TEDxSinCity – Shawn Stevenson – How Chocolate Can Save The World – Blog

Shawn, you are an amazing motivational and educational speaker! This talk was great! I now consistenty use this product because of you! Keep producing videos! You are Truly the Greatest!
At the end, Shawn said “I took you on this journey with me not so that we can … go back and try to do things right, but so that we can begin something new with a greater degree of wisdom.” Those beautiful words will be ringing in my head for a while.
Deborah Marsh
Excellent presentation given by Shawn Stevenson! Learn the facts about the wonderful healing properties of raw cacao, and how to properly eat it to get the most benefit. I am a true lover of raw cacao. Great video!!! =)
Sam Chaltain
Shawn, I loved this speech, and it was great to meet you. My younger brother has similar interests, and I’m telling him to check you out to see how it’s done! Keep it up.
Thank you TEDx and thank you Shawn and thank you CACAO for being part of my world. There is a ton of well presented information here for each of us to find a pertinent reason to act respectfully and responsibly toward our bodies and minds and this world that is our home. YUMMY stuff!!!
The best Performance Of the Night no Dout! Great Speaker, Great Teacher! Need more videos like this!
Rida Choubai
2019 and still a rock solid talk, thank you for all of your great work Shawn! Catching up with all the wisdom you’ve been delivering since day one, so so glad to have stumbled upon your podcast 😄
Darlene DeVegan
love this video! I just bought a cow for the first time ever in my life about 2weeks ago! I’m in love! I will never eat cookie chocolate/sugar again! who ever thought that chocolate could be awesome for you! We usually run away from it from fright, or keep chopping on it from addiction!
KD Punshon
He is such a sweety. His heart shines. So happy I have found him.
Karlie Wilson
So so good. Thank you for being a food hero 🙂
Rebecca Pearse
So appropriate now! Thanks for the clear education…. awesome
Food is not just food its information-powerful.
John-Rodger Ballenger
Wow I wondered why I was CRAVING chocolate and now I know Thank You!
Saffronia Baldwin
Chocolate is our friend! It’s truly a new age.
John Burris
This video needs far more likes!
Shahed A.
Im unsure if I should add cacao to my diet. I dug into some research about concerning levels of heavy metals (especially cadmium) in many brands
this came at the perfect moment in time for me. coconut oil for thyroid and cacao.. thanku so much
Kimberly Brink
Run for office man 👍 Thank you so much
Temple Swift
Chocolate – Xocai Healthy Chocolate changed my life! Life With Chocolate – helped me get off all my allergy and asthma medication and just lost 59.5 lbs of baby weight eating chocolate daily. I am so excited to share my healthy chocolate and educate people along the way!
Return 2 Innocence
I always preferred chocolate to sweets
Calvin Harr
No one puts Diesel in their unleaded car but they will eat Mc’ Donalds think about it people!
he made me want to grab a carrot
Michael Wood
Tryptophan isn’t a hormone.
Andre Bryant
Hippocrates was the chid of African genius from Egypt Called Imhotep… how do I know this…. Hippocrates said it in his writings.