung San Suu Kyi. D) Russell Viper.
Ahmed Lisan
Shame!!! to the friends of Myanmar…
Prestige Leather Works
Millions Indonesian is in extremely angry right now, demonstration is everywhere. If this crazy thing still happened and what Myanmar’s military did still goes on. I believe millions Indonesian will enter Myanmar soon. No matter what cost.. I hope this crazy thing will be solved with dialogue, but if it does not happened, it will be pleasure to hunt these crazy monk !!! You just need to be a human to feel what Rohingnyas feel
Mohsin Murad
Why Myanmar army so cruel to this Rohyinga people? how could they kill children and gang rape this innocent women?
Yash Bhadouria
Kashmiri Hindus: silent abuse!
Diverted Traffic
If rohangiya people asking for human rights and citizenship did they done anything wrong?? Still children and women slaughtered burned raped by military and government is not justifiable at all
Osman Khazia
I am from Rohingya Refigu came
abrams tank
I don’t know if some of you watching this noticed that their face are same as Bangladeshi people….Burmese or people of Myanmar are like chinese ,thailander,Vietnamese….just one look and u can say rohingya people are not Burmese….they are bangali people… Their skin color and face are very very close to bangladeshi…
Nishant singh
Why is she asking questions in Arabic?
Neph Neph
i dont support a group of people who thinks they can just kill others.shame on you guys.
Mohammed Yousouf
Allahumma firlil mouminina wal mouminaat wal muslimina wal muslimaat al ahyaa I minhum walamwaat birahmatika yaa arhamar Rahime, Allahumma à izzal islama wal muslimeen, Allahumman suril islama wal mulimeen , Allahumma allif bayna qulu bihim wa aslih li zaata baynihim wan surl àlaa àduwika wa àduwihim, Allahumma azzib wa ahlik Wal aan Wah zulil kafarata Wal yahuda wal hanüda wan nasaara wal mubtadi ata wal majusa wal mushrikeen,
World most bad people mayanmar and prime minister Susy Every right rohoyanga
Vikas Poswal
If Muslim love these people then 57 Muslim county give them citizenship in there country’s
Faisal Al Mahmud
pathetic! rip humanity.
Alzajeera is spreading hatred in the soceity.
Hey ! Claim to be Myanmar citizen but speak fluent Bengali language and can’t speak Myanmar language.
Dinesh Shetty
Rohingya are from Bangladesh.. It should take them back. In India also lot of Rohingya are staying…. They should go back
GoLam Rabbane
the army trun into Animal
hhh Majid
one day they will pay for it either today in this world or tomorrow in hereafter
Fiordalina Rodriguez
En you have god because and you not coming on the Lord way not end do is this lovely in Tha Lord coming good this not Lord does thu anderstant coming Tha book son bring Tha Lord son thu the son life in tha Lord son and you not love Lord because son is very lovely and thu have coming love and do Lord so coming son aliazeera you not love Lord because you only love Tha Jesus for you only Lord end you not Lord for Lord only coming country Tha Lord is very love and you is do son Tha Lord not is very happy Tha Lord son coming for you in Tha Lord love only lovely do end Tha Lord lovely in Tha Lord is every love and you not have Tha Lord because you looking for and Tha Lord in not Lord soon Tha Jesus is do love and you not coming because you not lovely Jesus and you good the Tha Jesus and coming tha Lord lovely god bless you
Rucha Shinde
Shame to mankind
Buddha taught non-violence but Buddhists do violence in the name of Buddhism… Buddha was an atheist but Buddhists made him God, worship him as God… Buddha taught to love all creatures but Buddhists kill human in the name of Buddha…!!! This is happening in Buddhist majority countries like Burma and Srilanka…!!! Wake up…!!! 😢😢😢😢😢👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍
Bahar Laskar
Lots of thanks to Al_jazeera .Its because of you the story of these oppressed people coming to light. May God Bless You All Al-Jazeera team.
Miss Misery
Wait, when did this happen??? I was there 2mths ago.
im not praying to allah hope i push myself to back to pray i feel so bad
Nihal saeed
May God Punish and destroy the Myanmar .
Vishal Yadav
Everybody is feel sad about them but nobody wants to know the real thing that why thses things are happening with them that’s the harsh reality
Tony Theomae
The budist they interview is a shame. No heart for humanity
Firshta Qasimi
No one help them so sad
aisha alf
United Nations stand for United Nothing
Magnum Pratchett
Violence and religion, words that sadly go together…pathetic human race, all of us, killing our planet and each other.
Uhla Tun
Why do you don’t record the 200 hindusins die of who kill them. Do you know
Hossain MD Abdullah Al
This comment section disgusts me…people are trying to avoid the issue and playing the blame game,…clearly what’s going on with rohingas are violation of human rights and many just deny the fact by using unrelated and foolish logics. The rohingas were abused every way possible..from driving them out of their home to raping and killing them,is it justified treatment even for illegal immigrants.
In my night mare, the alien said to me, one day all you peoples are killing and destroyed each other over religion.
Suman Baruah
These types of butchery murder one’s happened at Bangladesh at that point of time on one covered that storie….. No one knows about the suffering of the tribel people’s who are living bangladesh if international media have equal value for everyone then published that news also….
Kamran Shaikh
The silence of world on Rohingya and These kinds of genocide and killing create torrorist groups.
No Name No Fame
These people say that they have govt records like voting id n everything its just because of the greed of vote bank politics dat dey easily get voting id…
Can I have report on minorities genocide in Indonesia and tibet.
armadillo burns
Al Jazeera should have sent an English speaking reporter.Could have neutralize the reporting.
Farez Abas
this is sad..luckily this sort of genocide not happen in my country
Krishna Moorthy
Very sad I cant understand the silence of whole world on this issue because they are poor innocent not influential I cant control my tears Pray Almighty to save them with better life
Huma Fatima
if this was happenjng somewhere else everyone wud act up!!
Mohammad Ahmed
As the Burma government and Budhist leaders claim that the Rohingya migrated in the late 18 hundreds, whereas Burma got independence in 1948, the Rohingya were a part of the country when it got independence. Hence, the United Nations should impose further sanctions on Burma to force the government to provide the Rohingya with citizenship. Additionally, the ICJ should take a suo-moto against the Burmese government and the accused should be tiled for grave human rights’ violations.
naz uddin
Its so disturbing may god judge her Ameen
Eden Salon
They are human beings even the animals have the right to live mynmar government is disgusting and how is that can u be tht religious and no humanity it’s heartbreaking 💔! I even have plan to travel to yangon and get to know this country but now I would never spend a single cent to place like this…
Man those stained teeth tho
Dear Al Jazeera when you are showing a documentary..why aren’t you showing both sides..why show only from the perspective of Rohingyas? Why don’t you show how Rohingyas have killed, raped 100s of Hindus and Buddhists in the Rakhine state? Why don’t you show how most of the Rohingyas somehow have connections with ISIS? Why don’t you cover terror activities and violence committed by ARSA in details? For those who don’t know ARSA is Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army. The militant group of Rohingyas responsible most religious violence in Myanmar. Unfortunately big news networks won’t cover this due to their islam appeasement politics.
Pranjal Alishan
Ban the quran and there’ll be peace in the world
Nessa’s Shart
R kids supposed to watch this???
Rakesh Kaushik
Jihaadis deserve this treatment. They just want shriya everywhere otherwise they start riots .
Someone told not to watch al jajeera for rohingya true story issue. Nd he was right bcz al jazeera is making false nd propaganda videos
Rahul Singh
You people are showing only 1 side of the coin.
ali moulay
Crime against Humanity!!!Where are the U.N,Human Rights,S.C,the Western World,the U.S who are policing this world???
Chang Chun Kit
A serious problem that needs to be addressed rather than evade, have been looking at the indonesian authority to resettle some of these people but they rejected them outright and then send them on their way to malaysia which had done its best to provide temporary stay under the UN refugees status, this is the worst man created endemic ever when muslim countries are not chipping in to help
Bfht Fshdr
Humanity is dead
Laxman Kadam
Silent?? Open abuse. Burma for Burmese. And for evil religion. The proud berman
15 August 2017 Friday
My brother killed by BGP of Myanmar
dakillerkid101 b
If you’re going to do a documentary you must show everything, not only what you think or want to show, mutilated, killed, burned bodies show it, isn’t that’s the whole point of this documentary!!!
Abdullah Mamun
when the human rights of Rohinya is continuously be violated by the Myanmar army, the world community is still sleeping. Shame for the so called world community who says on human rights but when human rights is abused they go to deep sleep.
mohaiminulr islam
I’m proud of my Bangladesh.we are human.Shame on Myanmar…
معارج حسن
The Nobel Prize is a joke!
Al Jazeera one sided story why not you tell about bhuddits killd by rohingyas
Aljazeera media symbol is itself islamic. They will never make videos on other religions like Hindus, Buddhists,Christians, yazidis etc. I have some questions for aljazeera: 1. Can church or temple are allowed to be build in Saudi Arabia? 2. Why only Muslim immigrants come to Europe? 3. How many rohingiyas have UAE or Saudi Arabia taken? 4. Why you never spoke about attrocites of islamic culture?
Hemant Das
Un must intervene. This is athe worst state sponsored crime!!
shah mihir
To some American reporters:- you can not present the story what you think it is and don’t look at the other side. It is not your country and you might don’t know what is going around there. Why are you killing ISIS, Why are we against it, Why are we fighting against so many people. Just wanna say if you don’t know the truth don’t make stories. It is not the truth what you feel or what you say or what you think is not always right. A very peaceful request.
Lin Aug
Nothing Champion of Democracy
The monk’s teeth match the insides of his soul. He has no real compassion for those people. Disgusting!!
After listening to that monk it’s hard to believe Buddhist religion is a peaceful religion
Al Quran Ul Kareem
Were is Muhammad bin Qasim Why Muslim go to sleeping
Robiul Hasan Robi
Allah plz help this people
Mishu viper
why UN sleep 😭😭😭😭😭😭???????? burma why not respect un?????? please tell me ans please
Ran Sallift
You all will answer this
jackson jackson
great question would be Where is buddhist majority afghanistan before islam invasion ?
fathima husna.k
who have its Malayalam language translation
al kafi
just forget about religion for a moment and think as a human. what is the fault of a child who doesn’t even know what the meaning of religion? why won’t they get human rights? There are also Bangali people in India and they are also honorable citizen in their country. Does religion and language determine the nationality of a person and to be a issue to be killed?
Ashutosh Kumar
Arab countris specially Katar shd alow these people to come and live peacefully in their country if they r so concerned….. buddhists r the most peaceful community.. if these people cannot servive there then its their fault.. no!!
ba kheg
The word rohingya derived from word rohgya of sland of Rakhine state in myanmar,of tribes in Chittagong hill in Bangladesh now,of mog tribe in tripura state india.the meaning of word is falling leaves or outsiders to mock outsiders bangli immigrants were called by those people. Because bangali were not natives of those regions before muslim forces and Britishers arrived here and there. even Some called them as gpzsy people. After 1982 myanmar citizen law,they bangli religious, political leaders started to use that rahunga with help of british media and others. Now rohingya is very famous in world social media due to some west media led by uk and muslim media are creating such name and are campaigning against Myanmar. Many know rohingya most more far than local tribe Mon,Kahin,Shan 135 etc because powerful social Media. This is propaganda news.
Dinesh kumar
Humanity at its worst 🙁 0.5 million people violently displaced. Shame on Myanmar, shame on Suu Kyi and shame on UN for not stopping this What is stopping the world from boycotting Myanmar? I for one will boycott and advocate anyone and everyone I know to boycott Myanmar
naz uddin
Russia and usa and israel all them watch what happens to them when god wrath be on them
chandrakanth Banoth
that ideal women aung sun su chi is busy portraying herself as the representative of democracy throughout the world where as she is unable to avoid violence in her own country and lecturing others. take away her peace prize. what have they done that u were awarding death to those innocents? su chi..×××× your army and then lecture others on democracy and peace.
James Lewis
Conscious hand above pan unless rather helpful regarding.
Samiul Haque Sakib
A davil women is shoci
Geo Mio
I will never visit that country!
George Thomas
Didnt they get an English speaking journalist??
Ff770098 Ff770098
Please Save Rohingya in Arakan Myamaner
mr pinoy
I dont think it’s political but religious conflict…
Yogur Lapiz
I think that most people here have come to the sense of: i dont care who staterd, but how is gonna end it. I mean if every country started a war to retaliate over some other killing by our own hand this will not have end! Its like when in brazil some people still be like all angry over the conquer from years ago, the slavery, etc. I didnt live that time, so i think is up to that people live and feel the hate, i need to fight my own fights!! So lets see how are people now, mmthe enemies changes so does our friends. What i see is a country getting to dust over they own hate and running to other countrys to get protection because they dont have tye self control or laws enough to control that.
Bappaditya Debbarma
This is call Karma…What u Done with Hindu/Sikh in Pakistan AFGANISTHAN…Yezidis /Kurds /Christian In IRAQ_SYRIA name of Allah 🙏🙏
Ankit Patel
Rohingya Muslim state finish Myanmar Army
st Forz
Why dont talk how Rohingya kill Burmeses? Taqiyya.
Technical Adventure & General Stuffs
Why not arab or gulf countries of middle east…. Take them nationality they are also muslim
ba kheg
There was not rohingya name in the history of Rakhine {Arakan} ,of Burmese, indian, Chinese, Thai,mon, kahin,Shan,Chin, Srilanka, Bengali, English,France,Dutch, Portugal, Persia,Arab , Japanese, kmer, Javanese, Assamese , tripura , Orissa , Bihari .You can not find such so called rohingya in many great historical books and recorded other material facts. Who heard such name in first world war,and second world war ? Who heard so called robingya in 1950 persons in comment section ?
Ars Tab
I don’t have words for this My heart is 😅😂🤐 May Allah Pak Helps them . And Give Hidatb to All Islamic countries people to help them.
Mon Khemar
This videos all of about Rehende bad. Rehende people killed Myanmar people they don’t told about. Maybe this videos it wrong.
I like AJ but you are often a pro-Islamic propaganda channel
Abdul rawoof
Abdul Rauf, All problems Happen Islamic Excrimist ,No good leader, Teach human Relegion ,Respect all Religions faith, Remember Pakistan Millitery Vs Bangladesh Humans,
seikhogin Haokip
they does not look like the burmese origin.. but still the burmese should have humanity
seikhogin Haokip
they does not look like the burmese origin.. but still the burmese should have humanity
Shofique4 Islam4
Myanmar government killing, reaping, burning houses, forcing people, nightduty, take money Rohingya
Shwe Mya
Why not cover news Hindus killed by rohingya extremist all religious ve good and bad people don’t judge one eyes
z zZ
theyre doing the right thing, expel islam.
Greg Smith
They do not belong there the people do not want them, they are not welcome. The same thing happened in Syria to the Christians. Go and cover that story. They keep bringing kids into such an environment and then wonder why they are dying?
Orgen Pasa
Al Jazera news is Making big propaganda 😲🤑😎😢😭😢
OFW tv
Soccer match, bangladesh vs. Myanmar, rohengja support bangladesh, they are eating and live here in Myanmar and yet they support bangladesh, and rohengja say that they are not came from bangladesh and why they support bangladesh, so in these situation rohengja have no respect to myanmars culture and people they want to create their own country thats why people of myanmar get angry, thats simple.,,, respect your neighbor and who help you dont be greedy.,,,
Well if the Buddhist monk wants 57 Islamic countries around the world to adopt rohingyas then he should also suggest that Mayanmar will adopt the buddhists living in these countries in return…..
This may be a stupid question but can anyone tell me why she is speaking in Arabic to that Rohingya rights activist guy, when she speaks English anyway (she was speaking English with that female protester) and so does he?
original_ abdi
the interviwer knows nothing about journalism
Aahmed Wani
Salute 2 u Aljazeera & all ur reporters ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Canada Centre
Montu Sk
मैंने लोगों को मज़हब के लिए लड़ते देखा है,. . मरते देखा है, . . मारते देखा है. . लेकिन किसी को मज़हब के मुताबिक जिंदगी गुज़ारते नही देखा !
Mohammad Mujahid gazi
کوئی قصور ہم سے ہو تو صرف موت کی سزا ‫ِوہ کوئی خطا کرے تو آرتی اتارنا‫ِبشر یہ ایک وہم ہے کوئی مدد کو آے گا ِسوا خداے پاک کے کسی مت پکارنا
Giga Tonga
This rohingya go where also want claim no wonder no country want
In 1947 pakistan and bangladesh had minorities of around 20 to 30% of its population.Hindus, Christians and others. Today in pak it is 2% & in bangla its 8% What happened? Were they forcefully converted or something bad happened? I want al jeezera to make a documentary on this matter with an arabic speaking reporter. I am waiting.
Shams Ferdous
Myanmar is beyond repair.. they have villages with 90 percent of its population addicted to heroin or yaba.. invested by chinese in collaboration with myanmar’s different rebel groups this trade goes on years after years generations after generations ..this yaba reaches Bangladesh Dhaka even.. also to Australia yaba and thailand becomes route victim .. myanmar government has almost no control .. and kills its own people.. they have more rebel groups than they have ethnicity .. if you want to consider any practical solution then the only way is by boots on ground, bombs on military bases, bombs on opium fields and yaba factories..demolishing Myanmar army and all rebels.. because one has to rebuild the country from scratch.. which these junkies will never be able to build.. if myanmar becomes a scenario like Afghanistan then within 12 years they will find their democracy.. complete take over of Mynamar by force and rebuilding it from scratch is only way..this will make the world a better place..a safer place with lot less yaba and heroin..myanmar is currently second most opium producing nation ..
What a courageous women…..u are the real hero….western journalists should learn from this women of courage….may you be safe…
What a courageous women…..u are the real hero….western journalists should learn from this women of courage….may you be safe…
Masaru kun
theyre like buddhist zioinists its horrifying D: ethnostates bad!
Nadir Baloch
I thought budhism was a religion of peace… guess not
Ankit Patel
Gulf country minority human right have
One sided documentary.
Mahbub Morshed
Burma is a rough state.
Rahul Jaiswal
Myanmar people have done commendable job by throwing these anti national rogingaya from there country
Mahfouz Akon
When peaceful(!) Buddhist become the butchers, its Myanmar.
Jabed Omor
Shame on myanmar . Shame on ong san suchi
Mohit Singh Rajput
lord buddha bless myanmar people, support from India
Ramesh Manian
This is teaching done by lord Buddha in Burma n imbibe by false Buddhism in Burma ( killing innocent people ) you sow it so yourself must bear it ( return karma ) mr drama recording everything ( Buddha never teaching violence n etc negative deed n act ( but Burma people do against true Buddha teaching ). Karma is waiting to teach you Burma people ( no instinct people )
suhel mazumdar
The entire Rohingyas should get their property again, Aung Sa Su Ki should accept her guilty and all Buddhist must accept and follow Islamism, Islam is the real and truth religion. Worshipping Statue and showing false respect to Statue must be stop.
Imshan Khan
All the Muslim country was silent only turkey dared to take action shame on rest.
Maryam Saleem
She looks like old homeless cat.
Richard Boudville
This is genocide by the Myanmar Government and authorities. May God and Allah and the United Nations help these poor souls. Shame on the Myanmar and shame on Aung San Suu Kyi.
faisal yusuf
ya Allah bichron ko mila de
tarjee islam
Absolutely painful ,pathetic ,disgusting ——-BURMESE /BUDDIST
Jhoever Aviles
So disappointed with the Buddhist…i thought they are the best religion in the world but now i really realize that they are the worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chatraram dewasi
Pakistan why is not taking the Rohingya He says I am Islamic countries Same on you Pakistan
sanowar masum
পাকিস্তানিরা খাবার খায় আর তোরা খাস গু । ভারতীয় মিডিয়ারা আরাকানের রহিঙ্গা বাঙালী মুস্লিমদের বিরুদ্ধে সবসময় অপ প্রচারে লিপ্ত , গরুর মুত্রের এতই সাধ যে ওরা পারলে বাংলাদেশের স্বাধীনতাকে ও দিল্লীর পায়ের তলে সঁপে দেয় , কেউ বিভ্রান্ত হবেন না । রোহিঙ্গারা আমাদের জাত ভাই বাংলাদেশের সারবভঊমত্তের প্রতিক আরাকান বাংলাদেশের অবিচ্ছেদ্য অংশ কেউ যদি রহিঙ্গাদের জোর পূর্বক আরাকানে পাঠানোর চেষ্টা করে তবে আমি বাংলাদেশি হিসেবে ঐ মালুর গরদান ছেদ করব ইনশাআল্লাহ্‌ । উপজাতিদের দাড়া পার্বত্য চট্টগ্রামে পরিকল্পিত বাঙালী গন হত্যার বিরুদ্ধে ওরা ত একটি কথা ও বলছে না ।
Qheboto Sumi
Sad story. Helpless people should not be harmed.
Irfan Ahmad Sial
1856 there was no Bangladesh, how they come from Bangladesh to Mayanmar
bernard lee
why whole Myanmar not like Rohingya?
Wahidullah Abaseen
The so called peaceful religion Buddhism….where is humanity
Binhum Bey
Al Jazeera is a nonsense news channel cause you are not showing the fact .like you’re showing the thought but not showing what do they think inside their minds
Ali Baba
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 berther allah have with rohingya
Durga Prasad Dash
Why are they learning Arabic??
Matthew Griffiths
This is genocide and it will only get worse if we dont stop it , you cant force people to leave a country that have lived in for centuries , remind me a bit like the rwandan genocide
Saiful Islam BME2071
Buddis arent obeying their god buddha.. cz budda said “dont kill livelyhood” why they cant live with other religion?
Thanks jazera im rohingya
Juliet Tun
I think the Myanmar soldiers need to know it is bad to genocide Islamic people.
Ajinkya Gadgil
Victim card! Just one question! So when is qatar going to become secular nation? Any plans soon?
Gibrael Panayaman
This is Clear Human Rights Abuse , why the UN doesn’t do anything about it
they killed them buiding the yadana yetagon pipeline and we and a french mercenary company wer the medevac and organization helicopter transport for the whole country 100000 tribal first nations people cleansed and aided by big oil and 1st world corporations and governments military nato russian active reserve and retired
dr Upendragoud
Dozen of children’s in there family’s
vka vka
They shd have family planning.why bringing children to the world when ur life is at stake.un shd distribute contraceptives
Pewdiepie Army
Good work Myanmar thats how u clean ur backyard from pigs and rats🖒🖒🖒
ba kheg
After 40 years bangladesh bombed population , political leadership changed one after another with black and white governments. Islamic parties and organizations became very actively in politics.they started to subjugations on hindu bangali, Buddhist, christian tribes in Chittagong hill .As a result, millions of hindu bangali frled from Bangladesh to india from religion precusion in Bangladesh. So do those tribes in Chittagong hill. They have been living at mizoram, Tripura, Assam, Naga Land, Meghalaya, Arunachal predesh states in india as refugees , leaving their native land under majority muslim bangladesh. Why?
Buddhist monks in Myanmar and RSS in India,same side of one coin
These people are not Burmese !!! They came from Bangladesh so they must leave
tin tin
Wrong translation
Řõ Móhămâdśhâ
Rohingya workers who tried to join a protest are seen detained under peaceful gathering Act and for documentation purpose, according to police, near the Myanmar embassy in Kuala Lumpur August 30, 2017. ― Reuters pic Rohingya workers who tried to join a protest are seen detained under peaceful gathering Act and for documentation purpose, according to police, near the Myanmar embassy in Kuala Lumpur August 30, 2017. ― Reuters pic KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 2 ― An escalating series of violent incidents in Myanmar that reportedly cost the lives of hundreds of Rohingya last week was an emotional development that caused thousands of them to flood Malaysia’s national capital on Merdeka eve in a protest against their own government. On August 30, police officers arrested 44 ethnic Rohingya after thousands of them protested against the Myanmar government outside the Myanmar embassy and also near Ampang Park. Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organisation Malaysia president Zafar Ahmad Abdul Ghani told Malay Mail Online that while Islamist party PAS and Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organisation (Mapim) made the call for protest, the huge turnout of the Rohingya were due to their own initiative. “About 4,000 of them came, and they came on their own. Even more people could have turned up, but some buses were stopped by the police and the individuals were not allowed to alight the bus to join the protests,” he said. While reports estimated the violence, which started on August 25, as having claimed hundreds of lives, Zafar Ahmad believes almost 100,000 Rohingyas have been killed in the past week due to the violence there involving the Myanmar military forces. Myanmar has refused to recognise the Rohingya people as ethnic minorities and citizens, and they remain one of the most persecuted minorities in the world over decades. Over 1.1 million Rohingyas are estimated to live in the Rakhine state in Myanmar, which borders Bangladesh. Ethnic Rohingya Community Of Arakan Malaysia chairman Mohd Rafi said the Rohingya community nationwide received instructions from Mapim to hold a protest in front of the Myanmar embassy over the alleged genocide being committed in their homeland. “We got instructions from Mapim on August 28 through WhatsApp. They contacted all our groups and Rohingya in Malaysia travelled here to protest. “But when we got here, the police didn’t allow us to head to the embassy, it was blocked and Rohingya from outside of Kuala Lumpur did not know where else to go, that’s how we ended up blocking the road at Tabung Haji,” said the Rohingya community leader who only wished to be known as Mohd Rafi. Speaking to Malay Mail Online, Mohd Rafi was quite apologetic over the actions of many of his countrymen who were arrested for allegedly causing trouble. He explained that many of his countrymen at the rally have lost entire families and were left bereft of everything. He even witnessed the 15-year-old boy who attempted suicide by dousing himself in petrol. “All they wanted to do was to express their grief and when they weren’t allowed to do that, they lost control of their emotions. We community leaders lost control over them. We are very sorry and we understand that the police were only doing their duty. “But please understand, my people were not picking fights with the police or Malaysians, they’re just grieving right now and can’t control themselves,” said Mohd Rafi who added that the police behaved fairly at the demonstration and were not abusive. The community chairman also made a call for lawyers who would be willing to step up and help represent the 44 Rohingya people held in police custody. Filmmaker Mahi Ramakrishnan, who made a documentary about the plight of the Rohingya community before, said that the violence in Rakhine in the past week is a matter of concern, and that a “few hundred people have lost their lives” as a result. Even though she did not personally witness the events that transpired during the rally, Mahi said that there is now a need for Malaysia to once again take a stand on the situation in Myanmar. Last year, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak labelled the the violence in Myanmar as “genocide” and even participated in a public rally here in solidarity with the Rohingya. “The PM must speak up and show his solidarity with the Rohingya in light of recent events. “Malaysia was instrumental in bringing Myanmar back into the Asean fold, and international intervention is now necessary to bring an end to the killings,” Mahi added. Lawyer Eric Paulsen, who has dealt with Rohingya refugees extensively, said instead of stopping the protest, the government should have helped facilitate it as they did with other gatherings such as Bersih and the Red Shirts. “It makes no difference whether a foreigner or a Malaysian wants to hold a rally here because human rights is a universal concept. Our citizens have protested in other countries before. Look at Bersih,” said Paulsen who added that the government should have looked at the cause of the rally in the first place. Stating that the bigger issue at hand is the death of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya at the hands of the Myanmar military, the very least the government could have done was to help facilitate a peaceful demonstration. “The key word here is peaceful. If it’s a peaceful demonstration, we should have allowed it. They are not demonstrating over a petty issue, this is about the lives of their loved ones back home. This is about genocide,” said Paulsen. About 18,000 Rohingyas are reported to have fled to Bangladesh to escape the violence in the last week. In 2015, almost 25,000 Rohingya people were stranded at sea as they attempted to flee violence in Myanmar, causing a refugee crisis in Southeast Asia. Malaysia and Indonesia both agreed to provide temporary refuge for the Rohingya community.
Keshav Khadka
any religion would not be terroterrist such vampire buddhist monk he is not human he is like a devil
only u can do.
Rakibul Hasan
Myanmar need punishment
M Czenk
Why are there people in the comments saying “what about christians in Syria and Iraq? This isn’t about Syria or Iraq .
Tu Nguyen
how many non Muslim had the Muslim killed
Sumit Mustafa
A Bengali cannot be a Bengali when he/she cannot speak in Bengali. Those people cant understand or speak the Bengali language, why forcing them to be Bengali.. And, if they are considered as human – Myanmar should respect what a human is supposed to have.
It’s look bhudhist can’t able to tolerate them
Ash A
Shame on Burma/Myanmar!!
William Alexander
Ask all the millions of dead infidels if Myanmar is doing the right thing.
bahasa mana
he gratuated and finished in Doctor madice but Mynma university not give him the licence…bucuse he is a Rohinya… bed this country even university instiution…….what inside your heart ….so bed of ้humankind…..
Why is the myanamar govt doing this? Why wont they let the rohingya jst live in peace? They r not retaliating to the deadly assualts n murders. I thought budhism was a religion of peace… guess not
Dark Light
The reporter digust face when the opposition give thier honest answer is soooooo cringy.
Ee Kout
Myanmar have own problems .Stop having too many babies . UN and Al Jazeera take them to your home .
Aflal Rahman
Dirty culture buddism in the world
jitender singh
Apne Desh Ke Kanoon ka Palan karo
Lucky Sky
Myanmar govt is fighting Islamic Terrorism. This is happening across globe. Islamic Nations should start granting citizenship to Rohingyas.
Yeo Wool
Burma is poor country can’t afford to provide luxury in Campouse why don’t your country Donte some money to Burma to help Rohingya?